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File: 1608799974007.jpg (144 KB, 1061x1500)
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The new annual system has been revealed. I already hate it. It feels more like a new Wondrous Pouch minigame than the next-in-line after SI, furn, and engraving.
Patch notes on the new "Beasts" system.
Beasts in action.
Their stats screen.
And lastly, the new indicator in battle, at the top left.
Wow looks like shit
Pingpongs are fucked up in the head instead of giving good features that are not designed for profit to get even more market they are adding up another system that will require thousands of diamonds just to complete one pet.
File: Capture.png (1.26 MB, 793x840)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
It's exchange day, lads. Let's see those Joans.
I can't believe we got a fucking collaboration with the Witcher
It makes some sense. It's CDPR flagship, and they just finalized the decision to not only make a new game but a new series of games for it. They're looking for advertisement and their interests aligned with AFK Arena's, regardless of who reached out to whom first.

Now the real question: Are Geralt and Ciri going to be rangers or warriors?
It's confirmed to be Geralt and Yen afaik
I would like to see Geralt as warrior and Yen will most likely be a mage since we just got a dimensional support
File: Capture.png (290 KB, 597x426)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
Ah, you're right.
How do I get guaranteed dupes? I'm stuck at Chapter 8 with the enemies now being over level 100. My only one above 100 is Thoran who I have at 120 but now my other 100s are getting their shit kicked in quickly. I've picked up the 3 day trial hero to help me progress but what is the long-term solution, just keep rolling diamonds on the banner with your team on the wishlist and pray you don't get a card for a different faction deck? Seems kinda sucky but it is an idle game. I really want the Stargazer unlock ASAP so I can go for Zikis.
You need a proper wishlist, and then you just pray. Remember not to leave any wishlist slot unused, or the thing just doesn't work. The only hero you need up to chapter 20 is Daimon. After that, Lucretia. Also, as cool as Zikis is, he is absolute and irredeemable shit.
I appreciate not having to go back to the heroes that I have already maxed and can keep focusing on upgrading new heroes, even if the beast look ugly as sin.
Playing this game blind might be the best for awhile, but you do end up in painful situations quickly. I'll give two bits of advice.

>lvl 100
You should only level up 5 fodder heroes first, even if you don't use them. There are two reasons for this. One, fodder heroes are very easy to ascend. It's very easy to get duplicates for them. Second, everything you put below your resonating crystal matches the lvl of the 5 heroes on it. So if you had 5 L+ fodder heroes on the crystal, then all the heroes you do use could go as high as lvl 160 even if they were still only rank E. Finally, fodder heroes max at L+ (lvl 160), but to break that limit you need to feed an L+ fodder to a L+ non-fodder hero, so you were already going to rank some fodder up to L+ regardless. There's no drawback to going that route, and after feeding your leveled-up fodder to an elite-tier hero, you can level that hero to go beyond lvl 160.

>just keep rolling diamonds on the banner with your team on the wishlist and pray you don't get a card for a different faction deck?
Yes, rolling on tavern heroes is the best use of your diamonds. However, you are looking at this wrong. Right now, you only need 1 campaign team. But later (like chapter 30 I think?) on you'll need 2 separate teams, then 3, up to 5 separate teams, ie 25 heroes. You also need heroes for multiple pvp teams, teams for boss hunts, teams for twisted realm, and teams for faction towers.

What I'm getting at is you need a LOT of different heroes over the life of this game. Of course there's a lot of hero overlap between campaign and pvp, faction towers and boss hunts, etc. so those overlap heroes should be your first choices. Just your first 5 heroes of each faction in this wishlist will barely make your first 4faction faction tower teams, so none of the heroes you pick and get should ever feel undesired. You'll need all those and then more.

File: Capture.png (636 KB, 394x783)
636 KB
636 KB PNG

The other anon recommended Daimon for pushing campaign. He's not wrong; Daimon is probably the best low level carry and he's great throughout the whole game. But as you noticed, you can't pin all your hopes on getting dupes of just one hero. RNG doesn't let you. You'll definitely get everything you need in time, and you'll eventually unlock the "Hero Choice Pack," which is a tavern pull that let's you pick out individual heroes, so your elite pulls are only that hero (but you can only get a few each month). HCP is unlocked in the Field of Stars later on, and it's your best way of finishing specific 4faction heroes.

Prior to then, you should look at your wishlist in long terms. Focus on the best carry, tank, and support of each faction. This will be your foundation for your faction tower teams, and whichever ones you get dupes of first will work as your main carry, tank, support in campaign until you get the specific heroes you actually want.

As recommendations
Scarlet carry, Sonya tank, Rowan support
Kren carry, Brutus tank, Skriath support
Raku carry, Mishka tank, Lyca support
Daimon carry, Grezhul tank, Silas support

These are all backbones of their faction towers, and most are used in campaign too. Of course, there's even more you'll want. Saurus, Scarlet, Twins, Raine, Rosaline are the best guild boss hunt team in the game. Eironn is essential to the 5pull campaign team, and Tasi is amazing CC. Most GB heroes are insanely good, and you're going to want Oden and Ferael the moment you finish Daimon.

In short, you should look at your wishlist heroes as an opportunity for the long term. If it's available to you, poke around the Popularity tag and look at top comps for things. Although some heroes require certain investment and combinations to "work," it gives you some long-term goals to build towards for those spare wishlist slots.
File: the call.png (1.17 MB, 900x900)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
I feel like an idiot, but my militia already beat the final boss in abex - am I cucked out of prince? Couldn't find a way to challenge him now that he's dead, and the fights with the minions don't seem to count. Casual (or whatever non-honorable is called) if that makes a difference.
Gotta take down all the minions and it will respawn in 24h
Ah okay, thanks a ton.
Just got Jannu with 12 hours to go. Nailed it.
>event lets me buy zikis and lucretia
>fodder copies to ascend them too
Whoaaaaaaaaa cool
Paywall Arena?
I haven't played it since I hit the paywall.
What are you even paying for bro it's a literal AFK game you're not supposed to play it 24/7
I only touch it like 1 hour a day
because you are a loser, lol, touch grass.
I'd rather touch my favorite hero's crotch thank you very much good sir
thats what a loser does, omg, what a loser.
File: Capture.png (720 KB, 400x790)
720 KB
720 KB PNG
There isn't a paywall in this game. What stage where you on when you thought you hit it? I'm f2p at 42-1, RC 470.
Definitely more likely to touch grass when he plays a game that only has 1h of content per day than playing one with unlimited content
File: Capture.png (408 KB, 391x636)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
I finally hit chapter 42, but instead of finally having maxed AFK rewards, now I have this stupid thing staring me in the face. Am I correct in assuming droprate bonuses continue throughout the whole chapter? I've got to hit 43 to reach the new rewards max? I thought I was finally done with pushing.
do people make multiple accounts to sell them with the limited time collab units?
File: [Jzeo] Mauler Sisters.jpg (289 KB, 2480x1675)
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289 KB JPG
File: 1211439213779.gif (1.4 MB, 300x195)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB GIF
>AFK 2
What the FUCK?
I've got a really good device that can run genshin without stutter but this game is somehow lagging all the time
Don't recommend playing it right now
File: Capture.png (323 KB, 378x809)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
What is this? There's no way I'm in the Top 10 of my server for campaign because I'm f2p. Are there some form of campaign brackets? Some weighed value on how many stages you progressed in a time span?
bros i dont understand this leveling stuff.

I have a L+ Hogan, what do I do with him.
I have 2 elite rowans...

I made a mistake and already legendary+ shemira and L rosaline and some other.

So from now I'm just holding onto everything too scared to ascend.

and holy hell captcha system is bad.
Ascending a bunch of heroes to L is a mistake, but not a mistake in the long term. Over the long term, you'll eventually get everyone up to A. The order you ascend them just helps in the "now."

To explain ascension, there are three types of heroes: fodder, elite, and awakened. Fodder are the heroes that come blue, like Mirael, Niru, and Arden. Elite are the main heroes, which only come in purple pulls, like Hogan and Rowan. Awakened are a new type of hero, and they only come in yellow pulls.

Fodder heroes can only ascend up to L+. Elite and awakened heroes can ascend up to A (aka Ascended). Ascended is further divided into star levels, but don't worry about that.

A hero's ascension level determines their max level. IE, E can level up to 100, E+ to 120, L to 140, L+ to 160, M to 180, M+ to 200, and A to 240. When you get 5 heroes to lvl 240, how you level up changes (for the better), but worry about that later. As you may have already seen, the Resonating Crystal (RC) lets the heroes under it match the lowest level of the 5 heroes on top of it. This level-matching exceeds their ascension level limit, so it's best to make the 5 on top of the crystal your highest ascended heroes.

Ascending heroes requires two types of sacrifices: sacrificing fodder and sacrificing duplicates. Getting duplicates of elite heroes is difficult, but getting duplicates of fodder heroes is very easy. Because heroes under your RC match those on top, it's best to make the 5 heroes you level up on top be fodder heroes, because it's so easy to ascend those to L+ and get the lvl 160 level limit.

Although fodder heroes are stuck at L+, elite heroes at L+ can ascend to M by sacrificing an L+ fodder hero. So once you have L+ elite heroes, you can sacrifice those L+ fodders to make M heroes, also pushing the level limit to 180. That's how you proceed past the L+ barrier.

File: Untitled.png (408 KB, 1170x1074)
408 KB
408 KB PNG

Getting a fodder hero to L+ takes a lot of fodder.
>3 fodder R (blue) to R+
>3 fodder R+ to E
>2 fodder E to E+
>3 fodder E+ to L
>L and E+ fodder to L+
It takes 72 fodder to make a single L+ fodder. As you've noticed, it also takes 2 E+ fodder (18 fodder) to ascend an elite hero to L. Your fodder heroes are your most limiting resource, so it's best not to waste them by spreading them to every hero you can. This is a mistake that slows you in the short term (but again, in the long term it doesn't really matter cause you'll ascend those heroes eventually).

