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File: Terry the Skeleboy.png (1.41 MB, 1200x1200)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
Talk about your favorite jobs/builds and how the game's been treating you

Among other stuff ig
I'll start:
How do I make my elf not shit?

She dodges just about everything but her damage slows down pathetically in the higher dungeons, what do?
I've never heard of this but the art look sick, sell me on it OP
>Favorite jobs/builds:
Clown with Eternal Dark, Benefit of the Time, and Lucky Coin is incredibly fun. Things spiral out of hand pretty quickly once I'm able to absorb one of the passives that let me scale Int or Pie off of shields.
Taoist with Benefit of the Time is also really fun - just grab a bunch of non-turn-ending support skills, and watch your damage snowball out of control.
File: Magic Whip Grill.png (989 KB, 1200x1200)
989 KB
989 KB PNG
Clown was the one I used before I unlocked Kunoichi, I dont think I got the hang of him

Game is you('re a necromancer who reanimates bodies and controls them as you) explore a variety of dungeons with different dificulties / environments (All enemies have unique skills, only X type of character can enter, extra hard, etc). At the start of the game you pick your character that starts with a basic kit of skills/perks and go into the dungeon.

The rooms / skills / enemies you face are mostly random so even if you have a character's playstyle figured out you still might have to make due with skills that arent your exact build.

You beat levels to get currency. Beating the lvl 25 boss of any dungeon gives you enough currency to buy a character or two, and there's extra missions for more currency. You can fight optional bosses and secrets to find body parts that you can use to give skills to your character n shit

It's cool and and you should try it if you like dungeon crawling shit and customizing your character. Most runs are finding the way you can 1-shot everything and kek your way to the one room/enemy that you weren't prepared for and die, then fixing your shit and trying again
That sounds rad actually. I'll give it a look once this even on my gacha ends. Thanks anon!
File: 222.jpg (243 KB, 1080x1732)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Here's a pic of what the usual battle looks like. Enemy's dead in that screenshot so that's why its black

Hope u liek
I'm guessing benefit of time is a contract?
is there some way to tell which skills can be dissected?
Yeah, it's in the Dried Leaf store.
It gives three abilities - Drifting Odor (all skills CD set to 0, but you can't resist any status for any reason), Wavy Attack (Pursuit is triggered after every skill use instead of at the end of the turn), and Shield Conversion (whenever you gain a status, gain a proportionate value in shields).

There's no pattern to it. You basically have to dig around for a guide.
Sounds OP specially with someone with ninjutsu, but I havent ever payed much attention to the dried leaf store outside of special jobs

From my experience only the skill at the very bottom can be dissected, but it's not guaranteed
I managed to get a monster to 100% before dissecting and didn't get shit ;-;
It's always the skill at the bottom that's checked, and always only available at >80%, but certain skills can't be dissected.
Clown basically needs two things to do well: A way to either lower the cooldown or extend the duration of Reusing, and an item or items to exploit. Benefit of the Time is very powerful on Clown because it enables the use of Reusing and all of your items each turn. Stardust and Lucky Coin are your best options - Juggling (Clown's unique passive) turns Stardust into "deal 190% of opponent's max HP" and Lucky Coin spam can quickly lead to every equipment drop being top rarity.

I recommend Fairy Wings as a lab part (dissect from Ice Elementals, which show up as bosses in Weekly dungeons). This will give you a very powerful safety net in case you're not able to dodge everything. Then, rely on Whirlwind and DoT effects.
Weekly or weekly extreme?
Regular weekly I know for certain sometimes has Ice Elementals. Not sure about weekly ex.
Is there a class that starts out with eternal dark or something similar?
How many soulstones do I need to get all the random amulets?
As far as I know, no class starts with Eternal Dark, but the Floor 100 boss of Tiger's Hole is guaranteed to have it.
File: image0.jpg (79 KB, 512x512)
79 KB
Favorite jobs?
>add Blood pleasure
>Hit power-up move repeatedly
Necromancer is my favorite.
Building for Tank or Damage usually leaves you vulnerable but if you hit that right spot of just enough damage to go with your protection you can steamroll through floors with a dozen barriers and lots of shields.
PIE + DEX is a very Risk Reward stat combination
I just gave the rabbit 100 fragments of death.
Did I get scammed?
Every encounter with the rabbit after that is him asking for more, or him giving you a permanent buff

Short answer: yes
PIE has a lot of good builds and weird strats, but I havent really tried them much
My favorite PIE build:
>No Faith, 20% Vampirism, Overheal parts
>1-2 decent attacking moves, 2-3 Angel Light for boosts to healing, with priority on getting at least one boosted enough for status curing, remaining move slots can be dedicated to utility
Angel's class passive generates Pursuit proportionate to your healing. No Faith neutralizes direct healing, but multiplies "indirect" healing by 500%, making Vampirism 20% heal you equal to the damage you dealt. Angel Light gives +50% to all healing, and Heal % is a common modifier on gear for Angels. Vampirism triggers on Pursuit damage, so all the Pursuit->Vampirism->Angel passive forms a feedback loop that maintains you at the damage cap without a need to focus on offensive stats. Replace Overheal with Spirit Body if you have Shield Conversion.
Not really sure what im doing but the graverobbber is my dude for now. All about that dex and multi hits
File: IMG_20191130_003425.jpg (38 KB, 828x651)
38 KB
>Buy Pirate
>Try out
>See Pursuit
File: death.gif (121 KB, 472x550)
121 KB
121 KB GIF
>Start playing again after having not touched it since 1st year anni
>Oh hey there's a caterpillar I thought I heard people talking about that being strong
>"How do I pupa?"
>Get amorphous
>Delete character

They really made this harder since I last played, have yet to beat the 10th floor king as he seems to just have some way of dealing with several gimmick builds.
Without good lab parts, contracts, and amulets, only a few classes can consistently do well. I recommend using Dragoon (if you like facetanking), Kunoichi (if you like to spam attacks), or Fairy (if you want a little of both) until you've gotten ways to set up builds on the classes you like.
Embodiment of Malice can be dissected for Dark Power, which works well on Amorphous.
For Pupa on Caterpillar, you just have to look for the skill. Different skills are more or less likely to show up for different classes, and Pupa is relatively common for Caterpillar.
Dragoon is that last resort for when you've been unable to beat a dungeon with your favorite characters, but that stops working on the advanced dungeons like hell and trials
Just how vital is the Alert lab part?
Alert is very important on a build (whether via lab part, contract, or armor) if you rely on setting up your defenses on your turn, or rely on your own first strikes. Otherwise, it's a luxury.
How much does exp does road of thorns give? Does it double exp gain?

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