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Friend Code: k2f3dd3e
/dbg/ guild: h7ygsygw

It’s the 4th anniversary, what are you waiting for? MUI and SS3 are still up, but we may be getting a surprise Ultra this month.
>what are you waiting for?
A new LF ZBroly, preferably Legendary Super Saiyan and not Second Coming
After that I want them to start dipping their toes into Heroes
File: USS Vegeta Ragequit.webm (2.69 MB, 404x720)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB WEBM
>Whaddya say, why don't we give it a whirl?
Dragon Ball Legends, a 3d action RPG mobile multiplayer game with all your favorite characters. Whether you're a casual collector or a hardcore grinder or just simply want a fun romp in the DB setting, you can find your fix here.

>How to get started
This is a decent guide that covers everything.

>How do I know if my characters are good?
Gamepress has (sometimes outdated) analysis on every character you can look up. I wouldn't take their tier lists as gospel however, but their teambuilding advice is generally accurate.

>What should I spend my crystals on?
Generally any banner that has a sparking guarantee is a good investment such as the All-Stars or tag specific banners. Missions that unlock characters or zenkai are also a good investment for a new player as it allows you to get stars quickly without relying on RNG. Zenkai banners should only be considered for characters you like as there's a comparable non zenkai equivalent for most. Step-ups are your best chance to pull LL characters but how good they are can vary.

>Tournament of Power
ToP is a competitive PVE mode that awards points based on the tier of characters used. This document contains a list of the most valuable.


>Last time on Dragon Ball Legends
Shallot, Giblet, and Nuova have defeated Eis and Syn Shenron, forming an alliance. After splitting up, Shallot finally comes face to face with DBS Broly; they become fast friends because of Cheelai. Before they can move on, Meta Rildo appears, which is the only GT related thing about this anniversary. SSB Shallot when? Who do you think is better between LF MUI and SS3? Who are you hoping for next? Find out in the next thread of Dragon Ball Legends
File: Ultra SSBK Art.webm (2.64 MB, 404x720)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB WEBM
>4th anniversary guide
If you’re a new player and feeling lost and overwhelmed with what to do and how to make progress, don’t worry. If you’re a returning player that’s unsure whether to reroll or not, you’re good too. This is the best time to play for acquiring characters and resources and you can easily get good if you’re consistent.

If you’re new, use what starting crystals you have on the step up banners and hopefully get a featured unit, reroll optional. The meta viability of the character isn’t important since you need to focus on PvE: clearing the events currently up, grinding the story mode for missions and crystals, and acquiring the free characters/zenkais and Shallot’s transformations. Priority should be the Ultra’s, Legends Road Zenkais, Rising Battles, and the extreme zenkais. This game relies heavily on daily stages, so you’re better off blitzing through the content early to get ahead and then clear the challenges later. Initially it’s hard to rank up because its the anniversary you can easily get zeni and souls from scout battles, making it easy to max your characters. To level them up manually play the scout battle or spam fish, bells, and pizza in training. For co-op, it’s okay doing the beginner stages, getting the daily bonuses is enough. Once you’ve gathered a comfortable amount of crystals, decide which sparking or zenkai banner to summon on, if it’s a team of characters you’d like to play.

For returning players, the question to reroll or not depends on how many zenkai characters you have. Especially LL, if you have a high star Namek Goku/SS3/FSK Gohan you’re already in a much better spot than a fresh account with the latest LF. Having an older account makes USTR significantly easier, and completing partially or fully gets you more zenkais. Keep playing this time and who knows, you might have fun making people ragequit instead of being the ragequitter.
File: Tag 17_18.webm (2.68 MB, 324x576)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB WEBM
>Dragon Ball Hunt

> https://www.jgamerapps.com/qr-generator-for-dragon-ball-legends/
Once you’ve gotten your friend requests accepted, you can take their code to create a QR that you can scan or upload to participate; the rewards are diluted with crystals and z-power which are valuable, half the dragon balls are available through missions so you don’t need to be as consistent as before. The wishes vary from resources like zeni or training items, crystals, and a unique title. The title cannot be obtained any other way so it is the ultimate flex.
Friend code: k2f3dd3e
daazf7ps - NIGGERz
kczukuap - Sulo
7ckdwswh - Placid

>Chance Time
You’re basically collecting these tickets from log-ins, missions, and exchange shops that you can trade for lottery balls that hopefully are the winning numbers that are announced throughout the anniversary. You can get anywhere from 100-500 crystals from winning so don’t forget.

