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Going to be stuck with just my phone for a week or so. I'm 100% ignorant about mobile game shit so please spoonfeed me some recommends. I rather something I can play offline and will happily pay for a game over f2p w/premium currency. I'm not interested in simple match 3, gacha, and other normal mobile games. I'm pretty much looking for the best home vidya feeling possible on my phone. I can only think of final fantasy ports but surely there is a lot of gems I could be missing.
Paid: WitchSpring series, Siralim series, ICEY, Downwell
Free: Shattered Pixel Dungeon, Chimera Recollect, Void Pyramid, Night of the Full Moon
bumping for the same reason. any good non-gacha/p2w/zoomer-tier games on android?
Play Candies n' Curses.
try hanging out with your mom or something instead, probably a dumb bitch. sneed on OP
Eternium, buriedbornes, both free non p2w, eternium is diablo like slasher, buriedbornes is a rougelike dungeon crawler. Both require you to download some additional stuff after install so you need wifi for that but once you're done you can play offline.
baba is you
legend of grimrock
layton games if u havent played
downwell (this is specifically good for mobile)
stardew valley
chrono trigger if u havent played
chess, unironically

that's some of what i have installed, let me know if you want me to look through all my purchases for more spoonfeeding
emulate. i personally recommend an english patch of PTCG-GBC 2. GREAT game, offline, free.
>simple match 3
how about more complex, strategic match 3 like the Puzzle Quests? essentially match 3 as mana.
Just got into Another Eden, JRPG with some gacha but its actually playable F2P. Written by the same guy as chrono trigger. I also just downloaded a WH40k tactic games about the space wolfs and its been ok for the past few hours, not sure if i will keep it.
Is "Punishing Gray Raven" any good? The ads made it look alright but they always do and I can't seem to find any good neutral bias video
Only a very few people here have actual money or access to mommy's credit card to pay for good games that's why this board is infested with gacha and "free" games. I have a job though, so here's a list. Pay once, no subscriptions, and the game's yours.

Titan Quest Legendary Edition
Atom RPG
Green Project
Stardew Valley
Dead Cells
Galaxy Traders Frontiers
OK Golf
Templar Battleforce
XCOM: Enemy Within
Slayaway Camp
9th Dawn 3
Balder's Gate
Battle Chasers
Dungeon Village 2
Icewind Dale
Kingdom New Lands
Monument Valley 1&2
Neverwinter Nights
Planescape Torment
The Room (series)
BioWare rpgs have mobile ports
OpenTTD is available on Android and rollercoaster tycoon classic on iOS
Wesnoth has a mobile port
There’s also faster than light and king of dragon pass
Although these are all better on tablet.
not sure if these are on android as well as ios:

god of light
sky force, sky force reloaded
sorcery (has a few sequels if you like first one)

plants vs zombies has two installments, first one is good as a pay once and play game, the second one has a lot of microtransactions and packages that can be ignored but are obnoxious as fuck
Download QooApp, download Punishing: Gray Raven - Traditional (Taiwan), login Google acc and play it yourself. No VPN needed.
>list of normie dogshit games
Commit gun mouth you dog.
Who was she and how many premium currency packs did she cost you?
>brag about having money/job
>so you can buy mobile games
Must be real hard working biweekly at McDonalds
free fire
ai dungeon
>Baldur's Gate
>Icewind Dale
good games but CRPG's on a small screen like that are massive filters. they don't even play that well on a tablet, phone is just a disaster
>BioWare on small phone screen
I tried KOTOR and it definitely isn't suited for phones
based. hope OP sees this
it's over.

also OP consider the DQ ports, they're playable in portrait mode and pretty solid on mobile.
Allright, I am sadly in a similar situation
So I will be on my phone most of the time
I would like a game that satisfy my cunny needs.
I would like a game about lolis where I play with one or as one.
Or if there is somehow an alive mmo that is not filled with bots and it have a character creation
No gacha
Any deadcells game that isn't deadcells? I already beat that and I need something to keep me entertained until fatal falls dlc.
there's a pokemon mod to change all the sprites to gijinka lolis.

that good enough for you?
Are there any good rpgs/platformers that you can play vertically?
DQ ports, Downwell
polytopia, turn based strategy game, simple to learn hard to master, its free but you only start with 4 nations you can play as, the rest you gotta buy, its pretty much the only mobile game i play

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