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File: 1646962988338.png (3.76 MB, 1921x1346)
3.76 MB
3.76 MB PNG
Light that kills your run Edition

>What are you running?
>How are you running it?
>How's your run going?
>Are you doing a weird ruleset? And if so, what is it?

Question of the thread: What encounter was an unexpected run-killer or near-run-killer for you?

/nuz/ resources
Mostly outdated, but if I add something new it will have (Updated) somewhere in it. Let me know if there's something that needs updated if you have something to replace it with.
Nuzlocke info
>Nuzlocke generator
>Guide to running the generator locally
>Links to official games (thru Sw/Sh)
>Romhack links
>Definitive emulator info (note that OpenEmu is the best option for Macfags period as RBY through B2W2 may all be played on it and all run smoothly)
>Difficulty list
>Pokémon Nuzlocke images
>Pokémon Bank sprites
>Pokémon Home Sprites
>Additional templates
>(UPDATED)Anon's Level Caps Doc

Previous Thread: >>51027607
on my way to grabbing Bill's eevee, thinking of rolling 1-7 and letting that decide how it evolves. Hoping for Glaceon or Jolteon.
What game?
heart gold
File: squsqutherevenge01.png (291 KB, 1321x600)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
Now then... I know this is unorthodox, but as stated before, I wanted to close the door on Gen 3 for me by doing one last run, with Squirtle this time. (Technically this is the fourth run, 2 on FR, and now 2 on LG) and this is Squirtle Squad, the Revenge.

Progress: Brock was baby school while I was the Big League Chew. And it's also always fun to get a cocoon as a catch. Can YOU tell which of the bugs here was a dead-weight to level to 10? ...Who am I kidding? They're both hunks of insect meat.

Now on to Mt. Moon.
Is there any document listing out all the trainers for a radical red run? Got caught by Last Resort Komala and now I'm pissed and want detailed info on each encounter

There's this one for Normal Mode trainers, I don't know if reg trainers are the same or not on hard mode tho

Meteor Falls Double Battle went better than I hoped for. I basically pivot-spammed, swapping back and forth between Regenerator Corsola and Parasect or Meganium. My rival killed a few things with his first two mons, set up a SD with Mimikyu, and swept the rest lmao.
File: squsqutherevenge02.png (369 KB, 1320x619)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
The first part was done yesterday or so, and now for the fuckery.

Progress: Mt. Moon has been cleared. Squad Leader evolved, Butterfree seemed to be the better recipient of Thief this time around (due to having higher special attack--and no one ever suspects the Butterfree), a Spearow that couldn't even handle a crit from a babby Pikachu is now a electric-roasted dinner for three. And two botched catch attempts, so no Pokies from Mt. Moon or Route 4, either.

Not the end of the world, mind, but a smaller team does not exactly confidence make. Squad Leader's getting worried.
after i do my current run, i'm going to go back and do a nuzlocke of pokemon yellow, then pokemon crystal, then emerald again, then platinum, then either black or with 2

that should be fun
actually, fuck it
i'm going to do that right now
I just got a male and female nidoran as my route 22 and 2 encounters

Alright, the Team before Bock is :
Galahad, Pikachu, level 12
Bedivere, Rattata, level 12
Arthur, Nidoran (m), level 12
Guinevere, Nidoran (f), level 12
Kay, Butterfree, level 13

I can't use butterfree here anymore due to accidently overleveling, but i wasn't intending to anyways, Arthur alone should suffice. I should specify that I'm not overleveling or using items for this run.
alright, last post for a while, sorry for the spam

Brock was a joke with arthur and guinevere
arthur double kicked the geodude to death, then hit onix once and switched to guinevere to ignore screech. guinevere double kicks and then switches back to ignore the next screech, and then onix uses bide giving me two turns to leer him and then kill it.
File: nidoriffic.png (398 KB, 556x410)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
Keep those Nidos alive, you can evolve them both before Cerulean and continue to sweep the game with a royal rumble dream team.

The last few hours of gaming have been a little unlucky. To say the least...
As I stated, I play the game blind and I don't know every typing. That was the reason why I almost failed.
I managed to defeat the fire gym with Tristan(quagsire). I wanted to train a little in the wyld lands since the pokemons in the way to the next gym are higher level (my highest level pokemon was level 25).
I decided to train first in route 5. All was well but then I fought a Boubaffet. I let him in the red and he used destiny bond. I was prohibited to use items to waste time and couldn't change my pokemon that only knew attack moves. Result: Chris Rock (my Carkol) died.
In the Wyld Lands I captured Loki(Impidimp)
Current team:
Derrick- Serious Cinderace(level 36)
Denis- Naughty Corvisquire(level 34)
Tristan- Bashful Quagsire(level 34)
Serena- Jolly axew (level 35)
Loki- Jolly Impidimp (level 27).
File: 1557011139612.jpg (24 KB, 506x529)
24 KB
Holy fuck I wiped to Bugsy in vanilla Crystal.
Three Geodude Rock Throw misses into Fury Cutter crit, then one shot the rest of my team.
At Claire now with zero deaths so attempt 2 is going great
File: PULocke Gym 5.png (1.1 MB, 1236x923)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
Well we're on our way towards Fortree now. Magcargo is retired, he did his duty well.

Meteor Falls Tabitha: Swept with Life Orb Sheer Force Camerupt + Rain Dance Ludicolo

Meteor Falls Maxie: Corsola killed the Crobat + Camerupt, Flareon killed the Victreebel, Marowak killed the Weezing, Megnaium killed the Zweilous

Flannery: Simple Shell Smash Magcargo Sweep

Frontier Brain Lucy: Simple Shell Smash Magcargo sweep

Norman: Clefairy set rocks, then Simple Shell Smash Magcargo swept once again lol.

Also beat him a second time without Magcargo just to prove I could; Corsola set rocks and killed Swellow, Haunter pivoted into Tauros on a Close Combat, which pivoted to Primeape on a Throat Chop and Close Combat'd that + Slaking + Exploud. Crabominable came in for Linoone and Kangaskhan.
The journey to the 4th gym was unlucky.
I had to leave the computer to take a call and when I returened I was in a fight with a level 42 claydol. Loki was in front.
No big deal, I think. Just click run.
Unable to escape. Explosion. OHKO.
So I lost my Impiidimp without even using it in a single battle.
After that I tried to relax and went into a dynamax battle. I didn't had any idea what the opponent would be but I decided to train Tristan. Bad idea. It was a grass pokemon that sucked me dry. OHKO
So in 15 minutes I lost Tristan and Loki.
Decided to stop to drink a little.
Starting a run for the first time in a while on vanilla Blue. Just rolling for my starter.
1-3: Charmander
4-6: Squirtle
7-0: Bulbasaur
Got through Brock, catching Forgotten the Pidgey, Monarch the Caterpie, and Sasha the Nidoran (F) along the way. Also discovered that the encounter rate in Viridian Forest in Blue is 90% Metapod, 5% Caterpie, 2.25% Weedle, 2.25% Kakuana, and 0.5% Pikachu.

