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Post your main towers so far:
>Quincy son of Quincy
>Tack Shooter
>Bomb Shooter
>Ice/Bomb depending on map

Game is suprisingly fun so far, at least afert they patched the shitty XP gain. Tack feels OP so far since everybody uses it, but I bet mid sniper and top sub will be incredible too once people get their upgrades more. Anything with extremely high spread and pierce will be godly.
Been rolling Ice / Engi / Spike Factory. Might switch to Village instead of Spikes if I start to feel like I'm floating too much cash early on and want to spend it on more income. It's really fun and feels great to optimize your Ice's upgrades. Actually using Ice Shards for once is really fun too. I'm glad I got a few games in before the XP boost, because it made the few T3s I could afford feel really special. Thank god it kicked in before I started grinding for T4s, though.
>Heli pilots
Just got the tack zone and am couple of xp away from prince of darkness. I do fine early game and my plan for the ddt rush is to stall em with moab shove and counter rush them.

Still trying to figure out if obyn or ocean obyn is better though. Normal obyn can catch a couple of ddts with his tree but oceans obyns tree doesnt seem to catch them.
> I bet mid sniper and top sub will be incredible too once people get their upgrades more.
They'll be good, but the reason why tack is OP is that the low cost (both placing and upgrading) and the cheap T3s (explosive efficiency gains) let you always 100% defend your opponent's eco sends or rushes while still having enough money to constantly full eco yourself. It leads to like 300 eco differences after only a few minutes in game. By the time you can afford a 4-0-0 sub, the earlygame is long since over.
I know its only day 3 but I hope they fucking nerf alch soon
Alch is pretty fucking insane for what it does for such a low price. I hate going up against people that mix alch with tack or Buccaneer
mfw apple hasnt updated yet and still stuck with cuck tier towers
File: DQpoX5LUMAA4qq4.jpg (57 KB, 750x736)
57 KB
>Survive all the way up to round 30
>Spammed a fuckton of engineer monkeys since the game started
>I win the match
>Only get 400 xp on my engie monkeys for all of that
Im so tired of this when is it gonna end btd bros
is the 8 dollar starter bundle worth it?
>get in game
>play through like 5 matches just fine, pretty much total stomps
>next match
>some dude who's whaled out for the 4th hero, and has tier 4 towers
uninstalled right after that. can't stand that fucking p2w shit. It was okay, but the UI elements are awwwwwwwwwful, actually being flipped on what side of the screen you're on instead of just always being left or right from your pov means a lot of weird on the fly adjustments because of the UI.

Druid was annihilating shit when I played though. Druid+sniper (I managed to get bounce) and I was pretty much undefeated besides the whales that would pop up with just straight up objectively superior towers.
fuckin fagshit.
>>some dude who's whaled out for the 4th hero, and has tier 4 towers
Eh unless you mean tier 5 towers thats not really p2w a lot of people have 4th tier towers and other heros now. Most likely just some guy smurfing for free xp in lower arenas. I get the uninstall though game is in a really shitty spot right now
>Alch OP
>Everyone is using the same exact build
>Almost every map is made for tack shooter
>Whole xp system is full of flaws
Its just really boring
I bought VIP, but i'd wait until a week or two passes for potential xp changes. XP gain is getting increased and tack is getting nerfed (Pierce removed for 002 that was a bug and maelstrom price is getting increased next update)
every time I'm doing well, it stops taking my inputs, and then puts me in "sync" until it disconnects me.
I had this EXACT issue with the first game too, yet no other game I've ever played, don't know why, my internet is fucking fine, I'm posting here, but the game's still trying to sync.
It's a hack for the pc version, you can force a d/c on your opponent, it's unironically, literally the same hack as was available in the first.
File: sorryyougotstabbed.jpg (34 KB, 480x640)
34 KB
>get to ceramic crucible day 1, before XP was patched
>didn't get any XP i would have gotten for playing the next day
>am now way behind on any tower that wasn't my main 3 during that period, and playing other towers will be incredibly difficult to win and make substantial XP gains
>get to Lead Dungeon prior to XP buff
>everyone I go against as of today has tier 4's for almost every tower they use
Fuck me I guess, probably gonna end up smurfing in Yellow Stadium as shitty as that sounds.
File: 1627930825865.png (234 KB, 531x550)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
If anyone is still playing, you can get infinite cash from infinite daily login bonuses right now. Doesn't work on PC. Works on some Mobiles.
I was able to do it on my phone on on a emulator, bluestacks consistently for thousands of monkey money

You just open the game, click a reward, close game and repeat forever for as much cash as you want.
What should I pair with engi + ice?

