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File: 217891_1[295003].png (225 KB, 298x272)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
its all either
>unoptimized buggy ridden messes
>turn based trash gameplay that even a 5 yo can play
>greedy as fuck monetization that is infinitely worse than korean games
>panders to the dullest of tastes like that trash slime anime
its about time we shut the book on japanese mobile games and declared them all dead trash
It's time that you stop spamming these shitposts in unrelated threads.
but what im saying is true tho
>turn based trash gameplay that even a 5 yo can play

So like honkai star rail?
mihoyo will figure out something brilliant that will make it stand out from the typical japanese anime autobattler garbage
Beta's out bro...
have faith
mihoyo is the most competent mobile developer out of anyone in the world
they will figure something out instead of being like a typical trash japanese developer and doing nothing while throwing out greedy whale packs
>doing nothing while throwing out greedy whale packs
Your constellations bro
not important because genshin is f2p friendly enough that you dont need them to clear everything
This. Me? I play Genchink Chinkpact the number 1 mobile game of the decade.
with it the beta looks better than every other turn based gacha easily
its on pc too which is more effort than most trash japanese developers put in all of their shit gachas combined
Still "turn based trash gameplay that even a 5 yo can play" as you phrased it.
Really because I always here about how x character sucks without c2 or so.
>turn based
i hold faith that mihoyo will do something that will revolutionize it like they did with honkai and genshin
star rail already looks better than low effort mobile ports of japanese nongacha rpgs like that "saga" trash
any person in /gig/ did the latest parts of abyss
the only issue is gear grind but you cant have everything for free in a gacha wished people realize sooner
>i hold cope
Yeah were done here.
maybe stop being so toxic next time to people who want the future to be more than just low effort turnbased trash :)
Japan used to make some fine games like persona 5,dark souls 3,FFXIV,FF7R,BoTW,Animals crossing,Sekiro,Nier Automata,Lost judgement, Nioh 2,Yakuza 7,MH world,RE 7, Judge eyes,Death stranding and DMC5,(according to metacritics) from 2017 to early 2020,

but how can they fall so soon like Sandcastle and gets dominated by Genshin and Lost ark, for having no good game with metascore higher than genshin since 2021?

MH Rise,PSO2:NGS,FF origin,babylon's fall and No more heroes 3 has shown the fall of the Japanese game. And so does Shin Megami Tensei 5, which was just an utter garbage. Even Worse, DNF Duel will dominate Japanese game market completely.

Genshin reduces DMC5,Dark souls 3,Sekiro, FFXIV,MHW into mediocre shovelware.

And Only hope of Japanese game, FFXIV was completely killed by Korean game called Lost ark, nailing the coffin.

And Elden ring was just a Fraud garbage like Cyberpunk because of shit optimization

At least we West still makes good game which are the Genshin Killers like D4 and OW2,BF 2042,Halo infinity, AoE4,Elder scrolls 6,STARFIELD and Forza horizon 5 so that Xbox's game pass keep China and Korea from dominating America's game market. Phil Fish was Right. Japanese game is dead. OWACON.

The time is for Chinese and Korean game, and Xbox. Japanese game has nowhere to stand in Gaming. For Japan has no game with metascore higher than genshin since 2021.