The battle against Brock's Jr. Trainer than Brock, since Toad the Bulbasaur didn't have Vine Whip yet, had butt clench moment where Toad survived with 2 HP against the Diglett because of a crit. Brock was the typical easy battle of, spam Sand Attack on Geodude, set up Leech Seed, and stall. Then Leech Seed and Growl spam against Onix. Been using that strategy since 1998.
That's the plan at least.

Misty was easy as well, team was :
Galahad, Pikachu, 21
Morholt, Weepinbell, 21
Guinevere, Nidoqueen, 21
Arthur, Nidoking, 21
Uther, Drowzee, 21
Bedivere, Raticate, 21

I started with Galahad, who opened with thunderwave on staryu and then thunderbolted it to death. Then came in starmie, and Galahad thunderwaved it again before switching to Morholt. Morholt then uses growth and then vine whips twice to ensure the victory with minimal damage done to anyone in the party.
forgot to comment on my fellow gen 1 runner

I've been finding out that the mons of gen 1 are all fairly viable thus far, it's strange how much use im capable of getting out of everything thus far.

You're team is Bulbasaur, Pidgey, Butterfree, and Nidoran thus far? did you fail to get the route 22 encounter? Regardless, good work on brock, he has potential to be nasty if you turn you're brain off. that move of yours is probably more strategy then i used in the entirety of my first SwSh run.
File: HG nuz.png (1008 KB, 2482x1917)
1008 KB
1008 KB PNG
had my friend roll between 1-7 and he got 7, and glaceon is 7th in pokedex order of the eevees, so now I have glaceon in the squad.
Just beat Morty, brought Raticate, Crobat, Alakazam, and Togetic, but Raticate swept him with ease. Pidgeotto still remains the only one to have died, but I've had a couple close calls.
Reminder I'm playing a japanese cartridge, so all my nicknames are 5 characters or less
File: heartgoldnuzlocke13.png (691 KB, 1459x961)
691 KB
691 KB PNG
Well, while the Squirtle Squad's journey continues, the post-game in my Heart Gold realm begins. The Champions have been given a proposition: some big-dick G's waiting for them on Mount Silver. Can they answer the call? Or will they be stuck with a heavy bill? Either way, this won't be updated as often, seeing as this is a filler arc.

Progress: Well, while scouting out the cities (and getting the stupid Power Plant sidequest out of the way), two of my organization have already fallen in the beginning of the 'Kanto Thousand Years Travel Arc'.

Fandaniehl met a curious Slakoth, nibbled with a Hyper Fang, and THEN PROMPTLY ATE SHIT AFTERWARDS from the Slakoth's Counter. And then after acquiring the Expansion Card, the run-in with a vicious Snorlax resulted with the entrapment, and Giga-Impacting of one of the champions, Ducky.

My audience was quite upset that she never got to become a Tyranitar.
Does this picture reference an actual event or is it fanart? Bren meets rosa maybe in the manga?
See my note about Viridian Forest's encounter rate. Nidoran was Route 22, Caterpie was Route 2, which I got to level 7 before entering the forest to give myself a shot at either Weedle or Pikachu, but my first three encounters were Caterpie, Metapod, Metapod. I use a moidifed dupes clause of three encounters, then an area is done.
Need advice, my emulator froze, and I lost about 20 minutes of progress, including a catch. Back to the same route, and the encounter is different, do I catch the new encounter, or go until I run into the same species as the original encounter? This is gen 1 so natures, gender, and abilities do not exist.
It's promotional art by Yusuke Murata (One Punch Man, Eyeshield 21) for merch.
Wait he is drawing manga panels, is there an actual story to read somewhere?
story by ONE
ah, fair enough there

Surge was easy, Balin the sandslash spammed slash and crit every time to sweep his team.
Erika was also easy after catching and leveling up a dodou (then dotrio) and having it learn drill peck. I spammed the move and destroyed everything in the gym without taking damage.

Team :
Amr, Dotrio, 32
Galahad, Pikachu, 32
Ddriag, Charmeleon, 32
Arthur, Nidoking, 32
Balin, Sandslash, 32
Uther, Hypno, 32

Losses :
Kay, Butterfree
Lancelot, Wartortle
>Consider doing an Ultra Moon nuzlocke
>Remember all the cutscenes and god-awful framerate
How do you do a nuzlocke in sword/shield since theres no random encounters and you have the wild area as well. I just thought about doing one when i read this and now im kinda stumped
NTA but the usual methods are either to roll a weighted die on available encounters in the area or to just run into the field blindfolded
That works, and maybe one catch per named region of the Wild Area.
Just decided to go with the new catch, and got Diva, the Jigglypuff on Route 3 instead of a Spearow like I did before the crash.
As for an actual update, got through Mt. Moon catching Jason the Zubat, and then recaught Foghorn the Spearow on Route 4. After a little grinding beat the 3rd rival battle, forgot he led with Pidgeotto instead of Abra and that was almost a disaster. Luckily Supersonic hit and then it hurt itself three times in a row while Monarch took care of it. After that Sasha, who is now a Nidoqueen, took care of the rest of the team. Then beat Misty, though lost Diva to Starmie trying to hit a Sing to get a free switch. TOAD the Ivysaur took care of Starmie after that though.

Jason, Zubat 15
TOAD, Ivysaur 19
Sasha, Nidoqueen 17
Forgotten, Pidgey 17
Monarch, Butterfree 16
Foghorn, Spearow 12

Diva, Jigglypuff 15

Next up is the long slog up to Bill's house, then the SS Anne and murdering Gary's Raticate. Then sweeping the Electric gym with a Ground type.
>Locke fatigue
>In a run where I haven't lost anyone yet
This is the greatest piece of pokemon art I've seen
I have been trying to do a hc nuzlocke of white with the special rule that I can't use pokemon of the same species as ones I have beat black before, so no

In my first run I decided to name all my patrats Gaming, I have been keeping the count, in average each run has 2 patrats/watchogs
Now, I finally have Gaming XXX
Kinda based.

Never used Excadrill? Really?
I have only beat Black twice, as a kid and a few months ago (you can guess which run had stoutland and unfezant).

