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Anyone playing Metal Slug Commander?

How do you feel it compares to previous games like Attack, Defense and Infinity?

I was playing Infinity but they will be closing it down this month

It seems promising, the actual gameplay is not that different, but the gacha system seems to be more fair and the upgrade mechanics seem to be easier than Infinity and both the card art and pixel art are much better, but the roster of available characters is not near of what Infinity had.

I also like that the additional game modes give it more diversity and forms to unlock and farm stuff.

I only need to play around 20-30 mins a day to finish the daily challenges.
Isnt that the same as metal slug assault?
To my knowledge there isn't a game called Metal Slug Assault

Maybe you are confusing it with Metal Slug Attack which did contain a mode called Assault or a PC game called Metal Assault which is heavily inspired by the Metal Slug franchise, if not down-right ripping off many of its elements.
F for infinity, also i like the customer service there, very fair.
now this game... i did also play one of the betas but is just not fun enought

the main problem in this game (the same of many idle games) i that you main source from resources is waiting,
your progress is limited by the days you play this

metal slug defense: was the best of all here sadly is dead S+
metal slug infinity: good idle A
metal slug attack: like defense BUT with gacha system B
metal slug commander: this deserves the D
>How do you feel it compares to previous games like Attack, Defense and Infinity?
Worse in every aspect compared to MSA and MSD. Don't know about MSI, though. Never played it
>The actual gameplay is not that different
To me it seems like it is, and a lot. If you activate auto+, then you automatically are playing in top performance (Except for certain situations). The game is more oriented in units duking it out with little time, so the game is oriented in power leveling from the get go. Maximum level units are locked behind a unit promotion wall that needs literal dozens of dupes to even add one more level to their current rank
>Gacha system seems to be more fair
I don't know about infinity, but this system certainly is a lot worse than MSA's. The summons are expensive as fuck, it doesn't guarantee a 5 star unit on summon, there aren't any special banners that you can summon in, only the base one. The heart ticket banner is a pain in the ass to use, and even getting that unit ONCE requires at least 30 heart tickets (And they give you only ONE (1) ticket for every 10 summons on any unit banner. That's cheap as fuck). And specific unit banners aren't only day-specific and require the use of purple tickets over gems, but they don't even guarantee a 5 star with a consecutive summon, either. And the quantity of gems you get consistently isn't exactly generous
gacha system seems to be more fair
>Both the card art and pixel art are much better
I don't know about MSI, as I've said, but all of the sprites are either ripped from the OG games or from MSA. The card art (The ones that aren't ripped from MSA, that is) is cool, though. I especially like the regular army drill one. But aside from the original card art, there's nothing too original about it, graphically speaking. Looks like an indie game about depression with that bloom, too
When I said "Unit specific banner" I meant "Army specific banner". Just to clear that up.
>I only need to play around 20-30 mins a day to finish the daily challenges
I don't know why, but when I played it I took around an hour for some reason. And 20-30mins is a downgrade from MSA anyways, because there you can complete all important dailies in 20 mins or less. Other things that I don't like about the game are
-Poor optimization (Or something like that. I don't know the exact term)
It's a lot more simple than most games I play, and still it gets my phone to heat up like an oven. Not even DB legends does that (And that's a fast-paced 3D game). It doesn't even get hot with online matches on that game, meanwhile with MSC the thing is in flames by the time I reach the menu
-Battles are buggy as fuck
I don't know about you, but most of my battles bugged out to hell and back. Sometimes I won and everyone would just stand there for more than a minute like something out of a shitty creepypasta. Other times, some of my units (top row) would be getting their asses handed to them while the other ones (bottom row) just stood there and watched for seceral seconds. It's not a big deal when it happens on story mode, but when it happens on vs it's really annoying. Sometimes when the units die, they don't even show their death animation, they just disappear
-Three star units cannot be ranked up
This one is especially shit. Cool units like the regular drill or the PM guerrilla were made for the sole purpose of being fodder. They can't go above 3 stars ever (Why even rank them at 3 and not 1? They're the weakest there are), and there's no point in investing in them since resources are pretty scarce, and it would be pretty dumb to use them on a unit that doesn't even have a personal weapon or can't rank up at all when 5 stars can do all of that and more. Not even using the thing that makes units reach the maximum common level are worth it with 3 star units
That last one was (2/2). This is (3/2)
Another thing. Like >>603941 said, it's really based on waiting for things. I'm talking about facebook game tier. From the daily vs opportunities to the genie, the chest opening thing and the mine. It's all waiting to the next day/30 minutes. And it doesn't even have many things to do. It doesn't have live online, the vs chances are extremely limited just like the tournament chances and in the story mode you will eventually reach a power barrier that can only be bypassed by powercreeping harder. And to do that? More waiting until you get enough dupes to rank up some units, that rank up others, that rank up others, that rank up the ones you actually need. It's ridiculous. At least in MSA it was pretty straightforward with metal, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Now there are a fuck ton of classes with ranks within them, and you need both generic dupes from that army and actual dupes of that unit (And those dupes need to be ranked up too, so you will need even more dupes to dupe the dupes that you require. It never ends). Honestly, I can say with complete certainty that this is a blatant cash grab. From the daily "Special offer for 3 hours only 1.99$!" to every reward having a "premium" alternative (that blows the regular rewards out of the water, but you have to pay real money to get them) and the completely unfair gacha. The only thing that gives me some hope is that all these gachas are probably financing the magnum opus of gaming that will be MS8
File: 1414233416525.png (11 KB, 400x550)
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MSI was bad and one of it's main "selling" point was how it didn't had any waifu.
The fact that it failed while MSA still live should tell you everything you need.
As for the art and sprite, everything was taken from either the OG games or from MSA and MSA was made by SNK themselves. It had 4 sprites/character artists but only Max D (who worked on the OG games) and Dai are known.
The final character render was also almost always made by Tonko.

