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File: Base.png (774 KB, 1024x1024)
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774 KB PNG
Previous thread >>400490

Good NPCs are back in the menu, rev up those gifts.
File: 1515687992494.png (1.09 MB, 1280x720)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
I love Morrah
Does anyone have problems doing guild raids after the patch?, im getting "Incorrect battle imformation. Please check again" every time I try.
how the fuck did the stupid gooks manage to break luci's UW?
I hate when NPC's are good.
They weren't touched for a long time, the only good was Loman, then Gladi, who was good but got powercrept until TM raids, May deserved a buff not because she was bad but she got powercrept by FFrey and Shea
Also, NPCs are harder to build because how hard is upgrading their UW so they deserve to be good
NPC's are just ancient remnants of whale baiting, buffing them to godhood is just an annoyance exactly because of how hard to build they are.
Whales already have them 5*d from 2018, so they're not even making money off of it and just creating another huge chasm for no reason.
Anyone can help TM for Chase? are 8Atk lines and 4 25dmg/95hp the ideal?
File: 1.png (43 KB, 639x335)
43 KB
Who knows, but they are already fixing it.
What's a good team comp for big Shak with Gremory as main DPS? tree is fucking me and I can't reach 66% HP in time
What team comp are you using now?
Gremory, FFrey, Estelle, Annette, Riheet, Jane, Viska, Aselica
Should swap annette with either Lavril if you need dps. What level are you trying to do?
I'll try her then, it's stage 7
What does your gear look like for most of your characters?
Didn't try it yet
Manticore on Gremory, TM on Estelle and Tank and DL on the rest
Lavril still worth 5*ing, or should I work on my magic DPS for ARCDIM X?
I have F.Frey, Shea, Estelle, and Pris at 5* for supports, just looking for who to throw UWs at next.
How can I make Cain appears on big Shak at the thresholds? Less than 50% corrupt power and he still one shots my team
nvm, it seems the skill tooltip is wrong
Code niggas: Kings50000raid
Thanks king
Ve$spa does it again.
Oh yeah, if you ain't got lucky like me on that Ophelia Scam thing you can also buy one horn and one fairy wings.
>battle pass
Fucking LEL
Good job vespa you useless hacks
>rc dead on wb3
File: word-image-713.png (8 KB, 575x627)
8 KB
For the lazy, also new coupon PDEDGEGIFT
What a dogshit patch, holy fuck.
Also for the love of fucking god, hotfix nerf May. The no-nerf policy is literally destroying the game, and now we have this battle pass shit.
this patch is probably the worst I have seen and I have only been playing for a year. The wording on the battlepass makes me unsure you can actually buy one of the two artifacts with rubies, as it isn't clearcut that you need the premium pass or not to purchase with rubies.

