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Happy 19th Birthday 4chan!

File: 1651731374917.jpg (1.39 MB, 4000x2374)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
Monster Musume TD
~I'm stuck on an island in the middle of the ocean with monster girls who adore me~
MonmusuTD is a Tower Defense game launched in early access on March 14, 2022,
Official service started on May 9, 2022

1Million users
File: FZ9CyqBaMAEgjqe.jpg (197 KB, 1280x720)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
reposting for the new thread
File: 1646783714479.jpg (479 KB, 1920x1080)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
Chimera and Chapter 6 starts this Tuesday August 16.
File: 1652996706004.jpg (436 KB, 1920x1080)
436 KB
436 KB JPG
Silver Dragon and the first new Harp users will also be making their debut this coming update.
must put penis inside vivi-sama
What happened to the last thread?
I was the one who posted the last thread. Dunno what happened to it but I was given a warning. "You were warned for >>thread, all video games goes in /vg/". What kind of intentions does the janny who hit the thread have?
nice to see that they're still trying integrate the movement mechanic into battles
wonder if there will be periods where you're unable to damage the eye or if it's just going to force us to follow it

too much like a general probably, others are doing it too but that's moderation for you
seems like you need a simple statement or question about the game in the op
idk shit about 4chan, but apparently you can't put links in the first post on this board because it looks like a "general thread." That's what the other anon that made a topic that got deleted said.
As others have said, don't make the OP too general like. Smaller is better for the OP. The extra v boards all exist in a state of flux where they're not meant to be extra /vg/s, but have pseudo generals as the majority of threads.


>Pastebin Guide
Which legendaries have a creampie scene with a POV angle?
just ran out of skip tickets, didn't even realize i went through over 800 thanks to the recent story stage bonus
File: 1647058605144.jpg (612 KB, 1280x720)
612 KB
612 KB JPG
◆Maintenance time
Scheduled on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, 10:30~16:00 (JST)

・Chapter 6 of the Main Story
・Chapter 5 of Special Challenge
・Ability to ascend units a third time (Class change)
・New Monsters girls to be added
>Silver Dragon - Argyuro
・Various Bug Fixes
>only 1 new character
Are we getting another boss event?
I figured they weren't going to have an event since the new chapter, new special chapter, and new boss challenge would be too many gems at once with a new event. Looks like they aren't even giving us the new boss challenge, unless they forgot to list it in the patch.
>tfw when reading Nip comments on the JP wiki are they're skittish about one-eye designs and are even talk about cop-out versions like bangs over one eye
It's a shame the limit on monsterish designs is going to be heavily limited by Nips who can't handle them.
File: Gazer Pancakes Comfy.png (387 KB, 1104x1188)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
What? They're skittish about monoeyes? What the fuck?
File: Lameness.png (135 KB, 1580x632)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
went too hard on the rank ups with the half stamina, didn't get enough shop currency to clean out the event shop. had to leave 10 big milks, 100 of each of the small element stones, 60 small god fruits, and all of the equipment. all of that's farmable, so that's not too bad, I guess.
You still have a day to farm, or did you already count that or are just going to skip those anyway?
You could have cleaned it out just off natural stamina and still had the past several days to spend farming other things.
It's probably better to save up stamina for the chapter 6 armor drops so we can limit break our Lancers/Assassins/Shamans. In any case I imagine the Assassin buff is going to be like a 1.3x multiplier since that's what they stick onto a whole ton of awakenings in Aigis. It's going to make Teruru even more insane, but I wonder how long it will last after movement/placement. It will feel shitty at 10 seconds, pretty good at 20 seconds and amazing at 30 seconds.
I also wonder if the Lancer class change will shave off an absolute amount or a percentage which seems to be the more common case in Aigis.
I have all 4 Shamans at 90 at least. Their class change will make Shaman stacking possible on every single map in the game. It will literally break the game in half though the game wasn't really hard in the first place.

Honestly, all the new class changes currently seem pretty substantial, so I wonder what they're going to do for classes like Paladins/Oracles/Priests.
File: Muroku 313.jpg (173 KB, 600x800)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
It seems like the users are split 50/50, I do approve of the idea of an Monoeye Oni. The other half are faggots tbough.
don't know how much influence they have over what's going on tbdesu
game has dudes getting fucked in the ass, futa, gender bender, frozen human dildos and egg laying, a one eyed monster seems pretty tame in comparison
I don't know how will they be able to make one eyed giant looks sexy though. I wouldn't mind one in game since there are ugly characters too. Oversized milkers on one eyed mob is waste though.
Missing shota womb tatto.
They played it pretty safe with Hecatoncheires so maybe they'll play it safe with cyclops, too.
Your cyclops, /mmtd/.
Since when was Koume a cyclops? Clearly she is a zombie.
New Game startup art. Seems the Griffin is in fact a Sphinx interpretation.
idk what this jp meme is supposed to be, but this is the craziest login screen.
File: 1633159520659.jpg (40 KB, 504x336)
40 KB
File: 1631593332570.jpg (545 KB, 640x640)
545 KB
545 KB JPG
Based on an old game show (and discovery) from the late 80's that is actually still on going

Do the choices in the new story influence anything?
The elf girl getting ORCED is satisfying after how annoying her stage was.
So what are the gold costs for a 3rd class change? The wiki hasn't updated.
It's in the notice. 400k for L, 160k for E, 80k for R and 40k for C. It's the got changes to each class too.
>chapter 6 summary

>MC's group is researching an old dilapidated temple(Temple of Enki is what my MTL spits out) whose purpose and worship is unknown
>Rin asks to hold hands and it ends up with everybody holding hands together for a folk dance
>MC tells them to cut it out
>anyways, it seems their commotion attracted somebody
>an Elf Archer who seems to be a poacher
>the monmusu go on a tangent and Vivi scolds them for disrespecting the temple while the archer gets angry at being ignored
>after battle, the archer runs away and they decide not to pursue so as to not get lost

>The party finds a large door
>on the other side is the Sphinx who immediately asks them who she is
>upon MC correctly surmising her as a Sphinx, she rewards him a Sphinx doll and introduces herself as Logica
>it isn't cute as can be seen in the new title art
>she then immediately asks what the doll is for
>MC can only guess it as a trophy as it seems to have no other purpose which Logica accepts and hands him another one
>she says if you collect 5, you win a dream tourist trip to the desert
>trying to tell her they come here to research and search for old texts/lyrics, Logica announces she is the Guardian of them and gives another riddle
>what is a baby in the morning, a baby in the afternoon, and a baby at night?
>a baby, right? but the group thinks it can't be due to being to simple and Kuromi suggests a baby play addicted company executive a la that one Yakuza webm
>cliffo only gets movement speed up from limit breaking again
Horses did this.
>Selen says that's sick, but Logica accepts that
>Second question, what type of bread(pan) can be eaten like bread(pan)?(I am entirely unsure on this one, but the actual riddle this is based off and parodying is what type of bread(pan) can you not eat?)
>this causes confusion however Rin eventually answers MC's pantsu which she has in fact eaten before
>Third and last round where you can get a super sphinx doll worth 3 normal ones
>it's a music question and Logica hums a tune
>Kuromi answers incorrectly with Monster Musume Gymnastics no. 2 and gets her tits censored as a punishment
>she repeats the tune which the MC points out is different and asks again
>Kuromi answers with Monmusu Gym no. 3 and gets punished again with a crotch censor
>Logica again repeats with a different tune and before Kuromi can answer, Selen gets sick of this and battle starts
>upon her defeat, Logica admits the correct answer was Monster Musume Gymnastics 4
>Vivi finally pipes in and asks Logica to show them the Texts to which she obliges
>heading in, they find a bag with update parts for Beast Gods written on it
>it's maid clothes
>Vivi puts it on
>cue amazing bright light and flash back to a few days ago
>the group has become some sort of Master Police that prevents lewd incidents and MC harassment
>Rin reports a 900% molestation rate of MC when he goes out meaning every time he goes out he gets molested on average 9 times
>Lauren comes in with a report saying the cases seem to be due to some sort of syndrome that causes monmusu to go wild upon seeing a boy
>wondering what they can do about it, Lauren reveals that there is a book left by the Boy of Genesis which holds many legendary secrets
>Vivi pipes in and says the best lead is the Temple of Enki
>flashback end
>Vivi has awakened and will give an oracle
>Her oracle is that she needs a super awakening to give a proper oracle and that the key to doing that lays deeper in the temple
>they find another large door
>Logica is also still around and coming along
>beyond the next door which MC tried to open, but was too weak to do so so Selen opened it is Fermi
>Kuromi has a surprised reaction and asks who are you to which Fermi can only timidly reply being somewhat taken aback by the sudden question
>MC has to reintroduce Fermi to whom Kuromi seems to have trouble remembering
>Kuromi tries to sweet talk Fermi into helping due to friendship to which Fermi refuses wondering how the hell she thinks she can get away with that after what just happened
>in any case, Fermi is doing a test of power, not riddles

>after the battle, it turns out there's more tests which amount to a lot of random exercises
>Fermi has MC do squats while she is piggybacking on him
>telling him how important it is to focus while in the middle of a sacred trial with a lewd tone and atmosphere
>Rin yells liar and splashes her
>Suzu and Selen wonder if Fermi was always this kind of character and then come to the conclusion its the result of the syndrome
>Fermi says they're just accusing her due to not liking the trials and she says she can't let them past until MC does something lewd
>battle start
>afterwards they find a box with another maid outfit inside
>Vivi puts it on and true awakens
>her true oracle is that true true enlightenment is needed for the desired oracle
>the group is starting to get angry at this point
>deeper inside they find the elf poacher who got lost in the temple
>Logica says some ominous things about the fate of lost poachers turning to bones to which Suzu is concerned
>in any case the elf poacher is still obnoxious and we battle her and she runs off again afterwards to get raped by orcs

>They find another door that's different from the previous ones
>Logica says it's the EX dungeon which they will probably return to later
>MC is very confused
>they wonder who the next guardian will be and they ponder if it's somebody they know with MC suggesting somebody like Kuromi possibly
>Kuromi immediately acts suspicious while everybody can only stare at her silently
>they reach the next door and upon opening it, they find Tantaru
>Tantaru tells Kuromi to come on and she joins him as pair guardians
>Tantaru asks the group how it feels to suddenly have somebody switch sides to which they have a predictably weak reaction
>Suzu and Selen go so what's the trial to which Tantaru replies a naughty one to which they also have a weak reaction to
>anyways battle clear, open up the way
>Tantaru objects and says there is still more to which he gets Kuromi to help him summon something despite her reluctance

>they summoned tentacles
>apparently they raise all the tentacles on the island
>for the sake of a day where a boy comes and they can have tentacle play with him
>Selen wonders where the trial went
>the tentacles are defeated, but it seems there's still something left as the temple shakes
>Huge Boss Tentacle Monster appears
>it turns out she is the very first one they raised and it was the one that gave birth to all the others and is titled Big Mommy
>wondering if it was angered by their defeat, the Succubus/Incubus duo tells them that no, it was just excited by MC's scent
>Selen again wonders where the hell the trial went
>after fending it off, we learn that Kuromi and Tantaru have been secretly feeding it and taking care of it and it's the reason the temple is full of holes
>anyways, third set of maid clothes
>after reaching true true awakening and obtaining true true oracles, it seems she can actually answer real questions now
>regarding the syndrome, it was apparently the reason for the boy of genesis's death
>he died of sex
>Vivi says it came from outer space and to get rid of it, they must unseal the legendary 4 beast gods
>Suzu turns out to be the only one who really knows what space is
>MC asks about the beast gods
>Vivi says that more parts are scattered across the continent with the beast gods lying dormant for a quest to collect them
>MC is concerned about why they were sealed in the first place
>Vivi can only answer in regards to herself that it was to seal their own power which would have too much impact on the world
>this is construed as libido and a chastity belt to which Vivi says close enough and so her oracle ends
>anyways, obviously they have to go to these Beast Gods locations directly to awaken them
>however, they're spread across the continent, not Gespens
>this means they're going overseas and some of them get excited
>MC wonders how they'll even get there, but Vivi has something prepared
>It's the Magic Cruiser Kazzo
>it was salvaged and it turned out it had a convenient auto repair function
>Suzu is concerned, but Vivi replies she booted it up in safe mode and reprogrammed it
>this conversation goes over everybody else's heads
>MC does not see this journey going well and so they set sail
Eye boss is easy some of stages are harder like elf stage.
Man, why can't the MC rape the female villains instead?
I am both out of gold and milk. I fear the next stage of progression.
So what does the harp class does?
Tetty has surpassed 30k HP.
At max class change, +100 to attack/defense stats to all allies when deployed. An additional +40 attack to units of the same element. Allied units do not need to be in range for the buffs. All enemies within range have their attack debuffed by 45% of the Harp unit's attack.

The Silver Dragon has poison/petrification immunity, increases all allies' resistance to poison/petrification, and has a chance to heal it upon skill activation?
Her skill makes her do DoT damage to enemies in range and for the first 10 seconds sets the weather to heat wave which damages enemies by 150 per second. She doesn't get range boost or anything, so it's very non-impactful, but will clear mooks over the whole screen due to the weather effect.

