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Not really for EOP. The wiki has a lot of info in english. If you need help, ask the wiki or discord. Popular DMM game playable on browser at DMM or download from app stores or DMM app. It's a lewd girl tower defense game. You can start now if you don't want to reroll and want to get chibis or reroll after maintenance with the random black tickets, multi tickets, hero banner. Best banner to go for is hero, specifically Arge, unless new hero is better.
Any guide/reroll tier shit?
I don't think anyone bothered making some tier thing. Based on the available units on the free pulls. i'd recommend: Erlang Shen, Spiria, Tytto, Kuuko, Remii, Reflet, Augusta, Diera, Rinne, Risley. A lot of units and a lot of useful ones but would probably be not useful to list like too many for reroll. Would be better to focus on number of units for reroll. Augusta the most universally OP scrub unit from the available units though her chibi ,which does the same thing, usually comes back from time to time.

For a guide on progression in general. If you clear first stage of tower, you get the OP unit Solais which helps a lot starting out. You can also clear the reruns they just made permanent for more pull tickets (looks like a red card thing in the reward) and prince titles. Prince titles can help out a lot, too. In the exchange shop there is Tram,
another OP unit to grab.
Ah yes I remember playing this on n*taku
All dupes and no blacks on multis shit anniversary
Oh god, this game is still going?
I dropped it like 5 years ago (after the UI change or something).
How is it today?
>How is it today?
Arknights stands as a proof that it could have been good, but failed to adapt to the times
Do people who don't play Arknights buy into that? I mean, Arknights basically an underperforming game in all regions, that still adds up to an underwhelming total overall for a global game. Seems like all AK fans ever do to justify it's mediocre performance is use a mediocre global revenue to that's barely better than some one-region revenue to exaggerate it's success.
You sound butthurt, but the truth of the matter is that when you compare the two games, Aigis is a chore to play. Way slower stamina regen, two kinds of stamina in fact. Upgrading characters requires you to jump through 10 different hoops, even genshin is less scummy on that front. And then what you are left with is a game where its a flip of a coin if new characters are useless trash or the new powercreep that invalidates the last 5 years of the game(see: Reflet, Augusta). Lets not forget, only now, 8 years into its lifespan, did they add a way to skip part of the upgrade grind and a way to skip stages you already cleared. Mind you, I still play Aigis, I like it, but by all means its way worse than Arknights
What's really the point of talking if you dismiss anything you don't want to hear as being butthurt? Could just go agree with yourself. I could just list all things in Arknights I don't like and then call it "by all means worse than Aigis" no? Like can just say it has a worse dupe system, horrible gacha, camera tilt, grid system and no lewds and call it bad. Where is the "truth of the matter" you mention? Sounds like you're trying to sell own opinion as must-accept fact to me. Isn't this just like one of those CN games supremacy posts that's been going on?
>What's really the point of talking if you dismiss anything you don't want to hear as being butthurt?
Whats the point of talking if the only thing you bring is "muh revenue" and not the actual game?
>worse dupe system
Dupes in aigis can only increase skill level or reduce cost, both of those can fail so I'm not sure what makes the arknights one worse
>horrible gacha
It is true that 6* rates are in favor of Aigis at 3% instead of 2% like in Arknights, and the pity is at 33 instead of 50. But the pool is bloated and the rateup characters barely see a increase in % chance
>camera tilt
The one thing I will actually agree with you on, it can be annoying
>grid system
Its better than the randomly placed deploy spots in aigis and the random numerical values for range, you know the range of every character very well and how skills can affect it, you don't run into the issue of your healers range being 3 pixels short of your tanks spot
>no lewds
random pixiv artists will make better lewds than one static png without any voice acting in Aigis
Now how about you quit your pointless ranting and projection about "CN supermacy" or whatever bullshit you pulled out of your ass and actually talk about the game. Got anything decent from the tickets?
Meant it as in Aigis don't have a dupe system that requires dupes for all those extra bonuses. I don't find grids aesthetically pleasing and prefer official lewds but I guess that's each's preference.

Got Sinead, Akira from newer units and also, Miyabi, Luxe, Leone as non-dupe. Some 5 new plats.
Well in that case I get what you mean, the bonuses are pretty negligible but the tokens to "farm" them are rare as fuck so in that regard you'd be right that AK has worse system. I just can't stand how skillups and cost down in Aigis is still RNG, it has no fucking place in the game at this point.
And congrats, at least you werent screwed by tickets as much as I was, the only non-dupe I got was Kuuko
so https://aigis.fandom.com/wiki/Arge_(Black) is still OP? I dont see her on any of the banners
aigis is an outdated trash game with shit UI and shit gameplay, arknights is better, seethe hipster faggot

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