I have tried to get drilburs but they suck, I rather have roggenrolla or woobat for the 2nd and 3rd gyms
Excadrill makes up for Drilbur's lack of use and then some. He wipes the E4.
I'll update my Black run sometime soon, I pumice
Tried Inclement Emerald for the first time, got packed by Brawly. My strategy was sound but the motherfucker predicted my Wishiwashi switchin and Thunder Punched with Hitmomchan and basically killed the whole thing then and there. I had Stunfisk out so there was no reason for it to Thunder Punch other than cheating ass AI. Oh well.
I also lost my Solosis like a retard to a gym Trainer's Makuhita Knock Off, which would have been really valuable had it not died. I'll probably try again at a later date, the game's really fun, but I'm not in the mood to just start over right now.
How does everyone feel about trading dead Pokemon for in-game trades?
File: squsqutherevenge03.png (412 KB, 1320x685)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
Progress: Misty had drowned in a pool of her own tears. My Pidgey fell in battle earlier to an angry Nidoran not yet going through evolutionary menopause, proving that Pidgeys really ARE the Pidoves of the Bird Pokemon world.

Traversing through Diglett's cave early, to get a Diglett and hopefully--oh wait nvm fuck that, I forgot I can only get more things once I learn cut.

Heading to the boat to get Cut, BRB
File: HG nuz.png (1.05 MB, 2492x1925)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
RIP spoon the Alakazam. Brought him and Vlad to fight Chuck.
Theoretically against the spirit of the run, but it's also really funny to picture so I think it's entirely up to your opinion on the run. Kind of like using a dead mon for an HM.
It's funny to picture your trainer digging up their dead pokemon so they can cut down a mildly inconvenient tree, and it's funny to imagine you making a trade under the pretense of "Well, you never specified that you wanted a LIVING one."
I personally don't do it, but I do think it's absolutely hilarious.
File: chickenlocke VII.png (685 KB, 1594x1328)
685 KB
685 KB PNG
Enough slacking, I suppose. I've always envisioned Clay as the final boss of the mid-game, but I've done this rodeo before despite me playing like shit this run.
>Clay leads Krokorok, I send out Sika. Krokorok lands a Swagger and Sika hits himself in confusion. I swap out to Majet who gets hit with a Torment. Another Swagger hits but Majet is able to not hit herself in confusion and lands a Scald that gets the lucky burn. Next turn, Clay heals and Majet lands another Scald. Next turn, Majet isn't as lucky and hits herself in confusion as the Krokorok hits a nasty Crunch that would've killed if it crit. I swap back to Sika as the Krokorok lands another dangerous Crunch, but luckily it dies to burn damage right after.
>Clay then sends out his scary ass Excadrill and I swap to Purore on a soft Rock Slide. I go for a Wake-Up Slap and do half as Clay's Excadrill starts to setup with Hone Claws. The next turn, Clay throws the match by going for another Hone Claws as another Wake-Up slap kills the Excadrill.
>Clay sends out his last pokemon, Palpitoad, but it can do nothing against the sheer stat ball that is Purore and it falls to two Wake-Up Slaps.

I'm no Nuzlocke police, but if you think it makes the run more fun, go for it.
Excadrill more than makes up for Drilbur's mediocrity, it literally sweeps all of N and Ghetsis' teams provided N doesn't have Reshiram. Even if Excadrill dies to Ghetsis' Hydreigon your team can still probably handle the rest.
Sorry, I just saw it:
A) There is random encounters or something close to it. When running on grass sometimes your character will show a exclamation point on his head If you go to where the grass moves you will have a random encounter. I tried it and it usually is not a rare pokemon. I either run around on the glass until this happens or I catch the first pokemon that spawns on that patch of grass.
B) The wild area is similar. There are different names and I treat each one as a new area. IF I can get to a dynamax spot without entering the grass or catching a pokemon I can catch the pokemon in the area. This only happened once, to be honest.
This one ace trainer fight is fucking terrifying.
Thankfully I had Rocky Helmet on Sawsbuck, hurrah.
Fuck Sniper.
File: crystal encounters.png (46 KB, 303x327)
46 KB
First time at the E4 in Crystal, playing "blind".

So far I'm zero deaths but I have little confidence in my potential E4 team. I have all my encounters up to this point - and there are a few great mons here but something just feels missing.
Pokemon shield is cursed. Lost another run because of the emulator. This time AVG put the launcher in the quarantine. It was easy to recover but, for some reason, it don't read the saved game file.
I will download pokemon sword and hope for the best. I had just finished the ice gym before this happened.
alright I'm going in with this team
wish me luck
File: winning team.jpg (202 KB, 1497x994)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
I just completed Fire Red. Raticate was surprisingly useful with endeavor. Unfortunately, she died to Dragonite's outrage.
Holy FUCK I've never seen a mon pop off as hard as my Tauros just did vs Lance. Perfectly timed Headbutt flinches into Return kills to dodge potions, dodged two Thunder Waves. Tauros killed 4 of Lance's mons alone

So there's my third HC nuzlocke win.
Emerald in 2 attempts, FireRed in 6 attempts, Crystal in 2.
Only death was my Gyarados vs Bruno's Machamp from Rock Slide crit.
File: 9dxki6ukswe81.jpg (211 KB, 2540x1372)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
>start a randomizer nuzlocke of fire red
>random movepools and abilities included
>get levitate empoleon as starter and moody slakoth as second mon
You're only a little over halfway done anon.
File: squsqutherevenge04.png (403 KB, 1320x685)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
Progress: Sandshrew's relaxing at the Daycare. Squad Leader was sweating bullets at Surge's gym, trying to remain inconspicuous/unnoticeable; Diglett single-handedly incited panic in Vermilion for a brief moment with Magnitude 6-8 activity.

Squad Leader's relieved; those electronic gates and diodes made him fear for his life. Meowth keeps bringing the moolah. The Six prepare for the Rock Tunnel.

Yeah, that Kingdra's NOT a friendly foe...

Always good seeing a Raticate as a Champion, whether it lived or not. Mine wasn't an Endeavor-user, mind; Shadow Ball was handy in pissing off Agatha.
Early Morning Bumparino
Depends on the difficulty of the run. If you're just doing a normal run of a normal game then no but if you start stacking rules or are playing a romhack you can deserve to be more lenient with gray area stuff like that
rosa is so cool
Oh, my... That's awful. Who are you gonna get for E4 and the Champ?
File: Whining White.png (367 KB, 1460x918)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
Tohru v. Stoutland. Intimidate lowers Tohru's attack, but a Brick Break+Revenge kill Bianca's dog. I send Lylebert in on a Psybeam from Musharna, it confuses Lyle. Lyle hits a crit Crunch and dodges Hypnosis. Bianca FR's while Lylebert hits himself thrice in a row and dies to a crit Psybeam. GREAT! Perfect thing to start my post-break run! Love it!

Dan Duran hits a Fire Punch, but also gets confused by Psybeam. Then it hits an Hypnosis on the incoming Petepou.

So Snevio takes care of it and Samurott with Rogiero killing Simisear.