You shouldn't ascend any elite hero past E+ unless you already have 2 E+ copies of that hero ready. That way, you can use fodder to get to L and the second E+ to go straight to L+. Then it only takes fodder to ascend to M (and fodder again later on to get to M+). You should also focus on exactly which heroes you want to ascend to M first, one in each faction, because fodder is so limited. You can do 2 in LB because they get a bit more fodder. Those will be your driving heroes moving you forward. It's better to be careful and make well-thought out decisions when ascending, because it takes so long to correct mistakes like wasted fodder.

Pic related is an example of how using fodder to make 2 elite heroes into L (lvl cap 140) is a waste compared to combining that fodder into an L+ fodder (lvl cap 160, prepared to break into Mythic tier and lvl 180).

In truth, getting Shemira to L+ is a bit lucky for someone in a bad spot. If you can get an L+ graveborn fodder and ascend Shem to M, Shemira can work as a carry for you in campaign. I used Shem from M up to chapter 24, then dimensional-linked Shem to Ainz from ch 24 to where I am now. You want your carry to be at the highest level you can get it, the highest in your team, because they basically solo stages for you while the rest support it, like Brutus delaying enemies from reaching Shem.
>2 E+ fodder (18 fodder)
36* fodder, but you get what I mean.

I have shemira L+ linked with yennefer
daimon L
Rowan Elite +
Rosaline L
Lucius L

some reason I made the snake charmer guy Legendary.

I also got some Alna or some ice warrior celestial today, waiting to put on the resonator and try them out. Read they are good.
File: ascension.png (270 KB, 304x1024)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
i'll slip a more comprehensive ascension graphic here.
thanks for your help

as for the legendary heroes already.. they just 2 factions, I understand now I should have made 5 factions. Is it worth reset in cart and start building 3 other characters. Putting the L of the same faction on the resonance.
Based on the very limited information I have from you, if those are your only ascensions so far, it's honestly not a bad situation.

Ideally, you shouldn't have ascended any of those heroes yet, instead taking the 4 E+ fodder from Rosa/Luci to make an L+ LB fodder, and the 4 E+ fodder from Shem and Daimon to make a L+ GB fodder, and so on. Then you wait until you have 2 E+ copies of a hero, and that's when you're clear to ascend it to L, L+, and M. I know from experience though how at that stage in the game it's hard to resist ascending the heroes you're using, so it's hard to criticize.

As some advice, Shem really is a good carry, but she doesn't actually work as a carry until she's lvl 161, when her ultimate gets that last buff. For now, set that as a goal. For LB, although you already started Rosa and Luci, hold off on LB ascensions until you get an L+ fodder and 2 E+ Rowan copies and get Rowan to M first. Getting Mythic unlocks a hero's Signiture Item (SI), and Rowan's SI is godlike for supporting carries like Shem, who win from ult'ing. Of course, if you get any Rosa or Luci dupes to E+, you can ascend one of them to L+ for your fifth hero, but don't use fodder on them past that until Rowan is M first.

>Is it worth reset in cart
No. Cart can't reset ascensions, only levels. Just work on making the right decisions as you go forward. For now, focus on getting an L+ LB fodder and 2 E+ Rowan copies, get a L+ ML fodder (and ascend whichever ML hero gets 2 E+ copies first. Skriath and Kren are good choices (Thresku isn't great later on, but even he's okay to ascend because he can serve as dimensional-link bait), get a L+ WD fodder, and get a L+ GB fodder to get Shem to M and lvl 161 asap. That's what I would do in your situation.
So easy to mess up had alot of copies of some cards.
File: Capture.png (128 KB, 714x314)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
>4 fodder E+
Perfect. You can make an L+ WD fodder right now. Ascend Ira L, sacrificing Ira and Arden. Then use the 3rd Ira E+ to ascend the L to L+. Then you can level that L+ Ira up on the RC (resetting someone else).

>L Hogan
Not bad. You probably should have waited until you had a spare E+ Hogan ready, so you could shoot him from E+ directly to L+ (or shoot Mirael instead if she got 2 E+ copies first), but you're practically ready here too.

As time goes on, you'll tend to leave heroes at E+ until the moment you're ready for a specific goal. For now, it's
>4 E+ fodder? Make L+ fodder
>2 E+ elites and an L+ fodder? Make M elite
in the future, after lvl 240, you'll only think about heroes in terms of E+ and A.
>4 E+ elites and 10 E+ fodder? Make him A

Speaking as someone who's lvl 471 and in chapter 42, I'm still waiting on fodder to ascend more heroes. Fodder is always your most limiting resource, but fortunately by now I've ascended just about everyone I want ascended.
So the point is, even if I don't use ira and hogan to play with, I can get them to mythic more easily? Or i use the l+ of them later to make say a mythic tasi for example. I've been speeding through the campaign but at chapter 12 I'm struggling a little.

Looking forward to trying this champion out
The point is even if you don't use Ira and Hogan, you won't be limited to only lvl 140 for now, and you will use them to get better heroes to M more easily later on. Level cap can be a bitch. I can still find my old dumbass mistakes in the archives, like https://arch.b4k.co/vmg/thread/65543/#q139792

>Or i use the l+ of them later to make say a mythic tasi for example.
Yeah, you'll sacrifice them to whichever elite hero you want M later on.
Game keeps giving me solise. Do I upgrade her to mythic yet ? Or do I save my l+ fodder for something better. Do I remove her from wishlist ?
>Do I remove her from wishlist ?
Probably the best choice. She can do some work up until lvl 240, but she'll never be used again beyond that. At that point, you can link her to a dimensional though if you want. If you do choose to ascend her, keep her on the wishlist until you get 2 more E+ copies of her (you need 4 E+ copies total to get someone from E+ to A).

Some wilders to consider are
Most important boss-hunting character in the game, especially against Wrizz, as well as all of the Trials of God challenges. You need him at least M with SI30 to work, but the higher the better.
He's essential to 5pull and can technically work at just E, but typically you want him ascended to A with his SI30.
Best wilder tank. Useful at every point in the game, and she gets drastically better with each milestone like SI30, 9/9 furniture, and e60 engraving. She eventually becomes essential in CC comps with Raku and Leonardo da Vinci.
You already have her started, but I'll reaffirm that she's still great. She'll be especially useful for you in campaign for awhile, but loses effectiveness in late game. But she'll always be useful faction tower and some pvp comps.
You can stop at E (for the early haste) or M (for the accuracy from SI). She'll always be used, but doesn't need much investment.
Eventually your #1 faction tower carry, essential in late-game comps with mishka and leo, and has a lot of use in late-game events like cursed realm. Always good to have. Works right out the box, but his SI30 is his calling card.
Used heavily in late-game events like cursed realm and multi-fight pvp. As a new hero, I didn't get to see her in early game, but her toolkit is stupidly strong so she should be amazing for you at any stage.

Pippa and Lorsan can be ignored until late-game. Respen and Oku have some niche uses. Gorvo has 1 very niche use. Kaz and Ulmus are unusable trash until they can get reworked.
what's your thoughts on grezhul? I got a ton of him quite early making him my first ascended but what other gravelords should I focus that can work well with him?
Grezhul is an absolute monster in a faction that is already known for being the strongest. He's so strong there is an end-game team named after him, simply called Alna-Grezhul. However, the watershed moment for him is his 9/9, which combines with his SI 20 to make him do insane dps and self-healing. Grez is used in everything. Campaign, pvp, boss hunts, cursed realm, faction tower, you name it. He's a great hero even before you build Alna to complete the pair.

>what other graveborn should I focus that can work well with him?
The typical backline for Alna-Grez is Oden, Silas, and Ferael. These require significant investment to make "the" Alna-Grez, however. Earlier on, Daimon is fantastic for dps at lower investments. The recent hero Kalene is also a fucking monster, in my opinion even better than Daimon. I'd have loved to have tried her out in the early game to see her progression so I could give more solid advice, but I cannot conceive her being weak even prior to her 9/9. She should work as a carry before lvl 240 and after, and I slide her into my Alna-Grez whenever Oden is needed elsewhere.

Hodgkin works as your other frontline with Grez, if you don't put your carry up front. Alna or Brutus will replace him, but he's used in a lot of non-campaign stuff later on so he's good to build.

Silas is the better support between him and Desira. Both are good to have, but Silas first. Like most graveborn, Silas is good from the start and gets much better with each investment milestone.

Oden is the best late-game carry, but he requires his SI30 and 9/9 to shine. CC, energy drain, and big damage are his hallmarks.

Ferael is a debuffer and synergizes with Oden, as well as some pvp teams.

Treznor, Theowyn, and Fane are pvp mvp's, but for specific comps.

Thoran is the single best hero in the game, but he's very specific. You don't need him until chapter 30 or so.

Kelthur is fine at E for his swap.

Isabelle, Torne, Nara, and Izold can be ignored. They have the rare use in cursed realm, and Izold has his comp, but Izold comp falls off before it takes off and it's a waste of Silas compared to even a budget form of Alna-Grez. I'd save them for last.

Baden is only used for a couple of specific bosses and cursed realm matches. He can also be ignored and used at E+, unless you really care about your rankings there.

Finally, Shemira. She was my own carry from lvl 161 to 240. She does her job well, and was good for her time, but Ainz replaced her and she's never come back to relevance apart from one single boss fight. These days, I'd take Kalene over her for an early carry, but she isn't bad to build because she's REALLY good at that one boss fight and she's also great dimensional-bait because no dim is used in that fight, whereas someone like Kalene isn't good for dims because you'll want to use her everywhere.
File: Capture.png (399 KB, 384x736)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
To expand on Thoran a bit, since I imagine you'd be curious why he's universally considered the best hero, pic related is my current stage, 42-17. Everyone who beat this stage used this exact comp with Thoran. However, it has to be this exact comp, with Pippa having SI20 or higher. Any hero swaps will very likely make it not work at all. But if you do use this comp, no matter what level your heroes are, you will guaranteed beat this stage with enough retries. The only reason I'm "stuck" on this stage is because my team's power is too low and the game doesn't let me fight (requires 96M combat power to attempt, I'm at 93M).

