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Tales of the Rays

Tales of Crestoria

Tales of Asteria
File: Rays producer letter.png (124 KB, 1142x676)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
Looks like the Rays team responded to the "4th Tales Mobage = EoS" narrative
File: Anise Ascend.png (1.05 MB, 1225x688)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
I think Arietta is a guaranteed Dark unit bros
File: booba.jpg (132 KB, 768x1024)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
More Legendias in Crestoria, when?
When does the 2nd part of the collab start?
in about 8.5 hours
Playable Widdershin and Goede when?
File: 1623714653258.jpg (603 KB, 1200x1091)
603 KB
603 KB JPG
I really like this image
The kind of series fan service now missing from Arise v.v
>He doesnt know
File: E-GfwsxXsAQsVPF.jpg (45 KB, 459x313)
45 KB
Guilty Gear part 2 in 2 hours
It has been done
Let me fix that for you
>>582245 how is crestoria doing? i dropped the game during dhaos banner
It got a bit more alive when the Anniversary happened, but I think it's slowly losing the momentum it gained if Arena is to believe. In the first few weeks I was below 1k top with natural arena tickets, these days I'm around 800 or higher. And my Arena team isn't even that good.
In my opinion, I like a lot of the QoL changes they added but right now the real problem with Crestoria is just content. The anniversary units just annihilate everything. I beat Artorias transcendent battle Day 1 with 0/5 awakens on Kanata and Misella and still washed it. After you do all of that there's really nothing left to do, they need to add some new stuff in.
Anni dropped 3 OP units that will pretty much never be rerun again and curbstomp everything, PVP and raids included. Other than that, same shit, same event cycle where you'll just skip every battle, and trickles of story updates.
File: 1631381700791.jpg (33 KB, 414x596)
33 KB
Bro I have been getting ultra
Fucking shaftet in the Ramlethal banner. 800 gems spend and zero MA. Only her 5* special attack, I hace shitton of her.

Wtf bros?
I got Sol's MA on the first pull.

Is the Ramlethal banner fucking cursed or what
If I managed to get Ramlethal's MA, should I aim for dupes?
I got her off the free multi. I lucked out
Looks like I got rewarded for picking with my dick. Got Magilou's collab MA with my first ten roll and Shiseru's collab MA with the second.
Try the part 2 collab banner, I managed to luckshit what I wanted.
Personally I never roll on banners for things that can be grinded for. Not does it only prevent this kind of disappointment, it's far more diamond efficient since you get tickets as you do the event anyway.
Though I got her MA from the free roll too so I avoided the grind this time.

Dupes just increase your damage numbers. Collab characters can never be the strongest anyway, so unless you force yourself to use her, the only place you'll probably be using her is in the tower.
PLEASE HELP! How do I raise the raid point bonus on my units outside of getting their gears? My Ram as at 35% but I see other players that have a bonus way above that,
LBing gear is the only way. People with high bonuses are either whales or got really lucky and got lots of MA dupes.
If you're concerned about getting all the event rewards, then know that even if you have max bonus its still impossible to reach the end with natural ap. You're expected to use some refills.
Unless you really care about the event characters, don't be too obsessed with it. All the unique rewards can be gotten by half a mil. And FYI, as a long time player, I usually reach 1.5 mil points in this type of event.
https://twitter.com/to_crestoria_EN/status/1436947686196846593 Patty and Hisui are coming to Crestoria!
What's the best of the three mobages?

I tried Crestoria and while it looks great it feels bland gameplay wise
Some people will say Crestoria and some will say Rays. It's strictly due to preference, gameplay-wise.
For me, Crestoria has a better main cast and story and I prefer the gameplay, but Rays has a much bigger roster of mainline characters.
For story and OST, I like Asteria best, but it's more like a VN with minimal gameplay. I like the gameplay in Crestoria with how it's possible to gradually make characters stronger over time and how the battles take some strategy. But it's still missing a lot of characters from the older games.
I like Rays for letting me use my favorite characters in battle, but the story is boring and I don't like how better artes are locked behind event gacha that don't always get rerun.
Its whales, getting MAs maxed duped is what provides the biggest boost. Really, just mooching off a friend that has +80% is fine for getting everything important even if your team is giving 15% each character.
If you want a mobage with a Tales skin: Crestoria
If you want a Tales game: Rays

Also keep in mind Crestoria might not live as long.
I'd love to like Rays however they gave every character I like to use their dogshit artes and their 5*'s are either trash, a worthless heal or "original" artes that nobody asked for. Their mirrors are also garbage single target/low range and/or weak.

