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File: 1300044776986.jpg (618 KB, 984x1081)
618 KB
618 KB JPG
Look out, an IDV thread!
What's your favorite hunter trait to use? Does anyone still use listen?
File: madmindeye.png (453 KB, 983x370)
453 KB
453 KB PNG
Wound up getting the Painter through the unlock event. Doing enjoying him, still learning the in and outs of his skill but when I can connect my two neurons and fire off a decent stun it feels nice.
Still trying to learn how to play in general but so far it's not all had living the solo Q life.
put the painting down right next to a pallet so you can bully even harder
File: delte.png (403 KB, 1009x344)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
File: E85dSDaUcAQRB3_.jpg (313 KB, 1920x1430)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
how do you guys feel about fruity mercenary?
That's a pretty cool Violetta skin back there.
I feel like she really does get some of the best ones.
File: proxy-image (23).jpg (407 KB, 2400x1600)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
How do into hunter?
Clowns in unranked keep punking me.
It's because her body is an unconventional shape that allows the designers to be more creative, instead of giving us yet another "pretty white hair glitter bomb" survivor skin.
Everyone hates facing clowns. If he's your only concern then play a meta character that gives you a second chance
File: Capture.jpg (19 KB, 705x147)
19 KB
Play 2v8
File: just fuck my shit up.jpg (117 KB, 719x821)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>try playing on phone cus my PC is fucked
>get into match
>phone auto-disconnects from wifi because "signal too weak"
>get that sweet 700 ping
Nice, now I know how aussies feel.
bros theyre slandering my main...
Who's your main? Go on, don't be shy. You can tell us, assuming you aren't ashamed of being a metafag.
How many people here actually play on mobile?
I'm playing on mobile but only because my pc is fucked. I just want to try and get some dice saved.
>constantly DC from wifi because "signal too weak" so I'm on network with 700+ ping
>ping spikes even higher every time the hunter gets near me
>touch controls suck
>>touch controls suck
Yes. Yes they fucking do. I wish there was another way around it but it's really bad. Like, hunter is practically unplayable bad.
Atleast it's making me play a lot more Survivor and working on my kiting. Shame that solo queue is so fucking ASS.
File: Angry Emma.png (35 KB, 370x320)
35 KB
I tried playing hunter on mobile once a few months ago and basically wrote it off. I think I tied but only barely and only because the survivors got cocky.
I can't even kite properly since I have a hard time moving with the touch controls.
>mfw getting stuck on pallets & doors
shitty ping aside, practice makes perfect. You just gotta spend more time getting used to them. You guys should play 2v8 since winning and losing doesn't matter and you can fuck around more than you can in QM or rank
I tried just the other day and it was fucking rough. QM matchmaking is a joke so even though I don't have any rank in hunter I got all these fucking assholes running around perfectly kiting me and coordinating cipher pops to second wind out of here. I have no doubt I'm actually had at the game, but its difficult to swivel and move backwards during an attack to track someone trying to spin you or baiting a pallet stun.

>You guys should play 2v8 since winning and losing doesn't matter and you can fuck around more than you can in QM or rank
Yeah I'm all for that, but even then I genuinely feel that playing on phone as hunter is extremely difficult, the level of precision available to you isn't there.
It's enough to make a man want to one trick Joseph and just pubstomp all day.
How 2 buff hell ember
let him build rage in the lobby over the survivors' character choice
File: 1619287084715.jpg (125 KB, 1100x1500)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
If he gets angry enough he can call emma to come kill the survivors for him.
He doesn't need a buff, people are just too stupid to utilize his kit properly.
Better question is how to buff smiley face.
give him dash by default and throwable pies to slow survivors down
File: Spoiler Image (13 KB, 920x920)
13 KB
>throwable pies remain on the ground where they land
>if a survivor runs over it they slip and slide like it's a banana peel
*honk honk*
>give him dash by default
It's really fucking weird that he doesn't have access to this under normal conditions. Everyone else gets something, hell even Lucino gets to jump atleast once. Smiley has to either get lucky and grab the right attachments at the start or hope to catch out people.
I would say it's because he's one of the early hunters but literally both early hunters and survivors have gotten a rework or buff besides him. Maybe the devs think the attachment gimmick is good enough and he doesn't need anything
Considering every balance change he's ever gotten has been to the attachments, their spawns, or the speed of attachment, I'd say you're right.
>Maybe the devs think the attachment gimmick is good enough and he doesn't need anything
That just seems so weird though.
I know he's supposed to be the cheap and braindead hunter but it seems like compared to the others in that tier (Bane and Ember) he really seems left in the dirt, though they definitely seem to shower him in skins, not to mention he features in the games promo shots, more so than the actual starter character.

It's just really weird.
Honestly unless they completely rework him i really don't see how they can buff him besides his attachments. They could give him his dash by default but that would be stupidly op and making it do less than half dmg would be a nerf. I just think he's one of the very rare cases where hes a overall good hunter. His early game is alright and his mid and late game are great. Unless they give a secondary power like banes bear traps i really don't see what they can do.
File: 77945071_p0.jpg (1.15 MB, 2716x3816)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
I love Lucky Guy!
Is there a hunter tier list or chart the shows which ones are more fun versus actually effective?
Fun is subjective and depends on how much your brain needs to be stimulated.

Braindead but you will win:
Guard 26, Sculptor, Bloody Queen, Undead, Broken Wheel

Braindead-lite but you will win:
Dream Witch, Smiley Face

Hell Ember tier (he's stronger than people anticipate but no one likes to play him because he's the starter hunter and not a pretty girl or cool final fantasy protag):
Hell Ember, Disciple

Balanced and good to tickle your pre-frontal cortex:
Wu Chang, Feaster, Soul Weaver, Axe Boy, Gamekeeper, Naiad

Learning these will also give your amygdala a prostate massage:
Reptilian, Geisha, Violinist, Mad Eyes, Photographer
I didn't forget Ripper, he's just invisible.
>Dream Witch Brain dead
I thought playing good Yidhra was good but extremely difficult?
Have I been lied to this whole time?
People only claim she's difficult because her leech wheel is unusual compared to all other hunters. The moment you understand it she becomes piss easy because leeches will auto-follow survivors across the map and she can trait spam. You don't see her often because everyone would rather play the other braindead hunters that are much easier and simpler to use.
The people who main her will claim she takes the utmost skill to use at a basic level, but these same people just spam Patroller. Really says a lot.
>Geisha and Photographer galaxy brain tier
Excuse me what?
Maybe I've been away too long, I don't own Geisha so maybe the addition of the butterfly really made a difference with want you can do.
Joseph, meanwhile, is the exact same grugbrain as he's always been. I thought for sure he'd be down in Jokers tier. Unless you're havin' a giggle here.
File: image6.png (424 KB, 900x662)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
Joseph is only as good as the survivors are dumb. It's almost impossible to win with him at peak tier. You either have to get insanely lucky as early as possible and manage to keep the snowball rolling or the survivors have to make huge irreparable mistakes. Besides Mad Eyes, Joseph is the hunter seen the least in peak tier.
She's not braindead, but you have to be not braindead to deal with her as survivor, so most can't.
Is there even any real reason to play lucky guy other than his maid skin?
Annie does the items thing better but is fucked by not having any ability to use them.

Lucky mains do it for the badges
BQ, Chang, G26, Wheel, Disciple, DW
Undead, Game, ER, Axe Boy, Violinist and geisha/ripper if you eat paste.
Ember, Mad Eyes, Smiley, Feaster, Weaver, Photo, Shape of Water
>Feaster is no fun
Ahh, but I thought giving people the naughty tentacles was supposed to be a good time.
in theory yes, but since survs can just run around the tentacle to avoid the hit, no.
One of those games where I love the art style but hate the genre. Hope they do a spinoff someday
File: proxy-image (27).jpg (167 KB, 998x1200)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Darn. And he has one of the better visual designs too.
File: Spectator.png (16 KB, 122x126)
16 KB
does anyone actually use this?
File: hastur.png (144 KB, 403x441)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
I agree, it's a shame. His design is awesome.
He's weak in high tier but he decimates in low-mid. You could always learn to use his power in an alternative way though.
The tentacles have collision, so you could potentially use them to block survivors' way in tight areas. But you can also use them just to "scare" them into going in a different direction/away from strong kite spots.
The only key to countering survs trying to circle the tentacle to avoid the strike is to keep walking closer without making the tentacle strike. That way you can sic the tentacle on them the moment they give up and start to run away or you'll just be close enough to m1 them.
I mean you can probably still have fun with him, I just don't see any reason to pick him over ER or Axe Boy since their projectiles are about as reliable and offer mobility, and if you want to ungabunga low tiers Undead does it even faster. Mostly I'm just bitter and jaded because they removed so much of what made him fun
>lingering hitboxes
>tentacle spawning on chair
>fast casting
>free tentacle with presence
>big boy punch
Don't forget the tentacles also slam towards the closest survivor, no matter the distance, so you can use them like a compass if you're really scummy.
>mini Dream Witch is here
I love her.
pocket sized snussy (snake pussy)
she's finally here
stealing part of you
if you know the words
you're an Old One too
File: 34533637637.png (659 KB, 1070x853)
659 KB
659 KB PNG
hey, the only cloaca we're fucking here is the lizardman's
File: 1631051660749.png (61 KB, 145x218)
61 KB
God i hste it here
File: PICK MY HUNTER.png (1.49 MB, 1336x782)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
Alright, I finally scrounged up enough clues after buying a few survivors. Time for the general to remove the burdens of free will!

I currently own Joker, Evil Reptile, Disciple, and (Regrettably) Mad Eyes. Come tell me how to waste my time! Dubs or best argument decides.
File: bane.png (154 KB, 414x465)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
>Do you want to win easily?
Undead, Breaking Wheel, Dream Witch

>Do you want to have fun but not struggle getting your win?
Axe Boy, Gamekeeper

>Do you like a fun challenge?
Geisha, Violinist, Feaster
wheel if you want to turn your brain off, moose man if you liked playing Trapper and Gunslinger in DBD, Geisha if you're not a fag
You've got 3 you like that're good all-round picks, so you can start trying out the weirder characters.
I'd say go DW or Undead, maybe Wheel but I'm biased cus I fucking hate his controls and no one likes playing against him cus his shit hits through walls and that's never fun.
If you're not too happy with the 3 you've got then I'd say Geisha or Feaster.

Gamekeeper can feel a bit clunky using his hook to pull yourself around the map but using it on survivors is fun and his traps are fun and can shut down important vaults.
Axe boy you need to pay attention or they'll break all your trees and that's not environmentally friendly.
File: Luckyguy.gif (57 KB, 370x300)
57 KB
New changes announced, lucky guy is no longer a meme.

Lucky Guy
>can carry 2 items at once (unchanged in 2v8, tarot, blackjack, and chasing shadows)
>spawns with a talisman, can consume it to gain a random item
>if he "makes a drop" of an item before using the talisman, the talisman is more likely to give him that item
>innately detects chests within 25.3m
>when praying for an item, if you don't get it, you have 100% chance to find it in your next chest
>multiple lucky guys share this effect

>jumps forward, throwing a bomb during the jump, then somersaults in the direction of the camera
>can use ability while moving

Toy Merchant
>can see launch direction while setting catapult
>all survivors can see catapult aura from 25.3m away instead of 11.52m
>spawns with 1 item in her inventory (syringe, perfume, elbow pads, magic wand, or pocket watch)

>spawns with 1 Dovlin (healing booze) already made
>number of Dovlin she can make reduced by 1 (so still 2 total)
>Tipsy decoding penalty reduced from -8% to -5%
>getting hit while healing from Dovlin will no longer cancel the healing (unless the damage downs you)

>+1% decode speed for every 5% progress, up to +20%
>map lasts twice as long

>digs up subsequent pages faster (27/24/20)s

>moisture gained when she closes loop around them 25% -> 30%
>survivors near rocket chairs accumulate moisture faster (5%->6%)/s
>!!Naiad can cancel her dash!!

>butterfly cd 20 -> 17s
>reduced hit recovery time

>optimized normal attack & normal attack on hitting terrain

Hell Ember, Gamekeeper, Joker
>break pallets faster

>Legendary matches are now available for ranks II - IV
>In legendary matches rank V - IV, 2 get 2 bans. Also survivors can form 4stacks.
>hunters gain bonus points for facing 4stacks
File: 2d2.png (549 KB, 600x896)
549 KB
549 KB PNG
lawyer buff
File: proxy-image (31).jpg (193 KB, 1280x720)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Anyone else think this skin is kinda lame in comparison to the other seasons? I mean, it doesn't matter to me I don't play enough to reach that.
But still.
Maybe it's intentionally bad to make people feel stupid for losing to that?
This skin has more character and unironic soul in it than most others, especially in comparison to survivor skins.
should I start saving dice
Depends. There's still plenty of time left in this season. There's also that crossover event coming up, so if you're interested in that then definitely start saving.
Depends on how often you play.
If not daily, yes.
If daily, not until the dash.
but it doesn't really matter. if you start saving now you can just roll extras to maintain 100 during the dash and until it ends.
>six rank matches in a row that star Joseph and his magic cameras.
Just about as many losses as draws but goddamn do I get tired of seeing that big french faggot.
would you rather have wu chang bonbon or sculpture instead?
File: echoesonly.png (1.36 MB, 1200x1535)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
You sound like you're stuck in low tier. That's your problem most likely. You'll never see him in high tier, but you'll miss his sissy faggot ass when you're up there.
I see a lot of Wu, and he I'm not a big fan of either.
I just feel like there's no real variety in Ranked. It's either only Joseph or Only those ones you mentioned no inbetween.

