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Happy 19th Birthday 4chan!

>lose the whole run cuz of a shitty prayer
Pain. Had an amazing run until I got some ability, the name slips me, which changed a random permanent ability each time I leveled up. Lost my max limit break and went from dealing max damage to 9999 and lost to the F100 boss. Great game though kek.
Any other fun jobs to try out?
File: finally.jpg (293 KB, 720x1600)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
It took a while, but I made it through Turbulence and got to kill this goddess to open up the next dungeon, before another upper floor boss mashed me into a pulp.

>Lost my max limit break
That happened to me too when I got tempted to change my Limit Break equipment for a legendary with Decay. I thought it was a brilliant idea before the floors got filled with catastrophic monster nests.
deathknight and bard are my go tos
>shit that wouldn't pass for a decent 15 minute newgrounds game
And then theres BuriedBornes which is undoubtedly one of the best mobile games ever released. Holy fuck. I got to floor 101 on Nightmare. I can play this for 5-15 minutes a day, do a couple floors, ez. Its also great to sit down for an hour or two and really get into it. Its just pure gameplay.

wish it didn't have that gay ad banner at the bottom though. Still 10/10 game.
>wish it didn't have that gay ad banner at the bottom though
pay literally one(1) dollar
nussy deserves it
or use AdAway
For me, it's royalty with eternal dark lab part and kinton gold contract
Bros, when is Buriedbornes 2? I heard it got delayed
Delayed into further notice unfortunately. There is a current event ongoing in BB where all the past events are coming back, I've been playing that in the meantime. Until OhNussy gets his problems sorted out it's uncertain when it will get released. I''m thinking End of the year earliest or maybe next year.
All right, time to try this game. I'm tired of Gacha shit.
>wish it didn't have that gay ad banner at the bottom though
File: 1653160095155.png (238 KB, 959x772)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
>using bard's pottery from amulet
>icewall+shield conv.+vitality cuz barriers and shields are for faggots
>roll oracle in the beginning
>say fuck it and throw away my reflect skill for that, for reflect is for faggots
>Echidna is gonna pay for my last ruined run
>70% petrify for a single (multi)hit when I wasn't paying attention, she's gonna pay
>overheal my HP to over 10m
>can't get angel light to +3
>when not one-shotting, doubling petrify every turn because build has no breaks
>fuck up my score running away multiple times
>lose ability to pick weapon, but double stats on other equips
>limit break+6, no more bottleneck
>event gives 9,999,999 reflect passive, now I'm a passive faggot
>getting hit on purpose when I can so HP goes down and I can overheal again
>check HP again
>realize I've been running since floor 5 or 6 with over 100m HP
>I can heal for even more
Pic related. Not my final form. Yet I bet I'm getting screwed by mirror, petrify or a new ability from event before I get to 100th floor.
Just realized I'm taking 9,999,999 damage from Hydra's death agony. So the damage must be a portion of my current HP. Never had considered that before. Yet, I'm almost sure "cause of death: death agony" was a common thing on previous playthroughs.

I'm still at 21F and not over the roomcount threshold, so enemies aren't supposed to be that powerful.

How does that shit actually work?
A current hp % probably. You killed an enemy and it's taking you down with it. One of the worst ways to die since you get blindsided when that happens.
Just beat the ancient king for the first time I feel amazing
I still don't get how it can kill you, since it's just a percentage of current HP (and maybe shield too). Maybe some monster modifier, added reflection or a shield piercing hit (so having no shield would be better). I could swear I died a few times for that when I started playing, but I doubt there was so many things aligned to kill me like that.

Maybe berserk. Yea, berserk with no barriers or avoid would make sense.

Now I'm running Glacier Mythic with a viking with the same build as the paladin above (second run, I died to a hentai ninja with the bdsm job around 90F, I should have run away). I had also added a 5% vampire bonus piece on the viking, so now I heal for almost 200m per hit of (capped) big wave.
HP boost from armor, 100% crit and hit rate from technique and focus, really easy to get maximum HP and damage from starting floors. I'd feel like I'm cheating if not by the constant danger of getting petrified or dying as I try to escape.

Still haven't gotten my hands on overheal. I was thinking about holding on to my heal buff skills until I got overhealed for once to then get 95% protection. Now I rolled a pact of the spring, or whatever is its name (10% skill boost for many many turns), and probably gonna take it instead, out of curiosity and knowing it's overkill (upon overkill). Hope I don't die because of that.
What's the Residence dungeon? Do you unlock it by beating lower levels or is it a season dungeon? Gotta capture some gargoyles.
>picked pact of spring
The overkill on HP is at ridiculous levels now. Focus gives me 4 buffs by default, angel light and the pact itself give me another one each, so it's 6. At 100% skill boost, it's 12. Each new status effect gives me 2 barriers each, so 24 barriers per turn; converted to HP that's 600% extra hp per turn (I get more with my extra barriers). Then we have it multiplied by 4 by double poetry. 2400+% HP per turn. And each of the hp buffs last for 10 turns, so you multiply that shit for more than 4^9, maybe around a third of 4^10, and that's in the end around 800m% HP. Eight million times your base hp, so max hp from level 1.

Yet, no defensive skill, so I could die to some first strike, reflect or something like that.
And hp boost not only removes the starting limits, but doubles the multipliers, so 16m times the original hp. With 1 base hp, you can hit the cap.

Gotta try karma with that viking build.
HP bonus cap is at 9,999,999%, so only 100k times the original hp. Maybe 200k with hp boost, I don't know. And I'm healing for 1.5bi hp with 5% life steal and no healing bonus from events at all. Then I can heal with angel light using it after poetry. Still no luck with overheal.

I've just realized overhealing for ridiculous amounts must be the common meta game just after stacking barriers. It's way too easy to set this up with skills.

Sorry for the flood, slow board and I'm having my fun breaking this game.
so anyone that uses berserk?
you mean frenzy? Berserk just doubled your dealt damage and damage taken and that's it
File: 1653519641169-0.png (230 KB, 955x768)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
Here it is, from yesterday.

With skill boost and Proficiency, I was doing 9 x 9,999,999 damage with Big Wave and healing for 9 x 50 billion. My HP got to the maximum in a single turn, and I barely had to refresh Focus against high hp bosses in the last floors (the effect lasted for 5 turns after that). Perma skill boost, lasting 25(?) turns and making my Poetry proc thrice (2*2*2 = status get multiplied by 8 every turn).

On the downside, it'd take too long for a full buff turn (around 30 seconds), and, out of caution, I was doing it every time before getting the Overheal effect.
File: 1653519641169-1.png (314 KB, 888x761)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
I suppose there's no limit to overhealing other than the heal value itself. It seems there's a hidden "overhealed-hp" stat, because when you get the Overheal buff, your HP immediately changes to that value, so you must maximize your healing and autistically larp as if you're always getting overhealed before getting the real permanent effect. No idea how this hidden pre-overheal stat is refreshed.

Probably could go to the trillions of overhealing with the right skills -- Blood Pact(?) + Burst Healing or higher Vampire + No Faith, as I can think of. Vitality could have come from equips, so I would just get rid of it after getting overhealed (so I get barriers), and Proficiency could have come from contracts (Benefit of Time + Ninjutsu + Proficiency looks like a good idea). Penetrate and Alert give extra security, and status ailment cure seems to be a must so you don't petrify yourself without extra lab parts. Grudge is annoying as fuck, and as I didn't have Fleet Footed, I didn't think twice when I rolled One Rope.