Yes I'm mad.
File: HG nuz.png (927 KB, 2267x1830)
927 KB
927 KB PNG
bumping with updated to post-Jasmine
>altered emerald
>never played this version
>get lax unaware lickitung on 102
what am i in for? this line any good in a nuzlocke setting this early in the game?
Lickitung is great, especially once you get Eviolite.
There's a lot of broken stuff in that hack though, there are very few encounters that are bad for a nuzlocke
For the time being this is my team for the kimono girls. I don't expect them to all survive the whole journey to the league but hopefully I can catch something decent in Kanto.
I do have other mons in the box but I am only putting in the image the ones I've used in my team because I am too lazy to make entries for all of them.
File: Whining White.png (420 KB, 1458x898)
420 KB
420 KB PNG
Got lucky in Drayden's (Or Iris) gym. No deaths even though Druddigons really baited for it.

I felt cocky again, so I went in without going past Pokécenter. With 5 Ice beams left

Complete sweep with Vycey. Fraxture got one shot. Druddigon didn't go for Revenge for once, but iris kept healing. So wit one Ice Beam left, Vycey killed it with an Icy Wind.

It went for Dragon Tail, allowing Vycey to hit first with his last Ice Beam. Dragon Tail missed! So Vycey finished it off with Icy Wind!

After Victory Road I'm probably going to switch up some of my team to deal with the E4. Assuming I don't lose anyone and am forced to do so anyway. Gotta deal with Cheren and a fuck ton of scary veterans first.
Glad you've picked yourself up after Clair's fucking bullshite! Good luck!

How does Glaceon do in Johto? Alsi I think your team is fucking great!
Check'd. Any particular mon you're aiming for this run?
It's always the beloved mons that die in the end :(
I just avoid every trainer in that hellhole.
always nice to see Clay fucking himself over because he's too confident with his set up.
Unless it's for a mon I've never used before, I wouldn't do it personally. That's me though.
>How does Glaceon do in Johto?
it's very much a one trick pony, and it's one trick isn't even that great yet, but I'm hoping by the time I get to Clair and Lance it's high special attack and STAB icy wind will have been toting it around. If I need to kill a ground or grass type I already have Slowking/Weepinbell/Crobat/Heracross, and Flying type trainers aren't particularly abundant, but most flying type pokemon are pretty defensively weak anyway.
File: squsqutherevenge05.png (333 KB, 1318x683)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
When one flower blooms, another wilts. When God opens one window to let that good air in, He slams another window closed, thus tricking a bird into flying head-first into it, giving it a broken skull.

Progress: Squad Leader's newfound hatred for poison grows alongside his rational fear of electricity, seeing Butterfree crumple and wither away... But now for the first time, I actually got an Eevee, and so I wonder, what do I do with the little fluff? It'll be time to bring the Rockets a special delivery: PAIN.

GOOD QUESTION. Since I have an Eevee, and the only other electric types I didn't use/win with are Zapdos, Jolteon, or Electabuzz (which isn't IN LG), I might go with one of the other two.
Renegade Platinum run, making my way through Victory Road and ambushed by a Veteran that nearly wiped me, Jesus that was a clench moment.
It is vanilla Blue, and the only real additional rule is the dupe clause, but if I get dupes on the first three encounters of a route, the route is locked out.
Thats hacks for ya
So just beat Dawn on 224 and the only real problem was Mamo but locked it into EQ then realized I forgot a flying type. But it went down after some stall and luckily everything has enough bulk to 2 shot or fast enough to ohko.

Yeah hacks can pull some true bs at times but I enjoy the twambuilding and challenge than winning in hacks. Usually chill by running some monolockes in later gens.
Which one of the early generation games should I play, and what should I name my starter?
When it evolved it got vital spirit and telepathy, but it's still miles better than truant
Also it learned liquidation and acrobatics so i'm just steamrolling the game
Commit alive
File: Basic_Nuzlocke_rules[1].png (196 KB, 1000x415)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
what is the original policy on duplicate encounters, can you catch them or not?
He never had them in-story so I assume he used Dupes Clause too.
Maybe I'm just remembering someone else's comic but I could have sworn there was a panel where he caught a dupe of a mon that already died before out of sentimentality that he ended up not using. So it could be no dupes clause, or at least a soft one.
Or maybe I'm just remembering someone else's comic
It's also possible that he just chose not to use dupes that he caught so we never saw them
File: HG nuz.png (937 KB, 2265x1830)
937 KB
937 KB PNG
Beat Pryce- brought Heracross, Slowking, and Glaceon.
Now I'm doing the rocket radio tower part and dreading the fight against Houndoom with my current setup.
Rate my Sapphire team, in order of obtain:

Trickery, the Grovyle
Pickup, the Zigzagoon
Fuckup, the Zigzagoon
Fuck you, the Zigzagoon
Why, the Zigzagoon
Lydia, the Whismur

Box: empty
Badges: soon
File: before flannery.png (2.2 MB, 1044x780)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB PNG
I started a hardcore emerald nuzlocke with the premise: Let's make this as easy as possible while not being an absolute shitter and using items, overleveling, or catching legendaries.
So I chose mudkip obviously and got lucky enough to get a lotad, swellow and hariyama. The lotad is just exp share party member right now, he will obviously come into play much later in the game, but the other three are BEASTS. I can't believe how little trouble I'm having with this. Both swellow and hariyama are guts (swellow is +atk, hariyama is +speed). I feel like all I need are pokemon to check the flying gym and psychic gym. So an electric type and dark type make the most sense. Probably magneton and sharpedo are what I'll go for.
I wanted to make this a quick and easy affair so that I can actually get to postgame and try the battle frontier for the first time ever. I have some mons I am gonna trade over from fire red to use that are trained up well, but I may just try it with my ingame team for a while.
Beastly squad, ungodly luck getting these mons.
Only death has been a level 2 poochy I sacked so I could have the option to catch a high level mightyena on route 121 later on.
this is why I always play with dupes clause that shit sounds boring
I get a lot of pickup shit already. Nugget, Rape Candy, Protein, Revive, all the things
If you're gonna get dupes then zig is objectively the GOAT, get lots of useful shit. And he's a really good mon for a nuzlocke in general. But if it was me I would want variety, that's what makes it fun. Never considered playing without dupes clause because it just sounds a bit boring.
Doesn't matter, we wiped at Brawly
Fuck. Well, funny how things work out, I guess...
Turns out it's not advisable to bring a starter with a shitty movepool and five weak Normal-types to the Fighting gym.
Bit of an odd one, but I figured this would be the only place to ask this
Is there any romhack/essential game/mainline game that lends itself particularly well to a monotype run (possibly with a bunch of extra restrictions as I see fit); literally every single game I've tried so far fills the early areas with Grass/Bug/Water/Rock, so trying to put together a Ghost or Steel team early on is basically impossible (bonus points if you can choose from a wide assortment of starters too instead of the usual 3 types)
Have you tried Poison in Red?
I guess it depends on the type you want to use and how lenient you are with evolutions. You could for example start a decent steel team early in platinum with Piplup and Onix or a ghost team in Alola with Rowlet and the mons in the cemetery .
I've done most of the "common" types in mainline games already (Water/Grass/Fire/Poison/Bug/Flying/Normal/Rock/Ground), usually adding some extra rules such as a cap on BST to keep things interesting
Now I'd like to try some of the more obscure types, but most games don't really offer you much in the way of them: you can barely get a full Ice team in the first 6 gens, and it's usually considered an endgame type so you'd have to do half the game with a single traded starter mon, which kinda defeats the purpose
Ultimately the fun is in exploring the flexibility of a type when facing fights that would normally require abusing type advantages

