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Female Tourist C from Arknights
What happened to the other thread, I left for a few hours and couldn't find it when I returned.
404'd dont know why we weren't doing anything wrong from what I saw
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Huh. That's weird.
Didn't even look like there was any offtopic stuff or rule breaking, yeah.
Guess I'll just post the recap image for the CN livestream's contents to start.
I feel like poor Shaw is one of the quickest replaced units despite her cute factor. All pushers are good but DAMN FEater's giant robot fists are cool and Weedy's blast is busted as fuck. I hope Gladiia's pulling will be just as good.
File: 1619318910203.jpg (255 KB, 1180x915)
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there she is
How many rolls do you have primed?
I just want one on banner 6*
like 25 im not getting her and I want to start saving up for skadi now
Probably a good idea, although I do think Mudrock is pretty and powerful.
I have 60 rolls not including OP. What's my chance for Mudrock bro?
The same as always with a limited banner? It would go up to the 50 roll pity rate up at least.
I just want Mudrock. What should I do now aaaaaaahhhhh. I don't care for Rosmontis since they do re-run the limited Operator after all.
Cross your fingers and hope the daily roll gets you one.
Apparently W is in Skadi banner. So Nian is gonna be in the Dusk's one? Whats the rate for Nian then? The remaining rate(30%)? It's so generous then.
Nian? Probably at a higher rate than the average offbanner but not that high I think.
File: 1619314381193.png (614 KB, 854x403)
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614 KB PNG
The rate should be the same for Dusk/Nian banner.
Who is Skadi alt's artist? It reminds me of Yoshiku but I don't think they worked on this.
Pretty much a based one, he also drew Archetto and Grani.
Thanks, they have great art.
Never ended up using Grani much though.
It's really sad situation for Global. We are hype for this a content we won't be getting for months. And when we are finally getting it we don't have the hype for it anymore and instead hype for something else that we again won't be getting for months. I'm so tired of this bros. I rather we don't have foresight at all than this situation. What do?
tfw thinking of buying a cn account and ditching global.
It's JP fault I think. They're the one that don't want an accelerated schedule to catch up with CN. They want this foresight ability and we know Yostar doesn't give a shit about Global soooo...
On one hand I like being able to save up orundum with a wide safety net, on the other, yeah all the chapters and story events are old news by the time we get it.
I thought we were still catching up though. Did they stop?
We are not trying anymore bruh. In fact i think we're actually slower now.
Seriously? Could've sworn there was stuff about skipping a break before MN.
Haven't we been going at 130% speed? My list of future operators to save for is tiny compared to where it was last year
Since when you're under impression we're still catching up? Seriously NO. But a lot of people like this foresight ability and i think you're one of it too? I'm the minority here so what can I say beside whining. Sad.
I mean, catching up at this point is useless and its impossible.
CN had a massive meltdown for content drought the first three months after the game got released, to avoid losing players they started pushing a lot of events.
Global got released as soon as the cn server had enough content for us, to both translate and then release we.
The hype is normal, the event seems good both lore wise and gameplay wise, they pulled out lots of infos(more than the first anniversary imho and made other drones seethe) which means the game has a lot more to tell.
The 5-8 months difference isnt quite big(there are other gachas that are 2 years behind instead) and sure people will lose the same hype they had in the first place when we will get this event next year....
Which is quite normal if you consider that this is your average gacha player mentality.
I still hope one day we will have all the content synched, but be aware if they plan it, it will likely start a whole drama in China since chinese players can get easily trigger themselves if they dont get new content or recycled content because of us(Esp if you saw the whole MHY drama situation). Time will tell, at this point im fine with being behind and actually have enough time to hoard and see which banner to pull(better than having 2 years of content behind)
Its also good for Yostar since they had a whole drama regarding content being released too fast and translation being broken(it wasnt JP who asked this but GL players).
They also pushed ch8 sooner than people expected because golden week..
Then we will get likely either Cob rerun or
>Mountain >Archetto>R6scollab? >dusk event >kal > anni
>Cathing up is useless
Why? Whyyyyyy? I don't need this foresight so it's not useless to me.