All in all, not super impactful. The buffs are instant compared to Shamans, but lower overall and they don't increase DP generation. The debuff is comparable to deploying one of the dogs and won't make or break a debuff strategy, but will help. Argyuro herself seems to be niche unfortunately having a status focused passive and a skill that deals mild DoT damage.
File: 1660645273292.jpg (65 KB, 462x477)
65 KB
+ She doesn't count towards the deployment limit either. Don't have her but map wide damage sounds pretty neat for softening up enemies.
>i'll skip through the story and read it in the log book
>no battle dialogues or post battle scenes
it seems I have played myself
Teruru comes close to soloing Slime MAX now. Can't quite clinch it before the slimes reach it though. Elut though is just sort of ridiculous now at max investment. She'll throw out 10k+5k×9 damage wheels at max charge.
Dragon girl 120 but not lagos you gay son. Anyway how the fuck you had all the milk and money. I just did summer dog and anisira. My dog is at 119.
I want sexy summon saving my vivi coins fuck this ugly gorilla.
where are the free summon tickets...
Event just ended. Are you new? Maybe in 3 events we will have tickets again.
File: milk_shortage.png (120 KB, 466x472)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
milk truck depart
File: 1646057159689.jpg (154 KB, 1280x720)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Happy 100 days!
If you still have unspent points from the DMM Festival they're gonna go in the next couple days
Make sure you spend them
How do I even specifically spend points lol. They're mixed in my paid ones even the scam some package in game shop points last for 18 days imagine the scam.
That pack with the legend ticket is a random one right? Not an unowned legend or new, just random? I assume it's a new pack because the store wouldn't stop being high lighted til I looked at it.
What powers up the sphinx to unkillable levels in 6-2?
Killing the perfect illusions.
What is this 6-5 stage, how do you even do this.
The priestess doubles enemy attack/defense like flagbearers while also healing. The elf has triple shot and 1200 base attack.
Yeah I realized that a little later, not sure how to fast drop out these priests before the elf just rapes whoever I drop on them.
Yeah, it's random. It's a decent deal on gem value, but probably only worth it if you don't have a lot of Ls and are also looking for dupes on the ones you do have.
Didn't know that. I assassinated elf near the spawn gate by summer dog and dropped silva as bait. Then used bird and light dog to shoot everything while killing mobs near spawn.
Have no idea how the new boss works but barely got him, guess they want you to have cc3 already for this or something, I had like 20s left on the timer.
I did it with only summer dog 119 and Anisira if not mistaken. You don't need c3 at all
I really should've went harder for summer dog, I'm gonna live with this cope for years til a pick ticket I guess. I got my summer bird and was happy.
Once her skill kicks off, the Hekatonkheires pumps out damage like no other, it's crazy. Even big mommy's HP just melts off.
Mommy has huge magic defense and low physical defense. You are supposed to use physical attackers like Raikon or summer dog. Suzu is probably MVP if you don't have them.
The intended idea is to use melee attackers and move around the map, but I guess they don't have any proper distinction between melee and ranged, so they just gave it magic defence and called it a day.
File: 6-5.jpg (1.2 MB, 1713x1937)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
>What is this 6-5 stage, how do you even do this.
Easy mode: Just drop Elut at bottom left corner in front of the heart, she can kill OHKO the elf when she comes out of that door. You can then just drop a few more ranged units in mid and set your clock to 3x and auto win.

Elut has better range than the enemy elf boss so you can do this on the other maps as well.
I'd argue Elut works better in the bottom center since she can reach both doors that way. But yeah, she was my silver bullet for that map. These stages made appreciate her a lot more.
I meant the units that are c3 not that I didn't use many other Ls. I think anisira was c2 at that time too. Her goblins to die taking the nuke.
enemy pathing can reach her early on and clear her stack, it interrupted my elf kill the time I tried. But maybe I dropped her too early on that test.
What I did was drop her in the spot below Raikon in that image and athel in the intersection.
>Nips are having huge debates about difficulty because chapter 6 was remotely hard
I thought it was a bit harsher than average, but not to this extent.
I had to retry some maps to 3 star desu
Got a link to the thread?
It's just the same wiki comment board.
It takes more damage from classes that can be placed on melee tiles and the slow energy ball can be dodged.
You can clear LV5 with cc2s if you have 1 or 2 solid "melee" dps chars. Even if you don't cc3 scouts get a fat buff after moving.
>I can't read long comments because I am a shota, please summarize in 3 lines
It felt harder in the sense that my normal setup just wouldn't work so I had to swap deploys out and do some extra stuff. It's definitely a difficulty spike, but my team is mostly ranged / magic so having melee centric maps and stuff threw a wrench in my shit.
The scout point is kinda meaningless considering the low rarity ones are all kinda shit(roper is ok but not for damage) and if he has the two decent ones he probably isn't having trouble in the first place.
I thought it said ranged does half damage in the popup before the fight
The only one I failed to three star was the one with the sphinx. I clicked out of the popup so I had no idea what she did. I had a tiny bit of trouble with the elf since she nuked the shit out of everything she came across, so I had to retry that stage once after getting my first unit blown up. The no healing stages were also minorly annoying. This level >>955306 was pretty easy with the gold dragon. Her three orbs are aoe and basically wipe out the mob pack that shows up in the middle of the level. Overall, it definitely felt harder than chapter 5, but nothing ridiculous.
File: Capture.png (975 KB, 1139x640)
975 KB
975 KB PNG
They're good enough because they get most their stats from shamans anyway. 47 sec left and it falls apart at the end but it should be easy enough to clear with weaker dps chars.
It does, but I remember checking against the slimes when thy first gave them resistances and didn't really notice anything special at the time. Double checked against the boss right now and it is properly halving ranged damage so I guess I just didn't do it properly when testing against slimes before.
Who do you guys think are the best non-L characters to give the next tier of equipment to? We only got 1 of each from the special levels. I was thinking about giving rata the dagger, tantalum the book, gaumi/fris the spear, selen the mace, and unicorn the staff. Not sure who should get the other weapons (sword, spirit branch, mage staff, axe, etc)
Characters you've suggested are good candidates. Feel like there's no beating mandrake and lizard man for staff and sword. Also hold off if you're unsure, everything can be cleared with cc2s atm and sadly rata can't take advantage of the move -> attack buff because it cancels her transformation.
Since weapons boost attack, you'd want them on your offensive oriented units. I'd think Melon would be a better fit for the Mace, but maybe that would be overkill. The Lycanthropes in general seem like better value for a lot of the weapons if we're ignoring Ls meaning Tetty, Rata, Gaumi, and Periri. Punema would benefit most from the Wand having a high amount of coverage and attacks, but no attack increase of her own. For the gun, Amelie is a poorer choice due to the fact clone tokens don't keep the stats from equipment, so the best bet would likely just be Kena. For value long-term, Nelly not counting towards deployment makes her a consideration even for teams loaded with Ls, but if we're considering who would benefit the most from the attack, it'd be Suzu due to her rapid attacks.
>Special levels
Did I miss somerhing? I ran the new chapter 6, is there another batch of levels somewhere?
He means equipment levels after finishing main story 6th maps open or 5th. I think it has soldier icon.
Oh fuck I forgot that existed. Thanks.
File: Capture.png (5 KB, 164x19)
5 KB
unless i'm reading this wrong, it looks like they gave cerberus defense ignore on her triple shots. that's a pretty massive buff.
That's the third gunner class change passive. It's ignore defense every 3 shots. It's not specific to Teruru.
Ayo hol up
Good point on Rata. I still might give her the weapon since I want to beef up her attack as much as possible.
I didn't even think of Melon, but she's a way better suggestion. Thanks for the insight on the other options as well.
File: big_M.png (881 KB, 1131x636)
881 KB
881 KB PNG
not too tough. I almost ran out of time on lv. 4 but had ~50 seconds left on level 5 by swapping out mini-cliffo (forgot her name) for Tetti. She decimates the boss. Only used Lauren to give Lagos bigger damage during skill and Teruru for lowering the boss' attack. Found out at the very end of the run that spears can hit the boss from that top right corner.
Newfag here. Have there ever been half stamina events for the 育成素材 quests?
File: 1654698807864.jpg (250 KB, 1280x720)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
MAX version of the Battleship fight this Monday

Not yet, just the regular weekend EX level
>got Waemawa from paid banner
My meta squad is truly complete. Well once I get another 400k gold and enough milk to take Waemawa to 120.
File: team.png (984 KB, 1134x636)
984 KB
984 KB PNG
Nice. Were you buying the 99 purple milks each week that cost twice as much? This is how far I got with 3.2m gold and all of the milk I saved up since the start of the game. Everyone here has the new weapons except Tantalum and Aqua.
File: FahOVgIacAAWChQ.jpg (265 KB, 1144x1080)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
new event character
Was kinda hoping she'd be gacha. Oh well.
To be stronger? At least you will get her fore free.
Global when?
Never. Aigis global closed doubt they will try this.
I did that occasionally, but I had mainly just been stockpiling gold and milk. I had already had most of my main team leveled to 90 before the update.
It's amazing just how mismanaged Aigis's global version was. I remember when they put a fucking event unit in the gacha to replace the one they should have added because the original was a loli, screwing over both whales and f2p.
I'm going to assume this was either Johren or Nutaku?
>publish a game that's both pornography and gambling
>cut content from it because of moralfaggotry
The west sure loves being ironic.
Nutaku. Johren didn't exist back then.
Blame canada, not the west as a whole this time. It's a fucking leaf company and loli is illegal there.
She looks like she has human legs inside of half a fish suit. You can see her knees.
File: 1635813716178.jpg (512 KB, 1920x1080)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
◆Maintenance time
Scheduled on Monday, August 22, 2022, 10:30~15:30 (JST)

・New Event Start "Gespen Island's Mystery Tour"
・New Monsters girls to be added
>Androsphinx - Rafuka
>Sphinx - Lojika
>Siren - Tia
・Various Bug Fixes
The cancer got Dohna Dohna instead of mangagamer so no physical copy or censor removal. Fuck all the fucker westoids supporting them.
I'm pretty sure they add lolis later like Dina.
They're same shit no?
Dohna Dohna was Shiravune, not Johren/Nutaku. They only sold it on their storefront. That's how all their releases are.
Sort of, they brought them in much later right before shit died and I think some of them had edited art even then. Dina was replaced originally with Dine, her older sister who came first to the english version as a replacement and shortly after to the JP.
Don't these Shiravune fuckers do physical versions?
Anyway glad aigis developers told Nutaku to fuck off and MTD has some of people working on aigis too so I assume it won't come.
File: 1629968877105.jpg (349 KB, 1200x800)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
>two horses
I bet they are to blame for air raider's class change bonus being complete shit.
They're lions, not horses. Rather Logica is a Griffon Sphinx specifically and Cliffo is also a Griffon.
Lions are just horses with cat ears.
Hope they give lion petrify since I don't have medusa but still saving and not pulling until snake loli.
>androsphinx is a sphinx with a man's head
New futa?
>non-human vaginas
Guess I get to save.
>draw a woman's head
>call it a man's
Sasuga Nihon.
>skip banner
whew, my savings can recover
Horse cock lets fucking goooooooooooooooooo. I wanna hear her balls churn, I wanna hear her cum slosh out her dick
I keep getting swamped by units and killed Should I get a summoner unit or should I try another strategy
Alright which one of these sluts can unfuck my comp:
I currently runs starter girls + Silva, Neal, fairy
File: Queen of monmusu.png (806 KB, 1536x1541)
806 KB
806 KB PNG
Use melon(green defender), Gunner dog, Harppy and red dragon isn't bad nuker in some stages. You can also use dark bee for buffer and faster pints recharge but I prefer to use goblin anisira.
cliffo and teruru will give you the most value since they have the highest impact basically everywhere. I would also raise elut. That's the hippogriff. cerberus, and the red dragon.
How do you have the crab girl but so many level 1's?
>event story summary

>Kazzo is preparing to set sail when suddenly an alarm sounds
>it's out of power
>needing to find out how the ship is even powered in the first place since it was made by an ancient civilization, Vivi brings in Argyuro the human expert/otaku
>from what Argyuro knows, it seems ancient civilization OOParts are needed to power the ship
>they don't have any and there are even fake ones, so they need to investigate any known ones to see if they can be used to power the ship
>first is the "Dancing Flower" in Siren territory which dances in response to music
>at the start of the party reaching there, the group finds a Siren being accosted by poachers
>after they rescue her, she introduces herself as Tia, idol
>she has heard about MC and was wondering about making a duo unit with him, but seeing his commanding abilities, she decides she's better suited as a producer
>so she tells him he's her producer now
>after a bit of back and forth with MC trying to refuse, Vivi explains the situation to Tia
>about the dirty syndrome and their need for OOParts to power the cruiser
>upon asking about the Dancing Flower, Tia says she'll demonstrate and start singing
>the poachers' unconscious bodies start getting up and dancing, in particular their noses
>it seems the boy from the time of Genesis needed to win a party trick competition so he teamed up with a Siren girl to produce music that could force his nose to move(at least this is what I think my MTL is telling me)
>so it means there isn't an OOPart here at all
>for their next lead, Tia says there was said to be a lost musical score played by the boy from the time of Genesis and it's in Siren territory

