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Improve a Pokémon with stat redistributions

Typhlosion Original Stats:
HP - 78
Atk - 84
Def - 78
SpA - 109
SpD - 85
Spe - 100
BST - 534

Typhlosion New Stats:
HP - 71
Atk - 75
Def - 73
SpA - 116
SpD - 70
Spe - 120
BST - 534
You don't seem to understand why Typhlosion fucking sucks, anon. The reason it's shit isn't because it lacks speed and power, it's because it's a special attacker and it's special movepool is fucking pathetic. If you really wanted to fix it by only adjusting stats, you'd make it a physical attacker since his physical movepool is actually fairly solid.
I don't think you actually care about a thread for redistributing Pokémon stats. I think you're the same obsessed Typhlosion stan with a victim complex who constantly posts buff ideas in every possible thread or cries about Charizard because the two have the same stats but Charizard is better in battle and more liked by fans. And I think you aren't going to read any other ideas that will be posted in this thread (if any.) I think it was just an excuse to post and talk about Typhlosion more.
The best way to fix Typhlosion is by deleting Charizard and giving it Zard's movepool and Solar Power
I know it really needs a movepool buff on the special side, but the thread is for atleast improving a mon with stat distributions. These stats along with a much better special movepool would probably help it a lot.

(Improved) Typhlosion @ Charcoal / Life Orb / Choice Specs
Ability: Flash Fire
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Eruption
- Schorching Sands / Earth Power
- Thunderbolt (I know, cliché)
- Flamethrower / Fire Blast / Energy Ball (A move widely distributed among pretty much everything, Typhlosion produces energy because living volcano, covers the water/ground types, ground types and rock types).
This. Typhlosion doesn't need a stat change, Just give it a goddamn movepool. Even just Earth Power and Ancient Power would make it a respectable Pokémon. Even giving it Hone Claws could let it use Focus and a Physical move to surprise opponents instead of having to rely entirely on Basic Bitch KRAKATOA!!!!. It doesn't need even need to be minimaxed, it doesn't even need to be OU, it just needs to e an actual Pokemon instead of a punchline for Zardfags to dab on.
But it does lack speed and power, though
But this thread isn't about fixing movepools, it's about improving a Pokemon by stats alone. With your proposed change Typhlosion is still worthless. To fix it with stats you'd need to min/max for physical attack and speed, not special.
Mate, I just used Typhlosion because it’s a popular mon for discussions about buffing things, and I also like the mon too. Nothing against the fire dragon at all. I don’t spam the board with the same “Haha charizarderino, fat fire dragon bad please laugh” threads or find them funny, either.
Ok thanks bro
>. Nothing against the fire dragon at all.

Based, I too am a Typhlobro and I have no issue with Charizard as a Pokemon. It's justannoying that Game Freak goes out of its way to make Typhlosion have no idenety other than "worse Charizard". There is nothing wrong with Typhlosion's stats, the problem is its shit movepool. Flash Fire Eruption is amazing, but its the only thing this mon can fucking do, while Charizard gets everything just for existing.
File: 406474.jpg (8 KB, 192x192)
8 KB

no you fucking retards, all you need to do to make the yellow human usable is swap its attacking stats, seriously its simple as that

typhlosion's STELLAR special movepool includes greatest hits such as:

>eruption, a move rendered useless by taking damage, if you want fire stab go for fire blast, and even it its 110 bp and 85 accuracy
>diaper beam lol
>focus MISS
>solar beam, which either cucks your item slot with a power herb, or makes you rely heavily on sun
>extrasensory, random psychic coverage
>mud slap, i dont even have a witty comment for this move

wherea's its physical movepool includes, ehem

>flare blitz right from the get go, stronger than fire blast and doesnt miss
>double-edge is a better hyper beam in case you are desperate for normal coverage somehow
>low kick, trannytar, stakataka, aggron, snorlax? all btfo
>fucking earthquake
>iron tail, in case you want to hit fairies i guess
>wild charge, gyarados btfo
>throat chop, alakazamama btfo
>brick break in case you are too much of a chicken to run low kick
>fire punch/thunder punch, in case you dont want recoil from flare blitz/wild charge
>rock slide, volcarona eternally btfo
>stomping tantrum in case you have mental disabilities and dont want to run eq
>shadow claw, random ghost coverage in case you dont want throat chop
>aerial ace, random flying move
>bulldoze/rock tomb for speed control
>flame charge, does damage and boosts your speed
>power-up punch, does damage and boosts your attack
>quick attack, gotta go fast
>fury cuter, for dank memes
What the hell I'll bite.
Typhloson should absolutely not have its Atk and SpA swapped. Let's say we actually did that, now it has 84 SpA (meaning it loses Eruption the omly unique move it has), and has 109 Atk which is absolutely pathetic (remember Intimidate, Contact, Rocky Helmet, and all sorts of other shit Physical attackers have to deal with).

