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File: litten cone.jpg (74 KB, 1293x725)
74 KB
Litten in a Cone Edition

Nuzlocke info
>Nuzlocke generator
>Guide to running the generator locally
>Links to official games (thru Sw/Sh)
>Romhack links
>Definitive emulator info (note that OpenEmu is the best option for Macfags period as RBY through B2W2 may all be played on it and all run smoothly)
>Difficulty list (Updated with Sword/Shield and XY without EXP Share on)
>Pokémon Nuzlocke images
>Pokémon Bank sprites
>Pokémon Home Sprites
>Additional templates
>NEW: Level caps list, will expand/fix later
>Last thread
File: Black Nuzlocke Part 1.png (1.97 MB, 2504x1698)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
The third leg of my challenge is Pokemon Black. Everything's gone very smoothly so far, and I can attribute some of that to my investments into EV training. 10/10 reccomend
File: 1610394527559.png (269 KB, 514x789)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
Doing a Radical Red mono-ice type run. Just beat Surge, here's a lazily slapped together team pic. This is not a nuzlocke as well, but last thread I was told general challenge runs also fit here.
As is probably clear, I was forced to use my 3 rare candies to push my small bear from a Lvl 34 (the cap pre-surge) Cubchoo to a level 37 Beartic. This was necessary for him to outspeed Surges Boltund, which otherwise was a total wall that completely fucked my team. It outsped everything and OHKOd everything with fire fang, except Cloyster who was 2hkod by thunder fang instead. The moment that Boltund went down, the fight was a breeze, but that wasn't possible without sacrificing 3 rare candies.
The only other noteworthy fight so far was Bugsy, who wiped me over and over with that Scizor of his. I did achieve victory eventually, but it was messy.
Attempt like, five on my White 2 Nuzlocke.
Currently at the ranch with all my encounters for this attempt: Snivy, Patrat, Psyduck, Pidove. I'll grind 'em to about Lv 11 before fighting the trainers here.
I genuinely have no game plan for Cheren though and his Lillipup scares me. I feel like if I can't do enough damage and he gets enough Work Ups, then that's game over.
And then after this, I still have to get past Roxie and hope I get the best encounter in the complex.
>do a storm silver nuzlocke
>keep wiping to bullshit that there is no documentation for like a boss fight that has a pokemon with explosion
>all the little niggling things that come with dray's old hacks like no quality of life really bugs me
>switch to renegade platinum
>renegade platinum is a lot better, but the grinding is so egregious with how slow gen 4 is that I keep losing pokemon to dumb mistakes from me just not paying full attention
>my autism knows no bounds and won't let me just grind on any pokemon, I always have to be efficient and go for good evs when grinding so it takes even longer
>wipe around gardenia/fantina multiple times and realize I've spent like 2 weeks of my life getting nowhere
>now im starting radred because i miss all the quality of life shit and now I dont have to deal with ev autism
I hope every romhack has radred levels of quality of life in the future, because fuck old hacks. Takes so much damn time to do anything or get anywhere. In rad red I'm already at misty after 1 day. No worries about natures, ivs, evs, or even resetting for abilities.

The AI is so much more fun too. Dray hacks feel a lot more lackluster since the AI won't even switch when it can't do anything; for example if you Taunt Roark's Nosepass in Renegade Platinum and then throw in a ground pokemon, it cannot hit you with anything and you can set up on it. Even worse is that when the taunt ends and it finally can start doing stuff it just sets up stealth rocks, sets up sandstorm, and then just stays in even though it can't hit you and already has it's setup. That AI feels super lame.
And by 1 day I mean like a few hours, since I work and play other games.
>if the pokemon dies during e4, is it considered used?
some say anything in the hall of fame, alive or dead, is banned from future runs. but personally i play that it has to have lived thru the whole game. your choice ultimately
like 3? i just hacked in lucario's friendship since it's infinitely safe to grind.
why not grind to 14 and give yourself the best chance you can? you could even edge psyduck right before 15 and get confusion after beating patrat. also possible disable starts on lillipup. could also try growling patrat into oblivion, then setting up snivy with growth.
regardless, good luck
Kinda wished every trainer scaled with your AI in radred. Nuzlocking with level caps has always been fun for me, but since Radred forces the level cap and makes it so you only get 1xp from every pokemon once you hit the level cap it's much easier to just grind in grass then blaze through all the trainers on routes.

