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File: 1651690650223.jpg (667 KB, 1920x1080)
667 KB
667 KB JPG
Monster Musume TD
~I'm stuck on an island in the middle of the ocean with monster girls who adore me~
MonmusuTD is a Tower Defense game launched in early access on March 14, 2022,
Official service started on May 9, 2022
The game recently hit 900k players and will be giving out rewards after June 27 maintenance
first for lovingly breeding vivi
but who am i kidding, that stomach bulge and semen inflation during it, is quite harsh on her little onahole body
she deserves it though, for all that teasing
Shit is slow but good too. I wish we had more content though.
File: FV7Xc1zakAEJsUH.jpg (276 KB, 1200x800)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
May as well post the information links in the thread.


>Theme: 『Catch me!モンスター娘』

>Pastebin Guide

By the way, game is in mini-maintenance and is going to celebrate 900k downloads. Also another 2k paid banner featuring Rakion, Okyu, and Kazune.
File: 7_missions_4_cubes.png (249 KB, 794x391)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
I will never be this lucky again.
File: draw.jpg (368 KB, 1716x973)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
I used up all my luck on my first roll on the phoenix banner
that is a pretty sexy roll. hopefully one day I'll pick up the manticore, that archer, and phoenix.
File: 1642592349009.jpg (289 KB, 1144x1080)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
They added English translation to the event name, nice. Wonder if this will continue
File: 1545762367463.jpg (57 KB, 525x588)
57 KB
the mouse will ride on something else, if you know what i mean
seems like they used a machine translation
おこぼれ に ネズミ は 乗る
If you throw the title (without spaces) into google translate, you get exactly what is written in the picture. You can plop those words into jisho.com to get a better idea, but I highly doubt the event has anything to do with riding a spill. It's more like "The rat takes her cut" or something along those lines.
The mouse cuts the cheese

Damn fuck you gib heca.
I kneel. Put en around their name and it will be perfect. Ugly smug rat. I wonder if bear will be loli.
File: 1648672455020.jpg (752 KB, 2119x2401)
752 KB
752 KB JPG
Her name being Rata is just too funny.
my beautiful soon to be wife
but yes, in comparison with all the mythology names, someone had no time and sat down with a "that will do"
at least its cute for being that simple
File: milk inflation.png (15 KB, 140x136)
15 KB
>shota-kun enters the room
>it is time for your milk, vivi
>oh nice i was already thir-
>4600 packages of milk!!!
remember to drink your milk responsibly
File: 1645336856130.png (523 KB, 1000x911)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
File: 1640892274077.png (1.88 MB, 1920x1080)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
◆Maintenance time
Scheduled on Monday, June 27, 2022, 10:30~16:00 (JST)

・New Event Start (The Mouse rides on the spill(mt))
・New Monsters girls to be added
>Thunderbird - Waemawa
>Orc Lord - Delboa
>Wererat - Rata
・XCostumes/Customes to be added
>Bombshell Kuromi
>Pajama Amelie
>Bathtime Rin
>Maid Rotona
・Fixes to Picture Book
・Fixes to Friends Function
・Various Bug Fixes
exactly and she is a good girl for drinking it all
File: 1653138314463.jpg (289 KB, 1200x800)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
I hoe they will go all the way with X costumes.
La rata...
I have a bad feeling it's going to be the same scenes with a different outfit. hopefully I'm wrong.
Gacha is predatory but you have to played some real shit to be able to jump to that conclusion.
I meant the dress up don't care about CG. If the costume isn't sexy then it's useless.
File: 1641019891101.jpg (348 KB, 1080x1114)
348 KB
348 KB JPG
It's go time boys
File: 1630624716330.jpg (362 KB, 1919x1079)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
Celebrating 900k players
Bombshell Kuromi and Pajama Amelie have been postponed
Grabbed the maid skin. Too bad the other one is paid only but, if it helps them, that's good. Wonder what the majority opinion for the current difficulty is. Doesn't seem like they're bumping it up, L are too strong for EX.
X costume isn't that sexy and doesn't even show nipples. Disappointing.
Rrat seems interesting? 10% attack continuous aura,50% evasion, regen, and a decent attack mod might make her decent with enough supporters. 60 initial timer on her skill
and natural short range hold her back though.
>change flying units to 0 block
>make new flying unit with 1 block
Cool, can I have my 1 block phoenix back?
New bird is broken as fuck.
>Event summary

