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File: Cookitar.png (212 KB, 1066x959)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
I fucking love Tyranitar! Grinding him in gold was the best and his look is astonishing! once you get this final evolution it blew my mind. I still use him every chance I get! What about you all?
togekiss cause she is strong and cute
Solid choice! Togekiss was a great addition!
File: milotic.png (180 KB, 728x800)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
The hunt for Feebas and farming for the right berries to make the best Pokeblocks all made for an unforgettable experience.
Gengar. I love that mischievous fat ghost ball
I agree, the hunt for the bass and the build up was well done! Keep grinding bro.
Who doesn't! a well made ghost!
Larvesta. It's very cute and I remember hatching the egg back in 2011 and finding this weird bug and I was immediately enamored with it
That thing is a terror as well. Great look as well!
File: 1638083236243.jpg (45 KB, 600x678)
45 KB
can't fux w the LUX :3
Shiny Salazzle. The most satisfying hunt of my life. The grind made the find that much more satisfying.
I should say why lol I guess when I first played Diamond I was looking for an early electric type and loved Shinx. The evolution line was one of the most satisfying and when I evolved Luxio into Luxray I fell in love!
I like Golurk. Always had a soft spot for him but I've gotten huge into giant robot media over the past 4 or so years, and Golurk is pretty much the quintessential giant robot Pokemon. Cool color scheme, type, lore, a simple yet imposing design, Golurk's got the works. The fact that it can also fly around like a rocket is icing on the cake. Reminds me a lot of designs like Big O or the Imagawa version of Giant Robo with that big, bulky presence.
Also shoutouts to my bros Krookodile and Feraligatr. Gatr was my first ever Level 100 all the way back in Crystal, and I also got Pokerus with him a couple levels before that. Sadly the battery shit itself and wouldn't let me play on that file anymore, so he's gone forever, but the memories are still there.
chandelure is literally made to BTFO lucariofags.
also my favorite because i love chandelure
pokken picked a great mon
Midday Lycanroc, especially the shiny. I love it because it doesn't look like the average bulky rock type and literally who can say no to how cool all 3 forms look and how freaking adorable Rockruff is. Best doggo mon
Infernape because monkey king
Based chandelurebro. My second favourite mon
I’m having fun with purugly this renegade platinum run.
Caught her in a luxury ball, did some contests, fed her poffins. Stab fake out, return (hits like a truck), charm to cuck any physical attacker, plus leftovers.
Fast, deadly. Cute.
Same as you, i never liked any Pokemon more than Tyranitar and his pre-evos. Too bad it is unusable in most games because you can only get it during post game.
He just exudes the most “awesome little guy” energy. It’s a shame furfags ruined him.
Close to you, my favorite is Larvitar, but mostly its the whole family. With Larvitar, when I was young playing Stadium 2, I remember how strong it was in Little cup and it gave me the impression that it must be SUPER strong when it evolves. It blew my mind there was a literal Godzilla pokemon with Tyranitar, making Larvi basically a baby Godzilla which is both cute and cool.

Idk there’s just no other mon I’ve felt so defensive over, like seeing another trainee with an excadrill makes me seethe and want to prove that I’m the true exca trainer. It looks so awesome in gen 5 graphics to me

I also love it when a Pokémon gains a type upon evolution, it makes it that much more meaningful to evolve them. Excadrill has great stats and a great spread, and I’m not the type to overlevel any one mon but I just couldn’t stop using mine in W2 and sweepers the E4. Had a fun move set too