In other games I have to take into account "oh shit, I can't fight too many people since I might overlevel" which is somewhat of a strategy. Then I also have to think "ok what trainers can I skip, what trainers are easiest to take down at lower levels, what trainers will have threats I might need to get a bit more levels for" etc which takes a bit of skill and planning. In radred I just run my way through all the trainer like they are nothing, with no thought put into it. No longer am I scared of a random trainer with a heracross that I have to prepare for. No longer do I have to think about my routing, risking whether to avoid a trainer only to accidentally run into them later when I'm at level cap and don't want any xp, etc. Makes every trainer fight that isn't a gym leader/miniboss a lot less fun and rewarding.
with your level*
thanks for following-up on the e4 question
I think i'll settle with what's used, if not you could argue taking too many risks and having pokemon die grants an advantage
File: ghost.jpg (333 KB, 1366x768)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
I thought pokemon disobeyed if you went over level cap in Radred? Also I want to do a monotype run, and now that there is grass in Viridian and Pewter Ghost mono-type is more doable. I think I'm going to.

Also there needs to be more ghost dual types. No Ghost/Normal (which might be weird admittedly), no Ghost/Rock, all the Ghost/Psychic are legendaries, the only Ghost/Fighting is legendary, the only Ghost/Steel is basically a pseudo, the only Ghost/Dragons are a pseudo and legendary, Rotom is basically a legendary too, the only Ghost/Bug basically beats the game's AI by itself, Corsola-G line should be water since the only one is Jellicent's line (Dhelmise should have been water too), etc.
>you could even edge psyduck right before 15 and get confusion after beating patrat. also possible disable starts on lillipup. could also try growling patrat into oblivion, then setting up snivy with growth.
>regardless, good luck
One thing I'm learning is that you'll need to grind to the absolute limit for victory and even if it means beating up more Pokemon in the ranch for this, then I gotta do it.
I think Confusion does a bit less damage than Water Gun but the confusion possibility might help. I'll try to Disable Lillipup though and try out Growth with Snivy.
Thanks anon, I'll spend the day grinding some more; just beat the two trainers in Alder's home so I have the two Gym trainers and it's back to the ranch.
Doesn't Renegade Platinum have an NPC in Solaceon Town that can fix your issues? You can grind for EXP and EVs there and you can also reset your EVs. I've been told it's intended to get new catches in a Nuzlocke up to speed.
>I thought pokemon disobeyed if you went over level cap in Radred?
I'm not exactly sure about this but at least in 2.2, I gave my Alolan Ninetales a few extra levels past Blaine's cap through Rare Candies just so I can get Aurora Veil and it still obeyed me just fine.
Maybe it's just in hardcore mode? I think somewhere either before you start the game or some npc (I think the one in the all the gyms) in the game says it.
File: FireRedMisty.png (291 KB, 1460x920)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
Started the Fire Red portion of the autismlocke. Brock was a pushover, Misty was somewhat difficult.
took down roxie without breaking a sweat. lucario is just too op this early on. snagged a really good petilil and a solid drilbur along the way. just a little more grinding before burgh.
oh duh water gun. yeah that's a better option. i think growth setup on snivy might be the move. good luck.
File: nuzlocke4.png (367 KB, 1200x941)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
Just beat Clay, it really was too easy. I'm getting quite a nice team now. Almost lost Ducklett in the gym though, didn't expect a random Drilbur to have Rock Slide. It survived with 2HP, which means that luck is on its side.