>Hoi Poi Capsule exchange
Same as with the chance tickets, these are collected from Logins, missions, and exchange shop and the rewards are often worth it if it ends up being platinum coins, soul medals, or zpower. This time they introduced an equip that increases raid medal drops that can only be upgraded from hoi poi steps so make sure to farm co-op if you’re not busy.

>400 tickets /4th Anniversary coins
In case you’d rather save your starter crystals, these tickets are a great way of acquiring recent characters, LF’s included. If you’re missing either of the son family or God Ki zenkais, this is a great top-up, if you’re especially lucky you may pull revival Frieza or x20 Kaioken.

>Anniversary Surprised You
Pick who you’re missing but out of all of them transforming Bojack and Goku Black are both meta in PvE and PvP, I’d recommend them for new players.

>Anniversary Tuesday
Every Tuesday you get a medal that you can exchange for crystals or LF Zpower.
>summon maintenence
what are these fucking jews adding this time
Isn't it just that dumb Piccolo Zenkai?
ultra Kaioken rerun
you rike?
what is there even to use as an lf from second coming?

Also I know this is an unpopular opinion, i really dont want heroes stuff, because its just boring shit
they never do interesting shit when they take from heroes in dokkan for example, and i have no doubt legends will be similar too.

Piccolo zenkai unironically looks great

File: 1656123690680.jpg (74 KB, 761x528)
74 KB
Odds of Part 3 having another raid with LL Z-Power? I want to boost my Cell.
there's 3 raids announced in the news section
>MUI raid players
i hate them all
they all suck
How to fix Legends:
>More of those "shitty" bait banners like the Legends movies and Legends Powerful opponents one they just ran. All the featured units belonging to 1 tag, featured units at 1%. Run 2-4 of them a month, cycling through the tags and colors so new and returning players can pick a tag and jump into it. Units don't have to be the new hotness or whatever, Powerful Opponents had fuckin YEL Turles, but the point is to have a place to start and have some units you feel able to chase instead of shit like Legends All Star where even using a Guaranteed SP pull leaves you with the same 1% chance to get a featured unit in the guaranteed slot. Legends All Star is fine to stay though for daily discounts, whales, and some users who are willing to take that gamble.
>Also unfuck EX rates while you're at it, how the fuck is an objectively inferior consolation prize unit harder to pull than an LF?
>Use banners to encourage players to use new units and new Zenkais. Current GRN Piccolo Zenkai? Also drop either Legends Saiyan Saga or Legends Regeneration so the person who skipped those banners in the past to chase MUI Goku or whatever can jump ship and play with the new toy
>PvE events likes Extreme Battle should be almost entirely tag based, not character based. For instance right now it should give a bonus to SSJ3, Son senpai, GRN, Movies and stuff like that with maybe a bonus like "Nullifies unfavorable element" to Dragon Fist so that you are rewarded for using the current hotness but if you, couldn't pull it, or just really like the other GRN Spirit Bomb Gokus you can use them for something other than USTR
>Put some sort of "thumbs up" you can give co-op partners and reward players for it, or at least try and match players based on it, because good god there are some double niggers out in co-op and during Raid events where you're expected to do at least 6 co-ops a day it gets fucking old
>use as an lf from second coming?
His Gigantic Meteor. Legends has done LF versions of characters we already have before, like Majin Vegeta and Bojack Gohan
Not that I want a Second Coming LF Broly, but I can see them doing it
didn't we just get one?
I fucking hate this game
hey, at least your boosting your LF vegeta. his zenkai is god tier.
Ultras being more rare than LFs is fucking retarded though
Knowing me though, I won't ever pull another one. I've been trying to get one more copy of Gogeta Blue to get him up to 6 stars, but he refuses to show up too.
Wait there's gonna be a part 3? I wasted my crystals on trying to get Ultra SSB Kaioken Goku to no avail >_>
Not confirmed, but hinted at and generally expected by the community. Probably a summonable Ultra, most likely Super Vegito, SSJ2 Gohan is a reasonable guess as well. Personally I just want Great Ape Vegeta as a filler LF because I've been chasing that fucker on every bait banner he's been on and still can't get him and the new Saiyan Saga equip only reminds me how bitter I am
Aren't they giving free LL tickets though? You can just pick him from there.
Where's the free Ultra? Surely they're going to give one out for the anniversary? Omega was almost a year ago
Rate my mono purple team bros. i just got LF SV zenkai
The free LLs are a limited pool he's not in, and you get one at random.
Mono purple is as good as it is because it has a billion zenkai buffs. No reason to go full mono with just the two. Also I would drop a bench unit to pick up Tao.
File: jay peg.png (417 KB, 828x606)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
>first unit animation doesn't let me skip
>Trunks & Mai (Assist)
>Seals enemy Strike Arts every time when faced with an enemy. The sealed Arts cannot be used for 2 timer counts.
I would rather fight the fucking Androids
With monopurple there are three main builds, saiyans, movies, and god ki. Saiyans are the easiest to build since you probably already have scouter Vegeta/SS3 Angel zenkai, but are typically the easiest to counter because of the strike spam. Ultra Kaioken, LF Full Power Frieza, and SSBE can often make short work of these teams which is monopurple has fallen off.