Correct, I'm a dumb little newfag still in Doggo rank (almost promoted though).
File: 1627066252766.gif (578 KB, 662x533)
578 KB
578 KB GIF
I believe in you anon. Most of the time people are only softlocked in low tier due to retarded teammates. As soon as you can make nice with some trustworthy people you'll be on the highway.
Bonbon and Sculptor are still a nuisance in high tier too, but maybe not for long when we get that 2 character ban. Though I get the feeling people are only going to be banning Sculptor and Dream Witch instead of spam bot 1 and spam bot 2 together.
It can be a bitch starting out just cus retarded teammates. My tactic to get out of low tiers was to completely abandon my teammates. Just be a cipher monkey, get the gate open, and bail. If they're all dead/chaired/downed and you're not about to finish the last cipher, go camp hatch. Even if you rescue them they're just gonna go down in 10 seconds anyway. If they last long enough for you to rush the gate open then hopefully they can make it out too.

With the pity-points you get in low tiers for hatch escapes, "loss protection", and occasionally ending a loss streak when your teammates make it out you'll climb no matter what, it's just faster some ways.
File: chrome_6PZovWijhg.png (1.16 MB, 1600x551)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
So, when's the Conan collab? I couldn't care less for TPN.
Hopefully never. All collabs are a blight.

Clowns are very direct. His upgrading mechanic doesnt crib his potency at all. Obviously this makes him fun to play. Weaver is fun too since you can set up webs and just rocket.

The meta now is Photographer and Geisha at least last time I checked.

They really were setting Emma up to be a killer, I think.
File: get in the scarecrow.png (84 KB, 1769x1477)
84 KB
>I think.
Do the playable diary sections for the starters characters.
cool bait post
That seemed less homicidal and more Kreacher playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes.
It did prove that lawyer truly was Best Boy in that entire fuckup ensemble.
I hit legendary rank for the first time is this where I fight more of the meta
Sort of. For Hunter, legendary matches are arguably easier than non-legendary because of banning characters and how survs cannot pick multiples of the same characters. But hitting legendary this late in the season means the survivors who are also in the baby legendary tier are just retards who got lucky.
File: 20210913_091728.jpg (9 KB, 250x190)
9 KB
I wish I was good at mad eyes
I always click the generator prompts as perfectly as I can but it always misses? is there something im missing or is my reaction time just that bad?
Are you playing on phone or pc? On phone you have to click on the prompt or else it doesn't count.
File: 45934598753.png (252 KB, 425x764)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
here's your racist skin bro
Did Photo ever get his buff? I haven't played in ages
No. He actually recently got a small nerf in the form of a "bug fix" though.
>while in camera world, real survivors in the distance would have a faint blue glow
>while in camera world, the Photographer in the distance would have a faint red glow

he doesn't get played much in high tier, or ever in tournaments, so the devs are unlikely to buff him any time soon.
Why does it take longer to find a game when I'm in a group of 4 people and we only need one hunter than when I'm playing solo?
No one wants to play hunter especially if it's against a 4man group
I didn't know hunters had any choice in who they get matched up with when it came to teams
They don't just saying in general that the hunter population is low for a reason
>he's been shit for so long everyone's given up trying to make him work in the current state, so the devs are unlikely to buff him any time soon
walk me through this again
Well if you were to ask me I'd say his role is as a complete pub stomper. That's just how he works and he does his role good. Not everyone has to be a high tier god.

If you were to buff him what would you do? He already has that backtrack to try and counter tight loops, does he need a dash and jump too?
File: 63645758.png (322 KB, 375x1201)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
>everyone's given up trying to make him work in the current state
Everyone as in the players?
NE has stated multiple times that they only care about characters most used in high tier/tournaments, ie the meta and other OP bullshit. The players can't make him work if he simply can't compete against direct counters (cipher rush, survs using voice chat, Perfumer). Why try to make him work when the meta hunters exist anyway? (I don't support the meta, btw. I wish Joseph was more loved by the serious players and not just the fujos)
Joseph is already a complicated character due to his camera gimmick (it's why he can't be used in 2v8), so adjusting him could be very troublesome. If you were in charge of adjusting Joseph, what would you do?

this anon is right. Joseph excels in low tier and uncoordinated teams. You'd have to be very confident in your abilities as a high tier hunter to win with him against champs and titans. gigabrained hydra Joseph players can, hilariously, make his matches some of the shortest, compared to how in mid tiers they can last forever.
If idv and dbd were to crossover and each side would gain a killer/hunter and a survivor from it who would they be
Alright, i finally made it to Elk rank.
I figure I'm still in low tier trash, but not entirely paired with braindeads anymore?
well, either way I'll be figuring it out soon I guess.
Please don't take this the wrong way anon, but you are still in with braindeads and you will be until about griffin 2 at least. Your feat is no less commendable though, since ranking up in those early tiers are incredibly difficult, even for Titans playing on an alt.
Imo the best way to progress through low rank tiers solo is to play a surv like Perfumer or Forward and try to keep the hunter focused on you/try to harass the hunter while they're chasing someone else (assuming you are confident in your kiting abilities and less confident in your teammates').
if you think you're making friends with someone trustworthy, hang onto them. try to get in with a team as early as possible.
No offense taken at all, I'm aware I'm still a shitter and I will continue to be one for some time. It's just how these things go. I'll just keep grinding away, occasionally I see the spark of intelligence in some other people so it's not all hopeless. Actually feels a bit better than DBD in all honesty.

>play a surv like Perfumer or Forward and try to keep the hunter focused on you/try to harass the hunter while they're chasing someone else
Yeah I was looking at one of them for my next purchase actually. Right now I'm maining either Lawyer (immunity to terror shocks saved my bacon more than once and the map is just nice) and Painter (good for when I want to try rescuing between running like a bitch). I'm not super confident in my kiting skills but if I can get a clean transition from one loop to another I can often last atleast a minute.
Except against Galatea, her statues just rape me. And ripper is just kind of an asshole with that wall penetration.
It's all stuff I'm still learning
yeah, IDV surv feels way better than DBD surv, that's for sure.

Other "easy" helpful survs would be Cowboy, Entomologist, Batter. Seer could be good too, but you have to trust your teammates to actually ping you for the owl in a reasonable time frame and you have to be good at looking behind you while kiting.

>her statues just rape me
Sculptor rapes everyone, so don't feel bad. She's the most banned hunter in legendary matches for good reason. She's just too easy to win with. No one likes facing her, not even the hunters who main her.
Ripper feels tough atm, but I assure you with more experience you won't feel like he's as troublesome.

Are you playing on PC or mobile?
>Ripper feels tough atm, but I assure you with more experience you won't feel like he's as troublesome.
I figure as much. I just need to be quicker on pre dropping those palates and not hug the wall so tightly. I'm still struggling in cleanly alternating my survival plans between hunters so I'm certain it'll come to me in time.

>Are you playing on PC or mobile?
I alternate, at home it's really a matter if I'm so lazy if I'll just sprawl on the couch and get my ass kicked as straight surv, or if I'll actually boot up the PC client in which case I try and alternate survivor and hunter matches (unless I'm on some sort of streak)
Generally speaking, mobile is easier for survivor and PC is easier for hunter. keep at it tho bro, I'm glad you're enjoying dollgame. I'm almost 4k hours in and I'm still learning new tricks.

I'll leave you with one more thing before I turn in for the night: I think it's worth watching high tiers playing rank matches. You end up quickly getting a feel for how certain hunters think, what tactics they apply to be most effective, and how they predict survivors. And ofc what tricks survivors use to waste as much of the hunter's time as possible.
If you're interested, I suggest these channels. They're just China server player recordings, so there's no annoying commentary, but they're all S badge players and every match is a win for the respected sides. Playlists for each character, so maybe it could be helpful if you want to learn certain characters and how to react in certain situations.
They've reworked other pubstompers. In fact barring smiley he's the oldest hunter that hasn't seen any significant changes. Not like many of the "gods" are comparatively awkward or janky either.
>what would you do
nerf perfumer for a start
the easiest route is probably the gk treatment, shortening animations and adding a slow to survivors near his landing spot or giving him a small speed boost when using recall or world swap, though you'd probably have to give survivors earlier warning to avoid further stratifying them. It's a mess
Joseph already has the fastest speed for breaking pallets, attack recovery (and window vaulting speed after HE, SF, GK).

Not even Lizard has a slow effect when he lands near survs outside of his crash circle, so why should Joseph get one after his weightless card trick? Most of the time players can't time it properly/survs are too good at predicting, so he doesn't end up close to them anyway. Unless you are a savant it's better to use it as a threat to corral instead. Survivors can already see him telegraphing the card trick anyway, they can even see his footprints. The speedboost I can get behind, but not the rest of what you're suggesting.

>nerf perfumer
yeah I just want the bitch outright deleted.
>Nerf perfumer
Other than giving her one less charge what do you want to do to her?
Her power seems rather fair in the spirit of it all. I'd sooner say nerf Seer or Priestess.
Probably either
1) Increase her other penalties, like slower decoding or something, or perfuming gives permanent debuffs each time you use it like barmaid booze or the period you can rewind gets shorter each time.
2) Give it an activation delay, like it takes 0.5s to apply perfume and then it starts. Can't vault or drop pallets while applying it like how painter can't do stuff while painting, but she can't cancel it. If you get hit during that 0.5s you lose the perfume charge and it doesn't take effect. It removes her capability to click the button after hunters starts a swing but before it connects so she can instantly recovery.

If her perfume was more used for traversal & loop resetting, like perfuming at a 2nd floor window then jumping down, so the hunter has to decide to chase and have you rewind to the top or let you gain distance, I think people wouldn't mind it so much. I think people just don't like it being used to negate hits.
It's annoying when you swing and you don't even see her perfume because she timed it so well.
>Can't vault or drop pallets while applying it like how painter can't do stuff while painting
I mean, painter can. It just stops the process of painting and he can continue where he left off.
I agree that boosting her debuffs would help keep her from really dominating. If anything though I'd say that her losing a charge even when getting disrupted is too much, I like the thought of her needing an animation though so perhaps we can continue to work and the afterimage and charge are only triggered at it's completion.
>>nerf perfumer
Not until Sculptor gets gutted.
File: WaxArtist.png (144 KB, 419x596)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
Do we know anything about wax boy yet?
As always I really like the design but I'm curious what he'll do.
I wonder if his power will be a liquid spray to slow survivors or even block windows, freeze pallets temporarily. Though the woman will have to work in there somewhere, I just wonder how. Maybe they can separate?
She's broken. She's the easiest survivor to play because her power has no risk and no consequence. She's the entire reason we have chip hunters like Sculptor and Guard 26. Her power is too simple to adjust without changing it entirely which is exactly why the devs haven't touched her. She should have a substantial vaulting debuff with each used perfume, or weak pallet pulling, or a real decoding debuff since no one actually fails skill checks.
Make her start with 1 perfume but have to complete ciphers for an extra one similar to Acro charging for his extra white ball.
I won't deny that Seer and Priestess need to be addressed too, but at least Seer has to work for more owls/you can find him first and down him before he even gets his owl back (depends on hunter)/has a stacking vault debuff with each used owl and Priestess needs to wait for portals to recharge/can't search chests. They are slightly less braindead in comparison to Perfumer.