Before getting Proficiency and the One Rope accessory, I was running around with two Gambling pieces, as I didn't need much, not even extra HP.
So I've seen some interesting pics from these threads and decided to pick it up. Is there any good beginner tips? So far the best runs i've had were frenzy priest with shield spam + reflect and a bard with ninjutsu + 2 avoid moves + 2 poisons + poetry. I still don't know what most of the abilities do and which classes are suited for what. Do I just have to get gud or read the wiki for hours?
Also season and conquest monsters end my runs the vast majority of the time. Is there anyway to judge if I'm gonna get clapped before going into one?
Only do seasonal and conquest when you're fully build. Avoid it if you're still new to the game. Just think of it as side boss or hidden boss.
What about the rng from events? Are they worth doing without exploration or should they be left alone
It depends on how much you need limit break/overheal/burstheal (fountain), nice permanent extra barriers (statue) or teleport and buffs (from moving the tombstone, which can be multiplied to maximum by poetry and last many turns). Getting the confused status is annoying, but not all builds are screwed by that, and having a cure skill wouldn't allow it to last. With poetry you mentioned above, getting cure or status immunity is a necessity against petrification already. You could get into a rest effect room too if your build allows that. And I think barriers block some of the bad status from events. Then you have two real and common problems: equipment degradation and cooldown increase. You get protected against these with plating and fleet footed/one rope. Can't remember if barriers and resistance can save your equipments.

I usually run with a torch as starting item and try to get teleport from tombstones in the beginning. It really helps later on. Then there's the limit break and overheal matter, I try to get them and get confusion a lot. I actually am always prepared for the confusion before drinking the water. If I have a dangerous amount of petrification (and no exploration), then I don't drink it. And when I can, I stick a fleet footed piece in my build. Preparation and bloodletting could help with that too.

The most dangerous thing, although rare, is getting a new skill that would completely ruin your build and endanger your run. But when I'm not rushing, I just take them all and enjoy the surprises the game has to me. Also, getting barriers as a non-barrier class is really nice.

It's worth the risk, just be careful.
Also, check this:
Only experience can tell.

I used to do weekly ex conquest runs from 1F with a dog and bad lab parts. I used to spam "stance: passive" or whatever is its name, getting a single barrier per turn, because I had nothing better than a boomerang in my amulets lol. Some high hp season monster would take me half an hour to defeat. But it could be done.

If your offense (killing them in two turns maximum, for example) or defense is good enough, then you could be safe while hunting them. And you can also avoid the kind of monster which gives you trouble by avoiding their room color. If you still haven't realized it, they spawn depending on the room color you step into the most in the current floor. That's why sometimes you get to fight the same conquest monster over and over.
Check this:

Random season event monsters are more unpredictable, though. They used to ruin my runs a lot too, but I liked fighting them.
>capture a monster with Eternal Dark in it
>60 injury
>trial and error and spiritual body in the bottom
>don't even know if trial and error is going to stack, disappear or just double
>get to capture a monster called "Dormant" who I can't even remember
>or just Old Prophet at maze
>then capture a boss with spiritual body, which is easier (and I know it stacks to +1)
>both monsters to be combined can't go above 40 injury
Easier than capturing the Alien Observer at 100th floor, right?
And I won't waste my time because trial and error won't stack/disappear, r-right?
Thanks for the info. So far my best run is F23 in labyrinth running dragoon cheese, only ended because I went into a monumental room to see what the new room type was. Him and bard are my favorites so far, also looking at getting amorphous since he seems strong but I need to check if he relies on good lab stuff before.
game is playing me...
>hunting after some monster with Trial and Error with 17 injury max
>if I knew how, I'd be capturing ominous 9F boss - fixed spawn, better chances
>capture instead another asterisk monster with Eternal Dark
>bottom skill is Infection
>find out who I can dissect it from
>it's that ominous boss again
why ;_;
Again, I don't even remember if repeating unstackable skills disappear after combining monsters in jail. This is what disturbs me the most.
Just tested it. The new/doubled effect disappears/is not doubled. So dissecting like that is viable.
>start as angel planning to just use pursuit damage + healing
>didn't even plan to win, just remember the general flow and do the beginner challenges (I forgot to transfer save from old phone)
>now I am a god slime monster
>applying like 5+ buffs a turn that all give me a barrier for each effect
>while dealing casual 9,000 - 30,000 Pursuit damage and 600,000 - 999,000+ Delay
>just casually mowing down Conquests behind my 30+ barriers
>but all my equipment was from like 15+ floors ago and has bad stats now
Once I've gotten Limit Break +4 I can ditch New Door and not suffer massive DPS loss, right? Limit Breaks caps out at 4 so I'll still have the same DPS if I trade the Limit Break +99 for equipment that has 1 Limit Break now that I have permanent Limit Break 3, yeah?
new player.
i have 380 fragment. should i buy lab parts with it?
Can't remember if New Door's frenzy also gives you double damage. But LB+4 + human control should give you higher damage output than when confused.

When you start hunting conquest monsters, you will see 380 is nothing. But, yeah, go on. If you're not using them to dissect specific skills from captured monsters, then use them to randomly get new parts. I've always spent them on the most expensive ones (500/250 frags?). By the way, from time to time price's gonna be cut in half, so you could hold your frags for that moment if you wish. But it's better to get your four or five good parts and stick it in a character of a class you like until you start doing conquests/lab part hunting (the weekly ex dungeon is good for this, and after floor 10 they start appearing on labyrinth).
I installed this shit today but after telling it 'no' four to connecting to google play four separate times the gane hung while trying to make the initial save file. I can see in the menu that you can transfer save data between phones, which be cross-platform between Android and iOS (not reliant on google play) so why the FUCK does it insist on connecting to start the game!
Are the dev's other games worth playing?
Someone recommended B100X in another thread.
I'm guessing he hasn't fix ending days then
Everytime I started the game it would push me the google AIDS, but that was only once. When I pressed the "not now" button, the game would keep going and start in offline mode.
Try again with your phone offline/airplane mode to avoid some random gay shit.

If I'm not mistaken, as means to control cheaters, game servers will only accept save uploads if you save first (at least once) in a third party platform. That's why there's so much insistence on it. But you should be able to play offline without a 5 eyes spyware provider account. The problem should be on your end. Clear game cache, reinstall, run it at first purely in airplane mode, I don't know... And tap 'ok' when asked if you want to play in offline mode.
From what I've played, it's just Buriedbornes, but with an anime girl and better graphics, less content, and annoying timegating.
This game really have so many ways to get OP. I remember one of my run where i got lucky with amoeba's infinite possibility and got many barrier related skill. 100 barrier in 4 turn is crazy as fuck
>But you should be able to play offline without a 5 eyes spyware provider account.
If you run it purely in airplane mode it displays an error code for not being able to get the server time.
If you open it in airplane mode, toggle airplane mode off and one, then hit new game or you open it with airplane mode off, turn airplane mode on, then hit it you are greeted with pic rel.
If you open it with airplane mode off, close it, then re-open it with airplane mode on you dod not get pic rel. but the new game progress bars hang at the same point.
(All attempts were on fresh installs.)
>If you open it with airplane mode off, close it, then re-open it with airplane mode
*If you open it with airplane mode off, hit new game, close it, re-open it with airplane mode on, then hit new game again
How the fuck do you make it past level 50 or so in this game? I’m going nuts
So, is it when the google window pops up and tells you to create an username and, within google ambient, after hiding the virtual keyboard bugging you, you tell "not now", the game refuses to continue every, really every time?

Because for me the game would continue (later in offline mode). So there'd be a difference at this step, I suppose.