Movie purple is much more consistent with Revival Gohan tanking for the team, and F2P Gogeta is a better striker than the saiyan zenkais. If you have Goten zenkai, this is probably one of the better uses; you’re better off buffing Goku/Vegeta and Gohan over Super Vegito.
Thankfully God Ki is much more flexible, with MUI you’re not as reliant on the Vegeta side of Goku/Vegeta; with monopurple you lose as soon as Goku/Vegeta die. With both purple god ki buffers in RoF Vegeta and Fusion Zamasu, you can pick anyone for the last slot. Most use Future Vegeta but you’re probably better off with a health buffer like God Goku/Tao or an off color character like Vegito Blue or SSBE.
File: Ey2Vqh5XEAEXrgV.jpg (75 KB, 828x1016)
75 KB
Alright, I guess.
Rate this multi
You got a featured extreme, so that actually makes you a gigaluckchad
I have 15k CC, MUI to 3*, Dragon Fist to 6*. I need them to drop a spicy banner to blow my load on or I'm gonna chase the featured EXs or something.
Shop and summons getting maintenance tonight, you just might get your wish
Zenkai the unit? No, remake them!
God I hope we don't get another Vegito revealed next week
Hey, is it worth it to come back to Legends? I abbandoned the game shortly after they implemented that annoying fucking equipment to SS4 Gogeta. I heard MUI Goku is in the game now, too
considering the shitty majin vegeta, it seems very likely
now all lfs have these shitty equips "fixing them"
with the third slot being an absolute pain
not worth it desu
or go for the upcoming ultra banner and go from there.
File: dbl.png (364 KB, 1214x708)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
>Hit top grossing during 4th anni
>Now hit highest number of active players since release

Why are these threads so dead then?

DBL just continues on making milestones, yet this thread and even the DBL subreddit makes it feel dead, but DBL is more alive than ever... Just how?