I like this anon's idea of applying perfume before it activates. Reminds me of Gardener standing for her shield, or even Gravekeeper digging his hole before jumping in.

yeah, I wish. I'd prefer if both of them were outright deleted.
>Her power seems rather fair in the spirit of it all
Good one
So what's the general logic when the end of a season comes in?
Is it a better return if I farm my ass off and hold my dice for the next season?
You try to get 100 to carry over since it's basically 2 weeks worth of dice so if you don't play too much for one reason or other you have some safety room to still make it to 1528 for the skin.
>Manage to turn a draw into a win as Feaster because someone wanted to spam emotes while baiting a rescue
It felt good but goddamn can this game stress me out sometimes. Thank goodness for the cockiness of stacks making them do retarded ass shit
if you are interested in the stuff for next season, yes, farm and hoard your dice. but only a maximum of 100 will carry over into the next season.
>Lizard doesn't
but Wu got one for his faked throw
I was talking about his ability animations e.g. starting up the camera, throwing the card, and chairing copies. It's too easy for using him using his full kit to be a detriment as it stands.
There can be more than one problem child. Seer is more broken at a tourney level for sure but perf(and enchantress for that matter) is even more popular because she's both brainlessly effective and entirely selfish. The easiest solution would be to end perfume early if she travels too far vertically from the activation point so god loops don't become even worse, and make damage not be truly forgotten but instead put on a longer version of merc's bleedout. That would stop both lopsided matchups like photo and weaver having their power negated and prevent shit perfs from ruining the match for everyone playing by feeding the hunter full presence in a minute. It would take a bigger rework to give her any use when rescuing
>shit perfs from ruining the match for everyone playing by feeding the hunter full presence in a minute.
Inb4 they make it so rewinding removes the presence earned for the hit.
I guess everyone is too busy trying to get to 100 die before the end of season.
Reminder that if you don't want any of the event skins not to roll on the logic path till it's done. When the event ends all the essences on the path change to regular season essences but any in your inventory get automatically opened.
Came back after a while and have been having fun with my wife Wu Chang but I've been wanting to branch out.
I tried Undead but fucking hated him I don't like his slugging only gimmick and some of his powers just feel like complete shit to control on a lot of the map. Maybe I'm just terrible or playing him wrong but idk he feels off despite me loving his look and how his animations are. I only got him on a trial card.

I do have enough puzzle pieces for a new Hunter and was thinking of getting Geisha because I got a really nice skin from last season. Idk how she plays or if she's any good though but her kit seems interesting.
File: wuchang.png (176 KB, 512x484)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
>my wife Wu Chang
you mean your wives.

Undead can take a little getting used to since he's fundamentally unlike all other hunters, but once you're comfortable with him he becomes brain dead easy to win with. Geisha is trickier because her power is easily countered by survs but also very satisfying when it works. Winning with Geisha feels good because most people consider her to be weak.
But if you like hunters with strategic pre-planning similar to charging the umbrella distance, you might like Feaster, Violinist, Disciple or even Gamekeeper.

also check out these posts.
Holy shit. I was so retarded, for some reason I thought that the one skin was for Luchino but it was actually for fucking Ripper.
Godammit. I should have just saved my dice.
File: Service Boy 149.jpg (122 KB, 868x1228)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Two wives in one wife package! I actually just got enough fragments to get the Broken Blossoms skin and then went on a winstreak so the Wu wives are doing great still at least was worried theyd be nerfed or something by now. Survivors who know how to early loop still fuck them deep though if they deny presence long enough.
>frankenstein is brainless
But yeah it does seem like I'm just unused to his playstyle and cant judge the dash hitbox just yet. Still got a few days left of his trial so I'll give him more time and see if he clicks since hes actually strongish.
As for Hunters I own

>Joseph the original slut that got me in the game and who I played the most before getting stomped by actually decent players who knew his tricks. will go back to him when I get his vampire skin from the memory sphere
>Wu Chang the second wife when I discovered Hontokus art, love their playstyle so much
>Violinist hes sexy and hits my Salieri vibes, has a neat gimmick but I'm bad at aiming
Even though he's the starter character I actually remember being pleased with Hell Ember and occasionally switching to him for good results because he's got a pretty stacked kit and seems to be able to trip up people who don't have experience with him outside of like tutorial level play.

Instead of Geisha I might actually opt for Gamekeeper then since he seems viable enough while also being fun from when I tried him on free days. He also sexy from base to several of his skins. Geisha sounds like she could get frustrating real fast but maybe if I try her out first she'll have that addicting when you get it to work quality.

I was actually going to get a survivor for the first time with puzzle pieces but the returning player thing gives you a free unlock so I'll just get Painter since he looks breedable. And paralyzing Hunters next to a pallet sounds funny.
>hadn't realized gamekeeper was reworked since I last played
>they gave him Trapper Traps
oh fuck
Yeah it's pretty great. They do no damage but keep people in place for a few seconds if they fall into them. It's funny how much that adds to his viability. He can close off loops ahead of time or better herd people out of sections.
File: 676743346.png (1.51 MB, 2068x1569)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
he's literally Niccolo Paganini. The sick, alcoholic, gambling master violinist who may or may not have sold his soul to the devil for his musical prowess.

>Original slut Joseph
good taste

I love their art too, but I'm one of the rare skin-haters so I feel like all their talent is wasted since they focused on Broken Blossoms so much. I prefer default Wu.

I might be a femboy loving fag, but I fucking hate Painter. He belongs in a wood chipper.

Gamekeeper is a solid choice though. He can be really satisfying to play.
If I was to get a new rescuer, who would you recommend?
I own coordinator and I'm a hipster douchebag and don't want merc. I know Grave is the cutest and I don't really understand how Joses power works.
>He can close off loops ahead of time
I once put a trap on the side window on red church main building as my very first action and it caught someone after exit gates were powered. I thought it was hilarious no one had disarmed it.
Plays similarly to merc. Bodyblock with the shovel and go for the save.
His watch has a two second delay so you can bamboozle the hunter into hitting the chair. Also has built in tide turner.
Kinda the worst at actually rescuing of all the rescuers (unless you time balloon saves perfectly) but he's great at other things like bodyblocking and screwing up the hunter's perception
Harassment god
I finally looked at Breaking Wheel gameplay and this feels like a shitpost in the best way possible. Just imagining this in DBD or something is so funny.
He was insanely OP when he was first released
>4 second cooldown for wheel form
>spikes would release every time on max presence
>Just imagining this in DBD or something is so funny.
None of these hunter or survivor powers would make it into DBD because the frogs lack imagination and competency.
It's only good for Tarot since there's no real reason to bring Borrowed Time in that mode.
Going against Enchantress as Wu Chang makes me want to scoop my eyes out with spoons.
File: buicci.jpg (26 KB, 225x350)
26 KB
>if you get stunned while using infinite nirvana it goes it goes on a 30 second cool down instead of 5
i hate her so much
I don't mean to be an asshole but I hate dealing with Wu so one getting hassled makes me feel good.
i cant take it anymore I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH Percy
File: cum man.jpg (578 KB, 1920x1080)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
tell me about cum man
what do we know
Nothing at all. We won't learn a thing until October.
how do forwards change direction so easily in tight spaces
PC maybe? I think mobile has turn limits cus limitations of touch controls but pc doesn't so Smiley and prolly forward too can turn super fast.
You can change your turning sensitivity in settings
I'm starting to give hatch to the last survivor as long as they haven't been assholes (emote/spam sprays).
Am I a pussy?
no, you're just not a tryhard.
some people might think you're the asshole though, since you're still winning with 3 chaired survs and the one you're giving hatch is still going to lose character points and may not even get +0 to save them from deranking.
File: E_abCA-VkAM00p5.jpg (100 KB, 660x373)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>some people might think you're the asshole though,
Well, I guess there's just no winning then.
File: Fuck.png (1.13 MB, 1323x751)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
I love to hate this game sometimes.
just play how you want. I'm sure sometimes you'll get one surv who is genuinely thankful you didn't totally ruin their tier points.
Is grabbing detention on hunter an always thing or are there situations where you wouldn't want it?
most bonbons and sculptors I encountered in high griffin don't bring detention since the good players can down a survivor by just using their skills
File: Phillip.jpg (557 KB, 2048x2048)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
Here's your cum man's abilities
>You can literally just launch a solidified block of wax at someone
That shouldn't make me laugh as hard as it should.
Hate the audio but here's some example gameplay footage
>Doesn't censor the survivors names
I'm gonna go bully them now
im laughing my fucking ass off he just fires that shit like a machinegun
I dont understand what Painter's Intuition trait does?
He doesn't do chair phases.

You know how when someone gets on the chair the 1st time there's that line at 50%? And if they get rescued before reaching it then when they get chaired again they instantly go to 50%? Painter doesn't do that. If he gets rescued at 12% and then gets put back on chair he's right back at 12%.

He still dies instantly if he's chaired 3 times tho.
Ohhhh that's pretty cool actually then thanks, the wording was confusing on it. I really like him so far, got him from the 7 day login returning player unlock. Been on some wild chases so far though I kinda bring them on myself since I can't resist trying to look at the hunter at the start of the match.
File: 1616401495975.jpg (308 KB, 2560x1441)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
Post you're doll house
I can't afford that shit.
Idk what Hunter to get next. Kinda want someone broken. Is Bloody Queen fun?
File: app1khnqa0p71.jpg (198 KB, 1025x1080)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Chad v Virgin.
So is that on the right another character wearing his skin or?
BQ is a good choice to guarantee a tie. Learn mirror strats tho, and her hitbox is small like geisha's
If you can play her, but I've seen some people who just can't get her mirror working right for them. myself included. My instincts keep expecting her to go right when I go left, like the mirror should always be exactly between us.
No it's a new Jose skin. The gave him a shave and turned his head into a lump of clay.
The left is someone just slapping his normal dome on top.
>echoes only

Devtards literally made the 2nd A tier after a year or so and it´s shit.
>Wax Artist is an early criminology theorist going for the whole "certain facial features are more likely to commit crime"
>come home from work exhausted login but dont do my dailies
>"ill just hit them tonight when rankeds up"
i fucking do this every time it never changes but I always forget
If I play a lot of magician will that translate well over to First Officer? They seem to have strong parallels.
I don't think so. Magi has a "one and done" power. You drop your illusion while kiting and hope the hunter doesn't guess which direction you ran off in while invisible. If you're lucky you can use it to bodyblock them too. Magi isn't very good for rescuing.
First Officer is much more proactive. Your invisibility lasts for much longer and you have to actively bait and juke the hunter if they commit to chasing you. FO is very good for rescuing.
I understand why you think they have strong parallels but I just don't think they are similar enough. Magician has more in common with Perfumer or even Seer.
The watch doesn't give you as significant a speed boost nor a hitbox to block the damage, so using it like you'd expect to use a wand will have you eating a lot of unnecessary hits. I'd say magician is closer to acrobat in that regard
File: 1590889176681.png (108 KB, 640x432)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
>haven't played barmaid in a while
>they changed her booze
>muscle memory keeps me accidentally drinking the speedboost booze at the start while trying to swap to mixing the healing drink
Fug guess I'm an alcoholic.
How many keys can you average on the Kurt Match?
I can't seem to get more than 8 at most but that should let me get everything as long as I don't miss too much.
I'm averaging 8 too.
You know for some reason I thought hey maybe they won't make you pick every single box for that A skin.
But then I forgot what kind of game this is.

Fuck me I guess. I may be in the hole but I'm not paying any more for that last box. Poseidon isn't even that great anyways.
If you look on the bottom fight corner it tells you how many keys you get. I think less than 30 seconds is 10 which is the highest amount of keys you can win.
File: cutesnake.jpg (32 KB, 323x448)
32 KB
Happy character day Yiddy!
Anyone run into an issue where your character seems to be trapped running in place?
It's happening off and on again, and the worst part is the game consider it an AFK\Leaving and I get no points and a ding to my chinese credit rating.
How the hell do I play DW everyone runs outta my followers range and it takes forever for my permit follower to follow me after I started moving trying to reposition DW
The closest thing I can think of is when your ping gets really bad it'll actually slow down your character, but that doesn't count as afk.

If you press escape and bring up the menu i think there's an "I'm stuck" thing you can click to teleport out.
File: DW Free Real Estate.png (132 KB, 400x245)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
When the follower gets too far away from the host it'll run back to them along the shortest (no vaults) route at above normal speed and breaking any pallets in the way. Once it gets to be within melee range it'll stop moving again.

Empty followers have no red stain or TR and the main DW body doesn't have a red stain or a normal TR, just a little icon in the corner.

At the start, get your main body outside of your spawn minions range so it follows you and then approach a survivor, preferably one that's working on a cipher or something and has terrain in between then and your minion.
Stand right next to them and your minion will zoom over and then when it's right next to you/them you swap to it for a surprise 1st hit, maybe get a terror shock.

You may want to leech a minion onto them right before swapping to your spawn minion, put it in the path you expect them to go.
If they just try to run past it then you might have time to swap to it for an easy 2nd hit.
DW moves fast enough that you can ignore the 1st person you find and go looking for someone else if you want.

If you exit a follower while it's moving, it'll stay moving till it can't move anymore or you swapped back to it.
Send a follower in the opposite direction of the host so it hits the range limit sooner and home in on them, or send it towards them to approach from a different angle if there's nothing in the way.
Trapping survivors between an active minion and an empty one that's approaching them is pretty good.

