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File: 20220313_130159.jpg (97 KB, 1242x697)
97 KB
Angry birds is good
I'm team Jetpack
Man.. I miss the early of 2010s
where is my boy temple run and subway surfer
mobile games used to be filled with so much less cash grab shit
even when they had mtx they were way less manipulative
>not pocket edition / lite
that and infinity blade
>infinity blade
>infinity blade is garbage
you're garbage
File: ip1.jpg (412 KB, 1000x1333)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
Found my 1st gen iPad recently. Been playing some of the old games on it. Last I recall, I was going through my library, installing them, deleting stuff that didn't work or some such.
Going to have to jump through some hoops to get back to that again. Apple at one point shifted app management entirely to the device
>1st gen iPad
i found mine recently too. those things looked so sleek and modern back when they first came out. i couldnt believe how big the screen bezels were and how heavy it was to hold. i do love the build quality though, the aluminium back is very nice to the touch. it also surprised me when i remembered it didn't even have a fucking camera lol
File: ai chair person.png (83 KB, 251x251)
83 KB
>want to play old mobile games on an old iphone
>look for old compatible games in appstore
>apple won't let me search for apps compatible with older phones
>realize apps that haven't been updated in years get delisted
>can't even use direct links to find and download them
>search internet for cracked ipas (installation files for ios)
>most websites that have once hosted ipas died years ago or have moved on to a single page of hacked social media apps
>internet archive has popular shit and nothing obscure
>every link hosted on appcake is dead
>with the power of yandex, rummage through every russian website I can find for cracked ipas
>most websites link files on external sites that have died years ago
>finally find a website, while very dead, has thousands of saved games
>need to make an account for it, but whatever
>it shuts down a month ago
>resort to using the power of baidu disk search engines to find and download ipas
>downloading anything from baidu disk requires a baidu account
>baidu won't let you create an account without a mainland phone number
>find a workaround through a chinese shopping app that allows you to create a baidu account without a phone number
>downloading large files requires you to install their botnet disk onto your pc
>download speeds are throttled to 150Kb/s unless you upgrade
>app selection is smaller than what the russians had to offer
>most ios software is now lost to the sands of time unless somebody just so happens to have a jailbroken device, a way to convert their apps to ipa, and a way for them to transfer them to a computer
>all it takes for android is an apk ripper, and putting files on pc is drag and drop
>can't find old ios software unless you go through this shit
>meanwhile you can search for you favorite android apk and find it hosted on at least 5 different sites with several versions

Why does this have to be this way?
I want to go back! :(
Um trying very hard not to do this but... BAHWHAHAHAHAAH iToddlers btfo!!

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