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File: FUx07czVUAYydwE.jpg (3.63 MB, 2925x1350)
3.63 MB
3.63 MB JPG
Fourth anniversary soon.

But before that we've got this little event.
Get the fuckin fat cat!
Remove Naiad
No, Naiad. Stupid bitch ruins the game
File: Spoiler Image (53 KB, 736x736)
53 KB
I think you gentlemen are forgetting someone.
File: Mercenary.jpg (126 KB, 828x828)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
I am in your walls
File: 1647573424780.jpg (61 KB, 550x550)
61 KB
>wax artist and ripper getting actual good buffs
cant wait to shit on low ranks when rank reset happens
File: 86195254_p0.jpg (469 KB, 690x1024)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
I love Lucky Guy!
So i've done a few story rounds. Is this just dead by daylight but cuter?
BHVR actually helped them make it so it pretty much started as DBD mobile (before BHVR made DBD mobile), but it did grow into something different.

Every survivor is unique, not just a skin for your 4 perks
All the hunters have way bigger kits than in DBD, it's like if everyone had kits the size of freddy or nemesis.
No grind for consumables
Unranked mode for casuals
it's got 2v8, 5v5, and other meme modes
No characters/perks locked behind paywalls
A whole lot more items for survivors to use
Maps aren't randomly generated
Maps have unique stuff to interact with in them, like a roller coaster that deposits you on the other side of the map, or ropes to swing across gaps
Short answer: yes
Long answer: >>894138

I'll clarify that BHVR didn't really help Joker Studio make it, they just willingly provided the base code when Netease asked for it. Joker Studio built upon it, creating many new features that will likely never be present in DBD because BHVR locked themselves into some very limited gameplay mechanics.

I spent 5k hours in DBD and I'll never return to it now because IDV is just a better game imo. It's loaded with way more interesting and fun stuff.
Also cheaters/hackers are basically non-existent. Streamer culture is also extremely limited. You'll rarely find anyone streaming it on Twitch, and if you do they'll only have like 30 viewers max.
The only real downside is that Netease pushes e-sport tournaments pretty hard, but apparently the majority of people currently playing actually really like that stuff, so whatever I guess.
Is there any downside of going apeshit bananas with persona skills?
what do you mean?
Generally you want to pick two of the four perks at the very end of any of the branches. These are considered the strongest/most important perks a character can have and you'll likely put yourself at a disadvantage if you don't use one or any of them.
Not only that, but if you're playing survivor people can see which of four perks you're using before readying up, if you're using any of them. If you aren't using any of them people might harass you about it.
So, yes, the downside is you'll be gimping yourself from some of the strongest perks available. They're considered so strong that you're limited to only two, anyway.
If you really want to only use inner perks then good luck.
Showcase for the upcoming crossover skin https://youtu.be/xVcgqyjQLA0
Looks kinda meh to be honest and that bell sfx sounds so weird but il take any wu skin i can get to add my collection
are there any ways to deal with chair campers? they're ruining shit
Is it too late to start this game?
Play survivors that can rescue safely even when the chair is being camped. Alternatively if you're the one on the chair git gud
No, the only things you can miss are limited time cosmetics like from collabs.
File: comparison.png (1.57 MB, 1492x1924)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
You sound like an entitled DBD survbaby. Playing around camping is a core element of this game. Ever wonder why when you play surv sometimes you get a message at the right side of the table that says "Rescue needed!" ?
Some hunters are specifically designed to excel in camping and some survivors are specifically designed to excel in rescuing. I compiled some in-game examples for you.
Now go play some hunter and don't come back until you're at least manitcore.

Not at all. Despite what this slow general might tell you, the playerbase is still going extremely strong and the game gets weekly updates. The only thing you're missing out on is some limited character skins. But if you find out you really want a specific skin you can just trade/buy an account that has it later.
I just started, who should i get as my freebies? i have a few days till my day 7 choice between merc, perfumer, prisoner, ripper, smiley and geisha.
i also have a ticket to claim any of the characters.
All of them perform differently so you should try them out in a custom game - Single Training Mode and see how you feel about them.

Merc is arguably the strongest rescuer in the game. He is played by a lot of people for a reason.
Perfumer is only useful if you have fast reaction skills.
Prisoner is one of the strongest decoders in the game, but like most decoders he is very boring to play as.

Geisha is a very strong hunter because she can quickly close distance. She gets banned in legendary matches frequently because of this.
Ripper is good against lower tier survivors but most people generally don't consider him a strong hunter at all.
Smiley is very fun to play because of the rocket, but you have to play a mini collection game to get full use of your skill. Some people consider him difficult to play.

It's hard to suggest a character for you because everyone is unique, but you'll likely get the most use out of Merc.
I wouldn't go with smiley simply because his clue price is significantly cheaper than the others. He costs 1888 clues while Ripper is 3988 and Geisha is 4508.
Merc is cheaper than the other 2 survivors but the price difference is negligible so it's purely preference which you want if you decide to grab a survivor.