>MC is worried about the increasing amount of poachers as of late
>Vivi isn't too worried since the Monmusu are on his side
>In any case a Monmusu comes in for a consultation
>It's Waemawa the Thunderbird
>She says they need to go to Oxy who is waiting on the beach
>MC asks why
>Thunderbird has a flashback to Oxy(unhappy she hasn't been featured or got to see MC) and is happy the flashback explained it
>MC still doesn't know why and Vivi explains it curtly
>At the beach, they meet Rata
>She plainly reveals everything about how she's actually on the Poacher's side and decides to attack
>MC dodges by slipping on a convenient banana peel at the cost of his spine's well-being
>After the trivial battle against Rata and the poachers, she sliding dogezas and begs for forgiveness
>The original plan was to ambush MC at his home, but he wasn't home due to Waemawa's request
>Rata being the rat she is, says she'll reveal all the poachers' locations to not get punished which the MC agrees to due to his worries
>Vivi is still suspicious of her
>A look into Rata's mind reveals she is in fact still a rat as she's leading you to poachers in the hopes they beat MC

>First stop, a cave full of old loot
>Rata guided poachers here and may be planning for them to ambush you
>While going through, Rata ends up holding MC's hand to guide him and ends up flustered while Waemawa is jealous and ends up holding MC's other hand
>In her excitement, she releases electricity and shocks the MC and Rata, MC ending up with an afro
>As they are stunned, poachers are having trouble with their magical weapon golems and are cleared out
>Rata says the next stop is the Lava Fields which has twice the poachers and she recommends Lagos
>Vivi says she sure knows her stuff and subtly threatens her if she's been leaking information
>They meet with Lagos at the Lava Fields who tsukkomis at Afro MC, but still finds him cute
>Vivi is still suspicious of Rata as Rata explains the poachers are lurking in the labyrinth under the Lava Fields saying it's the perfect place to get ambushed in a dead end which is in fact Rata's plan
>Yucie and Nyarutan show up also commenting on MC's hair
>Yucie came to help take out the poachers while Nyarutan is investigating stuff she heard about MC with a mouse girl
>Yucie being a Fairy Dog can trivially sniff through the labyrinth and guide them
>By the way, a lot of the events so far have been attributed to Waemawa being lucky while Rata bemoans the fact it's been anything but for her
>The poachers are quickly beaten and Rata is distressed at the Monmusu's strength

>Next stop is the coast, different from the first one
>Vivi continues to be suspicious towards Rata
>Turns out the poachers were already beaten by Delboa who laments their weakness
>Podel is being the concerned underling type and telling her not to rush in alone
>Delboa's boar's name is Tintin Nabla which Podel thinks is weird
>Podel notices MC and is surprised by the afro
>Anyways she explains they defeated the poachers and introduces Delboa, the leader of the Orcs
>Delboa decides to challenge/fight the MC hearing rumors of his strength, also maybe rape him
>After beating her, Delboa is amazed, and Podel explains how MC leads the Monmusu while getting horny which Vivi interrupts
>Delboa is trembling, it was her very first defeat, letting her glimpse new heights, and with that she fully accepts MC into her heart and desires to breed which Vivi also interrupts and says they should be following Rata
>Rata however seems to have disappeared during the fight
>We cut to her in a nearby forest talking to another possibly poacher-affiliated Monmusu who's impatient with her which likely foreshadows the second half's antagonist
File: 1654293774292.png (1.04 MB, 1298x621)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
This kuso rat she is definitely getting it when I capture her.
How do i get more gold keys? I haven't even gotten the two new dungeon's skill/scene and blew all the ones i had.
Damned (b)rat. I'll show her!
How does stun accumulation work with each other? Would stacking stunners help stun faster? Would it be a waste? Can keep a stunning with enough stunners? Is there an immunity period?
Updated the pastebin with new unit evaluations and also decided to call her Lata instead of Rata since it sounds like she pronounces it with more of an L sound if I'm hearing her lines in her voice archive correctly.