This is what makes Thoran amazing. As long as you know what comp works, usually by checking the victorious formations tab, you are guaranteed to win that fight with enough retries no matter what level you are. The only thing that can hold you back is the combat power requirement cockblocking you. That, and sometimes it takes A LOT of retries. Hundreds, sometimes.
File: Capture.png (784 KB, 386x852)
784 KB
784 KB PNG
The cockblock message, for posterity.
havent played this in like 2-3 years, are samira/rowan/twins/talene still the best units or am i better starting a new account and learning new comps/mechanics/whatever
The meta is always steadily shifting, especially with the new awakened units. Rowan and twins are still top-tier units. Shemira has been reduced to boss hunting. Talene crops up from place to place, but she isn't as essential as she was before.

As for restarting, it depends. Do you already have some of the crossover dimensionals? Do you have a nice amount of celepo heroes? If yes to either of those, just keep what you have. Crossover dims like Ainz or Queen are tedious to get with garrisons. If you didn't have much, then you can restart and see the new chapter 1 intro sequence. Restarting on a new server also places you with new players on your level for pvp and stuff, but pvp is also broken into brackets so I don't know how bad it is or isn't if you just came back to your old accoutn.
I think ill start again until im acquainted with the game. In my old account i had plenty of celepo but only dimensionals were Queen and Arthur cus i cant hold myself from spending my shit lmoa. Thanks for the answer.
File: file.png (1023 KB, 1063x661)
1023 KB
1023 KB PNG

i think i got a good start actually, ill just stick with this
File: 166552416686043781.jpg (215 KB, 750x1334)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
cunny couch
best units outside of awakened bullshit would be (imo, and definitely missing some)

grezhul - best tank in the game
alna - specifically because she enables grez
ainz - destroys everything low deficit, still good in tower/campaign but struggles eventually
albedo - buffs dims (ainz) damage
scarlet - bonkers amount of damage. she’s like ainz somewhat, except doesn’t waste damage against single target. absolutely required for many bosses
thoran - can cheese high deficits
lucretia - broken damage, ranger is op class, can cheese
oden/silas/ferael - backline for alna grez, and oden/silas in particular are top (or near top) of their classes
eironn/skirath - the duo that enables 5-pull
rowan - basically the best support in the game and fits into every team, energy battery
daimon - destroys campaign 1-30ish, falls off slightly but remains great
BRUTUS - the strongest hero in the game. destroyer of worlds. his obnoxious immunity can and will push you through annoying stages more than you think. e+ is enough

lucretia should be absolute priority once you feel you have enough 4 factions to start stargrazing. she’s a single hero meta team basically. then alna for grez. you’ll want e/e+ twins and mortas somewhere between these, you’ll get random copies of them if you’re lucky if not graze em. after that work on charmizard fags mehira e+ at first and khazard mythic

I got another zombie kid. There's this thing under the events that supposedly gifts you another one if you buy anything from the merchants. Is it worth buying the 1USD thing just to get it or will that somehow not count? I'd be able to take it to Yellow+. Not planning on putting any more money on this game, though.
It’d count. It’s an elite copy of a hero, no different than if you got him through rolls. For a dollar it’s definitely worth, best deal the game will ever give you actually
File: 1665781503091.jpg (1.24 MB, 1080x1595)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
Started playing this 2 days ago and up until this point i had no problems.
But now i'm stuck at chapter 8 and tower level 102.
What's the best team i can make right now so i can focus on leveling them?
File: Capture.png (521 KB, 434x585)
521 KB
521 KB PNG
Next hero is the GB awakened, right? Looks like Shem with life emblem confirmed. I was hoping for Niru.
Very hot girl
File: mort.jpg (27 KB, 340x469)
27 KB
FPS casual here, I've been playing this game for just over two years.
I've come to terms with the fact that I won't be able to get both of the Witcher heroes because I don't have nearly enough hero coins for two conversions, let alone labyrinth tokens stored (didn't know until recently you can only have 200k tokens at a time, mainly because I don't like doing the labyrinth). Which of the two heroes should I get? For reference, my only dimensional heroes are King Arthur, Baba Yaga and Joan of Arc.
You still have 28 days. The average dismal gives 7.1k coins, and 13.2 on lab week. That means at least 125k more lab coins, and for what you lack in hero coins, you can make up for with gladiator coins, which you'll get over 200k of over the next 28 days. Seriously, just start saving everything and plan to get both. Every scrap of hero coins you can get from now until then will make a difference too.

The only way you could legitimately fail at getting both is if you were at 0 in all four resources right now.
whats the most efficient way to buy timegazer cards?
FTP? Just buy the one in the shop every day. If you need some in a pinch though for a specific hero, push on all the faction towers but that's just a 1-time thing.
File: Capture.png (446 KB, 444x860)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
>didn't know until recently you can only have 200k tokens at a time, mainly because I don't like doing the labyrinth
FYI, when you exceed the cap the excess is saved in your mailbox for a week. Most people usually try to hit cap 7 days before exchange (that's 14 days from now) so they have a weeks worth saved up by exchange days. If you end up hitting cap something like 10 days before, you can buy something small like dust or blue shards or garrison stones to keep there until the week cutoff, but I also have seen people outright accept a day or two of lab coins expiring just to make sure they have a big enough surplus.

Also, you can save the lab token quests for moments like these to be sure you have enough in an emergency, although you have probably used them by now already.
I definitely have more than enough guild and gladiator coins. I claimed a 45k labyrinth token reward two days before I made that post, and now I'm up to 178k. I never figured out how to do the dismal maze (I remember trying to start it a couple times, but it never let me start for some reason), so I'll give it a try once the next set goes live in a couple minutes. My desired heroes refreshed today, so I've gotten a good amount of hero coins from that. Hopefully that and whatever surplus of lab tokens I get from the Dismal Maze will be enough.

Speaking of which, should I be saving my scrolls for anything? I still have 100 from the summer rewards.
File: Capture.png (894 KB, 428x873)
894 KB
894 KB PNG
>I never figured out how to do the dismal maze (I remember trying to start it a couple times, but it never let me start for some reason)
I think the only restriction is unlocking it, then you're good to go. Just pay attention to what factions are allowed and the current debuffs. Dismal limits what hero factions are allowed. The previous week's didn't allow for LB, GB, or dimensional, which I find especially brutal. This week allows for all 3, so it's going to be super easy. For the debuffs, the only one to look out for is the life loss ones, things like "your heroes lose X% hp per second" and "your heroes take X% of the damage they deal" combined together. That also isn't present this week, so you should have an easy time. Also, with the last patch allowing sweeps, you get to skip the first two floors and then it's only 5 fights to finish lab (if you skip Praetorians, which only give more leveling resources, not lab coins). Lab takes like 1 minute to complete now. It's super nice.
File: 80MpowerDifference.jpg (326 KB, 908x1280)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
>The previous week's didn't allow for LB, GB, or dimensional, which I find especially brutal.
>This week allows for all 3, so it's going to be super easy.
Yeah those are my main three right now, so most of it was pretty easy, especially since my main team doesn't involve control heroes. I got completely walled by the third floor boss though. I have basically no knowledge about the meta (or even really battle mechanics) and these guys are significantly stronger than my team (and WAY stronger than all the other teams for some reason). Even if I can't beat them I still managed to get 18k lab tokens in one go, which is phenomenal (and might also show off how uninformed I am about this game's mechanics).
File: Capture.png (1.07 MB, 808x760)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
If you ever encounter a team that's just aids, you can click the re-roll button to get a new team to fight.
Is that team aids? I've always had trouble with Thali, but aside from Silas healing them up, I don't know what about this team is so brutal. Regardless, will definitely give the refresh a try.
Silas is the mvp there. A high lvl surplus Anoki is also tedious, and so is Numisu splitting your damage with totems. Lucretia is the nail sealing the deal with her lifesteal and anti-healing flames. It's a team that doesn't look like it should be good but I'm not at all surprised to see you struggling with it. I'd reroll it for sure if I failed once with it.

Also, keep in mind you are starting that fight with Anoki and Silas both ulting at the start, thanks to the energy they had after beating you before. A reroll not only gives new heroes but also resets their energy to 0. If my team gets wiped and I have to use Dura's Tears, I'll usually also reset the enemy so that I start the fight with my whole team ulting and the enemy being stuck taking it.
is meant for >>1028289
I see, thank you for the information. The rerolled team was thankfully a complete pushover. Hopefully I'll now have more than enough lab tokens to make up for my lack of hero coins.
File: file.png (460 KB, 535x545)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
Should i upgrade rowan to M+ or Raine to M? I'm at chapter 13
Rowan. Arguably the best support in the game. You want him Ascended pronto, just for that sweet SI30. After that, forget about his furniture or engraving, it's irrelevant for him
>just for that sweet SI30
Anon, you can get SI30 at M. The only point of A is furniture and engravings.
My bad, it's been a while since getting my last SI
File: FfgeJfoVQAE52mi.jpg (486 KB, 1920x1080)
486 KB
486 KB JPG
I love Kren and Pippa their halloween outfits are so cute
File: Capture.png (327 KB, 427x410)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
Alright, apparently that wasn't time for the next awakened, but THIS is. Looks like Grezhul or Baden is getting the life emblem. My money is on Baden, simply because "Eternal service to the king" is Grezhul's whole shtick and wouldn't work with him returning to life.