There's a different set of 3 characters on trial every day of the week so just try everyone that's available each day.
Or at least use them in a training mode match like >>897771 said. You can use anyone in training, so trying before you buy is always recommended.
>low rescue and low assist
You're delusional if you think she's designed for rescuing or assisting.
What are some good hunter matchups for duos?
Mad Eyes/Axe Boy
Wax Artist/Anyone
Soul Weaver/Anyone

Just don't play Ripper, Wu Chang, Lizard or Violinist. They're all garbage in 2v8

Hell Ember, Clown, Geisha, Gamekeeper, BQ, Nightmare as choices all depend on your skill level.
>tfw regularly play lizard in 2v8 and carry my random
Sad luchino.
You kidding me?
The leaping lizard is huge in lakeside. His mobility is amazing. The only downside is the regen of his energy can be outpaced by the cooldowns but its not that bad honestly if you can keep your dick in your pants.
File: Antiquarian.jpg (171 KB, 900x1200)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
When is the new survivor coming out? Her design is bland but hopefully her kit is more substantial.
>her design is bland
you have zoomer brainrot. Anyway she's coming out next season.
it is a pretty bland design though when compared to the other female survivors
Thanks for proving my point. I hope you recover from your brainrot soon. Maybe you should play Genshin instead.
I like the difference on the button eyes and the stitching. It's a tasteful way to show the almond eyes of an oriental race.
I wonder what her ability is going to be?
File: FWp9DTPUIAUY6id.jpg (129 KB, 1200x675)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
The new characters aren't even out yet, and they already announced a new one.
hunting down every burke i can find in the event just so i can take a pic with them
do people really find this attractive?
File: FWq3uo1akAAI5h8.jpg (147 KB, 1025x595)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>Long hair
>Pretty boy face
>Slim figure
Of course they do.
I'm such a dumbass, I just noticed the quotation marks. It's like "prisoner". How does someone even fake being a composer?
Ghostwriter? Either that or he stole someone's work.
money must be getting tight if there already making another twink survivor
I remember playing this game last year.
I play as hunter the one that using camera to travel between dimension, i think his ability is so cool that he can kill people inside the photo world. Until i realize that the survivor can enter the photo world too.
I don't like it so i stopped playing, tell me if they buff the camera dude so the survivor can't enter the photo world.
Perhaps i will play again if they do that.
the best way to deal damage and have it stick is to hold the survivor you want to down with the chair and don't chair them until the last second.
just walk around with them ballooned and go and smack other survivors until the realm is about to collapse THEN put them in the chair with no chance at rescue.
we're moving back to our old home in /assg/
File: FQaXGJGakAETvFT.jpg (409 KB, 2127x3196)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
Wax artist feels so much better to play after the changes. Shame about the hot wax nerf, though.
How did they change kingdom cum?
I was interested in him but he seemed underwhelming
New option to remove auto-aim, and no need to charge the big load anymore.
Any tips for kiting? I feel like if I'm in certain areas, I can kite for a while, but if I'm not in those areas I'm fucked.
Stay in the areas where you can kite well
Always be planning your routes in advance and actively avoid areas you struggle to use. Transitioning is an important tactic to use when you've exhausted all your pallets in a certain area, or the hunter has blocked off windows. Some survivors are better than others for this so whoever you're playing as might impact your performance as well.
File: firefox_OgHTiAbkV6.png (909 KB, 1039x831)
909 KB
909 KB PNG
You have to share the game on social media to get the free 4th anniversary A skin. Something you can't do on PC...
>go overseas for family reunion
>app won't open
File: 16029670692.webm (2.87 MB, 1920x1080)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB WEBM
its crazy how much i hate this game
deserved, use a better skin
File: uglyfuck.png (92 KB, 387x375)
92 KB
im quite fond of how ugly this skin looks also not my fault people refuse to vote for his frost s tier skin to comeback
you can do it on bluestacks, bro.
we're in /assg/
File: freddy.png (336 KB, 387x464)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
I'm still here bro
I watch the threads even though I haven't played since novelist dropped. Assym games make me unreasonably grumpy
Reee why are Dou Hunter queues so fucking long?
Because everyone wants to play hunter.
File: 20220402_235526.jpg (32 KB, 404x425)
32 KB
Im struggling with wax artist so bad i dont think the buff will save me. How the fuck do i control cipher rush with him.
File: minion crying.jpg (278 KB, 740x757)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
>get home from trip overseas
>phone wouldn't open app the entire trip
>log in
>season has ended (I wanted the logic path skin)
>booted from guild
Well at least the 4th anniversary present 10 essences got me Naiads new Rosemary skin.
Wax is one of the easiest hunters to play, anon. You can literally block off ciphers with your wax.
File: 157629809764.png (1.07 MB, 1366x768)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
Netease is just trying to mind break hunters at this point what is this shit
Who even counters this?
File: extendo-neck Ann.jpg (202 KB, 1200x1062)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Since each swing uses 45 degrees of the durability circle, that's 12.5%, which only lets her use it 8 times total. And it seems that each direction she can swing has a cooldown (25s) independent of the other directions. (in the video when they cut between views, it loses more durability for some reason, but we can see it lose that amount with each swing).