Or have you downloaded the apk not from google store and ungoogled your phone?

I never played it in the browser platform because it's all in niponese and I didn't want to try hard enough. No idea if having an account over there first, uploading over there and then downloading your data in your cellphone would simply work. But it's way too much trouble to play (way easier if you can read moon runes).
After some futzing about I got it to work. My solution was:
• make an account on the browser client
• backup the save and get a device transfer code
• use the code on the mobile client (the client hangs after the transfer)
• close and restart the mobile client
File: 20220603_.png (160 KB, 475x750)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
>playing fairy with eternal dark, gambling+1, benefit of time and pact of ice (+crit)
>first time playing with so many high end shit
>getting good skills from beginning
>that 3 hits high atk pie skill, prophecy of doom, power and high voltage
>collecting all legendary skills of the game
>fights end as I start buffing myself, even ditch pact of ice, because having 10~20x more dmg was meaningless
>pic related with the amount of barriers I could poop in a single full turn
>40+% penetrate and triggering dead end, so only monsters with guts could make it so far
>every battle ended in my first turn, from the very beginning, no exceptions
>I'm keeping this OP character to kill the event 25F boss multiple times, I think to myself
>get blood armor, so bad event results don't bother me anymore
>at 19F I was missing few weapon skills, storm and full force only (rejected 8th fragment, corpse crusher and dignity)
>finally get full force, but the weapon had vitality in it
>barriers become hp, but hp is 1/1 due to spirit body
>no problem, still got 10k of shield and nothing ever managed to hit me, corpse room just before me, too easy
>grab the weapon and jump to the corpse room
>weak common monster with single barrier
>no pursuit anymore, so don't kill it by buffing myself (3cd) twice
>my 40% penetrate and dead end fail and high voltage (5cd) with tsunami takes that barrier off
>good, now I can watch my barriers go BRRRRR
>oh, no barriers, but I can watch my buffs accumulate like never before, that will be fun
>hit that prophecy of doom button
>hp suddenly drops to zero as I watch my mushroom fairy pooping buffs as a machine gun
>check log
>-9,999,999 (blood armor)
>-9,999,999 (blood armor)
>-9,999,999 (blood armor)
I did that one thing I shouldn't do in the rare occasion I could do that and in the (likely) single battle I was vulnerable to it. Didn't even beat the 25F boss.

I'm now the king of retards.
>>876727 >>876736 >>876750 Triple posting buffoon!

1 ~> 2
+ >barriers become hp, but hp is zero due to spirit body
+ >grab the weapon and jump to the corpse room

2 ~> 3
- >at floor 19F I was missing few weapon skills, storm and full force only (rejected 8th fragment, corpse crusher and dignity)
+ >at 19F I was missing few weapon skills, storm and full force only (rejected 8th fragment, corpse crusher and dignity)
- >barriers become hp, but hp is zero due to spirit body
+ >barriers become hp, but hp is 1/1 due to spirit body
- >no pursuit anymore, so don't kill by buffing myself twice
+ >no pursuit anymore, so don't kill it by buffing myself (3cd) twice
- >my 40% penetrate fails and high voltage (5cd) with tsunami takes that barrier off
+ >my 40% penetrate and dead end fail and high voltage (5cd) with tsunami takes that barrier off
- I did that one thing I shouldn't do in the rare occasion I could do that and in the (likely) single battle I was vulnerable to it. Didn't even beat the 25F boss. I'm now the king of retards.
+ I did that one thing I shouldn't do in the rare occasion I could do that and in the (likely) single battle I was vulnerable to it. Didn't even beat the 25F boss.
+ I'm now the king of retards.
File: Just Bee Yourself.webm (2.09 MB, 720x1568)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB WEBM
Just do the critical multi-hit build for any job you play
Shit. Alphabet niggers've got even a changelog out of me.

You're not taking me alive, glowies!
>You're not taking me alive, glowies!
Of course not. Buriedbornes are zombies or some shit. Plus you lost that run.
Mashing Hide in haze in a tailwind is ~so~ satisfying.
File: f.png (194 KB, 480x710)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
In the next run with my fairy, I made a mistake and lost heart, then decided to use the run to test some stuff I couldn't remember (was rerolling for items while charging my phone, and for some reason that fucks the touchscreen; got royal road unintentionally while I swear I pressed "leave").

Some conclusions I got to and could be of use for someone else:
>cooldown reducing effects do not interfere with tsunami
>royal road really takes precedence over overlapping vision
>room colors are also given priority when deciding damage/healing
>dignity is really shitty for fairy, it takes priority/is calculated as second last (and after the cap) when calculating damage: the damage cap really becomes 5,000,000 (+ red color: 5,750,000)
>previous testing showed me it halves even corpse crusher effect, but I never watched for room colors
>meanwhile things like murderer (3x damage on unshielded/unbarried enemies) and sniping won't change it
>stacking 300% power charge (use barriers to increase power of skills) is OP
>it works with sacrifice (effects get extended by 3 turns by default), so I'd always have alchemy+1 and long lasting stackable buffs, also scout effect from torch
I had always underestimated sacrifice. Dunno if bug or if there's simply a cap, but some buffs from events were not getting the "unextendable"(?) status for a good while. Gotta test it later, allowing these status to fall in duration first to then start using sacrifice (maybe multiple times as before). Also, power charge works greatly with skills which give you luck and with confusion. You won't whine about how your frenzied character won't stack buffs before finishing the battle.

>skill boost is OP as it should, proficiency too, but then the game takes too long to finish battles
>even so, 25 floors/10 minutes with no door as cruise control was good enough for me, taking my fairy to 300F was a power-walk in the park
(Not for the client, this one is always stuttering and threatening to crash alongside my score if not restarted.)
>a single multi-hit (was using ballista+8) could take my barriers to 300+ with proficiency+wall of meat+eternal dark shenanigans
I got lucky and wall of meat was the first (and last) ability a gravestone gave me. Then I got motivated again with that run. If I hadn't accidentally taken royal road, I would get double that with that Eastern room effect. So 600+ barriers was attainable. Also, every time I healed I got skill boost.
>gambling+1 (or luck giving skills) is good enough, just keep accepting the tombstone event for alchemy and extra permanent luck until you finish your build
>vampire won't trigger revelation (healing->damage), but that is expected
>legendary and demon forged equipment have good stats by default, so the 'trans' effect half the time will make them worse, but at least level-dependent effects will refresh
Barrier +5 becomes +1, hp/lvl +75 becomes +15, power charge +100% becomes +20%; but hp +2000 will keep refreshing until maximum values (+9999999 or whatever like this), accordingly to your level (room count/floor?).
>maybe you can roll legendaries which are extremely rare for your class if it's from a roaming corpse (e.g. high luck + neutral "receive alms").
Need to test this better. I'm almost sure that's how I was rolling the accessory with 'one rope'. I don't want to think about what 'one wind'+'diamond dust' combo could end up doing lol. Two bloodletting plus one rope was a bad enough experience.
>those effects which take the shield value for int/pie and hp for dex/str may be very bad if you rely on buffing basic stats and on almighty, but are very helpful if you rely on power
I mean irregular body, erratic evolution, wicked study and 8th fragment.
Let's say you have 100 of some stat as base, 9,999,999 of this basic stat through buffing plus almighty and 10k shield, then you take wicked study (shield->int). For calculating the damage, an int skill would use only the 10k shield and ignore the 9,999,999 basic stat. But then if you use oracle, it would start at 10k int->10k power instead of only 100, and the skill would take shield(10k)+power(10k) (instead of base int+power). It can speed things up and later you can ditch oracle for some other skill (or empty space with curse).
That's why in my second last run I vainly rejected 8th fragment but took wicked study. In the next run I realized taking 8th fragment would've been better.