Is it just bots??? I kinda feel like DBL is helping prove the dead internet theory.
We don't really know the criteria for "active players." PvP is definitely deader than it used to be.
File: DragonFistku.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x2316)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Active players could just be Joe-Schmoe getting hyped for UI Goku, logging in for the first time, not getting Goku, and then not opening the app maybe more than 2 times
>Why are these threads so dead then?
There's nothing to discuss. The Anniversary lacks units, events, and the only thing of worth is the mission rewards. You can only say "anniversary sucks" so much before you're just tired and waiting for it to end already
Next week we get something and if it's Vegito you'll probably land in a love it or hate it camp, but no matter what it won't save such a lackluster Anniversary
I want legends to start adding units outside the anime already.
File: Good 21 Solo.webm (2.82 MB, 364x648)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB WEBM
>Why are these threads so dead then?
1. You have to jump through a lot of hoops to post anything more than a screenshot.
2. 4chan as a whole attracts more of the 2d waifu autobattler crowd, gameplay is an active detriment to their experience.
3. People that complain or bitch that their favorite character or event isn’t up never acknowledge when said character or event is up.
4. Dokkanshills going overboard trying to plug their skipless game because it’s poorfag friendly (as in, you can play it on a low spec phone). Given the second reason, no wonder a fighting game has a higher filter than a collection game.
5. While there’s plenty of interaction with other players in co-op and PvP, there’s little reason to discuss the game over actually playing it; without irl friends who also play it’s hard to feel any presence in the game. Legends has consistently gotten more popular over the years but everyone claims it’s dead like >>910531 since everyone plays in a vacuum.

The main reason for why this thread is slow is probably lack of creativity. There’s nothing stopping anyone from posting forfeits/disconnects, their team composition, their win/loss history, who they matched with, or god/shit equipment rolls; why try here when you can just use the same /dbs/ script in a dokkan thread. I’ve been behind on posting for the most part because I’m hunting for gameplay clips, but it’s redundant now that everyone can watch replays; still, I keep playing because it’s fun when you do everything correctly and your opponent can’t help but seethe.
File: 400.jpg (182 KB, 585x328)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
you and me both anon, i thought it would not be 20 days counted but last longer like that fucker Gogeta. Good thing i don't plan on using it ever.
The game has always been more narrow/"focused" in scope compared to something like Dokkan but it's just especially bad right now
>What happened in your last PvP fight?
Androids, MUI, Dragon fist. Probably on both sides
>Hows PvE going?
Gotta cheese the AI with floatstepping and shit because even a type advantage full boost LF will die in 2 arts cards
>Use any wacky teams recently?
Not really, the meta moves so fast that with extremely limited exception, if your unit is more than a couple banners old you're SoL. Even Ultra Gogeta isn't top of the food chain anymore

We're all pretty much in the same situation and playing the same way. There's not a ton of discussion to come out of that.
File: 1644006727625.jpg (66 KB, 1024x574)
66 KB
How the fuck am I supposed to predict an opponent when he's a guy on the other side of the planet with a fucking horrendous wifi connection?
still far better than locking zpower behind some p2w garbage like full power battle
at least you can finish this vegeta by just doing dailies unlike the yellow trunks and ssb goku/vegeta
File: NeedMoreBroly.jpg (1.31 MB, 1080x1814)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
New Z-Broly when
makes me wonder why I can never get any matches for coop for the stupid daily mission
If it's just to fulfill the daily mission you can try doing the beginner difficulty to get it done quickly.
How do the succes rates even work for the kame adventure? I got gems only 1 time, does it depend on the power of the units?
Who did you get from your 2 LL Tickets? Super Perfect Cell and Oozaru Vegeta here, both of which I already had but I appreciate the power up.
Today trust the plan
Reveal and stuff part 3
Place your bets, Ultra Super Vegito, SS2 Gohan, or even SS4 Goku/Vegeta
>Vegito with lame animations
Time to ignore Legends until something actually cool comes along
>counters tap/blast cards when striking
>fills gauge when the enemy uses a card
The king is back
File: Goku taking a shit.gif (994 KB, 540x302)
994 KB
994 KB GIF
>another summonable ultra
Toshi you fucking pig nigger shitty zenkai battle towers are not content, neither is another banner. The bare minimum you could have done was release a free Ultra Buu or something to coincide with the Vegito
>Vegetto with ULTRA animations
Time to play Legends every day to celebrate something so cool coming along!
Keep in mind that even though Ultra Vegito is the last official anniversary unit, other characters will release in the meantime. Last year had Full Power From and SSBE Vegeta releasing in the following months after revival Gohan.
I'm actually hyped about Super Vegito, but I'm out of crystals.
File: 1634616977068.png (989 KB, 1165x1080)
989 KB
989 KB PNG
>Only one summonable ultra
>No new sparking
>No new extreme
>Not even a new F2P Ultra

They were feeling REALLY kikey huh? Just putting in the bare minimum effort, release the hypest characters and expect the paypiggies to spend their entire paychecks for the units.

