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Regional Forms / Crossgen Evos after Gen 2 / Gimmick Forms were a mistake
basculegion would be fine but instead of evolving from the red and blue basculin that already exist they made a brand new $60 basculin instead
so wtf is even the point of it being an evolution
Why does Gen 2 get a pass?

Is there really no bad Gen 2 cross-Gen?

Is there really no good post-Gen 2 cross-Gen, regional forms/evos, gimmick forms?
There are good Gen 4 ones and I don't mind Basculegion but I don't think it makes up for the loads of duds
So the other two get a different one
The Gen 2 evos were designed by the same people as their original forms at around the same time, at least one of them (Crobat) was even explicitly intended to be in Gen 1 until they ran out of cartridge space (and were generally incompetent)

The ones that were designed by different people 20 years after the original form was designed obviously look incongruent to the originals, the only difference between them and fanartists is that they're on payroll
The unfortunate thing is that this isn't fully true, a lot of older artists still work on the series, they've just gotten so much worse. I'd say it's like 50/50 on if newer forms of old mons are drawn by old artists.
Sugimori doesn't design the actual Pokemon anymore, and hasn't since I think either XY or SM. He did do the new anime protagonist, though, so he is still drawing stuff
Morimoto still works on the actual games but hasn't been credited as a Pokemon/Monster designer since Gen 3.

I believe BW was when they started actively hiring larger teams of artists, though Sugimori was still approving and finalizing designs at that point
Nishida designed this turd of a line.
this so much
this post perfectly sums up why gen 2 cross gen evos are good but gen 6+ cross gen evos are rancid dogshit
Is this confirmed?
Masuda barely does the music for the games either. I think he was somewhat more involved in PLA, and while he/it get some hate, I think they were the most fun Pokemon games we've had in a decade+
>the most fun Pokemon games we've had in a decade+
no USUM nad ORAS mog everything on the shitch
>uh here's a surfing minigame, a hallway with a boss, and a shitty post-game
USUM was trash

>No New Mauville and BF gutted, copy pasted Maison from XY
>No game corner
>ruin skytower puzzles
>no desert tower
oras was shit
Mostly this. The worst Gen 2 cross-evo in my mind is Blissey, and it only feels unnecessary + cluttered compared to Chansey (as opposed to bad). The coolest thing Gen 2 did differently was including split evolutions and (in one case) an evolution for an already good mon without changing the BST. Having options for an evolution really softens the blow if you don’t care for one of the paths.

Most of these are fine. The only ones I lean negatively on are Weezing and Golem. G-Kingler is awesome, and it’s a shame it got locked behind a retarded gimmick. Wyrdeer is a surprisingly decent evo (conceptually) for Stantler. Basculegion is simply a great concept + execution.
>The Gen 2 evos were designed by the same people as their original forms at around the same time
Nishida did not design Eevee(not Flareon and Jolteon either), but has designed Vaporeon and every Eeveelution since.
She is also the only one credited with designing any of the Gen 2 evolutions(said Eeveelutions).
The only other designer credited with designing a new member of a Gen 1 line is Sugimori, who designed Pichu. He did not design either Pikachu or Raichu, Nishida did.
>Gen 4
The only one that is credited outside the Eeveelutions is Magmortar(done by Yoshida, creator of Wobbuffet, Celebi and Dunsparce). Newcomer Emi Yoshida did Happiny.
>Gen 6
Counting Megas, Nishida did Charizard X(she's the original designer of Charizard), and newcomer Ariga did Mega Beedrill. Tomohiro Kitakaze(the guy behind Escavalier and Scolipede) did Mewtwo Y and helped out on Zard X.
Gen 7 had Nishida do Alolan Raichu(once again, a line she created), and Ariga did the Alolan Muk and Alolan Golem lines.
>Gen 8
For the Hisui Mons, Megumi Mizutani did the new Growlithe version.
>Gen 9
counting alternate version's, Turner did all the new Tauros, and Ariga did Flutter Mane.
Those are all the Gen 1 evos and alternates we know the creator of, I believe.
>G-Kingler is awesome
It's fucking Kingler with a beard and the claws look worse.
The foam beard is actually pretty creative, and it plays into the sort of regal look of Kingler. The spindly appendages are also somewhat similar to the king crab’s, though the true inspiration may be something else. For as much as it gets panned, it’s a solid take on a monstrous Kingler. Could have been a cool mega too.

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