Now I can finally make Cinccino become useful by using Heart Scales at the Move Relearner to get the full capabilities out of its Skill Link ability.
Doing a ghost monotype run on radred hardcore mode. Falkner is literally impossible. Even if I get the best possible RNG with paralyze and confusion there is no way you can ever win. It's pure bullshit.
>never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever get an ancient power/silver wind/ominous wind boost
>enemy gets them multiple times in a fight
I fucking hate these stupid fuck games so fucking hard.
Sadly, that run was a bust due to an unfortunate Crit and me choking due to nerves.
However, I picked it back up right away and tried again.
Attempt like, seven now, with Patrat, Lillipup, Sewaddle, and Snivy again:
My Lillipup was a BEAST and took down Cheren's Patrat, took a CRIT from Cheren's +1 Lillipup and wore it down with I think a Leer and a Tackle, and then I got my own Patrat in against his Pidove, stood my ground, hit him with a Leer and a Tackle and I was victorious.
I've never felt this tense playing any Pokemon game before, this was thrilling.
But I'm not out of the woods yet. I have exactly one encounter left before Roxie, and I have to pray it's Magnemite. On the other hand, I believe this is when Audino starts spawning now, so grinding should be a bit easier.
But holy fuck. I can finally save now too, because my last save was before I acquired my Snivy, so whenever a run went awry I could just reload the save and start over but skip past the intro scenes.
My encounter is an Elekid, sadly. An encounter's an encounter though, so I'll raise it for now.
My Lillipup, soon to be Herdier, is likely gonna have to carry me through Roxie as well, but we have Work Up and Return now, so we should be dishing out lots of damage.
It says they may disobey if you go "too far" above the level cap. Not sure how far that is.
File: team.jpg (625 KB, 2048x1484)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
I'm as ready as I can be to fight Roxie now. I just have to go in guns blazing with Herdier, because two out of the five are weak to Poison types.
I'm not sure if I should keep Silk Scarf on Herdier to boost its power, or give it a Pecha Berry to defend against Whirlipede's Poison Point.
Whirlipede and Koffing both have high Defense too, but Elekid can at least hit on the Special side.
If I get past Roxie, I can get to Castelia City and get like, at least a few more encounters. Here's hoping.
And we are successful, if pretty risky. I didn't realize how much damage Venoshock did against Elekid, but it was my best option other than Herdier and I just had to push through with Shock Waves since I didn't want to wear out or even lose Herdier this early. Once it was at critical health I had to switch Patrat in.
I risked everything on a Hypnosis chance because it learned the move and I truly believed it was my best option. In hindsight, my Patrat could have at least finished Koffing off (or tried to) and deal with Grimer since I think Grimer actually doesn't have the best Defense.
Still, Hypnosis landed, and that got my safe switch in to Herdier. One Work Up and it decimated Koffing and Grimer, and it was my best option against Whirlipede, so I stayed in and kept spamming Return. For whatever reason all Whirlipede did was use Protect. Herdier did more than half of Whirlipede's HP with Return though so as long as it would have been able to take a hit or two, then I guess it would've been fine, but the problem would have been stuff like if I got Poisoned and it used Venoshock or something. Either way, we won, and we're finally off to Castelia City.
I believe there's the following encounters:
>the sewers (but you're in a Double Battle with Hugh so that could get tricky)
>the garden (Eevee is here I believe, which is huge)
>Relic Passage (some Rock types here could help against Burgh)
>Route 4 (Darumaka, Sandile, Scraggy, but apparently, Minccino too, which is a problem since if I were to want it I'd want the Skill Link Minccino on Route 5)
Just to be clear shaking spots can count as encounters too right? So maybe I could aim for Drilbur in Relic Passage if I get some Repels to avoid everything else.
In any case, it seems like my team's gonna be opening up very shortly.
nice job.
you can repel thru the sewers pretty quick so hugh doesn't fuck you over. you can go for the bold strat on route 4 and snag the defiant braviary on route 4 on mondays. thing hits hard and could take out one of your pokes trying to catch it tho
File: nuzlocke progress.png (315 KB, 1320x870)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
I think I'm feeling okay enough about this run to start posting this fancy layout now; it was kinda neat putting it together. Though I might just post a picture of my team if I feel lazy.
I've got some news:
>Good news
I was able to get Drilbur from Relic Passage. Careful nature, Sand Force. I'll cherish Mareeta the Drilbur as best as I can.
I also acquired Darumaka from Route 4. Jolly nature too, holy shit. Dagdar the Darumaka will be a powerhouse, but I have to be careful with it thanks to Hustle. Come to think of it, that actually makes me worried for Burgh, but we'll see how that goes when we get there.
>Okay news
I'm not sure how good it is, but my sewer encounter was Grimer. But he came with a Black Sludge, so that'll be helpful if I raise it or any other Poison type. Marty the Grimer joins the barracks, ie Pokemon in reserve.
>Bad news
In my attempts to find Eevee, I accidentally ran into a shaking spot, so my encounter for Castelia City is actually Audino, so I had to catch it. Safy the Audino joins the barracks.
I think I would have been too scared to go after Braviary, seems like a high risk but high reward kinda deal. I'll probably go after the Skill Link Minccino on Route 5 though since that seems like a good strong Normal type.
I boxed Elekid since I think she's done her job.
Time to grind and give ourselves the best fighting chance against Burgh; I have lots of trainers to fight.
>doing this ghost monotype run on hardcore mode
>every single fight has been pure torture except Lass Sally

