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ITT: We tell Shigeki Morimoto to go fuck himself, and rebalance some Pokemon

New Stats: 79/39/76/99/96/101/BST:490
Water Veil Buff: Grants the Pokemon immunity to Fire-Type moves and it's ally resistance to Fire-Type moves + burn immunity
New Moves: Quiver Dance, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Dazzling Gleam, Hurricane, Shadow Ball

New Stats: 83/80/75/105/70/121/BST:534
New Abilities: No Guard/Charisma/(HA)Gale Wings
Charisma: Initmidate, but lowers the opponent's Special Attack by one stage
Gale Wings Buff: Gale Wings now activates if the Pokemon is at half HP or more
New Moves: Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Scorching Sands, Dazzling Gleam, Thunder Wave, Swords Dance

New Ability: Storm Strike
Storm Strike: 1.5x Attack and Special Attack in Rain
Most of those moves make no fucking sense.

You can't just throw random moves onto a Pokemon, they have to make sense for the Pokemon's anatomy or theme
Had to give these Pokemon more coverage
Dragonite is already good lol

Lumineon def needs a buff
>Dragonite is already good lol
I know. Just wanted to give it another ability. It probably wouldn't even be used that much over Multiscale, desu
File: 699Aurorus.png (1023 KB, 1280x1280)
1023 KB
1023 KB PNG
123 -> 103 (-20)
77 -> 47 (-30)
72 -> 82 (+10)
99 -> 129 (+30)
58 -> 68 (+10)

BST stays the same at 521.

New moves: Moonblast^, Power Gem, Howl*, Rage*.
New ability: Filter (so now it can have Refrigerate, Filter, and Snow Warning (as HA)

Other: Aurorus gets a signature move called "Ice Wall"** that functions just like Obstruct and King's Shield but lowers speed by two stages on physical contact.

*Flavor moves to reflect on Aurorus's various dex entries.
**This is to reflect on its Y and Alpha Sapphire dex entries saying that Aurorus uses its crystals to create a wall of ice to protect itself from attacks.
^A bit of a stretch but the Aurora Borealis (which is incorporated into Aurorus's design via the sails) can easily be seen at night.

Morimoto better know how to cope and reposting due to a typo in the stats.
>Morimoto better know how to cope
He'll be coping with your grievances on a Turkish knitting forum that he'll never read just fine.
The coping thing was a joke you dip.
File: slaking.jpg (52 KB, 533x377)
52 KB
>gets huge power
>Slaking is now a rabbit
What kind of rabbit is Mawile
She isnt, she just shares similar traits to rabbits like how often she breeds
Mega Mawile looks like a rabbit
For Aurorus to become any good, you would need to make Ice (and possibly also Rock) a much better defensive type
File: Rapidash_BW.gif (364 KB, 450x450)
364 KB
364 KB GIF
Here's some more buffs:

New Stats: 65/115/70/60/80/129/BST:519
New Abilities: Flame Body/Moxie/(HA)Rapid Ash
Rapid Ash: Fire-Type moves gain +1 priority, if the Pokemon is at half HP or more
New Moves: Jump Kick, Drill Peck, Swords Dance, Slack Off

New Stats: 107/165/70/40/60/78/BST:520
New Abilities: Mold Breaker/Rock Head/(HA)Sheer Force
New Moves: Accelerock

New Stats: 60/70/85/110/85/115/BST:525
New Abilities: Natural Cure/Analytic/(HA)Regenerator

New Stats: 80/100/70/105/80/110/BST:545
New Abilities: Levitate/Tinted Lens/(HA)Sand Stream
Levitate Buff: In addition to granting Ground-immunity to the Pokemon, this ability also grants the Pokemon resistance to Fighting
>you would need to make Ice (and possibly also Rock) a much better defensive type
Step one would be replacing Morimoto.
New ability: Alt-Write
Gain +1 to defense, special attack, special defense, and speed for each ally Unown that is unfainted on switch in.
File: 1559849190458.jpg (9 KB, 256x256)
9 KB
>Ability Changes
Meganium (Either Leaf Guard is buffed so that it protects allies as well, or just change its hidden ability to Triage)

>Stat Changes (so that they all have 535 BST, though for these to happen all starters would have to have some stats added as well except for Swampert)
Meganium: +10 HP
Typhlosion: +1 Speed
Feraligatr: +5 Attack

>Movepool Additions
Stun Spore
Sleep Powder
Rage Powder
Helping Hand
Strength Sap
Calm Mind
Pollen Puff
Body Press
Dragon Pulse
Weather Ball
Rock Slide
Terrain Pulse
Life Dew
Breaking Swipe
Flower Shield
Draining Kiss
Mirror Coat (Knows Counter and the Screens)
Meteor Beam (It's a Dinosaur)

Earth Power
Scorching Sands
Ancient Power
Stealth Rock
Morning Sun
Hone Claws
Swords Dance
Nasty Plot
Extreme Speed
Hyper Voice
Boomburst (Called Sound Wave Explosion)
Electro-Ball (It already gets Rollout and Gyro Ball, at least give a Special Ball move).