The real solution is to just give it Earth Power, Ancient Power, (like every other special attaching volcano mon), Hyper Voice, and (here's the key) Set up and Utility moves.

It's a volcano right, give it Stealth Rocks, now it's an offensive lead that can spam Eruption the set up rocks when its health is low.
It's a badger, give it Hone Claws to boost its accuracy on switches then either use Focus Blast or even dip into that physical movepool.
Hell, just give it Swords Dance like Charizard from KANTO to surprise people expecting another episode of the Typhlosion Eruption Show.
Give it Snarl, now it can be either use Throat Spray and provide some support in Doubles.
Give it Agility so it can fully invest in Special Attack
Give it Morning Sun so it can recover and use Eruption more than once.

It's not that hard. Typhlosion just needs some moves, (special coverage AND utility so it can adapt to the meta game). If Charizarderino can dominate VGC with its stats, so can Typhlosion; it just needs a fucking movepool.
File: 400.png (179 KB, 400x300)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
I'll start the stop the Typhlosionfagging

New Stats: 95/130/80/50/80/80/BST:515
You added an extra 10 to it’s BST, remove 10 from SpA and that should be good.
File: 1561844044806.jpg (87 KB, 1440x1440)
87 KB
t. pic related
You put so much effort into such a stupid idea.
>Typhlosion just needs some moves
You literally asked for fucking SIX moves dude. They would be much better off just retooling its stats towards physical attacking instead of being a LITERAL carbon copy of Charizard's.
ITT: typhlosion lives in zard's shadow, so let's give it more moves zard already has so it can continue to be a worse zard
Grimmsnarl original stats:
HP: 95
Atk: 120
Def: 65
SpA: 95
SpD: 75
Spe: 60

New stats:
HP: 95
Atk: 120
Def: 90
SpA: 60
SpD: 80
Spe: 65

There, I made it so Grimmsnarl can do more than just Prankster shenanigans but is also better at that role. This fucker has no business having as many points in SpA as it does, literally nobody runs special attacks on Grimmsnarl. For fucks sake it's dex entries even list it as the "Bulk Up" Pokemon and talk about it punching Machamp's lights out.
it's meant to mirror hatterene, dummy.
It’s most used signature move is also physical, too. I agree that the special attack is completely unnecessary, def needs more bulk to make it a better bulk-up user.
Proof? Both of their dex entries don’t mention eachother at all and their stats don’t show that obvious of a connection at all.
>it's meant to mirror hatterene
Have you fucking looked at Hatterene's stats, anon? They aren't mirrored fucking at all. Also the fact that Hatterene's entire line isn't psychic/fairy says you're wrong.
>next to eachother in the dex
>both secondary fairy type
>both have the same evolution levels
>both have the same BST
>both have obvious hair themes
>both have a lot of points in the attacking stat they don't use
>both locked to a single gender
>>both secondary fairy type
Hatenna and Hattrem aren't fairy type and Impidimp/Morgrem are so you're wrong, sorry. Nice headcanon though.
>hatterene and grimmsnarl being counterparts is now headcanon
are there no depths /vp/ won't sink to in a desperate attempt to save face?
It literally is headcanon. Their dex entries make zero reference to each other and neither one is version exclusive. Not to mention the fact that their typings aren't a consistent mirror. This is 100% headcanon.
Mate this is just as retarded as the Electabuzz/Magmar/Jynx theory, calm down a little.
you just went
and proved me right
how is it stupid?
To everyone splurging out in giving it special coverage, all it needs in the special department is Earth Power, Scorching Sands, Energy Ball, Ancient Power and maybe Thunderbolt if you’re stretching along with Steam Eruption (which should be given to every Volcano mon). Also, Stealth Rock and Morning Sun would be a nice touch along with Belly Drum because pretty much every badger mon gets it, too.
I don't remember giving it Draco Meteor or Thunderbolt
you retards need to give it something zard doesn't have, not more shit zard already has
zard is fucking PU and you still want typhlosion to be a lesser version of it
what the fuck
Quit being fucking retarded. Typhlosion is never getting all this shit. The best you can hope for is Gamefreak giving it a mega that's able to be a physical attacker some day.
Small IQ fanbase please understand
We know Game Freak couldn’t care any less about this board’s wants, but it would be a nice touch for it’s volcano theming. If Heatran, Volcanion and Camerupt get moves related to their volcano theming, then the literal Volcano Pokemon getting them would make sense, too.
File: 1555037449264.jpg (518 KB, 750x1109)
518 KB
518 KB JPG
>The best you can hope for is Gamefreak giving it a mega that's able to be a physical attacker some day
gets eruption
gets eruption
not a volcano
Special-oriented fast Fire-Rock sweeper, take it or leave it.
weedle used aqua jet
Weedle can't learn Aqua Jet, you gigger nigga
caterpie used accelerock
I said volcano theming, anon. Volcanion has “volcan” in it’s name and has “Steam Eruption” as it’s signature move. My point still stands.
Things that Zard does not have that were mentioned on this thread so far
Earth Power
Hyper Voice
Stealth Rock
Morning Sun
Hone Claws
Energy Ball