It works like Aigis Paralysis I think. Nothing protects an enemy from being immediately stunned again. Looking around the JP wiki, it seems the stun values are percentage based and when it hits 100%, the enemy gets stunned. Different sources of stunning should stack. Trying to perma stun things though isn't really worthwhile since most bosses are stun immune and other things will just die.
Wait for more content I guess since you won't pay.
the shock is what caused the poacher's magical weapon to lose control
-don't remember anything about delboa attempting to rape MC. she was looking for someone to lose to.
-I think both orcs start to say "ippatsu nuku" which vivi cuts off both times: https://jisho.org/search/一発抜く basically shoot a load
-don't really get why she was running interference so hard here when she usually does the opposite.
-rata didn't leave MC's group to get away from them but rather to deal with the bear
-I thought the bear was another mainlander monmusu and she came to find rata since she was gone for so long.
I dunno if they should keep doing this. This thing with making characters that have a skill to extend their range to the entire map.
Also, Delboa seems fun, drive-by + assassination chance.
Seems fun. They said this is casual game plus I love op units. Sick of all games making weak units for balance. They can do like last time where you aren't allowed to kill some enemies.
>60 rolls
>Dupe Migardsormr
It's over for me bros.
I don't think you understand what that means bro. Getting fucked in the ass =/= getting cucked, I should fuck you in the ass for that 0IQ comment
Don't do that, bros! That's gay!
There is that one dungeon scene where it's someone else getting fucked in the ass and not MC.
its fine if you say "no homo" after it
Don't even need the no homo if it's a girl's penis.
Something I've come to appreciate about Lucure is how she synergizes with Shaman memes and can also have minimal impact if playing around with other units. I also really really want my own Waemawa now.
Seriously, this bird is great.
>look up what Tintin Nabla is supposed to be referencing
>a tintinnabulum is a Roman term for bell arrangement on a phallus thought to ward off evil spirits
>holy dickbells
I'm serious. The pictures from the wikipedia article are interesting to say the least. Also the general term tintinnabulate means to ring bells.
I'm at 110 without a Legend. Guess this is my come uppance for doing okay on a banner before. Cleaned out all of my challenge boss gems too so not sure how I'm going to get another 40 rolls without spending.
I'm at well over 200 rolls without one, even an off banner, over the last several banners. I should have saved until I had enough for pity.
If you do resort to paying, the most efficient gem for money packs are the one day offers after clearing the first and second halves of events. The 900k pack is also fairly efficient and will get you most of the way there and comes with an L ticket. That plus the current login streak of bonus gems should get you there. Also, the 100 paid gem roll per day also increments the pity points so rolling it daily for ten days if you do pay would save you 2k gems.

The yen is extremely weak right now at least so 5k yen/points is like 37 dollars instead of 50.
1k gems from first place in popularity.
File: Capture.png (1.39 MB, 1135x640)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
What does the djin do to the mc's body in her 1st scene? Wondering if the muscles were a deliberate change or if the mc's adult form is buff asf.
Podel mentions the mc being much stronger than when they first met but you can't take what any of these cock hungry monsters have to say seriously...

Her skill is cool but I'm more interested that sexy lightning effect. Would be cool if stays unique to her but I can see it being a shared animation like with Cliffo.
And as soon as I post this I pulled the orc chick. Neat. Would have preferred the bird between the two but I can't complain.
he did carry the tiger all the way up the mountain as well as all the volcano training with fris. probably forgetting other stuff.

he doesn't do any fighting though, so I thought she wasn't talking about his physical strength here.
File: Spoiler Image (1.42 MB, 1707x1674)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
pawjob...kuma kuma
I'm betting she's the one who put out the demand for rare Queen Bee honey that one adventurer was hunting for.
think this brings us up to 1 gigantic boob, 1 large boob, and 6 flat free units.
Because I found it funny.
>Lata character story 1

>MC is escaping from poachers who don't really seem into it today
>He bumps into Lata who enjoys watching his stupid side as he flees from poachers
>Lata is pretty much a rat through and through talking about her thieving ways and MC thinking about her rat/wererat morals
>turns out she swiped the food from a poacher's ship and the reason they're not in it today is because they're starving
>MC thought she might've been doing it to protect the island, but no, she was just hungry and didn't give a shit past that
>MC tries to chastise Lata, but she responds that they came to steal from the island so it's fair game
>Also, she doesn't want to be lectured by a pervert with no underwear
>MC by the way recently had all his underwear stolen and quickly pieces together that Lata was the one that did it
>Lata has started a rental service for his underwear and business is booming
>Rubbing it in, she throws out one piece of soiled underwear recently returned from Kuromi onto the ground in front of MC
>MC is getting angry while Lata leaves in smugness
>MC grips his stolen underwear angrily as he plots his revenge