Like really, they just didn't give a fuck about anything other than the profits they'd get. Fuck this shit. Legends Festival this year would have to take effort to be worse than what happened in the 4th anniversary, and honestly I don't even have faith in that at this point.

Not saying this game is "dying" because there's too many paypigs willing to go into debt just to get some fucking JPEGs, but the quality of it seems like it's gonna go down. Top grossing proves to them they only have to make the bare minimum effort on their part.
>Take long hiatus from PvP
>Come back for the LL tickets
>Climb from rank 1, smooth connection the whole time, forget why I hated PvP so much
>Second I hit BR50 start running into some laggy matches, but it might be a coincidence
>Hit 60 and it's like 50/50 at this point
>Hit BR70
>80% of all matches are so unstable I can't even sidestep right
Ah, that's why I don't play this game that much.
atleast we are getting a new bootcamp event
i wonder what will be the theme this time
babidi squad?
buu forms?
z fighters from sayian saga?
cell jrs?
They really need to be better about the network environment. I know you can't control connection speeds especially when you're gonna have players try it on 4G or some shit, but there are least need to be filters so I can elect to wait longer in the queue to get a match with a more stable connection, and if the match spends more than X amount of time below a certain acceptable threshold it just drops both players into a bot match. People might abuse the second part, but there are already exploits that accomplish similar goals so at least the average consumer wouldn't be stuck in frustrating matches that keep them away from the mode like you
Vegito looks busted as fuck as a unit, but I personally don't give too much of a shit about him as a character. It's all gonna come down to the filler LFs they put along side him. They won't put anything crazy with him because they need you to also open up the wallet when they rerun androids, but if I summon it's gonna be for an LF and Vegito is gonna be a nice surprise along the way
>How do the succes rates even work for the kame adventure?
no one knows
>Both Vegitos and Buu
Pass. Buu's plat also looks like ass
File: 1656630577039.gif (201 KB, 890x654)
201 KB
201 KB GIF
>get a modded client
>breeze through FPB
>switch back to your usual device the next day or just grind through other bullshit modes
you're welcome just remeber CC doesn't transfer between devices so you lose the CCs you have from iOS -> Android and vice versa so use your CCs before each transfer
Easy, now to blow all my slot removers on his equip
File: 939423041.png (598 KB, 717x903)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
Easy skip. Who else is w8ing for the Gohan who will be inevitably broken?
File: 1648612535413.jpg (84 KB, 708x531)
84 KB
Why do I even bother on trying to pull ultras? I got shafted on Gogeta twice, shafted on ssbk goku and once again on Vegito.
If anything it serves as a reminder to never spend money on this game since the odds are this terrible.
never ever spend more than 15k on an ultra is my personal limit
i never spend money and always save up some for ultra,
but if you do not get them in 5 rotations (20 multies) its not worth more imo since theres no pity.
Of course I want to throw some more CC at Vegito just for the Z ability, but I choose to believe a GT buff is coming and I want that
Can you guys scan this for me? I don't have any friends.
God, PvP is so fucking unfun. Fuck this shit mode.
File: hamster.jpg (104 KB, 1024x928)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>nearly SIXTH MONTHS for a ONE(1) fucking story mode update
>Hard Mode still doesn't exist past part 4
I'm going to commit arson
Just quit the game yesterday. Today is my first day in over a year without playing legends. Trust me, life does get better. Fuck these uninspired devs they don’t deserve even a single red cent nor extra second of my time.
I'm in the opposite situation almost. I quit the game around the end of the 2nd anniversary after playing since pre-registration, then came back for some reason like a week or so before the launch of the 4th anniversary. So now I've got a ton of shit to catch up on. I get the feeling they're really targeting new and returning players right now, which means I'll probably fall back off when I do get caught up but since I haven't spent any money since I whaled so goodamn hard for PUR Broly on his first banner and still didn't get him. I'm not gonna cry when it's time to say goodbye
This is the best way to play gatcha desu
Play one game until you slow down too much, move to another one and catch up with it
This anni might have been complete dogshit in terms of content but holy shit did I have some good pulls.
Looking for Zenkais for Super Vegito, is Super Vegeta’s awakening z power not in the exchange store? How else are you supposed to get it?
File: AAAAIIIIEEEEEEEEEE.png (1006 KB, 828x814)
1006 KB
1006 KB PNG
I only started playing again after pre registration because of LL Bardock got him after nearly two weeks of mustering willpower and cc to do it. Then I just did some idling around up until the 4th anniversary for MUI where it was the Bardock shaft all over again at this point I've exhausted all ways to get free CC so I think it's due for another year or so long break from the game anyways. It's the same thing with Dokkan the only reason I even give two shits about Dokkan is because of the music which is shit you can listen to on YouTube anyways
The zenkai rush shop gets updated every few months, the LL and starter saiyan zenkais are always available but the rest get swapped out with more recent zenkais. I imagine he’ll return once they bring back his zenkai banner.