Ironically it seems that hunters who can spam deployables or ranged attacks might counter her the most since she'll use up her durability getting rid of them instead of bullying the hunter.
can't destroy cats, gets stunned from proximity so she can't defend herself as Ann closes in
probably can't hit him out of car mode and can't do anything about his auto-hit spikes
Mirror and reflection can't be destroyed so she just plays normally, might depend on how good antiquarians speed boost is and if it uses durability or not
>Wax artist
stunning him still gives +50 wax and can't destroy wax blocking stuff, but can probably knock wax projectiles out of the air
when 50%+ energy he can't be stunned during animations
web traps cannot be destroyed
bell skillcheck stops survivors from using items during it and he can probably close the distance to get a hit during it
statue spam so she'll have to use her durability on the statues
It'll probably be possible but difficult for her to hit him during his stomp (since he can get pallet stunned during it), but she can also use her pole to leap a short distance so she might fuck him over anyway.
>Hell Ember
His dolls and phantom can get moved, but they don't get destroyed, and it looks like they don't get stunned, or disarmed either
bombs can force her to either waste it on bombs or take the hits, but he can't get right on her ass without getting hit

If Photo can knock her down with the photo world collapse then she can't defend herself, but if he has to actually chase her he'll get bullied hard.
>If Photo can knock her down with the photo world collapse then she can't defend herself, but if he has to actually chase her he'll get bullied hard.
Perhaps the same could be said of all survivors
File: fireworks festival.png (3.37 MB, 2560x1440)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB PNG
>Event has a hub area you can visit
>Psychologist & Patient get another set costume
Fuck they are gonna burn through my fragments.
Reminder we went back to /assg/
File: ripa.png (2.5 MB, 1920x1080)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB PNG
thoughts on the new profile layouts
kinda ugly
It spooked me when I checked since I didn't know it was getting changed. I'm not too fond of it, but the character showcase feels bigger which is nice for showing off your favorite skin.

>forgot about the photogay (wuchang) event till bit earlier
>12/25 matches for all the emotes
>spam hunter matches and surrender as soon as I can
>finished 10 minutes before reset
Haha, yes! The emotes are mine
bro go rank up
>wait 20 minutes for a survivor match
>teamates are always absoulte shit
The day they add pc and mobile crossplay is the day i rank up in survivor again. Might rank up hunter a bit but having to sweat on quick play hunter sucks
There is crossplay, there has been for about a year now, but only mobile users can enable it.
I haven't played since they added Psych and Patient.
Any of the new survivors good for solo play?
>Little Girl
Hated by both survivors and hunters, kinda alright.
Haven't tried him
Haven't tried him, but hey chip damage immunity!
Isnt he sort of like a side grade of forward?
Hard cap on the number of charges but can share it and less of a decoding debuff?
Professor does sound kinda fun though. That shield knockback seems pretty great
File: outplayed.webm (2.88 MB, 1936x1092)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB WEBM
i think hes just a kiter and that can support teammates when needed you dont really play him like forward also completely unrelated i still hate priestess and enchantress
not good for solo. only good for a team using comms when one of your teammates is a stunner like Forward.
>Little Girl
She is good for solo.

Not a Forward replacement at all. His dash is slow and any meta hunter will still easily hit you/cancel your rocket.

Only okay against non-meta hunters. He is not popular because everyone is playing meta hunters. The shield knockback only works against normal attacks anyway and will not prevent you from being injured by any hunter's ability. The chip-damage immunity only works 1 single time during a match. Meaning you will ignore the first Sculptor statue or Bonbon bomb, but not the second one that they will spam immediately afterwards. The chip damage immunity is only useful against Gamekeeper when he already he as presence. Professor is one of the weakest survivors in the game currently. As is Clown.
File: Sad Lizardman.png (88 KB, 390x362)
88 KB
>The chip-damage immunity only works 1 single time during a match
Did not know this, that's really a letdown.
You´re basically negating an early game down if it´s Bonbon or Galatea.

He and Doctor have traits that solely exist to soft counter chip hunters.
>you now need to share on social media to get the character day stuff
Post your tier lists
of what
File: Spoiler Image (1.46 MB, 400x226)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB GIF
Me > (You)
File: FZXP2c-VUAEwfGS.jpg (178 KB, 1200x675)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
thoughts on the new gamemode
Most of the footage I was finding had 1000ms ping so I didn't bother watching, but it seemed cool from the trailer.
It´s quite fun and you´re grinding up xp quite quickly.