I could be wrong in something in this one. But I remember, around a month ago, taking one of these 4 effects and getting a huge damage reduce while using crusader (pie->str?) or something like that. In later floors it's all the same, of course, because shield and hp will be high, but it can frustrate early game ambitions (specially if new to the game/poorfag and lacking amulets).

Did it again.
Are there other games similar to BuriedBornes? If so, are there any that are better or maybe have a different aesthetic?
File: A real class act.png (104 KB, 1919x960)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
>dual wield cap is at 10m, not 5m
And game starts stuttering twice as fast to cheer on the overkill.

>600+ barriers
Just realized I didn't have dual wield in that run, and there's 'many arms' too. So maximum barriers per skill is in the thousands.

So fairy wings, wall of meat, many arms... What other purple effects could buff a barrier pooping character? Anything that would buff yourself on attack could work.
TIL you can still choose to run away while confused
As a dragoon scrub: many, many things are now less scary
>one wind + diamond dust
Tried that before. no enemy can do sny move against me, especially since i have a passive skill that guarantee crit but not allow escape. Forgot the name of that passive but it comes from one of the disaster encounter
File: houyoku tenshou.gif (936 KB, 500x375)
936 KB
936 KB GIF
My run in Eastern Mythic started awfully. 250 luck barely gives me anything. 350 luck is where legendary start to show up, and events are more likely to deteriorate my equipment than giving me alchemy (I think this one is IRL bad luck). I should have started with a luck skill or at least Oracle. Started it ditching high damage pie skills for a multi-hit int skill, but the best I got as damage buff was some crap which gives me 50% extra int and my main damage source is Summon Phoenix, which is ok with wavy attack from contract and some int. But there were times, after finding some crappy legendary, I ended up without a single int point. At least I rolled a luck buffing skill around 20F, finding some peace before going to bed, and probably will be able to quickly recover from there on. (And I could also larp as I pressed the Summon Phoenix button, pic related. That's always satisfying.)

I can't complain much as from that run I got Dark Power and Many Arms. Two lab parts I wanted. No need to run as Death Knight on Crucible to the 100F. Eye for an Eye and Remote Influence are the only two 100F lab parts left in my capture list.
I see why you would fight Conquest bosses but what is the point to Season bosses?
That seems to be bullshit. Just tested wicked study with no shield and 7k int, and my pursuit with summon phoenix got added by 7k.

No downsides then?
Frags, score and good exp like floor bosses, maybe? And you can capture them for good equipments and lab parts. If it's in the beginning of the game and with no capture, the risk/reward indeed is too high.

I do them anyway for some extra challenge and nice sprites and bgm.
Any news on BB 2? When do you think it'll come out?
>If it's in the beginning of the game and with no capture, the risk/reward indeed is too high.
I don't a capture class yet but they've been no trouble to kill on my dragoon once I get to five T skills, which happens well before season bosses show up in the run.
I just wasn't sure what the point was. The fights took longer than regular enemies but I didn't see them throwing extra rewards in my face like lab parts from conquest bosses.
>maybe you can roll legendaries which are extremely rare for your class if it's from a roaming corpse
Tested it and I had it wrong again. Roaming corpses will give the same legendaries as the usual. But I'm almost sure your current highest stats could help in getting stat-thematic items (got dex related ones all at once, and alongside Ballista skill too). Or maybe that was some coincidence about fighting the same enemy (with the same item pool) multiple times in the same floor without realizing it.

800+ barriers as a new personal record with room effect but single proficiency and no class passive helping it. Couldn't reach the thousands... Got bored of rerolling and failing in limit break and barrier-giving events before even start trying to stack proficiency. Ended up rushing to 100F. Don't wanna play with Eternal Dark again anytime soon.
Next year xd.
Does Mirror work against Imperial Wrath?
Do you guys have some broken or cool builds to suggest?
I'm trying the wavy Angel thing and while she completely annihilated labyrinth I'm struggling with higher tier dungeons because my pursuit keeps disappearing.
I have learned it does not.
Are there any enemies besides Box Haunter with an instant kill?
I keep getting flooded with lab parts. I'm almost at the point where I will need to throw out 4 and 5 stars parts after my runs.
I get the impression that most of this stuff will be easy to grind for if I actually want them. What's important to keep?
how do you manage things for the skill you want to be at the bottom?
im just starting and dont have the currency (whatever its name is) to fuck around
There are that killer rabbit and some bosses to worry about Dead End being used. You should end your battles in the least amount of time as possible or get many barriers/immunity. Check the in-game bestiary.

I'm not the best one here to tell about this because I made it my game goal to gather all rare (5 stars) lab parts plus every kind of the other ones. I had been spending real life money to get more space, so never cared about using my acquired classes as extra storage (you can do this, but to me it'd be too much of a hassle for not simply throwing my money at the developer).

I select the common parts to keep as possibilities of new builds, keeping some of them around just for future testing.
But to what is actually useful. Keep two to three bloodletting (preparation if you don't have it), maybe one finesse and jackpot, one vampire and no faith, scout, maybe teleport for rushing, mirror, plating, fleet footed, ninjutsu, alert, frenzy, the ones giving you more soulstone (and maybe one autoheal for your farmer), at least one alchemy, three gambling, maybe vitality and hp boost, shield coversion, one to four limit break and one willpower, the ones giving you more exp if you wish (road of thorns is the best one, boss bonus is good too, and then there's fair and square), embezzle for promotion combo, blood armor for barrier classes, maybe immobility and simplify for some combinations, at least one entangle, maybe add:capture, at least one expand, at least one penetrate 40%, maybe after image+2, maybe avoid and parry 20% pieces (equipments would end up giving you these), maybe barrier+2 pieces for some amulets to work, and one technique for 100% critical rate out of accuracy skills. And, for extra damage, there's berserk, cost of power and stacking sniping+80%.

Haven't tested cross block yet, but you could get good defense alongside parry. It seems to work as a different kind of damage reduction, like pupa and refuge. Can't remember what's refuge reduction and it'd be hard to test defense-ignoring attacks to look for advantages. Usually that 5 turns damage reduction skill is enough, and, in the end, not getting hit is the wisest.

I find luck, experience and hp% pieces completely useless. And for when some character lacked damage (and amulet), I had been sticking a power/lv piece in it.
*/lv+ works similarly to some skills: Bonus = (level^2)*parameter%. At level 100, a hp/lv+60 piece is going to give you 6000 hp. If you see the parameter/number as what "pow" is to a skill, you will get it.
When you capture and combine two enemies with the same passive abilities, the resulting monster keeps only the first appearance of the abilities in the list. The abilities won't appear twice in the list. So what comes first stay there, and what comes later will stack or disappear. To "move" random special abilities to the bottom so it's dissectable, you use first another monster with the same abilities (you want moved to the top), and finish with the monster with the special ability. You also need the combined monster to be at 80 injury or more (75 gives you frags and soul stones, but no ability). So you can't fuck up and really need to combine the one with the skill you want as the last.
>try to do this again
>this time with temporary vitality from equipment, 20% life steal and no faith
>need to roll the right skills and equips
>step in the run's first event room
>get permanent ability which won't allow me to reroll
>take it as playing my game breaking build in hard mode
>events start being nice to me
>teleport and two limit breaks in a row
>get vitality on weapon
>get confident
>"forget" from the statue
>confusion from mystery water
>bleed and other shit from gravestone
>"it's fine, when I level up, I'm getting my hp back"
>forget I have forget (amplified by poetry)
>not leveling up for a while
>not leveling for a few floors
>realize my mistake
>recovering my lost levels with disaster monsters
>not rolling anything worth equiping since the beginning of the game
>roll glint and skill boost skill
>roll equipment with overheal
>tired of waiting, equip that shit before achieving full healing potential
>50 billion hp again
>about to get rid of vitality so I get my barriers back
Good enough. Maybe I can refresh my "hidden overheal" if I unequip my armor and get overheal from the water event, but I'm pissed enough from being stuck with no rerolls. I can't roll anything for extra accuracy, so no criticals from technique to me.
Thank you. That was very helpful.

