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>adds EVs and Natures
>retards still think it wasn't a bad thing
>retards still think RSE wasn't the moment the franchise went downhill
Oops wrong pic
Nah, it was XY
shitty bait thread
I'm pretty sure EVs and natures were added before gen 5 bro
Seething hoennbabies. Everyone knows you're behind all the genwar threads (someone post that pic).
No this is just the discord tranny. Again. Honestly I don't know how he isn't bored yet when the responses are always the same.
nah you're the retard
fuck off and die
>Generation 5 (BWB2W2)
Following Pokémon
Game Corner
Ball Seals
Secret Bases (added in Generation 6 again, ORAS only)
Day/Night music (added in Generation 7 again)
Running shoes toggle
VS. Seeker
Battle Frontier (replaced by Battle Subway, Battle Institute and Pokémon World Tournament (B2W2 only))
One-time TMs
Damage from poison out of combat
Berry planting (Dream World required - service shutdown since 2014)
Honey trees
Pokétch (?) (replaced by C-Gear)
EVs are dumb but better than their predecessor (stat exp)
Is dumb and adds nothing (most games lack it btw why blame only gen 5?)
>game corner
Illegal somehow
Nigga, only one region had it you schmuck. Is every game that misses a single feature from another game bad? Should I post everything bw did no other game did?
>ball seals
Read above
>secret based
Were shit. And yes I played pearl first
>bright music
Seasonal music, walking dependent music, cities with customizable instruments, and battle condition music that no other gen had. Are other gens bad because they lack this too?
>running show toggle
>contests, vs seeker, honey trees
These are small miscellaneous changes that were replaced with better content
May I also mention randomly that join avenue exists
You also show how the BF and poketch were replaced, not removed
Now I COULD post everything bw and bw2 have that no other game othered to have just for the sake of arguing, but I know that every game had pros and cons and doesn’t need every single feature ever to be a good experience
It’s fine, you and I both have our favorites because we value different things in a pokemon game
>Following Pokémon
>Game Corner
Blame the EU for killing this, not Gamefreak, Also wasn't in HG/SS
Was a great feature in DPP sucks it hasn't made a return, but also wasn't in HG/SS
>Ball Seals
eh meh didn't really like em that much
>Secret Bases
Also not in HG/SS, was great when combined with underground
>Day/Night music
Great for Atmosphere otherwise not that important
>Running shoes toggle
Good Feature but not important
These were nice kinda sucks not having them
These sucked in Gen 3, Where only ok in Gen 4 wasn't even in HGSS
>VS. Seeker
was a cool feature but only used for grinding, Both Gen 5 games gave you better ways to grind.
>Battle Frontier (replaced by Battle Subway, Battle Institute and Pokémon World Tournament (B2W2 only))
PWT is better then the Battle Frontier
>One-time TMs
Seriously?, One Time TMs sucked, why would you complain not having access to parts of a moveset because you already used the TMS in the main adventure
>Damage from poison out of combat
Eh was kinda annoying.
>Berry planting (Dream World required - service shutdown since 2014)
I agree fuck not being able to plant berries,
>Honey trees
These sucked ass nobody should miss them
>Pokétch (?) (replaced by C-Gear)
Meh Poketch wasn't that good anyways
What's so bad about EVs and Natures?
Ev and Natures are the least of RS problems
Unovafags stay mad
Doesn't even make sense, fat retard
tl:dr I don't care about it therefore it shouldn't exist
File: 1588542650455.png (286 KB, 680x539)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
honestly, was pokemon ever good?
Yes and if you don't think so you are brainless.
IVs are the cancer, not EVs. Dumb ESL-kun.
You don't deserve to post Dawn, doomer femboy faggot
1 and 2 were good because they were actually innovative and ambitious for the hardware they were on

every game after has just been pure stagnation though. It's kind of sad how 20 years later the most substantial improvement they added to the series is overworld encounters which SNES games were already doing.
i do, i just didn't want this thread to turn into yet another genwar
It's not genwar if you don't think any gen was good. You just have no valid points.
God you need to be mating pressed.
are you offering?
schizo thread
>Hoeenbaby thinks i am a unovarbotion
You dumb shitter
EVs and IVs shouldn't have been a problem at all if Gamefreak devs had a functioning brain.

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