Things that Zard already gets mentioned here
Scorching Sands
Ancient Power
Belly Drum
Swords Dance
>wurmple used mach punch
it has STEAM eruption because it's NOT a volcano, it's a fucking GEYSER.
Fuck yourselves, and fuck your retarded moms
>scatterbug used vacuum wave!
>earth power
solar power scorching sands is stronger
>hyper voice
literally 100% useless
zard has DD which is better
>morning sun
zard has roost
>hone claws
zard has this, retard
>energy ball
worse than solarbeam as you're not using either of these shitmons outside of sun anyway
as if the retarded badger would ever get this, might as well say gamefreak should give it sketch
>literally 100% useless
Play the game
it's useless in singles and there is zero chance typhlosion will ever be doubles relevant when zard exists
even if it was good, incineroar has the fire type with snarl niche filled and isn't going anywhere
File: image-asset.jpg (384 KB, 1500x900)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
Pic related. Just swap Sp. Attack with Defense.
this is gonna be dumb, but
all his stats are 60, for the stupid reason that his base stats add up to 360, which makes a perfect circle. This could be made a bit more interesting by adding the golden ratio on top of that
since the 360 already makes a circle, we can start higher than just 1, the most balanced choice being at 8, then 13, 21, and 34
this adds 110 to spinda's stats making his new BST 470, on par with other single-evo mons. Still a frail mixed attacker, but 93 speed beats a considerable chunk of pokemon, and makes a contrary spinda a bit more viable, even if the attack and defense are still lacking. And the added buffs to SpA make it's special moves a bit more viable.
Can't think of much moveswise, but i'd imagine something like Leaf Storm would be beneficial to aforementioned contrary build
>>Redistribute stats
>Buffs every stat
File: 1567223936237.png (156 KB, 500x500)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
disregard me, then
Typhlosion has Flash Fire, Eruption and Lava Plume, which are all actually decent in doubles. Typhlosion just needs more stuff to see actual use there.
>Can't think of much moveswise,
How about giving it Superpower back (Why Lame Freak took that away from it, i have no idea).
>this is gonna be dumb, but
You're right it is dumb.
>flash fire lava plume
the point of things like this (lightningrod discharge, storm drain surf, etc) is to have them on seperate mons, so that you can actually take advantage of the interaction. typhlosion cannot do this.
*laughs in fake out*
File: 748939.gif (3.45 MB, 480x345)
3.45 MB
3.45 MB GIF
they took it away?
No, they didn't.
No, they didn't retard.
Superpower Spinda was ONLY in the Dream World for Gen V, Spinda has no other way of getting it and event moves from previous gens are banned.
Original stats:
HP - 140
Attack - 70
Defense - 45
Special Attack - 85
Special Defense - 50
Speed - 45

