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File: 738e949fc6ca81bf.png (1.56 MB, 1500x1513)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
Thali is cute! CUTE!
She helped me in my maulers tower what a cutie!!!!!
Feels like they're releasing a new hero every week, I can't keep up
Fuck this game, I quit
Good luck finding a gacha as f2poor friendly as this one
Post Nemora
Why so ded
why is this thread so dead? i though more people play this game
Because there's absolutely nothing to talk about.
what the other anon said
I've been playing for more than 2 years now, game is good
they're fucking it up slowly but I still like it, there's not much to shitpost about and it's a slow grind game, that's one of the reasons why I like it tho
It doesn't attract too much schizo shitposters
What are some alternatives to this game? Princess tale is alright but I hate the weeb shit
We have a schizo called Dokuronr22
Can I be your schizo poster tonight.
how the FUCK do I beat 36-16
just hit hard bro
File: mehira skin.png (277 KB, 547x591)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
what do we think of the Mehira skin?
Typical recolour
Yeah, there are some good waifus (Mehira, Desira, snd Talene come to mind, the last one even getting a wedding dress skin), but apart from that all you could talk about is the meta, which, if you don't want to spend money, would be a waste of time.
And the lore, what little there is, seems rather generic and what interesting stuff there is seems rather inconsistent in places, so that, too, doesn't leave alot to talk about either.

So yeah, there isn't much to talk about it.

Even at the risk of outing myself as a Coomer?
Well, it's a Mehira skin that somehow manages to cover even less than her default one, which is honestly an achievement. Though then again, strictly speaking, she just lost the leggings, which means she lost about two thirds of her clothing.

In detail, her hair seems to have gotten longer and looser (in default, all her hair is swept back, here she has some bangs in the front as well), and her heels lost the claws, while she now has a drink, and she has a flowery particle effect, which is about it in terms of major changes. Can't speak of the rest though until I see it in motion.
Talene or Lucretia for Magician reward? It would be my first copy for either one. I am level 52 on 12-1 with Grave team.
In my experience you can never go wrong with Talene, since she can not only resurrect herself after death, but also heal other Heroes, while at the same time moving to the enemy team's back line.

Lucretia is more of a damage dealer, she is also a bit crippled if there is a Zaphrael on the enemy team, since she prioritizes attacks on him once Deathwish kicks in, making her ignore the target in front of her.
>Casuals and other whale guilds including Chinese ones are boycotting the new engravings system
>Some unironically quit for good
>There’s even an ex-casuals guy who the won last LCT by being afk for 7 days


Hopefully this isn’t another occupywallstreet and the game actually burns to the ground. Already sold my account ages ago
But if I can get red chests, do I just buy those up instead?
damn what a bunch of pussies
just don't be a whale
File: E7MtcyxVcAIFCc6.png (741 KB, 2048x1024)
741 KB
741 KB PNG
Antandra hair is dumb
Arthur looks like a cool guy
File: 1493292144434.jpg (14 KB, 320x320)
14 KB
Holy FUCK this guy has been an insufferable cunt from the beginning and even more so at chapters 32+
Not him, but usually, red emblem chests are the best option for these events as a F2P because those emblems are hard to come by as a non-spender.
Redeeming copies of Celestial/Hypogean heroes is also a good choice, though. It really depends on what you need more in a given moment.
Talene was, at one point, the best all-rounder in the game. She could be a DPS, she could heal like no one else, she can have an impact at all times in a fight... Nowadays, her damage doesn't scale as well as it should to make her a carry, but she's still really useful as a burst healer. She's already useful at Elite/Elite+, so you could redeem one copy of her and then start pursuing other CelePogeans.
Lucretia is one of the most reliable endgame carries currently in the game. Compared to Talene, however, she needs to be fully upgraded to start working. Basically, you'll need to get her to Ascended tier, upgrade her Signature Item to lvl30, and eventually get a full set of furniture.
File: 20210730_192405.jpg (1.37 MB, 1080x1684)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
How's my team?
>SI 30 Talene
>SI 20 Rowan and Arthur
But why?
>9/9 Albedo

>9/9 Isabella
bro you just bricked your account
upgrade Rowan SI ffs
Am I missing out on anything by being in an inactive guild? Only 7 out of 49 people play and the guild is level 5.
Soren everyday
I think it's okay, overall. Having a maxed Ainz is great, and SI30 Albedo will effectively make all your dimensional heroes stronger. SI20, 3/9 Shemira is also perfect for the Evil Nemora guild boss (investing any more in her is a waste, though).
When it comes to negative things, 9/9 furniture on Albedo is unnecessary, 3/9 is more than enough to unlock more utility for Albedo. Isabella is pretty strong after her rework, and her furniture effects are useful, but not a priority.
For future tips, you'll eventually want to fully upgrade Rowan's Signature Item, that energy potion is effectivaly a gamechanger. His furniture isn't that good, but considering how often you'll end up sing him, getting him to 3/9 won't hurt.
Arthur could use 3/9 furniture, as well. SI30 is a good boost for his survivability and will allow him to survive much longer, but other heroes need those red emblems more (in your case, Rowan)
Aside from these, one hero who could use some investment is Eironn. Getting him to Ascended + SI30 will reward with a strong carry and a a core member for a bunch of meta teams.
Who should I gaze for after ascending talene?
Celestials I have mythic flora, legendary wukong, elite+ alna, elite zaphrael and twins.
Hypogeans I have ezizh, lucretia, mezoth and khazard at elite and mehira at elite+

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