I've generally avoided multi-stage evos so far (so Onix would be viable while Piplup wouldn't), but I guess I'll have to be a bit less strict in the future if I wanna get all types done eventually
Every single hack I've tried so far also sticks to the classic starter typings, which kinda stinks when you wanna be a purist and immediately start the challenge
Which playthrough was the easiest for you?
buddy and I did a soul link fr lg I might post an image for
File: Soul Link FrLg.jpg (294 KB, 1286x737)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
Fun run, never did a Soul Link before. We had a Slaking and Walrein as our starters, random abilities. It was a challenging run but also extremely fun. We doin HGSS next, gonna do Set battle, and likely a level cap rule.
Other than the classic Drayano or Buffel Salt hack answers I don't really think there's any, especially ones that are feasible if you want to load on extra rules. Games like Radical Red where you can have a full early team of ghosts and steels aren't really feasible for a nuzlocke (though you can do it, it'd just be really hard).
Insurgence probably works well due to the high encounter variety (just don't touch Hard Mode), Fool's Gold and AlteRed probably allow for enough fuckery with unusual types, ROWE or Crystal Clear might be worth looking into just by virtue of being open world, Inflamed Red is basically Radical Red but a lot easier so a few unorthodox types should be doable.
I think the best at the end of the day are going to be Renegade Platinum (maybe try Altered Platinum, it's the same thing but a bit easier and Sinnohian forms for type diversity) and Inclement Emerald though.
Also looking at it, you could get away with Unbound too.
>get steel type starter, then Drilbur, Mawile, Alolan Sandshrew and Riolu early
>several ice, dark and fairy types early as well
Unfortunately probably couldn't do ghost, though there are Oricorio and a few ghost types like Gastly early on. Also would recommend the normal difficulty
File: unknown.png (217 KB, 441x1152)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
doing a monowater hgss nuzlocke, only 1 death so far being a goldeen to rival 2s bayleef
I've heard that gen8 is very very easy because you immediately have access to the wild areas with tons of variety to pick from, but I personally haven't played it yet so I can't say for sure
Easiest one I've done is by far Flying in SS: you can basically get a full team by the second gym and most of the bosses (outside of Jasmine and Brock) are easily doable since you have great offensive stats across the board
Water is also somewhat relaxing in terms of variety, as you may expect, but you have to make some sacrifices before you acquire the fishing rods

Thank you very much anon, I'll save this and check these out
I've barely managed to finish a RR nuzlocke already (with regular rules) so doing a monotype run of it just seems a bit suicidal to me, but games with wide encounter pools like Insurgence seem optimal for what I'm trying to do
Are there any Patches that add in a level cap?
I shall try again, in Sapphire, this time with the firestarter?

The moving truck lagged and shook and made noises like broken record

This playthrough is cursed already
Stay alive, dammit.
Remember that Winona's Altaria has Earthquake and Dragon Dance.
A better choice to kill the flying gym is something like Gyarados or Pelipper, you can get Ice Beam at the Abandoned Ship near Dewford and that + Surf should destroy her whole team
Did you guys know Qilfish learns Destiny Bond?
Because I just lost my level 55 Vileplume to one
Gotta grind a level 12 Natu for Bruno now
File: squsqutherevenge06.png (553 KB, 1649x915)
553 KB
553 KB PNG
Progress: Made some progress--my emulator shit the bed briefly, losing said progress in the meanwhile before saving. So decided to sleep it off, then wake up the next day to get things straight.

Team Rocket's casino lair was dismantled, and Giovanni-1 was swept by Squad Leader and his Machoke bro. Erika's wilted and chopped, not by flames this time, but by talon and beak. Well, that WAS the plan, but Doduo got melted by her Victreebel, leaving the Safari Zone-snuck Nidoqueen and Victreebel of my own to Strength and grind down with Acid.

I had thought about going down the Cycling Road route first this time instead of the Seaside Routes--a dead Dugtrio (and main Cutter) was the price paid. So now it's back to the seaside route, get a Venonat, grind him up into an All-Terrain-Venomoth, and will continue the grind-sploration another day.
We livin
File: 1556479512108.jpg (103 KB, 1000x986)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Finally finished my Crystal run on attempt 2, 6 deaths total
>Gyarados to first E4
>Blissey and Starmie to Blue
>Quagsire, Houndoom, and Magneton to Red
Holy fuck Red's Lax had the best RNG I've ever seen, hits every body slam through 3 mud slaps and para'd me every time. What a sweaty fight holy shit way too close to wiping

game is free except the last two fights
3 HC nuzlocke wins in the bank
Nuzlocke is a retarded name and it should be called something else.
what are your suggestions o mighty anon
You can't just say that and not give ideas.
I henceforth declare and decree that all challenge runs shall be named Tim.
Am I the only idiot that accidently runs from an encounter at least once per nuzlocke?
I will admit I did not have the highest of expectations for the team but I did not expect all the newbies to die in the last battle before the league. They fared surprisingly well against the Kimono girls and despite some close calls they had no trouble with the trainers in Kanto, but then everything went to shit against Silver. I swear every single one of his pokemon landed at least one critical hit on me. Umbreon took critical hits every time I switched him in to take a hit. It was probably the unluckiest pokemon battle I've ever had. Without poison point activating on Feraligatr I would have lost right there and then.
On a more positive note, I completely forgot how gorgeous the Ho-Oh cutscene is. Both the music and animation were incredible. HG is a really beautiful game when it is not fucking you in the ass without warning.
I've had it happen multiple times when being a shitter and dupes clause manipulating for encounters
I had gone into auto-pilot running away from stuff because dupes and then accidentally run away from the thing I was trying to get.
But that's karma for dupes clause abuse, I suppose
File: Monotype Poison.png (41 KB, 1120x952)
41 KB
>Red Nuzlocke
>but the first Pokémon encountered in an area may only be caught if it's a Poison-type

Not first Poison-type in an area; if the first Pokémon in an area isn't a Poison-type, that means I don't get anything from that area.

