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File: LoVA56.jpg (88 KB, 593x468)
88 KB
>SaGa Frontier 2 Remastered where
What's your anniversary pulling plans, bros?
>Japan news

>Japan twitter

>Japan database

>Japan third year anniversary stream link

>Global Twitter

>Global database

>Spreadsheet from last thread
Have been playing since the Saga Frontier Remastered event (mostly just doing daily stuff) and I think I finally reached the "end game" content, now it's time to start running the game 24/7 to get stats
Based Gustave OP!
You have reached veteran status. Don't burn out grinding stats.
File: 1569800749833.png (229 KB, 292x355)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
>Slowly crawling back to 45k
>Have to save for Moon Festival Fempress
>Have to save for Christmas Rei and possibly Mesarthim
>Have to save for Omega Body T260G
>Have to save for Zozma
>Have to save for Virgil
I swear to god if they pull another GLEX soon
Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll pack the mystics banner with a glex blue/rouge combo.
Finally burned through all my plat tickets and pulled for glex Coppelia. 465 rolls, only 2 SS styles. Spiral Tatyana, and Coppelia(pity). I sure hope December is better than November for pulls, cause goddamn.
I'm already out of gems because I had to pity both GLEX banners. Was worth it for FEmpress and Mikhail.
File: MN951854.png (420 KB, 960x789)
420 KB
420 KB PNG
>7 days until the japanese stream
>7 days of temptations to join the circus
hold me bros
A new Rouge would destroy my wallet. Best half btw.
File: Spoiler Image (52 KB, 300x300)
52 KB
We only have two clowns so you can't make a full party yet, don't fall for it.
I will hold, brother.
For I must.
File: a witch.jpg (213 KB, 748x1329)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
getting some good skill training outta this one since i just got fuse and cops
File: LOUD SWEATING.png (472 KB, 857x472)
472 KB
472 KB PNG
Very nice Gustave OP.
Training event on global is making me realize my pierce game is still weak. I thought I had finally got it up to snuff but really it's just single target pierce I'm good on. Aoe is still trash, pierce weak is the only stage I'm having trouble with.
>71k gems, only enough for one pity and I am due for a pity
>next banner is 99% likely to be Jo and the dragons
>will likely have to skip both anniversary banners unless major buffs, can't see how the new Polka/Liz are worth it even though they're two of my best mages
>Christmas banner features three girls I like
>2 new years banners (Mirsa, then Blob+Shera)
>Lunar New Year's Fempress/Blue
And that's just the onslaught on the immediate horizon. When the next SaGa/FFL festival hits, I am truly fucked. 9 SS styles for me to chase. Followed immediately by a quadruple UDx banner made entirely out of my favourite FFL chars, so really it's 13 styles. But wait, that's followed by Halloween Silver and a new Ellen, and Silver and Ellen are in my top three favourite non-FFL characters. So I have a gauntlet of 15 SS styles waiting for me next summer/fall. I think I could do it if I skipped everything for the next year, but that's impossible with how much bait global is going to dangle to fill the void between Lunar New Year and August 2022.
>biggest complaint people had about Souji was not having a boss nuke
>tsubame gaeshi gets an amplification
this has been the biggest jump from joke tier to absolute god in this game
File: Romancing_Saga_019.jpg (1.68 MB, 2000x2990)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
Yeah, Jewbay Enjoyers are eating good now.
Now unfuck Sekishusai and I'll overlook the terrible treatment that most RS2 generics are getting
Seems like we're getting differing weapon styles for characters now.
File: 1628781228968.jpg (19 KB, 500x386)
19 KB
RIP Imperial SaGa lmao
Amazing. I've always wanted to use Souji but he's a 1 LP A rank meme style in global so far. I've heard he gets a good style later on, I think he's the third SaGa Soul banner?
What is the stat cap on 1.5 training event?
Is tower not out on JP rn?
I want everything on all 3/4 banners.
I've got 135k gems and effectively 200 USD in playpoints.
Probably still not safe
not coming until december 3rd
>new skill rank 22 non crit hit 20% less than new halloween silvers 3rd
a toast
Oh that's real sick. It means characters aren't really constrained by type anymore so they can get extra spicy
File: 1626757138065.jpg (55 KB, 400x400)
55 KB
That's the good news, yeah.
The bad news is that's also more grind and more pulls, and the possible extra bad news is that we still have to see how they choose to implement this, pray to god it won't be like Imperial SaGa where separate weapon styles for the same character means they're separate characters and you have to grind them all over again from base stat levels.
Yeah if you have to start the grind from 0 that wouldn't be too hot. But I don't think it'd interrupt pull economy too much since these separate weapons styles would just be new styles in general.