It's better to use a follower to attack other people, rather than the host, since that way it won't die. If you've got two minions both in position to attack the same person, use the one that's not leeched to them.
If you know multiple people are in one area and you've got a leeched minion there, have it chase the one that's not the host.
Try to put extra bodies where you think survivors will run past, so you can swap to them during chase. Like pallets or vaults.
So does anyone exactly know whats going on with this whole voice actor scandal thing https://www.reddit.com/r/IdentityV/comments/q04qnz/
I don't read rice runes, and reddit is purging any discussion on it, it seems.
Honestly if I had to guess it seems that China is really cracking down on a lot of people as they're angling for a new cultural revolution.
He probably raid something bad once and then he had to be sacrificed.
File: luchino soup.png (41 KB, 378x339)
41 KB
Can survivors HEAR your visit during the ban phase?

>decide to actually do my dailies
>survivor queue is taking too long
>swap to hunter queue and get instant match
>DW visit
>they ban DW
>autoswap to hell ember
>HE visit
>they see they banned my pick and laugh
>swap to luchino
>Luchino visit
>one of them panics and says they think they know who I am
>says they hate another of the survivors (guess it was who voted DW)

2nd match
>Luchino visit plays
>they ban Luchino
>swap to DW
>DW visit
>"man, I would've preferred lizard to this"

3rd match
>DW visit
>they ban DW
>swap to Luchino
>one of them is actually happy to see luchino
File: Nkm64bq.jpg (887 KB, 2480x3508)
887 KB
887 KB JPG
survivors can hear you in the ban phase I got matched against a geisha and we heard/saw her visit and all banned her and we all escaped against their BQ they were upset.
Also is it me or are bane players the most obvious because they use bane icons?
>are bane players the most obvious because they use bane icons?
They do seem to use them a lot, but it's not like I've got room to talk since I use a DW icon AND border.
Maybe it has something to do with showing loyalty to an unpopular character?

I just got matched against a bane in 5v5, he actually pulled me with his hook by aiming between an undropped pallet and the wall and getting it between them. I had no idea the game had hitboxes that precise.
File: zuet8ot4fer71.jpg (147 KB, 1409x1080)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Looks like we're getting some Demi and Coord with our CumMan
lawyer and lucky guy buffs are nice
fellow Josephfags which do I choose for my Memory Sphere A costume since I'm getting close to the guarantee

>Bloody Sword
I like both quite a bit
The VA cheated on his wife and slept with fans (no ages released). This is getting him replaced from various jobs and he'll likely never VA again in China.
It's unconfirmed if or when NetEase will replace him. He voices a lot of characters in this game and we all know how lazy NE is.
Apollo for skirt
File: joseph apollo wind.jpg (100 KB, 629x1000)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>rolled my rank orb
>got the fucking Prospector Accessory
Oh shit, I might unlock him then cuz I also have the baseball outfit that everyone seems to have.
Hes an annoying little shit when I go against him as hunter, should be fun to play.
I originally was all the way leaning towards Bloody Sword because sexy vampire but ever since I've seen the Real World version of Apollo with the golden cracks and I noticed his mouth segments I've liked the greek slut version plenty too. Probably use a Trial Card to test it out.
>In this costume, Joseph does not wear pants nor underwear. This bug has not been patched yet.

wiki coming through with the important info
just saw the trailer for this and I have to say
what the fuck

also another coordinator skin, big sigh
Decided to give those Pro Streams a watch. It just reminds me that I hate ESPURTS.
Pretty much what I expected, we get to see Sculptor and BonBon all the time with guest appearances by Dream Witch and Breaking Wheel.
We got to see Geisha twice and Soul Weaver once. So that was sort of neat.
All the skins from the greek essence have the survivor & hunter have doll-like cracks.

Even Bane´s LP has the windup key somewhere.
It´s quite ironic that Fem. Dancer didn´t get the A tier, despite having more to do with marriage and abusive husbands than fucking Coordi.

Devs really just want fucking limiteds on Dancer, her Halloween A will also be limited for 2 years.
File: 1572141520014.jpg (69 KB, 748x592)
69 KB
What's up with the moviebuff treasure hunt? Is there any way to earn sealing wax other than echoes?
>got 50 spyglasses with my free 10 wax
Could be worse.
is netease making coomman incestuous? i thought they were a couple until i read the comments saying they were siblings wtf
Anyone know why it says NO DC up in the top left corner? Any way to get rid of it?
>Is there any way to earn sealing wax other than echoes?
Nope, gotta pay up sonny Jim.
And the price exponentially increases up to a massive 600 echoes for that last pick if you're really unlucky.
Pretty sure you can buy most of the rewards with frags, or win them in memory spheres with clues anyway.

You're reading comments instead of watching official release videos? What's wrong with you? There's no mention of incest you fucking freak. Think of them as conjoined twins instead.

post pic of what you're seeing
File: no dc.png (2.24 MB, 1920x1080)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB PNG
>post pic
do you normally have your fps counter on? this looks like a graphics card/driver issue and not an IDV issue.
>do you normally have your fps counter on?
>this looks like a graphics card/driver issue and not an IDV issue.
Ah you're right. Just noticed it in blender too.
It's an nvidia thing, reset your settings or rename or delete the offending file
Can anyone help me understand Blackjack? Or atleast the better strategies for it?
Getting into the top 1000 seems pretty easy all things considered, and getting 6 orbs for my troubles seems pretty worthwhile.
File: 21 2.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1080)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
>Getting into the top 1000 seems pretty easy
It is.
Like regular blackjack you try to get as close to 21 as you can without going over.
>decode to earn chips
>escape chases to earn chips
>down people to earn chips
>spend chips to buy consumables like increased movespeed for 1 round or special items
Aces and Jacks are worth 1, Queen is 2, King is 3.

At the start everyone gets dealt 1 card, you can ask for a 2nd. Then whoever has the highest hand becomes the hunter for 1 round (I think 60s? It's been a while since I played it, but there's a clock at the top.).
When someone is downed, the hunter can view the total value of their hand and force them to draw a card from the hunters hand.
Either the timer or this ends the round. Anyone over 21 when the round ends, gets eliminated.

When a round ends and a new round begins, everyone gets dealt another card, and then whoever has the highest hand becomes the hunter.
People with 21 can't become the hunter unless everyone has 21.

You can use items to swap cards between people, pass cards to others, or even discard cards. They work like coords gun, homing in on targets but failing if they hit terrain.
Discards and passes are the only ones worth getting since you can get fucked by rng if you use a swap.
Hunters can't use items.

If someone gets 21 (even mid-round), the round ends early without eliminations and a lightning round starts. If that person still has 21 at the end they win.
If someone else gets 21 during the lightning round it starts again, but if it's someone that had it at the start it won't.

If you get hunter, you can bully people by constantly downing everyone without making anyone draw to get a lot of chips in the first few rounds.
Otherwise just try to go unnoticed and rush being able to afford passes & discards.
If you get 21 early, you're probably safer discarding than trying to survive everyone gunning for you. Save speedboosts for the finals.
Oh, and when someone has 21 everyone can see them revealed through walls. So no hiding, you have to outrun everyone.
is blackjack better for dice farming?
If you intentionally overdose on cards you´ll still get the same points as if you played normally the BJ mode.

You can pretty much auto-lose by just working a cipher and swapping cards with the hunter.
Isn't the best dice farming method that pity bot streak tactic someone did with Burke a couple seasons ago?
I can't remember exactly how it worked since I didn't do it, but they did post about it as they were figuring it out.

I think it was something like
>throw enough quickmatches to get pity bots
>pick burke
>get on a console and hit them with walls to earn minimum points for dice progress
>go sit in the basement with arm console active so you don't get detected as inactive
>pity bots escape, loss streak continues, next match is pity bots again
I want to say he still got kicked sometimes and that it wasn't actually for speed as much as it was being addicted to maxing out dice with minimal actual gameplay
No because BJ matches take too long. Play literally any other gamemode instead.
File: Laughing Geisha.gif (139 KB, 370x300)
139 KB
139 KB GIF
>dump gardener in front of broken chair near hatch
>forgot what button repairs chairs
>accidentally pick her up again
>gives her enough extra struggle to escape
>she makes it out the hatch before I regain control
>give her a like
>barmaid that went down doing an awful basement rescue complains about me "giving" gardener hatch
>tell her I just forgot the button so she escaped
>get matched with barmaid again
>she tells the lobby I let the last survivor hatch out so make sure you're the last ";D"
>hides literally all game, only taps ciphers to avoid crows
>spot her hiding near hatch when I down 2nd to last near it
>she complains again
Take off the trip, shithead. you don't need it here.
How closely can Joseph track you from the photo world?
Dude managed to bushwhack up twice when we scrambled to a far corner, and it seems odd that he would pick one of three right twice.
Still he had his ass beat and surrendered so that felt good, but it was just surprising how on the ball he was.
It was pure luck, it always is. Unless he peeked into the real world and caught wind of you, it was luck.
If you asked he might say "Because I found you here near this cipher, I guessed that you would go down in this corner."
He otherwise has no way of tracking you in the real world from inside the photo world.
File: IMG_20211007_095559-min.png (1.75 MB, 1886x2374)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
this shit is so stupid because there are too many serious references to Essences. Essences are just AU stories that have no weight on the actual canon of any characters, so they are meaningless.
The only good references to essences are the ones about fandom bullshit.
This needs Aesop Cut in Half on it though.
Do we have any Reptilian chads here I need advice on builds and talents
File: Untitled.png (535 KB, 897x901)
535 KB
535 KB PNG
He's my 2nd most played hunter and this is what I use take it with a grain of salt since I use it on everyone else too. I should probably go and remove claustrophobia considering how rarely it triggers for me.
I basically only ever use excitement on him cus I'm too lazy to swap it around when the survivors do/don't have stunners, but it works for facetanking pallets nicely even if they don't have stunners. If you get pushed to their side you can pop it for an easy terror shock while they vault it or if you don't get pushed to their side you can pop it so you can instantly jump to their side.

Peepers could be useful if you're not good at landing on survivors over high walls with tight corners since it reveals and slows them, blink is always okay but loses a bit since he can just jump over pallets unless there's a ceiling, patroller can have some use if you're bad at landing on top of moving targets, abnormal is eh, teleport isn't needed too much since a well timed triple jump is really good for mobility, listen is trash like always.

Keep both your airborne turning sensitivities on max and remember that you can cancel a jump with spacebar to cancel forward movement and fall quickly. Look down as soon as you jump for a nice view.
Git gud at jumping from the ground up to 2nd story windows, it's fun and it spooks survivors good.
Thanks! Most of this is what I generally use anyway desu so this will be decent to adapt to. And excitement is so good so far it really helps him out in the shitty places where he cant jump and against certain teams.
I did awful with him at first and im still not any good but he just feels so fun to hop around with and when you manage perfect belly flops in a narrow area its just great. My only complaint is I wish I could access more costumes.
>Aesop Cut in Half
Say what now?
Alright, after playing Blackjack for atleast an hour a day I can safely stay it still feels like it makes no sense to me.
I understand the rules, but as far as a winning strategy I really can't pick anything up. I might just have the worst luck in the world though, no one ever takes my high value cards and pass or swap never work in my favor either.
At the very least consistently losing in 5th or 4th place is netting me some good dice. So it's not all bad.
>My only complaint is I wish I could access more costumes.
You'll get more through A unlock cards n fragments. If you really like him you could set one of his As or Bs as your guaranteed 1st drop from the previous seasons memory sphere. He doesn't really have a lot.
Hope you're ready for a lot of reading, dollfriend.
ex-BJ maniac here. I used to end up in top 3 each week until I realized how much of a waste of time this gamemode is. I probably have 400 hours in this gamemode alone and I'm not proud of that fact. It's tempting because it offers extra spheres, I know, but in the end I just don't think it's worth it. The more you play (and win) the longer wait times will be for you (unless you play on mobile? i'm not sure, I only play on PC). The mode is barely fun either since, just like real gambling, one unlucky hand can rip you of everything.
It might not be obvious at first, but this gamemode is very character dependent. If you think you see a surprising amount of Embalmers or Magicians, BQs and Geishas, there's a good reason for it.
Who are you playing?

With two types of pass cards, if you think the one you throw doesn't work in your favor then that means you have to learn to throw it better. This applies to all throwable cards. You auto-lock onto whoever is closest to you, and the throw will home in on them if they are moving. But since it's a little slow, that means they could potentiality run behind a wall in time and block it.

There are two ways of playing at the start and they depend on your preference for hunter or survivor.

H: You want to become hunter for the first match, and maybe even the second one. If you pull a 5 on the first hand, you don't have to take a second card, but it wouldn't hurt. Depending on who you're playing, you should be able to get enough downs and earn nearly 300 chips in the first round. So not only do you net a lot of chips, but being proactive should prevent the other players from barely getting over 100 chips. If you pulled a 5/a second card, then whoever you choose to take a card from you might get fucked early (this is good). After this start applying tacts from the surv section.