>The following day, Lata has been trapped in a sticky slime trap MC had Rin make
>Upon attempting to punish her, he immediately also falls in
>Lata makes fun of both him and his erection calling him a pervert while starting to give him a handjob and lick his dick out of sheer defiant smugness as MC tries to get out
>MC can only lick her pussy in retaliation
>It becomes a twisted game of who can make the other cum first
>It ends in a draw
>MC gains respect for as well as renews his determination towards defeating Lata
Thanks to that I did my 3 pull and got both in one shoot. Still I get raped by slime max. I also need that gold shit to increase their skills the drop rate sometimes almost impossible.
I was mostly just judging from the licking her lips look on her face when she was challenging him. However,
>Character stories reveal she is secretly a massive masochist and she has always desired defeat so she can get violated and raped
>Deliberately stays out of the Orc after victory knight rape orgies
>Second scene is MC just commanding her roughly as he pounds her doggystyle without foreplay to fuel her rape fantasies
I guess now she probably wouldn't have raped him if she won and was truly licking her lips at the thought of potential defeat.
just installed the game and logged in and after clicking on start it's stuck on "connecting...", is it downloading something or is it just stuck?
Wait a little might be downloading something for first time. Also give it a chance it might seems hard at beginning but it's not that hard later.
File: 1652999922859.jpg (46 KB, 372x488)
46 KB
I did it! I had to update the app through the dmm games store and now it works
All their games are like that with each new event etc.
You know you could have just played it in browser and skipped the whole mess?
why would I do that on my phone?
Why would you use your phone in the first place?
File: 1542482237910.jpg (61 KB, 789x789)
61 KB
>starting to give him a handjob and lick his dick out of sheer defiant smugness
greatest love story ever told
>1 large boob,
no Scylla makes me cry
u rite I obviously misread the post
That's really unbalanced. Need more big boobs to balance things out.
cunny is rated E for everyone
big boobs are not
checkmate hagfag, lolicons win
I've been kinda sleeping on Neill, the poison is disgusting. I think the one thing I'm really jonesing for in this game now is a melee tile healer, ranged slots feel too valuable to use on a healer, that or melee tile supporters.
I haven't been keeping track, but I believe the majority of the new gacha units have had medium to large booba.
That dead mummy also debuff boss attacks and def I believe. Did see someone clearing slime max with it.
As long as we get more lolis like lagus, heca and that tentacle loli i'm fine. It's sad They cucked out with X costume and made it safe so they can sell in both versions or just lazy.
It's perfectly possible for them to have an X-rated skin and a safe version of a skin like with how Silva is handled, they just didn't go for it. Time will tell if user feedback will actually influence them enough so they do have skins that just bare it all naturally.
The problem is you can just use niddogg for poison. Or any number of stronger character that just make them dead.
Can do EX1 with full C team but not EX2. Anyone got good C, R or E teams?
File: 1642861901849.jpg (911 KB, 2882x2778)
911 KB
911 KB JPG
I gave it a go and managed after some team adjustments.
I actually make use of the 1.2x skill. Rather, I had to use above average subskills in general. Not perfectly consistent, but recreatable. The major factor is Delboa getting stuck on Saura. The DPS has to hit just right so she has a spare block when Delboa passes by. Turns out that spot blocks her. While it's not necessary Saura survives, Delboa will ram through anybody else too fast and Saura is your best physical tank at Common rarity. Power can take a few hits, but once her orc goes, she goes soon after.
Don't you have any L or just doing it for fun?
I dolphin and have everybody but Lauren, Muzzle, and Waemawa currently. I just have literally every operator I own second class changed. I almost have every operator at max skill level as well, it's just rares and commons left. I managed to farm the cubes for everybody, so I'm currently farming level 1 crystals. As the guy who wrote the unit guide, I do have to play around with every unit to actually get a real understanding with them. Rather this has probably updated my opinion on a few things.
I see thanks for your work. Can you tell me what the gimmic of the slime max I can never beat him. Anything wrong increasing his explosion?
Gimmick is kill the small slimes before they reach the big one so it doesn't wipe all your shit.
I see these regenerating fuckers are hard to deal with will try double block on top. I see people cheese it with gunner dogs debuff or brute force.
If you have Neil she will turn the boss into a harmless blob that does no damage.
Don't have her sadly but have the dark knight tank and mummy tank also cerberus the L dog.
You should try the debuff strat with the dogs then, since it gains more and more attack boost as the fight goes, trying to brute force it may end up badly without good sub skills.
File: Queen of monmusu.png (806 KB, 1536x1541)
806 KB
806 KB PNG
So whom are your favorite characters design wise? Mine are Lagos, Raikon, Okyu, Miteras, Anisira and Silva.
Raikon and Anisira are too good for fanza and their shit talantless artists. I know characters come from different artists but many of their games don't have this uniqueness.
Is just a reference to the gochiusa logo (is the order a rabbit?)
For me it's Lauren, Petra, Raikon, Melon, Silva and Okyu
File: nigru.png (214 KB, 980x844)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
Ruruu, Nigru, Anisira
It pretty much is learn how the debuff strat works or hard DPS brute force test. However Delboa is an addition that makes the brute force test a ton easier. You still need the other best melee DPS in the game, but it's extremely consistent at least as Delboa clears out the center slimes while hitting the main body without taking melee tiles next to it.
Amazing. I'm only missing lagus also I have healer lulu so not sure if this R healer is critical to this.
Lulu should work fine. The main thing is just having an Oracle so all units are healed as everybody takes some damage due to the AoEs. The last AoE the main body throws out is enough to one shot most ranged units, however at that point it should also be nearly dead.
Personally, I'm a fan of all the birds. They essentially always have to dress light, so what clothes they do get is far more heavy on ornamentation and design rather than normal clothing. Rata is also a new favorite. A lot of things about her design just hit the mark especially when combined with her personality.
he says, while playing a literal porn game
is joke, i love all of you fellow perverts equally
Fris, Rin, Tantalum, Thiel, Rata, Rakion, Igni, Torusu, Lauren, Melon, and Sylphine.
Did you all join fanza festival for free gibs? Not sure if there is enough time to finish login though.
I've been rolling it since it started, won 2nd place quite a few times but haven't gotten anything so I have no idea how to acquire any of these goods.
Those 2nd place prizes are raffle tickets to win set amounts of DMM points.
so you roll the thingy, then get the 2nd prize and that is only a ticket for a chance to win something again? as in multiple hoops to jump through to win anything, or are you already guaranteed some DMM points when you get said 2nd place?
File: bird.jpg (373 KB, 1712x968)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
Too two pulls for the new bird. Finally saved enough free stones for second pull.