It still does well so going full milk mode doesn't seem like a worry.
I don't know the hard stat cap, but the notice says 1450 hp. I've gotten around 20 hp higher than what the game says for previous events before I stop gaining stats, so it's likely closer to 1470. The new Seeker's Path that just dropped says 1450 as well.
Oh it's seeker's path again. How much time do we have until the world tower? I need to figure out if it's worth 1 turning this shit or two turning it
Seems like they're stalling for it, should be out next month at this point but who knows, GL management is honestly puzzling.
>can finally max Ace in the Glass with ease
Nice. Now that seeker's path is making it easier than ever to max skill/spell ranks, are there any skills/spells that AREN'T damage dealing or debuffs that should be maxed? For example, is there any point in raising the skill level of Matriarch's buff or PWR's heal?
Gonna max out whatever that move Cat has
Is it safe to play this game or is there any chance of global going eos soon just like that Dragon Quest game?
it's been one and a half years and it doesn't look like it's going down anytime soon.
If anything they're pumping more and more global exclusive stuff lately.
Thanks bros for mention Seeker. I had no idea you started with 20 BP now. I always skipped and kept grinding the other events.
Time to level Wheel Swings, Lunar blades, Lyza's auto unfriendly SSSS move.
Already did, that was rough.
Oh hell. The good Urpina is coming back. And I'd really like to have her. But not with next month looming over our heads. Maybe if they give it a discount too like the Jo they're bringing back I'd be willing to toss a few her way.