New Stats
HP - 130
Attack - 20
Defense - 90
Special Attack - 90
Special Defense - 80
Speed - 25

give her cosmic power you cowards
This, this and >>46783986 are the right way to do distributions
No they aren't. They cuck Grimmisnarl out of his mixed-attacking capabilities, and makes Wigglytuff slow as balls
File: gla.jpg (31 KB, 394x512)
31 KB
>minmaxing good
And Boomburst, it's a balloon that sings.
>They cuck Grimmisnarl out of his mixed-attacking capabilities
Literally fucking NOBODY runs special attacks on Grimmsnarl you stupid fucking faggot. Why the fuck would you bother? He has access to the best physical fairy move in the god damn game and Sucker Punch.
>That grimmsnarl
Yeah tossing a random 5 points into SpD and speed sure is minmaxed!
>wigglytuff has a gigantic special movepool and thus physical attack serves no purpose
>tuff was already slow to begin with
ok babe
>and makes Wigglytuff slow as balls
Blastoise Original Stats:
HP - 79
Atk - 83
Def - 100
SpA - 85
SpD - 105
Spe - 78
BST - 530

Blastoise New Stats:
HP - 89
Atk - 83
Def - 100
SpA - 115
SpD - 85
Spe - 58
BST - 530

This thing having 78 speed is a fucking waste, and it desperately needs offensive power of any kind
Minmax is cancer and your argument is shit.
>cucking the shell smash set for no reason
awesome, now every fucking scarfer outspeeds it.
aight fine, remove 10 points from anywhere but it's special attack and put them into speed.
was i supposed to give it 100 base speed you fucking moron? theres no purpose of it having any whatsoever, its a tank dumbass
Why the fuck did they make a tank turtle so fast to begin with?
The point of this thread is to improve Pokemon a little with some redistribution of stats, who gives a shit if something is minmaxed?
we needed to make starter stats balanced, please understand

>Draining Kiss
>Fire Blast
>Assault Vest
>252 Hp / 200 SpDef / 56 Sp Attack
holy based
File: 600px-192Sunflora.png (199 KB, 600x600)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
75/75/55/105/85/30 > 75/30/75/105/85/55
no number changes, just swapping stats around
gives it enough speed that chlorophyll sets aren't such a meme
also, the speed boost makes the solar power wallbreaker set significantly less shit
Who the fuck runs special attacks on GRIMMSNARL?
Based gigachads, that's who
>Making Sunflora better
>Even worse usable special movepool than Typhlosion
I don't think you know what minmaxing is. I didn't cut Grimmsnarl's SPA down to fucking 20. Besides it literally has no use for special attacks at all. Both of its signature moves are physical ones too, why the fuck does it need 95 SpA?
Anon if you're running special attacks on grimmsnarl you need your brain checked. There is literally zero reason to run any special attacks on Grimmsnarl when his physical movepool has:
>Spirit Break
>Sucker Punch
>Drain Punch
>Leech Life
>Darkest Lariat
>Power Whip
>Stomping Tantrum
>Body Press
>Fire, Thunder, AND Ice Punch
While meanwhile his special movepool only has:
>Focus Miss
>Dark Pulse
>Draining Kiss
>Dazzling Gleam
>Fucking Burning Jealousy I guess
Like if this isn't bait I think you are genuinely retarded.
More like absolute fucking retards. See: >>46785075
If you wanna be predictable as shit, I guess you could run purely Physical Grimmisnarl
Mother fucker what is there to surprise them with? It has no benefits to its special movepool. Every special attack it can use has a better physical counterpart. Not to mention unboosted 95 base SpA isn't going to fucking OHKO anything relevant so what the flying fuck are you gaining here?
yeah dude you can run life orb burning jealousy so you can beat skarm and nothing else
oh wait you can just taunt the fucker and win anyway
Because REEEE Venusaur and Charizard are fast I should be too!
>we needed to make starter stats balanced
Except for Shillderace because, SMALL INDE COMPANY
Even Venusaur shouldn't be fast
some mons that I feel that need a better stat distribution
HP - 75 >>> 80
Atk - 100
Def - 110 >>> 120
SpA - 45 >>> 25
SpD - 55 >>> 40
Spe - 65 >>> 85
HP - 75 >>> 70
Atk - 100 >>> 120
Def - 120 >>> 100
SpA - 25
SpD - 65 >>> 40
Spe - 65 >>> 95
HP - 61
Atk - 90 >>> 115
Def - 45 >>> 40
SpA - 50 >>> 40
SpD - 50 >>> 40
Spe - 160
>Banette (Mega Banette)
HP - 64 >>> 100 (100)
Atk - 115 (165)
Def - 65 >>> 80 (100)
SpA - 83 >>> 50 (60)
SpD - 63 >>> 80 (100)
Spe - 65 >>> 30 (30)
HP - 71 >>> 70
Atk - 95 >>> 80
Def - 85 >>> 80
SpA - 110
SpD - 95
Spe - 79 >>> 100
HP - 45 >>> 75
Atk - 100 >>> 90
Def - 135
SpA - 65 >>> 60
SpD - 135
Spe - 45 >>> 30
-19 Satk + 19Spe
its still miles better than fucking eruption and solar beam