Continued in next post ->
S: You want to avoid being hunter for the entire match. You should have confidence in kiting, or at least abusing certain locations/whoever you are playing. Don't take a second card during the first round. You want to stay as low as possible. You don't need 21 to win. Do your absolute best to never get caught. If you can waste enough of the hunter's time in the first round then there's a good chance they'll avoid you entirely for the rest of the match. You want to hoard your chips until you need something specific. Ideally you want to put Discards on speed dial, but don't use them until you get hit with a 7+ after maybe the first two or three rounds. The point is, you want to stay out of the "danger zone", which is typically anywhere above 11. The 500chip Pass card is easily the strongest card in the game and you will likely end up using it (sometimes I would end matches with 900 unused chips).
Try and keep note of certain players who are the hunter more often than others, you can throw your pass card at them and easily disqualify them.
Remember that everyone is against everyone else. There is no teamwork here, but you should target the hunters more than survivors (other survs tend to enact revenge on others, but it's not as easy for hunters). If someone has 21 and you are not the hunter, continue working in ciphers as normal.
-If it's getting close to 10 seconds left in the round and you don't think the hunter can down them in time, buy one of the expensive no-throw swap/shuffle cards and use it on the 21 and the hunter (or, if you have 20 points you can just let them win since you'll come in second place anyway, which is still extremely good).

Continued in next post ->
If you have a low point number and end up in the final 1v1 round, you've basically already won. Second place is good enough, but there are still many ways you can actually come in 1st. Buy the 40chip reveal card to see the hunter's hand and make your decision based on their points and how many chips you still have.

If by chance you are the hunter in the 1v1 round, you have to stay alert to the survivor and anticipate them to do whatever you would in their position. If you have 21+ you can just buy the 400chip discard. Either save it for last second/whenever the surv fucks with your cards, or use it to give yourself 21 if possible. If you have 20 you may also want to keep the discard on pre-order just in case the surv throws you a shuffle or a pass. You don't even have to down them to win. But if you do chase them, just keep your eye on the timer.

Using no-throw cards last-second is important to all these strats that worked for me, since it means people often cannot retaliate or buy their own discard/pass card fast enough to save themselves from being disqualified.

I can get into the best/worst survs/hunters to use for this gamemode too, if you want.
surv mains are soooo fucking bitchy when I tell I main ann they start going on and on about how im lazy and shes soooo impossible to counter

nah stfu and get good mf it's not my fault for wanting to use a good hunter
I hate Russians so much its unreal
>shes soooo impossible to counter
Lmao just dodge cat.
Wew, thanks for the hints there, Blackjack-Anon. I didn't even know that you could interrupt the cards traveling towards you.

>Who are you playing?
I mainly use Lawyer\Reptilian. Lawyer so I could see where other players are if I ever wanted to dump a card after seeing their hand and Lucino despite having no energy to start off with is pretty useful to get over the boundaries and drop by someone.
I'll admit I'm not aiming to make it to the top one hundred, if I can just consistently hit the top 1000 without too much difficulty I'll just be happy.
Not the same anon but I think at least part of your problem is character selection. Last I played the meta I saw/remember was
Geisha #1 with maybe some other hunter like BQ seeing a rise in popularity getting ready to dethrone her, but she was still good. Unless she got nerfed in BJ I see no reason why she wouldn't still be a solid character for it. She's good at getting past obstacles like luchino.
Embalmer; you can't be forced to draw while getting revived by his coffin and you get a new one every single round, so downing you to make you draw can be a bitch on a short timer. But they often got tunneled out because everyone knows this and no one wanted to face an embalmer in the last round.
Magician; his decoy clones can block the card throws and I think for like 0.5 to 1.5s after invisibility he can't be targeted by more (needs to start reappearing before he can be)
Gravekeeper; can't be targeted by cards while underground, dunno what happens if they throw it before he digs but it hits after he's under tho.
Wildling; boar for extra health and movespeed makes kiting strong, not worth the chase so the hunter just ignores you early.
Gardener; If you don't have anyone better suited her shield gives good survivability if the hunter goes after you first.
Dunno how the newer characters are since it's been a few seasons since I touched BJ.

Only go for swaps/transfers if you're desperate, like, about to bust 10s on the clock and can't afford a pass or discard desperate.
Go for discards/passes as your card items. I like to use 1 discard to keep myself low and then go for pass(es), keeping chips for the 2nd discard ready for if my hand is too big while I'm hunter.
Save speedboosts for the finals or lightning rounds.
Only spend chips on those "view other peoples hands" stuff in the finals to know if you need to chase them or run from them, or if you're worried you might give someone 21 with a pass.
mobile mostly has bearable queues but the problem is the pool of players at the top has mostly divided into cliques upping the chance people gang up on you for no reason, especially if you're new. I'd say it's also worth buying a reveal 1 for the first two rounds so you can be sure whether the hunter can bust you starting in round 3 for only 20 chips.
This whole post is rather tainted by the fact that Wildling has always been shit. The decode penalty is a massive hit to your chip generation, any movement speed penalty is a bitch when the hunter has bloodlust, and the boar has never blocked damage in BJ, it knocks you down as normal and nonlethal projectiles still deal damage and knock you off the pig. I saw more coords, priestess, and entomologists than I did wildlings, and the ones I did see universally got fifth place even when intentionally bad picks like Mind's Eye or Mech were also in play.
File: birbweaver.jpg (93 KB, 1130x970)
93 KB
>Wildling has always been shit.
>boar has never blocked damage in BJ, it knocks you down as normal and nonlethal projectiles still deal damage and knock you off the pig
I never knew that. I don't own murro and I don't think I ever actually wound up chasing any Wildlings. I just assumed based on the number of them I remember seeing.
Original BJ-anon here
This anon brings up a lot of good character points. I'll only expand on it slightly.
The hunter meta is BQ, Geisha, Bonbon, Wu Chang, with runner up Gamekeeper. The point is, because rounds are so short, you want a hunter that you can use the strongest powers of immediately to get the quickest downs.
BQ has instant access to her mirror. It can down survs without her worrying about pallets or flares. It can also get her across the map in accurate position without use of TP (this is important for chasing 21s across the map and the final 1v1 round and vs Embalmers)
Geisha has instant access to her butterfly. She can quickly close extreme distance and bypass walls or pallets.
Bonbon has instant access to bombs. It only takes two bomb hit to down someone in BJ, not four.
Wu Chang has instant access to throwing the umbrella. They're basically BQ but without the mirror (so, also important for chasing 21s, the final 1v1 round and vs Embalmers)
Gamekeeper has instant access to his hook.

You want to avoid using hunters who have poor chase game or who's powers cannot be utilized for a full hit. Yes Lu can jump, but unless you are a prediction god, he's still one of the easiest hunters to kite, especially since you won't have immediate access to his crash. The crash still only delivers half damage though, so it's not smart to use it in BJ anyway. So other hunters with poor chase/worthless powers in BJ would be ones like Violinist, AxeBoy, Jack, Feaster, Clown

For survivors, Embalmers is easily the strongest to use as the coffin can easily save your ass if the hunter is not designed to counter you (BQ/Wu). He is designed for late game/round ass-saving when you fuck your kite, as long as you've actually put your coffin down. (and you should put it down AWAY from close ciphers the hunter can TP to. Most Embalmers will complete their nearest cipher when the round starts then put their coffin down in that area)

Continued in next post->
Magician and basically all the other meta survs are designed for actively wasting time, but efficently. This anon brought up good benefits.
I disagree with Wildling though, as his decode penalty isn't worth it and the boar won't tank a hit. Most hunters know better than to chase a Wildling on boar anyway.
Coordinator is still good too, since her flare gun is auto-replenished at the start of every match and the flare is easy to use.
Mech in theory is pretty strong too, as she can drop the bot off at a cipher and then run off and safely decode in a corner. You may not reach her in time after finding the bot.
Painter is also good. Ento isn't bad. Anne too. Whichever feels easiest and most efficient for you. First Officer and Cowboy aren't that bad either it just depends on if you fee like you can sacrifice the time with their decode debuffs.

also a general tip: NEVER accept long portals from Priestesses.Try to keep an eye on other survivors running towards you, even if you're on a cipher. You can be immediately fucked by a surv who surprise throws you a pass card. Just avoid being next to other survs at all times. Also think about how you can use your surv power against other survivors. If you're Ann or Patient, you could avoid someone chasing you trying to throw a passcard at you. If you're Prospector, you could use your magnet to sandbag someone with 21 whom the hunter is having trouble downing.

yeah, this would happen on PC occasionally too.
fug should I get this, I was complaining you can't access most of his costumes and I do want to roll on Essence 2
File: 1690384908309.jpg (174 KB, 1080x1039)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
>Devs give the chance for the community to ask any question on twitter with the chance of it being answered
>Everyone is just asking for collabs or to bring back old skins or just skins in general
I cant keep coping is this just what the community and game have evolved into
fuck it, went for it
>Got the B costume
File: 1566561492803.jpg (91 KB, 954x954)
91 KB
I saw a one asking for Wu Chang and fester charge attack nerf
You should know by now that the majority doesn't care about the gameplay in large part because they somehow really suck at it, and it's not like they're going to answer na/eu questions anyway.
File: Untitled.png (76 KB, 913x166)
76 KB
Send help.
>fester charge attack nerf
LEAVE HIM ALONE. Havent they done enough to the poor bastard?
Nooooooo how is it fair that they can hurt you without touching you
File: proxy-image (11).png (67 KB, 250x250)
67 KB
So is fuckboy here actually evil?
which survivior isn't evil
File: EtrynNiU0AEq-nP.jpg (92 KB, 1000x563)
92 KB
Going purely off without knowing barely anyones lore
The only one that i know is 100% pure is Demi
doesn't victor have some mob ties though?
The patient seems to be another victim, too.
Magician didn't really do anything evil. His mentor dying was an accident.
Same kinda thing with the cowboy and I think the dancer hasn't been proven to have burned down the circus so she's clear for now.
The mercenary deserted the war after he decided killing was bad and he's even the protagonist in the spinoff series.
I haven't been playing regularly enough to collect birthday letters for the past couple seasons, last I read it was hinted DW tailed the runaways from the fishing village, especially Priestess, to Hullabaloo to keep fucking with people. I know Acro's deduction made it seem like he really was just that fucking stupid that he left explosives out for someone with a petty grudge to burn the circus down, but have they changed that with newer writings or in the chinese version?
His boss has mob ties. When he found out and tried to report it they had him sanctioned and set his dog on fire.
I thought he fucked up Smiley, who then he went off to lose his shit and mess up the whole circus. Or at the very least he helped the guy who scarred Joker if it was Dancers husband who did the deed.
I'd say the outright evil survivors are
>Naib (Murdered Murro)
>Martha (Shot down her husband)
>Fiona (Worships an elder god)
>Vera (Murdered and replaced her sister)
>Aesop (Murders in general)
>Norton (Ruined a lot of people in Golden Cave though his own greed)
>Melly (No way with that video she's a good person. Also may have killed her husband?)
>Ada (Rape)

Anyone else has enough ambiguity to be good or bad.
File: outer couple.png (906 KB, 517x1200)
906 KB
906 KB PNG
>Fiona (Worships an elder god)
Ain't nothin inherently evil bout that.
Have you seen our Great Old Ones? Hastur and Yidhra are HARDLY good people in any way shape or form.
Just because she hasn't torn open the goatse of the world just means she hasn't been told to yet.
File: jokercharacterday.png (3.7 MB, 2000x1126)
3.7 MB
3.7 MB PNG
C'mon guys, if you care about these stupid characters you gotta demonstrate better reading comprehension.

Mike didn't do anything. He loved the circus and everyone in it, only feeling mixed once when he fully realized how poorly Murro was being treated (and then helped him escape), otherwise the circus was his home.
One day Joker confronted Sergei after finding out he was abusing Margaretha, resulting in Sergei stealing a bottle of acid from Mike and melting Joker's face. Mike knew that someone stole from him, but didn't know who and didn't want the ringmaster to find out and continue suspecting him, so he went out to replace the stolen acid.
While Mike was out shopping, Joker burnt the circus down and killed almost everyone. Joker found Sergei's corpse and, apparently by literally wearing his face, assumed his identity and escaped with Marge.
When Mike came back he went through the traumatizing ordeal of identifying everyone's burnt remains and confirmed that Marge and "Sergei" were missing.
He then hired Arthur Russel to try and find them, since he suspects the two of them to be the arsonists who destroyed his home.

It's currently unclear how Victor ended up in the mob, but general consensus is that he used to be a normal postman until the mob "employed him".
After a while Victor started getting friendly with a crooked police officer he would frequently deliver to, and the officer's dog, Wick. Eventually rumors within the gang began to spread and the mob was starting to consider letting Victor go.
Victor one day overheard the mob's plans to kill the police officer and went to go warn him, but was too late and already found his apartment on fire. Victor bravely went into the fire to try and save him but only came out with Wick and a few other tenants. The officer couldn't be saved, but Victor adopts Wick.
The gang now thinks Victor knows too much and nearly kill him, but then decide to simply threaten him since so soon after the police officer incident they think their crimes will easily get caught if Victor is found murdered.
So now Vic is on the run trying to avoid the mob.
>Naib murdered Murro
you got some facts to back up that claim? Naib is a weirdo, sure, but everyone believes he was capturing boars in an attempt to make Murro return. For all we know, he was given the same task as Servais.We just don't have enough information on this game yet.