Quest of the stars was cursed from the start. This one is doing well enough that they're still making new content. And I heard somewhere that it's not hard to keep going for global given how stupidly well JP swings upwards on it's good banners.
>Jo/GLEX Emilia/Stage Noel reprint, every third pull is free and first pull is free
Neato. I already have all three of those but this is a good little banner for newbros. Will do the free first roll because why not.
>Plus! Romancing Festival Exclusive styles which appeared before 4/26/2021 will be back!
Wait, what? Is this banner going to have almost every limited style except for UDx styles in the pool? That's wild, hopefully I get someone I missed on my free pull.
>UDx reprint banner featuring Orlouge, URPINA, Genryuu, Madeline and Silver Emperor
>mfw remember that Genryuu got GLEX buffs to have a fast S power s3
Fuck, what do I do with this obvious bait bros? I skipped all of their original runs. People still praise Urpina (basically a GLEX) to this day. Possibly the only style I regret not pulling for as I once got in a tricky spot with the eight heroes without her (still won that fight on release though). Silver Emperor is trash, adding risk to the pool. Orlouge is one of only two styles I'm missing from nao's 15 recommended styles for World Tower but idk how he holds up these days; global is going to have a much easier time than JP with World Tower. Madeline is another one that's basically a GLEX; she's a DEX jammer iirc, possibly our first and I don't have a DEX jammer. I hear that's a role everyone should have at least one of in their box. As for Genny, I like him and I like dragons. Isn't his s3 basically Dorra's but fast thanks to its buffs? I've been saving for the Jo 2.0+two dragons banner hoping to get Dorra and maybe Gawain too, how does Genny compare?
They're tempting me, but I'll try to hold on unless you guys come up with a good reason or two to pull.
Urpina might be worth pursuing but that reprint is kinda bad since she's the only one worth a damn in there.
>what do I do with this obvious bait bros?
Up to you, unless you have favorites I don't think it's worth it, but hey first time's free so at least that once it doesn't hurt I guess.
>Isn't his s3 basically Dorra's
Not really, Dora hits much harder and she covers heat+lightning instead of heat+frost, and it's Gwayne, not Gawain, not sure where you picked that up
File: 57480044_p0.png (1.31 MB, 700x991)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Good point about the UDx reprint, 1 out of 5 are too bad a set of odds for my taste and while I like Urpina, she's not a tip-top fave.
Much harder? Alright, I'll hold then, thanks bro. Must've seen someone using that spelling, checked in game just now and you are correct.
This Urpina reprit is tempting but I need to keep saving, plus I got Forneus which already fit her niche I guess
File: 1586930784787.jpg (63 KB, 680x680)
63 KB
Whoops, couldn't tell who that was from the thumb. Here's a Pina
>mfw remember that Genryuu got GLEX buffs to have a fast S power s3
I mean it's essentially fast given it's a MA but it's not actually fast.
Anyhow Urpina is real good
Forneus is pretty good but Urpina is just really really good.
She no sells attacks. There's very freaking few scenarios where Forneus is good where Urpina won't be better.
Huh, could've sworn it was fast. Looks like it's not, another reason I can skip.
The last time I rolled on a UDx reprint, I had to spend 45k jewels to pity Mirsa (got five Deaths along the way). The next month GLEX Leon came out who did the same things but more and better in almost every way. How much you guys wanna bet next month we'll get a GLEX countertank or one of the characters on the anniversary banners will get retooled to be Urpina 2.0?
File: 1617966972395.jpg (66 KB, 635x900)
66 KB
Actually that's not exactly true since Forneus got buffs in GL too, were he the same as JP I wouldn't argue about it but his changes in GL are sizeable.
Pina's counter is an A power Pierce+Slash AoE, Forneus is a S power cold AoE, in terms of counter targets they're in different fields altogether but given neutral resistances Forneus' Maelstrom hits harder by default.
Passive wise, Forneus also gets the better setup for actual countering since in GL not only he gets HP regen on hit, but better defense % bonuses and a STR buff for every attack, in terms of raw firepower Urpina can't compete.
The caveat here is that Urpina can evade, which means she can avoid getting one shot during tough boss fights unlike Forneus, but Urpina's counter isn't really made for bossing anyway so the utility is dubious, morever her defense cycling doesn't exist, whereas Forneus CAN cycle his counter.

Generally speaking, Urpina's advantage over Forneus is hitting two different physical weaknesses and avoiding SOME one hit kills (remember evade is only a thing for DIRECT attacks), but outside of certain scenarios, Forneus is the better AoE counter style for most content where you'd use such a strategy.
>reached pity to get Stage Rocbouquet
>less than a month later they release GLEX Rocbouquet which outshines the previous style in every single way
On further thought you're mostly right.
Raw damage Forneus is indeed just flat out better (provided they don't resist cold) but the thing I'm mostly concerned about is survivability and looping.
Now survivability is a bit of a misnomer I'll also admit. We've got access to Glex Fempress after all. Fights don't take place in vaccum. If we got more hard multifights in the future, and we will, an entire round of complete invulnerability is pretty fucking good.
If you need it for multiple waves/turns and 8 0 8 ain't cutting it, we also have access to Byuneis Dancing Leaf given it doesn't take 1 LP anymore and is a massive chunky 50% Def

It's mostly dependent on the content and your box I guess. Status ailments aren't exactly a problem for anybody given that PWR will in a protracted fight make everybody nigh immune to the things eventually.