Also the immense nerf on wb3, seems to be for balancing reasons but it seems like overkill.
cain appears to save you if you get the cc bar to 0 before he begins his final swing animation (where he strikes). This can lead to akward behavior where you put out so much dps that you don't have enough cc to drain the bar in time, even with chain casting the special ability for the fight.
I need an Assassin for Galg and Ascalon, and a Wizard for Ascalon since I have a 5* Isolet for Galg.
I'm thinking Tanya and Nyx since Gladi would take way too long to build. Which should I throw my UWs at first?
are you magic or physical focused?
If magic then gremory for sure. If physical it maybe a little tougher choice.
Tanya and Nyx aren't good for PvE afaik so is either Gremory or Gladi
for assassin*
For wizard, Lucikiel or a support like Veronica or Cain
>Check new repositorium
>Rates for gold shit are less than 1%
>Rates increase if you spend rubies and is not even reaching 1%
Man, what a garbage update
I'm pure physical. Putting off building my magic DPS for ARCDIM X for a bit. Wanted to do Lewisia when I finally get around to it, but dunno how she fares there.
I've heard that the one spot in PvE that Nyx is good at is Ascalon, so he'd give me some crossover as a PvP hero as well since I haven't really built any and need to start building some for LoH. My current 5* UWs are Shakmeh, Kasel, Selene, Pansi, Isolet, F. Frey, Shea, Estelle, and Priscilla.
Gladi will just take far too long to get into a usable spot won't he? I have an old 3* Tanya that I could probably get online fairly quickly, and she also crosses over into PvP. Guess I was just thinking about trying to get 2 for 1s and forgot to mention that.
if you absolutely want to save a ton of resources (you should) then you can ignore the normal routine of how to build the team slightly. In the case of Galagoria for example, your dps needs to be high enough with enough heal block to handle the stage while also surviving his attacks, your cheap choices are to build gladi up to a respectible point where he doesn't die because he contributes an amp and proper same damage, or gremory, in order to save vast resources. Gladi is important but as long as you have at least a 2* uw and his soulstone you can make it work with that. On the other hand if you go the gremory route, you just need to have her pump some dps out and live but since most people will want a maxed out gremory anyhow its safe to invest in her. I can almost clear galag 7 but have been slacking because I need to alter jewelry to suit the higher damage a team takes and adding in an assassin just like you are. I have a 3* gladi uw and I can clear it, its just unstable until I clean up survival rates. Based on his dps my a2 gremory would also work just fine since she provides more dps and having estelle on the team lets her still gain damage from her soul.
i know right? I immediately noticed that it is a massive WASTE to spend even one ruby on resetting the repositorium and just take whatever choice is up.
avoid pvp characters in pve at all costs, it isn't worth it. Cross characters for pve and pvp sound efficient but they are not either since you have to split your resources for gear as well. Its far easier to maintain your account in one specialty until you have been playing for years and just poke along for base rewards in pvp.
File: Screenshot_50.png (1.63 MB, 1255x703)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
I'll get back to working on actually good characters after this, but I've wanted to work on Nyx since like 2017.
Probably 2x auto attack and 2x 25/95 for his TM gear, and I have the reports so back into the mines for a bit. Not sure about the choice between UT3 and UT4 though.
>200-400 soul frags
Yep, repositorium is still shit
146 uw frags here this shit is rigged
Where are you suposed to get the unicorn´s horn for Ophelia´s event?
love morrah
File: MuMu20210307201552.png (513 KB, 1024x576)
513 KB
513 KB PNG
File: artifacts.jpg (77 KB, 1181x545)
77 KB
Which one is better? I still don't know how math works in this game.
it's something similar to (scalings).((sheet ATK)(ATK buffs) + flat ATK buffs)(CDMG)(AMPS)(increase DMG dealt modifiers)(increase DMG type modifiers like increase ignore def TM option)(non-hero damage/boss damage)

every layer stacks multiplicatively with each other but they stacks additively with themselves except for non-hero and boss damage that always stack multiplicatively ( the reasons it's so broken). The increased DMG modifiers for TM are all different layers. For example, 2 def ignore options is a 50% increase for def ignore skills but 1 def ignore + 1 AA DMG option is a 56% increase for Luci during his SW.

As for your specific question, generally BE is better, in the best scenario for pumpkin ( having no other source of DMG increase) you would need about 383% ATK buffs for pumpkin to be better.