>Martha shot down her husband
Martha genuinely loved Henry. His death was an accident.

>Fiona worshiping elder gods
She likely doesn't view them as evil, and besides, this isn't an inherently evil concept anyway. Even if the characters of Hastur, Yidhra and Gla'aki are all based on Lovecraft works that doesn't actually mean they are as malicious in IDV. If Yog-Sothoth is formally introduced into IDV I doubt it would be as evil. Besides, Fiona is "following" the "gods" with pure intentions. She's just a spiritualist literally following wherever the wind takes her.

Yes Norton was greedy, but he was greedy in the most understandable way possible (is poor, hated how callous rich people were despite their easy living). He also was not aware that the cave had been hit with a meteor prior and would be that unstable in response to the dynamite that he never had issues with in other caves. Everyone's deaths were accidental and he's suffering PTSD and mood disorders now (and might actually be possessed by Gla'aki)

>Melly and Ada
We don't really know enough about them yet to confirm of deny any of this.
William did deliberately play dirty and broke an opposing player's leg but admittedly that's small potatoes.
Yidhra drove Russell mad when he tried to figure out the fishing village cult and mass disappearance, and infected professor Luchino with scaly just for working in the wrong lab. I don't blame Fiona for praying to the only gods she knows, but saying they aren't malicious is a bit disingenuous.
i thought he went out to buy more drugs
File: acrodeduction7.png (473 KB, 1293x900)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
I'm not sure what you mean by drugs. Ingredients, sure. (pic related)

William didn't deliberately play dirty. He's just a dedicated athlete. At worst he got into the moment and maybe applied more force than necessary. He isn't actively trying to sabotage other players. People suffer injuries all the time just because one player who is larger than them knocks them over.

Why do you think Russel was driven mad? There's no indication of that (yet).

I also don't know where you're getting that Luchino worked in "the wrong lab". What the fuck does this even mean? He was working in his lab as he always had been prior to Yidhra's legged snake.
File: proxy-image (52).jpg (42 KB, 720x719)
42 KB
How do we solve the Hotwheels Question?
delete Sculptor and Broken Wheel
She does a fucking front flip from the seated position and carries the chair with her. No hands touch anything to help, it's pure ab power.
File: FBJWg4NVQAQNESj.jpg (1.72 MB, 1359x1920)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
>It's another bird-related costume
File: 1594057435545.jpg (27 KB, 317x328)
27 KB
>"Didn't merc already get a bird costume?"
>It's for aesop.
File: 1633923458133.gif (1.5 MB, 471x479)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB GIF
This doesn't fit with embalmer at all what were they thinking. Is this his fucking halloween skin
>I also don't know where you're getting that Luchino worked in "the wrong lab". What the fuck does this even mean
I think he was meaning it was a "wrong place, wrong time" thing. Whoever was at the lab would've gotten cursed, Luchino just happened to be the unfortunate sucker that wound up being there.
>autistic twink
>give him a birdchad skin
I see they're going all-in with the "essences are AUs" bit.

>Is this his fucking halloween skin
It is. His S halloween skin, so good luck getting it without paying.
Do we ever get any Memory Spheres from like events?
File: FBYiM2MVIAczkNz.jpg (235 KB, 1338x741)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Do you mean like randomly acquire shit from past events? No.
If it's a 2-parter you can get the essence from part 1 during part 2, but it's not like you can get them when there's no event going on.
Global Conan collab soon(tm) btw.
No sorry what I meant is if we ever get the previous season Memory Spheres, the gold ones that let you choose a guaranteed A costume. I got some from the return player logins but was wondering if any more will show up later for free.
Oh ya, you get 1 at the start of every season at like tile 1 and I think every now and then they might hand some out during events, not like you need them though. You can just buy them with clues. Not echoes or inspirations (though you CAN do that), but just regular old clues. That guaranteed 1st drop resets every couple of seasons by the way, letting you get another one.
Ah okay so its just something they could toss into events. I had heard about the reset, sometime around like anniversaries and Chinese New Years I think. I was going to start using clues so I could get my guaranteed A rank finally but I'm still a bit undecided on which costume to go for since I like all of Joseph's.
It's not often that they get thrown into events, they normally do regular season or collab essences mostly. But sometimes you'll get a couple sprinkled on top.
File: pain 2.png (1.29 MB, 1645x691)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Only 11 more left at least
>paralysed with choice on what survivor to get now.
I liked the Wildling last time I got him for free, the Barmaid seems fun with her GoFast juice and healing teammates, and Ento seems pretty fun once you know how to use her while the Toy Merchant seems to be fucking hilarious with that hangglider.

Anyone have any takes on these people or should I just roll a d4 or something?
File: junko drink.png (1.44 MB, 1274x716)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
My choice would be barmaid > ento > merchant > wildling.
Merchant needs to rely on teammates not being trash for her item stockpile to be nice, wildling is wildling.
A bad ento can wind up helping the hunter by accidentally pushing them closer to survivors for a speedboost.
Go fast and healing juices are GOAT. You have such kiting potential if you're good with it.
>ripper backs up right before his swing so he only hits me with the fog blade
>chug FAST
>outrun him to a vault and escape
>he accuses me of hacking

>get chased first
>takes forever for them to get 1st hit
>chug healing juice
>healing juice finishes before they get 2nd hit
>they go to look for someone else
>last cipher pops before they find anyone
File: Anubis.png.jpg (97 KB, 662x849)
97 KB
I also don't understand it. If they're going to give an egyptian costume for Aesop, at least make it related to Anubis.
They already gave that one to gamekeeper.
File: proxy-image (55).jpg (38 KB, 360x450)
38 KB
Sadly Anubis was taken by Bane. Osiris would be a good fit though.
File: sarcophagus icon.jpg (7 KB, 184x273)
7 KB
>Replace his coffin with a sarcophaguses
>Give him a oris skin
Even a mummy skin would work i really don't understand how they messed it up so badly
Probably either toymaker or ento. Most games don't involve survivors being allowed to run off and having time to meet each other to heal even if that's effectively instant, so barmaid ends up just being a worse perfumer. Wildling can be fun but also has the biggest throw potential and is countered pretty hard many popular hunters. Melly is pretty fun in blackjack where she has no downsides and her kit mitigates the competition wasting pallets
ento is one of the best kiters in the game. she's great at wasting time and usually she wants to be the first chase. barmaid is another good kiter that can easily get 60 second kites.

wildling is also great at wasting time but be prepared to never kite and wait for the first rescue to see any action. also you might want someone that can take over your cipher because he rarely finishes it by the first down

trash merchant has no redeeming qualities
>Even a mummy skin would work
Now I want a toilet paper mummy aesop, just a really low effort halloween costume.
File: Identity-V-1.jpg (168 KB, 840x520)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
I swear the first season halloween costumes will always be the best
File: yqnf3zzouzs71.jpg (235 KB, 1122x1588)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Dancer Halloween skin coming at ya.
Feaster can come too I guess.
wait a minute to skins actually affect hitboxes? I see people saying certain skins have shorter hitboxes for normal attacks
File: count.jpg (312 KB, 1448x2048)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
I dont even play Jack but I want this
i think its one of those things where people are not 100% sure about but it defiantly feels like its true
Why the fuck does Jack get so many skins?
He's not even interesting like theory like Joseph.
He's had this skin for like two halloweens now
File: IMG_20211014_001513.jpg (174 KB, 1402x408)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
how the fuck are people already getting the S skins

there has to be some sort of Witchcraft involved
It's called disposable income.
How much does it cost to raw dog guarantee the S skin?
assuming no inspiration from recharge gifts, about $200-250 but other servers/currencies might be different
uuuh assuming you get all 250 essences needed for the pity using echoes, so 0 from the logic path and 0 with inspiration, and you buy them using the best echoes per dollar pack (the $10 pack) it'll run you just shy of $340.

If you completely skipped the TPN collab and make it to tile 1528 you'd get 50 essence 2s from the path, so that'd bring it down to just shy of $270 to get the remaining 200.
Then it comes down to how much inspiration you have saved if you can bring it lower. Bring your estimated cost down by ~$10 per 960 inspiration you already have.
Guess I'm buying barmaid.
Opened 27 for free (saved inspiration and plenty from the track)
Funnily enough I liked the Coord one better but ah well.
Thats actually lower than I expected huh and anything you roll beforehand makes it lower. Ugh I shoulda saved all my dice and let the neverland orbs transform they were all shit. Saved enough that I got a 10 roll of essence though once maint was over. Never bought echoes before either so I got the recharge stuff.
What's your favorite Hunter Music from the shop
None of them really SPEAK to me but I guess if I had to pick it'd be Church Organ.
Only one I really like is strong beat. Personally speaking i think a lot of the hunter chase music is bad compared to the survivors
File: proxy-image (58).jpg (129 KB, 887x1200)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
I know complaining about Joseph shows how new you are but seriously what's one to do against such reckless faggotry? Can't heal others for the 1.5 damage unless doctor, half of cypher progress disappears down the drain whenever he spams photo world so matches drag on and increase the chance of your random teammates to eat shit, what can one survivor do here?
>Can't heal others for the 1.5 damage
If someone is at 1.5, wait for him to take another photo, heal the real body but leave the copy at 1.5. When it collapses they go from 0.5 to 1, then they can be healed normally. Yes I've actually done this in pubs.

>half of cypher progress disappears down the drain
>what can one survivor do here?
Play a decoder and try to finish ciphers before the collapse so they don't get undone. Base cipher time is 80s at the start and 60s with accelerated decoding. Photo world lasts for 60s before collapsing. If he takes a photo at the start before you enough progress and you're playing a character with extra non cipher shit to do (explorer, merchant, lucky guy, etc), you can go do that now if you want since you won't get the cipher done.
Explorer is kind of a counter since his password pages don't give a fuck about the photo world.
Prisoner is pretty good here since he can either
>link to a cipher someone is working on and help them finish before the collapse
>link to an empty cipher and put progress on it when the photo world is down
If you leave ciphers with a chunk of progress on them then you don't have to worry about completing them from scratch during the photo world.
i wish you could set music to individual characters. I would be using the church organ on Violinist, but I wouldn't want to use it on my other mains. Would pick one of the asian tracks to play on Wu Chang and Geisha. idk the name of it, but one track sounds like retarded circus music, so that would go on the circus related characters.
Bonfire Celebration

ive been saving up for a while, netease isnt releasing anything for my main and if one day in 1000 years they do so I want to guarantee it
>If someone is at 1.5, wait for him to take another photo, heal the real body but leave the copy at 1.5. When it collapses they go from 0.5 to 1, then they can be healed normally. Yes I've actually done this in pubs.
Holy shit, that alone is a gamechanger.
But yeah I suppose I just need to stop trying to bruteforce the cyphers when I'm not even playing a decoder. And again, randoms gonna random. Can't be too mad about it.
I'm still bad at the game so I guess it'll just come sooner or later. Then I'll probably be bitching about BQ and BonBon\Sculptor like a normal player.
As you tier up you'll be seeing less and less Photographers anyway. he's rarely played at all in peak tier.