Also bonus dragon again.
The wheel guarantees jackshit even if you hit the top prizes. One is a ticket for winning real life cash(obviously not applicable to anybody outside Japan) and another is a ticket for winning DMM points. 2nd place is a ticket for the 2k point raffle which will have only 1500 winners. Your chances of winning are basically nothing by the way.
Yes. Second prize on the roulette wheel gives you 30 entries into the million yen pool (1 winner) and the 2000 DMM points pool (1500 winners). If you played games for 10 days during the event, you get the smaller prize listed under each game (1 single summon for monmusu). 15 days gets you 300 DMM points. Participating in the festival gets you the big prize for each game (10 single summons for monmusu).
>Your chances of winning are basically nothing by the way
yea that is what i was wondering about, thanks
I'm mostly joining for game login free tickets and nothing else.
i wouldn't have minded a few DMM points to buy a Xskin for the game, but it doesn't really matter that much
i figured at the beginning that this event wouldn't really be worth it beside the 10 rolls, still finished all missions by simply playing though
I -might- get echidna from the event, haven't decided if I want her or not. 300 DMM points from the 15 days reward, 212 roulette medals that converts to 212 DMM points, and I did 20 days of bounties for 1k M medals that converts to 100 DMM points. Honestly don't think I would ever to use her, and I really doubt I would ever use the new system for unlocking her skill points instead of saving them for someone like lagos or something.
File: FWjKGbdVEAAj4L8.jpg (295 KB, 1200x800)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
Next paid gacha line up.
Does anyone have artist list? I want to know Anisira designer. The jap wiki should put artist names fucking japs.
>tfw have gone through both runs of the Lagos+Atheel+Lauren gacha and now this and still don't have Lauren
Got Muzzle at least.
If i can't have my inflated fairy you will not get your Vivi.
what if i told you that i want the inflated fairy too
maybe a future Xskin can fix that issue and if they get more brave to actually go for a more /d/ approach to onahole sized monmusu
>pay to onahole
We can only wait and hope brother.
may this ease the wait for us, bro
File: 1645612740533.png (506 KB, 1024x1023)
506 KB
506 KB PNG
>Had to spark for birb
>Got one Legend out of getting there, was a dupe gold dog
That was extremely painful, at least I'm completely free from rolling I guess since I've deleted every gem source available but half the hard chapter stages.
Sad to hear but sometimes you get lucky in early pulls or ticket pulls don't lose hope.
File: 1625498571042.png (384 KB, 617x319)
384 KB
384 KB PNG
I'm paying for my earlier sins honestly, it just sucks when the debt catches up. I got Tellurium on one of the event tickets.
You have good amount of Ls. I'm only missing Raikon from my favorites.
Lagos too fug.
This is such a stacked roster, grats.
Gotten 2 dupes of Lagos, 1 dupe of Medusa and 1 extra gold dog as well to salt the wound.
Here is mine and no dupes. The more units you get it's expected to land on dupes. I'm f2p
I want that bird so fucking bad, I love all the birds in this game. And I get the logic but I got those dupes when I only had 4 Ls.
That harpy was my first L. So it's special to me but I still prefer Raikon and wish I can get it also Lagos.
File: onaholes.jpg (327 KB, 1137x644)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
guess it turned into a "show your legendaries", so show me yours, anon!
Raikon, Sexy paid snake and lagos damn you man.
File: 1545745892738.png (64 KB, 260x296)
64 KB
i am sorry, bro
i am sure you get your own soon enough!
though dunno if the snake is still a thing and if not, surely she will return some day
Thanks bro enjoy. Many sexy characters coming no problem.
Dolphin here. I mainly hope the 1 million celebration sells a pick ticket or something.
File: frustrated.jpg (22 KB, 205x181)
22 KB
please, bro, end her suffering and do the deed
Sorry I hadn't gotten to her since I just got her yesterday. Anyways
>Muzzle wants to prove to Teruru that pure love OneeShota is the best by going on a date with MC
>She thinks holding hands makes babies and runs off when he suggests it as they're going through the woods and getting a bit lost/separated
>Teruru tells him Muzzle is a pure love flag crusher who crushes flags immediately and helps guides him out of the forest after Muzzle runs off
>The H-scene cuts to MC finding Muzzle in the forest naked and horny due to the full moon begging for MC to finger her