Follow-up question: which of the abilities are better to get as contracts or as lab parts? (exclusives aside)
Intuitively it seems class abilities are better as lab parts to get more mileage out of each contract, but beyond that I'm not sure.
>event gives 3500 points
>rewards cost 1000 points
what did he mean by this
File: bbbbbbbb.png (261 KB, 885x856)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
Check pic.

First Cursed One with 60% injury has the skill I want (Eternal Dark). Second Cursed One (captured list) with 12% injury must be used before the other to displace Spirit Body. Then I need Ancient Prophet or Dormant to displace Trial and Error. The one with Eternal Dark must be combined last. The first to be sent to jail in this case was the Dormant.

I failed three or five times at capturing an Ancient Prophet with low injury. But then I got a good Dormant with 14% (60+12+14 = 86%). That's how I dissected that Eternal Dark. It took me a few hours of failure.

And I forgot about Blacksmith, Exploration and Avoid Trap (the first one is better, and the second one is for the lazy people who can't read or are rushing the game). There's probably more useful parts, but I can't remember. And there's that pursuit angel build which I never played and don't know how useful would the heal bonus be. I think it adds instead of multiplying over skill heal stat bonus, so it'd be of small use. The damage cap is usually too easily reached and limit break usually is the bottleneck in my experience.
Eternal Dark (you steal abilities from legendary equipment), Drifting Odor or Tempest (skills get only 0CD and you can't resist any status addition; or 1CD for you and your enemy, respectively)+ninjutsu (all your skills become T skills) and Promotion (non-legendary non-level related abilities are learned at low chance) must be the best ones. Then there are a lot of useful abilities, like Flight (find floor bosses almost instantly), Virtue (no one resists your added status), Fairy Wings (enemy can't bypass your barriers), One Door+Willpower (+99 limit break, always in Frenzy + confusion immunity), the ones giving you barriers/shield, the ones that modify the power of your skills, Almighty (highest basic stat is always used instead of others), the ones adding to your basic stats from HP/shield...
Do you mean the 5 stars ones? Because I basically only mentioned rare lab parts above, lol. From the common parts, I usually go with gambling, fleet footed, ninjutsu, bloodletting, limit break, vampire, penetrate and technique plus whatever fits the new character build.

You can only have a single rare (legendary/class exclusive) ability per contract. Sometimes you can buy or drop rare ability as single contract piece, but they can't be added to other contracts. When you merge contracts, the special abilities are ignored from the right side of the window. Also, contracts have exclusive abilities which can't be dropped or dissected as lab parts (some I can think of are rationalism, everchanging(?), wavy attack, shield boost, skill boost, proficiency, poison alchemy, and there are more). So it may be advantageous to add or use a premade contract set with these parts. The most useful contract in the shop must be Benefit of Time (I think it's this one), which gives you Drifting Odor plus other useful parts (wavy attack and shield conversion?), leaving you with two other slots (I'd recommend ninjutsu, fleet footed and proficiency).
There's a lot more useful rare abilities... The ones giving you buffs per hit, or stunning your enemy as you crit, or removing your cooldown as you stun (entangle) your enemy... You will learn this as you play.

I didn't try the lab parts/contracts from this event and that Heavy Arm part. They look good too.
>Do you mean the 5 stars ones?
No I meant.
>Also, contracts have exclusive abilities which can't be dropped or dissected as lab parts

I know how contracts work. I was asking whether I would want, say
>From the common parts, I usually go with [...] fleet footed,
>leaving you with two other slots (I'd recommend [...] fleet footed
fleet-footed as a lab part or as a contract. You're recommending it as either one, but I doubt I want it on both.
>fleet footed
I inserted one in my Benefit of Time contract alongside ninjutsu. In my older contract with Icewall I had shield conversion (for the combo) and exploration. Both fleet footed and exploration were meant as a generally useful ability which any class and build could benefit from (so I get more space for lab parts). I heard once about uniting everchanging (exclusive, apparently it was working like Virtue) with immobility, so you would be in total control of buffs and debuffs (it should be tested first). Again, another generically useful contract combination. Getting two extra rare abilities (lab >and< contract) in a character is probably the best in most situations.

If you were asking, let's say, about choosing between drifting odor lab part and the pre-made contract, it would depend on what you have available as lab parts and contracts. I bought the lab part first because I didn't have Icewall as lab part, and later bought Benefit of Time, which ended up being better for most builds.

Yet, I have promotion as spare single ability contract and could have used that to build a good generic contract with things like gambling, fleet footed, scout, exploration/avoid trap... Something every class could benefit from. Fleet footed really stands out to me, as getting your cooldown screwd is the biggest pain in the ass this game can give.

So my usual logic is: contracts for general purposes pieces and lab for specialized purpose pieces. That's intuitive, as you had realized. But there are rare abilities which also fit in multiple builds and are good in contracts. Again, always adding two (different) rare abilities is usually better. And I also use fleet-footed in place of exploration (because getting paralyzed/sealed in events is the worst), then I consider adding plating, but some good classes have it already, that's why I'd rather use as lab part. Also, you can more easily get, and have more variety, with rare lab parts.
You probably guessed it right. But having rare abilities in both sides is probably the best.

>Also, you can more easily get, and have more variety, with rare lab parts.
Maybe I'm wrong here. I wasn't very lucky when buying contracts (and deleting them then buying back is a pain in the ass). So I set myself with the best I apparently could get. Maybe they have similar variety with standalone rare abilities. I'm kind of new to the game too (started playing around May and, by then, fully offline only). I'm learning about it as well.
i just had a killer run
> got the skill/ability whatever that new skills will be 3
> picked up one tackle with +3 equals stun
> picked up the weapon that does barriers on stun
> picked up another tackle
> i was at 50 barriers at one point
> still lost to petrify

but once a synergy kicks of like this its something to behold
>hunt dungeon
>playing as death knight with oracle and no faith
>no limit break
>bad results in every event
>zone rooms won't allow me to buff myself
>no teleport
>picking zone rooms all the time in place of having permanent abilities changed or getting petrified by my barriers
>high hp bosses dealing more than 9999 damage and buffing themselves with higher defense
>barely can deal enough damage, I am potato
>10% permanently petrified potato
>get to 95% petrify once in a long lasting battle
>20% permanently petrified potato
>have Infidel as my 9F boss, could capture the Eternal Dark accessory
>first strike + confusion every fucking time
>confused potato finally captures that faggot
>comes with spirit body, refuse it
>die anyway on next battle in a potato room to high hp deer boss
This run... I feel violated. Should have surrendered myself to the gods of RNG instead of picking that last zone room.
I mean, the accessory had spirit body in it. No eternal dark to me. And now remembering about that 95% petrify battle, I got my feelings played with while with 10% petrify/turn curse from event AND barrier->permanent petrify room. It was not that long, but:
>start battle with 15% petrify and no buffs
>game takes two barriers to turn me into stone
>enemy takes care of the rest, but I have too little damage to kill him fast
>10% petrify per turn, so I don't wanna run away (never say goodbye)
>almost there
>"at last he's gonna die"
>guts, 65% petrify
>at last now he's g-
>guts, 75%
>now, I can't be so unlucky
>miss, 85%

I'm redoing my build. Fuck these room effects.
>first time playing after joining an union
>frenzy+berserk+full force rover
>snatch scout, avoid trap, damage reduction
>get trans and embezzle in equipment
>no need to roll for equipment since fifth floor
>early maximum limit break
>even have blood armor and gambling on equipment
Nice start.
>snatch corpse crusher at 15F
And there goes my build and first strike one shots...
Air Cutter is a good skill/amulet for Spire. Description is gay and lacking, but it ignores enemy's defense (buffs and barriers), and, with room effect, it's easy to take it to +8, where it hits thrice. The skill has a decent hit rate as well (120).