En taro Phil Fish. Na adan Game pass. En taro Todd Howard.
There are the genres the Chinese are better at, there are genres the Koreans are better at, there are genres the Japanese are better at.
The tastes of the home market can and will dictate what you have to be good at, and sometimes they work against global appeal. That doesn't mean they are automatically trash.
You mean the unoptimized trash that barely sustainable from its own scale, developers crunching every update cycle to ship out recycled contents?
I hecking love taking pictures of flowers and do box exchange for the 10th time
Go back to your mental ward and stay there
Japanese game is Owacon. The time is for Korean, Chinese game for No Japanese game has higher metascore than Genshin since 2021.
go to your proper place and kneel in front of the genshin players
its because of them that mobile gaming will be taken seriously and improve as a whole
JP companies doesn't need to try since Japs will eat up whatever shitty mobage gets pushed out their assholes next.
That's why I hate companies like Cygames that can push out 0 effort cash grabs and Japs will hail them as the best video game developers that ever existed even after the servers get shut down.
Can you identify the genres I'm referring to and the leading games in them, then?
Surely you should know such basic knowledge if you're capable of making this claim.
Wouldnt call this low effort
Genshin is superior in everything Japan has done. Chinese and Korean game domination is now.
Cumulation of japanese worship of perverts and its bastardization of all cultures together.
Look, all you're doing is exposing the fact that you've played nothing apart from Genshin, and that your taste in games is limited to AAAA marketing budget open-world games that are aimed at the lowest common denominator.
I suggest doing something else with your time, something that doesn't involve chasing the dopamine rush of getting a (you).
All you are doing is exposing you are left behind in the past in the worship of an bygone industry full of corruption and nepotism. Wake up. Genshin is better than every trash Japan has ever made. It is time for a new golden age of gaming as a whole.
Ah yes, I'm sure the gameplay is phenomenal and breaking new grounds.
I hear these bait threads are common on /v/.
It is spreading the gospel of truth, not baits. You are the ones baiting by refusing to accept to come with the times with your contrarian beliefs.
Here is an advice: Gain a much better taste in Chinese media
>looks better than every other turn based gacha easily
yeah, LOOKS better. it has more expensive graphics with the same dogshit gacha gameplay that's so boring nobody willingly engages with it except when auto is disabled.

of course the "who cares about good gameplay just add higher def graphics" approach works just fine for AAA console games to keep selling to normalfags so it will probably be fine for MHY as well.
>Ah yes, I'm sure the gameplay is phenomenal and breaking new grounds.
uma actually does have weird unique gameplay among gacha games. the main gameplay is a kind of roguelike-ish raising sim gamemode for training the horse girls.
nice falseflag
even the worst of chinese gacha is better than japanese low effort autobattler trash
its still boring anime weab trash
Stop playing mobile trash and Gain a better taste in Chinese, it's corrupting your mind
>Weab Trash
Chinese gachas are definitely stepping up their game and are better on average than Japanese gachas. Japanese gachas have a cultural advantage with larger fan bases (and more dedicated) in general. Korean gachas are a hit or miss with literally nothing in between.

I can see China dominating the mobile game industry before this decade ends if Japanese companies refuse to innovate and adapt with the current pace in technology. Otherwise it'll be another Sony mobile division where their phones tanked after being renown and having a great market share while Huawei reigns supreme as the leader in mobile android system sales.
too many chances
too little effort
the japanese gaming industry is doomed to be lazy and incompetent
trash country trash culture makes trash games, big surprise
all japanese companies should be ashamed for prolifering a culture of mediocrity and trash
they are destined to be losers forever more
How about you go back to mainland and get your dose of turn based lockdown?
Where's the bug spray?
>mihoyo is the most competent mobile developer out of anyone in the world
t. genshin player
File: anime-confusion-what.gif (389 KB, 426x498)
389 KB
389 KB GIF
>declare all jap games trash
what exactly would that accomplish, no really, are you gonna march into the HQ of every single Japanese gacha development studio CEOs office and tell them their games suck and they should do better or are you hoping they are on 4chan and not simply keep their online presence to LINE, Twitter or even 2chan?
CYGAMES is specially powerful in China dude. Priconne ads were special there and Uma Musume is being loved a lot as well