>heading to Siren territory coast, they find a pirate ship with pirates
>the group fights them, but the pirates retreat to their ship and fire cannonballs and force the MC's party to retreat instead
>forced into the forest, the group will need to oust the pirates so they can continue their investigation
>wanting to regroup and get some more help, MC plans to head back to the cruiser, but instead everybody in the current party falls into a hole that suddenly appeared out of nowhere
>being hurriedly awakened by Vivi, it seems that the Amelie and Rotona have planned an operation to capture MC presumably for sex
>after beating them back, it seems they aren't actually afflicted with the syndrome because they're dead
>in his prior panic, it seemed MC was had grabbed onto and has been holding onto Tia's tail which results in her teasing him
>Argyuro steering the party back towards the plot says that Inanna Cave, the one they're in, is also said to have OOParts
>A Certain Mural which Amelie leads them to after blindfolding the party for chuuni security reasons
>it turns out to be ancient texts and images on the wall
>MC can actually read the ancient script
>it is homoerotic fiction about the Boy from Genesis and a handsome man
>apparently drawn by a legendary painter, Argyuro goes mad and demands MC to translate more
>Amelie calls her organization if they know about any other OOParts as this clearly isn't one
>she says that there should be one in the Desert which is their next stop
>Rotona has been entirely ignored and forgotten which she says might be a new form of play
>at the desert, Rafuka halts them, Mima is also present and casually asks MC on a date
>it seems Rafuka is a guard for the King's Tomb and is antsy about the MC's party being here
>Logica pops in and suddenly asks "What kind of box is the Tanuki's treasure box?"
>she then notices MC and is surprised since she thought they left, but surmises they must've wanted more riddles so she repeats the question
>Rafuka attacks Logica while saying it's been a 100 years
>Tia is angry and tells MC to cool them down
>they manage to subdue Rafuka with MC also noting wasn't Platina here since she was in the battle
>Vivi says she had done something then left
>Logica is Rafuka's nemesis and she vows to win next time for her king
>Logica says she'll admit defeat if she answers her riddles correctly which Rafuka says okay to
>she asks the Tanuki treasure box question again
>Rafuka not being the bright sort simply answers a square box
>Logica goes Punishment for fools who make mistakes!(this was also what she was saying when Kuromi kept getting wrong answers in chapter 6) and knocks Rafuka away
>she then repeats the question to MC
>the answer is an empty box and it seems to have been a wordplay riddle
>Logica rewards MC a Sphinx doll
>Argyuro exclaims it as legendary
>having the visage of a beautiful boy holding a sphinx doll, Rafuka ends up recognizing MC as her king
>MC says, but isn't your king buried here to which Rafuka replies he is the king of her dreams
>Mima pops in and says there is no king's tomb
>Rafuka is not actually a guard and has simply been practicing for when she gets a king, he passes away, and she'll have to guard his tomb
>this is also why Logica asked the riddle she did, because Rafuka was basically guarding an empty coffin
>asking about the doll being an OOPart, Logica says no, it's just a doll
>there is a legendary sphinx doll buried somewhere, but she forgot where
>Rafuka says she'll dig it up for MC and runs off
>having no other leads, they follow her
The flower and nose bit is a pun. Both are hana.
never came back home with the milk In all seriousness I'm slightly inactive but the biggest reason is that I kept running out of milk
>Logica gets a handjob scene instead of Paizuri
What sort of fucking gyp is this.
How do you beat the battleship MAX's constant beam spam?
File: boss_MAX_skill.png (29 KB, 401x151)
29 KB
Tetti and Rata + support + healer behind them. I played really poorly by letting Cliffo die often since I would move her too late. Also everyone died to the slam attack towards the end except for Tetti. She's honestly ridiculously broken and I don't even have her built with good subskills or cc3. The skill gives +hp and +atk to blunt weapons, which is the mace. I gave it to Melon.
Used this. Need to reach boss so need some fast aoe and ranged to kill small mobs then throw high hp and tank at boss while supporting them from behind. He killed some of my units and spammed his attack then deployed them again and killed him
File: 1655803681558.png (478 KB, 851x461)
478 KB
478 KB PNG
Gomen Igni, it's been a good run.
I pulled her last night, I'm not actually sure she is better than Igni. If anything she seems to work best as a time stop bomb once she gets her last CC or as a defender-lite.
Having something with a lot of HP. Swimsuit Atheel with start charger simply walks over Kazzo and his turrets. With Behemoth she can also survive a full beam.

As the guy who does writeups, Logica seems to unfortunately be in a non-niche. The purpose of the Lancer is to generate some cost, do something with your skill, and pull out when you have better units to deploy. Logica even when ramped does not beat out a proper DPS and her CC is short, doesn't prevent attacks, and has tiny range. She doesn't become tankier than a Guardian nor does she become more powerful than any other DPS. Rather she doesn't even really beat out Okyu for tankiness or Gaumi for ramped strength.

Another thing is the fact MonmusuTD hasn't done much in the way of early rushes. This game doesn't put early pressure on you like Aigis or Arknights does. If there isn't any pressure at all, then Shamans are massively better for generating DP and supporting later on. This kind of stuff can change in the future, but there's nowhere in the game I feel like Logica is appropriately more useful than another unit.
Agreed. I don't think she is outright bad(owing more to the general low difficulty of the game than anything else) but she just doesn't do anything notable. Her ramp probably should have been about twice as strong as it is if that's the route they wanted to go or her time stop having more uptime. Like I guess she can clear trash humans pretty well? But even then she is outclassed by so many other units despite it being her apparent niche.
There have been a few stages with "rush pressure." I remember there was a cow level where 2-3 wolves rushed in at the start. There was a lava themed level that also did the same thing with 3 wolves either in the last event or the new chapter/special levels. It's probably nowhere near as difficult as those other two games, but it's there.
What I find a bit silly is how a lot of Nips are not good at evaluating units on a first look basis. They're really overrating her on her wiki page's comments and they did the same thing with Argyuro then doubled back when they realized Tia pretty much does the same thing because all the good aspects are because of the class itself. They're able to recognize that Rafuka not having any range boost kind of kneecaps her at least.

There's a lot of crazy examples I could probably come up with. Aigis rather than early pressure just has the stage being inherently oppressive right from the start for its high difficulty examples like having superbosses just out and about at the start of subjugations, terrain effects that neuter your stats and UP gen, and map-wide poison. Arknights is more self-inflicted in its high difficulty content, but there are some main story stages infamous for their early rush, and its roguelite mode has stages that end people's runs with them. Both games however have relatively instant cost generating solutions due to powercreep. Monmusu so far is far from that point since we're still at the level of 2 wolves rushing at the base for a 2-block cost generating unit to block.
Newfag here. Do they ever release new key dungeons or were these present since launch?
Golden key ones, yes. Haven't gotten a new silver key dungeon yet though.
1,110 stones for reaching 1st place in the Fanza ranking
That got me a sphinx. Direct upgrade over my salamander for my team. I still dont have kraken.
Sphinx is more durable than I expected but i am still not sold on lancer as a class. An extra block over other lancers and 9 seconds into the round she is over 400 defense (over 550 at level 120 ). This is already higher than some guardians. At 2 minutes she is over 700 defence (over 900 at 120) which puts her significantly higher than most true tanks. Then an extra 20% defence against humans who make up most of the threats (rushing ninjas, charging knights, heroes) puts her effective defense over 1000. Way tankier than i was expecting for a lancer but of course I stopped at level 90.

Not great damage output though, and the 3 second time stop isnt enough. Also she could use another 1000 hp to survive magic attacks better. She doesnt self heal like kraken.

Ill probably use her on certain rush maps, and in battles where there is poor locations available for shamans. She should be right up there with kraken for fast deploy point generation since her skill flashes instantly every activation and immediately starts the cooldown.
Got Logica in a 10 roll, does anyone have Rafuka, and know what the H-Scenes are like?
I rolled her first tenner. Does the other Sphinx have a dick?
going by the scene descriptions on the wiki, no
File: 1651639789901.jpg (589 KB, 1920x1080)
589 KB
589 KB JPG
The cover for the manga has been revealed and the Xcostume that will come with the purchase of it
They sure keep pushing that ugly slime too much. I really don't like her. If they continue with aigis similar marketing they might add exclusive units to novels later which is annoying even exclusive costumes are annoying.
Fuck you I like Rin
Get that slime water out of your asshole son.
While I really like the idea of a flower tea slime, holy fuck she looks like a puke slime instead.
1) Rin is the cutest, fuck you.
2) It costs 750 yen, basically half the cost of an X costume in-game and you get a light novel with it.
3) They already did something like this when they bundled an exclusive L-skill with the doujin game.
4) The game is so easy that you are never going to need any exclusives to win, so who cares?
Not sure why did you make all this post to justify in game content locked behind novel troon.
File: level 90 gear mission.jpg (636 KB, 1714x973)
636 KB
636 KB JPG
Still not enormously useful, but I was trying the sphinx out on the south path to tank all the charging knights on the level 90 special gear mission. Those are the strongest non-boss human units in the game I could think of, and she did fine but took forever to kill them. Their normal attacks didn't move her health bar but the charges did.

I added the shaman late just to see how strong she would get after self buffing, I never hit the +300 def cap from spider before the map ended. Normally you wouldn't even leave her in this long but I was just curious how high she would go. I didn't break 1200 def before all enemies died.

More of a meme tank that will be good if they ever add more rushes.
>I didn't break 1200 def
meant 1300 sorry
Roper's scene 1 is pretty fucking gangster
File: 1633591316668.jpg (274 KB, 1455x820)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
New Dungeon level(s) next update
I hope that 1.3x damage works on Rata's degen field.
A Japanese player took sphinx to 120:
The thing with her buff stacking is she has full mobility the whole time, so she can wander freely from group to group and very few physical attacks hurt her. With life steal equipped she can self sustain well since her def stat is higher than most tanks.

Japanese also report Her damage buff of 1.5x to humans is apparently glitched and also works on wolves and other things. This may be intentional because she is a rush counter and wolves are one of the main rush enemies.

Japanese players also report that her buffs are permanent and even if removed and redeployed later she maintains her buff stacks.
Being stat based for the most part, it requires full investment to get the most out of Logica. Trying low units on this stage myself, just having a tank solves a large amount of the stage. Being able to take out the priests quickly solves the rest of it. Anyways, the low unit showcase setting doesn't really address Logica's real problem, that you'll end up replacing her with a beefier or more area wide effective unit when seriously doing something with a full team. However, this game isn't difficult enough for that to really be necessary yet. Though thinking about it, Logica is a more useful unit than pure tanks generally which could be said to be one of the worst niches currently. Generating DP, doing okay damage, and being a decent tank is better than being just a very good tank for the vast majority of situations. This is the case for all TD games now that I think about it. Pure tanks stop being worthwhile at all once the game hits the point of bosses and enemies that say no to tanking. Being flexible makes Logica a decently useful unit, just not an impressive one.

Logica should get a decent buff from them fixing her passive going by what happened with swimsuit Teruru at least. Or maybe they'll literally just change the wording to reflect what it currently does and let her keep the 1.5x multiplier to everything.
Playing around some more, goblins are fun.
>Being stat based for the most part, it requires full investment to get the most out of Logica.
She was tanking level 90 battles for me at level 90. I wouldn't dream of taking her to 120 like that JP guy did.

She is defiantly a lot more durable than tiger or even kraken which is a surprise, even after just a charge or two her stats get impressive, and is free move around while both of them are mostly planted in place by their actives.

But like you said the game isnt hard enough yet to need it.
I'm picking this game up with limited knowledge of JP.

What's the deal with Gaumi? It won't let me level her with items. Is she like a guest unit until I fulfill a requirement or something?
You earn her levels by clearing her event up to level 60 after that she is free to be leveled up. 3* all her stages
I thought it'd be something like that. Thanks.
File: 1656670551151.png (2.46 MB, 1920x1080)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB PNG
Patiently waiting for Mauro so I can roll again
I'm around 38k now I think soon to hit the target 45k for snake loli they showed on stream unless they do collab before that.
Lentop hurt I'm finally back to being over 100k but yeah I'm definitely ready.

Did anybody roll for Argyuro?
She was personally the first L I have full skipped. Her design felt a bit bland to me what with the mostly white color scheme and large amount of the art being her cloak and mantle. Rather it's so prominent I didn't actually notice the fact she has huge boobs and is wearing a one piece sweater corset thing under it. On top of that, she's unfortunately mediocre gameplay wise. She's also got a bit too much of a gimmick personality.
I'm new and only here for lolis. Hag banners do not register in my mind. Any meta lolis I should keep on the lookout for?
Rakion, Lagos, and Lentop. Teruru skirts the edge of pubescence, but her swimsuit version is especially strong.
hate glasses characters, so no. I might roll for the basilisk(?) or the high imp(?) if they have good kits
File: Goblin Queen.png (1.4 MB, 948x907)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
There will be upcoming loli with a snake super fucking hot better save for that. Also kneel to the queen.
I'm saving as I said also I hate glass just like the other guy. Nice big boobs though.
Is this a paid outfit?
tanuki no takarabako
tanuki is an animal that can transform into stuff
ta nuki
nuki is to take out
no is like 's
so take the ta out of takarabako for karabako
kara is empty bako is box

Did anyone get this before she said the answer?
Seems they couldn't get the battle log addition to work so they're putting it off to another update. However they're still having maintenance issues and it seems they're going to open logins for 20 minutes from xx:30 to xx:50 10 minutes from now.
They can take however long they want. This just means more stones as compensation usually
No wait, I messed up the timezones, there's no temporary login, some people just managed to login during a brief period during maintenance a couple of hours ago and got the battle log commemoration login bonus. So now there's an imbalance they'll need to address for people who managed to login.
File: 1653083493774.jpg (210 KB, 864x786)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Xcostume the other is the OL costume
Maintenance continues!
It continues something must have gone really bad for them to keep extending it. They are currently estimating 1 half hour from now
unlimited maintenance works today?
We're up
3k stones
File: required_L_character.png (20 KB, 323x56)
20 KB
You can't do the new premium dungeon unless you own Okyu? Really wanted that 1.3x damage for Rata, kinda shitty desu.
File: solid snake.png (1.44 MB, 1135x639)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
needing L characters to enter p.dungeons is dogshit but these event stories have been an enjoyable read, really like this one has been a continuation on what happens after chapter 6
also what's the new p.dungeon scene? going to assume its more tentacles
File: 1632868531818.png (56 KB, 304x166)
56 KB
Patiently waiting for this new girl to get it and holy fuck that rush in EX4.