Treznor also qualifies and would actually be the most suited, considering his whole shtick is that he's clung to his humanity and is an unwilling graveborn seeking a way to undo his curse. However, he's such a recent hero, with the majority of his story and faction still in the dark, that I don't think he has a shot. It's probably going to be Baden.
After the new adventure, with Treznor and the new Wilder, I'm leaning towards Treznor too. Also, his story is not that mysterious. He was a knight for Bantus, friend of one of the jailors. Thoran gets killed, brought back, place goes to shit, jailor gives in to his sadistic tendencies, Treznor is betrayed, accused of treason. Treznor escapes to the isle of the exiled.
Fujos go crazy for thaden so it wouldn't be surprising if they brought baden back to life
I haven't done the new adventure yet, but the timing can't be ignored. They did the same thing with AEzizh and ATalene, iirc. I was rereading Treznor's backstory and he has a whole faction of other unwilling graveborn behind him too on his island. I'm also leaning towards him being the new awakened now, but it'd sure be weird for him to leave all the others behind to rot while only he regains his humanity (unless his power just lets him undo the GB curse at will, which would be world-changing).

Still wishing it was Niru with his new power over Death (and Life) as the replacement God of Death.
Baden was already confirmed. Please pretend to be surprised.
File: Capture.png (237 KB, 786x803)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
I'm surprised that he's so stylish.
File: Capture.png (1.73 MB, 853x2160)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
Honestly though, he looks rather like he has the water emblem than the life one. That would have been more appropriate with the summons as well, but I guess we'll see what his new deal is.
File: image.png (743 KB, 526x526)
743 KB
743 KB PNG
>tfw i was right about the fujobaiting
File: file.png (816 KB, 543x919)
816 KB
816 KB PNG
started a test server acc and got the guy off normal summons
Lucky. Shame about the test server though. Across my two accounts, the only non-time pull I got an awakened was a single atalene off a companion points pull.
File: Capture.png (748 KB, 420x877)
748 KB
748 KB PNG
Reminder that TOMORROW (and 4 hours) marks 7 days before exchange day. That means any resource that goes over cap, like lab coins, won't expire prior to the Exchange Day for the dimensionals. Do your best to go over cap in this time, whether its to save on glad coins or so make up for lacking hero coins.
File: angry.jpg (57 KB, 720x720)
57 KB
File: Capture.png (668 KB, 429x899)
668 KB
668 KB PNG
Oh FUCK the minimum exchange requires 400k gladiator coins for both heroes? I thought it was waaaay cheaper than 200k each. Thank fuck I'd already planned to go over lab coin cap early. This is still going to be cutting it very close.
It uses SG rates, so up to 65 cards per hero. That means it is possible to spend 129 cards and still only see one hero (although the next pull would be guaranteed).

And yes, it's fucking terrible. At the unluckiest, it's 780 pulls for an ascended awakened. With one card from the store each day, that would take 2.1 years. The "average" drop rate is still 600 pulls, which is 1.6 years. And if you dare to pull one of each awakened as they come for the growth bundle cards, that adds up to an extra 65 days delay for each one. Keep in mind, they release a new awakened every 60 days. You have to rely on luck or event cards to not be at a perpetual loss.
So how's your Baden coming along, anons?
L, like all awakened.
File: Capture.png (763 KB, 412x888)
763 KB
763 KB PNG
It's GO TIME, lads. Remember, the first one needs to be 10-10-25-15. Only 25 lab token shards for the first dim. Then collect any overflow from your mailbox, maybe wait a few days for a few more lab cycles, and then go all-in on lab tokens and try to save some glad coins.
File: olimar.png (72 KB, 273x235)
72 KB
Update: Got more than enough lab tokens for the second exchange from one Dismal Maze run and two hard mode normal maze runs before the exchange even began. Thanks for helping me get there, bros!
File: 1329540283004.jpg (30 KB, 379x395)
30 KB
Very cool, anon. Congrats.
File: Capture.png (805 KB, 877x544)
805 KB
805 KB PNG
Did they fiddle with RC leveling? I thought dust capped at 64k, while gold and xp rose indefinitely. This plays along with how the dust rate from chapters caps out, while gold and xp rates rise indefinitely. But instead, everything seems to have capped. Does it actual rise every 5 levels? Or is it truly capped?
File: file.png (833 KB, 533x948)
833 KB
833 KB PNG
My progress in a month. Any tips? Currently stuck at chapter 22. Been waiting for my 8th Lyca for
a while..........
File: Capture.png (258 KB, 421x285)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
DAWN OF THE LAST DAY. Post them. Prove your competence, that you got both Witcher dims, or forever be the laughingstock of this thread.
File: IMG_20221124_064250.jpg (433 KB, 1080x868)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
It was just like getting Ainz and Albedo, nothing special
Can you do hunting fields twice? Apparently I can enrol again?
You only get rewards once
Just started play this today. Apparently overlord protag is broke as fuck, can you still get him?
Is it a good time to return to the game?
You can garrison him using different resources. After 5 months of doing this you can use him for free.
File: Capture.png (629 KB, 404x841)
629 KB
629 KB PNG
What's the word from the testrealm and the whales on this old man? Is Palmer as good against bosses as his kit suggests?
Me again, good hero line up yes?
File: 1491283436737.jpg (41 KB, 429x377)
41 KB
Can someone give me some tips on teambuilding and placement? I'm currently at chapter 11, with 4 fodder heroes at L and Daimon at L+. Currently gated by purple dust so my units under the crystal are all at 120.

So far I've been running daimon, grezhul, rowan, palmer and ferael. When I get stuck on a chapter I don't really know what to do besides brute force it by getting more levels or better equipment. When I try other teams they tend to die very quick and I'm unsure how much I should take advantage of the faction bonuses (as in, should I generally run 3 of one faction and 2 of another? Does it even matter?). I don't really know enough about how things synergize to mix and match effectively.
>I'm unsure how much I should take advantage of the faction bonuses (as in, should I generally run 3 of one faction and 2 of another? Does it even matter?)
Ignore faction bonuses. Unit synergy trumps it every time.

For advice, the game is different at that stage versus later on. All of the heroes you mentioned are great, but most of them aren't built enough to show it. Signature Items don't unlock until they reach M, and Furniture doesn't unlock until A. Without SI and F, most heroes can't do what they're most known for.

On the other hand, you can level up your heroes separately. This lets you go all-in on a single powerful hero capable of wiping out whole teams by themselves (called a carry), while the other 4 heroes just do some support role. Daimon is one of the best at carrying. You should level him as high as you can, keeping him 40+ levels higher than the rest of your team. So long as a good carry's level is close to the enemy team's, it can usually wipe them out single handedly. That speeds you up too because you're only spending resources on one hero instead of 5. This carry process works until level 240, where your level cap stops at A and you need 5 heroes to also hit A / lvl 240 before continuing.

Some good heroes who work at low levels for support are Brutus with his shield (nice delay even at just E), Rowan for his energy gain and hit-negation, Lyca for her haste, Rosaline for her energy gain, and of course anything with CC like Tasi, Leonardo, Mishka, etc. Palmer is a new hero I don't know well, but I know he has lots of team-wide buffs from his prayers that are also good. I forget if his crazy +ATK buff is from his SI or not though.
Thanks, that's good to know. I have a bunch of those units so I'll experiment with that. One other thing to me that seems strange is that I see Raku listed as a carry in a lot of places, but he seems to be a backline unit to me. Do carries not need to be frontliners most if the time? I pulled 4 copies of him
Carries go where they work best. But since it's the strongest unit on your team (in levels), they tend to do fine up front anyways. For Raku specifically, he wasn't in the game when I was at that stage, so I have no idea how he performs as such. After lvl 240 when the game changes pace, where I'm at now, Raku is considered an excellent carry because of his SI30 does damage based on % of a target's life, which makes for insane damage when you're fighting at extreme level deficits. He's usually the carry for an infinite CC team, as your only means of dealing damage while all the enemies are chain stunned.
File: [Mashu] Satrana.jpg (346 KB, 1447x2047)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
File: Capture.png (2.09 MB, 1090x1171)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
Fuck yes, I finally 100% all the FoS rewards. The celestial tower has been the biggest pain in my ass for so long. I'm glad the new guy stomped it so well in his trial. 40 floors in 3 days.
File: 1394347906469.png (4 KB, 243x190)
4 KB
I'm going to say it. I like the Mulan video. AFK does its Chinese heroes the best.
File: r230114.png (1.85 MB, 2484x1622)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
if someone wants to be my friend and coach me in this game id be so happy! I don't really take it too seriously obviously, i've only spent like 20 bucks or something but id like to get a few ideas for teams in temporal rift if i can.
File: 1652324833302.png (322 KB, 1273x451)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
>lvl 460
>has probably played over 2 years
>"coach me"

Anyways, the answer for campaign help is looking at the lowest teams and finding out the minimal investment needed for you to do the same, then working on building every hero they used. For Cursed Realm, there's
for comps and
for investments.

For everything else there's
His videos are in Eng and Chang simultaneously, and they're always great. New hero guild trial teams, temporal rift pushing and bosses, awakened event bosses, etc. He has stuff for everything, but the only ones I use him for are guild trials and temporal rift.
alright cool, thanks anon, i appreciate it!

i guess i've been playing for a while, yeah, haven't really thought about it. It's just something i do when im bored at work, most people freak out about my engraving choices which is fair enough, this is the only acc i have and i didn't really take it too seriously in the beginning.
do you have any guides for temporal rift? either im doing something wrong or you're just kinda meant to push through? are some teams better than others in this or do you literally just take your strongest heroes and see how far you go?
oh and don't even get me started on the badges and whatnot, it's faaar too complicated to get through, it's a mobile game for fuck sake, no? just tell me which ones to use kek
is mulan any good? i dont wanna waste resources on her if im not gonna use her in years. im asking now because i could get the last soulstones for arthur
>high damage mitigation
>CC kit
She has the hallmarks of being great, but it's far too early to know for sure. If she's used, it'll be in campaign and pvp, not boss hunts. No idea on twisted/cursed realm.
File: Capture.png (92 KB, 407x171)
92 KB
Fuck yes, here's to hoping it's 10+ monthly limit.
if i start now can i get mulan
File: Capture.jpg (107 KB, 540x1181)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
In her event? Probably. I personally started a little late into Ezio's cycle and barely made it on the last day. With the campaign nerf it should be even easier now for you to unlock gladiator coins (my most limiting factor back then). There's 46 days left for her. That's less than I started with (I think I came at 52 days left), so it might be tight, but still, you'll be unlocking stuff faster than I did and might even get some Field of Stars bonuses. I think you have a shot.

