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File: E2ws63gVEAQFYMS.jpg (186 KB, 900x1200)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
An IDV thread here to talk about the new fishgirl.
See her abilities revealed https://youtu.be/LpZyd6Ate0I?t=21
and some of her background https://youtu.be/uRz7O6e3bc0

Who wants to bet her limited skin will look awful?
File: average.png (1.15 MB, 1635x1159)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
She looks like shit
Also obligatory post about fuck violinists here
her abilities look painful to use because survivors can just waltz out of her area, but i'm 100% sure elks and hounds will call her broken anyways
so you're supposed to use her water aoe to make it dangerous to loop areas, then use your dash to catch survivors as they transition to another loop? kind of sounds like geisha 2.0
Isn't that Gamekeeper/Wheel's thing?
They don't halt cipher rush though
Since they build up a meter to take damage from her ability, I want to know what happens if she circles the entire map twice

I don't think the meter reduces on its own, so if you get 99% and walk out, the next time she closes it around you it looks like you'll instantly take damage.

I don't think it slows down movement, just interactions like vaulting, decoding and healing
If you come across a afk survivor do you leave them or take the kill
down them and leave
Use lunges so they have an extra couple seconds to come back, they sometimes do.
File: 1618689860137.jpg (21 KB, 437x431)
21 KB
>team is getting really cringe in the lobby
>hunter waits for the timer to tick down to start the game
File: 135136.jpg (263 KB, 855x655)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
Come back to /assg/ or else
I'm still there, please don't hurt me or my family emma.
sorry, I haven't played 2v8 in a while
Im starting to get the impression they don't like us though
It's up!
File: 1622776083540.gif (1.89 MB, 340x347)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB GIF
God that live chat is god awful how did fandom get so bad
Naib Subedar is my husband.
kids and tik tok
what the actual fuck is that left image
File: 1609481024691.png (215 KB, 607x427)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
>seeing lots of cat nun lately
what's going on...
She did good in the tourney so people are flocking to her fotm style.
File: 1613185148671.jpg (47 KB, 542x474)
47 KB
>start duos
>both hunters teleport behind me
>all bane did was meme 3 survivors on the slide
>people were expecting him to lose
>got a draw
>now people respect gk and i go full esports when they see me
>stopped rolling the crossover essences so they turn into fishgirl essences when it ends
gimme the fish
File: E3QnKnLVgAI8Psd.jpg (1.75 MB, 2000x1487)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
>it looks good
Oh no, I actually want it. As long as they don't tack on a ton of extra gold and it actually looks like the poster.
i wish she was a mermaid in the default skin
floating ghost lady doesn't relaly work
I hate how you can hear her taking steps even though she floats.
it sounds more like water droplets to me
>play 1v4
>get 2v8 maps
I get that's what their intention was, but I think it sounds like someone putting their foot in a puddle and splashing it.
>wuchang slugged priestess to bleedout to try for the 4k
>in qm
What an asshat. That match lasted over 13 minutes when it should've ended in 6-7 if he just chaired her, but he just had to try for the 4k. Then he surrendered when priestess bled out since I was full health so he couldn't stop me from hatching.
>wuchang slugged priestess to bleedout
he's in the right here
File: just fuck my shit up.jpg (117 KB, 719x821)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>maintenance right in the middle of my 3rd daily match
>3 down
>explorer is just hiding and i can't find him
File: 1591322939842.jpg (560 KB, 768x1024)
560 KB
560 KB JPG
>2nd place in chasing shadows
>1st place has it in the bag
>they have a flaregun
>they wait near the finish for me to pass them so they can shoot me and win while I'm stunned
>pop shield as I pass them
>get first place
lol stupid bmer.
>tme can cane slam while running now
damn she's t0 now
The virgin friendly hunter
the chad friendly survivor
it's called game throwing
File: Service Boy 65.jpg (780 KB, 926x1310)
780 KB
780 KB JPG
Is this game worth getting into, or is DBD better?
No to both
only the mentally ill would play either
File: 1594577192715.jpg (68 KB, 1044x845)
68 KB
For a more serious reply it's better than DBD so unless you hate the doll look or really want to play a specific character in DBD or have already invested a ton of money into it play idv instead.