I'm convinced Archer is literally impossible. Also not getting ominous wind boosts, when it's basically my only fucking ability on half my ghosts is pure shit. To beat some of the bosses I have had to get insane RNG on confusion/paralyze luck with luck on hitting will o wisps and it's such fucking dogshit. I just want my pokemon to be able to have not worthless fucking stats. How am I supposed to kill a Mightyena with Strong Jaw when he one shots my entire team? My strategy right now is to throw out Yamask, give him mummy, but my Yamask dies instantly. So then I throw out sandygast and will o wisp, then I have to hit 3 mudshots to outspeed him while he howls, and then take the bite without flinching to land the third mudshot, and then megadrain his last bit of health. But by this point in the fight I've had to heavily rely on RNG and I still have Fearow and Seviper left, with only a fucking pumpkaboo, sandygast, and shuppet still alive and Fearow outspeeds all 3 and kills them in 1-2 plucks, even with will 'o wisp on. I dont know what to fucking do.
took down burgh no problem. lucario continues to hard carry. lost watchog while trying to catch the defiant braviary, but it's a worthy swap. getting absolutely hosed on other encounters tho. dwebble has great IVs but isn't darumaka, and the skill link minccino from the hidden grotto has garbage IVs. went for audino in the three spots outside nimbasa and across SEVEN shaking grasses got an average emolga, a terrible cinccino, and a terrible roserade. just brutal stuff.
welcome to the carfeul sand force drilbur gang
>difficult game where each team has a lot of coverage
>huge self imposed handicap
idk what you expected
Just start the run after archer or when you're required not to have a crazy amount of luck to win
how do /we/ feel about cheating rare candies instead of grinding for hours
File: FireRedSabrina.png (394 KB, 1460x920)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
Beat a few more gym leaders. Surge went well, Erika and Koga were a bit tricky, and Sabrina was a pushover.
Depends on the game and rules I think. I feel like cheating in rare candies takes away some of the challenge, like staying focused enough to not lose a pokemon while grinding, or running into a trainer on accident feels a lot less punishing because you are probably like 5-6 levels higher than their pokemon. Part of nuzlocke challenges I feel is that.

On the other hand, I do understand it in games like Emerald Kaizo, where it's going to take you like 100+ attempts to beat the game and you dont want to waste your life. So up to you I guess.
Just realized I could do trade evolutions because I have two systems that can trade with each other.
Do you guys think this is fair? I still have to get the Pokemon in question, as well as any items necessary.
File: 1583729052507.jpg (47 KB, 500x500)
47 KB
Just wiped to Juan in Emerald, nothing I had could guarantee 2 shot the Kingdra. Fucking bullshit RNG every single water pulse confused, self hits all over, double teams miss, missed every 2 hit kill range, worst RNG I have ever seen in my life
Of course is fair. Everyone who plays on emulators uses the randomizer to enable trade evos through leveling.
Then perfect, I potentially may have Electivire, Gigalith, and/or Conkeldurr on the table if need be.
Have you guys ever encountered a shiny while grinding? What do you do?
File: Black Nuzlocke Part 2.png (2.24 MB, 2512x1690)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB PNG
In the fight against Elesa, I lead with my newly caught Audino, Notorious B.I.G. I use the same strats I used with my Electrode in Leg 1: Thunder Wave + Screen setting. This allows for Donquixote, who evolved into a Krokorok while battling the gym's trainers, to outspeed and kill the Emolgas with minimal damage, which also makes the battle with Zebstrika more palatable. Using B.I.G. probably wasn't necessary, but I'd like to take as little damage as possible since I can't heal in this run. At this point I decide to put Sheer Heart Attack on the B-Team. It's been a great help, but Donquixote outclasses it. Before the fight with Clay, I head back to Nimbasa and spend some time at the Battle Subway. I get a Choice Band for Doflamingo and Bright Powder for Notorious B.I.G. When Clay leads with his Krokorok, B.I.G. hits him with six Flashes and then sets up a Reflect so that Doflamingo can come in and sweep.