Super Vegeta got his zenkai last October, he was still niche even on super saiyan teams. His only value comes from being the only yellow saiyan zenkai buffer, something that could easily change. With the Buu saga theme I can easily see it being SS2 Goku.
yeah its odd that its not in the rush shop
cabba is gone too for some reason
>jobbed in ToP mode again
I just want 1k crystals from it for once sigh.
File: all new units.jpg (2.29 MB, 1440x2960)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
>pulled all 3 new units and literally everything else I wanted (except LL SS4 Goku) after missing SS4 Gogeta and dropping the game again last anni
>still want to quit for what will be at least the 4th time since PvP has somehow gotten worse than the triple RP Golden Week season of death
>every single piece of content that isn't PvP is a mindless grind
>just doing all the dailies takes an entire fucking hour
I wish I could just delete the app for good, but I enjoy the story every time. If only they hadn't fucked up everything after the first season or 2.
just make a regen team
Love PvP :)
We all have bad days
File: Vegetto SSJ.jpg (1.43 MB, 1892x2048)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
>super hero content (orange picclle/beast loserhan)
>ball breakers collab (sparking semi perfect cell/bulma/oolong)
I would love a SP Transform Freeza from 2 -> 3
Hoping that Gohan Beast is this month, I'm gathering Crystals for him.
>this month
I mean August.
New player here, I've tried making a lineage of evil team and a regen team but can't full the limited legends characters I want for the life of me, should I keep pulling with my free gems and tickets or give up?
Are you fucking shitting me?
File: Pans.png (650 KB, 1007x220)
650 KB
650 KB PNG
I did it. I finished Dragon Ball Legends.
If you’re missing LF’s, you can cope with zenkais; Full Power Frieza is fairly good if not as versatile as his LF counterpart, and Chilled’s support is your next best option if you don’t have first form Frieza LF. Androids is much more rigid though, Evil 21 zenkai is a decent substitute to LF Cell but has much less utility. Tag 17/18 are debatably the best characters in the game, using Revival Cell or Zenkai 13 in their place is a handicap. If you also have extreme 17 zenkai I recommend slotting him for the extra zenkai ability.
bros... our anniversary ends in 24 hours..
it's over...
But Vegito only came out around a week ago.
>Year 1 LL Super Vegito
>Year 2 LL Vegito Blue
>Year 3 sparking Vegito Blue
>Year 4 Ultra Vegtio
Anniversary can't be over we're just a week After Vegito
File: llzpower.png (3.11 MB, 750x1334)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB PNG
I have 1800 LL zpower (two 600s and six 100s) that I need to use immediately
Who should I put it into?
Nameku - 1200 to zenkai
Vegito Blue - 1200 to zenkai
Green SSB Vegeta - 600 to zenkai
UI goku - 1100 to 6 star
Cell - 500 to 6 star
As a non-PvP expert, I think Zenkai VB would be the biggest value here? Since he's rather fresh. And you're still left with using 600 on UI Goku.
File: LF SSB Zenkai.webm (2.53 MB, 364x648)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB WEBM
It depends on which teams you like playing, the most practical is likely SSB Vegeta but since he’s a fairly common filler unit you may want to use it on more rare characters like Frieza/Trunks/Jiren
>Namek Goku
If you’re dead set on running a Frieza saga team why not; blue saiyans are filled with plenty of buffers like Bardock, strikers like Nappa/Broly, and even Namek Goku can hardly compete with Ultra Gogeta in a crisis situation. He’s still a very powerful LL zenkai, just not a free win like the others.
If you don’t have Ultra Gogeta, or lack stars on your DBS Gogeta zenkai, this your best bet overall. Still a reliable strike spammer/rush farmer that can frustrate the opponent with his blast cover and lock in blue; he’s one of the better MUI counters.
>Future SSB Vegeta
Probably the best LF zenkai at low stars, all he does is cover and then nuke your opponents blue character with his main; mainly tied down to God Ki/Vegeta Clan/Future but there are enough Vegeta characters that you can make a decent team with.
Definitely a good choice especially if you’re using him as a leader on all your teams; if not it’s only a minor special buff to USS teams that isn’t noticeable unless you also have 6 star Ultra Kaioken and USS Beerus with similar z-abilities. I doubt he’ll return for half a year so it’s unlikely you’ll luck into another copy unlike the others.
Cell’s z-ability doesn’t improve that much compared to recent characters, you’d only be powering him up for the stats which is largely mitigated with his unique equipment. It’s tricky to build Androids with zenkai buffers (16/18/21/Super 17), trying to use more than one limits your core lineup. I don’t think it’s advisable, you’ll probably get more mileage with the other characters.
Alright. Thank you, these are some good points.
I actually didn't realize that the raid shop doesn't go away until 3 days- I thought it ended tonight with everything else for some reason.
So, I actually only need to use one 600 and five 100s tonight.
I decided to put the 600 into SSB Vegeta to get him to 7 stars, and I think I'll put the rest into UI Goku.
Oh shit, the anniversary medal shop doesn't go away until next week as well. It's only the tuesday medals that I need to use immediately for the three 100s (I was including the weekend medals as well, but I can technically wait another 7 days for those too [though I try not to cut it that close because I always forget about it and lose the ones in my box])
I'm way less stressed now.
>new tien and buuhan
File: Monrei.png (1.58 MB, 1096x1759)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
Game status? SAVED
Legends doing everything in it's power to be the most boring piece of shit game it can possibly be
I can't wait for SP Vegito Blue to never get a zenkai awakening
File: Cranberry.png (712 KB, 452x536)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
>All these Frieza soldiers
>no Cranberry
Oh? We readying the ground for Moro I see.
Yep, DBS2 2023 confirmed.
Just started recently game is okay but whenever I do online battles i get my ass handed. I have noticed that most guys use in a particular pattern so any tips where i can practice this thanks
File: 1657497544219.jpg (17 KB, 285x279)
17 KB
4th Anniversary
>Part 1 is just MUI Goku, the only unit with some actual work put into it, and a Vegeta no one gives a shit about
>Part 2 is a fucking Dragon Fist Goku that can't even get a new proper animation that looks like the movie he came from and a Tapion whose whole gimmick is that he fucking dies
>Part 3 is just a Ultra Super Vegito by himself and his animations are all way lamer than his Sparking and LF cousins from years ago
>Anniversary ends and we're greeted with fucking Frieza troopers and two new Buu saga sparkings that weren't included with Vegito for some fucking reason
>Throughout all parts there was fucking jack and shit for content besides boring ass raids
I don't even care anymore
I hope this shit gets shut down after new years and we get one final farewell stream from Toshi that's just him flipping the bird whole riding a Shueisha branded dildo
>all these MUI players in advanced coop
oh fuck off
use a fucking boost unit for once
File: Zenkai Kakarot Goku .webm (2.36 MB, 404x720)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB WEBM
Ratings match and training matches are on the same screen, you just have to swipe right or left set the mode. Training matches has every character set to 14 stars and a more generous matchmaking system where your less likely to run into tryhards. There are certain techniques like sidestepping and Ki canceling that takes a minute to get the hang of but getting your timing down is the most important.
And yet, he keeps coming back because this only mobile db game that isn’t a jpeg autobattler. See you next year.
dokkan is better
Do you ever take Toshi's dick out of your mouth? Do you genuinely just have no problems with Legends at all?
My problems with this game go further than “oh the new characters look underwhelming fuck this game,” it’s too asinine to be real criticism, rather it sounds like an opinion from someone who doesn’t play so why take it seriously? How fun said characters are to play is more important than who said characters are or how unique their animations are.
>3 super Vegito’s all with different beam sword animations
Take Tapion for example, this past year we’ve gotten several characters that can revive but there are prevalent counters for that now; Tapion is the first that does the opposite, he is a nuke that cannot be countered unless he gets self destructed/LF’d. At this point, you know rising rush and card spam will never be balanced so he’s an incredibly valuable character to have as insurance if those mechanics fuck you over. USS Vegeta is underrated but most would rather stick with their red star Beerus or VB so it’ll take months for everyone to realize how good he is. Dragon Fist is carrying Son Family and Movies right now, only a vocal minority didn’t like him. Ultra Vegito is an ultra, so only 5% (generous estimate) of players have him yet he rivals MUI with how good his unique gauge is.