I guess I'll wait for whatever next rerun comes if it's not also a discounted banner.
I can't even remember why I pulled for stage Roc. Just to put Umbra Levin on Squid Roc wasn't it?
Roc = pull. You did the right thing.
Is tornado blade worth leveling on any unit? I noticed you can amplify it in the future but I dont think any Madeleine/Vamp gets power charge.
If it gets amped you can level it then. Hell if you've got time to level it you might as well.
Are you talking about that insanely high BP cost AoE?
It gets amplified to SS when Ildun releases.
Never payed much attention to the story but it's weird how the characters are trapped in that world for more than a decade but still act like it's been just a few weeks
Shouldn't they be desperate at this point?
After act 1 it's not like they can do much
>Polka & Liz are on the run acting as decoy for Jo
>Jo has to grow up because she's the child of destiny and the pivot of the entire plot together with Bert
>Messina empire, AKA Ludwig and Maximus are busy tracking everyone down
>Igohmal and Kahrman were also forced to wait for Bert to grow up
>Summoned warriors give zero shit because they're effectively unaging snapshots of the original entities from their own world
Everyone was just waiting for the right moment until now, they've been playing whack-a-mole for a good decade or so because only the children of destiny make an actual difference, that's the general lore from RS3, even there you have to wait until the children of destiny show up to do anything at all, that's how that world works and since this game is a pseudo-sequel it works the same, more or less.
Yup that's it. He looks pretty good. Any idea when that banner will get here?
They're a snapshot of their own timeline, a less than a second sliver of their own life removed and transported somewhere else. They still exist in their original timeline both a second before they stepped through the doors and a second after, they've already accomplished everything they were going to do in their home game. This is why nigh infinite copies of the same person could be summoned into Re;universe's world without affecting the story of the other worlds/games.
>Dora hits much harder
You sound like you know more than me so you're probably right, but can you break down numerically how Dorra hits not just harder, but "much" harder? I'm comparing the styles and I don't know the numerical values for damage passives so here's what I got
>90% STR, 97% AGI
>s3 is S rank power, costs 1 more bp than Dorra's so that might mean a slightly higher amount of damage
>passives all increase damage, bonuses are two very large and two small
>100% STR, 85%
>s3 is also S rank power
>passives all increase damage, bonuses are two large and one medium
This is of course excluding any buffs Dorra might get (I expect her woefully low AGI to get increased to met global standards for martial artists) and I'm only really looking at their third skills. Looking at their kits as a layman, it looks like Genryu has an edge on Dorra in the damage department instead of her having dramatically more than he, so I'm going to need some expert help to see where her truckloads of extra damage comes from.
Hat God S1 and S2 have the same cost. Does the game use whichever does the most damage ?
the one that's lower on the list if they have the same bp
Should be around the SaGa Frontier 1 commemoration banner after 2.5Y Anniversary. It should have Virgil and Lady Asellus also
File: happening.png (18 KB, 1602x300)
18 KB
Emelia dancer skin (the other option form the poll) incoming!!!
That, and if you want to use the first skill, set first skill to 6BP and second skill to 5BP because the AI will always prioritize higher BP costs.
Oh fuck, my jewels. I have every Emelia style, I must pull for my girl.
Oh wait, skin. Phew, jewels are safe. That's actually a brilliant use of the design that didn't win.