Later on, I accidentally overlevel Notorious B.I.G. and Game of Death. I had originally planned to use Audino in the gym, so I'll have to resort to different tactics this time around. It turns out that the accidental overlevel put me in a terrible spot, because the match with Skyla goes poorly. I lead with Hanged Man, who makes quick work of Skyla's Swoobat. Next up is the Unfezant, who ruins my chances of escaping the match unscathed with numerous consecutive flinch hax Air Slashes. The Swanna comes in next and brings Bastet to red health. I have to switch to Hanged Man (who's at 55 hp and can take two hits at best), who is my only hope of taking out the Swanna (who's at yellow hp). Sadly, an Ominous Wind only puts Swanna in the red. Skyla heals Swanna and kills Hanged Man. At this point I think I'm going to lose the run, my Donquixote comes in, takes a Bubble Beam, lowers the opponent's speed with Rock Tomb, and then finishes it off with Crunch.
go ahead anon, that shit is tedious as fuck
I personally wouldn't but I can also see why people would, grinding is tedious
> Not using speed-up patches for Renplat and Sacred Gold/Storm Silver.
You did it to yourself, lol.
Yes, kill it.
thanks anons
I think i'll do a mix of both, normal grinding for team currently used and super candy if I need to get a lvl 5 up to 60 or something
I can't find a dedicated thread, so sorry for the off-topic question.
Does anyone know if you can play by IR against an original Black 2 copy when you're playing Volt White 2 Complete ?
Is the warning about complete being incompatible with original only directed toward online play via GTS?
Nice nice very nice Jimbo-chan. Fun to see I'm not the only one using Jojo nicknames. I can't help but thinking though that Ferrothorn is the perfect Hermit Purple!

Minccino isn't useful before PWT either way, since you need a Shiny Stone and two heart scales at the move relearner to give it a good moveset.
File: team.jpg (134 KB, 926x642)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Beat Burgh, it went pretty well. Drilbur took on Dwebble, although Faint Attack was starting to wear it down. Leavanny was next, and I knew having Drilbur in would be a death sentence, so I switched Herdier in to deal with it. Intimidate and Eviolite gave it a lot of bulk, and it could have withstood a Crit Razor Leaf, maybe even two.
Problem was, Leavanny landed Grasswhistle, so I was starting to get nervous. I sent in Watchog, dodged a Razor Leaf, and used Hypnosis. Again, completely risky, but I can't imagine I'll keep Watchog on the team for much longer so I think it would be fine to risk it. Super Fang and two Strengths took it right out.
After was Karrablast, but I got my Darumaka in and despite Hustle's accuracy drop, I landed both Fire Punches and I was able to win the day.
Meanwhile my Servine and my own Leavanny (which evolved after grinding it) didn't really do much. One or both of 'em are probably on their way out to the barracks soon.
Five more encounters coming up now: Desert Resort, Relic Castle, Route 5, Route 16, and Lostlorn Forest. Hopefully I get something good, although now that I think about it, maybe it could be best to leave Relic Castle 'til later so I can go after Volcarona as my encounter.
clapped elesa's cheeks and smacked clay around no problem. excadrill swept elesa, choice specs samurott took down clay. finally got audino too. onward to skyla.
nicely done.
File: nuzlocke5.png (381 KB, 1200x984)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
God damn it, biggest loss yet...

Unexpected Triple Battle in Chargestone Cave. For sume reason the Unfezant crits N'Doul with Air Slash and one shots it, while I wasn't able to finish it with Rock Blast by Narancia. Its Sandslash proceeds to hit 2 god damn crit Dig moves on Stroheim, luckily I was healing in between otherwise I would've lost my 2 biggest assets.

And for some bullshit reason the AI is able to attack my most right Pokemon with its most left Pokemon while I'm not allowed to do the same.

Anyways, not a lot of great options in my Box, so for now I'll opt for Rolling Stones, since it has Sturdy and will help me a loooot in the Flying gym.
About to go for the first gym in voltwhite2. Overleveled a bit for evolutions.
Lost snivy to a crit from lillipup. Flaafy ended up carrying with charge beam cheese.
How do I get better at not ragequitting?
What are you having trouble with?
I dunno just when a mon I've been working on dies I ree and quit even when I could have kept going. I need to master my emotions so I don't restart until I white out.
File: nuzlocke progress.png (336 KB, 1320x914)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
Alright, I got my encounters.
>Route 5
I got the Skill Link Minccino, but sadly it's Timid nature. Still, Ralf joins the barracks.
>Desert Resort
I got Sigilyph, although it has Wonder Skin instead of Magic Guard. Still, seems like a pretty cool Pokemon, one I've never used before. Salem the Sigilyph will probably join the team.
>Route 16
I found a Solosis. Rash nature, Magic Guard, very high SpA, but very slow. Amalda the Solosis joins the barracks.
>Lostlorn Forest
Finally, we have Petilil. Also Rash nature, and with Own Tempo so her Petal Dances won't inflict confusion, I think. Lara the Petilil can join the team and maybe kick Servine off.
I'm probably gonna kick Servine off if I can get enough levels on Petilil, and maybe a Sun Stone, wherever that is.
I want to use Sigilyph but unfortunately he won't do much against Elesa due to the Electric weakness, and for Clay, I feel like many Pokemon are going to have Rock type attacks. However I do lack a Special powerhouse right now and Sigilyph is probably the best I've got for now. I've avoided Relic Castle for now since I do still want to make the Volcarona there my encounter, but I also have a bunch of Super Repels now.
Time to grind then fight all the trainers in the area before taking on Elesa. I should have Stoutland by the end of it all too.
Alright I made a solemn oath to myself that I shall never ragequit. Time to try again for real this time
Be careful and good luck anon.
File: 1470438384141.jpg (233 KB, 933x747)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Try this mentality but with pokemon instead of xcom soldiers.
Thoughts on playing with a 'one pokemon per area' rule rather than first per area? Additional rules:

a) Once you have decided which pokemon to catch, you must capture that pokemon on the first encounter.
b) Catching multiple pokemon of the same species is allowed, however once a pokemon has been used in battle you may not use another pokemon of the same species in battle. (i.e you may have one battling Kingler and one HM slave Kingler in your party, but if your battling Kingler dies you may not use any other Kingler in battle for the rest of the run)
That just sounds like a regular playthrough
Finally got around to get off my ass and play this again,this time we got plenty of death but fingers crossed we'll make it.
File: nuzlocke6.png (381 KB, 1200x984)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
Destroyed Skyla with ease. Not really sure what my main team is gonna look like, but for now I added Lisa Lisa since I can really use a dedicated Special Attacker.
Still grinding before taking on Elesa. Just cleared out the Desert Resort, Route 5, and all that's left is Lostlorn Forest and then the Gym.
One thing I've been learning is that as much as I need to play carefully, I also need to be able to play aggressively when needed, even against random trainers.
I faced off against a trainer's Watchog, and two of my Pokemon fell asleep to its Hypnosis while three got hit by Super Fang, making me a little worried. But it was two shot by at least a few of my Pokemon, so I had to just get something in and stand my ground. No casualties yet, but that got me a bit nervous.
File: team.jpg (116 KB, 860x633)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Speaking of, Elesa's down for the count. One Rock Slide from Excadrill (boosted by Hard Stone just for good measure) knocked Emolga out. Expecting a Flame Charge, I switch to Stoutland, but surprisingly, she went for Pursuit, which didn't do a thing and Stoutland got in at full health. All of Zebstrikas attacks basically tickled Stoutland so I set up a few Work Ups. Eventually Zebstrika Volt Switched out to Flaaffy, whose Static paralyzed Stoutland, but she was still healthy enough to fight everything.
I did plan for the others to help out if needed, like Excadrill switching back in to use Dig on Flaaffy or using Darumaka's Fire Punch against Joltik.
I can't believe Elesa used to give me so much trouble back in the day, although I have way more years of experience now I suppose.
Time to move onto Driftveil City. I think I have three more encounters: the bridge which is a guaranteed Ducklett, Route 6 which has who knows what, and I believe Chargestone Cave will let me get something.
I have heard that Clay is a menace and is a run killer, but I'll make sure I'm well prepared.
File: nuzlocke progress.png (360 KB, 1320x914)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
Here's our encounters:
Karin the Ducklett, Brave nature. I'm probably going to raise her up to fight Clay anyway. Feather Dance and Rain Dance are good moves for this.
>Route 6
Orsin the Marill, sadly not Huge Power, Docile nature. Still, if I need to, I can field him for Clay's Gym to fight all the Ground types. Bubble Beam should at least do something.
>Chargestone Cave
Olwen the Joltik, sadly not Compound Eyes. Mild nature so at least she'll hit hard if I raise her up.
All that's left is to grind and face all the trainers in the area.
I'm a little afraid for Excadrill here because she'll unfortunately be at risk of dying to all the Ground type moves, especially from Clay's own Excadrill.
Hopefully Lilligant and whichever Water type I raise can put in some work.
Also, I'll be able to get Darmanitan soon since that evolves at Lv 35.
RIP Nidoking.
I am right before Misty, I guess I have to fight the rival with Wigglytuff and Wartortle
I did not play many pokemon games, grew up with Yellow & Silver, played fire red, platinum and most recently Sword.
Never finished a Nuzlocke but I need something to play while comuting, and stopped playing mobile games in general.