Also items now have a drop rate percentage next to them
p sure I typed "desu" at the end there and not "desu"
I figured it was a continuation since they were talking about the "naughty syndrome" and logica showed up. Guess I'll have to finish the rest of that before reading the rest of the event. Only read to 6-2 last week, thanks for the heads up that it's a continuation.
Only used 4 keys to get the Legend skill card. Nice
>managed to wake up and do my dailies before reset
oh thank god
>holy fuck that rush in EX4
Hilariously enough, Logica came in real handy there.
I'd say how new, but that word filter is pretty old now and very few people say senpai anymore in this day and age.
And I now realize my own memory is failing me as I can't even remember what word filters to what anymore. Damn dementia.
s m h
t b h
f a m
baka desu senpai
Apparently the bug Logica had where she got her bonus vs non humans was fixed. No buffs for her.
What happens if you equip limit break on characters whose skill do not end like Tetty? Free damage upgrade?
Yea, only started posting on 4chan to talk about this game.
That is what I was assuming with Rata. The only thing you would have to worry about is stun since I think it knocks you out of your skill.
Logica and red dragon, red dragon could kill an entire rush wave with one active.
EX 4 wasn't too bad. First attempt I tried to kill the cannons but that went horribly wrong. Second attempt I loaded everyone on the right after trying to save enough points to put down everyone at the same time. Panicked and put down Tetti before the healer by accident. That wasn't that bad of a mistake since Lagos got to build up her full attack bonus. Lauren completely destroyed the last wave while Lagos' skill was on CD.
I wonder how many pirates Okyu has violated by this point.
Doing some testing, limit break deals 60% of a character's max HP damage at end of skill, so yes, it's entirely free damage for all Lycanthropes. Something to note with Rata is that it won't improve her DoT aura, just her normal attacks. So if you want to boost her DoT, stick with attack boosting. Also, in regards to order with instant skills, the skill effects activate first than the damage. It is completely pointless to equip this subskill on somebody with an instant skill, but that's how it works if you wanted to know. Okyu for example would not heal any of the damage inflicted by the subskill since her heal would go off before it and her tentacle will share the damage since it was summoned right before the damage.
>Event part 2 summary

>Digging through the desert in a vain attempt to find a Sphinx Doll, the party realizes it is a futile and pointless effort while Rafuka madly digs
>Argyuro suggests regrouping, but Suzu suddenly flies in saying Kazzo is being hijacked and is surrounded by pirates
>on top of that, there are monsters Suzu has never seen before on the island
>leaving Rafuka and the other desert dwellers, MC returns to the ship to support Kuromi and co who are defending it
>Kuromi mistakes Tia for a mermaid during introductions which makes her tell MC to properly spread awareness of her as an idol/siren
>anyways, they decide to ambush the pirates as they're busy trying to board Kazzo
>after defeating the pirates, Selen asks what's Tia putting on the pirates
>selfies, so they take her face home with them
>as Tia comments on Kuromi being dumb, a thief barges in and grabs the Kuromi's bag full of OOParts(in event part 1 I failed to mention that Kuromi and co were also hunting for OOParts separately from MC and Argyuro)
>chasing the thief leads to her talking with the pirate captain who have a back and forth since the thief got chased and the pirates trying to hijack the cruiser got defeated
>the party demands the OOParts back
>the thief is mainly interested in actual gold and takes a golden stick of some kind from the bag for herself while the rest goes to the pirates according to the captain
>the party recognizes it
>it is the Incubus girl's golden ball branch which was on Argyuro's list of OOParts
>having to do with Tantaru somehow, Kuromi acquired one
>and also tried it
>additionally she found all the other OOParts on the list
>Salamander girl's shed clothes, Medusa girl's stone bowl, Dragon girl's reverse scale, and Harpy girl's eggshell
>MC wants to tsukkomi, but chooses to hold back and thank them for their efforts
>the thief upon learning what her bar of gold is throws it away in disgust
>the pirate captain surmises that it's all junk and gets angry and tells the thief to help her kidnap monmusu
>however being beaten back, they are forced to retreat to their ship while thief is still in shock from touching the golden ball branch
File: capstan_28227_lg.gif (125 KB, 1024x794)
125 KB
125 KB GIF
>at the pirate ship, Tia saying they're cornered, tells the pirates come join her one-man live event
>Tia exclaims to MC to help start the live while MC says please defeat the pirates first
>having caught the pirates, the captain manages to escape with the thief
>however Tia doesn't mind as there's still plenty of people around to still enjoy the live
>Argyuro reminds her since the pirates are dealt with, what about the OOParts handed down to the Siren girls?
>Tia a bit annoyed goes fine and goes to show them the lost sheet music
>quick cut back to Kazzo as the group are trying to use the OOParts to power the ship
>none have worked and they're down to the last one which is the lost sheet music
>Argyuro tries to play the music on it, but it doesn't do anything
>Vivi suggests trying to also sing the lyrics present on it as well which Tia does
>Kazzo activates its manual operation mode as an extremely loud fanfare plays
>Selen rushes in and says some huge screw appeared on the ship's stern
>what's more the pirates that were caught from earlier seemed to have been animated by Tia's music to start spinning it
>MC can only comment primitive with ellipses...
>anyways, it seems Tia can power the ship by forcing pirates into manual slave labor with the power of song
>The ship finally sets sail with high hearts except for the still uneasy MC
>there's a bunch of stowaways as well
>the deck being Tia's live and a festival, MC gets tired of the hustle and bustle and tries to find some place quiet
>wandering, he meets a girl titled sad girl who predicts MC's death
>then it cuts to a demon girl who seems to have been destroying ships that pass through some place
>she hopes a ship really worth attacking comes around
those puns were impressive
had no idea what they were talking about at the end, but that pic makes sense. I've seen that in anime before like suzu was saying, but I don't actually know how it would move a boat.
It could turn a waterwheel or propeller.
As someone that just started playing, which banners should I roll in? I heard that Okyu is required for a certain dungeon, but I like some sphinx pussy as well
Out of the current banners, the one with the phoenix has the best unit(although the orc that is with her is kinda meh). The pastebin in this thread has a break down of units if you are curious. You should roll for your dick's favorite though, the game isn't yet hard enough to worry about rolling for meta.
None of the current banners are particularly strong. Okyu is required for the most recent gold key dungeon whose unique drop is a powerful subskill that's mostly just useful on units with endless skills like lycanthropes. Logica is decent as a statstick/tank, but she's not super useful outside of that. Rafuka can be powerful, but has shit range and no range boost compared to the ranged units that are powerful and have range on top. Atheel is a very strong DoT/support option both dealing unresisted damage while healing and reducing all units retreat timers by 45% while deployed, but Delboa who is in the banner with her is more of a meme unit than anything.

This game isn't so hard that you need to meta pull, so just dick pull for sphinx pussy if you want it. However, check out the sadpanda gallery for the game and the girl's scenes before really determining if you want to dickpull. Logica not having an actual paizuri scene was highway robbery. Rafuka's scenes look great to me, but luck gave me 2 Logicas before I gave up.
File: chrome_xZEheTWKPJ.png (744 KB, 919x612)
744 KB
744 KB PNG
Went for the phoenix and got this instead; looks like mission failed successfully.
File: 1639811724462.jpg (131 KB, 1280x720)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Stay hydrated and cool during this heat.
ah yea, that makes sense.
I started playing this on launch for the novelty, it was OK but seemed like abandonware so I bailed after I ran out of shit to do
now I see a thread up, there's an anime opening when you start the game, and they chucked in 20 new L's
so this is the power of monstergirls
I also did when I didn't get lagus then returned to game and got my first L it was harpy anyway I continued and got shit load of Ls and enjoying it. I also requested a specific costume for a character and mad men actually did it.
And I managed to get the cute pheonix without using up too many gems. I'm glad that this game isn't screwing me over like Aigis does.
File: 1661703772642.jpg (473 KB, 1920x1080)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
There was some fuck up that accidently showed the next event and the event's free unit.
Daemon - Med
What? A free unit. I thought all units showed on stream will be paid.
This is also what I thought. She was one of the ones I was going to roll for, can't complain if we're getting her for free.
She's already shown up as the cliffhanger antagonist at the end of the current event. I'm curious as to how they differentiate her from demons in general as a daemon.
>that tail tip
I know where this is going.
File: 1658416055960.jpg (843 KB, 1920x1080)
843 KB
843 KB JPG
Client version when!?
File: 1647182599821.png (299 KB, 691x291)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
Finally she came home, been sitting on those 2k paid jims forever for a banner I was missing most of them on or her in it. Glad I won the coin toss.
File: 1645987724745.jpg (355 KB, 1144x1080)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
File: 1638899319733.jpg (184 KB, 1280x720)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
September 3rd is Good Sleep Day make sure you get some!
Anyone has the banner leak? Discord niggers take any new data miner to their closed circle and he stops posting them on public.
File: 1636625411244.jpg (617 KB, 917x508)
617 KB
617 KB JPG
◆Maintenance time
Scheduled on Monday, September 5, 2022, 10:30~15:30 (JST)

・New Event Start
・New Monsters girls to be added
>Hydra - Yura
>Banshee - Anse
>Demon - Med
・Various Bug Fixes
File: 1659267578147.jpg (3.31 MB, 3836x3236)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB JPG
Going by ear length, I'm assuming that the albino girl is not an alt to this one.
holding two different weapons. also all the blood in number 3 very likely indicates she is a vampire, not a banshee.
new startup pic
also the new event is already up???
File: event.jpg (332 KB, 1132x1271)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
I don't see anything odd on my end. I don't think it's time zone fuckery, but is there anywhere a full day ahead of JST?
I was on the browser version. guessing someone pushed out the event placeholder by accident with an update for the battle log.
File: start_screen.jpg (306 KB, 1133x639)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
here's the new start screen
If you haven't refreshed yet, or if you have and can still see the new event, are you able to peek at the new gacha units as well?
File: unit1.jpg (249 KB, 1134x640)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
nothing in the gacha, but you can see the animations in the encyclopedia. sorry, don't know how to make webms.
the demon is a dark defender and the banshee is a dark support
File: 20220904_144244.jpg (331 KB, 1200x800)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
Damn already dropped loli i'm at 43.5 k almost 45.
>banshee is epic rarity
Well my stash is safe. I can wait for her to come eventually when I'm rolling for the other albino.
yfw that kusorat is back... She gets it every single time.
Might want to look at her chest a bit closer.
Super flat loli what about it? Her name is Yura too
Oh fuck how the tits are upside like that lmao. She was almost perfect
There is something between the legs that looks like asshole or something. My coomer brain is smoking
this is coom level: extreme
I hope this didn't just drain all my luck as I need to roll Onsen Risley in Aigis in a couple of days.
Meanwhile I got the healer phoenix instead of either rate up girl. Birds fucking love me in this game.
Fairly easy EX this time around kind of sweat it when I saw all the canons show up at the same time... Worm gimmick is fine too.
File: 1636389210145.jpg (315 KB, 1295x804)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
Looks like I'll be taking all your dogs and sad girls
The worms are basically just a clone of the ones in aigis.
Damn you I got her in 6 multis but got also the previous banner unit the tank one. Raikon never ever.
>Medo's first scene
Tail pussy is a trick.
>Event part 1 summary