>Next part is about Muzzle and MC finding lost books and pages washing up on the beach
>Muzzle is excited about finding what might be a pure love romance novel on the beach with one of those man and woman about to kiss each other silhouette covers
>Muzzle reveals the reason she's obsessed with pure love is that she managed to watch a play complete with happy end while in the human continent which makes her even more excited about human love stories
>However she can't read, so MC suggests teaching her, which they begin with the book they just found which predictably is an adult one and the page they have is already on kissing
>Muzzle runs off out of embarrassment and shyness while calling MC a hentai
>H-scene is Muzzle presenting herself for sex so she can get used to this stuff, not a full moon by the way

There was a real sense of whiplash reading this. I feel like Muzzle is fortunate being in an H-game being the type she is. If it were anything else, it would have taken until the series had ended for her to get anywhere with MC.
thanks for your service and for breeding her
Dumb dog
More costumes and X costume coming. Please go full hentai with X costume. Also part 2 rat event 4th july so tomorrow.
File: Spoiler Image (94 KB, 505x463)
94 KB
ahhh the 4th of july
for some it is independence day, but for la rata it will be correction day
File: 1630606181196.jpg (590 KB, 1920x1080)
590 KB
590 KB JPG
That new image splash screen though
>again with the vivi tease focus
for fucks sake, nice ass though
those fucking bastards

how dare they
I just imagine they have Borat on loop in the office with the part saying "You will never get this"
>Event part 2 summary