But I should specify, Mulan isn't a limited hero. After her event ends, there will be a short break, and then she'll get added to either the lab store or challenger store as soulshards. Buying a dimensional from a store takes more time (since it's all from one in-game resource instead of split between four), but you can get her whenever you're want. So even if you can't get her in the event, you can just get her after.

To know what you're in for, pic related is the event's exchange screen. There are four currencies you can exchange to get Mulan soulstone pieces. You need 60 soulstones to summon the hero. You get purple coins from summoning heroes. Blue from fighting guild bosses. Yellow from the labyrinth (ie lab). Orange from challenger arena. The orange unlocks the latest but comes the fastest once unlocked (~8k per day). You need 60 in any combination, although there's exchange limits (up to 10 purple, etc.). The majority will be lab coins, but you only need 25 lab exchanges (100k lab coins) if you can get the 10, 10, and 15 of the others. Or do 60 lab exchanges (200k coins) and only scrounge up 10 other exchanges in any order.

That's all if you're a new player. If you're a returning player, this question is a joke because you'd already have everything unlocked. A current player with everything unlocked already can get all the resources for Mulan in around 3 weeks even if they're starting from scratch.
>Or do 60 lab exchanges
File: Capture.jpg (98 KB, 542x1137)
98 KB
The good news is that it's 10. The bad news is that I don't think we get enough guild coins in a month to buy all of them, let alone also buy the T4's.
80 coins per month is exceedingly easy, even when buying the T4s. However it's not possible when buying dimensional heroes
File: dgim8v.png (786 KB, 540x645)
786 KB
786 KB PNG
Which signature item should i get to 30? I only got Rowan's so far.
Thinking either Thoran, Scarlet for bosses, or save the emblems til I get Mulan or any of the store dimensionals.
I typed up a big long post full of all sorts of unsolicited advice now that you've hit the 240 milestone, but I figured I'd just keep it simple. Your best bet right now is Scarlet. Not only is she great for bosses, she's your LB carry in dismal and LB tower, and she works as the foundation for your second team when you encounter multifights (which will be soon). Don't worry about Thoran until your committed to Thoran Cheese. Check the Formations button on the campaign screen to see if the lowest teams are utilizing him yet. If they are, then what you'll need for him is Thoran SI30 9/9, Pippa SI20, Lorsan E+, Kelthur E+, Nara E+ -- plus some oddball flexes. Check the teams others are using to get a clue on those flexes.
Oh shit, I thought it was 80k per card, 800k for all ten. Thank fuck. Reading your post I was like "We don't get even remotely close to 800k a month, it's more like 500k."
thanks. also checked
honestly, i dont think im gonna commit to thoran cheese as my main team, would like something with Raku more. also, any advice you wanna give is appreciated.
Haven't played this in like a year or more, has the game still forgotten that it's called AFK?
Actually can't find Rosaline's wish I must be retarded
oscar's story
My Guild Leader just sent a message complaining that nobody follows him and he doesn't get enough respect. Couldn't stop laughing.
File: wrinkled babby.jpg (18 KB, 385x383)
18 KB
what's the best afk idle game, this, or bang bang
File: 05.png (1.6 MB, 1000x7700)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
Well, I'm in this thread because I play this, and I've never heard of "Bang Bang." So with that in mind, AFK Arena is the best afk idle game.
bang bang isn't even an idle game you're thinking of mobile legends:adventure
I don't like getting into old idle games so your best option is probably nikke
File: 910.jpg (2.35 MB, 1242x1630)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB JPG
Quick, there's no time to explain! who get's the E60 engraving?
Actually have enough for a E30 too, so could go for a 0-60. Any ideas, please?
Oden, Nevanthi, Twins
E30 Kren and Skriath
thanks a lot, anon! take care of yourself.
File: Capture.png (1.03 MB, 539x868)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
>there's no time to explain
For campaign, Scarlet > Oden (and get SI30 on them). For boss hunts, Twins. For cursed, Nev > Mishka. For pvp, Joan.
For campaign, Kren > Silas > Leonardo > Raku. For boss hunts, Rosa.

Also, there's quite a few partial engravings like Queen e13 for 5Pull.
File: Capture.png (866 KB, 524x717)
866 KB
866 KB PNG
The rest of my engravings as reference.

You can find a guide on investments and partial investments over at
It's targeted towards Cursed Realm, but making a hero useful in CR essentially covers their usefulness elsewhere. It's good for reference.
File: 6spfmtu98s761.jpg (374 KB, 900x897)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
File: heroes.png (1.88 MB, 1507x609)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
>september thread
anyhow, any tips on where to go from here?
no idea who should i gaze, no idea who should i E60 (have like 10k red cores), i'm at 41-20,700 KT floors, 470 in factionT, 360 in celepoT
File: kucp8w9s7pca1.jpg (265 KB, 1080x2400)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
That's pretty fucking ideal. If you handed me that account as-is, I'd probably engrave Twins to e66 (haste>def), get Palmer to 1* and engrave to e60, engrave Rosa to e44 (haste/attack), and engrave Raine to e33 (haste). That's for the sake of killing Wrizz/Soren, which has been done as low as lvl 540 now with a loaned ABelinda (and even less investment at lvl 543 with a lvl 6 owl).

Otherwise, either save it for emergency investment for a surprise in campaign pushing, use it for boosting your pvp team(s), or use it on getting your Cursed Realm heroes up to snuff. You should also save at least one hero's worth for that ASolise you have. Remember that once she hits A you can gaze her to 1* instead of needing time cards.
File: RC 543 lvl 6 owl.jpg (273 KB, 1125x2436)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Lvl 543 kill for reference. I don't know his exact engravings, but this madlad did it with 0 Palmer furniture, SI20 sub-e60 twins, SI20 3F e0 Raine, and sub-e60 Rosa. All with a lvl 80 sorc tree. This is far more impressive than the 540 guy. A lot of the stuff he's missing isn't considered "essential" for obvious reasons, but most of the support heroes give bonuses based on their own att/crt/etc. which makes the ABel that much better if they had the extra investment.
whose +30 SI should I get first/in order?
If that ABrutus is A, then finish him first. He should be your priority for SI, F, and E so long as he's ready for all them. Otherwise, Nev benefits most, but Palmer is a monster that's always worth investing in.

ABrut > Nev > Palmer >Talene > Anast

Talene and Anast can be swapped as you please.
File: Capture.png (976 KB, 531x1126)
976 KB
976 KB PNG
3 more days until my wife releases. Are you ready for her?
AwB is just Mythic right now.
I will work on the others until I scrape together more timecards
considering she can counter Flora in some setups, yes.
I've seen a few setups pop up for that. What's the min investment for her to do that?
File: Capture.png (1.05 MB, 538x1152)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
It's time!
9F, and seems to need someone who follows up quickly to keep her stunlocked after the knockup like Abrutus
this game officially lasted longer than genshin for me
and probably more to come
wonder why
Is there a point in investing if i have Ukyo anyway? Does she stunlock Flora better than him?
I don't have Ukyo so can't compare them, but she instantly interrupts the enemies across from her regardless of front or backline.
Does Ukyo manage to interrupt backline Floras?
If he can do so with no other help, she may be unnecessary for you as in some cases Mulan requires help to keep Flora perma'd.
If she is positioned to catch a Flora, you can also place AEzizh directly across from Flora to get the banish without needing Zolrath entry delay.
In fact, using Zolrath means Mulan is too early to interrupt enemies as she does it instantly upon entering, and enemies are yet to enter.
is the best way to start AbEx still
>clear plains with solo lucretia
>take T3 with your strongest team (ainz)
sorc(abel, qinz) or celerity(abad, luc) or might (abrut, anas)?
Haven't played in two years, worth a look?
File: 1629144545825.jpg (421 KB, 1017x1100)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
It's the same old game, just with more heroes. There is a vampire survivors-style mini game though that was fun for awhile. They also added a new type of hero called Awakened heroes, which are basically a whale-only feature. To summon them, it's basically like star-gazing, but you only get 1 card a day. It takes something like 1-2 years to get enough cards F2P to summon an Awakened hero to A.

If you didn't like the game enough to keep playing then, I don't think enough changed to make you somehow like it today.
File: Capture.png (1.13 MB, 533x1117)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
>that ballin' theme song
Fucking hell. I just got enough cards to ascend a single awakened. The obvious choice is ABel, but now I want to wait and see if this bad bitch actually pans out.
>It takes something like 1-2 years to get enough cards F2P to summon an Awakened hero to A.
that's funny, I'm F2P and I've A1* ASolise, M ABrutus , M+ AEzizh L+ ATalene, L+ ABaden, L abelinda, L athane
Solise>Baden>Brutus>every other awakened
It was a spitball estimate. I also have L everyone with 662 cards in the bank, plus 2 spares from companion points pulls. They've done quite a few events for cards, plus added extra sources like superb soulstones, guild store, and the new 40 cards per new awakened, but at the same time the one-time rewards like faction towers and chapter completion have been used up.