Massive Tentacle in the middle is the dumbest thing about the mode.

Lose 1 HP or life because Feaster was being a dick and you can´t grab two balls in rapid succession.
>tfw when feaster gets the final kill on you
I just had this happen to me. Right after I got someone else too, it was 19 to 20.
what a weird mode to add
Low tier alert. Wax is hard as fuck to play effectively in Cyclops+. His map presence is nonexistent and being able to block a cipher for 10 seconds isn’t exactly cipher control (rarely do I see waxes stop a pop). Not to mention his biggest counter is literally just tall walls. Wax gets fucked by bad spawns and you can kite him easily in a jungle gym all match.

All he’s got going for him right now (on NA-EU) is his insane full presence camp. I will give it to him - trying to rescue against the hot wax is damn near impossible unless you’re merc, psych, or a stunner. I hope to see NA-EU hunters learn to utilize his hot wax better in the future because right now most of the S badges are dogshit. Look at those winrates - fucking yikes - but he is a difficult hunter to utilize against high tier survivors, especially in early game.
can someone make a tier list of the current meta? I haven't played in a long time
File: 1572801111409.jpg (111 KB, 735x726)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
I don't care about tier lists. I just play who I like.
hunters like dream witch, bw, bq, geisha and survs like merc, seer, forward, patient, acrobat are all spammed in tourneys and considered meta

thief and ripper are probably the two worst for each faction
>thief one of the worst
well thats just a lie thief isnt bad at all
kek. easily and indisputably the worst surv in the game.

hell ember exists. decent camp, atrocious chase. compare the current ripper s badges to the current hell ember s badges and try again.
please explain how he is the worst survivor in the game
Any hunter who can hold their power such as Geisha when she prepares a butterfly can moonwalk to avoid his flashlight´s.

Chest Speed buff is nice but useless since many survivors have permanent items or stuff like Controller/Gun which they have to keep.

His other traits like calibration chance and fast vaultings are meaningless when ciphers are done quickly anyways.

Toy Merchant, another chest & placement survivor, is even better for her catapults are aura revealed, lets you transition to a safer kiting zone and the glider is freaking busted.

Anyone having gotten Kermit figured out yet?
It´s hilarious whenever he double downs survivors
he makes decoding unbearably slow
You're in tier 3 the meta is whoever remembers the controls for more of the match wins
Do you guys think Hermit will be the new meta?

How is Clerk in the meta?
How does Identity V compare to DBD, I play DBD on PC but not on mobile, is Identity V better than DBD mobile, never tried either.
Honestly speaking both are shit, but they differ a lot in how perks works. Just play the one you like the art/designs more, you can play IDV on PC with an official port and its the same as mobile.
In general I think IDV is better than DBD, but I don't play mobile and I never tried DBD mobile either. IDV has crossplay/crossprogression unlike DBD mobile.
File: PicsArt_03-26-03.28.14.jpg (2 MB, 3464x3464)
2 MB
Hermit is bad. Easily the weakest hunter in the game now. The only reason people win with him is because survivors aren't bothering to learn how he works.
Clerk is actually very good, but on the flipside most hunters don't enjoy her playstyle (similar to Mad Eyes). She can easily rebound during endgame.

You can play IDV on PC too via the official dedicated PC client. DBD is arguably the "better looking" game if you only care about graphics that look more realistic, rather than an obviously cartoon style. However, IDV has deeper gameplay mechanics that make it more interesting to play than DBD. There is also no bloodweb grind for perks. I have not played DBD mobile so I don't know much about it other than how it generally looks.

I'll make two separate posts for a pros/cons list in a moment.
File: yyuiuyu.png (115 KB, 328x447)
115 KB
115 KB PNG

- free to play
- no grind for perks
- every character is unique in gameplay
- 38 survivors / 24 hunters
- in-game currency can easily be earned via playtime to buy new characters
- in-game currency can buy cosmetics
- unique emotes and graffiti sprays
- active lore (victorian mystery/lovecraftian themed)
- no hacking since most players are mobile
- multiple unique gamemodes
- new content being added weekly
- lots of unique events
- unique Coraline/Tim Burton-esque artstyle
- leaderboards
- a personal room you can walk around in and decorate (acts like main menu)
- the personal room has a photomode and other users can view your photoalbum
- customizable profile page
- PC is the same as mobile
- survivor is incredibly fun with friends
- chatbox has auto-translate
- matchmaking queue can be customized
- queues are instant on mobile
- some cosmetics can change how the hunter carries survivors/change the visuals of survivor's powers

