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Can't you see? There's no reason they should butcher Sinnoh's world design to fit the likes of Alola and Galar.
LGPE was the most open Pokemon has ever been. It's not a bad thing if they focus on polishing Sinnoh with this treatment. Would you really rather have them go against their principles and shove a regional gimmick in the remakes, only to further lock down the game so that you're just walking from checkpoint to checkpoint?

If you ever enjoyed the older Pokemon games. You take the Let's GO/Sleep pill. It's a sad truth, but if you don't give this remake a good reception then GameFreak will only get the idea that gameplay = bad.
I'd argue LGPE were as open as they were MAINLY cause kanto itself was super open compared to other reigons, there was areas where you could very easily skip gyms and have your own adventure, something DP imo suffers at doing as well. It'll probably be cool but in all honesty LGDP won't be open as PE it'll be a retelling of sinnoh's story that needs to happen in a specific way without any messing with
I hope the remakes aren't 3D at all.

They're 2D on the switch
No. This is absolutely retarded, I refuse to go along with what you claim is a slightly better brand of shit. Fuck you, faggot, either this series legitimately improves, or I never buy again.
Fuck you.
Its also not real
There really is no point in browsing this board you people are just desperate to shitpost to laugh at others to project your insecurities to be little bitches about everything
You actually believe a random tweet announced a game what the fuck is wrong with you
Im going to pretend you are just shitposting, which isnt any better as it still means you are a bunch of stupid children that are not worth talking to
Im out of here
Sinnohfag COPE
it all depends on what pokemon are allowed in it, if it's just the sinnoh pokemon, there is no point, I'll just go play platinum, especially if you can't walk around/ride on them and stuff.
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Don't worry. Galarian forms will be included as plus ones just like the original LGPE had.
It's not Kanto. They will put a selection of newer Pokemon in the postgame.
btw OP why are you merging Sleep with LGDP?
Because the purpose of LGPE was actually to drive traffic towards GO, and not the other way around.
They want people to use Sleep along with the Poke Ball Plus +. Perfect excuse to lock Sinnoh's mythical events behind the playwall.
I just realized...how the fuck will the PB ++ actually work as a controller? it literally is a flat thing with a button last time I saw it...I wonder....
It won't be a controller, it's a vitality sensor.
Maybe it'll be used as a touchpad for something.
in before the mining in the underground is using the plus plus as a touch screen
>Painfully easy, Cynthia will have 4-5 Pokemon
>We get the nerfed DP dex and nothing else
>No postgame routes or Battle Frontier
>Remove all branching paths
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That would be a SWSH-style, not a traditional/LG style.
Let's GO would revamp the distribution just as LGPE did, with Galarian forms being supplementary. It's not Kanto autism so no "muh 151."
LGPE also had more postgame than SWSH, and the branching paths were entirely intact. The game was was even more open and explorable than RBY, to boot.

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