I've gotten a total of 884 cards since 2021-12-30, which was the day ATalene was added. I missed about 30 cards from the daily shop early on due to needing diamonds at the time and underestimating their importance, so roughly 914 cards since release over two years ago. Time pulls have a 2% rate, ie 50 cards per pull. You need 12 copies for A. That's 600 cards per A as a statistical average. Obviously you can get luckier than that, and I've pulled 2 awakened from companion points since their debut, but statistically the old numbers match 1-2 years per A. With the extra 120 annual from the guild store and extra 40 per new awakened release (240 cards annual at 1 AHero per 60 days), it's a bit less than a year per average A going forward.
>365 daily shop
>120 guild store
>240 from new AHeroes
>~gift codes
>~holiday events
>~progressing faction tower and campaign milestones
>~Temporal Rift rewards
725 fixed cards a year (closer to 900 with Temporal Rift + voyages) versus needing 600 per A. The future is certainly brighter than the past.
>get 1 (one) awakened hero to Ascended from cards
>stargaze 15 copies of it to get it to 5 stars
Congratulations, you can now use diamonds/SG cards to get Awakeneds via replacing at the rickety cart
Doesn't it take 2 or 3 awakened dupes to replace for 1 new one? That's wasting x2 or x3 as many diamonds, although it can indeed speed up the results a bit.
yeah youre paying 3x as much diamonds for it + the initial cost of 5staring one
its either that, the slow cooking or busting out THAT
Awakened Ankhira fucking WHEN
File: 1624072587178.jpg (221 KB, 736x1308)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Positively based.
Did you manage to play AFK2? I downladed it from Apkpure, but I always get an error during the loading page. Any suggestion?
File: Capture.png (771 KB, 531x1118)
771 KB
771 KB PNG
Crazy. I had notes saved from an old AbEx on an ""OP"" team for downing the last boss, that I saw someone use with E and L damage heroes. They're mostly supports and tanks, so I didn't think I'd try it until I got my supp relic up. But since I already hit my goal damage in my first attempt, I tried the team anyways and sweet fuck it tripled my regular boss team's damage.

I have a lvl 5.2 Celerity Relic, lvl 3.0 everything else. My regular boss team was
>Luc, Cel, Vurk, Drez, Twins(*) with Winged Lion
That got me 593M and 574M for my two accounts, almost double what you need for Prince. But the OP team is
>Grez(*), Luc, Silas, Morty, Twins with Winged Lion
That got me 1.6 Billion, over 5 times what I needed. It's crazy to me I used to struggle on boss damage, and most of my guildies still are.

For reference, I first saw this team as
>E Grez, L Luc, A SI30 Silas, M SI20 Morty, A SI20 Twins
and it scored 700M, over double what he needed for Prince. I had no idea what his relic situation was like back then, but now I can see it didn't matter. With mine being all A, it crushes anything.
File: 1453877771333.gif (2.4 MB, 250x188)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB GIF
>That's 600 cards per A as a statistical average.
It can take up to 780 though. I would know.
File: 1456488534189.jpg (8 KB, 261x216)
8 KB
I've put a lot of thought into which awakened to build first. I'm still leaning towards ABel, with the possibility of Maetria.

>Queen of TR (can be merced)
>above average in CR (can be merced)
>average all-arounder everywhere else
>PVP team requires whale investment
>everyone and their mother has one available for mercing
>King of PVP (cannot be merced)
>below average in CR
>carries the struggling ML tower
>below average everywhere else
>1 (one) TR comp (can be merced)
>King of CR (can be merced)
>average in PVP
>as a ranger, trivializes AbEx even further
>as a ranger, probably great in ranger TempRift
>some usage in campaign if you aren't just copying winning formations
>can kill Wrizz/Soren 100 levels earlier than anyone else, around RC 540 (can be merced)
>2nd best PVP team (cannot be merced)
>2nd best CR awakened
>strong against every boss/boss team, since her damage ignores scaling defence
>as a mage, carries mages TempRift and Grand Hunts (can this be merced? Never actually tried)
>not one person in my guild/friends has one higher than M+, and both are always maxed on applicants the first hour of reset
>almost guaranteed to create a new campaign cheese comp like Lucretia (too tedious to merc)
>removes RNG from Mehira-side of multi-fights in HP tower

In truth, the only things I want ASol for I can just merc her, while ABrut or ABel would give me immediate power in pvp. Same with ABade in CR, he can be merced so who do I want second? ABel goes a step further in single-handedly crushing boss fights like the recent circus event, grand hunt, etc. For campaign, no awakened matters yet because I always just copy the lowest formation until I'm combat rating-locked, but Maet might change that.

Thus, for me it's between ABel and Maet. That's my thoughts on it at least.
As of now, TRift might be the biggest source of resources. PvP is almost not worth it, with the exception of HoE. So, I recommend heroes for TRift. You have 3 possible compositions. Mage/Tank/Sus, Ranger/Tank/Sus, or Warrior/Tank/Sus.
Whatever way you tackle TRift, you need carries, tanks and supports. So aSolise is 100% needed. If you go Mage, you need aBelinda and maybe Maetria. For Rangers, aThane and aBaden. And for Warriors, you only need aBrutus
What are the best teams now? I hear Ainz and Albedo aren't that great anymore
You can hit 800 in Rift with only one copy of Solise. More lowers RNG for most situations but isn't needed. General recommendation is Belinda over Solise. Maetria also doesn't work in Rift because she kills teammates as well as enemies and has pathetic damage output without deaths.

And there's another TRift comp of Ranger/Warrior/Sus that people are using that's less RNG than Tanks now.

Baden's also started getting more use in higher end TS/PvP with Tamrus for a cc bursty comp that works really well.
>I do not care about pvp at all
>merc ABelinda
>solise already Ascended
>working on Baden
no idea who after, probably my own belinda or maetria
Yeah, I do fine in TempRift with mages, running Ainz, Scarlet, Oden. If I get ASol, she'd replace Scarlet, but that team generally isn't my weak link (it's usually someone from Ainz that interrupts me). This guide was put out before ABel came out, but I imagine ABel also forms a strong mage team.
File: Capture.png (703 KB, 522x980)
703 KB
703 KB PNG
In regards to what? In campaign, Thoran and Lucretia cheese can still push deficits far beyond your combat rating cap, while unflexed Ainz comp is still comfortable between 150-200 deficit range. In PVP, Ainz comp is still a powerhouse among f2p, but not counting Region 1 shenanigans, the best PVP team full stop is
>Albedo, Merlin, Joan, ABrutus, Ezio --Winged Lion
the second best is
>Rowan, Raine, ABel, Palmer, Ezizh --Rock Crown
and good additions include
>Zolrath, Veithael, Zaphrael, Lyca, Mulan --Flutterplume Owl
(normally AThane has Mulan's spot in this comp, but I keep seeing this Mulan variant rip to shreds the AThane variant, and it also hard-counters a crazy number of top tier comps with the right Mulan placement)
>Can & Ruk, Orthros, Tarnos, ASol, Nevan --Talismane
>Alna, ABaden, Athalia, Silas, Morty --FelineVes
You'll notice the best, with ABrutus, already uses all the parts of Ainz, so it's really cheap if you finish off the big lion. ABel's is also super cheap because those are all star heroes everywhere in the game that you've probably built or will build. The Mulan/AThane comp is excessive, with 2 separate celepo's that are only good for PVP, while ASol's is just as bad with 2 PVP-only celepos and Can & Ruk who is a star hero for anywhere. Lastly, ABaden's is very cheap, simply reusing the usual Alna-Grez comp. (There are of course variants on everything, like Region 1 using Talene instead of Orthros in ASol and his opponent using Palmer instead of Can & Ruk in ASol, etc.)

For TR, each bosses' best team can just be found on the leaderboard. For CR, Ainz never had a use. For Temporal Rift, it depends on if you're running rangers or mages, but Ainz has an almost guaranteed place among mages. In AbEx, Ainz is one of the best starters, able to take T3 cities out the box, and he's an amazing Relic Soul target even after you replace the rest of his team with dim rangers on the 2nd or 3rd day.
File: Capture.png (1.66 MB, 493x2190)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
>but I keep seeing this Mulan variant rip to shreds the AThane variant, and it also hard-counters a crazy number of top tier comps with the right Mulan placement
Another example from that same guy in my region. This was my favorite fight of the current championship. Opponent's ABel starts off strong, crushing his ABaden and ABel. Then Mulan has the perfect placement to shred ABel, then ABaden, then ABrutus, and still punches a hole in ASol which finally overcomes it. And then his ABrutus finishes off the rest singlehandedly.

I'm pretty excited for the final match this championship. This guy is up against the Top 1 of Scramble, and that guy is using a lot of interesting variants like maxed Olgath in ASol, Haelus in ABel, and his own Mulan in ABrut.
they're still decent, hell, top tier if you're not a whale.
the Awhalekened heroes are super OP though, there was like a general tier list somewhere that came out after veithael was released. I will post in a bit
Is mythic lucretia enough or is ascended mandatory? for the cheese
Treat it as mandatory. More is always better. The strong Luc is, the more consistently she wins. Even if M could work in a given scenario, it might be something like a literal 1 in 1,000,000 odds, versus the 1 in 10 odds of an A* 30-9-60 of the same scenario, versus the 1 in 100 odds of a A 30-9-0 Luc, etc.