Then you have Asbel who gets Void Sword, Gale Maw and Burial Blade which happens to be the only 3 moves he has that fits what a character needs (Big range fast Iron Stance break/long stagger, Invincible passing through, Massive quick damage) Not to mention the drums and invincible backstep mirrors.

The obvious bias and character hate is evident.
I'm afraid Crestoria Global is going to die the second I decide to come back. Especially after Rays global was publicly executed.
Iv played Rays for like 3 years now, and Iv only used Asbel when he's featured in a event, iv had no problem enjoying other characters and clearing challenge content with them. I think you're just upset about something.

Now on the other hand, Annie, now she is the epitome of useless garbage character. I avoid her like the plague, and dread challenge fights that let you only use Rebirth characters. I can't even classify her as a healer or supporter.
That's not Rays' fault though. She's only useful in Rebirth because she's your only healer there so you have no choice but to use her. She's absolute shit in Radiant Mythology too. Rays actually improved her by giving her some attacks and making some of her buffs affect the entire arena.
Well, 10 multis on the GG Collab part 2 and walked away with:
Magilous collab MA
Muzets collab MA
Shizels collab 5*
Jays collab 5*
Jays normal MA

It stings abit, i really wanted Shizels collab MA, but i gotta look at the bright side that i didnt get completely fucked with nonfeatured MA. I dont know whose collab 5* i should pity, Magi or Muzets
What are the difference between pulling with dia vs pulling with mirrorgems?
Muzee benefits from hers more since she otherwise doesn't have a quick melee arte to chain into master spells.

Doing a 10 roll with mirrorgems guarantees a 5* while a dia pull only gives a 4*.
Most step ups are mirrorgem exclusive.
Pulling with dias only give half as much grade.
It's not Rays fault that Annie is plain shit gameplay wise. It's only "useful" in her original game but even then, you're better off just not using her with the way Rebirth heals your characters.
Annie's gimmick is a mistake. In no way her set is gonna be useful in any game.

Not even in Rebirth
File: E_UlisYVQAAme6x.jpg (632 KB, 1920x1080)
632 KB
632 KB JPG
Luminaria news on the 24th.
I love patty!
>add to her Cresty finally
>they copied her wheel of fortune mystic
>but removed the Seifer and Barbatos space
>yet another dupe of Ram's 5* from tickets
>Its always the fake out animation so i think its her MA
So with Arise's success, how long do you guys think until other mobage are scrambling to collab with Tales?
Whether it be with Arise by itself, the series in general, or with one of our mobage.
So would you guys recommend I start a completely new account on Rays if the one I used to play on is like launch old? Is it too shitty and wasted too many gems on getting basically nothing or am I overthinking it?
if you don't have any favorites on it or got fucked thanks to lol rates , do it
I'd at least check that you can still log into it, and also check what you had and how much junk is in the present box. Then you can decide from there.
You can also try starting fresh, but change your mind and go back to the old account if you feel like it.
File: hmm.png (21 KB, 956x403)
21 KB
I... Oh... I guess it's been too many years?
Don't remember but it's done for now
File: E_ZYXsaVgAIC5Il.jpg (64 KB, 1280x720)
64 KB
File: symonne.png (1.73 MB, 1920x1080)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
God I'm so happy. I hope my 2K dia is enough
File: E_dajFzVUAQIW0F.jpg (89 KB, 1280x720)
89 KB
>that bulge
File: E_da_LiVIAc8zNU.jpg (88 KB, 1280x720)
88 KB
Is there a way to increase character levels in Rays past Lv70?
No, that's the max.
That's too bad. I was hoping there would be more ways of strengthening my characters other than waiting for event/series gacha time to roll around.
File: E_dbIyoVcAAfrG1.jpg (95 KB, 1280x720)
95 KB
Considering how many exp mats it takes after going past 65, im okay with 70 being the limit. You could dabble in the mentor/mentee system if you want to give some stat boosts to your favorites.
In case you dont know, you access it in your roster equipment screen, grey button in the top left corner, and then set a teacher and student. Use them together in battle and the student gets a stat boost the more you use them. Im not all that versed into it since i dont really use it.
>Only 5 banner
Crestoria is going to die isnt it
File: 2109146.png (439 KB, 828x320)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
new costumes too
File: nmOVsn6.jpg (418 KB, 2048x1536)
418 KB
418 KB JPG
Chapter teased a new continent being exoflected, so Arise (or Crestoria lol) soon.
Also, Tempest party about to run into Lukius and Romi. Maybe a Tempest event.
uohhhhhhhhh rommy!!!
Probably even both, but its most likely leading into adding Arise stuff with the next arc. This arc only has afew chapters left, which should be afew months and enough time for people to look into Arise.

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