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What should the roster of a pokemon musou look like?
Hardmore: each character has to represent one of the 18 types.
any pokemon would do because musous are 100% fanfiction
Bidoof lol
I want Kanto Raichu but they'd put five different versions of Pikachu in there first probably.
I don't see how a musou would work in the universe of the main series. Under what context would you be fighting giant armies of Pokemon? Now, I could MAYBE see it working in the Mystery Dungeon universe.
Fire rep is Charizard from KANTOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
Electric - Pikachu, obviously
Water - Suicune
Fire - Charizard, obviously
Grass - Rillaboom
Dragon - Take your pick, almost any
Steel - Steelix
Psychic - This would be the weird random pick, so probably something like Orbeetle
Bug - Beedrill and/or Butterfree if not them Scyther
Ground - Flygon
Rock - Rhydon
Fighting - Machamp or Lucario
Dark - Darkrai/Absol
Normal - Snorlax
Fairy - Xerneas or Sylveon
Flying - Hawlucha
Ice - Mamoswine/Wevilve
Poison - Toxtricity
Psychic - Mewtwo
>Under what context would you be fighting giant armies of Pokemon?
Pokemon War
realized I put psychic twice and excluded Ghost
Psychic still stands, they'd probably put Either Mewtwo or some silly shit, but for Ghost they'd put like Alolan Marrowak, Gengar, or maybe Aegislash
I guess, but would GF allow that considering the rather grim ending of that war?
My guesses:
Normal: Eevee (summons evolutions in attack animations) and Snorlax
Grass: Venusaur
Fire: Charizard
Water: Blastoise
Electric: Pikachu
Flying: Pidgeot or Corviknight
Bug: Butterfree, Beedrill, or Orbeetle
Dark: Greninja or Tyranitar
Dragon: Dragonite, Fug as a large character like Ganon or the Guardians
Fairy: Mimikyu
Fighting: Machamp and Lucario
Ghost: Gengar or Aegislash
Ground: Garchomp
Ice: Lapras
Poison: Toxtricity
Psychic: Mewtwo
Rock: Aerodactyl
Probably be more interesting to have each playable character be a trainer that uses various Pokemon for their combos while their ace for their normal strings. They could make the original character/protagonist a customizable trainer with a choice of starter, and the ability to catch Wild Pokemon throughout the game that each have their own moveset. That said, here are some characters to round out the types:

Bug: Burgh/Leavanny
Dark: Piers/Obstagoon
Dragon: Raihan/Duraludon and/or Lance
Electric: Clemont with robots and Heliolisk
Fairy: Mina/Ribombee
Fighting: Korrina/Lucario
Fire: Flannery/Torkoal or Blaziken
Flying: Skyla/Swanna
Ghost: Morty/Gengar
Grass: Mallow/Tsareena
Ground: Clay/Excadrill
Ice: Candice/Froslass
Normal: Whitney/Miltank
Poison: Roxie/Koffing and guitar
Psychic: Tate and Liza/Rocks
Rock: Brock/Onix
Steel: Jasmine/Steelix

Original PC: Pikachu/Eevee

Think I did a decent balance of generations but can't be bothered to go back and check exactly
whoops Water could be either Wallace, Misty, or Nessa depending on which gen needs more rep
Didn't specifically mean the gen 6 war, just a war in general, kinda like Conquest
Electric: Pikachu
Fire: Charizard
Water: Greninja
Grass: Sceptile or Serperior
Normal: Blissey
Dragon: Dragapult
Steel: Metagross
Psychic: Mewtwo
Bug: Scizor
Ground: Krokodile
Rock: Lycanroc
Figthing: Lucario
Dark: Grimmsnarl
Fairy: Sylveon
Flying: Corviknight
Ice: Ninetales
Poison: Naganadel
Ghost: Gengar
who said they're fighting other pokemon and not faceless mooks on the criminal teams?
>Kantonese Muk
that'll be 59.99 + tax + tip, please
This would be 100x better than any realistic roster.
>IMplying GF would allow depictions of Pokemon slaughtering droves of humans.
Steelix DLC
Umbreon DLC
Sylveon DLC

>implying kanto isn't the worst region
C'mon anon, this is a spin off, so it'd actually be done well
Anything that isnt gen 1 or gen 2 is bad anon
Close but no, anything that's Gen 1, 7 or 8 is bad. Everything else is good

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