>30% more summon medals per pull on the UDx reprint
Discounted reruns are back, repeat, discounted reruns are back! This is not a drill! Plus no off banners. Somebody do the math, how many pulls is it to pity on this?
>S Final Emperor on the free multi
Nice! This is much better than getting a SS since I have all 3 styles
Also got S Julian
1500 paid gems for one dollar is a steal. Check the store!
File: gottem.jpg (179 KB, 757x1346)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
god tier free pool
>1st anniversary Polka and GLEX Katarina dupes
I will fucking take that S Nora though! It's my favourite art of hers and the only one of her styles I'm missing. I hope she gets a better style one day.
Hot damn, now that's how you make money. Even a total poorfag like me can spare a buck. Thanks for the heads up, I normally never look at the gem deals.
At long last, the most gorgeous style in the game is mine. 7 more souls left to rescue from plat hell. Love how this game shotguns 300+ summon tickets whenever a small bit of main story drops.
I ended up not using my unit of choice ticket on her after all; once I saw we had multiple months to choose, I sat on it. Now the choice is between Gray 4.0 and plat Mirsa.
And I got Valdor as I typed this post up, so that makes 6 left in hell.
Both packs are actually aggressively good deals. We haven't seen those and pull discounts/30+ for a long ass time.
Therefore I shall clean out the shop and pray to god that with the encouragement they keep doing these again
I think Summer Empress is the best looking style in the game
See I thought that and the GLEX Empress came back and I really really like how that style looks
I think 9-1-3 is the next stage for Albert. Time to put Al back in.
This is how you do a black friday deal.
its amazing the amount of styles on the jo banner, its incredible
Aw shite, I thought this was chapter 9, not the true second half of 8. Disregard, I did not expect this to be the first ever chapter to break format. 9-1-3 still should be a good stage for him, whenever we get it.
Yeah, I actually forgot I saw JP talking about this last year. I think Jo was the only style they could pity though, as they don't have Em and the Stage event hadn't happened for them yet. It's got all the limited non-UDx styles, but try not to spend too much on it as the odds of getting anything in particular are incredibly low. Basically bait unless you're missing Jo, but the free pull is pretty nice of 'em.
>Free + 3 free jewel pulls per iteration = 4 multis total per iteration
>15/4 = 3.75, so we go 4 iterations
>Since free pulls are first, that means that we have 3*3 + 2*3 = 11 jewel multis and 4 free multis
>11*3000 = 33000 jewels
With 10% rates, it isnt a bad banner IF you didn't pull at all for like half of this year or more
If you guys wanna farm thank you medals from main story quickly and catch up on some stats for three trainees, I'm running 8-4-4 with a Rainbow Rangers Albert team. There is one mob in the final wave that's immune to KO but Roufas in the DEX slot should one-shot it.
Works for me.
Thanks boss
Can't wait for that new "Magia Fight" formation to get here for my Albert.
Mad lad. Did you go in until you got ALL the characters you didn't have?
Nah, just the free roll. Im pretty much on indefinite wait mode until glex EMPs, glex leon, and summer vamp comes back unless roc gets a new version or they decide to make someone like macha time travel the way they did for roufas
One of many Undine bros here; just got back into the game after being forced to temporarily shelve this game after Matriarch's second banner. Seems like we're getting some good stuff; anything else I missed?
Besides Forneus and GLEX Urpina, what are some other good styles for world tower?
when will world tower release anyways?
translate to english