>bitching about BQ, Spambot 1 and Spambot 2
it's not bitching. These hunters fucking suck and everyone knows they are bullshit, even the people who play them. this game would be better off without them, and Broken Wheel. DW is on thin ice.
But anon, if they rebalance existing characters to be reasonable how are they going to get people to buy even more overpowered characters to counter them?
File: minion crying.jpg (278 KB, 740x757)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
Please do not bully my wife.
File: Barmaid.gif (85 KB, 370x300)
85 KB
i love that retarded circus music. i bought both files cuz i have a thing for clowns.
File: 1627022198932.jpg (12 KB, 179x200)
12 KB
I use pixel peeker on survivor, something about funny meme music when you're kiting that just makes it so much better. https://youtu.be/vqkTWUAxgg8
I feel sorry for everyone that started after the event ended since they can never get the glorious meme music. Hopefully it comes back this year.
>it's not bitching
Sorry, I didn't mean to imply people weren't right to complain. But as you say eventually I'll stop having to deal with Photoman and the only people I'll regularly see outside the holy trinity there would be the occasional Wu or a flexing Geisha.
File: 51d.jpg (147 KB, 728x1044)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>mfw on the edge of getting my first A badge
Who with, anon?
I just realized I don't have a house. Is there any reason to bother getting one if I just play solo
File: file.png (189 KB, 446x446)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
with the best decoder
A fellow of impeccable moral standing. Best of luck anon, do it for Freddy.
solo que is hell but I think I can make it today
No, but if you ever get friends to invite you'll want them to see your cute doll house, right?
File: 1600980085.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1080)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
Im a solo player to but rooms are peak comfy and i enjoy them but i really wouldn't recommend getting one unless you have the clues to spare it can drain them pretty fast
Hunter go rank. I want to do my dailies but I've got a bad headache n don't want to play hunter with it.
>kite undead for his full detention and hatch out without getting hit
>he says it's only because I got buffed and am OP now
>I was playing barmaid
What the fuck is he even on? Oh, I got to start with 1 healing bottle ready instead of having to mix it first, that really helped me when he never even hit me.
File: 1.jpg (57 KB, 445x459)
57 KB
>at the exit gate and coor finishes opening it
>I leave but coor stands around to the side
>wu chang teleports by umbrella turning into black and knocks her down
>I spectate and see he ballooned her
>making it a loss instead of a tie
It took all of my being not to call her stupid
I just bought the basic 1000 clue room. It's actually really nice.
I may buy more furniture once I get my S out of the past seasons orb, but other than that I think this is a worthwhile investment just to have a nice change of pace.
Has anyone actually encountered the cum man yet? Surprised I haven't caught him in quick play yet.
He's not out yet why would you
You can roll him in the orb.
I suppose I'm just surprised that there are less whales than I figured because I swore I saw some Sculptors during her debut week.
He is out. He has been since Wednesday night. He can be encountered in Quick Match.
File: rooms.jpg (3.95 MB, 2650x1458)
3.95 MB
3.95 MB JPG
Interior decorating becomes addictive, anon... Heed my warning...
Damn man that's cozy as hell.
File: PianoCouch.jpg (3.93 MB, 3000x1653)
3.93 MB
3.93 MB JPG
Thanks friend. I think Voice of the Manor is a very cozy room, I honestly like it more than the castle or the office. I can't spend echos on this game bc my phone is too old to open the app, but one of my friends gifted me the villa. Problem is, it's so large you have to upgrade it with more music notes before you can fit enough stuff into it to fill it out in a way that doesn't look awkward. (Same goes for the other two echo rooms and even the office)
Wish I could buy/gift echo furniture too though. A lot of it is very nice.
My autism is triggered when I visit other people's rooms and all they have up are Persona posters on the walls and nothing on the floor.
>7 fucking lawyers but still no Gardner or Leo
kill me now
I've played against him twice. He's alright but it just might've been the people playing him since it was only twice.
>auto-match 5v5
>load in
>only 2 other people in the lobby
If you don't want randoms joining your circlejerk then turn it off.
Seems like Leo has a piss poor drop rate. Everywhere I look people are complaining about missing only him still.
I have 6 Gardeners though.
File: Ded Acrobat.gif (149 KB, 370x300)
149 KB
149 KB GIF
>hunter 5v5
>4k, spectate teammates
>1 dead, 1 on chair, 1 cipher left
>fast forward, only 2 left, 1 on chair
>anne pops last cipher
>immediately runs in front of the tram and gets run over
>ripper casually walks over and downs her with detention
I laughed my ass off.
What's the rewards (besides the 8k clues)? I keep getting an error every time I try to do the event so I just haven't bothered.
no, rooms all blend together to visitors and as such are never impressive, it's just another loading screen and menu in your case
burn excess clues on memory spheres and characters you'll never play before you get one
File: FBthgxDUUAkcLg0.jpg (304 KB, 1920x1080)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
The last reward is an S costume but its most likely just for Orpheus. But I can't tell, are the A rank costume card and character unlock here just trials?
>blew all my luck getting Painters A costume on a random orb pull
Guess I'll be shit outta luck come Halloween.
It image doesn't look like a trial card since those have a red ribbon, and this seems like kind of event where they'd give out permanent unlocks.

It says 20, 3, and 1 in the text, so I image it's something like 20 clues, either 3 emote unlocks or a 3 day emote unlock, and then either 1 A unlock card or a 1 day A trial.
Try and put the text through google translate and see if it mentions trials.
File: come cowshed.png (543 KB, 701x712)
543 KB
543 KB PNG
>got a triple down that lead to a kill at 5 ciphers as Luchino
>survivors surrendered with 2 still alive not long after
goddamn the Lizard just feels so good on some maps
File: S2_lawyer.png (73 KB, 421x980)
73 KB
My first A badge came in
File: Spoiler Image (18 KB, 196x206)
18 KB
Here, you deserve this.
File: 1633525586498.gif (1.41 MB, 300x223)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB GIF
>8k clues
I don't want to miss out on this just to make sure what do i do after combining all the cards do i just wait now or do i have to do something else
As far as I can figure, if you make the ULTIMATE ITEM you're instantly put into the pot so as long as you get all five you're golden.
I'm still waiting on a Lawyer and Doctor. I keep getting Thief and Gardener even though I got a single Leo.


I'm actually interested in seeing if we will get more info on the hunters side of things.
And you just know the s tier costume is just gonna be another Detective skin.
Ah well.
Yeah I'm convinced its the coatless Orpheus we see in the trailer but it oddly says S costumes. May just be poor wording but they even deleted a tweet that said A Costumes made one specifically with S costumes
I think so far all Orpheus costumes have been S, not that there's a lot of them.
>Evil Twin big spender echoes reward
>Detective Conan
That's it as far as I know.
File: untitled.png (70 KB, 1373x39)
70 KB
>one of these things is not like the others
Huh. Finally got my first character badge. It's just on Magician, so I guess not a lot of people play him. But still, it's sorta nice.
Good lord.
So did someone just eat shit at the start of the match?
the fuck is your bed doing in the kitchen area?
File: f2b98fb98f.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1080)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
That's the sleeping area silly
Your mirror is blocking off the fire exit....

Have fun in your deathtrap.
you escape into a closet under a wooden staircase when there's a fire?
File: 3eewfrvgbgn.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
The fire exit is the main door not the room under the stairs
File: phone game.png (1.13 MB, 1321x1032)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Some community updates. https://www.youtube.com/post/UgymciaGs-mpf2iuNRZ4AaABCQ

plans for any new echo recharge rewards

Will White Sand Street Asylum or the fullsize Eversleeping Town come back?
>White sand street will be considered. We are working on optimizing Golden Cave and fullsize Eversleeping Town for 2v8.

Any new modes planned?
>not yet

Will embalmer get a self-defense buff?
>His reinforcement is under consideration. Hopefully we won't make it too strong

There are 3 character models in the game files but not implemented, will they be added?

Any plans to fix the login issues that started with the latest update?
>we will fix it as soon as possible

Playing against 4 doctors is cancer, any fix?
>When we introduce the adjustments with the strengthening of the Doctor, this problem will be solved.

Will photogay get a new costume?
>Yes he will get a deduction star costume this year.

There was some other stuff but it was all cosmetic adjustment questions like fixing clipping in certain costumes
>We are working on optimizing Golden Cave and fullsize Eversleeping Town for 2v8.
That's pretty awesome right there. I'd love for Golden Cave to make it into rotation. I don't want Asylum in normal rotation though.
That is my most hated map in the fucking game right there.
Golden Cave is my fave map for aesthetic alone, but I fear the chaos it will bring in 2v8. I'm glad it isn't in rank, but jesus christ.
File: pog.png (371 KB, 637x776)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
>White Sand Street Asylum may be back in rotation
Looking forward to that probably one of my favorites maps aesthetic wise
I can't wait for people to get railed by that fucking minecart. It's going to be amazing chaos.
It's such a nice map I just don't want it rotting away where practically no one knows about it.

Eh, I always feel it's just really hard to navigate. But it could be that I'm just not used to it yet.
No doubt it is their best crafted map yet.
Only downside is Luchino is absolutely useless there.
File: joseph bloody lick.jpg (376 KB, 2129x2019)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
Fuck you, photogay.
File: 1597808465064.png (101 KB, 600x600)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
>several minutes in with no hits
>assume it's a friendly hunter
>slightly turn my camera
>see undead getting looped by doctor around a basic bitch pallet in the distance
ah. I see.
I wonder if they'll bring back the ghouls and ants too
Has Violinist been nerfed into the ground since I last played or what. He feels so clunky and uncomfortable to use all the notes feel like there's a massive slow gap before they become lethal.
sorry anon only bq is allowed to be able to land ranged attacks without counterplay, try enjoying a more conventionally attractive hunter if you want to succeed
>Only downside is Luchino is absolutely useless there.
It's not too much of an issue since it does tell you what the map is during loading so you can swap off him, but it would be nice if they did something to accommodate him, like raising the ceiling in some hallways so he can at least jump once.
I think it got taken out because it also has issues with a lot of other hunters too.
If she puts her mirror down in the hall and there's not a window or door right next to you to dive into you're fucked.
His hook has such a generous hitbox that it's basically impossible to dodge in the halls.
Webs in halls are fucked and so are projectiles.
Walls can easily block off the halls.
>Smiley and Percy
Dash and movespeed down hallways
Even if the fog blade misses you, you're still stuck on the increased movespeed trail it left him.
Kinda like luchino the hallways sort of fuck her over if you're not good enough to split the cat right on top of them (not that it's difficult), or you have to use them perpendicular to the hall and immediately split them.

Really just the long straight empty hallways present a balancing issue for almost everyone.

I hope they bring them back, I also hope they rebalance it so there's actually a fucking reason to go to the very bottom besides the exit gate. Put a cipher down there, even if it's just one.
File: Joseph4.png (254 KB, 588x775)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
>Doc nerfs
>New skin
I picked a good time to start playing again, huh?
Violinist hasn't received any nerfs beyond the slow notes passively deteriorating. He's the same as he always was.
File: smug barmaid.jpg (816 KB, 740x1056)
816 KB
816 KB JPG
>Ranked on red church
>give postman beer while he's kiting naiad
>tank a hit so he can finish the heal
>she keeps chasing him while I go get healed by prospector
>fast forward, prospector pops the final cipher
>she teleports to the gate I'm opening
>mindgame her for the entire duration of her detention
>hatch out after the other 3 make it out the gate
Damn that was good.
File: wax chad.jpg (1.25 MB, 3840x2160)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
>creates new form of criminology and spreads his ideas via highly detailed wax figures
>demonizes certain features and behaviors meanwhile lusting heavily for his sister
>Creates a sentient replica of her when shes commits sudoku
>doesnt explain further
File: orph.jpg (29 KB, 1078x459)
29 KB

new lore drop im weirdly excited for the 28th stuff
Incorrect. They added a delay after the second note is set before the string activates, and gave the survivors a visual cue when it goes stale. Plus I'm confident they nerfed sonata in some small way but I can't remember what
That's what I said. He's the same as he always was.

>new lore
>the video is nothing but reused footage and stuff we've already been told/known since season 1.
What new lore drop?

This character is a fucking joke. It's not even a new form of criminology. It's just physiognomy, which is a pseudoscience only supported by racists. His visual design is shit and uninspired, his backstory is laughable, his power is also a literal joke.
This game has been going downhill since season 7, it's amazing how it's lasted this long on selling sparkledog-tier skins alone.
Only thing that looks like new "lore" to me is that Orpheus has amnesia unless this was already known knowledge
>It's not even a new form of criminology. It's just physiognomy, which is a pseudoscience only supported by racists.
He's the pioneer of physiognomy. The setting isn't the modern day. And it's hardly considered a good thing. I'm convinced his sister killed herself after she realized what her models were for.

His design is okay, but I wish there was more drippiness on the wax half, and that the tube didn't look like it was coming from his sister's ass.
I just wonder if we'll ever get another big burly dude like Joker or HE. Even Percy seems pretty lean.
File: all those hookers.jpg (25 KB, 559x333)
25 KB
>patient runs from one exit gate to the other to try and save
>gets hit by smileys dash right as he reaches the chair
>cancels his rescue early by moving
>restarts the rescue but gets terrorshocked before it finishes
Physiognomy has been around since the 1600s. IDV takes place in the late 1800s-early 1900s. Phillip didn't pioneer shit, all he did was make wax sculptures to promote his racist views easier.
The backstory makes it sound like she killed herself simply because he left her alone for so long/purposefully didn't invite her, despite how much he claims to have loved her. He's retarded. She's retarded. The design is retarded.

His amnesia is very old knowledge.
So do we have to DO anything to combine the 5 cards from the Time of Reunion: Prologue event or do we just have to have them when it ends? I just got the last one I needed.
*nods respectfully towards you*
As far as I can tell as long as you've crafted them and your door on the event screen now says Pending then there's nothing left for you to do.

Speaking of that, if any other anon needs any extra cards just let me know. I'll be happy to give them out.
In the event/free to use tab section click on the Time of Reunion event and itll have a door icon you can click on to combine them all in game.

It's also called profiling, it fits the time and frames that the guy is actually an asshole.

I dont think the statue was made alive by his own making. Its implied his sister's bones are in the statue. It probably came alive when he went under whatever gives the other hunters their powers.
So what are the canonical hunter survivor matchups, or what ones have we known so far?
Gardener, Doctor, Lawyer, Thief, Hell Ember.
Mercenary, Explorer, Magician, Forward, Gamekeeper.