But I think it actually is mandatory in many fights. Her 9F prevents her current target from ulting. There are lots of fights with her comp where she whittles down the last target over 25 seconds or so, especially after her buffs wear off. I think many of those would automatically fail if the target could ult, like the CC ults.
File: tierold.png (1.05 MB, 1024x997)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
here, this was before aBelinda tho
File: 339.png (3.39 MB, 1920x1080)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB PNG
can't seem to ever get under 14% in scramble, is it down to having awakeneds or something? the third team is experimental but for some reason this one is the least-bad performing so far.
File: Capture.png (1.35 MB, 532x1112)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
I went with ABel during the event. Now I just need to finish off her furn and engraving. Pulls were
>36-30-43-12-61-60-1-59-62-62-16, SG: 62-30-35
That's incredibly good luck for me. I'm usually near the pity each pull in SG. I still have ~250 cards left over.
File: gaze.png (350 KB, 533x317)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
whom to gaze
if you dont see a hero here it means
>theyre starred
>i dont want them at all
File: scramble.png (307 KB, 421x410)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
>haelus not built
oh shit nigger what are you doing
pic related its 4 teams that get over 85% win rate every fucking time
File: 2352.png (645 KB, 578x561)
645 KB
645 KB PNG
Thanks for the feedback anon!
I'm building Haelus, it's a priority for sure but what's next? Ezizh and mortas, i would imagine?
looking at your roster, heres what you should gaze in order
Haelus A1* > AThane A1* > Mortas M
then whatever you think you want.
(Zolrath, Ezizh), C&R, Veithael, ogTalene M, mehira M
but you can also get (copies) from the challenger shop.
oh and please save resources so you can 309e60 your haelus
tossup between V or C&R. Zol if you pvp
i meant zaph**
Don't gaze Ath, just wait for glad coins. Between those, Veith became a CR star in addition to his PVP dominance, like a blond Gaston to ABrutus how Palmer is to ABelinda. According to
he's great even with just an L ABrutus. After him, I'd say C&R. They're pretty ubiquitous.

The old choice used to be Morael, but I haven't seen her in BIS or Whale BIS in awhile.
File: Capture.png (413 KB, 1003x240)
413 KB
413 KB PNG
What's your win-rate with that Ainz? I've been considering adding Morty, but I've been satisfied with just keeping Arthur so far.
>over 85% with Team 2
God I wish I was in your bracket. Mine is consistently between 50% and 80%. Could just be an engraving difference. My Oden is e41, Silas e30.
gotcha, thanks brother!
it's an engraving difference.
silas e60 moreso than oden. its such an insane ability.
>silas e60 moreso
Fuck, I need so many red emblems. ABel, Haelus, Nev, now Silas in addition to the Oden I already want 60 on.
New player, any up to date codes lists? Ones online seem freaky unreliable
File: Capture.png (753 KB, 529x1132)
753 KB
753 KB PNG
I use the AFK Redeem app from the app store. Just tell it to try all of them once, which doesn't take any more work on your part. The app will give you notifications on when new codes drop in the future too so you don't have to keep track. Before the app, I used
and did it manually.

In both cases you're relying on someone else keeping track, so even though they are generally on point they aren't always going to be perfect, ie still having codes available that have already expired.
temporal rift is the #1 source of engraving cores
how the fuck do i do this shit? it's so complicated, even the guides are pages long. I just put up the strongest teams i have and put any old bages on them.
step 1: identify your carry class based on how many PROPERLY invested heroes you have

ainz, scarlet, oden, aBelinda, maetria
lucretia, kren, aThane, aBaden,
aBrutus, anasta, izold, zolrath, alna, geralt etc...

step 2: make make teams based around each of these carries (you will need 1 carry in each team, and once you get to 5 teams, you need an energy cycle comp, Ezizh, Rowan, Twins, aSolise)

>mages example
ainz dims + oden grez silas + aBel rosa shields + scarlet palmer invade
>rangers example
kren arthur lyca burst + aThane dims + aBaden ferael grez silas + lucretia pull CC comp
>warriors example
aBrutus nev + anasta zol + izold desira grez silas + alna with literally any carry + geralt dims + list goes on
step 3:
assign badges based on what the fuck the heroes are doing

Anything that summons pets: Master of All
Healer: Divine mercy
Healer with full matching comp: Call to action
Support with big ult: Warrior's Creed
Support with really fast charge: Horn of inspi
Most other supports: Cape of inspi

the rest surely you can figure out. theres no spreadsheet for everything

>example: GB comp
Grezhul: Master of All
Hodgkin: Master of All
Silas: Call to action
Desira: Warriors creed
Daimon: Shadowstrike
Oden: Claw of seeking
Ferael: Shadowfall
aBaden: Master of All
Izold: Shadowfall
>there's 0 information about guild hunting teams it's just endless gpt generated copies of the same 2021 article that says Lucius is S+ tier
aBelinda doesnt even work for soren, he just obliterates the LB team every single time, the entire backline is gone in 1 hit
how the fuck are you supposed to get over 399B on this shit
do I need an e80 saurus or what
File: Capture.png (260 KB, 523x457)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Milf Mulan is cute! CUTE!
File: RC 540 Both Kills.jpg (1.77 MB, 2154x4345)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
File: RC 549 Both Kills.jpg (1.01 MB, 1482x2618)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
Read my post
soren 1-shots my aBelinda comp
treejuice for guild coins?
i meant hero coins
purple stones seem bad
What level are you? How built is your ABel? What's your Palmer at? Post a screenshot of your situation. Otherwise, if you're just lacking the means to use the easy cookiecutter formations, throw in Cecelia. I remember using her years ago to force Soren to nuke the wrong direction, but she comes at the cost of lower overall damage.
abel is 300e0
pal is 303e60
Then you're around me. I'll run Soren next opening and get a feel for it. I don't remember death being an issue though. I hit 600B at RC 490 with my trial 30-9-e60 ABel and same Palmer as you. Now I'm RC 521, so we're in roughly the same situation. I do have my twins at e60, Rosa e30, and Raine at SI30 e30 though, so they're a bit hardier than usual.
On my third day now, what should I prioritize in the various shops? Is it worth going for the special characters in the labyrinth shop, the stacks of rune essence, or something else?
200k reserve > purple stones > juice

When they ran back-to-back double dims, hero coins were the limiting factor for everyone. They're the resource that takes the longest to build of the four. Lilith has since calmed down on that front, so it may not matter anymore, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

Soulstones are never going to be bad. After your main heroes are done, you need niche heroes. When your niche heroes are done, you need dimensional bait. You need ready parts for new heroes like Tamrus who is amazing right out the gate. Every soulstone has a chance of winning you that 35,000 diamond lottery by giving you celepos. And eventually when you have 60 ascended built (or maybe max 4F? It was 60 on release when there was only 60 4F heroes total), then you unlock the option to retire fodder like you do common heroes, getting you back the hero coins you missed so you can buy juice anyways. That's when you should switch back to juice.

It's recursive in that getting more heroes usually gets you more juice every week anyways. You can score higher in CR, in grand hunts, in temptift, etc. even before you get the option to retire fodder for more coins to get that juice anyways.
regular shop:
Time card > Dust > Engraving shard > Poe coin > Yellow SI emblem
ignore most other things. start buying purple stones once you get the 40% discount on them..
guild store:
Time cards > mythic gear (later gear stones)
until you unlock mythic gear, spend guild coins on garrison shards
purple stones > garrison shards
1 elite copy of Ezizh
Joan, Leonardo, Merlin, Zolrath
then red emblems from lab
and the 250k heroes from chal
don't spend diamonds on anything aside from time cards and purple stones in the store if you're f2p
Prioritize saving your special shop currencies for dimensional exchanges. Every so often (it used to be two every 60 days, but slower now) they release a new dimensional hero. When a dim releases, whales can buy them immediately for real money, but 53 days later (7 days before 60 days), anyone can buy that dim through a limited-time exchange event. See >>1131267. As a new player it can be difficult to get enough resources saved up for a dim, and outright impossible to save enough for two dims if they do a double release. You should hold onto a pretty deep breadbasket and only spend them when you're at/near cap. With a dim, you only need a single copy, and it "links" to another hero to copy that hero's ascension tier (but the dim and its link can't be used in the same formation without a dimensional key). Some of the old dims can be bought from the lab store or the challenger store, but their store price is much higher than exchange price. Other old dims, the ones from crossovers like Ainz, Ezio, Geralt, etc., can only be loaned through the garrison system via garrison stones, which takes the same resources as exchange in higher amounts and you have to keep renewing your loan (after 6 loans it's free to loan, but it's still bothersome to not just have it forever).

Besides that
Only buy purple dust for gold and purple soulstones (including superb purple) for diamonds. PurpSoulstones are the best diamond value in the game. Later on, you'll also buy time card for diamonds, POE coins for gold, and elemental shards for gold.
>Guild Store
Time cards > T4 stones > mythic gear > garrison shards
Don't buy any equipment until you can buy mythic equipment. Anything else just gets replaced.
purple soulstones > juice
Garrison stones as needed.
Dim hero > dim emblems > wu kong
1 Ezizh > dim heroes > Zolrath > Athalia > Ezizh > Orthros

Don't use lab/glad coins on garrison stones. Only the real exchange event and their store priorities.
Thanks for the advice.

I'm guessing dimensional heroes that have already come and gone don't get reruns?
One other question, how the hell do you get a mentor for solemn vow?
>don't get reruns
Correct. Historic dims just end up in the shop, where they are still easy to get (if a bit more expensive). But crossover dims are limited by Lilith's contract with foreign companies. They aren't allowed to sell them again, unless they enter a new contract. Thus far, the only way is garrisoning them (in the past, we didn't even have the garrison. Once you missed it, it was gone forever).
post your player ID here
File: Capture.png (1.88 MB, 1107x1167)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
Alright, I played around with it and came to some conclusions.

>1: Use owl.
That's what I used when I hit 600B without ever seeing anyone die. I tested out other beasts like Winged Lion and Blade Ridge and around 90% of the time my backline would wipe around 200B. Switching back to owl fixed this - after 12 attempts with owl, I only lost my twins once in one battle and no one else.
>2: ABel investment matters.
I already knew this from the sporadic Wrizz attempts I've done since the trial ended, but it's equally true for Soren. Against Soren, my 309e60 trial ABel easily achieved >585B at RC 490 and only needed a few attempts to go over 600B. But at RC 521, my 303e30 ABel barely breaks 420B, and my 309e30 ABel struggles to break 500B. The difference that extra engraving makes is huge. If your ABel is just M, even 400B might be a struggle.