File: 1618744789911.jpg (268 KB, 2500x1289)
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268 KB JPG
For those asking, yes there are also people who like the lore and want them to fix some errors(they are still doing updates regarding the whole translation)
And still they are speeding up the whole translation thing, but since they seem to keep translating from CN text which is unironically hard (Old chinese and traditional chinese in the same sentence= pain) instead of TL from JP, it will still require a lot of time, AK like FGO or GBF has a lot of text to translate and adapt, its not something you can expect them to you know, just translate and put in.
Also Translators are likely not in touch with the main script writers, this is why some adaptations sound strange or out of context...
I still have fear when they will translate dusk event which is considered every cn translator nightmare as for now.
if you guys are tired of knowing whats coming why dont you just not look? thats what i do
You are still in this thread. What do you mean not look? I'm not actively seeking it if that's what you mean. You don't need to seek for it to actually know about it.
well i dont actively read all the posts in the thread so i dont know whats coming but i guess if you want to have people to talk to the game about youd naturally end up finding out things, youre right
Yeah, that's what I mean. Even a simple glance at my operator detail in GG page will bring out that top 10 operator thing. I literally can't avoid it without looking AK online at all. It's more devastating that way anon since I'm playing it alone already.
i wish we were caught up as well. its a shame these kind of games so often trail so far behind the source.
File: 1619337366773.png (3.48 MB, 1920x1080)
3.48 MB
3.48 MB PNG
So the black knight joined Silverash company.
Yes and no.
She's tied to silver ash only for contract reasons(since he's able to mantain her requests of specific equipment and other reasons).
Personally, I'd like to be 1-2 months behind. It's a comfortable balance between having foresight/translation buffer and being up to date on current content.
she's a welfare idk if she would be good at all tho
like the best i'll hope is that she ends up like scene in that she is good but most welfares are just average in general
That Flint skin looks great, is Flint any good gameplay-wise?
Now that we're done with Eyja and BP...Mudrock skin when? She's actually the one that needed it the most because...yeah you know why. How long do we usually need to wait for new character skin to drop?
Few months to years, just look at Eyja and BP. There's not telling whenever they can grab the artists to draw the skins or not,
Huh? I don't see any
She is gonna be in the summer event. No pic yet
Why is Silverdaddy so cool and classy bros? Oh and nice Black Knight too i guess.
File: 20210425_100832.png (186 KB, 854x779)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
The CEO has arrived
hello ceo°!
File: Spoiler Image (97 KB, 378x455)
97 KB
Here's your coral coast Mudrock skin.
She's alright. She's not hard to use, and does her job. Very potent against melees and things low defense (think rockbreakers from CC0/hosf). Her specialty is not being hit, by way of not blocking melees, so she can beat things like lancers or strong rockbreakers that would otherwise kill your melee dps, and her slow means she's also good against wraiths/ergates with her slow since they can't be blocked anyway. She's cheap and 10 cd means she's helidropable, decent uptime on her skill, so she can pull of pic related (risk 7 from the off season CC rotation). She's got 914 atk with skill up, and she does 40% more damage, so the lower the def the better. Before calculating for def she's got 2635 damage per second, which sounds really good on paper but remember her atk is still rather low and the talent scales worse with more defense.
If you like her, I'd always say go for it, and her gameplay is fun.
I don't really get the "not being hype anymore" at all. It's not like I got to play the event myself yet. I get excited when I'm playing the game, not just from thinking about it. Also looking forward to skins for Flint and Eunectes. I'd be fine with accelerating some, but as f2p I do like to have the foresight as others have said. I came from feh, where there is no foresight and they'd love to use every twist and turn to jew you out of your resources.
not the anon you were replying to but i really like the fast punchy characters but i have a hard time getting myself to find places to use her because im not smart enough to figure out how to make use of her without blocking people
Brawlers are generally safe to place in front of a blocking defender - their inbuilt dodge chance and defense mean it's usually safe for them to do so.
Or in Flint's case you can use her S2 to relieve any melee pressure.
so i wouldnt need to use a weird strategy with slowing supports or something to keep them in flints range? i can just treat her trait as bonus damage on top when she uses her skill or something?