- smaller PC player pool than DBD
- some cosmetics are gacha
- necessary to learn how all characters function
- cannot disconnect mid-match
- if you go afk mid-match you are immediately penalized
- some gamemodes are time-limited
- character meta is pretty tight
- has lots of horror elements but is not visually scary
- losing in the ranked gamemode is a serious thing
- playing survivor alone is not that fun at low-tier
- lockers are basically useless
- not many maps
- cannot edit stuff like character portraits/perk icons
- changing your username costs in-game currency
- american playerbase acts rather juvenile in global chat
- no moris (Soul Weaver hunter exception)

- crossover characters are only skins
- crosssovers are 99% anime
- gets a fuck ton of fanart
- global chat (which cannot be turned off)
- not popular with twitch streamers
- cannot play on PC through Steam
- guilds/clans
- no lgbt/pride pandering
- devs host irl tournaments for top-ranking players
- devs are chinese
File: bonbonleaves.png (812 KB, 948x573)
812 KB
812 KB PNG

- Up to date graphics
- 33 survivors / 29 killers
- crossovers are well-known horror IPs
- crossover characters are unique playable characters
- visually scary
- it doesn't matter if you lose
- fun with friends
- can disconnect mid-match
- lots of perks means you can customize playstyle for your preferred character
- lockers are integral to gameplay
- lots of maps
- can easily edit character portraits/perk icons
- killers have moris

- not free
- long bloodweb grind for perks
- survivors are just skins for preferred perks
- PC has a serious hacker problem
- inactive lore
- PC and mobile are two separate games
- playerbase is really toxic
- many perks feel useless
- only one gamemode (KYF does not count as a second mode)
- devs cater/give special privilege to twitch streamers
- in-game currency can take a very long time to earn

- incredibly popular with twitch streamers
- lgbt/pride pandering
- battlepass system
- holiday events are just a different coat of paint
- devs are french canadians

(For reference: I started playing DBD during beta, but stopped playing it entirely after November 2019 w/ 5000 hours. I still keep up to date with stuff like characters added, but otherwise I have no clue if they made any QOL updates since then. I've been playing IDV daily instead since I started in January 2020. It's a much better game in my opinion and I wish I started playing it sooner and never played DBD at all)
File: vivi.png (53 KB, 220x176)
53 KB
Sorry, I forgot a few things.

- IDV hunter pov is third person instead of first
- map layouts are not randomly generated in IDV like they are in DBD
- PC DBD regularly suffers bugs and glitches. IDV does not.
- DBD bugs are left in-game for upwards of months, but in the rare case IDV has a bug after an update, it is fixed same-day or before the weekend.
- IDV compensates all players with in-game rewards after all updates/bug fixes
- IDV lacks language packs for anything besides English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Indonesian.

Would like to know what other people think or if I missed any important points.
Did the emma handpuppet tour lie to me or is Joker Studio a japanese subsidiary owned by a chinese publisher?
You forgot the Art of poc characters being too lightskinned
- being able to hit a little girl
- playing with your hunter buttbuddy
- Wax Artist being racist or smth
- different kinds of animal abuse
Joker Studio are the developers. They are owned by NetEase as the publisher. JS are Chinese, but the video you watched just happens to be done by a Japanese interviewer. The employees are all speaking Chinese.

Go back to twitter, I wasn't making a list of petty complaints.

However I did forget:
- IDV has ping messages for survivors to communicate without using Discord
Those are all pro's man, no pandering to wokeshit.

When Ganji was released IdV got banned in India.
>When Ganji was released IdV got banned in India.
That's fucking hilarious. I wonder how many players it had in India to start with.
source: trust me

judging by the global chat, not many.
Enough that IdV was included in their banpile of chinese apps.


Sadly the streetshitter survivor didnt get the ban, too.
Oops wrong site.


Here is the banlist
File: ashley.jpg (1.29 MB, 2731x4096)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
i gotta admit it is pretty funny how the devs basically ignore all controversy and just lets thing blow over unless its fucking with there marketing
Is it too late to start this game?
File: scissorhands.png (2.45 MB, 1920x1080)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB PNG
Not unless your decision to play REALLY depends on you getting past collab limited-time cosmetics.
It doesn't but that type of stuff always bothers me, I wish their were ways to still get those cosmetics.... :(
It's called buying accounts.

Ofc it's a really risky scam..
I'm so tired of the anime crossovers
They bring in the worst players
I agree "DazaiOsamuismydick".

What ever happened to collabs like Junji, Edward and KFC?
Didn't Junji Ito say he won't do another collab because he didn't like the censored skins?
Something about the original Yiddy skin being too much for chinese audience so they made the 2nd Yiddy skin that was way less spooky?

I heard it from another anon so could be bullshit, but it sounds believable.
He was pissed that they released a censored version of it in the trailer.