I'm now testing the Lunatic job with Dragon God, and the multi-hitting will be welcome.
Is there a lab part or amulet that gives eternal dark?
Amulet, no. But there is a lab part and you can dissect it from the Tiger Hole 100F boss, Alien Observer, I think. No idea if there's Eternal Dark as contract.

It works very well. Whatever I was doing, I was able to do 3x10m damage with limit break+2. It seems to be better than some other builds I was thinking of, I have more freedom for skill and lab part slots this way.
But I'm afraid I'm getting addicted to always early game rolling a vitality equipment, getting big heals, then focusing on getting overheal (and getting my barriers back). It works most of the time, but it's kind of frustrating as well. Couldn't get lucky with overheals and no vitality piece. Bad overheals are really frustrating as you take long to reach the max hp threeshold to overheal again. Then, after getting overhealed, I complete the dried leaves union subquests. One run becomes as tiring as five runs or more. I think I'm changing to dissolve-rover to complete the season dungeon missions.
>enemy is buffed with invincibility
>no dispel skill
>stun the hell out of it with multihits and ninjutsu
>enemy doesn't use his turns
>invincibility doesn't go away
>can't stop stunning because of ninjutsu
>run away and lose score
>lose score
Why do people care about this?
Just downloaded this game, what’s the best of the first 4 jobs for a total noob?
It doesn't really matter. You can get to floor 25 with any of them but you won't get much farther without farming lab parts, etc.

Your first priority should be to unlock Dragoon. It's a boring class to play but it doesn't need much help to win so you can use it to farm lab parts.
To unlock Dragoon go to Event spaces if you roll his Evevnt enough times he unlocks.
Dragoon's game plan is: keep Dragon Fang, keep Imperial Wrath, replace your other skills with low cooldown does not end turn skills, then pick gear solely for HP.
Frenzy doubles your HP so take that if you see it. Get Limit Break, etc. by doing Events.

After you get a Frenzy lab part your next priority should be to unlock the Miner class. It costs 2000 soulstones.
As a Miner: find a tailwind room and then mine every other turn until you die. Buy amulets with the soulstones. Rinse and repeat until you get a healing amulet.
Then start a Miner with Frenzy and a healibg skill. Get rid of all your attack skills, then leave the game running overnight AFK in a tailwind.
The next morning you should be able to buy every class an amulet available with soulstones.
You can continue running your Miner whenever you want money to buy contracts.
Which lab part is better dragon god or blind belief?
What do I need to resist the petrify? The permanent petrify is really annoying.
The only solution I can think of is getting lucky with Bonesetting but you would have to be pretty desperate to try that. Permanent petrify is not a huge deal though.
Aside from special bosses the only sources are gorgons (trivial, only 1%), spellbound rooms (avoidable), and crappy permanent effect rolls on events (also 1%).
I see now.
I did this and spent over 1 million soulstones on contracts. I'm still finding new contracts even now.
What the fuck?
And you're not even seeing all of the event contracts.
How do I get seeds of disaster?
>finally< get Limit Break+2
>my next attack is 999999
how hard would it be to rip this game's assets? the artworks are kino
id love to have them
File: 33876982_p0.jpg (134 KB, 800x800)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
im preaching to the choir here, but this game is amazing. just pure gameplay. you can take it slow or fast, as you please. zone in, tune out and just go at it. i love it. when a build comes together and breaks the game is just something else.
thx bwo
If I have Irregular Body, will my atk stats (both raw +xxxx and %) matter?
Irregular Body works by copying the HP stat into ATK, but would the % and raw strength stats ADD to it?
I just captured the alien observer but the eternal dark ability isn't at the bottom. What monster has deadly ability so I can fuse it with alien observer?
The Death boss.


I'm confused on this topic as well.
Depends on build and job, but usually killing the enemy before he attacks you or buffs himself is the best option in this game. I really enjoyed playing with fanatic+dragon god. I thought playing that class would be annoying, but everything went fine, thanks to the dragon god part. But then imperial wrath gives you that ability, if you can get around its default cooldown, that is.
how do i get promotion? it just eludes me. i understand i need to grind catastrophes, but so far no luck

i have multiple copies as a contract, but want the lab part. am i being retarded? is it even worth the grind. a lot of the builds i read are ages old.
I think you can dissect it from * monsters?
thats the thing, im not sure, havent come across it. :/
File: 1639840169944.png (20 KB, 371x186)
20 KB
What the fuck
Any tips for the Karma weekly mission?
File: 1657294887934.png (48 KB, 1080x293)
48 KB
post soulful images
What do you think buriedbornes 2 should have?
I think it needs multiplayer so multiple players can fight monsters and a leader chooses which path to take.
File: 1657342323937.jpg (423 KB, 1436x942)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
I don't know but you should have some bitches LMAO!
proper translation
non-retarded name
What the fuck does giving Death Fragments to that Rabbit jew actually do? He says he'll pay me back but never does.
>she's backing the zog propaganda machine and doesn't even realize
Nonono bornebros not like this...
Just reinstalled the game and every time I try to enter a room to fight another player's character the game crashes.
Any fixes for this?
He does. Randomly getting +2 barriers and some good extra hp is nice. I think my average is 5 or 6 beggings for 1 reward.

Clear cache and reinstall again? Restart your phone? Just make sure to keep your data saved on the game server and your password written somewhere.

Did you change the language on your device or something like that? Updated your OS maybe?
Right now game gets way too repetitive beyond 25F. Difficulty is around the same, and you keep spamming the same shit over and over with your finished OP build. I can understand if you're after a high score, but beyond that, it sucks and wears you out.

So this game needs some higher and smarter difficulty. It's great for beginners, but as you get used to the mechanics and master the game, it gets annoyingly boring.

>multiple players
What about multiple enemies and multi-target skills? And a PvP system which takes defensive victories into account and keeps some record of skills to be used by the AI, so you indeed fight the strongest at higher floors?
Farm them in the highest difficulty dungeons and try going beyond the 100th floor. That's how you get the rarer drops. I think I got mine farming in Weekly Ex dungeon.