I don’t think we’ll ever see eye to eye on this because you think the characters are the weakest part of the Anniversary when I feel the opposite; the characters are the only part of this anniversary that was executed well. It wouldn’t have been too hard for Toshi to thrown in a rising battle Vegito zenkai or another legends road grind but they instead turned hoi poi into the grind with worse rewards. The dragon ball hunt needs to be a permanent or seasonal thing, and the Shenron should change as well. Friend battles are still hit or miss even if the person you’re playing with is right next to you. At least they fixed co-op where you can just requeue after a game.
>rather it sounds like an opinion from someone who doesn’t play
My frustration comes from the very fact that I play and it doesn't feel like I'm ever seeing anything new from Legends. The game mechanics as they are do not have enough depth to hook me on that alone, so I would very much like some more effort on Legends' part to at least make the fights happening on my phone screen not look underwhelming as hell, especially for celebrations of all things.
I don't know why you're particularly against people wanting some variety in the units we get and are forced to look at for years on end, but by all means, you're the one getting what you want out of this game at the end of the day.
Legends unironically needs something for the "try-hard" players. In other Gachas I can devote hours to grind and become stronger than ordinary people, but here not so much. There should be LL Z-Powers available for free, with a rare drop rate BUT you should be able to get them if you tryhard enough.

