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File: my wife.png (718 KB, 740x1285)
718 KB
718 KB PNG
August update sneak peek

Previous thread
Nothing to do until next maintenance.
Get an Evil Castle world record
What's the story with maid Taylor? I want to know why is she working as a maid.
File: Sillion.png (393 KB, 900x1055)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
Bros, were getting the dyke instead of choosing the tanned loli for our free personaz pick.
File: 키_1627619606221.png (245 KB, 700x951)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
Update SOON
File: IMG_20210819_150435763.png (2.8 MB, 1632x918)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB PNG
It's up
Well, looks like these new legends were released simply to counter Ledakrap.
I don't know why they made Barbariba lose support after her skill is activated.
Sillion seems to be an all-rounder, atleast not as underwhelming as Slain LOL.
Oh wait, I see now.
Her Supporting Fire can also damage surrounding enemies... and she gets insane support boost if allies die.
You know what her Lamp's Authority buff doesn't say?
It doesn't say "can't be removed with removal type"

What's the interaction when attacking Mamo with it?
No supporting fire trigger but the buff still gets passed to the next merc?
redpill me on new legends
Tanlines locked behind 5 companions.
Free legend merc that doesn't have said companion, but instead has a companion tied to a beast (and probably fucking it)
i meant are they any good
No idea, i'll get back to you when I max one of them in five months
File: Babariba.png (172 KB, 700x819)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
Mage seems to be pretty good. direct damage to the main target and def ignoring the entire horizontal and vertical tiles from the main target is absurd. For supporter I have no idea but who cares when she looks like this and her companion is a tanned loli.
I still haven't gotten her but it's an immunity skill so I would assume that it gets passed on.
She's a better Assmode but gets cucked by 100% def units and low health.
i wanna fuck her
also, i dont think these new units need +15
I'm not sure about the supporter since the they really benefit from higher skill levels compared to any other types. The mage probably wants +10 for permanent taunt ignore so ledakrad doesn't fuck her over.
For the old Legend units (8 and 6, I dont remember their group name),
Which should I invest next?
I already max my Nartas while Refi is +13.
I have a bunch of Legend book in the storage.
Other than that, is the new Legend group worth to invest in?
I have Slain and his companion. The companion is already at max.
Alec is pretty good and it's unlikely Direct dmg goes out of style anytime soon.
He's basically mandatory for the warrior formation and he can be slotted into the Leda formation easily too.
File: IMG_20210820_181458.jpg (454 KB, 882x1413)
454 KB
454 KB JPG
15 years of old ass.
17k diamonds + 70 scrolls to get pity Baba and a Kee.
>All these Babaribas with double vital runes in Arena
Now I don't wanna run rage/fatal on her when I can actually use her in 3 months time.
Her damage is based on her health and her max health without runes is like 900
two ~+2000 HP rare runes even without a sub stat will give her more of a damage increase than legend rage runes will.
Oh wow guess I'm the smoothbrain
I thought the Max health stat was based on the enemy's this whole time.
Is there a rip of all the art?
September Dev Note is out:

New companions for:


>tfw broke already
File: Hernella.png (411 KB, 1250x1410)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
>Alche, I told you not to hit other kids! If you do that one more time, I’ll lock you up inside my stomach for 10 months again!
File: Dwen TSF.png (84 KB, 560x698)
84 KB
Wasn't the in-game lore for gender bender that the gods did it to fuck with them?
sad that almost every update is just new companions + evil castle floors or campaign maps
>Benshina and Floria in the same HP up set
wow. Especially since Barbariba put Floria back on Arena teams.

>sad that campaign is updates regularly
... what?
But yeah, Companions are basically just as much effort as new mercs on the dev side. They need art, combat animations, voice acting. It's a system that probably shouldn't have been put in the game, but i certainly don't expect them to go back on it and suddenly stop releasing them.
The most surprising thing about his update is that Aaron Isn't getting a companion in spite of suddenly becoming story relevant
I'm surprised that some npcs haven't been made into mercs yet. They didn't even make them either companions.
>non-playable NPCs
lets see, we got:
MC and Elin
Guild fairy
World Arena valkyrie
Gate of Chaos valkyrie
Underground Arena announcer
Soul Gear merchant
Eda but with a running gag where she says she isn't Eda even though it's obvious
Valuice or w/e the shady merchant's name is.
I would say Archduke Richard but he hasn't even appeared on screen yet.
Random assorted one time appearance characters.
babariba's so much fun
i'm seeing a lot of celia, asmode and baine
thankfully i have them
Wilhelmina used to be an NPC when the game launched in NA & EU.

IIRC Foxy used to be an NPC too back when the game first launched in Korea.
>but i certainly don't expect them to go back on it and suddenly stop releasing them.

Yeah, why would they stop?

At this point, I'm sure all players (especially veteran players) expect all mercenaries to get companions.
>completely exposed sidebutt+ leg
this is some advanced gook coomtech
Is there an opening packs auto skip that I don't know? I can't believe it's been in the game for this long and hasn't been changed. The regular skip takes like 2 pack opens before it's responsive.
works alright for me
Reading the set effect stories...

Wait, I thought Benshina is evil character? Why is she working with Floria & Acha?
30% more health on Floria is kind of nutty
Not really anything else relevant in this update though...
Well, I guess Gate of Chaos being open right now is good for new players who don't already have everything from it.
I have 11 legend books and two mercs to level up. Ledarak (full companions and SG) and Barbarida (two companions and SG)
I'm hesitating on who to skill up, as I'm all out of diamonds but Barbarida seems more useful now.