Is this practically doable, or am I setting myself up for failure? Do note that HM availability is guaranteed, since the Bulbasaur line learns Cut, you can buy a Nidorina at the game corner for Surf and Strength, while neither Fly nor Flash is actually required to progress.
Yes, it's one of the few monotype nuzlockes of RBY/FRLG that's actually properly doable, too. Lots of decent variety and Venusaur, Nidoking, Tentacruel are some of the most powerful Pokemon in the game.

The only major roadblocks of course are Sabrina and the final rival fights with Alakazam, thankfully the AI is pretty bad and it won't always go for Psychic. If you do the proper levelling and stat exp grinding you might even outspeed those Alakazams with some of your faster mons
File: squsqutherevenge07.png (533 KB, 1650x914)
533 KB
533 KB PNG
Progress: Nabbed a Fearow from Route 18 so I could have a Fly-Taxi. Took Cubone out of the day-care and worked her alongside the rest of the Squirtle Squad to become a Boss Queen who'll defy her fate and NOT become a helmet for another angsty Cubone...!

The Fuchsia routes have been cleared and are on re-match lockdown. Saffron calls, but the Squad Leader's big guns are law: we get stronger.
No all streamerfags do this
Depending on the definition of "properly doable", it is indeed the only one in RBY. Water seems like it should work, but you can't get anything that learns Cut before you need Cut to progress. Flying can just about work, but only if you count Charmander and Charmeleon as Flying, since they evolve into Charizard. Grass, Fire and Electric have no chance in hell, and those are the types represented among the starters in the games.
File: Whining White.png (420 KB, 1458x896)
420 KB
420 KB PNG

Vycey got taunted by Unfezant, but responded by killing it in a single Ice Beam. I sent in Rogiero on Emboar, It's flamethrower hits harder than I hoped so after Rogiero crits Rock Slide, I send in Dan Duran on a nasty probably Blaze Boosted Flamethrower. Due to Emboar's leftovers it lives a Return. I get super fucking lucky and Emboar goes for takedown instead of Blaze!Flamethrower, so Dan lives on 5hp while Emboar dies to recoil. I send in Tohru on Liepard and kill it with a Brick Break. I send in Vycey on Seed Bomb from Simisage, but even with eviolite (so 105 defense) it does over half so I send in Snevio to heal Dan. Dan kills the Seed Bomb spamming simian with an ice punch, living two Seed Bombs on 55hp.

It's weird I don't remember Cheren's level jumping up so much from Drayden. Might've not paid much attention, I suppose. Now i'm going to try and survive V-road. Afterwards I'm going to tinker on my team for the E4 bullshit.

I also still have Mistralton cave and the water route near route 1 to explore, but I'm saving that for a bit later.
Good luck! Your team looks solid. Hope Mizdedledy will become a champ!
Jesus DICKS really went all out on you. That +the Clair massacre really left you scrambling. Did you get any Safarizone lads?
Hows the run going so far? There isn't much resistance in Johto against water so it should be going well. How did you manage to defeat Bugsy and Whitney?
the hardest nuzlocke is emerald if you choose treecko as your starter (this is including kaizo romhacks)
File: Part #1.png (324 KB, 1460x655)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
Been a long time since I've been in this thread, between my computer needing repairs and going out of the country, I've decided to just restart my Diamond run since I wasn't very far. Needless to say, this run isn't off to the greatest start: lost my Starly to not paying attention, losing my Shinx to Withdraw spam on my rival's Turtwig, and losing two Bidoofs and my Budew to Cranidos shenanigans. At least my starter survived thanks to the brave sacrifices of my Bidoofs, so this is salvageable.

Good luck for Victory Road! I like your Darmanitan's name.
Super based team.
That's a rough graveyard, but you can still get it done. Your squad is equipped with the moveset to win. Would teach someone Thunderbolt if possible for Drake's Gyarados.
File: 1649800555513.png (213 KB, 928x722)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
Are there no cheat codes/romhacks that add level caps for each gym leader?
Yeah by properly doable I just meant you don't need to resort to insane luck and can make certain allowances for HMs/starters.
Normal, Poison, Water, Flying all fall roughly in that. Fighting and Bug are just barely possible in FRLG. I actually think that Electric in Yellow is just barely doable, I've seen Pikachu make it past Brock solo and if you allow Zapdos it should help for all those late game ground mons. Rest are impossible or require massive overlevelling or item spamming though
Took some time off from the run due to work, but made some progress. Lost Foghorn to a Machop's Karate Chop, stupid Gen 1 crit mechanics. Caught ThatsRight the Meowth, Fish the Magikarp, and SANIC the Sandshrew though. Currently clearing out the S.S. Anne, and Fish is 19, so just need to grab one of the Rare Candies from the PC and then it is time to break the game. Rest of the team is 22 or 23, except SANIC, who is 18.
File: XD Nuzlocke 1.png (157 KB, 1170x812)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
Just started XD and got to the part where I can purify shadow Pokemon. I'm allowing myself to catch one shadow Pokemon per trainer. For the trainers that have multiple shadow Pokemon I'll catch whichever one they send out first.
I lost my Poochyena to the last battle before purification which sucks, but there's a chance to get a Houndour soon so I probably would've replaced Poochyena anyway.

Welcome back. Good luck on your run.
Bug is doable in RBY, I did it myself a few months ago. A lot of battles by the end of the game were won by putting something to sleep with Butterfree/Venomoth then switching to Beedrill to set up and sweep with twin needle or hyper beam.
Is XD as much of a slog as Colosseum?
I couldn't stand those corridors full of filler NPC figbts
I have no idea. I haven't played XD since it released.
>Did you get any Safarizone lads
An Abra that is too fragile for this cursed run.

>Your squad is equipped with the moveset to win
It may not be as efficient as buying the elemental punches or playing the slots but voltorbflip is a lot of fun.
Short update on my first run. Almost lost my starter to a Koffing... we are doing well though, we got the 4th Badge and defeated Giovanni.
I miss Milk Dud, bros. I never used a Makuhita before this run and he was doing so well, but a crit killed him in training.

