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File: 25region.png (819 KB, 1200x1200)
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Here's the leaks that I totally didn't just make up:

After promoting one generation per month (March=Galar ... October=Kanto), November will see the release of a 25th anniversary game as the final part of Generation 8, a main game set in a new region, which feels like a mash-up of homages to places from all 8 existing regions.

The 260 Pokémon still missing in SwSh return (to SwSh via free update as well), as the nationaldex is back (which gets marketed as a special ocassion).

Additionally, the game features new alternate forms (some with new evolutions) for a dozen or so existing Pokémon, similar to the extent of Galarian forms featured in SwSh.

Similar to the Pasio region in Masters, many familiar characters from all generations make appearances, but the main part of the game would still mostly resemble a traditional main game adventure, albeit one with its own twists on the formula, not unlike the Alola games.

The region consists of 8 connected wild areas, with minor towns, dungeons, wild Pkmn and trainers; all together surrounding a central city that can be best described as the PWT from BW2 crossed with the Battle Frontier concept, but expanded to be a city of similar scope as Lumiose City from XY.

The main attraction of the region is a tournament in which champions, protagonists and generally the strongest trainers from all regions come together to participate and battle each other in the biggest tournament in the world.

The game features a new variant of the Dynamax/Gigantamax-phenomenon, one that's exclusive to restricted legendaries, giving them unique new forms, and unlocking competitively game-changing moves for each of them.

A key part of the plot is that the player (indirectly) chooses a restricted legendary that they pursue, eventually unlocking the new Dynamax-variant mechanic with it, before entering the big tournament of protagonists, each of them using a restricted legendary themselves.
Oddly specific to be fake. News flash:It’s fake
>25 starters
>25 legendaries

math checks out
fake as shit but hey
File: based.png (407 KB, 687x588)
407 KB
407 KB PNG
>reverse image search

b.bros... wolfe is based for leaking
the sad thing is, people would probably still be pissed at no dp remakes
That's true...never realized that before.
only works when counting the split forms separately but ignoring the weak forms and pre-evolutions tho
Why did you have to show both Kyurem and Necrozma forms? If you had only put the base forms, you would be able to put Urshifu in the image and still have 25 Pokémon.
Too good to be true...
Urshitfu isn’t a restricted legendary.
Use Yandex, their search results are infinitely better.
Neither is Rayquaza, Zygarde, Mewtwo and Giratina
Uhmm, yes they are??

I thought it'd be weird if it was only one of the 2 forms for those since all of them are pretty much polar opposites, and using their weaker forms instead would make them look... well weaker, and then it would also raise the question of whether it made sense to include Cosmog and Cosmoem as well (who are actual restricted legendaries btw, unlike Urshifu, who is simply a sub-legendary)

I actually didn't even realize it ended up being 25 of them until I counted them to figure out how to place them in a circle evenly spread around.
> Hop shows up with his Zacian even outside of Galar now
File: 25region.png (1.01 MB, 1200x1200)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
(Moved things around a bit)

Imagine you get to travel through 3 of the 8 region-inspired wild areas as the main part of your adventure, obtaining one starter in each, as well as being able to pursue, challenge and catch one of the legendaries.
(the other 5 wild areas would still all be available with Lv60 at post-game or something).

What's your adventure?

1. Unova-area: Snivy
2. Sinnoh-area: Piplup
3. Alola-area: Litten
Legendary: Yveltal
Super Kino Incoming Bros
File: 1613873701785.png (329 KB, 488x484)
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329 KB PNG
Love it, sadly a fanfic.

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