...there's also the new mage legend merc, but I want to max barbarida before her.
i dunno, think you'll get more use out of leda
hes pretty much needed for guild raid
barba doesnt seem that strong desu
If you're that close to maxxing Leda then it's a no-brainer. Barba complements the Leda form so you can build her down the line.
Also forgot to mention that there's 3 free legend transfers this month so that might help.
I've been thinking about that. The only legends I have are the level they need t be to be useful.
Mamonir Valze, Asmodeus, Refithea are +15
Granhildr, Seto, Levia are +12
Celia is +14

I suppose Asmodeus and Refi aren't as critical as before and could lose a level, but I still use them in most of my comps.
You can definitely take one out of asmode. The death effect when he is +15 is a bonus but not the main reason you put him in your teams. I don't think mamo needs to be +15 and 14 can work just fine.
If you have Gran +12, then it's even better if you finish Ledakrad first.
Like the other anon said drop a point or two off Mamonir and Asmode. They don't need +15. Mamo has fallen off and you don't even need her in a Leda form.
Iin fact, IIRC the buff prohibition counter from Mamo is applied in a Leda v Leda situation given there is a Gran (which is 100% guaranteed), so it is actually detrimental to your own Ledakrad. She's still good in Wolrd Boss though.
refi is the least useful i think, only good for PvE
for others youd most likely be using seol ah or delsa depending on your team (+ maybe galania or venaka or babariba)
Hrrmm, I could rank boost Lilian or Vermont to make use of the double slime exp, but it could be for nothing.
holy shit a lot of freebies
>5* companion chance ticket
>4 of them as rewards
I cant wait to roll for none of the ones I need.
>This week's Novice Arena bans
Holy shit, there's no way this was selected randomly.

Anyway, DoT's and reflects are probably real strong this week.
im too lazy for that shit, i just chuck in random stuff then copy someones formation in the last couple days
I give up on this week Novice.

I use Hepha, Iris and Brisa on my team, this week banned list really messed up my team and I'm too lazy to think of new formations.

Next week is gonna be interesting too.

Xenon, Morgana, Deka and Serendia will be banned.

They really banned popular mercenaries for two weeks.
Banning a bunch of meta mercs at once is kind of interesting, but it seems like it mostly just favors more established players.
They have more total mercs they've already invested in building, so it's easier to rebuild their team, and they have prior knowledge of past metas to fall back on for what might be good.

Seems like it mostly hurts newer players, in the arena format that's suppose to have a lower barrier of entry for newer players.
think they have to because otherwise it would just be months of the exact same teams because novice meta doesnt really change as often as regular arena (new legends and 5*s changing meta)
besides you will build up full set of 3 and 4 star mercs pretty quickly
Having a 4* and having a 4* at +15 with max rank boost are pretty different.
Most people don't level up 4* soul gear or spend Honor on 4* rank boosters because of opportunity cost.
rank boost is way overrated
i have every 3 and 4 star at maxed soul gear already, if you focus on giving duplicates to them for the extra xp, all 3stars will be done fairly fast
>rank boost is way overrated
20% extra attack and health is pretty significant
not really
in a head to head fight it will give you the advantage sure, but other than that just team comp and skill levels are way more important
Having max HP outside of Beatrice's one shot range on your defenders is really important.
Commanding crest
>Receives Crest Charge effect 1 turn after the battle begins.
Receives Iron Wall effect and Crit DMG Boost effect when 2 Commanding Crests are charged, and 2 Crests are consumed.
Crest Charge
>Commanding Crest gets stacked up in proportion to the number of enemies hit by normal attacks of allies, excluding oneself's.
>Iron Wall (Guard)
Does not receive any DMG.
Becomes immune to Debuff skill type.

This just screams Ledakrad support. Also seems to be a mandatory +15 since you want the maximum turn count for the skill.
It's a fucking Defender Siegmund that can screw over Delsa/warrior forms, thanks to the silence.
>thanks to the silence.
How about thanks to the fact he does Guard ignore damage so he just kills mercs through Delsa Guard anyway
fuck fuck fuck im still too poor thanks to legends
File: file.png (110 KB, 410x535)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
we got scammed bros
its random 4-5* comp not random 5* comp
>5* companion chance ticket
>It's actually a chance to pull 4*-5* companions
I thought it seemed too generous
Its just a new toy to play with for now. After a week we will see if its better than the Kaylin+ Granhildr or Kaylin+Baine core.
ive been using isaac quite a bit actually, feels nice to use although i guess not much synergy with leda
He's alright, but something about GoC units just makes them underwhelming. Even the 5*s releasing now have more impact.
Out of all the Obscura Octos, only Galania has has the most presence in the meta.
I guess it's because you don't need to roll a gacha?
ON the other hand, GoC units are cute. I regret being poor and not buy2jxwping galania's cowgirl skin.
File: 1618792820362.jpg (602 KB, 800x1131)
602 KB
602 KB JPG
Well bros, Vermont is barely used in 10% of arena formations so it seems that Kaylin and the crew are still going to be played. Lillian isn't really popular at all but I've seen her live Dwen hit so that's impressive.
It's in Korean but at around 4:23 he shows the examples.
Last week Novice ban:


This week Novice ban:


Next week Novice ban:


Damn, so many popular mercenaries got banned this month.
Most people probably don't even have those mercs since they're pretty old and been out of the meta for ages, especially Vermont.
People who have been playing for a long time have actually everything.
The only 5* I'm missing is Astrid because I used mine to get Celia, and screw using mileage on random pulls to get the components for another of her.

Though it's true I'm not sitting on enough skill books to max both him and Lillian at the same time.

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