This is my second ever nuzlocke, about to take on Flannery but I also don't want to shovel exp only onto my starter. Thinking about swapping Numel out for Solrock and working on leveling it via gym trainers. I think the type coverage would work better, too, getting rock/psychic in the mix and not doubling up on ground.
File: Firstlocke1.png (192 KB, 1460x370)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
Decided to finally give Nuzlocking a try with White. I hope I'm not over my head here. (Set, No Items, Level Caps)
Despite thinking I prepared well enough, Striaton Gym did not go as planned.
I don't think I even knew that Pickup steals the consumed item from your opponent, and as such the Lillipup got not one, but two Oran Berry heals. (Plus a Potion, I really should've played around that though)
I very nearly lost here, but I was able to get through with only Autumn being lost thanks to the third Oran Berry letting Mickey switch in on Monke and come off top.
I have to wonder if they gave those Oran Berries to you on purpose just to teach you this interaction.
I'm doing a casual playthrough of White and the change to Pickup being able to steal used items threw me for a loop too. I'm sorry for your loss, Lillipup is a great early-route mon.
Radical Red does iirc.
There really aren't any that solely add level caps I don't think, sorry
If I'm not mistaken, Vital Spirit Lillipup evolves into Intimidate Herdier, which would be really handy to have against something like a near unavoidable Retaliate from the second gym. Or really, anything else down the road.
Patrat guy here
Deaths on the train don't count right?
Is it even legal to use that place?
File: 1634041840232.png (12 KB, 545x769)
12 KB
Do I have to?
You must

now I ask you, do deaths on battle facilities (like the battle subway) count ?/
File: 1657279005907.png (101 KB, 1920x1080)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
It should since the Pokemon can faint there, right?
It's your rules
Generally people say that battle facility deaths never count
That's what I needed to hear
I want to EV train before the E4 and I goddamn want to win this run
Might as well grind a bit.more for interesting items too
File: 1642220180478.png (28 KB, 785x301)
28 KB
Wooper or Sugma?
File: XD Nuzlocke 2.png (167 KB, 1170x820)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
One of the cipher peons was pissed at me for snagging his Teddiursa earlier in the game, and he ended up killing it in a rematch. I guess if he can't have it, no one can.
The first cipher admin battle went pretty badly. Delcatty was stronger than I expected. Shadow attacks being super effective against all regular Pokemon seems too strong.

I didn't know pickup did that either.
The slug is the cutest one.
I'd say Slugma because honestly I've never used one so I'm going to project onto you
Wooper is probably the OBJECTIVE best option though since Quag is, in my experience, a monster in nuzlockes
File: 1650289263046.png (53 KB, 1920x1080)
53 KB
>lost my Wooper because a Bellsprout killed it because it outsped
File: 1650239902325.png (68 KB, 1920x1080)
68 KB
>still lost to Falkner even with this team
I thought Pokemon was easy..?
Did you explicitly build a team with the goal of getting your ass kicked by Falkner?
There was pretty much nothing I could do
Tried the fight like 5 times
Every result ended the same
Started one on LeafGreen today because I wrapped up my (non-Nuzlocke) mono-Ground run of SoulSilver. God that shit was hell from Morty all the way to Lance.
Anyway, I caught a Spearow on Route 22 (left my Bulbasaur with 1 HP in the process), smacked Brock, got a 15% encounter rate Female Nidoran on Route 3, bought the Magikarp, caught a Zubat in Mt. Moon and then put the game down for the day.
Never done a Nuzlocke before and I'm running Hardcore rules too (no items in battle except held items, no outlevelling gym leaders and Set battle type).
This shit is stressful. My 1st challenge run in any Pokemon game was the SoulSilver run I just talked about.

Pic Related is the current team. Disappointed but not surprised I couldn't nab a Pikachu in Viridian Forest.
Jolteon it is when we hit Celadon I guess
File: squsqutherevenge08.png (366 KB, 1319x735)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
Progress: Saffron's liberation was at hand! The Martial Arts Dojo jobbed to a bug and a screeching pitcher plant, Rockets and their honcho had proverbial rods shoved up inside them--save the occasional Self-Destruct scare--and now Koga must pay. How? Why? And did he create his daughter through ninja asexual reproduction?


It'd be nice to keep a Marowak and have them as champion material. I hope she doesn't get scorched or drowned.
Okay, let me rephrase
You explicitly built a team with the goal of getting your ass kicked by Falkner
I know its a nuzlocke but how did you manage to assemble a team of the 5 worst pokemon for that fight you possibly could?
My Wooper got outsped by a Level 6 Bellsprout and died while grinding him
I could have probably killed Falkner with that Wooper
Ground Type in HeartGold. SPECIFICALLY HeartGold. Soulsilver locks your ass out of:
>Sandslash unless you're willing to slave away at Voltorb flip
>Baltoy/Claydol if you wanted to use that against Red.
I made the mistake of playing it on SoulSilver. See my post. >>51205617
The Nido Royalty are maximum Kino against Lance tho. Both have decent-ish Special Attack and can learn Thunderbolt and Ice Beam (Or Thunder and Blizzard if you're not a freak like me who went and got Sandshrew too).
File: fuck.png (29 KB, 504x334)
29 KB
Funny story, I wanted to get back to my Nuzlocke in >>51159295, but it looks like my save file got corrupted and it defaulted back to the save state of me picking my starter, so... whoops?
I was thinking of doing an Emerald run but all the Dive and Surf shenanigans really kill my motivation to play the game. Does Ruby fix those issues somewhat?

Well, Nuzlocking was made to make pokemon harder. If you're not prepared for some fights, it can be brutal. like when my magnezone got fucking demolished because the enemy gardevoir traced magnet pull in a double battle and it got promptly fucked up by an earth power
Falkner's level cap is level 13, so you can afford to grind your team up a bit. I'd probably also pick Cyndaquil instead of Chikorita since Cyndaquil is an incredible early-game carry and deals with Bugsy's terrifying Scyther.
B/W for a first Nuzlocke can be a pretty tough challenge, but as long as you remember a few things you should be fine.
>Enemies have COVERAGE up the wazoo. Zebstrika has Flame Charge, Timburr gets Rock Throw, Druddigon gets Revenge, etc.
>Lenora, Elesa and Clay are the scariest gym trainers. Do not go in without a plan because you're going to get demolished if you think you can just sweep with your starter.
>Do not underestimate the Lillipup line, they hit incredibly hard and the double Herdier fight after Nimbasa Cheren can fuck you up.
>You can get an Eviolite at the top of Castelia. In the last door to the right, you can talk to a scientist who will give you an Eviolite. It is an absolute LIFESAVER and I 100% recommend getting it since Unova mons evolve stupid late.
>You can buy useful TMs like Light Screen, Reflect and Thunder Wave in Nimbasa.
>Sigilyph are basically mini-bosses. Don't be afraid to sacrifice a pokemon and cut your losses when fighting one of those fuckers.
Good luck, because Unova is really unforgiving.
Ruby is the exact same as Emerald on that front.
Try Heliodor, it's an expansion hack of Emerald which is just QoL, no difficulty or new mons or whatever. It makes HMs usable as long as someone in the party can use the move
File: Firstlocke2.png (350 KB, 1460x531)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
>Good luck, because Unova is really unforgiving.
Yeah my memories from when BW came out are mostly limited to Lenora basically being a Whitney+ and Clay being an issue.
Coverage from Timburr and Bide in Pinwheel served as a reminder to pay attention while you're grinding.