>Continuing where we left off, the MC is confused at Anse suddenly announcing his soon to be demise
>MC tries to ask how, but before Anse can answer, Kazzo is struck and an alarm sounds
>Vivi shows up reporting Kazzo is under attack
>she also goes, oh so you were on board too, Anse? which is a repeated joke whenever a monmusu shows up
>Kazzo has automatically changed course to emergency dock at a nearby island
>Anchored, MC, Vivi, and Anse come out to check the damage
>Vivi says she can detect magical and demonic energy from where the ship was hit
>Immediately, Med shows up titled happy girl very excited that the ship survived her ultimate attack calling it strong
>thinking about it, she comes to the conclusion there must also be a strong man on the strong ship and immediately asks to fight MC
>Vivi identifies her as a demon girl while MC asks their relation to general monmusu
>Med is still itching to fight as they talk so Vivi suggests heading away from Kazzo since it might get damaged
>Anse is still here and still being cryptic, but she says she plans on protecting MC as she doesn't want him to die
>after losing, Med wonders how she lost to someone so short, even more, she feels a tightness in her heart and thinks she's fallen in love
>She's never wanted to destroy somebody so much and is snapping her fingers in a way MC doesn't like
>Med has a thing where some of her words have ambiguous double meanings
>she's already coming on to MC to destroy or possibly rape him while Anse remarks MC is always side by side with death
>Petra shows up saying the ship needs to be repaired, however the issue is there anything on this island to repair the ship with considering it being ancient magitech
>MC however has to worry about Med and his life first
>the Oneeshota patrol show up as monsters are rampaging due to the destruction being caused by Med as she chases MC
>Teruru steps in as Med advances on MC with MC thinking she's trying to protect him
>Teruru however just wanted to ask her whether she is of the OneeShota or ShotaOnee school of thought
>Anse says she prefers OneeShota as the image of a shota begging for forgiveness is beautiful to which Teruru says she passes
>Demanding Med to answer, Med responds she doesn't really know and she just wants to smash MC who she has been calling chibi to pieces
>Teruru says it's a resoundingly destructive OneeShota and approves
>MC is distraught while the OneeShota patrol celebrate their new comrade
>we cut to Miteras who seems to be talking about somebody
>MC however shows up and surprises her
>he's still being chased by Med
>while Miteras and Med briefly attempt to talk and have a misunderstanding, a monster shakes the earth
>Miteras tries to calm it down while MC asks why she's talking to it
>because she's a mom, she says the monster seems to have gone mad from the anger of having its nest destroyed by the rampaging Med
>since MC showed up with Med, it also recognizes MC as an enemy
>Miteras regrettably has to fight the monster to defend her son and Med also defends MC since she doesn't want others messing him up first
>after the battle Miteras gives MC headpats for his commanding
>Med does the same saying she'll stroke his hair until it dies with Anse saying death is approaching master's roots(hair)
>MC asks Miteras for help and she says if she calls her Mama
>he reluctantly obliges and Miteras immediately starts hugging him to death with her tail to which Anse says death is approaching again
>Med demands MC from Miteras who says she'll protect him while also suffocating him
>Petra suddenly shows up and knocks Miteras away saving MC saying he shouldn't be wasting his time like this trying to get the plot back on track to repair Kazzo
>asking Med, it seems she has seen some magitech stuff around, but wants MC to which Petra immediately obliges
>MC receives Med's destruction/love and the others comment on the sound of his spine breaking
>Med leads the group to a destroyed magical weapon
>Petra is distraught at the destroyed part as Med says it was troublesome so she smashed it to death so she wouldn't have to fight it aagain
>Petra takes back MC saying she can't repair the cruiser with this and tells MC to get up as he is still unconscious from Med's destruction/love
>even Vivi comments on her mercilessness
>as Petra rages, it turns out there are still some weapons left and they've activated
>on top of that, monsters have gathered because they're angry at the damage that Med has been causing
>MC tells Med to be careful to not break the machines which she goes fine
>after the battle, Med seems to be more obedient and we learn more about her
>she was banished from her hometown due to trying to destroy it and ended up on this current island near Gespens
>she was mainly destroying stuff out of boredom and nobody strong was coming
>until she met MC who is still being skittish as this conversation is happening
>Vivi invites Med on the journey to awaken the beast gods because they need fighting power
>MC wants to refuse, but Vivi says sacrificing his body for a strong fighting force is a trivial decision, he'll recover even if his bones are broken
>Anse is excited and again repeats death is steadily approaching MC
>MC tries to get a proper answer out of her about when this death is coming to which Anse does not properly respond to MC's anguish
>as the monmusu laugh it off they prepare to return to the ship
>however Teruru comes to report to Miteras
>it seems Miteras was talking to Teruru about the mystery person previously and it seems she is on the island
>Miteras asks MC to help her find this lost person in a serious manner MC cannot refuse
Well I just learned the assassin's attack buff on deploy and movement can stack repeatedly. Meaning you can superboost an assassin by repeatedly moving them between two squares. However, the buffs are constantly wearing off so it's only worth it for extreme DPS characters. Yura can solo slime with it.
However, reading comments and testing myself, it's also possible to solo slime with Teruru by doing this too.
Cool I felt like she was a little disappointing. I wish the snakes bite had longer range and not on block.
Yeah, I was also a bit disappointed, basically she's S. Teruru DPS, but without the range and penetration. However, as a guy with the strongest meta team possible already, she was a dickpull. Also
>nipple chain piercing
A mighty fine dickpull at that.
Time to save again since I got her in 18k. I hope they don't bring collab when I don't have enough.
>Got Logica to 90 to try her
>Misunderstood google TL to give her ranged attacks
So she feels worse then my lizard, I get the anti-rush but not sure if I'll use it that much now that I got Cliffo too and she hits like a truck with the CC3 upgrade.
Is primary F2P income in this game just the 3 daily stages + collecting login freebies? Nothing else I'm missing?
Boss give a lot untilmax. Also main story they add temporary boss sometimes too for some events. Also from characters scenes. Obviously normal days will be dry and celebrations will have tickets and big login.
thinking about rolling for the violin girl for boosting rata
File: medo_ultimate_love.png (1.34 MB, 1135x638)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
- don't think that's a joke, it's just a way to introduce the characters
- medo says she wants to destroy (love) you. it says she wants you to accept her love but it's written with the kanji for crushing/destroying.
hydra is probably the mysterious person, if I had to guess.
clearing event stages gives 100 each for 1100 total for normal events.
Are half anniversary celebrations for soft launches also a thing in gacha games? Do you think we'll get one?
Soft launches like this game had aren't standard to begin with, it's hard to say.
They had it for Eiyuu Senki (RIP) but it's from a different devs team so it's hard to say
File: team.jpg (217 KB, 797x453)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
What could I change in this team to improve it? I honestly don't think there is anything I can pull in the future that would improve this as an all-purpose team.
- Rata and Gaumi are essential for stopping rushes since they have a low cost and are very durable. I wouldn't have been able to clear EX 2 by waiting for Lagos to deploy, for example.
- Along with those two, Tetti is also unkillable and she hits like a truck. I replaced Aqua with her since she just feels like a better unit.
- Spider's stealth is very good for any map without a rush at the start; I can just drop her to start building deployment points.
- Cliffo's massive range on her skill is invaluable, it helped a lot on maps like the one with bombs set all around the map.
- Lauren does so much damage and her petrification is insanely valuable. Can't see myself ever ditching her.
- Lagos also does huge damage and staunches large packs.
- Same for Teruru, good damage for thinning packs.
- Siren doesn't cost a deployment slot and gives an instant +100 to all stats. I took out Tantalum for her.
- Carbuncle is the only character I feel can be replaced by something since Siren's skill/placement also heal. I was thinking about rolling for the albino violin support since she has stun and can add another +100 to all stats for everyone.
Hopefully the earth, fire, and wind instrument supports don't all end up as L characters.
File: 1662410022445957.jpg (26 KB, 480x344)
26 KB
>Playing for meta instead of sexo
You disgust me
Playing a meta team makes it faster to earn gems for sexo.
I'm >>958792
It is possible to improve by making a squad that just degenerately kills everything on the map constantly. For early rushes I just plop down Teruru or Rakion. After that, it's just dropping nuke after nuke. After a certain point, there's always a skill going off killing everything. I don't care if anybody gets taken out since Atheel lowers everyone's deployment to 36 seconds as well. What will truly make this comp broken is when we finally get a rear tactician or Risley equivalent in this game.
>Rata and Gaumi
Replaceable by Logica, Igni, or Okyu. You only really need one soldier to ramp and past that someone who is just innately stronger like Narke or Elut are also good replacements for the second. S Teruru could also fit in this role as a cheap I win button, but S Teruru is also the most busted unit we have and could replace anyone in your team so I won't mention her again.
Narke or Summer Atheel.
Situationally, the goblin girl is better if you need tokens to attract attacks.
She is solid.
Waemawa is largely superior.
Yeah, she is a great. Consider Raikon as a physical alternative for when magic is walled.
Normal Atheel is mostly superior. That cooldown reduction is quite valuable and being a pseudo demon summoner lets her clear out trash pretty well.
She's an epic. She'll come to you eventually.
So as a new player I suppose I should save until I can get a pity unit? I kinda already wasted 9 10 pulls of currency with no Ls.
Multis? Tbh it's luck sometimes you get early and sometimes you go for pity. You get L from tickets in some events if lucky. I know start might be hard to get but with time you will get many. You also have one guaranteed from beginner missions.
Yea. I got the one from the beginner missions, it was the frost giant. Only really having issues so far with the EX missions because I only have the frost giant at 70 and everyone (all my Es) are a mix of 30+ to 60 since I'm still working on clearing maps to get gear to uncap their levels. Just started with chapter 5 of the story and already did everything I could do in the events (so everything but the EX stages).
Try to hit pity since you went so far unless you can't? You can get some gems by clearing boss but since you're new things will be hard. event units are useable too so don't worry in long run. That said current banner units is good but not too broken.
i got deep dicked by RNG early too but it balanced out eventually
I was being real dumb and did them across banners, with 6 multis on the kraken and 3 on the hydra one. I got the first two bosses to level 5 already and haven't tried the 3 and 4th boss due to them being rough in the story chapters. I figure it's cool if they go to waste since I still got a lot of E units from it and I can always build up starting from now (at 3300+ currency right now). I did manage to get that unit from the event that ended on the 5th to 60 as I couldn't do the EX stages but I cleared the rest.
I mean it's not too dump just summon for what you want. I got many Ls but Raikon is avoiding me. This time I got Hydra in 6 multis. I tried 10 singles at beginning to see if I got lucky with early rainbow but didn't work.
It's "Rakion."
Checked I don't care. Tight loli it's.
Rule of thumb in any gacha for me is only roll if you're prepared to go for pity, otherwise just skip and save.
>I don't care
See, that's why she avoids you.
Yea, unfortunately don't have either of those. I would need a unit under 18 cost that can solo the rushes before I could replace Gaumi and Rata.
Is Igni able to clear an initial rush solo? I don't think I've rolled her 5 times for the +150 attack and -2 cost. Don't own any of the other characters mentioned, but I will keep them in mind for the next time I roll.
Also Teruru is kind of insane with the 90cc buff. Those green spirits in the recent event had 80% magic damage reduction but every third bullet ignores magic defense and she easily killed them anyway.
Decided not to roll, you're right.
In this game there haven't really been much in the way of Aigis style initial rushes. Igni is actually one of the better soldiers at clearing them though thanks to her getting ranged multi target magic attacks with her skill. Her UP gen isn't amazing as a result but frankly UP gen isn't that big a deal here either. It's still better gen than Gaumi and co though.
Pre-Reg for the IOS version has started
File: 1635609182584.jpg (355 KB, 1500x1064)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
Teruru bros... I'm dropping her from my all petan/loli team
Disgusting no wonder they mostly did sfw costumes.
You know she wasn't hiding them, you just weren't looking.
Waiting for it to be noon in Japan so all the EX material quests are available is stupid. Just open them on reset.
Since ios version is coming I hope they will give us free gibs
>What will truly make this comp broken is when we finally get a rear tactician or Risley equivalent in this game.
What's that? Is it from Aigis?
Yes. In Aigis there is a class that lowers the cooldown of all unit's skills globally, Risley is another unit that does something similar but to an even greater extent.
File: FcNK_gmaAAEWoUH.jpg (259 KB, 1455x820)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
- adding a way to strengthen beast god skills
- gallery function added: twitter posts in game (wasn't this supposed to be youtube as well?)
- battle log: shows battle result, team setup, and lets you watch a replay the 20 most recent quests
- old dark elf event added to the substory section
of the*
Mostly useless thanks for translation.
>tfw don't really think bards are worth it, but want to cc3 them just for memes
I think they are absolutely worth it at cc3 simply because it's free stats. Not taking a deployment slot is huge. They aren't really worthwhile below that though.
Managed to get enough currency for another 10 roll and got Yura. I know she isn't amazeballs compared to Teruru but I don't exactly have Teruru and Yura is largely a dickpick anyway. Almost makes up the food poisoning I'm suffering from.
I was going to roll for her since her design is amazing, but the description on the second scene kept me away. Medo and her were the only two I might have rolled for, and they gave Medo out for free.
grats and get well soon
>but the description on the second scene kept me away
How so? Is it the piercings? Because it's one of the most vanilla lovey dovey scenes otherwise.
File: Capture.png (969 KB, 779x637)
969 KB
969 KB PNG
Favourite skin so far, domesticated podel a cute.
>Event summary part 2

