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File: FullSizeRender45.webm (2.63 MB, 608x1080)
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2.63 MB WEBM
Zenkai Ginyu and the Appule Army enter the fray, with Majuub confirmed for this month. It’s no longer the anniversary but there’s plenty worth doing, are you going to get ahead or fall behind?
I'm going to uninstall this shit game when I see one more 4 star shallot with 10% ability boost in coop
File: FullSizeRender53.webm (2.21 MB, 406x720)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB WEBM
>Whaddya say, why don't we give it a whirl?
Dragon Ball Legends, a 3d action RPG mobile multiplayer game with all your favorite characters. Whether you're a casual collector or a hardcore grinder or just simply want a fun romp in the DB setting, you can find your fix here.

>How to get started
This is a decent guide that covers everything.

>How do I know if my characters are good?
Gamepress has (sometimes outdated) analysis on every character you can look up. I wouldn't take their tier lists as gospel however, but their teambuilding advice is generally accurate.

>What should I spend my crystals on?
Generally any banner that has a sparking guarantee is a good investment such as the All-Stars or tag specific banners. Missions that unlock characters or zenkai are also a good investment for a new player as it allows you to get stars quickly without relying on RNG. Zenkai banners should only be considered for characters you like as there's a comparable non zenkai equivalent for most. Step-ups are your best chance to pull LL characters but how good they are can vary.

>Tournament of Power
ToP is a competitive PVE mode that awards points based on the tier of characters used. This document contains a list of the most valuable.


>Last time on Dragon Ball Legends
Shallot races towards the iceland to confront Zahha, however many threats stand before him: Universe 6’s Hit, post USS Golden Frieza, and Zamasu/Black all eagerly anticipate his next move unless Zahha has other plans. Without allies and reaching the limits of SSG, can Shallot weather the storm? Will Zahha take off his helmet? Will we see SSB in 2021? Find out in the next update on Dragon Ball Legends.
this faggot ass game unironically gave me the 4 oldest lfs on the summer banner
dying gaem kek
so... the key in the ToP is avoiding regen enemy teams?
Dokkan simp detected

I’d only jump on these if I still needed to 7* the zenkai LFs personally. Or if I needed UI/Godgeta for my main teams. Still good value overall though.
File: FullSizeRender54.webm (2.45 MB, 432x768)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB WEBM
Holy shit just use a Frieza nigger what the fuck is your malfunction.
>goku has higher stats than the anniversary bosses
>only 1 boost unit which is the shitty LF
>no raid coin missions
>drops are shit
this raid sucks
Based LFer BTFO.
i can play on easy mode now
Not really. He's great and all, but you can still get your ass handed to you very easily by a good blue LF/Zenkai. Congrats, either way
File: 1533878091420.jpg (181 KB, 756x972)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Is it a good time to get into this game, or should I just wait for an event?
>Is it a good time to get into this game
maybe 2 years ago
the game is pretty much dying with how much predatory nonsense they keep shoving into it and its only going to get worse
Unless you have antiregen characters it’s not worth it, every time I failed to kill the enemy party it was Buu that cucked my my bonuses.

There’s extreme Frieza zenkai so there’s no excuse. I’ve learned my lesson from past raids, just disband anyone with low AB because they always disconnect.

He’s still top tier and on the best team but you’re still going to worry about Namek Goku/Bardock/Broly/Kid Buu/Toppo especially if you don’t have a good green. Super Kaioken is decent.

Right now we have the Ginyu zenkai and the Appule characters, all of which are free so you have a decent Frieza force team to start with. If you’re thinking long term, you can start now and hoard your resources until something you like comes along, if not try Black Friday or Christmas.
>There’s extreme Frieza zenkai so there’s no excuse
do you even read the post you're replying to you filthy shill?
blatantly ignoring criticism isn't going to save you this time
this is like saying
>the boss is dark element just use shallot
this is raid is so heavily weighted towards the LF freeza that every other unit is just not viable
How much of a casual are you that you don’t have any boosted Frieza or even Nabana from the Appule event. Raids are joke difficulty, even advanced takes more effort to break the shield, it’s only an issue if your buddy is also an unboosted retard. New units being the only boosted ones have been a thing since day 1; Cell games, Second Coming Broly, Rising Battle Vegito, and Full Power Frieza were infamously difficult on release that you either had the character or waited until the level cap was raised. I find it to hard to believe you’ve been playing that long if you think the two are remotely comparable.
>the boss is dark element just use shallot
This isn’t true for extreme but certainly doable with raids as the boss is underleveled. Post your setup, why is this so difficult? I’m going to laugh my ass off if you’re hoping to get carried.
The skill ceiling to this game isn’t really high but there are in-numerous amounts of casuals filtered from slightly difficult PvE/PvP and blame the game for not playing enough to win. Not everyone who criticizes this game is a scrub but if they’re complaining about raids that’s a pretty good indicator they might be.