I guess it's time to start training Undine and Vassault
New Menu character cast lineup:
> Azami
> Gustave
> ???
> Emelia
Considering UDx Matriarch wasn't too long ago (was part of the Halloween festival), I think the only thing you missed was the 1.5Y anniversary eve festival which had the Forneus banner (featuring GLEX Mikhail), the double GLEX banner with GLEX Minerva, GLEX Coppelia and Hat Creator and I'm blanking on what the other round was. No must haves iirc, you should be good. You're just in time for 1.5 year anniversary, which should be starting in a week or so. Welcome back bro.
December. JP got it as their 2nd anniversary event and we'll be getting their 2nd anniversary stuff for our 1.5 year anniversary, just like we got JP's 1st anniversary for six month anniversary last December.
Just remembered the third round as it's up now. It's the second SaGa Soul banner with Avi, Kurt and Narcisse. Very skippable banner for veterans.
Gotta say, this thank you festival gacha is quite a deal after all, shame you can't pity for any of the SS and it's just Jo/Noel/Emilia though.
Quite a boon for collectionists or newcomers, and getting another chance for a couple of styles for inheritance isn't bad, as much as most of those styles are completely obsolete, still:
>Award Mikhail
>Award Silver
>Abyss Gate Ellen
>Termite Emps
>School Cordelia
>School Sif
>Prefecture Roc
>GLEX Monika
>Narwhal waifu
>Clown dad
Are all good investments for current or future styles, especially some of those like Abyss Gate Ellen since Stage Ellen will benefit a lot from Wild Flurry.
Uh, can't say I recognize that silhouette, if it's not an OC she might be certain number of people, like Tomoe or Maka, but even there the silhouette is different, don't really remember any katana user that looks like that.
So far from lurking the JP Discord players, people have thrown out as guesses:
> Final Empress
> Vampire Lady
> Tu Kwai
> ????
File: 1614359887249.jpg (202 KB, 1280x720)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
I doubt it would be Final Empress judging from the voice, Vampire Lady is much more likely but two RS2 reps seems weird.
The only character who kinds of fit the bill would be Maka but her original costume is still different, at this point I'm also thinking about a vampire lady alt since she's been pushed a lot in this game.
Well, she looks cute so I'm not complaining.
Thanks bros glad to be back. Started off good by getting GLEX Urpina in only four 10 rolls, so I'll finally be able to build a decent slash setup. Also, looks like playing casually might come back to bite me with world tower coming up. All of my characters that I use are only between 8000 to 10000 total CP.
G U S T A V E ! !
Very nice get on Urpina there bro. I kinda wanna pull for her but I'm only at 80k and anniversary's next month so I think I'll hold (I got Forneus to cover the counter niche). As for World Tower, you wanna beat stage 150 iirc so you can start there the next time World Tower comes around. It's gonna be tough with your numbers that low but now is prime time to grind because everyone's getting bonuses in seeker's path and main quests. Good luck!
I didn't get her summer skin so hopefully she's self contained.
Seeker's Path is so based now. So many rank 99 skills and spells. I'm looking forward to the next time it comes around and every subsequent rerun.
now my super god final emperor and all his inheritance is complete
Dammit, why'd my emulator have to lag at that exact second? I had a combo name so long, it extended outside of the entire textbox in both directions.
Imperial Psycho Euthanize Grand Crimson Cockatrice
Good job, bro.
Heads up, horse ingots just became available in main quest. I had already cleared out the thank you medal shop so I stopped doing mains, but now there's a reason to go back. Still probably gonna stick to seeker's, that's ending soon and horse ingot shop's here for a week.
File: 1633740429693.png (1.1 MB, 720x1280)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
>His combo names aren't so long they completely break the formatting and go out of the screen in both ways
>Imperial Imperial Imperial
File: you wouldnt a lobster.jpg (42 KB, 277x387)
42 KB
File: main banners.png (3.07 MB, 1168x1319)
3.07 MB
3.07 MB PNG
open your anus wide, they are going in raw along with fes and reprint ones
My nigga Darque taking back the throne of best DEX piercer
File: IMG_0999.png (77 KB, 300x256)
77 KB
>fire cracker has no crit
>bloody harvest is insanely niche, critrate is pretty much 0%
>taking back anything
Who's the evolved form of Monika on the far right?
Thank you
Damn, I kinda wanna play JP but I'm not sure if I gonna like juggling 2 versions of the same game.
>motherfucking x2 stats in 2021
now this is epic
>meanwhile Monica gets Noble Cross amplified
its not fair bros
As a Monika enjoyer, this pleases me
File: image-353-1024x574.png (970 KB, 1024x574)
970 KB
970 KB PNG
They updated the offbanners too.
the dream
File: 1637895427084.jpg (31 KB, 638x471)
31 KB
>1% chance to get into offbanner pool
>0.06% to get 1 of those
whats the point
File: 799.jpg (44 KB, 393x406)
44 KB
Still better then a 200th Gerard cucking you
more comfy for comfy

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