>Being guided through the mountains by the oneeshota police, it does in fact turn out the girl Miteras is looking for is Yura
>she was a sweet and kind girl who always used to call her mama as well(the Hydra was in fact one of Echidna's offspring in classic mythology)
>a bit before MC showed up to Gespens, one day Yura left a letter saying she's running away from home and left
>worried sick about her, MC comforts Miteras saying Yura likely feels the same and Miteras responds by saying she would make sweet friends with the boy
>MC is honestly touched and is actually looking forward to the reunion between mother and daughter
>the oneeshota police can only give troubled looks towards MC's expectations however
>Teruru is especially troubled and she philosophizes about the meaning of kindness due to its use here
>anyways, it seems Teruru has finally caught Yura's scent and they rush to her
>Yura can speak with her other two heads who notably talk in some sort of mangled katakana that my ocr mtl transliterates as their pronunciations
>anyways, Yura rebuffs Miteras who wonders if she's become a delinquent
>she was always like this though according to Teruru
>seeing MC, Yura wonders why the hell there's a human here
>Vivi pops up to explain and attempts to fade white to flashback the whole story to her
>Yura doesn't care though and stops her
>Miteras is trying to apologize for her all the while
>Vivi starts agreeing with Miteras and states Yura as an adolescent in puberty running away from home which actually flusters Yura who really does not want to be seen as Miteras daughter
>Teruru wonders if being interrupted made Vivi a bit angry and Vivi scares her a bit by asking if she was saying anything
>Yura starts complaining about all the mommy treatment that was forced on her
>being forced to wear pants
>asking if she properly wiped her face after eating as if she were a baby
>invading her privacy when she wants to be alone
>thinking about that last one, MC posits that maybe Yura ran because Miteras ended up seeing something she really didn't want her seeing
>right on the money considering Yura's reaction
>the classic mom walks in on you while you're having "fun" alone
>in any case, Miteras reflects on it and says she'll take responsibility and quit being a mom
>Yura is surprised and wonders what's going to happen then and what about the others
>Teruru tells her that Yura was really the only one who actually considered her their mom
>MC doesn't want a family being destroyed before his eyes
>Med reacts to the word destroy
>she decides the best course of action is to simply smash
>attacking Yura, Miteras defends her, saying even if she quits being her mom, Yura is still a cute girl to her
>Yura is actually touched and calls her Miteras mama
>MC is happy at this development
>Med prompts the battle with MC on her side who is confused at being on her side
>after the battle Med and Yura talk
>MC tries to get Med to stop attacking by telling her Yura is fine and can be with Miteras so long as Miteras respects her privacy
>Med asks are you embarrassed to be seen or something and tells her to not be sneaky and show it to her
>Even more, Med declares she does it proudly in anytime anywhere and that there's no embarrassment about being seen
>Yura is confused and panicked and wondering what the hell she's saying
>Med asks why not just do it together even?
>Miteras comes to the conclusion Yura was embarrassed because she was doing it alone agreeing with Med and wonders if they should do it together so they can share the embarrassment and fun
>Yura seems to have snapped and is now laughing
>accepting the ridiculousness, after getting out her laughter, she finally simply apologizes to Miteras for running away from home and Miteras both accepts and promises to be more mindful
>Miteras asks to hold hands back on the way to the cruiser, but Yura is still a bit shy
Free gibs for mobile registration number.
Does it work if you're not in Japan?
>as they are returning to the ship, Teruru overhears humans
>it turns out it's the pirate and thief who are still trying to take the ship presumably since it's super valuable ancient technology
>anyways Med helps beats them even if they seem weak
>defeated again, they run off, the pirate insists it's just a strategic retreat
>Med can't be bothered with such gutless people and turns her attention back to MC who is still quite scared
>Anse questions if it's the countdown to MC's death and Teruru wonders why the prophecy is a question now
>Yura notices a shaking however and something seems to be coming
>Yura wonders why the hell they're being attacked by a giant magic golem and so many monsters
>it seems all the monsters have gotten together to ambush Med still quite angry with her and her rampant destruction/vandalism
>according to Miteras they worry that once even more monmusu set foot on the island, the vandalism will get worse so they have banded together to stop it
>in any case Med says she'll take them on and the fight starts
>despite surrounding them, the monsters are beaten back by the overwhelming difference in power
>Petra is excited at taking and using all the magic weapons/golems that were among them as well and MC remarks she seems happy
>Vivi for some reason suddenly asks if MC is alright saying he's a bit pale
>MC says he's just a bit tired and he'll be fine once he goes back to Kazzo and gets some sleep
>Miteras says that won't do and wants to carry him to the cruiser trying to grasp him with her tail
>Med says she'll carry him tight and properly and it seems they're going to fight over it
>MC says he can walk by himself and leaves them, but suddenly almost collapses
>Teruru catches him playing the good role of an oneeshota police
>Teruru says she'll carry him on her back and MC goes (kyun) at Teruru
>Med is a bit annoyed, but MC falls asleep on Teruru's back
>falling into a deep sleep from the piled up fatigue, it seems he won't be easily awoken
>however, the event narrates the end ominously and we get a sneak peek at presumably a new antagonist
Completely pointless but I'm happy I can do it.
how will mc's asshole recover
MC's anus is already pretty loose from Tantaru and Nell probably. Med did get to take his urethral virginity though. Lovewan also took his vaginal virginity.
>tfw MC is a slut without a single pure hole left
What's with the bazillion login bonuses?
I meant number of preorder not phone number
See Raikon banner is up and throw 50 pulls. No Raikon again bros not like this. At least got lagus new which is loli but raikon never ever.
It's over! Got lagus which made me quit at start of game and now Raikon. I will start saving again. I fear of limited collabs
File: 1642361630755.png (562 KB, 1045x347)
562 KB
562 KB PNG
I require more birds.
File: Capture.png (493 KB, 807x329)
493 KB
493 KB PNG
That's basically my team except with a different snek, a tree instead of a dog, and a giant instead of a fish.
You're missing a few existing birds.
How many gems is a pity in this game?
15 10 rolls or 45000 gems.
File: miteras_yura.jpg (262 KB, 1133x638)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
lol at the fifth story being the "are ya winning son" meme
File: depression.jpg (146 KB, 759x476)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
110 pulls for a single L, feels real bad.
threw another 40 rolls at this and got two more rakions and the one from the exchange. guess I can live with this.
She definitely has some of the best dupe bonuses in the game. Hopefully the game throws you a first 10 roll L to make up for it.
File: Untitled.jpg (250 KB, 1140x624)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
Whew, didn't think I'd get anything before I ran out of funds.
File: 1633985376351.jpg (1.24 MB, 3700x3800)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
hermanos... her 3D model isn't completely flat. I can't take this anymore.
Wonder if the model has nipples.
Someone made this efficiency(?) video. Anyone know what they're saying?
Looks like what we've already concluded, that unless you buy out all the expensive milk in the shop, the gold quest is purely more efficient than the milk quest even when buying expensive milk.
Oh didn't know that. I thought after update milk become better.
What the update did was just show you the percentage chance. Gold is always better route even in the events where they sell you milk for event points gold is probably still a better investment than getting it from using your points.
Speaking of points, are the tickets in the preregistration event tab worth getting or should I just get the gold?
tickets are the first thing you should exchange for and then the gold. do not exchange for the milk because it's a scam.
File: Ticket.jpg (136 KB, 1140x635)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>is a scam
That's good to know, thanks for the info.
Also, being a newer player, I had no idea the brown tickets could roll up to Ls. Got really lucky with the first one I picked up.
Why do devs keep fucking doing this? Do they not understand the appeal of their own characters?
Make sure to participate in the Autumn Game Festival and "tweet" out the dmm/fanza games you are playing for free rolls that will be distributed in October.
Where do you see the tweet requirement? Looks like the usual "participate in the festival for 10 days" and you get the rewards for all the games you play. tweeting looks like you get entries into the real money prizes.
I just press tweet and go back on phone works on dokkan too lmao.
I just do it anyways.
Someone posted spoilers like boss tower is coming and rewards are tickets and costumes.
I'm assuming you can't win if you don't live in Japan, so it seems like a waste of time.
Is this the endless boss rush mode they were talking about before? Pretty neat that they are giving out costumes from a game mode.
File: Mon.gif (3.24 MB, 600x600)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB GIF
Roulette. Take picture and post results from official twitter.
File: 1637087663803.png (803 KB, 558x559)
803 KB
803 KB PNG
Completely and totally fine with this. Wonder how many more words she has for calling my cock something gun related
Fun fact, the japanese kanji for bullet can be pronounced the same as the one used for balls. There is probably some fun wordplay she could use there.
File: Results.jpg (192 KB, 579x579)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
It's okay.
Adding onto this I just remembered: Twice a day I change the My Page girl for variety's sake. I just so happened to have changed it to Shijime a few hours ago. What a coincidence.
File: Rakion.jpg (80 KB, 599x669)
80 KB
Very first Monmusu I though of when seeing this was Rakion and ended up getting her with my eyes closed.
Cunny chads! There are my favourite units.
File: 1657474180014.jpg (238 KB, 1280x720)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Ready for the boss?
6-3 is gatekeeping me.
File: tickets.jpg (66 KB, 1053x284)
66 KB
You might need to visit the festival page at least 10 days during the event to get the tickets. Last line in the pic says you need to get 10 stamps to get the items. I'm not sure if you get the stamp if you don't visit the festival page.
It says if you participate for 10 days you get more, IE the 2nd prize listed on the prize page(a single ticket in our case). You get the 10 roll ticket for participating even a single day.
Man, couldn't they have at least given us one purple ticket?
Can confirm that you do need to visit the page to get your stamp for the day. You can still get all 30 stamps as long as you don't miss any days.
File: 1660307867824.jpg (295 KB, 1200x800)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
◆Maintenance time
Scheduled on Monday, September 20, 2022, 10:30~15:30 (JST)

・New Event Start
・Mutant Boss Invasion Event
・New Monsters girls to be added
>Bicorn - Varina
・New Costumes to be added
・Various Bug Fixes
I'm all about the lolis but she's pure sex.
Guess we're not getting this girl quite just yet.
I wonder if they'll add a second set of the pre-registration missions and more summon tickets in the shop for this week.
thought we were finally getting a succubus and it ended up being a horse...
I forget what that thing is called but the thing in the upper left is going to play a part in at least one of her scenes right?
We have had a succ since launch though.
wooden horse, and probably
need more than one. we have like 6? (color) dragons already.
Chromatic dragons are different species. If you are gonna count them as one then Medo also counts as a succ. The incubus and whatever generic demons we get in the future too.
Are dragons the shotos of monster girls?
File: 1652511441900.jpg (150 KB, 1280x720)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
File: 1646088349777.png (3.39 MB, 2096x1898)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB PNG
That full art. Yeah this one is a freak
The bicorn devours kind-hearted and devoted husbands.
So uncensored on the X version or will it still be censored there too?
If you're talking about the dildo, I think they might've just made pixels in the first place. Rather, if you look at it closer, it's actually a paper covering of some sort that's coming off.
So, are those for you to use on her or for her to use on you?
>for her to use on you?
I'm going to say that will be the case.
I hate the shota fucking stuff. Too gay
I only really wanted the milk from the milk gacha.
51st Dekaio killed me. It seems only the Dekaios that come after every ten have missiles. Didn't really think about my comp nor change it, but I should've slotted in two bards instead of Muzzle and Rakion. Cliffo was actually really useful for stalling on the occasions Atheel died. I had to recover from Dekaio breaking through a few times and this was honestly pretty fun.

I imagine this will be dumb for people who don't have hard DPS units though.
>Varina's second scene is a threesome with Tantaru where he fucks MC while MC fucks Varina
I was expecting her to do something with MC's butt, but not go that far. Also, it's kind of awkward since Tantaru has no lines since they'd have to be voiced.
File: Capture.png (367 KB, 730x282)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
Nice. Dumb pink onahole faked me out with no cut in so I almost didn't realize I got her.
You could just buy it at 1500
That's not Varina's banner. It's the level 60/milk banner. Those are generic Vivi medals.
>boss intro summary

>Tantaru is leading MC out to the desert
>MC asks why they're in the desert
>to cure MC's butt injury
>Vivi asks you knew about that?
>to which Tantaru says he caught MC treating his butt with soft powder
>MC says Tantaru was the one who gave it to him and told him it would help with the abrasions
>in any case, Tantaru says sunlight is thought to promote healing and for MC to put his cheeks up to the sun
>he learned about it from Platina apparently
>Vivi says it's called butt sunbathing and also recommends it
>MC crys out for helps
>Rafuka shows up calling out to him
>MC thinks Rafuka has come to save him
>then a cannonball whizzes by from behind her
>an alarm and emergency warning blares and somethings arises from the sands
I cut off a bit too early.