We still don't know anyone else yet.
Cum man now available for purchase.
What's our hot take on the hot glue expert?
he kinda feels op but i might just be shit at playing survivor idk
Extremely fun so far, certain teams can bully him or more imporantly just fuck off out of his range and leave him in the dust but hes pretty nasty otherwise. Cutting off routes, locking ciphers, the stupid easy combo of get someone to 90 wax, smack them with a normal attack and then just spurt them to 100 to stun and get another hit. After my initial matches learning him and getting BTFO I've never went below a 2K since.
MASSIVE problem I've encountered which makes me think of him as a sort of Trickster adjacent character even more, the wax decay is laughably bad. It starts disappearing way too fast and it doesn't even slowly go down it just evaporates
I suppose it sort of makes sense? Once it cools down it would be easy to break off when you get moving.

Also, does anyone else feel insolence is important on him? I feel you want your presence up quick to get that hot cum flowing for ranged damage options.
The in game advice email even recommends Insolence so that you can get your cum up fast. Tbh I haven't used it yet myself since I've mostly been using a 12-6 build that forgoes confined.
His chase game and ability to cuck saves is pretty damn good. Hot wax is stupidly good and his passive seems surprisingly useful. Seems like tight kiting is best way to counter him at the moment gonna have to play him a bit more to be sure
>don't respect pallet
>get put on the same side as injured mech
>pop excitement and down her
>look around while picking her up
>see coord just standing there
>immediately drop mech
>coord wastes her gun
>coord dies first
>she waited several minutes to swear at me in spanish for "wasting" excitement on a pallet
That's pretty funny, almost as funny as me giving a tip to the acrobat and him swearing at me too.

I was trying Wax Artist and got someone chaired in the basement, then they all kept coming down to save. Hot wax just let me get every single one of them before the got out the building. The acrobat hit me with an ice and tar bomb but didn't bother with the fire bomb to disable my ability. At one point I did 3 health states between him and mech continuously spraying hot wax and downed them both, if he'd hit me with a fire bomb at the start of that I would've gotten 1, 2 max. Tried telling him and he just got angry.
File: jk6itvt9ctu71.jpg (1.27 MB, 2560x1440)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
I never really gave it a thought before but Yidhras minions are just people she's taken, aren't they?
I always assumed they were constructs before but now I'm not so sure.
File: gods and space.png (1.78 MB, 1900x1900)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
>I never really gave it a thought before but Yidhras minions are just people she's taken, aren't they?
That's what I'd always thought, kinda surprised it's not the first thing everyone thinks of.
I swear low tier cords are the worst but a high tier good cord makes a match super stressful
File: jerma penis.jpg (41 KB, 480x640)
41 KB
>Andrew's flower on Edgar's painting
my fucking ship is real...
I think insolence works pretty well on him, I just don't understand why so many players are using confined space.
Probably because that's what they're used to using. I think his window and pallet blocking needs a buff, it disappears too quickly considering how much of a bitch it is to apply it.
>try to shoot a window
>shoot through the window
>shoot just outside the hitbox to the side
>shoot too low or too high
fug. You basically have to use the big brick to block them or you're just wasting time.

I think if they made it last like 15 or 20s but let survivors break it after a it's set for a few seconds (like they do with breakable walls on red church) that'd be good.
Can you explain how good coords make the game stressful? I am new to the game and she doesn't seem different to other survivors besides having a gun
I'm not that guy but what separates a good Coord from a normal one is know how to preserve that gun.
The threat of getting shot is a powerful deterrent.
It can make the killer drop the survivor and waste time. Not to mention sometimes they can even try and get them to change targets letting someone else pick up the survivor.

A good Coord will be on the hunter like a fly on shit and will leave them checking their corners at all times.
File: 1602126104464.jpg (157 KB, 1164x796)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
>forgot that you can't ride slides while under TT
I may be dumb.
Looks like I missed the Death Note and Persona 5 collabs... Any reason to start playing this?
Detective Conan Collab coming up?
Those crossovers had some of the worst cosmetics and business models the game's seen so you didn't really miss much
Literally who?
File: IDV.jpg (87 KB, 462x806)
87 KB
File: 16032587433485.jpg (31 KB, 832x848)
31 KB
>Any reason to start playing this
All collabs ever do is give you the chance to get a skin nothing else why would you play the game specifically for collabs
Are there any killers that are fun like Hell Ember?
File: Misa Amane.png (941 KB, 890x930)
941 KB
941 KB PNG
Maybe he wants to look up Misas skirt?
If you only like multi-management, play Mad Eyes or Dream Witch. No one else is similar to Hell Ember in this regard.
Or you could take the better route and play hunter to get free up skirts 24/7
>no control over whos skirt you're looking up
Slut. You'll do it with anyone.
Nee guy kind of interested in getting into this game after seeing the Bad Random music video. Any recs on where to get started? How f2p friendly is the game?
File: Leo at the computer.png (5 KB, 496x358)
5 KB
>Bad Random music video
I have no idea what that is.
>How f2p friendly is the game?
Very. Every day there's 3 characters available to use even if you don't own them. The gacha is cosmetic only, and you can get lots of cosmetics without spending real money anyway. Someone estimated it takes like 25-30 hours of gameplay to afford an expensive hunter (like 1.2 weeks of play). Once you've got a few characters you like to play the grind to afford them stops being an issue since you're having fun.

>Any recs on where to get started?
Download and play it? There's a PC version on the website, it still looks like the phone version (but on a mobile device that can handle max settings and no touchscreen UI overlay), and it has cross progression and crossplay.

I guess the rest would be explaining how stuff works? Do you know the basics of how the matches play out or are you completely new to asymmetric slasher games?
On the roster pages click n hold on the icons to get tooltips saying what they do.
Don't worry about the info dump text walls when checking out characters if it's too much, you'll figure it out as you play. Survivors all have a pin in the bottom left of their roster sheet, shows what they're good at in a general sense.

Progression is like a battlepass but with only 1 track. It's styled like board game. You earn "Logic Points" by playing, every 1k points you earn gets you a d4 to roll on the board game, you move that many spaces forward, picking up everything you go over. It resets at the end of the season, putting everyone back at 1 and replacing everything you've picked up. Most common pickups are clues (currency) and essences (gacha rolls).

There's 4 different currencies.
Primary currency gotten on the logic path and other stuff, used to buy characters
Gotten by getting duplicate cosmetics, used to buy cosmetics
Gotten on the Logic Path and login rewards, used to buy gacha rolls
Cash shop currency
so just a shittier Forward? I should really pick up Forward.
>so just a shittier Forward?
While i guess which survivor is better is up for debate cord defiantly isn't just a shittier forward
> I should really pick up Forward
Good luck forward is fun to play unless your team is shit
>chinatown vs robbie
>chased first
>kite for 40s
>mindgame him for 30s at a dropped pallet
>then loop him for another 30s around that pallet
>2 ciphers left, he spots embalmer and swaps to him
>fast forward
>embalmer gets rescued from 2nd phase, gets hit during TT
>pop last cipher and go to gate
>other 2 make it out while embalmer gets chaired
>he calls out that hatch is near him as he dies
>robbie swaps from blink to teleport and lands at my closed gate
>kite him to hatch and get out
File: 56856585.png (146 KB, 697x575)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
Who's the biggest slut in the manor?
File: IMG_20211024_131652.jpg (540 KB, 676x4096)
540 KB
540 KB JPG
>Half the questions are about costumes and emotes
Waste of a q&a man
you already posted him!
>Sculptor nerf confirmed
>New map coming up (Darkwoods)
not all bad news really. New map has me excited.
I want my 8000 plus Jiggies what the fuck is the deal here?
File: untitled.png (218 KB, 958x119)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
I didn't realize it was so close.
File: I'm done.png (30 KB, 370x320)
30 KB
>coord opens the gate but goes down and dies on chair
>I get 1st chaired near it
>detention expires before I die
>get rescued
>don't see the tide turner
>die anyway
Oh it seems like the text is fucked. Judging from how quickly it's supposed to go down it's actually counting days/hours/minutes, not days/minutes/seconds.

If anyone is missing some cards now's the time to ask for peoples gift codes. Or I would say that but trying to claim more cards or generate a gifting code gives an error, guess it's too late.
File: Glare of Gay.jpg (150 KB, 941x315)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
>seer and I are near the gate
>wheel comes over
>loop wheel for a little while
>drawbridge reveals seer crouched behind the wall right next to the gate
>kite wheel to the nearest jungle gym and callout "focus on decoding"
>loop him long enough for seer to open the gate
>kite wheel back to it
>seer just fucking ran to the other gate and left me to die
Of course the seer isn't a team player.
You need to practice basic reading comprehension. It's a raffle. at best you'll get 288 frags or clues.
>288 clues
lmfao waste of fucking time kusoge
File: nunndiodn.png (226 KB, 649x835)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
>Only 288 clues
I was hoping i could buy some more furniture oh well i guess
>288 clues
Well fuck you too, china.
>blew another 10 bucks on the orb for the Susana skin.
I really ought to stop. I know I'll never get CumMan, but that Coord skin is tempting enough to make me come back.
I should just chill out and save my fucking cash. Loot boxes are a poison I should stop sucking down.
You know when the season ends they'll get added to the memory sphere right?
File: fragments.png (18 KB, 173x54)
18 KB
>288 fragments
>seems like everyone else got 288 clues
Oh, thanks.. I'll put em in the pile.
File: worthlessmoney.png (191 KB, 878x166)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
you are like little baby. watch this
>can't decide which profile picture to get from the event
>even though I'll never use it
I just went with whatever they recommended. I liked neither, to be honest.
Hell Ember - Gardener, Doctor, Lawyer, Thief
Gamekeeper - Magician, Forward, Explorer, Mercenary (but it's implied that Magician replaced Wildling, who escaped/ran away somehow)
Unknown (Suspected Smiley Face, Soul Weaver, or Breaking Wheel) - Acrobat, Dancer, Unknown, Unknown (Suspected Wildling)
Unknown - Embalmer, Postman, Unknown, Unknown
Unknown - Prospector, Perfumer, Unknown, Unknown
So what exactly is going on with the Conan crossover are the essences not going to be on the logic path or something i keep hearing different things
The Conan crossover will not be on the logic path.
The Conan crossover will be something you get a couple free spheres of in the mail when you daily check-in, and any more you will have to buy yourself.
The 3rd Essence on the logic path is for the Time of Reunion event that will happen shortly in November.
File: 20211027_164249.jpg (91 KB, 1550x1080)
91 KB
>Orpheus (novelist) as an survivor will be rewarded to players in the event on the 29th

Wasn't expecting this at all. Game genuinely made me hyped after a long time.
Fucking wHAT? Orpheus is going to be an actual survivor? Even though he's already in as Lucky Guy? I guess that means he's been stuck in the games twice now, once years ago as Lucky Guy when he got the scar on his hand and then once now as Novelist.

I guess that means the S skin they mentioned we get is gonna be his launch S or it's gonna be a doll-style skin for the lobby Orpheus.
I really hope the dev team doesn't drop the ball on all of this im actually looking forward to a update for once
>once years ago as Lucky Guy when he got the scar on his hand and then once now as Novelist.
Wait was he actually lucky guy? I thought that was just a cipher to fill in for entries that didn't really belong to any one survivor.
New Hunter inbound as well, the Messager

File: Spoiler Image (32 KB, 1001x1001)
32 KB
I'm no expert on the lore but I'm pretty sure he actually is Lucky Guy. It's been a while since I saw the stuff but I think it happened when he went missing and lost his memories years earlier. When he's at the manor reading one of the journals the writer describes getting cut on their hand from the barbed wire on the chair and draws a picture of it, the picture in the journal matches the scar on his hand, which he got while he was missing with no memories. He clearly realizes this during the scene and freaks out.

>the Messager
pic related.
File: Screenshot (367).png (2.16 MB, 1920x1080)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
Here's you younger version bro
>A monocle
The fuck is this shit?
They slapped one on Jose and now they're doing it to Orpheus?
I bet this is gonna be a skin you can get.

Maybe it's the same monocle and it was a present?
File: orpheus.jpg (93 KB, 1080x1080)
93 KB
This is him as the Novelist
File: Foundations_ Orpheus.jpg (171 KB, 1200x895)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
>the oil painting is of Orpheus and Eurydice
>he's named Orpheus
>the unnamed little girl wearing a white dress
It's a bit on the nose isn't it?
Nah your imagining things
New Hunter is cute! CUTE

Also wow are they gonna release a Hunter a survivor and then another Hunter this close together?
>seer sends his owl right as perfumer sprays
>wuchang called it and didn't swing
>hits perfumer as soon as they end
Alright calling it now, Messenger is Orpheus in the hunter chair.

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