Any other exca lovers?
Mawile, I love the mix of cute and deadly. The Fairy typing and Mega made me like her even more.
Close second for me
File: gyarados-256x256.png (73 KB, 256x256)
73 KB
Gyarados, but I find it less useful in battle than other water Pokémon. Despite it being my favorite I don't use Gyarados in my team.
It really sucks. Its flying type does not add anything, and its SpA is not stellar. It really should have been Water/Dragon.
I just can't get over its head. If it didn't have it I would love it
Your honesty is appreciated. Which post are you
File: 20220114_132849.jpg (387 KB, 640x640)
387 KB
387 KB JPG
-Can carry you out in safety.
-Strong and Intimidating...
-but Gentle and adorable.
-Really cool appearance
-140 base attack + STAB on Rock + Ground is Kino
-Solid Rock. Just Solid Rock.
-Rhyhorn. Just Rhyhorn.
-Rock Wrecker (why do you suck so much battle-wise tho?)
Anything else?
>first full evolution for a Dark/Flying type
>Flybro gets me where I need to go
>STAB Night Slash singlehandedly BTFO'd my friend's Smogon team.
>cool hat
>looks cool and funny in PBR
This post, especially the accompanying image, make me dislike Rhyperior a little less.
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate him or anything, I just like Rhydon and really like Rhyhorn so Rhyperior was a little disappointing.
Honestly, it's almost definitely the orange crap the Protector added during evolution.
Don't like how it looks but I'd probably love it if it weren't so orange.
I think the Orange works great on it, but to each their own.
What about the Shiny tho? (Grey/Gray instead of brown skin, Yellow Protector instead of Orange.)
And Rhyhorn is Baby, hence being an good point for Rhyperior.
(Not a fan of Rhydon tho, but eh...)
>What about the Shiny tho? (Grey/Gray instead of brown skin, Yellow Protector instead of Orange.)
Its somehow both gaudy and acceptable.
Looks like it's wearing a high-viz vest which is pretty cool.
Honestly, I've been liking it more as the years go by.
I'm sure my issues with it are that I love every other cross gen evo from gen 4 but Rhyperior was just underwhelming in comparison, especially that it came from one of my favourites.
>And Rhyhorn is Baby
You talk like a fag and make me want to hate Rhyperior in principle.
>(Not a fan of Rhydon tho, but eh...)
Fuck you.
>Ground is Kino
>-Solid Rock. Just Solid Rock.
>-Rhyhorn. Just Rhyhorn
>Rhyhorn is Baby

>>49272222 is right, why do you talk like a fag?
Also quads.
>You talk like a fag and make me want to hate Rhyperior in principle.
OwO? Well, that's stupid. UwU
>Fuck you.
And? It's just an opinion. And i thought i find a reasonable Rhydonfag, but alas...
I'm reasonable.
I reason you have shit taste because Rhydon is GOAT.
Use by 99% of /vp/ i saw...
Is /vp/ only made of Fags or...
Pretty sure it's not the case but...
Meh. Very unnoticable mon.
>Rhydon is GOAT.
Isn't that also what a Sussybaka Fag would use?
Peak schizo-posting.
Congratulations on your mental illness.
NTA but dude
>go into thread about favorite Pokemon
>dont post anything except to rag on someone's favorite
This site shouldn't be a hugbox but there's no reason to be a dick. This thread is already a chill oasis in an otherwise negative sea of angry threads
File: 1615002941577.jpg (464 KB, 1400x1920)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
Krookodile because my favorite color is red and it was an absolute monster the first time I went through White.
File: Box-Of-Mews.png (276 KB, 717x403)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
Mew. Was always that kid who tried to convince people Mew was real till the day I got him. Have been trading for any and all Mews ever since. Have all official releases of Mew as well stored away.
Entei. I love big dogs pokemon and he's so cool.
File: 1633483295335.jpg (155 KB, 512x512)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
I dunno why, but he always has been and always will be.
And yes, Alohachu is included.
File: 1624725634812.png (574 KB, 1200x1200)
574 KB
574 KB PNG
it's just a neat little badger with a cute gimmick
love the relationship it and Zigzagoon have with their theme
Cool favourite, anon.
Damn fine art, too.
I like Krookodile because:
-the colors
-the typing
-it's a badass crocodile
-it also saved my ass countless times in zeta
That's some serious dedication.
File: Emboar (37).jpg (536 KB, 819x819)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
I like Emboar, because it's a cool chinese boar with a flamin beard, black furcoat, yellow swirls and big claws. Been my bro for a while and I hope he is in Legends.
Destiny Deoxys was my first pokemon movie, scenes of Deoxys going head to head with Rayquaza always stuck with me. The way it transforms depending on the situation was always so satisfying to see. Ive always had a fascination with the weirder designs pokemon have and deoxys DNA virus alien is super appealing. I remember when I first got my hands on pokemon emerald, I had no idea how to get deoxys, but I knew it was in the game. This was prior to me having internet access, so I had no way to know it was an event only mon, plus I was a stupid kid. In between my runs at the battle frontier, I'd always fly back to the space station at Mossdeep and check out that white rock, thinking one day id trigger something or Deoxys would show up.