Picture Woman with masks instead of heads, Junji didnt like that and it ended up never being released in CN IdV.
File: 90472527_p26.jpg (538 KB, 1204x850)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
Game keeps crashing every time the last cipher pops. I guess is time to take a break and play something else.
Is it too late to play this game?

What is the life span of NetEase games anyway? Used to play Ride Out Heroes but they shut it down.
>Is it too late to play this game?
Still fine to start up, you haven't missed anything but time-limited skins.

>What is the life span of NetEase games anyway?
No idea but this one is still going strong. We had our 4th anniversary in July, it has an annual big tournament, and regular events.
File: 166309750958.png (364 KB, 984x419)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
>can finally waste my money on one of the expensive rooms
>none look as comfy as dust office
do any of them have the same feel as the office or should i just not buy one
don´t buy any of em.
Soon they´re adding in a chinese themed S Room that´s discounted by 25%.
have they shown whats it gonna look like or was it just one of the things they said a while back

If you really want an echoes room wait for lantern deals below 2k.

Sleepy Villa never appears in lanterns so don't bother.

Devs also said Eversleep, the first version, will be coming soon in duo.
The one that's only playable in custom duo with the school building.

I wonder if they're teasing for a Junji collab since the Macabre Tales + Uzumaki are coming soon.

Devs did tease Hajime by confirming a Prospector S tier once.
>junji ito collab
I'd eat my hat.
I swear they've been saying big ever sleeping is coming to duos for over a year now also wasnt the forest map supposed to be a duo map why are they so slow with everything
Junji does NFT's too. So who knows
These devs are really slow-in-the-minds when it's about maps. Did you know that there's a map called Golden Cave or a Halloween version of Red Church?
Of course i know about the maps but i guess it never occurred to me how they really are horrible when it comes to handling them. Still mad golden cave was taken out of rotation and getting white sand is basically impossible
They've been saying they're updating the lore like Time of Reunion for months now. They also promised a new diary mode for mercenary in the beginning of 2022. It's now October.
im perfectly fine waiting for the time of reunion stuff if it makes it as good as the first one but ive given up on the diary entries actually being a thing
30+ survivors, only 6 got the diaries.

Devs really could've just outsourced the diary making to any SFM maker.
It's not too late. Like the other anon said, the only stuff you've missed out on are skins, or profile portraits. But if you really care about owning stuff like that there are always people selling old accounts these days.

NetEase recently had to increase the prices of their microtransactions because Apple decided they were making a lot of money already. So, IDV is still going very strong. The game constantly gets weekly updates of new content.

The Office is definitely the most comfy, but the Villa has a lot of charm to it. It has a day/night option which changes the skybox, lighting and audio. At night you can hear owls and gentle wind, while during the day you can hear water flowing. I have no regrets buying the Villa.
The castle is the largest space to place a lot of furniture, but it's not comfy at all even if you have lots of stuff to put in it. It's just a giant grey box.
The Palace of Silence is comfy if you focus on the aquarium. The lighting really helps.
For those who are starting.

Avoid the clue/frag boxes since you're pretty much getting the currency thrown at you.

COA/ONCE/IVORY & the other non-limited skins aren't worth the echoes.

Join a team or guild for 10% lp boost + guild coins = frags
I have 36000 frags what do I do with them
Save them for CNY Limited S, maybe Dazai's accessory if atleast that is frags.
Fragments are used to directly purchase cosmetics. I usually try to have enough on-hand to afford several S-tier outfits and matching accessories since high tier outfits are normally only available for a limited window (most that can be directly purchased do come back, but you gotta wait).
Seems that 1 A tier is guaranteed from BSD if you get the 5 essences from guessing correctly, obtain the 15 essences from the event and are at step 1500 with 760+ inspirations.

Dazai's Suicide Book is censored in CN and echoes onry.

God i miss the collab skins/acc's with frags
>he likes collabs
Does anyone know when the Noir Collectors’ Box & Skin will be available for purchase? I had remembered the date as October 10th but was clearly mistaken.

On a similar note, the Lifease website has been shitting itself for at least the past three months. Every time I’ve tried to check on the status of the 4th Anniversary Box, the site is either down or loads indefinitely. I had thought these were shipping in October but I’m not hopeful - maybe it was December? Anyone recall or have any information?
they just cancelled/postponed their anime event due to controversy so they likely just forgot about the seer package and they'll announce something soon
No, they're funny.
File: sad boy.jpg (355 KB, 1923x1754)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
>got booted from my guild for inactivity again
File: FTcngmfaAAAgiQq.png (82 KB, 600x800)
82 KB
stop being inactive then
File: 3rd essence.png (297 KB, 454x597)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
>got the Limited skin in my 3rd essence
I'm only on tile 19 of the logic path.
File: EDGHtXnX4AMjiHa.jpg (16 KB, 360x349)
16 KB
there's this one mad eyes main that keeps terrorizing me in rank

every time I almost get enough wins he shows up
I would question how the hell anyone looses against him but im pretty sure there are people that have never played against him or arent even aware of his existence
So what do you get for finding the banquet items during the Halloween event mode? Is it only for opening the fast track or do you get extra points or something outside the match?
ban mad eyes then?