The goal is to do a full autismlocke, mostly blind.
Started with Blue this week-end, it was going great until some rocket caught me by surprise.
Evolved Nidoqueen after, hopefully she'll carry while we recover
File: 1626063501155.png (28 KB, 244x273)
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should i nuzlocke

pokemon prismatic moon
moemon renegade platinum
Prismatic Moon
File: team.jpg (198 KB, 1078x759)
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198 KB JPG
Knowing that my own Excadrill would not be safe in this entire Gym, I boxed her away for now, and in her place was Grimer, who had one very special mission.
The Gym trainers were cleanly swept by Lilligant's Giga Drain, and she did pretty well against Clay's Pokemon. Onix outsped her but just tickled her in terms of damage, even with Explosion.
Against Krokorok, I not only evolved Ducklett to Swanna, I made sure she had Rain Dance to keep Krokorok's Sandstorm at bay. Rain boosted Bubble Beam helped out a lot.
When Clay's Excadrill stepped onto the scene, I still had Lilligant out, and I think I tried to go for a Giga Drain but that didn't do much.
I found out that Darmanitan would always outspeed Excadrill and could one shot with Fire Punch, but the problem was getting him in safely.
I knew what had to be done: I had to switch Grimer in and sacrifice him. It was the easiest option, and it worked. Grimer retires as the first Pokemon to have fallen.
I didn't realize until after the fact but the character I named Grimer after just so happens to be close with the character I named Darmanitan after. While Grimer and Darmanitan never really fought alongside each other, their name sakes did. It's a little poetic.
Next is the PWT, and the Team Plasma event. Also, I should have access to Relic Castle again, and I'm probably gonna try to go after Volcarona. I also should be getting Surf soon so that might open up a few more encounters and give me access to more Water types.
what do I do with 2 shinies and full-team pokerus pls help I just wanted to do a practice run
For those doing autismlocke, can you import save to retrieve data or is it best to amend everything manualy to avoid dataloss?
File: 1494641477058.png (234 KB, 541x376)
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234 KB PNG
I got too careless trying to weaken Volcarona and ended up knocking it out with a Crit; turns out even my own Crits can be unlucky in a way. Goddamnit.
There goes my Relic Castle encounter; a shame, Volcarona is one of my favourites too.
Still got Aspertia City, Virbank City, and I think Mistralton Cave as my next encounters.
If it helps, volcarona is pretty bad until endgame due to bad levelup moves and not good enough tms/tutors. Regardless, F
File: nuzlocke progress.png (389 KB, 1320x1045)
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389 KB PNG
That is true too, while it gets the godlike Quiver Dance, it won't learn it until the very end anyway, and I'd imagine good moves might be hard to come by 'til then.
Our encounters:
>Mistralton Cave
Selphina the Aron, Quiet, Rock Head. She seems strong but Sturdy would have been nicer. Still, she joins the barracks.
>Virbank City
Robert the Frillish, Sassy, Water Absorb. I've never actually used a Jellicent before but the Pokemon seems cool. Maybe I'll raise him up if Swanna isn't up to par. I should get access to a lot more Water types once I reach eastern Unova though. He joins the barracks for now.
>Aspertia City
Brighton the Basculin, Sassy, Adaptability. He'll probably stay in the barracks.
Now we just gotta explore the Relic Passage for real (since I just rushed in there for Volcarona), Mistralton Cave, some trainers on Route 20, and then we move onto Chargestone Cave.
in regards to the nuzlocke image generator? you can only import RBY saves but ive never tried it. i usually do a manual update after each gym. boxed catches i just put their names, locations, genders, and levels. the team gets the full treatment.
thanks anon, I tried both and the save import misses the 2nd boxes and considers mon to be level 116 for some reasons
I'll do a manual one properly
I've been running Volcarona in my current Black 2 run. The only good move you can give it right out of the gate is Signal Beam via tutor, which is good enough for normal trainers. It matches up poorly against the remaining gym leaders by the time you can get it, which can be a big deterrent if you're not willing to set time aside to grind.
I almost lost a Pokemon because both Serebii and Bulbapedia both listed a Triple Battle trainer differently
>Serebii: Sandslash, Unfezant, Klink
>Bulbapedia: Klink, Unfezant, Sandslash
From (my) left to right, it was Klink, Unfezant, and Sandslash, but since I was reading Serebii I was lead to believe Sandslash would be sent first on the left
So if I'm to believe this, if Serebii lists a Pokemon first, then that's on the right, and if Bulbapedia lists a Pokemon first, then that's on the left
This feels unnecessarily conflicting
>he looks up every single trainer
Nearly wiped by a fucking wild Dugtrio. I couldn't escape. Then when I had just two shitmons left he let me leave. What a fucking asshole.
>Day 3