It sucks how they only are given once per anniversary or something.
tien has anti rr and his animations look sick
i hope i get him for the super warrior team*
File: Scream.jpg (116 KB, 1023x540)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
lol they still haven't added them
I wonder what the stalling for is
What killed the hype?
I got the best rolls on all of the unique equipments
It only costed all of my z medals
there was never any to begin with
8 months of fucking nothing
hes probably getting it in the update coming up.
>new tackle mechanic that punishes passive players
>more banter at the start of the match
>new PvP system
Get fucked MUI/Vegitofags
If the dash is quick enough it could be a really solid defensive tool.

I really want them to address dropping combos. Either fully featurize it or fix it so you can’t nullify 99% of the game by dropping combos.
File: 1657169234163.gif (1.03 MB, 636x381)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB GIF
Honestly the daily stamp rally is both the best and worst thing to ever happen to this game. You could potentially get 2x the amount of CC from dailies on average than you used to get, but if you miss even a single day in a whole 2 week period, you have to start all over again.
Ever since this system was introduced, I burst into a cold sweat every time I see the clock approaching the time of reset. I have to grab my phone and check over and over again that I did all my daily missions. I obsess over it- I'm stressed out all the time. I've become so fucking neurotic, you wouldn't believe it.
Even with all that pressure to complete the missions, I'll have a day- probably every 3 stamp sheets- that I'm happily doing something else and don't even think about opening up legends. When I check the next day though, my stomach drops when I see "daily stamp rally has been reset"..... I was on the 14th day and now I don't have my 500 cc.
my recomendation is to set a reminder.
it takes less than 15 minutes to do all the dailies.

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