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HOME mobile app doesn't display my pokemon in boxes or allow me to trade

I am afraid i have been limited because of modified pokemon but I don't have any of them unless someone trade one through GTS without me knowing it

5 days since I asked for support from Pokémon Company and still no issue resolution

Anyone witb the same problem?
Uninstall and reinstall it
If it works on your switch it might be your phone or whatever it is your using the app on
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many redditors and people on youtube have the same issue anonkun
many are saying its a "hardban" from using homeapp on mobile
i never genned anything either and see the same screen

my question for you is,
did you try to use the app during the update period on ios? and get the maintenance screen message?
i contacted support but it has been over a week
best of luck to you anon

if you have a switch
you should be able to move\accept go transfers still atleast in the meantime
works on my machine, and i've cloned enamorus's multiple times for easy (most likely genned) shinies
Same. Sent a Bug report
If it was a hard ban, you'd be banned from the switch app too I'd think
I'll just ask this here since it's HOME related, do you need to have HOME and both your phone and Switch for it to work or is just one or the other fine?
I don't have any mobile Pokemon games so I don't wanna have to get something I won't ever need.
You use the mobile app to use GTS and wonderbox
You don’t need it but you don’t have all the features in the switch app
there are two major issues with HOME right now. the first is this one on mobile, which appears to be an actual bug, but people are theorizing is a ban for hacks (but this being an intentional hack ban is unlikely). the other one is error 10015 on switch, which appears to happen if you try to move a pokemon with incorrect HOME trackers into HOME from one of the games, mostly documented is people trying to move genned PLA pokemon into HOME from SV. however there are people insisting they didn't hack anything and it's still setting off the error, whether that's true or not. previously moving these pokemon didn't cause any issue, and the pokemon are still legal for use in ranked battles and raids. i don't think this was a totally intentional hack ban either, maybe they were testing the waters, I don't know. I have genned PLA mons, but I got them from the GTS and I would have had to trade away rare or legendary pokemon to get them, and I imagine many many other players would be in this situation. so that's why I say I don't think the 10015 error is totally intentional, previously they said that there wouldn't be any sort of punishments or bans applied to people who just happened to received genned pokemon. and this makes me think that bug that's happening on mobile may have a similar cause, unintentionally obtained genned pokemon that the player isn't even aware of may be setting it off now when they didn't set it off previously.

anyway, just contact support about it, they'll put you in touch with a human on the second e-mail, and they respond pretty quickly. your copy of HOME will have a support code you can give them as well that will probably make it a lot easier for them to fix.
Is there any reason why this is even a thing? I've been using that to grab a few of the Pokemon I really wanted that aren't available like Alolan Ninetales. Like why can't I trade through GTS on Switch?

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