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Actual 30 year old boomer here.
Why do you game on cellphones?

It's impossible to have good controls with the touchscreen and those controller overlays block half the screen.

Are there any good games exclusive to mobile or is it all shitty versions of console and gatcha games?
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Because even better portability than handhelds and phones are not just for games. Other than that, mobile games most of the time encapsulate a good gameplay experience without the padding and bloat that most games on other platforms have.

Anyways, good games exclusive to mobile that are good and I have played are:
- Anima ARPG (The only decent Diablo clone)

- Buriedbornes (Turn-based Japanese retro roguelite dungeon crawler. Nothing like you've seen before and the game allows you to break it like Morrowind)

- Not exclusive but OpenMicrowave is an emulator for Morrowind.

- Battle Cats (See for yourself)

- Knights of Ages (Fire Emblem meets Battle Brothers with breeding mechanics)

- ICEY (Devil May Cry + metroidvania + Stanley's Parable

- superior version of Among Us (zoomer harassment and verbal abuse simulator. Very relaxing and social at the cost of it eating your IQ away per session)

Other than that, other good games are multiplayer but since you're a boomer, nevermind. Just don't be picky you filthy s'wit.
30 years old is boomer now?
>It's impossible to have good controls with the touchscreen
Why not? Games based around purely clicking/selecting/drag and drop controls (like most card games or a lot of puzzle games) work as well as using a mouse, and way better than using gamepads

Also if you stop being a retard stuck in 2010 you'd know phones these days support pretty much any x-input controller with bluetooth, so you can use anything from dualshocks and xbox controllers to cheap chink knockoffs without even needing any special apps to use them.
Your complaint is like saying cars suck because you're too hot driving in them during summer and freezing during winter, completely ignoring the fact that cars with ACs have existed for decades now.
>Why do you game on cellphones?
They offer the illusion of not wasting time due to the games being less time intensive and less complex. 15 years ago i could spend 10 hours a day playing video games but these days i'd be ashamed to do that even if nobody but me would know.

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