Dunno if you get rarer parts too from the jew rabbit at higher difficulty. That faggot has only given me common parts so far.
>and you keep spamming the same shit over and over with your finished OP build

yep, this wouldnt be so bad. but some skills need to resolve faster. 20 hit dissolve or whatever the fuck needs to end faster. its so tedious and brainless. i cant imagine playing a build that actually takes some thought.
Yeah I'm just going to avoid tombstones all the time now.
Fucking useless tombstones keep giving me provisional contract like 5 times now.
How do I get rid of the faggot rabbit? He is really annoying.
Does Lucky Patcher work for this game? The last modded .apk I downloaded wouldn't actually start.
Is there a job with reusing skill or a skill that can add extra consumable uses?
Stupid question but here goes nothing
I lost my phone that originally had a lot of stuff from Buriedbornes unlocked, on top of gold shards and other shit I've gathered throughout the years. I've tried to recover said stuff through my goggle account with no such luck and honestly, I lost too much to be able to play now. Is there another way to get back most stuff I unlocked, including classes from events, gold shards, etc?
yes, clown starts with reusing skill
Illusionist can replenish consumable uses with his, well, replenish skill
Good game
File: IMG-20220731-WA0028.jpg (128 KB, 1080x1080)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
New to the game, is there unobtainable stuff? Things like "previous season pass only" or "beta items" or anything "get now or never again"?
Also is the game based on various runs or is there an actual post-game?
Is there a list of abilities of the jobs that can be bought with leafs?
You unlock harder dungeons by getting to either floor 11 for season and event dungeons and floor 26 for the main ones, each has different gimmicks. The runs don't really lead into one another just the currency you earn is global, previous events stuff does come back but the game is essentially permanently on the current event till Bb 2.
there is some i think. but most is obtainable later when they add to permanent sjop. if you are new would suggest to build a soulstone farmer.
I don't get how to play this
it just seems like it's pure RNG
I only played like 10 minutes tho
A bit but not to the point it's fundamental.
You just need to learn mechanics and characters to thrive.
how do I into caterpillar
Dungeons really needs to be shorter. Like much shorter.
I swear to god I spent at least 30 minutes on a single dungeon.
It should be 5-10 minutes per dungeon max.
Hopefully BB2 will be shorter in those terms
Though, I really don't like the idea so far of limiting skill usage
Where the fuckkkkkk is BB2 bros? Whoever can speak to Nussy should prod him for more updates
Did you ever upload your game to the game server? This worked to me, but I had to go back a menu or two before downloading my true last save and that was not 100% intuitive.

You could contact ohNussy through your google email if you don't have your account and password written down.

>lost my phone
Probably you got stolen by a nigger or some drug user, otherwise someone would find it, call you and retrieve it. You should have contacted the police, as they're used to tracking devices, and you shouldn't allow thieves to be free. Next time, immediately contact the police.
At last some nice quest rewards. Wish I had logged in last week so it'd be easier to get the gold shards and leaves.

Just got pwned by Nanny, by the way. I was trying the Fierce God class and she buffed herself with (70%?) evil eye. This wouldn't have happened if I had the chance to equip lab parts. Was already considering blood armor + ice wall + full force. Now I'm trying to fight her again. No idea how I get the crying voice status, though.
Did you enter any Gate rooms? You get crying voice for staying on the other side, and it doubles whenever you enter a distortion room.
You'll need the voice to have a better chance against the stronger babies, though.
Does greed/golden cat increase soulstone gain from soulstone farming skills or do they only increase soulstones from treasure chests?
File: screenshot (1).png (91 KB, 480x725)
91 KB
Just fuck my shit up.
It's a cyclops, so all of his attacks are based on strength. It seems the game cap on extending turns is not applied to the copying effect (the cap is 99, instead). I have around 10 invincibility turns left and didn't want to run away and shame myself... I think I can recover maximum shield in 3 or 4 turns, and I have guts+2 as well (and an useless second wind for this amount of damage). The cyclops will use every turn to attack and has multihit shit. It's my first time running with guts and I had been wishing I could test it, as I was one-shotting everything with this chevalier since the beginning, but now this looks like an obvious game over if I don't chicken out.
Which monster capture has glory lab part?
Not tied to any monster. So you will need to depend on rare conquest/disaster drops (the higher the level of the dungeon and floor, the more chance to get rarer lab parts) or get it randomly from any captured monster with an asteris

Decided to run away. The penetrate buff pierces through shield as well (differently from piercing skills). There really was nothing I could do, and I'm still far from completing the 600 boss gold shard event.

And I also just found out Seere's curse doesn't change the 25th and 100th floor bosses, plus no problems with the counter of the floor bosses quest. So it's safe to be taken in season events.

I'm almost sure it's added. Just couldn't test if str+% bonus is applied to your "hp strength" as well.
>with an asterisk.
>600 bosses gold shard mission.
Apparently a higher luck stat makes way easier to get contracts and amulets from dungeon treasure chests. And maybe it makes easier to get good outcomes from events, like it'd be easier to get teleport and limit break, but this I'm not sure.

We can't get all the amulets with just soulstones, right? Are the missing ones (and missing skills) acquirable via dungeon treasure chests?
>Apparently a higher luck stat makes way easier to get contracts and amulets from dungeon treasure chests. And maybe it makes easier to get good outcomes from events, like it'd be easier to get teleport and limit break, but this I'm not sure
Nevermind this. Probably weird IRL luck, or it just works in the starting floors, or there's a limit per run, because after getting around 5 contracts in a row, they stopped coming.
Whats the best way to get FoD?
I have been farming conquests to get gambling but still haven't gotten it and bargain is most of the time useless.
I tried farming through curses but they arent common enough.
>events outcomes are based off of luck
Doubt it. I literally never got a single limit break in a run with 160+ luck.
"try buriedbornes is good i promise it's gonna be so fun"
you must have fucked up quite badly to result in that.
my guy, it is literally 1F on a fucking warrior, how could i have possibly fucked up so badly on my third run ever
should've played around it
How to plays as a bunny?
>grinding with dragoon as a newfag
>get permanent limit break from an event and impure blood or whatever
>feels like I'll go really far
>suddenly trade what seems like a small % of max HP for a massive flat increase but keep frenzy
>max HP goes down from over 20k to 8 and later explode to one strong stick of a DoT
I really need to figure out how things stack in this game.
Also I haven't even experimented myself but are lab parts consumable?
If so is the meta using the frenzy part on dragoon first?
Fuck it I can't read that one post above, ignore this last post.
Boss + Vast room could have been avoided easily. Arachne spawning was just bad rng.
I just defeated Ancient King for the first time by picking up lucky equips. Seeing that -3000 taking out half of its health felt really good.
File: gg.jpg (132 KB, 720x1057)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
>tfw I died from max limit break reflect damage as a dragoon in my first crucible run
Welp. I had a good run too since I picked up that upgrade hammer item and bumping off my enemies with a surprise lance rush.
File: file.png (40 KB, 385x514)
40 KB
how do i even get the eternal dark lab part out of this guy once i've captured him
Is ending days good now?
File: 1620149880946.png (182 KB, 500x500)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
Damn always w this thread in the board but never gave the game a try until today, fun as fuck. Was doing pretty good as priest until out of no where my max HP started decreasing and the cooldown of my abilities increasing, what the fuck happened?
I met and fought my fallen corpse today. That was fun.

