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Hello trainers.
Long time Lurker on /b/.
I am a play Pokémon league professor.
Ask me anything.
You got any funny rage stories?
Not too many.
Opponent wins, scoops up his deck.
NEET-Neckbeard Whining and seething.
Pulls out a water bottle and dumps it on their playmat and sleeved deck.
Quit coming around after that.
What's the most ratchet ass shit you've ever seen someone do, legal and illegal
File: 08 08 18 115.jpg (72 KB, 1025x1034)
72 KB
Some Autist....i mean we are all Autist....Groped the ham planet League assistant.
How much do you earn from this? How did you get this job? Any perks?
No I mean gameplay wise
File: IMG_0367.jpg (112 KB, 875x875)
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112 KB JPG
1 player from out of town to our League Cups and Challenges, slightly bigger Tournament with prise support, caught him palming cards in 2 different tournaments.
He is perma banned from our league and the other nearest league.

We had 3 shoplifters get perma banned.

1 was getting his kid to steal things from the wall display while he was distracting the store staff.
How do you feel that I've gone to tournaments and won diapered. Even used it once mid-game during my last match
File: 1658453220235.png (442 KB, 1920x1080)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
>1 was getting his kid to steal things
That's sad.
File: 1674419474370941.png (15 KB, 426x426)
15 KB
How do I shot web?
why are you an attention whore?
Are you a teacher ? Does your classroom use ThinkStations?
1. Why do all the male judges look like pedophiles?

2. Why would you do this, you don't think the people in your orbit could figure out you have the 4chan vibe?

3. What's the deal with the pronoun debacle? He got banned for chuckling after getting asked?

4. What was the real deal with Case getting banned?
File: 11 20 19 177.jpg (2.29 MB, 4032x3024)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
Diaper is any of a wide range of decorative patterns used in a variety of works of art, such as stained glass, heraldic shields, architecture, and silverwork. Its chief use is in the enlivening of plain surfaces.

Idc, sometimes players scoop out before the prizes are given out.
I wait a few weeks and either give it someone else or else I/ a friend yoinks it..
Actually had a friend kick a friend out cause he was wearing a used diaper. Funniest shit.
I teach about 250 -400 trainers how to play a card game.
Fair sportsman ship.
Reading, Critical thinking and Social skills.
1. Probably looks kind of weird when adult males hang out with children. 99% are just happy the next gen likes the things we like / think we are cool showing off money cards to broke kids. Lmao IDK

2. Yes and no.
I say GG and kek out loud.
I am just an average 4chin enjoyer.
Back in Highschool 08, a tech friend showed off 4 org and some stupid furry site
So half the HS knew about it.
Either they know and dont care or probably walked away.

3.Bad calling if you ask me.
I think a judge got offended.
desu, IDGAF either way.
But I don't think you can rewrite your "operating systems" either way. either you grew up in the 90s not dealing with this or you are W-E gen it is and this a norm.
Either way, a little bit more understanding is not a bad thing.
The Professor Discord was split about it.

4. IDK. I don't think I heard what this story was about.
File: af48Lx2v.jpg (186 KB, 726x1024)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Point 3 addon.
Professor discord was split about it.

I fear that players might intentionally use this whole mis gender thing against opponents who say something unintentionally.

Their was 2 cases in the past year where the Professor where being jerks to children.

I'd figure 99.9% of Professors are GG people.

I for instance, just want the local town's kids to say out of the needle drugs.

Something for them to do on the weekends that my age bracket didn't really have back in the 90s/2000s.
yeah, it's either pokemon or shooting heroin... nah I feel you lol.

the VGC people are so sheltered I have no idea how they function in the real world. where I grew up you would get ripped apart for acting like that, I remember we had a trans kid at hs back in like 2009 and he/she would get openly called a transvestite and that's how it was. now if your feelings are hurt even .01 percent you can ban players from competition? I also wish as VGC players we could openly shit talk each other without fearing bans, all the players do it but thinly veil it or do it privately on discord, why go through the whole charade.

Exactly why I wouldn't get butt hurt over it.
Takes about 10-20 years for social norms to change. imo. I don't expect people to start calling a tea pot a kettle over night, just do your best to not be a total asshole in life is my personal philosophy.

BC Kids game.

Would be funny tho.

Like 2010 Xbox COD lobby smack talk.
Fuck it.
GTG, Thread is dead anyways.
Got to get up in 8 hours and host a Prerelease
Good night Trainers.
If you're still here and read this later,
I'm familiar with Ray Rizzo using Dream Ball Aegislash in gen 6 and not getting in that much trouble for it. Are there ever any occasions where a big name player fucks up or is caught with something like a hacked pokemon and a judge calls to ignore it or let it slide? Are there discussions about allowing this sort of thing to happen? Even without that afformentioned incident, I can imagine big name players with results get lots of preferential treatment by fans and judges alike.
Bump for interest
You first must be male, then get naked, you will then see some sort of tube between your legs, now what you must do is grab this tube with one hand and start stroking, if it gets hard that means you are doing a good job, keep stroking it and eventually it will shoot a web, now use this knowledge to shoot as many webs as you can and become the next Spider-Man
It’s all streamed. If you pay attention WG squeezes that timer every time.
If I were a VG judge, I’d make this turn 30 seconds, that turn a minute; commentators be damned
Not everything will nessicarily be caught. Someone might have made a typo on a teamsheet, maybe they meant to put Giga Drain and accidentally put Giga Impact. Some events make them dq the pokemon, some events would just dq the move, some wouldn't care.
Excuse me, caught by the audiance. Of course it being caught is nessicary for the hypothetical
How did you feel about the haricut debacle in hartford?
I want to be in the community a bit more, but I am finding these people to be super unhinged at any given second. And its only worse the younger they are due to the political climate they were brought up in. IDK how you do it, but good work.
It's called teamwork
How long have you been part of the community? I used to play from 2008-2012

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