As for MSC, I agree with >>604867
But I'll add that the story in MSC may as well not exist ans what little we have is pure PF wanking.
They have most characters were either rewritten or they left out important details, an example is how Abigail and Beatriz were hinted to be orphans who joined the Rebel army with the goal of getting a post in the rear (like in Yohjo Senki) with Abigail's devotion to Morden being possibly fake. None of that is even hinted at in MSC.
You also have characters like Alice or the Amadeus sisters who are nowhere to seen despite their popularity, or important characters like Future Vita not mentionned once in the bio of my waifu Nova.
MSA also acknowledge the lore or the OG games because there's various example of the Regular army being corrupted or incompetent while having the PF squad wiping their asses. MSC doesnt do that.

Also Nova best girl.
To add on that: MSC also has questionnable decisions concerning their choices in artworks and sprites. Like they used the halloween version of Beatriz (with blue hair because she was cosplaying as a yuki-onna) or how they used the Lolibaba version of Agalia instead of her super sexy adult one. They also "reworked" her background so she's no longer a vampire queen who realized that humanity meant business and became strong enough to exterminate vampires if they really wanted to so she now seek coexistence.
Hell, the entire Amadeus faction doesn't exist in MSC.
You also have some characters like Mello who were rewritten to be total badasses when they didnt do much in MSA but she was rewritten as Nova's archenemesis when were only "friendly" (at least from Mello's side) rivals in MSA.
They also fucked up some animations, like my waifu Nova idle and death animation being incomplete or missing details or how she only has one (incomplete because Future Vita is missing) winpose when she had 3 winposes in MSA that all feature either Vita or Future Vita.
Based rebelbro. I didn't pay too much attention to the story in MSC after reading the first scenes, so I didn't know about the lore errors. Also, what do you think about the Accelerator canon unit in MSA?
There's a summary of the chapters that you can read even if you didnt reached that chapter yet but it's pretty much "PF good, everyone else bad". Doesnt help that the dialogue is terrible.

As for accelerator cannon in MSA, it came too late: ut would have been good a few update ago because most threats to the backline were explosive damage.
However, Ralf was buffed in the same update the accelerator cannon was introduced and Ralf WILL destroy it in 1-2 shot, it's ridiculous. I basically spend 10k sorties for an unusable unit and it's not even a cute girl...
Which lead us to the 2 main reasons(imo) why MSA is dying: grindy events (search and destroy managed to piss off the usually mild japanese playerbase) and TERRIBLE balance which heavily favor PF.
The balance team also seems to hate rebel with a passion because they left us an entire year with NO counter to 10taro, 6 months without being able to do anything against the 10taro-regular Shield soldier-growl combo and 8 months against the absolute insanity that was tyra.
Even now, we still have no reliable way to deal with Leona.
And I have not forgotten how they nerfed my waifu Nova for absolutely no reason since she wasnt meta anymore during the great rebalance patch.
File: Nova Christmas full.png (739 KB, 708x1000)
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739 KB PNG
Also while I love the lore in MSA even if some plot like the PM one is a narrative mess, I dont think there's much hope about any of it making it to the main serie, especially considering that all of the other games (MSI, MSC, Code J and probably tactics) never acknowledge the fact that the PF squad are good guys working for a corrupted, incompetent governement. (Just like Yang Wenli 13th fleet and the FPA if you watched Lotgh).

Nova best girl btw.
Im only playing it to see if they bring best girl Alesha to the game since MSA is doing nothing with her
holy shit why am I still playing this, I know it's not a good game and I have other games to play but can't stop
Attack has more waifus if youre into that
MSA is on the verge of dying.
MSC is not doing good either.
Alesha appears in the shop to shill you microtransactions but considering that MSC is pure PF wank, expect even less than MSA.

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