Keep in mind both are inferior to FHA/nail/earth fortress in almost all cases because those modifiers always stack multiplicatively even among themselves
File: 1371682421137.jpg (55 KB, 512x512)
55 KB
Wich one is that?
The red book with green background
Ah, the Fantastic hybrid animals.... Is good, but only on battles that last less than 200 seconds...
Not even xanadus is that short (i think it is 3:30 minutes).
You won't care about world bosses unless you are a whale
You just do it to get the rewards and call it a day
I do it for the khazar milkers
File: Laias A2.png (2.22 MB, 1494x799)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
picture didn't upload for some reason
the Talisha buffs look realy damn good honestly
need to see if Erze got the good treatment or not too
File: erze shak.jpg (164 KB, 2048x946)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
She slaps shakmeh now so she must be really good
Bros... my f2p collection autism...
File: 1559343932532.png (470 KB, 478x782)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
>erze buffed because she's gonna be an important part of the new chapter
>mfw theo and crow cucks
Where did they thouch you?
File: 1559333281144.png (26 KB, 249x224)
26 KB
>page 9
My main DPS is Laudia, but I need another one for Galgoria, I managed to get Gremory to 2*UW A1 but I realized I actually hate her and she's just another assasin.
Should I trade her weapon with Lucykiel and build him instead?
Getting rid of Laudia is not an option, she's my dick pick.
you'll probably still need grem somewhat invested to do sky trial, just slowly build Luci on the side.
Can anyone help with the TM for my Lakrak? I got 2 25/95 are those two good for it? If so what would the other 2 for him?
I don't know what his ideal set is for pvp, but for pve go for full 95/25 or 3/15 on long fights.
Thanks anon.
File: Untitled.png (220 KB, 569x691)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
Why is 250 crit chance doesnt add up to the total crit you have? I have 2 with 250 but they dont show on the stats.
TM extra options, perks and stats from unique gear is a different layer than sheet stats. It still works normally in battle, it just doesn't show up in your stat sheet.
He's still a must for most content, right?
is there a guide for techno enhancement?
with scrolls you know what % you can get from lines, but here is just a wild guess, I keep getting 4% atk and I'm not sure if that's the max or I'm just unlucky
Gooks are so fucking mad right now its great. Get some spicy drama and free TM gear and a SW transfer ticket
no, not really. He murders flow even at low investment but that's about it, he's a generalist that's solid almost everywhere but gets outclassed even by other generalists like Kasel or grem.
File: unknown.jpg (63 KB, 480x540)
63 KB
The enchantment on each stat is fixed, but it's higher for some type of gear like earrings being 8% ATK instead of 4%. You aren't unlucky, 4% is the only roll for that sort of gear.
What happened now? it's because the season pass shit?
File: osncgaurkgl.png (21 KB, 590x118)
21 KB
No, monkeys flinging shit at each other.
Short story is the top gook guild was even with the top NA and the top Nip guild for GC. Around Isaiah's release they all of the sudden skyrocketed past them to take first for the season. One of the biggest Nip whales got a random message about how +5 to all skills TM skill is bugged with Isaiah and makes her into one of the best damage boosters in the game. Also tells him to keep it secret, but the nip whale isnt a shitter so he equips the gear to his Isaiah and leaves it on her so everyone wonders whats going on. NA theory crafters put 2 and 2 together and realized what happened while also make the bug public, which is actually a bug thats been live for months before all this. There really isnt "proof" per say but the gooks are refusing to mention the method that let them skyrocket past other whales so its pretty suspicious that thats how they won. Now vespa is in full damage control because people are saying its bullshit that a bunch of whales are bug abusing but getting off without any punishment while also apparently raiding the nip and gook communitys and calling them cheaters while the gooks and nips are doing the same to the na ones. Its just a great shitstorm all around.
Man, what a bunch of autists
And Vespa is too pussy to ban them all
File: zeke.jpg (12 KB, 215x235)
12 KB
>They can't ban because lack of data
>They are giving LoH highest tier rewards to everyone
File: fag.jpg (27 KB, 636x307)
27 KB
meltdowns are so good
get fucked lmao, all this ass pain because other people are getting rewards
File: fixed speed.jpg (53 KB, 570x600)
53 KB
Is this good fo FFrey or any other healer that needs atk? Or should I try to get other lines like the one that reduces your defense, but increases atk?
Its fine for a filler piece but the best pve pieces for Ffrey are 3 increase shield lines, and then a reduce s2 cd, or a 3% cd reduce on full mana. That line in particular can cause issues because a lot of casters want attack speed so they can cast quicker.
50% ATK -25% def should be stronger for shields instead of a third shield increase as long as your FF has less than 300% ATK on perk buffs.
Ffrey is literally hard capped on stacking attack after a certain point due to how buffs work. It works for lower investment but at some point you cant get any more attack without stealing buffs from your dps.
well yes, managing FF's attack can be a pain, but the point is that unless you are stealing buffs, +50 ATK -25 def is the stronger option
Great for Medianna.

FFrey should have +shield and -s2 CD. Or simply team buffs if you don't need maximum shield power, like WB and GC3.
Nobody cares that pve babies are getting free shit. Pvp players are upset because 2 months worth of LoH games have been worthless.
if you don't enjoy playing the game why do it in the first place?
File: coupon.jpg (4 KB, 106x105)
4 KB
File: images.jpg (25 KB, 480x360)
25 KB
I keep getting Nia stuff and because of that i have her weapon at 5 star
how to i build her and what UT should i use on her
I enjoy playing but don't enjoy getting cucked out of my earned rewards.
I received a shitload of rewards from the mailbox, what was the reason? I redeemed the mail before I get to read it.
Because they took too long to fix a bug that gave a lot of players an advantage over others. So as an apology they just gave everyone the highest tier rewards so that everyone is on even ground