>Delboa is leading a march against the poachers
>Delboa's leadership combined with Waemawa's luck meant they had a momentum that could not be stopped much to Lata's dismay
>The topic of night battle comes up
>Podel on the subject responds with something lewd which Vivi interrupts and MC is none the wiser
>Podel continues to praise Delboa calling her the strongest orc to Diffnilla's slight annoyance
>Delboa however is worried, they weren't fighting normal poachers
>There were heroes present which Vivi gives a brief explanation
>Vivi asks Lata if she knows anything and questions her on her disappearance
>Lata says she was suspicious there might've been poachers nearby and that she can't really differentiate the power between humans as they look all the same to her
>Flashback to what she was actually doing
>Bear girl's name is Tetty(different from Teddy and explicitly a T sound)
>asking what's up Lata responds that she keeps losing due to MC and that everything just keeps going wrong
>Tetty is surprised and wonders how Lata hasn't dealt with him yet, but comes up with a plan herself
>Lata was not told the plan, so MC can't figure it out, and just told to lead him there as she announces the next poacher destination as Mirkwood
>Vivi doesn't have any other real choices, so she just accepts Lata's story
>Walking through the woods, MC worries about his hair which is still in an afro
>Waemawa however really likes it and starts charging up again to which MC quickly retreats
>ZAP, however it wasn't Waemawa's discharge
>Tetty shows up and remarks on the power of Hero's lightning
>With MC incapacitated, she tells the poachers to attack
>MC gets up, he has gained resistance due to Waemawa
>Lata sighs and says I told you so
>Tetty goes what does it matter if he's okay and just begins the attack anyways
>As the poachers are defeated, Tetty is in disbelief, especially at the prospect of losing to a human with an afro
>Upon being asked, Tetty introduces herself and calls herself the cutest girl in the world
>She then asks why Lata is fighting on their side when she's supposed to be on theirs
>Lata explains she switched sides and was leading them to poachers after losing
>Vivi asks so it was a plan to defeat MC to which Tetty immediately responds that's right!
>Lata at this point asks for her reward saying it shouldn't matter whether the plan failed since she did her job to which Tetty responds there is none to Lata's dismay
>Tetty declares she'll beat the MC with her own super strategy using I think cutesy terms while running off
>Lata is in despair as she was hoping to obtain supreme cheese made by the humans
>Turns out MC has some cheese for her
>Vivi asking where he got it since Monmusu shouldn't know how to make it
>Turns out he got it from Silva who has been experimenting with milk products and MC took an item that was cheese like
>Vivi is a bit concerned
>Lata however is enjoying it immensely and thinks it is the supreme cheese she has been searching for talking about the tastes in all sorts of ways
>MC tries to say something about the cheese, but Vivi interrupts
>Vivi says cheese for the info to which Lata is forced to agree and truly becomes a part of the team now
>At their final poacher hideout, we finally get to Oxy who has essentially been snubbed the whole event
>She has been beating them up and appears to have already fought them all off to everybody's amazement
>When MC shows up, she however puts up the Darling I was so scared act
>In any case time to wipe out the poachers before Tetty arrives to help them
>Wiped out, the heroes are in despair at the vast difference in strength, monmusu being far stronger than any monsters they have fought before, and quickly retreat
>Tetty trying to go with them is thrown overboard and forced out
>Discarded on the beach Vivi confronts her
>Tetty starts crying in despair, however Vivi says her eyes are dry and knows she's faking it
>Vivi wonders how to punish the now very nervous Tetty, but MC wants to forgive her
>Delboa is impressed by MC's compassion and ends up assaulting him while drooling on him
>Oxy blows her away trivially and starts cleaning MC with seawater which finally gets rid of the afro
>Tetty is surprised at MC(afro) actually being such a cute boy
>Lata says that's MC to make even Tetty fall back in cuteness
>Declaring she won't lose in cuteness, Tetty runs off
>MC wonders about her, but Vivi says they'll likely meet again as long as they're on Gespens
>Lata wants her cheese now and immediately starts groping MC to look for more however he only had the one piece
>Everybody else starts groping him because they want to do it to
>Vivi smiles at this, but then wistfully worries as she senses and realizes that many more heroes will be coming to the island as the event ends
>Lata second character story