I think it depends on your mastery, her slow becomes stronger with higher atkspd. However, she can plow through a buffed rockbreaker leader there without leaking, so in general play she should be fine, given you're attacking a target you can kill ofc. Forgot to add she's also good early on with her short startup cooldown and low cost for soloing two lanes at once against mooks.
I'M SO HAPPY BROS. FINALLY GOT SARIA FROM TOP OPERATOR TODAY. MY FIRST TOP OPERATOR AFTER 6 MONTHS PLAYING. What should I M3 first, her S1 or S2? Which one is more useful if i don't deploy medic anymore?
Yeah, and if you stick her 1 square away from a Defender but facing towards that Defender, you can let a whole wave pass through her while S2 is up and then maybe still be not blocking after it wears off.

Other times there's a free tile where you can place her off the main path facing the square in front of you blocker, that works well too and gives her Talent the best uptime.
S7 is sufficient for s2, s1 is the one that is actually used in hard content and needs/actually benefits from masteries. S3 is your next priority.
Alright thanks anon, I almost make a mistake thinking her S2 is better. Does Saria S3 also boost Surtr S3 damage?
Yes, it's why she's core in CC cinder, and it was also her best in slot skill in pyrite and blade, and probably lead seal too.
oh, when the talents specify that they cant be blocking does it just mean they they themselves cant be blocking? i thougut it meant by anyone
I want to pick Mostima from that card thing coming soon anons but apparently everyone made fun of her being shit tier. Even my irl friend told me it's dumb because she is literally the weakest 6* and go for Eyja instead. Is she really that useless? I like her design very much. Sad.
I might actually use him now
oh theyre releasing another choose your operator card?
It'll be on CN 2 years anniversary which still far far away from us
Not only the game is easy enough that you don't need meta to play the game and still keep up with content, the current meta is "Kill everything as fast as it spawns" and Mostima specializes in crowd control rather than damage and only damage
She can be used just fine in all content that matters and gives rewards, just don't expect her to solo a boss in record time with no help
The issue with Mostima is she is a 6* OP that excel in nothing and got the worst class in game, AOE caster.
damn i got excited
>AOE caster.
>worst class in game
But that's chain caster.
She's a support-crowd-control aoe caster. She is weak. The upside is that her S3 has range and doesn't stun herself but it's negligible with how weak it is. She may have use as a comb but it's hard to justify when the other 6 stars have killer AOE skills and don't cost 34 dp. You can punch through a lot of the content with just Eyja's S2.
>Using Eyja S2 as an AoE caster with no skill
So if I'm reading this correctly, her talent apllies after the attack-defense calculation? That's a shame.
All the currently available brawlers in global are fairly average to mediocre units. It's just not a good archetype. Usable sure, but never really the best at anything.
>If they don't kill the entire screen on skill activation they are mediocre
I was told back around the rerun of the Grani event that we were getting stuff faster than it had been in CN.
Really though I do just enjoy the story in advance and sure, it lets me save for cool units in advance too. In a game where rolls are slow to accumulate with daily gameplay, I'm ok with being able to save in advance.
We started like 8-9 months behind and we are already only 5 and half months behind, we are catching up albeit slowly
No, if they're completely superceded by one of the most common class types in the game thanks to their weird ass subclass attributes they're mediocre. Keep in mind "mediocre" is not synonymous with terrible, it's just unremarkable. Brawlers have low atk, high atk spd, block 1, and often some sort of trait that relies on RNG to not be hit. Usually it's more effective to simply use a duelist, or a unit like Cutter. Those certainly aren't screen clearers but they're better for general use. It's not to say brawlers are unusable, but for each there's a common substitute, usually of lower rarity, that's better. For example, if you needed a quick arts killer block 1 guard, slap down Utage, she's better at it than Indra even though her arts is different in activation type.
She's not the weakest 6*, but she's on the lower end. Her S2 is still pretty good and she's the best normal AoE caster right now until Dusk comes out. Normal AoE casters just happen to be a niche class.
Ah I see.
It'd probably be better for them business-wise to catch up too (less people saving stashes for future stuff, so incentivizes spending), but that's why I'm mostly ok with it being behind. If I'm going to spend on AK I'd rather do it for artbooks/figures.
Without Passenger, she is the worst.