I ended up getting a Throh (Henceforth known as Bob) for the Pinwheel catch, which turned out to be pretty important for Lenora, imagine that.
I led with Dua here to eat up the Intimidate and bait out a Bite and then switched to Bob and beat Herdier.
I had to have someone take the Retaliate hit. I couldn't let Nate take it since he was needed to beat the Watchog.
In the moment I elected to go with Edgar, in the vain hopes of actually taking the hit. In hindsight, I'm not sure if that was the right choice, but the fight itself went as planned.
>Lenora actually using retaliate after Herdier dies
What the fuck. Me and an other anon discussed how she never goes for it last few threads. Unlucky man.
>Look at Pansage/Simisage learnset to figure when to evolve it.
>See Simisage learns Seed Bomb at level 1
>Read it as it learning it on evolution
>Lose Petepou on V-Road
>Immediately panic since he was my Chandelure counter
Kill me. Also the Deino line is retarded with its levels and im seriously considering catching something else.
Thats a bummer.
I feel like Deino wouldn't be that great, would you even get access to Hydreigon with those evo levels?
File: PokeX1.png (609 KB, 1320x600)
609 KB
609 KB PNG
Pokemon X, semi-blind nuzlocke (looking up Rivals/Gyms) for my first playtrough

Viola done, Bandit almost died after headbutting Surskit, Mary switched and rolledout Vivillon
I am also now very familiar with streets layout of Santalune
Zweilous' level is literally my cap for E4 and Hydreigon is level 64, so post-game.
The team is mostly ready for the E4. All I need is a Water Stone now.
Anyone has any tips for speeding pokeathlon grinding? I really suck at the minigames and most guides online I could find either skip the pokeathlon or just say to win every time if I want points quick.
Beat Gary on the S.S. Anne, with a clean sweep by Fish, because Gyarados is broken in Gen 1. Then Lt. Surge's gym was easy with Sanic knowing Dig. The "puzzle" took longer than the fights combined. Caught Saul the Diglett in Diglett Cave, and went and got the items and the Old Amber, and skipped getting Flash. Next up is Rock Tunnel and lots of darkness.

Was going to use the generator, but apparently it doesn't like me trying to download the image. So instead get the ugly list version of my team.

TOAD, Ivysaur 23
Fish, Gyarados 21
SANIC, Sandslash 22
Forgotten, Pidgeotto 22
Monarch, Butterfree 22
Sasha, Nidoqueen 23
>Falkner's level cap is level 13, so you can afford to grind your team up a bit. I'd probably also pick Cyndaquil instead of Chikorita since Cyndaquil is an incredible early-game carry and deals with Bugsy's terrifying Scyther.
I guess I'll start the Nuzlocke again
This was my first Nuzlocke, I know HGSS isn't the best one for it but I want to replay it again
You can get Mamoswine with a Heart Scale.
My road has been intense
Around 15 tries, with victory still eluding me, 30 patrats to tell my testament
My first nuzlocke run, a White run, is nearing its end
70 hours
No beloved ally lost to gym leaders
But to the cruel reversals of fate, critical hits, and my own mistakes.
Now, with a full team of 6, fully ev trained, trained with care and thought
Our final battle awaits
Matilda, the timid Excadrill
Salvador, the rash scrafty
Puto, the careful swoobat
Alejandro, the sassy jellicent
Alec, the careful cofagrigus
Elma, the docile chandelure
My brave companions will venture with me to the end of this ling journey, many have fallen, may god decide no more do.
Before we enter the maws of hell I will remember those who fell so we could move forward, those who fell victim to fate's whims
Troy the blitzle, crit
Gaming the thirtieth, crit
Danny Devito the pansear, trying to steal more berries than I should
NIGGER! The scraggy, after conquering Driftveil alone he died to a crit on route 6
Fresia the petilil, died training to fill the team
Amelia the zebstrika, Conqueroress of Mistralton, died to 2 hi jump kicks on a double battle
Amaru the sigilyph, crit
Caspozo the swoobat, crit
Esperanza the cinccino, crit
Musashi the throh, my imprudence killed him
Maevis the swanna, crit
Pascal the audino, crit
Puta the woobat, died (underleveled) while serving as a flying steed
I battle grimsley first
His scrafty and my excadrill exchange blows, his beast falls, mine is left half beaten, krookodile comes forth, expecting the earthquake I bring to my cofagrigus to power split, then scrafty, he nearly gets killed, jellicent comes and poisons him, expecting a dark move I bring out excadrill again and finish the reptile, bisharp appears, he is fallen by one move of excadrill, the last move of the crocodile left excadrill at 30 hp, the rest of the team was badly beaten, expecting a fake out I sent chandelure against the elite's leipard, the final draw came, Liepard stroke first, leaving my familiar at a third of its life, in return a flame burst ended his life
Then caitlin
Elma the chandelure outsped and instantly beat each of her creatures, attaining the seventh sense (lvl 50) at the of the battle
Now Shauntal
Scrafty lead and continuously beat down cofagrigus, which was being healed, after she fell down for good golurk entered the scene, I ordered scrafty to attack, hoping he could end her in one hit, golurk was left on the bring of death, then retaliated with an earthquake for over half of scrafty's health, I sent alejandro, he withstood an earthquake and killed the titan, then came her jellicent, mine protected to see her choice of attack, I tried to poison her but failed, I sent scrafty in his stead to take a shadow ball and then Alec to take a surf, he then poisoned her floating phantasm, guarded for a turn, letting the poison work, then excadrill came to end the weakened foe, finally her own chandelure became present, one last draw, mirroring Grimsley 's battle, this time Chandelure did not go second, it couldn't draw at all
File: 1637852726438.png (379 KB, 850x568)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
Should I do a BW2 or HGSS nuzlocke?
Always found BW2 overall more comfy
Isn't HGSS a really comfy game though?
My most feared challenge... Marshall
I sent out jellicent, he poisoned the helpless throh, once needed marshall cured his monster, I ordered alejandro to cure itself, in return his judoka critically hit a payback killing my erstwhile companion, then went cofagrigus, he ended the vile oni with a shadowball, after that a dance started, switching back and forth with him and excadrill slowly bringing down conkeldurr and sawk, Alec was wounded so my trick could not work safely anymore, in front of my matilda came his mienshao, fearing the worst I switched to my swoobat, trained in speed and survival, to set up a reflect, in return he survived an stone edge, after fulfulling his duty excadrill came back to the field, after 2 earthquakes and one jump kick mienshao and marshall were defeated

The elite 4 was bested.

lmao I’m getting old
Snivy or Oshawott?
The aesthetic is more comfy than BW2, but the weird levels and pacing always felt off to me
Oshawott is the best of the starters imo, but you get good water types in Unova anyway. Go for smug snek
So while I was out of state traveling rural I already cleared Let's GO in just 18 hours, everything but Pikachu died of course moved on to Sword which isn't too bad when I ban D*namaxed Pokemon.Hau2 Snorlax was actually AIDS.

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