Got bullied by Misty, didnt have potions left
Sandy really kicked some asses
I forgot how much early gens are wonky, poison into wrap is dumb.
Next step is catching what I can on the routes I have, these are my last 6
At long last, all eight badges have been obtained. Sadly, Pinkerton the Musharna perished in the meantime.
The fight with Marlon was much easier than I had remembered. I had prepared for him to lead with Carracosta and to Shell Smash while surviving on Sturdy. Instead, he lead with Wailord and Jaune the Jolteon busted both it and Mantine with Discharge. When Carracosta did come out, I used Volt Switch to bring in Caroline as it used Rock Slide and took it out with Surf. Finally, Jellicent went down to Popn Fresh the Leavanny's Leaf Blade after expertly sponging the foe's Energy Ball.
So I really need to pay attention, because I left my Excadrill in on a Magmar thinking I could outspeed. I got hit by Fire Punch and almost lost Excadrill to that. My Excadrill is decently speedy but she's not the fastest.
My encounters... not great.
>Route 7
I encountered a Tranquill, but I got another unlucky Crit trying to weaken it. There goes my encounter, although I would have wanted Zebstrika anyway.
>Celestial Tower
I encountered Elgyem, although I was hoping for Golbat. I knocked it out, because I really thought it was able to take a Surf from Swanna. I'm not very bright today.
On the other hand, I looked up what encounters are coming next, and I think Undella Town is 100% Staryu, because I already have the other two encounters (Frillish and Basculin) . Starmie seems like an exciting Pokemon to try and use, and I won't mess up that encounter.
After I finish up Route 7 and the Gym, I'll have to fight Skyla. Stoutland learned Thunder Fang in preparation.
File: team.jpg (152 KB, 1074x769)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Down goes Skyla, all I needed was Sigilyph's Light Screen to help Stoutland set up, and then Work Up Expert Belt boosted Thunder Fangs and Crunches was all it took. She did take a bit of a beating but she pulled through.
I think a ton of encounters before the next Gym are coming up. I believe there's
>Reversal Mountain
>Strange House
>Undella Town
>Undella Bay
>the ocean cave area technically?
>Route 14
>Route 13
>Route 12
>Village Bridge
>Route 11
>Route 9
So many encounters which is pretty exciting, especially since Undella Town will be Staryu. I could probably swap out either Swanna or Sigilyph with Starmie on the team.
I'm now approaching my favourite stretch of the game but I also heard that Drayden will be tough. I just hope I get some good stuff. And I'll try not to mess up my catches this time.
I'm a bit too lazy to add to the big layout right now, I'll probably add to it once I'm done getting all my encounters before Drayden. I think there's still seven encounters left.
>Reversal Mountain
Tina the Drifblim, Lonely, Aftermath. I went into the Doubles Grass. I think my line of reasoning was that there might be two different Pokemon that could show up, then I just choose one since I can only catch one anyway. It was between Camerupt and Drifblim so I went for Drifblim. I almost lost Sigilyph thanks to Drifblim's Hex. Tina joins the barracks.
>Strange House
Bannette, knocked it out. That's it for that.
>Undella Town
Got my Staryu, made sure to be careful when weakening it. Calm, Illuminate. Evolved it right away and I'll probably just start using it in place of either Swanna or Sigilyph, probably Swanna since Starmie has no Psychic moves yet but Sigilyph does. Or don't I get the Psychic TM soon? I feel like I remember it being around this area. Either way, welcome to the team, Sara.
>Route 14
Eda the Golduck joins the barracks. Brave, Cloud Nine. Nothing much to say here.
Because I'm doing a nuzlocke of a difficulty romhack + other rules I'm considering giving myself checkpoints throughout the game I can go back to rather than starting over.

I'm doing this in Pokemon Blaze Black, what would be good checkpoints? I feel like after ever gym is too frequent.
You might as well just play through it normally
Maybe, I'm just wary because the last time I did a difficulty rom (sacred gold) with level & item restrictions I ended up hitting triple digit resets.
>knocked out two consecutive potential captures with critical hit tackles
If you're in early game the best course of action is to pretty much never attack, just throw balls from full hp
File: sigilyph down.jpg (126 KB, 870x660)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
I wanted to go to Route 13 to get Psychic, but I had to get past my rival.
Excadrill took out Unfezant, Lilligant wiped the floor with Simipour. I figure Sigilyph would be a safe switch in to Emboar, and it should have been.
Unfortunately, Sigilyph took a Crit from Take Down, leaving him at critical health. I went for Air Slash to try and take it out, or at the very least flinch, but sadly, that was it for Sigilyph.
Rest well, Salem. You fought hard, set up against Skyla, blasted Pokemon left and right with Psybeams and Air Cutters, and even flew us around a bit.
do what you feel is the most fun for you anon

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