Flip Turn
Close Combat
Psychic Fangs
Scale Shot
Jaw Lock
Beat Up
Thunder Fang (Alligator Clamps are a thing)
File: fun badger time.gif (272 KB, 172x172)
272 KB
272 KB GIF
Here's how I would improve the Gen 2 starters:

New Stats: 102/65/105/83/120/60/BST:535
New Abilities: Grassy Terrain/Triage/(HA)Overgrow
New Moves: Draining Kiss, Dazzling Gleam, Psychic, Earth Power, Body Press, Dragon Pulse, Calm Mind, Brain Drain

New Stats: 78/70/85/110/78/114/BST:535
New Abilities: Volt Absorb/Solar Power/(HA)Blaze
New Moves: Earth Power, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Dark Pulse,Nasty
Plot, Sludge Wave, Sludge Bomb

New Stats: 85/115/105/59/83/88/BST:535
New Abilities: Sheer Force/Water Veil/(HA)Torrent
Water Veil Buff: Grants immunity to Fire-Type moves for the Pokemon with this ability. Grants resistance to Fire-Type moves for the Pokemon's ally
New Moves: Stone Edge, Psychic Fangs
File: clink lang.gif (342 KB, 490x410)
342 KB
342 KB GIF
I've just thought of this:

New Stats: 60/110/120/65/85/90/BST:530
New Abilities: Clear Body/Levitate/(HA)Industrialize
Industrialize: Normal-Type moves become Steel-Type + 1.2x base power
New Moves: Body Press, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Earthquake
Move Buffs: Wild Charge now 120 base power (Volt Tackle is 150, to compensate). Gear Grind's accuracy is now 95%

Either that, or Klinklang could be reworked into being a special attacker
Disturbing gif
Do the stats raise sharply if the trainer has a Q?
Only if their name is "Anon"
What's disturbing about it? It's just two badgers having fun together
buu mmp
File: bear dick.gif (15 KB, 100x100)
15 KB
Bear Buffs:

New Move (applies to all three): Hibernate
Maxes Defense and Special Defense, but the move is only usable while the Pokemon is asleep

New Stats: 90/130/75/45/75/85/BST:500
New Abilities: Tough Claws/Quick Feet/(HA)Guts
New Moves: Slack Off

New Stats: 95/130/85/50/80/75/BST:515
New Abilities: Tough Claws/Slush Rush/(HA)Swift Swim
New Moves: Ice Shard, Iron Head, Zen Headbutt

New Stats: 100/134/88/39/71/78/BST:510
New Abilities: Iron Fist/Mold Breaker/(HA)Sap Sipper
Iron Fist Buff: Damage boost is now 1.5x, instead of 1.2x
New Moves: Mach Punch, Seed Bomb, Slack Off
I should specify, Hibernate is a Normal-Type status move with 5 PP (max 8)
Why is Typhlosion suddenly absorbing electricity and shooting out thunderbolts?
Because it's a volcano
That's easy, make some moves and abilities that reverses type matchups for temporary inverse battles.
>no, don't buff all bulky, slow ice-types. Only buff this specific one!
Floatzel is literally just its version from Radical Red but without the Atk drop
Technician as a HA, learns Fake Out and Surging Strikes
What's Floatzel like in RR?
Only learns Surging Strikes at Level 80 so its a super lategame mon
That being said Technician Fake Out, Surging Strikes, Aqua Jet and Flip Turn shreds opponents
You do realize that what he posted wouldn't buff only Aurorus, right?
Make Ice no longer weak to Fighting and Steel. Make Rock no longer weak to Water.
So, just same stats, but with improved abilities + movepool?
Ice needs more resistances, not less weaknesses
Dragon, Fairy, Ground, Flying
File: 1559246061703.png (97 KB, 264x272)
97 KB
Lizards avoid cold places, and dragons are usually depicted as reptilian.
Your dick is tiny
Dragon is already weak to Ice + is immuned by Fairy. It doesn't need another offensive nerf
Well too bad because Ice needs to be buffed.
Make Ice resist Flying
Already suggested that >>47352009
Make it resist Water or Grass, instead of Dragon
Grass is does;t need to be nerfed, Maybe Water could work, though it isn't really an offensive type anyways.
There are a ton of moves on Normal types that don't make sense. How the hell does Persian use Seed Bomb and Thunder?
Gen 1 Pokémon had large movepools.
>Maybe Water could work
Seeing as to how icebergs float, yes.
Some UU/UUBL Buffs:

New Abilities: Pressure/Pickpocket/(HA)Technician
Knock Off Nerf: Base power decreased to 45

New Moves: Agility, Play Rough, Superpower

New Abilities: Speed Boost/Reckless/(HA)Blaze
Reckless Buff: Reckless damage boost now also applies to moves which lower the Pokemon's stats upon use (Draco Meteor, Hammer Arm, ect)
New Moves: Roost

New Stats: 105/140/105/45/65/45/BST:505
New Abilities: Guts/Own Tempo/(HA)Sheer Force
Gen 1 is over
No, they are fine. Fuck off competitivefag stop claiming that ruining things is repairing them. Go rebalance yourself with a rope.
t. Morimoto

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