>the magic cruiser activated because it perceived an attack on its hull
>turns out Rafuka was still digging for that sphinx doll
>she found something hard so decided to dig even harder
>which the cruiser thought was an attack
>quite the hard digging
And I forgot there would be a post-combat scene

>the cruiser sinks back into the sands after being defeated
>MC tells Rafuka to be a bit more cautious and mentions the scar on his butt
>Rafuka is worried upon hearing this and immediately tries to check physically
>Tantaru says yes, hold him like that and put his butt under the sunlight
>Rafuka is concerned since MC appears to be struggling against it, but Tantaru bamboozles her by telling her it is a king's trial for his soft delicate butt
>and so another story ends with Vivi looking upon an MC screaming for them to stop as Monmusu have their way with him
downloaded this before I found out there was an uncensored version. Can i just connect my account to that version or am I fucked
File: milk.jpg (251 KB, 1138x628)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
I suppose it was good for beginners after all.
My 4th L so far, and a lot of milk, I''m 486 of the big milks.
>used 18k on her recent banner only to pull her now
Such is rng.
Still not home to see update if this was the unit banner would’ve been insanely awful rate. Also monster girls sure brings some whales in
If you're using a DMM account, it's literally the same server. If they already released the Apple and Google store versions, then I don't know unfortunately. However, I don't think those are actually out yet.
Eiyuu senki made it possible to link them also it’s has similar decelopers to aigis I think he is safe
File: Ticket2.jpg (128 KB, 1136x610)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
These single tickets are surprisingly lucky. Twice now, while other games my singles tend to be always trash.
Yura is best girl, congrats.
I find it a bit ironic the two girls I was trying for just the week before last came to me today.
What level are your units?
File: team.jpg (310 KB, 830x480)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
I only managed to make it to 30, and I timed out but everyone was dying to missiles anyway. I guess it's not bad for having just started back at the start of the month.
Seems they are nerfing the boss in the wave quest. Good news I suppose.
Opinions on the horsey? Is she the one to make takoyaki out of the squid?
I also want to know how good she is. I got her firt multi even though I wasn't interested but what surprised me it was gold vivi when summoned. I didn't know it was possible to get L from gold animation.
Level 120 for all DPS, you need it. I gave it one more real go since I realized the 51st boss was the last major roadblock and got to 57 kills before the time ran out. At that point, it's not only Dekaio's HP being huge, but the additional mob spawns taking time before the next Dekaio spawns so actually hitting 60 seems infeasible unless you play perfectly and manually time skills and micro S. Teruru. I came to the realization I should move Atheel to the top ranged spot for X1 rounds as the missiles hit the bottom ranged spot. He still broke through on 51, but I was able to recover. The ability to move your units back into formation after having them fall back is something I really enjoy about this game.
What it generally looked like by the way. Normally it's Lagos where Cliffo is, but the knight mobs start consistently taking her out round 50+. Cliffo also has the tendency to keep enemies out of range of your other DPS if the timing is bad too. For round 51, I moved Kazune behind Teruru and Atheel to where Kazune was. S. Atheel still died, but with the goblin that had been waiting 50 rounds who took the next volley of missiles, I was able to redeploy S. Atheel in the back where the goblin was and move Atheel to the bottom left to catch Dekaio again.
That's reassuring since the meta team anon only made it to 51 and there is a reward for hitting 100.
That's cumulative Dekaios. Not Dekaios in one run.

You get all worthwhile rewards from killing 40 Dekaios in one run and 100 Dekaios overall. Dekaios 41-60 give 20k gold each. Nice if you can kill them, but not something to sweat too hard about in the long run.
>Just realized bards don't have to be near units to give the buff
I don't know if this fixes my team but not having s.teruru seems to be my death for this map. I don't think there's anything that comes closer to her deleting, I've got Elut 120 but she's got too long of cd. Guess I 120 Neill next.
File: Capture.png (687 KB, 912x482)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
I got up to floor 41 without her on my first run. I could optimize my team a bit more and probably push further. Eryuut is easily the MVP followed by Cliffo and Waemawa. As long as you have Eryuut, some defender to tank him, and someone who can clear the smaller knights you should be fine up until at least that much.
I cleared new boss max. I love raikon far nukes so much bros.
She's a Lancer that gains magical ranged attacks similar to Igni and Fris. She has natural double attacks, boosted range, and gains 2.2x attack and range when using her skill. She also gains small stun accumulation and low chance to poison/petrify during her skill as well. She's basically an upgrade to Igni though Igni still has her own perks like faster skill cycle and bonus to fire units.
>She has natural double attacks
Should note that this is actually a downside with her. She is hard limited to 2 targets while normal lancers don't have a cap.
I think you've misunderstood what Lancers do when attacking. Lancers don't hit all enemies in range. They have a small AoE on their attack which is around their target. Varina has the same AoE and is not in any way hard capped. She double strikes her main target, and if there's any enemies right next to it, they also take two hits.
The beginning of the 60 Stam gold stage is an easy way to test this by the way. She'll hit all three of these guys twice if you put her right next to them. Varina's also unique in that she keeps her Lancer AoE unlike Igni and Fris during skill use. So she'll also hit them all at once with her skill as well.
I see, I just saw the "always hits two targets" thing and took it to mean she loses her AOE like igni.
1k stones for the issue with the Boss Wave challenge
Have they lowered the HP and Defense yet?
Not yet. The game should be going for maintenance in a little under a hour from now.
Oh, that's awesome to hear.
File: YES.jpg (116 KB, 740x345)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Can't believe this just happened. So happy I finally got Atheel; I was planning to roll for her on the next solo banner. +3 on the spider now too.
Do Muzzle's and Amelia's tokens also get piercing at cc3?
Well, Dekaio has been neutered. Managed to get to 70 kills now, but this run didnt have any way to recover and the Nips had 77 kills as their record even before the nerf. Will probably see a 100+ clear or close from them at the least. The nip team uses Cretta to tank since the actual defensive stats are more important than anything the tank does as Dekaio will always be stunning the shit out of them.

>Get to 37 yesterday before nerf
>I died at 31 today
Same team even, I'm tilted as shit anyway going 90 on bicorn without a legend as well.
File: Capture.png (1.78 MB, 1123x636)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
Anyone got an idea why dekaio will sometimes not target my goblin tokens with the missile and instead just nuke the birds near him with it instead? The goblin tokens were placed last. And no, I'm not confusing the missile with the stun slam.
He'll target whoever is blocking him with his missiles like any other ranged enemy that's blocked. So the moment he walks up to S. Atheel, she becomes the target for his missiles.
I see, I guess I'll need to shuffle shit around if I want to push further than floor 51, which is where that run ended due to that problem.
I'm having trouble cracking 40 in both instances. I don't think I'll continue to play. 40 is really the goal to clear out the store the rest is coin which would be nice but I'm not going to sweat it. I tried several compositions and though some are better I simply don't have some of units some people that have gone further have.
I did 40 without a healer and autoed to 51 after rolling Atheel and running two supports. Run ended when Atheel died to a missle. Don't really care about 200k gold when there's not much to spend it on.
>when there's not much to spend it on
It's 400k just to limit break an L past 90. That's around a week's worth of spending most of your stamina on gold dailies. Another 100k if you are buying out everything in the weekly shop except the 5k milk.
Gimme your comp because two supporters I choke mid 30s.

Yeah I feel like every vid I've seen is just s. teruru and rakion, which are the two charas I don't fucking own. Not to mention 100 rolls now with no L on this banner and I still only have the bird fish as my only bard. Bards are stupid, wish I'd done a 10roll or 2 on the vampire bard banner at least.
Not him, but it's really just a matter of having an actual tank and using the better stall spot. I decided to do a lower power run and 40 really isn't bad though I lost on 41 since this setup doesn't use the better stall spot which is actually the one left of Anisira and the one Nips use for optimized strategies since the missiles don't collateral on that spot.

Though yeah, what DPS options do you have.
Which one is the best to cc3?
>raikon, cliffo, muzzle, s atheel
Just strong in general.
Scouts need cc3 to function unless they are Teruru, who still should be because she is broken. Especially Yura who can't really do much from range.
Great boss killer.
File: team_comp.jpg (326 KB, 1136x640)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
I'm sitting at 1.9m gold and all of my L characters are already cc3 except for the gold dragon. All monster girls are already level 60, don't really see a reason to invest in units I've never used like Petra, Amelia, Lapwan, etc. I bought the 99 purple milks (~500k gold) this week to level Atheel and Melissa to 90 for the event. 200k gold doesn't really seem like that big of a deal to me.
Not sure if this comp will help since Lauren is +2, Kazune is +3, and Rakion is +3. The mix of magic damage and physical is definitely not optimal, but they are the best Ls I own. I used the crab to tank since the Siren gives her another +40 to stats and I was also too lazy to switch subskills to another tank. I put everyone on the right so all of the DPS could get double support buffs. If I could make any improvements, I would probably use the mummy tank and the vampire healer, but Rakion drank all of my milk last week. If I'm not misreading their attributes, Mummy lowers attack and defense of what it blocks and the Vampire gives a base attack buff as well as doing %damage on skill activation. I was also considering replacing Lauren with mini-cliffo for additional defense shred, but I'm not sure if they would be able to handle the regular enemies without AoE. Also would have been nice to have the third bard.
File: 1649821776863.png (981 KB, 821x766)
981 KB
981 KB PNG
Using Rojika to tank the golem and atheel to cover top, placement is usually hugging the right side on his spawn. I think it sucks the more I've tried and not sure where to put stuff proper to get better shaman coverage, only the spider is CC3 so need to plant Anisira on a ranged til and my melee options are limiting.
Made it to 44 kills with this. 45th Dekaio broke through because Logica lacks the HP to tank more than anything. Anisira gets hit by the missiles in this setup, but she dodges the slams unless Dekaio is triggered to use them in the tiny sweetspot before he gets to Logica. Just redeploy her after she gets missiled.
Med is for catching the lower roads spawns by the way. Still only level 70. If there's any area where you can improve your DPS, it's probably subskills. Due to how the stage works, limit break(the 1.3x damage multiplier) is pretty much free to use with your DPS so long as the healing reaches them.
I thought it was some weird fluke that was just isolated to me happened twice. I did have the issue where I couldn't do anything during the infinite boss wave. Unable to click, move, remove anything. It was just completely unresponsive but looks like there were more people with this issue they just posted about it.
I had that happen to me once too. I think it might be related to UP generation because it only happened on the run I brought Logica.
Nips have hit 99. Lentop has made it into the composition over Muzzle now.
Anisira and Rakion yes, I'm thinking based.
File: 1658208946389.jpg (143 KB, 1200x675)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Take care of yourselves
File: 1656342519599.png (506 KB, 1024x1023)
506 KB
506 KB PNG
>3 bard core
Please make next event unit a bard.
You can use the fairy as a placeholder. She doesn't cost a slot either.
File: shop.jpg (369 KB, 1717x975)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
Which is the better summon?
The ape.
what is the ero scene for the centaurs new costume?
oh nevermind, it is up on panda
File: 1638200486792.jpg (289 KB, 1144x1080)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
Alp - Lupupu
This one might have a penis
No, but it will have been a man previously. Literally tranny, thanks KC.
MC really doesn't need any more stuff shoved up his ass
Also if you need further proof, look at the colors of the text.
File: MonList.jpg (714 KB, 612x1255)
714 KB
714 KB JPG
I just dumped all the recent pots into doing the EX gold stage and I have enough to take an L to cc3, who should I do first?
Raikon, followed by Kazune.
Thanks anon, I was unsure if I was making a mistake going all in on Rakion. I'll get on Kazune once I get back to 400k.
I've only seen one doujin series with an Alp. The demon would switch back and forth between being a succubus and an incubus every orgasm or something like that.
There are mushrooms on the text, it seems likely that one scene will be as a succubus and one will be as an incubus.

Also for anyone wondering, "淫 My Dream" is "In My Dream."
Once you've upgraded her, continue with the rest of your supports—first shamans, then bards.
I'd argue bards need CC3 after the first shaman before your others. Bards need CC3 to really be worth using at all after all while CC3 just makes placement of shaman's more flexible.
Personally I see the extra flexibility of placing shamans on ground tiles for stacking them more efficiently and—more importanly—freeing up the less provided range tiles for healers, snipers, and sorcerers as generally more valuable than the extra stats a CC3 bard provides. But doing more thinking about that anon's case, you do have a point: another week's worth of gold farming can cover upgrading Tia, Anse, and Anisira—which, after Kazune, would sooner give a generally better 2:2 CC3 shaman to CC3 bard ratio than a 3:1.
I agree with this anon. If that was my account, I would upgrade Rakion > Kazune > one Bard (swap out one of the shamans) > Frost Giant. Tia is the more valuable Bard for that account since he has 3 water Ls that all get an additional +40 from her aura.
101 reached without guardians.
I've been really sleeping on that healer, never looked at what she actually did.
File: 1649430822589.jpg (331 KB, 1200x800)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
◆Maintenance time
Scheduled on Monday, September 26, 2022, 10:30~15:30 (JST)

・New Event Start (淫MyDream)
・New Monsters girls to be added
>Nemean Lion - Mealus
>Aqua Dragon - Loviris
>Alp - Rupupu
・Various Bug Fixes
File: Capture.png (583 KB, 756x532)
583 KB
583 KB PNG
>first roll
Nice. Lion seems pretty strong too.
>30% reflect
>party wide 20% phys damage reduction
>stacking defense boost
>skill doubles physical defense of party, increases attack, prevents stun, and nulls physical damage to self
Long cooldown though.
File: erodoujin mitai ni.png (1.2 MB, 1132x633)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
>herc choked out the lion in myth
>lion is into being choked
Erodoujin mitai ni indeed.
>event summary part 1