Definitely people who haven't played against Mad Eyes much will struggle against him. Most of the time it's just because they don't realize they have to drain his terminals as much as possible.

They open the fast track and you will earn event-limited rewards after collecting 20 of them, that's it. Points don't matter in the maze mode at all.
I'm in champion rank no one will ban mad eyes
>ento 1st chaired within TT distance from the gate
>1st chair of the game
>hunter is distracted at the open gate
>mercenary goes to the gate instead of rescuing with TT
True to his character, the coward.
yeah if you're talking about "your mom" or "caдиcт" then you'll just have to eat the loss lol. your mom has been a top mad eyes for like 15 seasons. Just wait for them to get a new match before you queue again. caдиcт isn't nearly as good but if you ban mad eyes they will play Clerk instead. So pick your poison I guess.
>enter lobby
>3 demis
>4th swaps to demi
>demi is downed and already used self-revive
>other demi kites hunter to the opposite corner of the map
>other other demi leaves demi behind
I wish demi was real
File: life is suffering.jpg (319 KB, 1750x958)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
>ranked ends in an hour and a half
>sorry, the rank match entrance is temporarily closed
File: 298FB9810FG298FG398FB.jpg (416 KB, 1600x900)
416 KB
416 KB JPG
Man switching from playing dbd killer to idv hunter is so jarring. Somehow playing killer in dbd is more relaxing than playing hunter. The amount of leeway survivors get compared to hunters is absurd when you compare it to dbd. I really need to learn one of the meta hunters
It closes every single Wednesday at the exact same time. It has done so for 4 years.

For similar reason I find idv hunters more fun. Needing to take individual survivor powers into consideration tingles my brain more than dbd ever will.
>Just wait for them to get a new match before you queue
lmao, this strategy worked thanks
What the fuck is Bungo Stray Dogs?
no clue dont really care about the skins but the accessories are pretty cool trying to deicide if want to buy acros halloween stuff or one of crossover accessories
File: mellytoot.jpg (947 KB, 2036x2048)
947 KB
947 KB JPG
Glad to hear it. I also use it when I can no longer block shitty random teammates in champ/titan. Sucks, but hey, what can ya do yknow? Can't always get lucky.
quality manga, read it and you won't be disappointed.
alright, im in hell. been searching for a while, but does anyone have any clue on where to find episodes 2 and 3 of the stageplay?
only options im seeing involve buying them, and im not spending close to 500 bucks for both of them.
File: aesop is a shitter.png (559 KB, 1004x565)
559 KB
559 KB PNG
I didn't even know there was more to it than the 1st. The youtube upload I watched and made shitpost images from for it is taken down, luckily there's still other uploads of it, make sure you download it.
I've been able to find short clips of episode 2 but nothing substantial.
some people probably know on twitter or discord but idv twitter is nightmare fuel so good luck with that
idv twitter and discord are both nightmares, jfc.
i have episode one if anyone ends up needing it. its both survivor/hunter/comedy.

off to twitter i fucking go.
File: 18959 (2).png (19 KB, 240x240)
19 KB
>thread is nearly half a year old
File: 1572323604628.png (147 KB, 540x540)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
donut bulli
File: larnealkn2m81.jpg (2.78 MB, 4244x3000)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB JPG
>our general doesnt attract schizos, degenerates, neets, or spammers
I fail to see the problem
it doesn't attract new players either.
File: unknown[1].png (582 KB, 564x559)
582 KB
582 KB PNG
id rather have a quiet thread than some of the activity in the other threads.