Cygames income comes mostly from Asia as well not just japan.
File: 1.jpg (83 KB, 894x461)
83 KB
trash japanese games
>grab ip for nostalgia bait
>make shitass game nobody cares about
>it dies between 1 year tops because everyone loses interest in the jewish trickery
echoes of mana is already a trash example of how the developers dont give a shit and how game will die in a year tops
korean and chinese games
>cant rely on popular ips like shitty nips
>has to make good gameplay story and other merits by themselves
>have to expand on the company by improving constantly
>gives enough of a shit to release on PC ports

japan game is owacon its over
japan won't dump billions on gacha mobile games make something like genshin, they just won't do it when their console market is relevant unlike china. i just enjoy their buy to play games like elden ring. i don't want to gacha 24/7 anyway that would drive me insane, im glad japan console market still exist.
but its a shame we won't get high budget gacha with massive sexy fan service because most high budget gacha mobile games came from china.
>console market is relevant
gacha is the future
china does it better
so china is the future
all of cygames console projects has been trash
granblue versus
granblue monster hunter clone
they are fated to fall as the last bastion of the rotten japanese gaming industry
bump because the righteous truth will spread
Pink hair girl in hoyo's game is about take 4 titty nerfs.
This is the worst thread on /vmg/.
And for whatever reason it is allowed to stay up despite being obvious /v/tier bait and the op outing himself as a shitposter.
They put that effort in console/PC games.
>elden rings lose 90% of their playerbase in a week
nice retention dumbass
This board is barely moderated.
Shut the fuck up OP no we're not going to circlejerk with you about your hatred for nip mobage fuck off to discord or some shit.
>implying anime gacha garbage doesnt all rely on discord for community
go back
File: g14ay6.png (1.58 MB, 716x1839)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
No you need to go back to resetera or kiwifarms nigger.
koreans and chinks do jap mobile games better than japs
>this mad
face it, genshin in /v/, genshin in /vg/, genshin in /vmg/, genshin in /b/, genshin in /a/, genshin everywhere
it is the new era of gaming and all you do is deny it like the scared coward you are
It's a completed singleplayer game. What the fuck are you on?
>believing the archaic system of single player games work anymore
stop boomer i cant lmao
All I'm seeing is the words of a shitposting retard who made this thread for the purpose of shitposting.
>b-but china namba one
Don't care. Circlejerk chink games in the respective threads. This thread is only for baiting.
>b-but the truth
Don't care faggot. Go on keep baiiting. Expose yourself to this thread. Show everyone you didn't make this thread in good faith and are only looking for a /v/ tier shitposting.
holy shit the cope
you call it baits because you hate the truth
oh man get fucked kid
I'm only biting your bait because I'm waiting for my stamina to refresh on F/GO the best Gacha game ever unlike your garbage chinkoid game keep spouting your baits as truth no one else is biting.
if that isnt the saddest thing ive ever heard idk what is
big news pal, the mods know how big genshin is so they stand back as your retard pals in the special ed class called /v/ gets bullied by the genshin chads
face it, you retards are on the way """out"""
might makes right
>big news pal, the mods know how big genshin is so they stand back as your retard pals in the special ed class called /v/ gets bullied by the genshin chads
Is this a larp? I don't believe anyone above of age of 18 would care something silly like /v/'s shitposting spree threads. You care about things that don't matter at all in the grand sheme of things which is why you made this thread in the first place.
>might makes right
So you are larping lmao.
>he still denies it
Anon, you don't understand: https://arch.b4k.co/v/search/text/japanese%20trash/
This guy is a nutcase.
I have the right to deny and accept things all I want. If you're looking to hang out with like minded people maybe bilibili would be a place to start.
I wouldn't expect a guy unironically shilling for gacha games to be sane in the first place.
then go away, bye fag
you will come crying in a few years when ur trash owacon goes eos
Ok make a thread on /v/ next time because more people will bite the bait.
still means this thread will stay up as a shining beacon of quality :)
cry about it
reminder this is the true goal of japanese nft games
rugpulls with shit quality and running away
fucking lmao, take your meds
dont run from reality
face it
nips dont care about you only care about nft trash
All posters below are subhuman faggots
File: Capture.jpg (8 KB, 376x78)
8 KB
Including me, guys. Am new, sorry.

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