My favorite form has to be Defense.
Based based based based based
Not my favourite but I love him too, fellow Emboar enjoyer
How did you feel about finally being able to capture one in ORAS?
Ever since we saw him in the OG anime and had no idea who he was
Zolt. I say just zolt because my favorite swaps between arctozolt and dracozolt depending on the day. But both are the same cute feathered pikachu raptor attached to a big body like a prehistoric frankenstien. I also love Dracozolt’s shiny in particular, it looks really nice and it was my first shiny ever, I’ve never had the luck to see one through the years, so I hunted this one specifically cause I loved it
File: Paul_Nidoking.png (1.28 MB, 1566x881)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
Evolved him just before Misty in Yellow, and he swept her with like a single thrash, or at least that's how I remember it going down. Plus he's just a cool kaiju 'mon
File: bluekomadori.jpg (356 KB, 1280x1024)
356 KB
356 KB JPG

First pokemon I actually bred and EV trained. Originally it was to deal with an annoying Umbreon in Colosseum, of all things, but she ended up being such a perfect monster. Great design, my favorite ever since.

Best legendary by far.
>pivotal but small role in the anime, right from the first episode
>didn't actually exist ingame for years
>brings pokemon back from the dead
All this and the idea that if you love your pokemon enough, this god will appear before you will always make Ho-oh the king.
Thanks, you can never have enough of the little guy. BDSP made it significantly easier to get more boxes of him.
How do you feel about its mega?
Were you sad to see it go?
File: cryptovolans.jpg (75 KB, 500x692)
75 KB
Mixed feeIings. Its mega was one of the few megas I thought looked half-decent, and I didn't mind it. Competitively it was middling, but it did accomplish some things. My frustration with megas overall is that there are so many pokemon in the dex that need serious help stat-wise and megas were a step in that direction. I'd like them to do something more permanent but to just take megas away is... typical GF honestly. It's all good though. OG Banette is still the best.
Ledian for its design only. Of all the mons that deserve a redux he’s at the top of the list
File: banette.png (159 KB, 500x500)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
based banette enjoyer
Gale of Darkness was my first Pokemon game and Jolteon was the evolution I chose.
Cool evolutionary theme, both of my favorite types, fits well with my favorite weather effect, fits my trainer type (ruin maniac), it's green, very versatile move pool, chonky dragons are cute as fuck, its from my favorite region and favorite games (that weren't even my first)
Flygon line is amazing in every game its available, can't help but love it more as the years go on
File: 1636539814844.jpg (177 KB, 727x572)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Oh man where to start, Leafeon, Arcanine, my boi Charmander, Miniccio, Cyndaquill... All of them are special to me for different reason but still special.
File: 936723.png (134 KB, 507x494)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
Starmie cause it's the most reliable unit on most of my teams
>fast as shit
>hits pretty good with a life orb
>access to thunder and thunderbolt makes it a great water-type killer
>stab psychic murders fighting and poison types
>genderless+natural cure will protect it from status effect
Based, same mon here.
Literal perfect candidate for a mega.
Keep Iron Fist, minmax like Beedrill and ramp up the Sentai theme.
>boltbeam for perfect coverage
Always a plus.
How do you feel about the fact that it was supposed to get a mega but artists block for in the way?
File: Nidoking.full.2752213.jpg (174 KB, 938x1088)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
I love the kaijumons, but honest to god I think Nidoking is the greatest pokemon ever made. Its design is perfect and it perfectly represents what pokemon is all about, big monstrous creatures made for fighting.
I agree with you but prefer Nidorina and Nidoqueen, though I prefer Nidoran male out of those two.
Big, bulky monsters that you know could fuck shit up but, at least in the female line, would be very kind friends.
Big mama Tyranitar and eco friendly Aggron are other cool picks.
Numel, because the bags under his eyes make him canonically depressed, plus Camerupt is cute and fluffy. I'll never forgive GameFreak/The Pokemon Company for ruining him with a mega evolution.
File: EXqbooJUMAAf38g.orig.jpg (83 KB, 729x1032)
83 KB
Psst, your coom is showing.
I liked her before I hit puberty, though her Stadium model and general motherly but strong vibe definitely didn't help me avoid being a pokephile.
File: restless-donald-duck.gif (1.61 MB, 500x375)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB GIF
>shameless namefags and furfags
/vp/ going back to its roots
when are Sparky and Bui coming back
Would honestly be preferable to the current state of the board.

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