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File: route119soul.jpg (70 KB, 540x319)
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>be me
>fucking love thunderstorms
>at aunt's house
>warm muggy afternoon
>playing through ruby for first time
>thunder been approaching for a while now
>get to route 119
>get exited when it starts raining and THUNDERING in game!
>starts raining heavy and thundering loudly outside IRL!
>windows open, smell the rain, soil and heat
>aunt's yard full of tropical plants too for extra immersion
>perfect timing/ peak comfy
>get through route, storm IRL subsides
>took an hour to defeat winona with just my sceptile
>get to middle of route 120
>sun comes out IRL
>weather clears moments later in game
>smile in satisfaction
>never had such perfectly timed comfyness in all my life
I remember than everyone would bring their GBA with Ruby/Sapphire at school, i got scammed one time because i traded my Groudon for a Bagon (never found the place where to catch them so i thought it was rare)
File: 1595894663020.gif (205 KB, 320x239)
205 KB
205 KB GIF
>be me, young kid like 7-8, mid gen 2
>play with friends outside
>we live on a quiet cul de sac in the middle of nowhere
>run around freely between our yards and central road/grass
>pretend we run a pokemon sanctuary like in that episode Ash met bulbasaur
>my dog is an arcanine, friend's pool is full of water pokemon, small bushes outside other friend's house are tangela, ect
>spend many days taking care of all the pretend pokemon
>also had a rule that if you had cards/toys of a pokemon then you could have it as your personal pokemon because you "caught" it
>have imaginary battles against team rocket, raging legendaries, ect to defend the sanctuary pokemon
>also have imaginary battles against each other to train
>do this well through gen 3
Take me back bros, I don't care if it was cringe or whatever it was fun and so much better than the real world today.
>gen 4
>go to afterschool program in elementary
>raining outside so no playground shit
>dumb "what do you want to do" vote shit, several other kids are playing the TCG by themselves
>put my Bakugans back into my bag and ask to join
>they let me
>none of us no how to play the TCG so we just make up rules
>we have fun anyway
>see a Regigigas card
>instantly gain a favorite mon
I never used or played with that card but it was love at first sight. I love this mon so much bros. I feel like I should stress I have zero sexual feelings towards Regigigas because I typed it out weirdly.
anon I used to do stuff like this as well. what mattered was that we were happy and content
I won third place or something in one of those kids' WB contests and got Pokémon Gold
Only time I ever won anything
>Wife keep pushing me into pokeymans for years
>irl stuff happens, she's down. give in and start talking about pokemons to cheer her up a bit
>she bites, we both start playing go, she's a bit happier
Fast forward a year later, I have 1G of Pokémon porn hidden on my work pc. I'm happy I managed to help her, but I really don't know how to feel about sporadically thinking about Salazzle when we fuck...
There's nothing cringe really, its also pretty rare to remember so well your childhood so cherish those memories
Who's to say she doesn't have her own private stash and sporadically thinks about Houndoom when you go doggystyle?
I'm 200% sure because her fantasies are oriented in a complete different direction
You don't want to know
File: 1488153542767.gif (1.52 MB, 1280x997)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB GIF
>12 years old
>Family trip to Japan
>Playing Pokemon Silver because I'm hyped for Soul Silver coming out next year
>Know that these games are based on real Japanese locations
>On the bullet train from Toyko to Kyoto
>In Goldenrod in game
>Realize my Pokemon journey in game has synched up with my actual journey in Japan.
>Spend time looking for landmarks that inspired places in the game.
It was magical. I assume this experience was more common for Japanese players but a seriously amazing aspect of this series that not a lot of international players get to appreciate. Also anyone who posts shitty fantasy maps of the Pokemon world is retarded and belongs on the cross.
File: 1363703538032.jpg (654 KB, 800x800)
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654 KB JPG
I remember when I was little with my friends we invented pokemon stories that intertwined with the Charmed TV series
*when I was young
I think it says so in English, he he sorry
This is probably the most wholesome thread we’ve had on here in a very long time. Like literal years.

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