>no paywalled perks/characters
>survivors aren't just skins'
>no constant grind to maintain your items
>multiple gamemodes besides ranked
>no keys and no moris
>more than 6 survivor items
>maps balance isn't subject to rng
>not made by BHVR
>powers are cooler
you forgot that IDV know it's a comedy horror game and doesn't pretend otherwise
>feaster charge attack has 5.57m range
>hatch isn't revealed yet
>1 other survivor left
>he self revived from down
>we're both half
>I've almost popped the 2nd cipher
>shout "hunter is near me" since I can see him at the next cipher over and he's walking my way
>go hide
>seer runs right to me and gets spotted
>we both get downed without hatch being revealed
seerbabs are retarded.
>already nerfed her
I wouldn't say nerf. I'd say rebalanced since some of the stuff did get stronger.
>removed the delay before "moisture" buildup on survivors when standing in water
>increased the delay before survivors begin to dry
>me when i was just starting
>fuck he went down early this sucks
>me now
>at least the suffering will be short
File: Service Boy 64.jpg (517 KB, 1100x761)
517 KB
517 KB JPG
Thanks for the answer. I played a little bit of it today, and it was pretty fun. I just wish there were more starting killers.
what hunter should I buy next I have wu chang photoman axe boy clown nun and lizardman
File: pixiv_85080002_p0.png (1.51 MB, 2068x1569)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
Violin man
Yiddy, Bane, or wait for fishgirl.
the chad percy
da ripper or fish lady
I’ve wanted a water hunter for a long time, but I was hoping for something like Chaos 0, not another lame waifu bait character.
Sculptor’s S accessory pairs perfectly with her S skin, but what S skin was Painter’s S accessory designed for? It looks like it could go either way.

Still can’t believe he got a second S skin so soon, while Explorer and Lawyer still have nothing.
Is Wheel supposed to actually be controllable? I like characters that can speed around because it’s fun, but I can’t even control this character in his wheel form, it’s absolutely ridiculous. No wonder I never see people use him.
I didn't check, but Sculptors S accessory was released in the ranked essence like 1 or 2 seasons after she got added, so I figured the "paired" S accessory for everyone else was handled the same.
Wheel is constantly played at top tier in rank. They're an incredibly strong hunter, broken with presence.
>Absolutely impossible to control well
>If somehow you can he’s top tier

I expected that, but I can at least control the other hunters somewhat.
Ive never had a hard time controlling him, are you using the drift button right?
File: 88184885_p0.png (828 KB, 1050x821)
828 KB
828 KB PNG
That's Violinist from the fucking game which we are talking about currently.
>streamin for a friend
>let him pick my character
>it's wheel
>fuck, I hate playing wheel
>chase down a gardener
>she starts running in circles in the open with me right behind her
>literally can't catch up to her
huh. If a survivor does donuts, and you do donuts, you can't close the gap.
what fucking game? who can we fuck?
The game
All the fish.
That little bitch of an artist deleted his IDV stuff for """commercial""" BL. (man ass in jeans)
Violetta, she's a thirsty little nug.
File: 1590595035386.jpg (1.22 MB, 840x1237)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
>tarot match lasts long enough for the gates to open and my king escapes without getting chaired once
>opposing luchino starts swearing in russian
File: EjUax6KXkAIWoN4 (1).png (415 KB, 1080x1080)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
>play tarot
>our hunter decides to go friendly while the other hunter continues to chase me
>get chaired twice
>gates are about to open
>use every single godamn item
>I escape through the gates first and get the win
>it's a perfumer mashes the perfume button and still goes down in 5 seconds game
File: 1594839234469.png (9 KB, 248x235)
9 KB
>game freezes on loading
>get afk detected by the time it unfreezes and I reconnect
>do good for our team, 2nd most points
>-10 rank points
File: Service Boy 63.jpg (669 KB, 1263x893)
669 KB
669 KB JPG
I really don't understand why so many Japanese artists do that. I'm literally playing this game because of Hontoku's drawings.
Is there a rule against copyrighted content in the mainstream BL industry?
The doujins guys do make both copyrighted and original content, same for design artist or mangakas for regular, very commercialised mangas. They could be hentai doujin artists for regular ones, really. No problem.
And by so many, is it IDV related or just regular content being deleted? I see that, too.
So far I have archived solid 1500 pixiv users, but he's either not on the list or chanced his name.
File: 1596662635655.jpg (108 KB, 750x750)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>hack mad eyes computer in duos
>realize i can grief my team with this
I'm sorry but it had to be done
> Is there a rule against copyrighted content in the mainstream BL industry?
Yes, but not really, companies have the right to remove fan content that infringes against copyright laws, but 99% of them understand that any type of fan art is just free publicity.
File: 1623306150816.jpg (284 KB, 998x1029)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
You're a madman. I've done the same thing, but never on purpose.
>know burke is in the opposite corner on moonlit
>hack console
>see acrobat working on cipher
>completely wall him in
>burke teleports to the cipher
>probably burkes face when cage match
I didn't mean to officer, I swear!

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