Also, Kirze best girl
i think there's a guy in love NA using her, you can try copying his build
how would i go about checking that?
File: E6z9yEeVEAAPIAU.jpg (2.29 MB, 3264x2448)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
so it was true when people said fags and fujos are the main audience of the game
Surpisingly so. You would think with so many girls of different variety there would be a lot of waifufags as well, but the fujos are a majority.
File: akglaz.jpg (544 KB, 2048x1536)
544 KB
544 KB JPG
it's even worse when the only 2 figs are fucking garage kits you have to paint yourself
I don't deny they look good but bloody hell, they look like a nightmare to paint. What were they thinking? Were they trying to save costs maybe I dunno. Most of the people who would buy those things aren't artists much less painters, I doubt they would make anything better than shit.
File: 1593727556548.jpg (29 KB, 480x469)
29 KB
Man, fuck faggots and fujoshits
File: 1621512869467.png (164 KB, 286x289)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
>annette has been a fav of mine since release
>she was also a must have almost everywhere
>completely overshadowed now by some whore with a pinwheel
kill me pete
The only porn pic Estelle have looks better than the Annette one too imo
File: s-l1600.png (821 KB, 500x693)
821 KB
821 KB PNG
>tfw built Talisha as she was the only support Archer I knew of
>Estelle comes out as I have 3* A1 Talisha
I trusted in the BOOBA, and yet some director at Vespa must be paying big bucks to keep her everywhere baka. I hate Estelle so fucking much.
I´m no expert, but those are not that hard to paint.
Just use a 0.5 airbrush and paint from distance, and you can do those gradients.
Is there a place to see how much of dust you need for lakrak event each step till the last one?
File: word-image-146.png (3 KB, 651x225)
3 KB
Can you even get 72k even if you are a whale?
expected dust per weapon: ~64
you can only get 20 weapons every day even if you spend rubies for them and the event lasts a month. So the expected total dust should be something like 38400 + 2.8k we get from the on time event.
meant to quote
It's almost imposible even you spend 300 every day, you need several high rolls and of top of it you'd need a +14 weapon (and getting the +14 alone is 0.008% odds)
oops it was 0.04%
Fuck it then, ill get 1 event artifact and done.
should be going for cain condoms if anything
so is this going to shut down in 3 months or what?
yes, that's why they gave a lot of free stuff last week
it's scheduled to end services by novemeber
Its the end of the episode X
Link or bullshit.
Nah, they are going for King's Raid 2.
They are cooming
Also, cunny
what's with the empire and mechanics?
Is Jane poster dead?
barely anyone survived the /vg/ exodus
>s2 cd
do those stack?
Yes the CD reduction skills stack
File: 1601081991009.png (11 KB, 100x100)
11 KB
How does the new CR garbage works? You get points for your maximum score or you can do it countless times and get points everytime you kill the boss or there is entries to limit you to do it multiple times for season? if so you will never be able to clear the shop only buy a couple or a single thing.
File: 1545353463860.jpg (18 KB, 607x582)
18 KB
>tfw shop update notes are way longer than actual patch notes
Filler contents until KR2 shakes things up a bit.
Also actual PC client.
shit patch
dead game
File: E7yKUvWXsAALrsc.png (671 KB, 531x699)
671 KB
671 KB PNG
Remember to vote

For me, it's Laudia
Do I have to bring / build Riheet all the times if I only care about Ripine?
>if so you will never be able to clear the shop only buy a couple or a single thing.
Seems to be the gist of it, any leftover currency are turned into stamina potions at the end of a CR. Doing anything other than Hell or Hard if you aren't a whale with other whale friends is pointless since the points are shared between difficulties.
Let me give you an example:
Say you do easy and gets the full currency when you do medium or other levels any currency earned on easy will not count so even if you get the full currency on easy you can only get the missing amount from medium, same thing on harder difficulties, that's why its pointless to do lower stages unless you're a whale, because if you wanna the good shit (Artifacts, NPCWeapon Ticket, etc) you jump right at the harder difficulties and get the full amount rather than waste time on the easier ones.
Ripine can be used without Riheet, but the same doesn't work for Riheet.
File: E5gL5sAVUAA72yP.jpg (1.46 MB, 1767x1593)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
>needing to be a whale with whale friends
Maybe if you're aiming for the leaderboard, but usually you should be able to do it if you're in a guild, and have a decently built account. Just ask your guildies to run it with you and plan out a setup. You only need 45k points for the NPC tickets anyway, so set up the bonuses accordingly.
So I can keep using Kirze... Got it.
Who will be saved this month?

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