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With Fantasy Life Online released, how are you guys feeling about it? I remember looking forward to this around when it was announced.
well its already fucking dead in jp for one.
jp is eos bro. this is boltrends thing.
>EN version comes out
>It's been out for 3 years and the JP version has already gotten to EOS
it's funny to think that this release is probably what killed the japanese version
I wanted to try it, but knowing the game died killed any hype I had for it
Wonder what Boltrends plan for this will be. They aren't devs so I doubt they can add anything new to the game. Are they just going to keep the servers up for the same 3 years of content and then EoS as well?
depending on how it goes they can just terminate the game before if it's a flop, or hire level 5 to make some content if it's worth it
still mad it wasn't a sequel on a console/pc
kinda sad to know that it'll last 3 years (or less)
gonna play it anyways, hopefully I can add Odin and the Dark Prince or Pierre and Butch to my party
Well, I'm really liking it. So far it doesn't seem like you need gacha. However, I think I'm wrong here and need might need it for the field jobs. I don't see myself completing the hidden story of the Miner just by getting to level 60.
Is basically a sequel to the original fantasy life, but much more straight forward and prettier, I'll max out all lifes like in the original, I already got to adept in 9 out of 12 lifes.

I absolutely refuse to use weapons/tools from the gacha it would make carpenter and blacksmith redundant, so I only use what I craft myself, however the weapon/tools serve as fancy looking skins.
File: sum00n.jpg (248 KB, 758x1348)
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did i get lucky or are you supposed to dupe max characters in this
It seems to be so poorly crafted. I was halfway through the first cutscene when the characters started having voice acting. Then it stopped, then it came back. And that was after I opened it the first time and it had no audio whatsoever. I had to close it out and open it again.
Ah yes, voice acting, I think that the characters don't do that in the actual story, is fucking weird why they included it, I think 5* do have voice lines when fighting tho.
I played the game for a bit on it's JP release and it was perfectly stable so the glitchyness is Boltrend's doing.
I've been hooked on this the last week, really loved the DS game and it feels like a sort of port of that but with way less areas. Multiplayer is fun but my tablet barely runs it (galaxy tab a 2019 model) and I'm thinking of getting a new tablet after christmas. Theres so little information about the game out there though, not really sure if they plan to release all the areas from the DS game or what, but I can see the 6 areas and couple of small online stages getting old really fast.
And also holy shit the grind to get that 5* awaken stone from the christmas event is absurd I think you need to kill the highest rank snowman like 100 times to get enough points. The black dragon one only took like 20 with glenn/aurelia in everyones party.

new area unlocked in patch level 40+
Dead game?
I expect EoS any day now, I will play for as long as I can because the game is legit good but it doesn't work as a gacha.
Well online rooms fill up instantly and I'm seeing maxed out characters so someones spending, I just wonder if maybe some of the whales from the close japanese version moved over to the global? Really hard to judge the activity with 4 player rooms only, but I havent had to wait more than a minute to fill for random crusade quests.
Oh, I was merely judging by top grossing, the game is nowhere to be seen in the 600 or so positions of the play store, maybe it is doing better on iOS.
Awfully quiet general thread, is anyone still playing this? I got my 5th profession to 60 and almost done with the fishing event.
Paladin: best combat class fast, high dps and tanky
Merc: worst combat class too fucking slow
Archer: mid tier combat class, poison arrow is amazing vs field bosses
Mage: high tier, lots of support options with staffs, sage and cheer staffs are incredible

Gathering is all the same except fishing, but that you really just crank out your cp until its caught or your skills too low

Blacksmith seems like most useful profession since it enhances and recasts tools and weapons as well as all the top armors
Cloth seems decent too for mage/archer classes, can recast capes and armors
Alchemy seems decent too, recasts accessories and some other cool stuff
Carpentry kinda sucks outside of fishing rods and mage staffs
Cooking seem useless, stacks are too small and costs too much to make the good food

5* npcs seems like for combat snow>glenn>jake>pirate girl?>hawke>aqua>haku>lucio and sloane in a whole other tier because hes the only legitimate healer

the gatherer 5* seem good, I got the logger and at 60 he's got more skill than me at 60 and way better skills

alchemy 5* kinda sucks but I have to use a 3* potion with her might be why, has a combat heal but only does like 250 heal and she does no damage

cloth 5* I really like for crafting, he pumps out fury like crazy and he would be good in combat if needles had more damage
Also things to farm, the 3 daily challenge multiplayer maps you can get the daily bonus over and over again if the host is doing it for the first time that day, I've gotten things like 4* summon coins,1-3 genesis relics, life cures and all sorts of great stuff from it.

And a warning, this didn't seem to run well on older harder, could barely getting it to run in an emulator and get it running best on a new iphone.
I'm sloooooowly reaching expert in every life.
I think they are releasing 2 or 3 new ranks for professions in like a week? I finally got everything to expert and have been grinding out levels 50-60 as best I can but sounds like its getting close to time to start specializing in only a few professions now.
I'll keep at it, I'll try to reach the highest life rank of everything before EoS hits.

I just reached expert in archer, 4 more to go.

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