And after typing that, I just got enough red emblems to engrave my 3F ABel. With 303e60, I hit 643B first try. 420B to 640B just from a difference of e30->e60.
File: Capture.png (1.98 MB, 1598x1158)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB PNG
I ran the 303e60 3 times to make sure it wasn't a fluke. I achieved >600B every time, although 643B is still my highest. Here's my beast level, artifacts, and investments.

So close to killing these guys again. With the last furniture and a few more levels, it's gonna happen.
File: Capture.png (560 KB, 532x817)
560 KB
560 KB PNG
So fucking close.
the reason is that soren charms belinda and she kills everyone else
lv6 owl makes your carry immune to CC so that's that.
if you have lv9 winged lion it's like a 20% boost on the wrizz fight.
highly recommend using all your spices for grabbing that lv9
also, put rosa in front and use Seraphic Tide on Palmer. try DEye on baelinda
He's the only one I'm sure of, but I've been hesitating on who else to wishlist to lvl 9 first. Been thinking between Bell, Vesperio, Talismane, and Rock Crown.
File: Capture.png (964 KB, 533x1118)
964 KB
964 KB PNG
Forgot the screenshot. I'm sitting on a fat stack of bait, but I've been hesitating on who to drop it on.
Bell and vesperio are ass unless maxed
just get 9 lion and 9 mane
File: Capture.png (571 KB, 534x1158)
571 KB
571 KB PNG
So testing all this, moving Rosa up for a Rosa-ABel frontline was consistently the best, scoring in the 830-850 range, while Palmer-ABel stayed in the 790-830 range and Rosa-Palmer was awful in the 500-700 range.

For relics, Warden ABel and Blade Palmer was consistently the best. It would consistently break 300B at mid-40s and 800B at 3s. Any combination of SeraTide Palmer and Eye ABel consistently broke 300B at 40s even and 750B at 3s. I never saw any break 800B.

My WingedL is still lvl 6, and switching to that lowered my score by 100B flat. I'll get around to properly testing lvl 9 WingedL eventually, but for now owl is the way. Pic related is my best run today at 847.5B.
seratide is pretty heavy rng. you want the orb to bounce on belinda and rosa.
lv9 lion vs lv6 owl, on wrizz was always a 20-25% boost to me with my uninvested merc baelinda.
390B owl -> 475B winged lion
File: grassio.png (2.72 MB, 1080x2340)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB PNG
>new mauler
>looks fucking dope
>skills sound like ass
>le support tanky dps xdd (he doesnt do any of it well)
Many such cases. Sad!
while I do want a new, strong Mauler, I also welcome another hero I can avoid building to save resources for the incoming double dimensional
I'm getting major Eluard vibes, reading the skills
I didn't click the link. Did they say who the dims are, or do you know what franchise that company made?
two girls, one blue haired on silver on Dolly's tease. seems pretty likely it could be Re:Zero crossover
could still be some lilith original character duo like Twins, but dims seem more likely
File: Lightning Chilling.png (350 KB, 381x325)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
>Ainz-carry DM
>Grez carry GB
>ABel carry LB
>ASol carry WD
The future of dismal is looking BRIGHT. I don't even have to think during the multi-fights so long as I have two of those factions. Now I just need some sort of answer for a ML, CL, HP, XX week. I wonder if we'll ever get a higher lab with 3-team multifights.
>get relic that stuns enemies at the start of battle
>put raku and raku only
>enemy team vaporizes in 3 seconds
>new corridoor lets you pick from celepogs
>the only real choice is between twins and framton
>already have 2star twins
is it framton time? or should i 5star my twins
File: Untitled.png (3.36 MB, 1638x2338)
3.36 MB
3.36 MB PNG
I got my lvl 9 wingedL and trained it. I don't know what the difference is between us, but it's significantly underperforming against my owl with Wrizz. Here's my unfiltered 5 runs each for both accounts with both pets:
lvl6 Owl: 772, 770, 787, 782, 769
lvl9 WingedL: 703, 719, 716, 753, 642
lvl6 Owl: 933, 808, 852, 883, 930
lvl9 WingedL: 784, 765, 796, 732, 735
(all numbers recorded at 0:02 remaining, except the 933B which I let go through because I was excited)
(and all numbers with fucking EYE on Palmer, how the fuck did that happen? I was wondering why the hell my 3F numbers were lower today than last time)

owl6: 838, 830, 779, 784, 834
winged9: 654, 663, 685, 655, 663
owl6: 901, 878, 901, 856, 881
winged9: 822, 821, 819, 815, 820
(that's Rosa-blade, ABel-Warden, Twins-Call, Raine-Eye, Palmer-Blade)

So again, continuously underperforming. The highest winged is still lower than the lowest owl. Despite my relic mistake, I'm still leaving the Palmer-Eye numbers up top because that's where my best score of the night comes from. Gonna keep trying a few things tonight after this, but not with such careful recording. Pic related is my best run up top, an example run of lvl 9 Winged Lion below.
File: Untitled.png (2.89 MB, 1058x2334)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB PNG
VICTORY! Wrizz kill at lvl 522. Holy smokes, I wasn't expecting this for another 18 levels even with ABel.

Played around with some other relic combinations. The biggest difference was Call on Rosa. Even though Eye on Palmer seems to hurt my 3F ABel team, it still produced the best result with my 9F. Checking now, this same comp with 3F scored 868 then 888, a new record, while keeping Blade on Palmer now lags at 802.

Up next, Soren. Plus The last bits of furniture on my main account.
File: Capture.png (196 KB, 412x364)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
Interesting. It sounds like a new Guild Boss-style event, where only top players will be achieving kills, but the resource resets instead of accumulating. It might be nice actually spreading tokens around instead of only saving for the absolute top priority item every time. I wonder what the shop will have.
who the fuck do i swap
M+ AEzizh
M+ Wukong
>want to swap to
L AThane (+8 copies)
M ABaden (+3 copies)
E C&R (+8 copies)
L Veithael (+6 copies)
File: 1603583842270.gif (1.03 MB, 343x239)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB GIF
>Wukong to any celepo
Is this for real? I've always had the plan to 5* my wu so I can start using his choice chests to work on other celepo. Mine is still at 1* and I only just got the 8 lab copies to 5* him. But now instead of eating the 3:1 loss I can just fucking raw 1* Veith from E+, slap my 8 Wu's back on him for M+ again, almost back where he started? Incredible.

>who the fuck do i swap
Hard to say in that exact situation. I'd remove ABade from the list. You'd still end up with an M AEzizh and accomplish basically nothing. AThane has never personally been on my list, but if you want to go hard into pvp and have another rock solid ranger carry for TempRift he might be the best choice. I assume he'll still be amazing at SI30 without 9F, but I'm not too familiar with him.

Between C&R and Veith, I'm personally intending on Veith for his heavy CR usage. I want to see if this Grotesque changes anything, and also see some results in Nightmare Corridor before committing myself, but lately Veith has been a main for the ABrutus comps, while C&R has just been an optional sub at best for lacking teams.
>stargaze extra copies of an A awakened
>swap that awakened for another awakened you want
>use the gazed spares to recover/jump-start rebuilding your old A
Assuming extra, unused copies don't also get swapped, it can cheat you hundreds of time cards if you have the bank for it. But that's a scary assumption, because if it's wrong you're wiping out incredible amounts of resources for nothing. Gotta see how this pans out.
>Assuming extra, unused copies don't also get swapped
they do
all spare heroes and bag cards get swapped to the swapped hero
can still over-pull awakened heroes on stargazers past 5* and then 3:1 swap them back, if you consider Timegazers worth 3 stargazers it would be even worth.
otherwise, just swap to a stronger hero and rebuild the old one slowly as it's lower priority for you.
anyone has a good F2P setup for killing 4 bosses in nightmare corridor?
im gonna miss this nigga
anyway should i get athane or abaden?
solise > brutus = baden > thane > talene
aBaden more versatile
I got this one
Atalene(L) Veithael Saurus Tamrus(M+20) Lyca. can drop ATalene for the 4 hero kill
Scarlet Sonja Ezizh Numisu Raine (scarlet rng here)
Lucretia Alna Rosa Palmer Lucius
>Kane (9.6M dmg, barely off)
Grez Anasta(mine's 303e0) Twins Haelus Estrilda
Mishka Warek Antandra (A+20) ASolise(+309e60) Astar
>Nemora (I got 6M tops, need maxed Abrutus here.)
Lorsan Rowan ABrutus(M20) Kren Mortas
File: pvp.png (927 KB, 568x767)
927 KB
927 KB PNG
Finally got 9F on my main. Weirdly, I couldn't get this to work with Palmer in the center. It was consistently 50 to 100B below kill. It shouldn't have mattered. His aura looks like it touches all 5 slots from the center, and most people recommend him there. But after 3 tries they all failed, yet with him on bottom 3 tries all succeeded with time to spare. Could just be weird RNG, but still something I wanted to point out.
File: Capture.png (1.2 MB, 532x1154)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Well, looks like it doesn't turn bag soulstones into the new hero. So I really do have a 1* Veith now and 10 copies of Wu to build him back.
open your fucking chests
File: 1581437783664.png (9 KB, 187x375)
9 KB
File: wrizzkill.png (380 KB, 440x774)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
I went ahead and borrowed a belinda.
I think the reason you put palmer on the bottom is because of the placement of the Owl circle.
but yeah. it works
why? waiting for the stock value of dust to go up?
File: Capture.png (190 KB, 474x298)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
I mean, the fact that dust chests don't scale with campaign progress after ch29 makes me open everything and use them.
Once you reach Ch 29 you should open all your dust chests, and convert all selectors into dust chest because XP and Gold are worthless.

Ch29 24hr chest value: 1167
Ch42 24hr chest value: 1167
I know, I'm just having fun. I generally just save things up and spend them all at once on big summoning days. Honestly even if I put every dust chest at once I'd only get enough for 1 or 2 levels. That's nothing to me.
File: afkdisability.jpg (91 KB, 726x474)
91 KB
what a weird way to have fun

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