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File: 1612878529497.png (860 KB, 1400x700)
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Started the game recently, surprised to not see a thread on here or /vg/
Yeah, it's netmarble trash, but the production value is surprisingly high. I've been burned by them before but this one seems half decent.
Have you tried it? What characters do you like?
Yes i have
I would highly advise buying an account with 1500 gems for 15$ Before spending a cent

But it’s actually decent
It’s not just a stat checker
You can make fun combos

The animation and designs are beautiful

It’s challenging and fun

I liked it
I actually planned on going full f2p because I've already got my toes dipped in enough other kusoges, but my account certainly started out great since I dumped a full 900 (well 870 with the tickets) into the new year's banner.
>Tarmiel x3
>Traitor Meliodas x2
>Margaret times SIX
It does feel like you can cater to your own playstyle instead of just doing cookie cutter strats.
Powercreep is off the walls retarded and while they may be generous with currency and pulls they're Jewish with rates and dupes being mandatory to compete in high end PvP, but you're right that it has higher production values than most. Just ignore the cancer PvP meta that requires every new festival character at high dupe level and you can have fun
Game is awful
Grind is off the fucking walls and will require you to leave the game running overnight on auto mode to get anywhere
You'll get constantly character-checked even in story mode
PVP is just copy paste one of MAYBE two broken teams of the 2 week, then roll for the next broken character or get left in the dust
And of course don't forget to buy all the money-only costumes or you'll go second in PVP :^)
It's an absolutely miserable game and I don't encourage anyone to ever try it.
has more production value and effort then most garbage that passes as "games" on this board
people bitch about netmarble but epic seven and counterside does the same thing netmarble does so its hypocritical to say the least
pvp right now is the most unfun it has ever been
we have reached the point where units hit so hard that with only two cards they can kill, so even with dodge food, going second is like nearly guaranteed loss
people say its the worst when
this is the worst
Looking pretty doesnt cover up how much of a horrible and tedious grind it is with abysmal rates, ridiculous power creep, and overall repetitiveness of running around these nice looking towns/landmarks over and over and over. The only thing i can appreciate is that it got me to watch the first season, and i enjoyed it more than the game.
t. low tier cuck noob who cant think straight
>saying this in a shill thread that spawns as soon as the last one dies off from no one caring
As if the OP wasn't obviously stupid enough, you barge in. Good job, champ/
I'm not them, though.
I will say, as OP, I've been having pretty insane success in pvp with my account, which I listed here >>718791
Tarmiel, Liz, and Margaret is some dumb stuff that will has propelled me to platinum 2 at the moment, even though my CC is only 115k. I just want to get into Champ 5 eventually then just play once a day for dailies. I'm enjoying the guild bosses a lot more.
you're fighting bots, when you get to champ and start seeing 200k cc teams is when the fun ends
on the plus side once I'm in champ 5 I never have to win another match again.
whats your point? every single gacha pvp ends up being the same sweaty tryhard shit where you cant progress unless you pay up or get lucky
welcome to gacha, kid
He's at least right that the grind is horrendous. I've thought about starting a new SDS account but what prevents me from doing that is having to grind all over again. It takes a LOT of materials to max out a single character.
the gameplay was ok for a mobile game, but i just dont care about nanatsu anymore, so i got bored out of my mind in a few days and deleted it
Actually just hit master and this feels insanely true.
In platinum opponents were between 100k-120kcc so it felt a lot more manageable.
I have yet to fight someone below 140k since I got into master.
dark meli isn't very good going second against king gowther kyo zeldris
File: 1634788926401.png (1.84 MB, 2048x2580)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB PNG
It just seems going second is pretty impossible in general since you're going to gave a unit die before you get to move. I crutched hard on Liz to get to the bottom of my current league.
Are they still making new shirtless costumes/units for guys?
File: 1632355402665.png (243 KB, 541x591)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
Newest unit has this skin.
Nice, does Arthur have anything apart from the barefoot and black pants outfit?
Nothing besides that for Arthur.
Thanks for the help!

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