is anyone else noticing a weird uptick in percy players? im in a pretty low rank, but even in quick match ive had a lottt of undead hunters recently.
I haven't been playing much but i did play against a percy the other day. Was there a buff i missed out on his leap attack felt impossible to dodge
I've been seeing more percy's in unranked too, kinda weird.
whats the best way to approach learning how to deal with the different playstyle the game has? i come from dead by daylight and i see its commonly regarded at least in this thread that people from dead by daylight are not well adjusted to dealing with someone guarding the hook. im new to the game, any tips on improving on dealing with this? should i play the hero characters to help save my teammates from the hook or just watch someone else play them and try to take notes? should i just play the characters geared to working on objectives and let my team do the heavy lifting? how do i avoid being found by the killers? sometimes it feels like i am found soon after a match starts and then theres nothing i can do except die
File: 77919304_p5.png (176 KB, 353x500)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
One of the first things you should probably accept is that IDV matches are generally very short. The average match from start to finish only lasts around 5-7 minutes, whereas the average DBD match could be 15 minutes at least. So this means that every second REALLY counts in IDV and playing as a team who knows what to expect of your teammates at any given time is crucial.
Familiarizing yourself with all the characters, surv and hunter, is important too since all characters have different abilities that can drastically alter the match when used correctly. Some survs are better in certain situations than others, some hunters are better at camping than others. When you know what counters what, who counters who, you'll be able to tackle a situation appropriately.
You should play characters with abilities you have fun using, but to use them effectively you'll probably need to practice. (When selecting a gamemode, click Custom then scroll to Single Player Training. You'll have access to all characters to play with and get used to.)
In lower ranks, hunters feel strong since survs are still newbies and don't really understand what they should be doing. Watching others play will definitely be helpful, especially if you can watch matches for higher ranked players.
Check out youtube channels like HappyBud, HappyGuy, Kuroshiro Gaming, @Nubspector. They offer full matches, the later two with commentary on what's going on.
You could probably youtube search "idv tips for beginners", they actually have helpful info.

Truthfully your question is rather broad and not easy to answer. There are a lot of small details in IDV's gameplay that can make-or-break matches if you are/aren't aware of them. I'd love to help, but I'd like to narrow things down instead of being a general wall of text. If you have more specific questions I'll be happy to answer.
T. someone who's been playing for 3 years and is high ranked.
sorry for having such broad questions! i think what you wrote was already really helpful. ill definitely try out characters in practice and watch some of those gameplays. i guess one question that might be easy to answer is if there is a general efficient team role composition to aim for? i assume at least one Rescue is good but are the rest just up in the air?
I fucking hate griffins who have 20% WR and throw games . how can you enjoyably rank when you lose majority of your matches
File: FFgLHKtVcAIho2A.jpg (27 KB, 500x500)
27 KB
Generally yes most teams need one dedicated rescue role as they are strong characters (Mercenary, Gravekeeper, Coordinator, Forward, First Officer, Batter) but they all have their pros and cons. If your teammates do not want to play a rescue type, you might feel obligated to take the role on yourself, but don't let pressure get to you if you really don't want to play a rescue type. There are plenty other characters you can play while using the Tide Turner persona that can rescue just fine.
Really, as long as you learn how to bait rescues/know when to rescue, any character can pull off a successful chair rescue.

A dedicated decoder type (Mechanic, Prisoner, Minds Eye, Lawyer, Explorer, Composer) is only good if the player can prevent themselves from being chased first. If a hunter cannot find them first, they usually cannot do better than a tie. Otherwise, cipher speed is already pretty fast and having a dedicated decoder isn't always that important.

Besides Rescue, Decoder, Contain, and Support, the player base generally considers Harasser to be an unofficial 5th role. This includes characters like Antiquarian, Forward, Wildling, Batter, Enchantress, Prospector, Entomologist, Cowboy, Little Girl, and Thief. These are characters with abilities proficient in bothering the hunter while they are trying to chase a different, weaker target. Most would argue you need a good harasser on the team too for it to be successful. They usually come in clutch if something goes awry early.
Luckily, most survivors cover multiple roles and there is a large roster for you to pick from.

If you watch some of the gameplays, you'll start to get a feel for most common survivors picked for team comps. Some survs work better with others.

I should also mention there have been a number of official IDV tournaments broadcasted over the past couple years. If you're into that sort of stuff you should be able to find those streams by searching "Identity V COA tournament/IVL tournament"
post your wr
File: weh.png (95 KB, 158x334)
95 KB
Just ties but even then I’m grateful then bc usually somebody gets down pretty quick. I just wished I had ppl to play with bc soloing rank is rather boring but I like having a badge.
I was gonna reach uni last season but I gave up bc it’s kinda the same ppl u match with which causes me to go mental especially being matched with 3 games straight in a row. It’s whatever tho I guess that’s the reason why I stay solo ranking bc the game pool is rather small and I enjoyed it like that. Didn’t mean to blog post a lot but this game rly drags me right back.
You ought to throw a friend request to any and all players you encounter and manage to win with if you thought they played well. You'll have a dedicated rank buddy if you just keep up with it.
Worked for me when I was a newbie player during season 7 and now I consistently reach titan with around 15 different friends I made in game over the seasons.

You can block people if you really don't want to match with them again.
>hate griffins who have 20% WR
the entire rank system is stupid. You shouldn't be able to get past mammoth with a sub 50% WR. Hell it's possible to reach Titan/Hydra with a sub 50% WR due to how the point system works.
They did that so there were more people in higher rank.

Which kinda inflates the Winrate of weaker hunters since the Titan´s they face are as retarded as Worker Bee´s
ty for the advice! I’ll keep this in mind next season! Hopefully I reach uni
File: kevjos.png (111 KB, 346x257)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
best of luck!

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