This game used to just throw you to the wolves working with you only got for the week now there’s a structured progression: you clear the story/events; you grind the free characters/zenkai; you supplement with co-op/PvP when you can. At least reach that mid-game state of having most events cleared as you’ll have a more general idea of how the game flows and can easily pick it back up again. Shitposting about a battle pass doesn’t help anyone, just pop bubbles if it bothers you that much.
would Z1 Gohan be better for this team than Ultku?
itll be month or two before i get him to z7 unless they bring back his zenkai banner
>could also swap out Ss4 for z7 PUR ss3 but i find this guy to have more utility
>also YEL 7* goten over kid goku?
i cant make up my mind over what i should go with for this team
>How much of a casual are you that you don’t have any boosted Frieza or even Nabana from the Appule event.
keep projecting
its a fact that if you don't use the new LF freeza it takes over 5min to even clear the stage since this goku boss has higher stats than any of the other bosses
you can't even kill him with 2 double rushes without the LF
keep defending this garbage of removing rewards such as the raid coin missions and replacing it with the garbage boost format that only whales that have the new unit can benefit from
also keep defending hiding QoL updates like more equipment slots and x2 auto play behind some shitty subscription service
knowing you you will definitely defend this garbage that will literally kill the game
Dilate Dimpshit.
>it takes over 5min to even clear the stage since this goku boss has higher stats than any of the other bosses
It takes 1 more shield break to beat the raid boss without LF Frieza, it takes roughly 2-3 minutes if your partner isn’t afk. You’re downplaying how common the Frieza/Frieza force boost units are and that everyone at least has extreme zenkai Frieza/Vegeta and the Appules.
> removing rewards such as the raid coin missions and replacing it with the garbage boost format that only whales that have the new unit can benefit from
They’re trying to get everyone to grind it out, that’s why hoi poi came back. No mission coins makes grinding more tedious but it’s not really a paywalll since the boss isn’t difficult.
>hiding QoL updates like more equipment slots and x2 auto play behind some shitty subscription service
As with Zpower or Zenkais, they implement heavy paywalls before gradually making it accessible. Sure, whales get the benefit of the subscription for the foreseeable future but 6 months to a year down the line when all this shit becomes standard with version 5.0, they’ll have wasted hundreds on a feature that would be eventually free. This is already happening with more rush zenkais added to the shop.
> you will definitely defend this garbage that will literally kill the game
I’m not against filtering out the surface level players that never get past rank 1 or go into co-op/raids unboosted, if you’ve been playing for a bit you should be competent with the regular content. Rearranging awards to have you log in consistently doesn’t bother me because I’d be playing the same either way. What would ruin mine and others enjoyment would be shit like a preferred PvP queue or being able to skip the majority of events. Only recently are they taking steps to moderate PvP, hopefully the mode as a whole is reworked instead of needing a subscription to be playable.
Fuck Bandai Namco.
>would Z1 Gohan be better for this team than Ultku?
Gohan’s been somewhat displaced since the majority of Son Family is saiyan centric, ultra Goku and SS3 being the biggest examples. I try to go for a more pure build where everyone buffs each other, even if it’s suboptimal characters like Ultimate Gohan or super Kaioken. It’s mainly preference, SS4 is a more reliable tank and Ki battery though SS3’s guaranteed strike combos are deadly. Goten can be better than kid Goku depending on how you leverage his green, but kid Goku is preferable for stats and endurance.

There are many hybrid or saiyan focused builds but just throwing zenkai together is the most common setup. Keep experimenting and find what works for you.
I didn’t ever think something like leadership skills would be implemented, z-abilities worked well enough. Much of the meta of this game is predicting your opponents characters, this is telegraphing which character is the most important in your strategy. It can’t be a zenkai but you’re definitely putting up your best sparking.

For niche teams like the sagas, Universe 6, or Vegeta family this can be highly useful. If you’re missing a character or want to substitute a character that doesn’t fit the tag, you can such as using Hit on USS or UI on Vegeta Family. For more popular teams, people are probably going to put their best characters regardless of how well they synergize. You’re probably going to see a lot more Revival/Future Gohan’s and SS4 Gogeta/Vegito Blues across the board.

The provisional shit is mentioned a lot so it will probably be tweaked.
Androids with lf revival gohan.
Fucking hell this game nooooo this completely changes team building for the fucking worst!
And that’s not even dabbling on the mess that will be boosted units.
All the save cucks that “focused on one team” malding they will get to play once per year when their team is boosted lmfao
leaders are even worse than boost units
>put new and shiny LL unit as leader
>not only receives tag bonus of the season but also all other z ability boost
pvp will fucking die
File: 20210729_192603.jpg (129 KB, 922x2048)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
>8 days
>27 replies

HOLY SHIT this game is dead as fuck...My condolences Legendbros
>lag, bad input reading, and zenkai family every match
bros im thinking of uninstalling, pvp is just kinda getting worse for me and its probably the only reason i play this game

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