>low kick
>wild charge
>throat chop
>rock slide
>60 bp
spotted the FUCKING RETARD, go kill yourself faggot
Specs eruption in the sun instantly deletes everything that those shitty moves barely 2HKO. Kys dumbass faggot
>all pokemon stats must end in a 0 or a 5
scarf eruption faggot
File: Stolen_Soul.gif (422 KB, 1020x660)
422 KB
422 KB GIF
>Total 236
>HP: 1
>Attack: 136
>Defense: 1
>Special Attack: 97
>Special Defense: 1
>Speed: 100
The only right answer.
Bulky waters, most common type in the game
Dragon types
Rock types
Flash fire
Thick fat
Any priority move
Another scared outspeeding

Eruption is amazing and I’ve used it on an all out offensive Sun team in Doubles since it’s actually possible to activate Flash Fire, but Typhlosion needs options. Why the fuck does a flying lizard get ground coverage before a volcanic badger? Why doesn’t Typhlosion have a movepool? Why does Lame Freak claim to care aBout all Pokémon but create Typhlosion solely to be mogged by Shillzard? Whyyyy?
nuff said
HP - 420
Atk - 69
Def - 0
SpA - 999
SpD - 999
Spe - 999
BST - 999

Don’t give Lame Freak ideas.
File: dewgong.jpg (25 KB, 360x358)
25 KB
Ok I'll try my best.
HP: 90
Attack: 70
Defense: 80
Sp. Attack: 70
Sp. Defense: 95
Speed: 70
BST: 475

Attack: 30
Sp. Attack: 95
Sp. Defense:100
Speed: 40

Idk maybe this Is somewhat usable in a lower tier. Dewgong doesn't give me much to work with. I like it tho
>making dewgong slow as shit
Dunsparce Original Stats:
HP - 100
Atk - 70
Def - 70
SpA - 65
SpD - 65
Spe - 45

Dunsparce New Stats:
HP - 100
Atk - 70
Def - 65
SpA - 70
SpD - 45
Spe - 65
How does this improve Dunsparce?
File: 600px-466Electivire.png (211 KB, 600x600)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
HP - 75
Attack - 123
Defense - 67
Sp. Attack - 95
Sp. Defense - 85
Speed - 95

HP - 75
Attack - 123
Defense - 67
Sp. Attack - 95
Sp. Defense - 95
Speed - 95

Give em the same love that Gamefreak showed Staraptor
Krookodile's old stats:
HP: 95
Atk: 117
Def: 80
S. Atk: 65
S. Def: 70
Spd: 92
BST: 519

Krookodile's new stats:
HP: 95
Atk: 127
Def: 72
S. Atk: 40
S. Def: 63
Spd: 122
BST: 519

Give him back Power-Up Punch and he'll be a bad boy
File: Spoiler Image (836 KB, 1280x1280)
836 KB
836 KB PNG
HP - 200
ATK - 90
DEF - 90
SPATK - 30
SPDEF - 90
>122 Speed
No, and die
>le ebin dick nosed moxie sweeper
I think that might actually be worse.
122 Speed is unfitting
This is minmaxed as fuck, kys
File: rampardos.png (64 KB, 1288x402)
64 KB
Tried to buff Rampardos without turning it into a glass cannon.

If Legends decides to make a variant of Typhlosion that’s more physical and able to use his move set, that would be pretty great
them why isnt typhlosion good?
oh thats right because eruption is a shit inconsistent move that gets weaker the more you take damage, only has 8 pp and its even more cucked by stealth rocks

god you are such a fucking retard kill yourself
>special typhlosion locked into specs eruption
>go heatran/vaporeon
>gets fucking btfo

>chad physical LO typhlosion
>go heatran/vaporeon
>proceeds to not be an useless yellow human and ohkos heatranny with eq/vaporeon with wild charge

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