>MC awakens from what seems like a pleasant nap in the forest wondering how he got there
>Rupupu introduces herself and asks MC if he's still half-asleep as she's been with him ever since he arrived to Gespens
>MC goes oh right, then asks about the others
>creepy music starts playing as Rupupu tries to inform MC it's only ever been them two
>man and woman alone fated to fall in love
>MC doubts and knows his experiences with other monmusu, but Rupupu claims it was all a dream telling him he can confirm with his senses by putting her thing in his butt
>she says the pain and then pleasure will confirm this as reality
>MC is also being hypnotized during this to accept
>before MC manages to undress, Varina shows up and knocks away Rupupu
>announcing it's too early for a lofty brat such as her to pierce master's magic hole and other opinions regarding MC
>Pasteno is also here and says she'll stick a mountain of swords through Varina's brain if she doesn't calm down
>this causes Varina to go into a tangent about MC's hole being pierced all over and having many more holes
>in any case Pasteno explains to the confused MC that this is a dream conjured by the Alp Rupupu while Varina yells about doing naughty things to MC
>MC is in a coma on board Kazzo still and using Kuromi's succubus powers, they were able to send in a dream rescue party
>They need to beat Rupupu to escape
>after Rupupu's defeat, it seems MC has woken up
>Suzu and Kuromi are present and they say he's been asleep for a week
>Varina introduces herself finally and she was very tempted by MC's sleeping face
>so was Suzu even
>Rupupu finally introduces herself normally and apologizes, she just wanted to monopolize MC
>also the room they're in is MC's simulated bedroom on Kazzo's main deck
>plant musume even planted trees around it
>however, onto concerning matters, Vivi has been missing since MC went into a coma
>MC's condition took priority, but now they can go search since he woke up
>searching the island with Med at the lead, they come up fruitless and it's suggested to head back for the night
>the various monmusu talk about their night time fantasies with the MC
>however Med alerts the party to the rise of the undead since the sun has gone down
>according to Med, it seems this island had once been host to a war between angels and demons and the residual magic energy causes the undead to rise at night
>suddenly they are attacked by an unknown attacker and MC is injured

>after talking about giving mouth to mouth to MC, it turns out it was the female thief
>also, Kuromi has surprisingly been the one reining in Varina and the other's delusions
>it seems the female thief is working with somebody who is still concealed and her job was to lead them to the group
>after being fought off, the concealed presence calls for a retreat
>due to it being night time, chasing after them is inadvisable so they choose to camp in their current location
>the various monmusu besides Kuromi think about their plans with the sleeping MC's cheeks with Rupupu even planning to take his butt during the night
>Kuromi promises to safeguard MC which actually comforts him, but it seems she too wants a reward in the end
>MC wakes up groggy as he didn't get a good night's sleep
>he could feel the monmusu feeling his cheeks up during the night thought it seems Rupupu didn't assault him at least
>before they can return to searching for Vivi however, Med notices somebody up on the hill
>it is Mealus who is apparently being attacked by poachers
>she is angered by them disturbing her sleep
>going to help her, she gets angry at MC's group to saying they're disturbing her sleep too
>clearing it up afterwards, Mealus apologizes and tells them she can't help it since she was both sleepy and hungry
>it seems Mealus and Rupupu know each other, Mealus apparently enjoys a good night's sleep and dream
>she also thinks MC would make a good pillow and suggests Rupupu's dream altering abilities to him which causes a discussion between Varina and Suzu even Mealus is confused about
>MC explains the situation, but Mealus still wants to enjoy sleeping with him and wants to head back to his room on the Kazzo so she can enjoy sleeping with the scent of a boy
>this starts up a bunch of arguments about sleeping with MC, but in the end since they have no good leads on finding Vivi, they decide to regroup at Kazzo
>MC however states he won't be going back to sleep

>end part 1
Well I tried three multis for one of the new monmusus (was hoping for the water dragon) but got Dullahan instead. I guess that works.
Well, I decided that I'd try more, and now I'm down to 4k stones but I got the cute lion girl.
What's the cap on skip tickets? I got 973.
It doesn't cap at 1000 as I've had more than that, but I have no idea if there's a 10k cap or something.
>we got a new legend unit that boosts other water units' attack while being on the team
>still don't have epic units who do that for light and dark units like other attributes do
File: 1641275666011.png (236 KB, 813x178)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
Did a 10roll and wanted the lion, desire sensor cuck'd me yet again. Feels like a good reset for being some 150 down from last Legend unit I guess, any other water units that'll work out of epics and rares? Kinda wanna meme but I'll see for now.
The C war penguin girl is pretty good. The E catoblepas girl isn't terrible. The R roper is good she is drop and retreat mostly.
Playing around with Mealus, she unfortunately can't solo Dekaio with 4 flags without a healer.
File: 1658697859497.jpg (330 KB, 1920x1080)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
500 stones for reaching 100,000 pre-reg on the app version

Drink some milk and celebrate
I feel like you would have better luck with regen or life drain on her than just stat boosts.
It's more of a litmus test thing. I'm much more concerned with the limits of her use rather than general use. Mealus is kind of unfortunate in that there's really not very much for her to tank and the fact superbuffed enemies can still burn through her unless she has dedicated healing. Healing subskills will not let her survive buffed Dekaio or 6-5 with the priests alive without an actual healer. Her solo performance against Dekaio is worse with healing subskills though she does better on 6-5. For the vast majority of situations though, a Shaman with Healing Prayer works. Mealus is very much a pure tank, so in any situation you'd really wish to use her, you'd also be pairing her with other units as she doesn't do much alone.

After playing around with both, Roviris seems like the better unit on the current banner. Her +attack for blocked enemies passive actually lets her clear out mobs if they bunch up on her in comparison to other Paladins and she has great area clearing capacity once her skill is up and she can easily keep herself topped up with the HP on hit subskill.
Got the water guardian on first multi which is the one I wanted since she reminds me of sieg from eiyuu senki.
Not sure if it was in the patch notes, but the optimization on the daily dungeon menus was a really nice improvement to the game. It feels so much more responsive compared to before.
going to take a guess and say we are still asleep. suzu and kuromi have been acting the opposite of how they usually act. MC instinctively yells at kuromi to cut it out in the fourth part even though she's being the rational one and chastising the other girls.
File: 1647382505813.jpg (1.4 MB, 2016x1512)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
Is ready
It took me a bit to find it because LNs all rook arike.
2022年9月30日(金)10時00分 ~ 12時00分


2 hour maintenance soon for chouzetsu quests (not sure what these are) and a boss event rerun for the weekend.
What was the red ticket in the mail?
File: 1659742567722.png (82 KB, 613x341)
82 KB
It has to do with the transcendence challenge they are adding after maintenance
So how is it?
It's a stage full of cows that gave me 40 big milks.
Just came to ask if everyone got 40 or if I was supposed to keep the big one alive and kill the little ones.
Killed everything and got 40
>didn't get to cum inside Lupupu at all
I'm really starting to think I'm playing the wrong game with how frequently the MC takes it up the arse
Its par for the course but I didn't think it'd be at this frequency
They're based for sticking to their vision but god damn its nasty
The difficulty in EX4 is the reason that canons aren't priority when your units attack. If you don't take them out before they settle you're going to have a bad time.
That's pretty much how my first run went. Then my second run I just placed shit more aggressively and they died before they got in to position.
>Event Summary part 2

>Returning to Kazzo a loud noise is heard as MC jinxes himself by saying there's nothing dangerous
>Hagina has fallen from the sky and landed on MC
>she apparently lost a fight against somebody she was not a real match for
>having landed on MC though, his hands are grabbing her breasts in a lucky pervert moment
>Suzu, Varina, and Rupupu ask MC to grope them while Kuromi tells MC he is shameless
>Hagina curious about why MC is here, grabs him by the neck and asks about it without really realizing he's being strangled
>Mealus goes how nice on the asking questions while strangling play
>Hagina is a bit annoyed as the MC's group seems to be interrupting her duel
>which was against Loviris who finally shows up and asks if Hagina's still willing to fight which she very much is
>introducing herself she also notices MC and asks about him saying that Hagina boasted that he was actually quite strong though Hagina tries to downplay that by saying she was only saying he had power despite looking weak
>however, Hagina also says that she wants to fight MC even more than Loviris as proof of that so Loviris suggests she tag teams with MC to fight her which Hagina says is a great idea
>MC is confused by this inexplicable turn of events as the battle starts
>winning, MC is still confused and Loviris marks Hagina's 37000th loss
>asking why Hagina does this, she responds it's to train and get stronger though she still hasn't won once
>it turns out they fight on this island because they messed up some stuff in the sea area of Gespens and got complaints from Oxy's parents
>anyways, now that MC is here, Loviris says it's quite the opportunity to train him as he seems to have a sharp mind, but a weak body
>attacking him and telling him to defend himself, Mealus steps in and says they were planning to go sleep so don't involve him
>Loviris being surprised a monmusu can block her attacks starts fighting Mealus and Hagina joins the fray as well
>then bombardment starts
>as MC and Rupupu run, leaving behind the fighting Monmusu, they find their assailants
>it turns out not just the pirates, but the old brave is attacking them as well
>having fell into despair after being shot out into the sea as a human cannon, he was rescued by pirates after losing his faith and feeling abandoned
>now he wants revenge for having his hopes crushed and the human cannon treatment he received and plans on capturing MC to shoot him out of a cannon
>the pirate tries to comment on being his savior like a sea goddess, but the hero ignores her
>Rupupu defiantly claims MC's punishment and ass is her duty
>MC says fight first please as the situation isn't safe
>Varina and Suzu also show up and comment about MC's ass as the battle starts
>after the battle, MC is apparently on the backsteps due to the cannons
>the Hero tries to attack MC, but is blocked just in time by Mealus while Loviris confronts the pirate
>at this point the hero and pirates retreat
>Rupupu suggests hunting them down, but MC says he doesn't know where their base is
>Pasteno shows up and conveniently says she found it while searching for Vivi so on they go
File: freeticket.jpg (59 KB, 736x419)
59 KB
another free ticket pull. don't think she's good enough to replace any of my other characters though.
>finding the base, MC is still unsure about the circumstances so Rupupu suggests she scouts it out by using her hood
>going out and coming back, she reports confidently it is the poacher base
>however, as they prepare to attack, Pasteno suddenly poofs
>Rupupu seems a bit panicked while MC wonders if it's an enemy attack
>Mealus pops in to defend MC again from a surprise attack
>the mysterious voice the thief was answering to from the first part of the event reveals herself as a woman with a whip and says as expected of the boy the beasts follows
>as MC asks what her motive is, Suzu interrupts the whip woman and takes offense at her calling them beasts and then goes into a perverted delusion of MC taking her like a beast
>Varina as well with a delusion about MC sneaking into the girl's bed and being the beast instead
>the whip woman tries to repeat herself, but is again interrupted this time by other Monmusu with Loviris commenting on the repeating like nothing happened bit
>the whip woman finally finishes her sentence by saying they're fucking annoying
>the pirate tells her to not take it seriously
>finally introducing herself as the vice guild master of the dark guild, she attacks and the battle starts while MC says he can't keep up with the tsukkomis
>the battle ends with the protagonists winning, but the vice guild master retreats as if this was expected and says this was mainly for scouting purposes as she bids MC farewell by his actual name as highness Racionel
>as the incident seems to end, the monmusu all get perky and try to flirt with MC with Kuromi chiding them
>MC says Pasteno is still missing and they need to go search for her and Vivi
>however Rupupu suddenly seems panicked
>talking about hearing a dark stringed instrument and interference waves, she suddenly cuts out
>MC wakes up back in the familiar Gespens bedroom with the usual group around him
>this time Kuromi and Suzu seem the right way around
>Vivi is also actually present and tells MC he woke up from a dream in a dream and was still in a dream
>Vivi says he fell asleep during the return trip with Med, Yura, and Miteras from last event
>it seems a potent magic power covered the entire island and nearly the whole island fell asleep with the exception of Kuromi and Tantaru as they are also dream demons
>Rupupu by the way is unconscious with her eyes peeled back to white and contorted in anguish having apparently experienced a terrible punishment
>the tool to wake everybody up was Anse's banshee violin playing
>Anse is happy MC survived her prophecy of death which was about being stuck forever asleep
>asking about the people he met in his dream like Pasteno and Varina, Pasteno shows up
>Suzu apparently woke her in preparation of Anse's magic
>asking why, she replies because it's an anime reference(from what I can tell, Gundam, specifically referencing the titular Gundam Unicorn and its counterpart Banshee)
>nobody knows what she's talking about so they chalk it to her delusions again
>apparently Kuromi was never asleep while Suzu was one of the first to wake which MC is relieved to learn as it explains the wrong dream versions
>in any case, it seems MC has truly woken up from the dream
>it does in fact turn out the cabin on Kazzo with forest recreation was real
>however as everybody has been asleep, none of the repairs for Kazzo were actually completed and Vivi tells him he needs to get to work on starting that
>and so the event ends with MC pondering if he should bring up the topic of his dream Suzu and Kuromi
File: 1663726149486.jpg (101 KB, 640x360)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Second livestream for Half Anniversary on October 23rd
File: 150 days.jpg (251 KB, 1132x637)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
This mini event with vivi pops up after collecting the 150 day login reward. She says she's preparing a surprise but we have to wait a bit longer. It's fully voiced too. I wonder if it has any correlation to >>1012044 although it wouldn't really make sense to have a half anniversary teaser that only launch players
would see.
>i'm looking forwards more to the guildmaster woman with a whip getting a gold key dungeon scene than any of the monmusu
the scenes with boy are just kinda meh
>more free milk
The futa alp really killed it here huh? Maybe the next girl will be a cute loli monmusu that takes it up the butt for a change.
Doubt it, there was a 3 day gap in posts back around >>1009210 >>1011083, just nothing to post about right now.
This is just the fate of a /vmg/ thread. Unlike /vg/ generals, there's no particular need to have a constant stream of meaningless chaff posts to keep the thread alive. Most other threads on this board are a similar level of deadness the vast majority of the time. This is actually one of the more alive threads on this board since it can actually hit bump limit. There are several threads around for niche games that have been alive for around half a year and haven't even hit 250 posts.

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