>MC looking for Lata intending to punish her finds her with a very scentful cheese
>Asking if she stole it, she apparently got it in exchange for information and it is a described as Shabu Shabu/Hotpot which I don't understand in the context of cheese
>In any case she is enjoying it by smelling it intensely
>Seemingly to the point of drunkenness as she starts rambling
>MC tries to confiscate the cheese, but Lata continues to ramble to the point of sadness and sweetly to the point of sickening asks for MC to not abandon her while hugging him
>Asking to close his eyes and kiss, MC shuts his eyes and puckers up
>To which Lata laughs at and makes fun of revealing it all to have been an entire act
>As MC tries to accost her, he trips over on his falling pants as Lata had stolen his belt
>Lata then yells out loudly that MC is pantsless for all the nearby Monmusu to hear which attracts a stampede as Lata escapes

>Having had a Monmusu catch her, Lata is tied and left on MC's bed for punishment
>MC announces he won't forgive her today and attempts to punish her
>Lata however remains defiant even as he spanks her calling him a hentai for getting an erection while spanking a girl
>MC has no choice but to jam it in while still continuing to spank Lata who tightens with every spank
>Telling her she's a masochist, MC continues the onslaught while Lata begs for him to stop
>MC says if she wants him to stop, she must apologize
>Lata apologizes
>MC is happy and then responds that he must reward her
>MC starts thrusting and spanking harder saying it didn't have enough sincerity
>Lata continues to apologize, but MC continues his punishment calling her a pervert who gets off to being punished and hurt
>Lata finally breaks and starts asking for more
>MC continues demanding for her to apologize saying is it really punishment if she's feeling this good and the climax is reached as Lata howls apologies
>MC wonders if he overdid it as Lata is a delirious mess
That pink zombie skin is nice
Poor lata
Looks like all skins will be safe garbage sadly. I surrender won't ask for nude skins anymore. I want to pull for raikon in rate up but will just wait for next banner.
Did 1 multi and 7 singles no raikon fug.
imo you should only pull if you want either the snow giant or rakion. If you only want one of them, you are better off waiting for a solo banner for a 1.5% chance of pulling her rather than the 1% on the current banner.
I wanted a dupe for giant or new raikon but got nothing wew. Tetty could be next banner but she doesn't look all great but wouldn't mind more loli characters.
there we go, she got the well deserved correction
I've been trying to install this game recently, but I always get stuck in the title screen. Stuck at "Connecting..." without downloading anything. What am I doing wrong?
Tetty would be テッティ and her name is テティ. Her name is Teddy.
i want to lovingly snuggle with teddy
The thing is is Teddy in Japanese is テディ which is TeDe-i and is the commonly accepted Japanese spelling for Teddy. Her name is TeTe-i. It's a double テ. Not a テ then a デ. They clearly intended to make her name similar to Teddy, but not outright Teddy. テティ has no use as the word Teddy, rather googling it will bring up some cream that's spelled in English as Thety. Whereas every single source that asks what Teddy is in Japanese gives テディ.
Wait or try vpn. Some guy said last time he didn't update it through dmm app or you can try browser site.
Say TeTi out loud and tell me what it sounds like.
File: spank.jpg (36 KB, 320x340)
36 KB
10/10 gameplay, would slap that ass the whole day
Look, it's close to Teddy, but a T sound is a T sound. This isn't the devs not knowing, Japanese people have Teddy Bears and a commonly accepted way to spell it. It's a decision to have a name that's very similar to Teddy, but not actually the Teddy in Teddy Bear.
can you guys just agree that you want to cum on teddy/tetty's paws?
thank the lord for that button to fill exp up with one kind of milk
that was really needed for the normal milk, as it took ages without and just holding down on it
File: 1627798439108.jpg (597 KB, 1920x1080)
597 KB
597 KB JPG
what happened, anon?
just very bad luck or saved 200k+ gems by now?
I'm at 123800 stones right now. I'll probably roll soon. Maybe.
i am glad that it wasn't being a lucklet, saving is fine

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