Needs to be something to help survive round 11-12 rushes and is unlikely to be nerfed soon (boomerang, tack, sniper, sub)
try super monkey or ninja monkey
I ran ice engi spike for awhile, it honestly isn't that good until you get to super brittle, and even then tack zone+super brittle can kill an infinite amount of fortified bads so may as well use tack.

if you can't afford ten dollars for one of the best games released in the past two years you are less than 14 and should get off 4chan

I've been using ice+tack+village since village buffs both ice and tack a lot, I have survived 10+ fortified bads while being able to eco the entire game. As far as I'm aware this is one of the best strats right now since it can take you to round 40+
File: 1428709071058.jpg (27 KB, 480x358)
27 KB
Damn they butchered ultra jug in this. For some reason the walls work differently compared to 6 and the jug balls cant hit walls anymore to bounce.
The walls in general are fucked, this is why I keep losing on the wall map as ricochet boomer hit 2 bloons and the glave disappear into the wall.
File: 1630419795624.png (10 KB, 164x58)
10 KB
I bought everything possible and have a few thousand leftover now
How exactly long did that take sounds kind of tedious to be honest
>80% of the matches are just fags spamming overdrive tack
Pretty shit game.
Not him but it probably didn't take long, the Hero xp us harder than getting all the Monkey Money.
Is XP good now?
>rainbow rushing replaced with purple rushing
My thumb hurts after grinding to moab pit. Bloon sends are brutal
Its dartling now. Its even worse now ,least tacks needed a village
File: MonkeyBridge.jpg (110 KB, 720x960)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Just installed this, first time playing a bloons game, any tips for a f2p newcomer?
Heres 3:

Use any tower and hero you please to come up with your own combo, although make sure that certain towers in your combo will eventually be able to pop camo or lead bloons.

Watch out for Bloon sends, specifically grouped purples or any rainbows. You can save up money for those upcoming rounds by sending blue bloons as they help increase your income while still being able to have any money when a rush comes.

If you think you need to boost: boost. Better safe than sorry in most situations where you think you'll be overwhelmed. Same goes for any bloon rush that you can send where you think your enemy will leak a bunch of lives or they have to spend a lot of money to defend. It works even better if you try to bait their boost out with a mini rush.
I'm playing this team and still getting my ass kicked, what am I doing wrong?
>Tack shooter
How am I supposed to take out a reinforced zomg with t3 towers?
I am, in fact, the best damn bloons td gamer this world has ever fucking seen
dartling has killed the game

litterally impossible to win before MOABs because its beats every rush
yeah i'm pretty sick of it. from what i've heard the game is pretty buggy right now meaning a lot of towers are unviable
Yes, yes, minus the hero, I'm using "that" combo. I want to switch things out when I get enough XP to make Boomerang not ass though. Heli looks fun.
I didn't play BTD6, so learning to deal with the new additions was a challenge (namely purple and ddt.) On the other hand, this is a huge step up from the first game, and seeing power ptwshit and the awful ranking system cleaned up is making thing significantly more enjoyable.
On the other hand, some towers are WAY too OP, and need to be balanced out yesterday. Off the top of my head, Tack, Rocket Dartling, and Kraken Obyn. It's not bad enough yet to make the game completely unfun, and I do think that extremely carefully designed OPness can force people to change up their strategies (see first game as a negative example, rainbow rush = win 99% of the time) but the current state of things is definitely busted regardless.
I didn't play the first game, why is this referred to as "that" combo?
Overused/popular set in Battles1 due to easy early-game advantages and/or poor balancing, depending on how you want to look at it.
IMO, this time things are better, and using it requires more attention to eco and general thought, but I felt like throwing in an >inb4 in case someone brought it up.
I played battles 1 from flash up to powers update (2015-2018) and I still have no idea what you're talking about. Wizard ninja village looks pretty subpar to me.
File: sneed.png (591 KB, 849x889)
591 KB
591 KB PNG
Feels good beating vip dartling cummers
I don't really know who people think they're fooling when they're slumming it down in Lead Dungeon with Dartling / Sniper / Ninja. "I'm playing to win" like are you joking bud
>seasons serve no other purpose besides categorizing random skins/iap for weak fomo
>also, we docked 60% of your trophies and set you back from hall of masters hard after this one ended for unexplained reasons
I will never understand why companies ghost a game on launch and kill a huge portion of their playerbase by letting bugs and op shit run rampant
where the fuck is the balancing update
why the fuck are the servers constantly disconnecting me for no reason (inb4 cheats, this happens before battles even begin)
how in the fuck does ninja kiwi constantly flub handling of pvp games
sky shredder is sooooo fucking bad lol. can barely even kill a single fortified DDT before it makes it to the exit. maybe it performs better against BADs.

a lot of the BTD6 towers are way too razor-sharp balanced for that game in specific. sky shredder's enough to kill a round 100 bad and it does okay against the unlimited grouped MOABs in the 90s so it's a good tower in that game. but the moment you take it out of that context *FAAAAAAAAAAART* down the toilet

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