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Seems neet to me desu
Its well known they pay for good reviews, but that isn't exactly exclusive to mobile.

For me the cash shop was overkill and while the game is initially visually impressive eventually you notice the plastic doll aesthetic on every model. I also don't like games that split up into so many damn servers. You just end up the king of a dead world.
Fair enough. Ive only just started it. The voice acting is quite horrible at times but so far its impressive for a mobile game thats "free"
Just personal taste, but the game looks and plays too chinky for me
OP here. Its got way too many things going on at once. Like it seems to give you so much and you advance through levels quickly. However the multiple notifications going on at once is a tad bit annoying.
I started playing it last night.

I love it so far, but I wish they put more effort into the facial expressions and the voices. The characters look and sound so emotionless.
What server are you in?
It's a dogshit p2w chink game with daily quests and auto-play. It's barely an MMO and definitely not a RPG. Stop hurting yourself anon and get some help.
This. Just play Toram or Iruna. Or play Elona even.
Yeah I played it for three hours and couldn't tell if I was still in the tutorial. It was pretty boring with a typical wtf jrpg story

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