You probably accepted a curse or got a new ability.
Find a monster with deadly+3% and capture it.
What's the ideal way to spend those shards you get? If I reroll skills with them, will they tend to yield better results? I've noticed that when I got the temporary effect for 2 extra rerolls I'd start seeing far better stuff but this could just be a coincidence.
Or am I meant to just buy the miner and a frenzy part like that other post mentioned and never care about it again?
While there are skills that affect your rerolls quantity or quality, it's never guaranteed to be something better than the previous drop. Getting the miner is important, but you can wait on the frenzy part if you don't mind grinding manually. Parking your miner in an early enemy tailwind room with a healing skill is the basic strategy. Just remember to return to town during the battle to keep the encounter if you wanna try another run meanwhile.
>proceeds to make the game play itself and use the resource he farmed for gacha
heavy arm is very strategic and skillful
new player, does the dried leaves shop change or am I safe taking my time?
New player too, a few questions
>What classes should I unlock first ?
>Does the skins for the classes bring anything?
will the rabbit ever repay me or I'm being scammed ?
>Get rid of all your attack skills, then leave the game running overnight AFK in a tailwind.
How do I do that ? With frenzy I can't escape a fight making the process hard to manage. Is there a way to discard a skill without picking another one at an event?
If you touch the menu in upper right you can run.
It's a gamble when that guy will repay you. If you're not lacking shards you can give it a try.
What job should I buy with my first 1000 soul stones?
It was really annoying how long it took to get the productive skills on moon queen when I finally put her in the right dungeon.
File: greedisgood.jpg (97 KB, 720x1046)
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It's definitely a gamble. I just got this after giving him shards twice. Just the thing I'm looking for to finish my soulstone farming contract.
Is there anything worth getting in the current event shop?
Is there a way to download/play this without seeling my soul to Google? I just want a PC game in my phone.
>sick barrier run going strong
>get fucking shegundo from a gravestone 70 floors in
gravestones... not even once
File: 1585182581123.gif (644 KB, 512x481)
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644 KB GIF
As someone that is new to the game. Do you guys recommend me that stay with the miner so i can farm for soul stones or should i try other job?
Also any advice in general?
For the web browser version go to mogera.jp click buriedbornes click first option. Once you start, don’t forget to save your file, and write down your play id & password so you can recover it if something happens.

Get a buttload of soulstones first, then try your luck gathering contracts/lab parts for that final mining build. Or just go for however job that interests you. I like Dragoon because he’s very serviceable in opening up dungeons with his innate plating buff so you can get used to the game. His damage also becomes yay high with irregular body in play; add vampire %, and you won’t need to worry about healing. I once ran around with Bottomless Water too and it felt great as I healed from stabbing every enemy I meet with Lance Rush.

Just recently fought a dragon and it revived itself with guts four times. wtf I nearly got done in.
Ok bros so ive been playing since 1.0, but after playing with rich beggar in 3.0 nothing else looked fun.
How do you guys even create new builds these days?
File: noice.jpg (66 KB, 720x884)
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I got Decree randomly, but rng taketh away the chance for me to use it when I died from a strong attack. Suffering.
File: file.png (103 KB, 455x457)
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103 KB PNG
what does this event even do
>drifting odor
>vampire +30%
>no faith
>HP boost
>water gun
yup, it's dragoon time
I just played it on my pc browser and tried transferring my account to my phone. There was a huge gap in my play time because I didn't save it using the save data manager system. It looks like after the 3.8 update(?) the player id/password data recovery will be discontinued on Sept. 28 2022 and the new way to save/transfer accounts is by using the save data manager to create a backup code instead.
Ever since I updated my game, it keeps crashing randomly so I can't farm soulstones unless I check if the game's still working.
>trying to collect all relevant lab parts plus 100% of the rare ones
>very close to 150 rare lab parts
>playing as haunted pumpkin against season bosses who have what I miss
>the only part I missed dissecting on this big season event was the one from Prototype (Eastern)
>now in a low damage run which lacked limit break and 100% crit
>after getting what I want from current dungeon bosses, in an event room, I luckily get to battle against Prototype
>has a huge amount of HP + healing overtime which is slightly higher than my damage
>I barely can lower that boss HP, and only if he is on cooldown ("wait and see")
>I have shield conversion and barriers, immune to his DoTs, so maybe I could take him down in half an hour with some luck
>two crits left so I can kill him, he one shots me
>pierces barrier
>9,999,999 damage
So close... Acquiring Shikigami (lab part) will take a good while now...
Ignore quotation.

As the other anon said, the frenzy part is optional. Mining even goes faster if you're simply spamming it with your fingers. That's how I did when I started playing, mining around 30k each time before I decided getting frenzy.
>healing skill
Autoheal, barrier or shield generating skills, all of them work as well. Also, there should be given attention to saving the game or entering and leaving that run from the menu. Keeping your phone awaken for the whole night and then having the game crashing, losing all the soulstones, is not fun.
>250 IQ metagame
I believe it didn't change since April, when I started playing. But I once heard it changes.

Keep the miner in a mining battle in one character slot then use the other slots for other characters.

It has something to do with spawning disaster bosses.
Awesome. I'm gonna try that later.
i love ED

if you have ninjutsu you can use big wave instead of water gun
Thanks for the tip. I love Eternal Dark too. I’ve got a long way to go before I can copy your feat. I’m still new to the game so I kinda panicked when I realized my hp went down to 1, only to see Spirit Body’s description. I just tried a gambling bard earlier, and got nearly godlike eating those legendary skills, but a random event giving me Alteration screwed up my run. Ah, rng is a cruel mistress.
>newish player
>playing Angel a lot because I love healing gimmicks
>have what feels like a god run, a few good items plus the right abilities comboing shoots my stats in excess of anything I've come close to before
>dealing from 3-8 million pursuit damage while everything I come across has a few hundred thousand health, as well as 12 million hp and a few million shield
>suddenly just fucking die out of the blue after one shotting an enemy with angel light pursuit
I'm guessing it must have been death agony, since it was a changed conquest and I didn't think to check the modifier it probably stacked, but what the hell is the counterplay here? Do I just need to get into the habit of checking every single enemy even if I can onshot them just in case they deside to do 120% of my health+shield or something?
On a completely unrelated note I wish the game had a graveyard option to go look back at your past runs builds in detail.
This is perhaps the bleakest game I have ever played. It's literally Hell.

My faves are Amorphous and Grave Robber with Eternal Dark.
Was your last fight with a exploding enemy? Death Agony is calculated from a percentage of an enemy’s hp. Barriers, or using petrocloud can prevent on-death abilities like grudge, death agony, etc. Juggernaut 95% depending on how you killed the enemy can also reduce death agony’s damage. Don’t forget to use other protective measures next time. I arrogantly tried bum rushing a modified enemy like that thinking I could take them out in the first turn and ruined my nice run too.
Picking up trans was a mistake. otoh, I'd hate to meet my own wandering corpse with my current skills.
File: Spoiler Image (296 KB, 1080x2340)
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296 KB JPG
I've been playing this game for a while but only now did I reach floor 100 for the first time and it's fucking aliens, ayyy
Anyway, he was pretty tough, I had to kill it with TWO attacks from my swordmaster instead of one.
I still have no idea how half the shit in this game actually works.
That's the beauty of it. Like right now, I never realized you can buy the Gambling contract with Dark Study fragments. I could've done it the easier way instead of using up my soul stones gambling on those random contracts.
File: uh what.jpg (45 KB, 426x609)
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Ran into a bug today. I've been trying to finish Ancient dungeon and I've gotten Eternal Dark twice, but my HP didn't go down to 1HP despite Spirit Body being active.
File: testt.jpg (48 KB, 469x627)
48 KB
Oh false alarm. I tested it by getting another Eternal Dark. Everything seems to be working just fine. My true HP wasn't visible because of the shields.
I have 1k of these event points, what is going to give me the biggest boost as a newer player?
Should I keep saving dried leaves for the Wererabbit?
So I've just started playing this game and I've found this strange sword. What exactly does Black Rust do, and what does Old Sword mean?
Tap the effect to find out what it does. For legendary weapons, the top one is usually the actual unique power while the last one is just flavor text for legendary weapons
It's been a while; checking back in. Have there been any updates to the status of Buriedbornes 2?

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