Is she? I thought that her arts elevated her at least a little. Still, the S2 is pretty good. Feels like too many people shit on her for the asinine SP cost on the S3.
The cost on her S3 is exaggerated for no reason, with her talent it costs 78 seconds of SP for a second cast if she remains on the field the whole time, that's faster than Silverash and Eyja even if you redeploy those 2 for their second cast and you get an average SP roll on Eyja
But I would never expect all the people that can only mindlessly repeat what tier lists and spreadsheets tell them to know this
So am I supposed to wait to do Annihilation after we get the new stage?
File: El54CplU4AAZGRl.jpg (497 KB, 2048x2006)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
Apparently, the Global announcement for the 6 star ticket was wrong: Rosa and Suzu should be available as per KR and JP announcements
I mean that's still pretty bad though, and it doesn't really have the same result as SA and Eyja's for the cost it takes. They overestimate stuff a lot when balancing AoE casters and the subtype of it (chain casters). Aside from the pushy bit though I'd always prefer to use the S2 because of the stopping power it has combined with the much quicker charge. Feels like that apart from the special animation the S2 is the real power skill
god please, too cursed
It's not really, ever since I saw someone on the /vg/ general mention you are meant to use S3 to get enemies out of blocking to cancel their attack animations and perma stall them that fixed the only weakness that skill had for me, it completely outclasses S2 on every way when you really need to lock down something. Even with heavier enemies you can still use Angelina
HG doesn't really overestimate the power AoE casters have, their power is well guaranteed if you start stacking enemies for them with slowers or a defender
Again, it all comes down to this mentality of overrating spreadsheet calculations and >If they don't instantly kill everything on the screen with their skill they are mediocre
I disagree, it's definitely not perma stall with that kind of duration and cost. At best it's good for stuff that can't be stunned, but if she's going to stay deployed I prefer the S2.
HG VASTLY overestimates it. Sure if you have a unit like Suzu then they can be effective to a better extent than normal, but the average stage doesn't have a layout conducive to a strategy revolving around AoE casters. The casters themselves receive way too many penalties for their archetype. There's no good reason why even Lava should cost so much DP and the slow aspd is awful. I'm no spreadsheet guy but it is a niche archetype. Every archetype can be worked into strategies but people rate what's good by how easy they are to use and the average AoE caster does not meet that criteria so that's why they're considered mediocre. Mostima has a max CC clear to her name, but it doesn't mean she's the best because of it.
Mediocre is relative. In a class of rarity where some units can solo whole challenge levels or R18s by themselves (or at least facilitate duo clears) the ones that are just powerful are the mediocre ones. Do you think Skadi's considered mediocre because she's weak? She's a colossal stat stick that should theoretically be the best if spreadsheets were all that mattered. Mostima's not weak either, but she's comparatively not BROKEN which is what 6*s are judged by.
In the end, tough luck if your favorite's considered a mediocre unit in their rarity class, having a use doesn't make it not mediocre when compared to absolute titans that fill the rest of the class.
It doesn't matter, if you like the unit, use it.
Excluding Passenger, Mostima is definitely the weakest 6*. I don't see how there is an argument over this.
It's really weird your post reads like one of those condensed pasta posts, it's like listing off every single generic meta opinion in quick succession that bends over backwards and in loops to justify having the same opinion after all this time
>Mostima has a max CC clear to her name, but it doesn't mean she's the best because of it.
If being on max risk doesn't get someone out of "mediocre" then what does at this point?
I imagine you must've had the same conversation multiple times then because people can't get it through to you what "mediocre" means. It means moderate quality. You can call it "generic meta opinions" but those become "generic" for a reason, it's not like the assessments people have for units are unfounded and just based off theorycrafting and calculations anon. I'm not justifying anything except the part where I'm saying HG overestimes the archetype and they should ease up on the restrictions. The rest is just trying to explain to you why the general consensus on the units exists with the playerbases of the game.
Once again, people rate COMPARATIVELY.
I'll say it again. People rate COMPARATIVELY.
Mostima COMPARES to other 6*s, not to every single unit in the game, because she's an elite, rare unit that is difficult and expensive to raise. Other 6*s are often busted as fuck. Mostima is not busted as fuck. Not being busted as fuck does not equal being dogshit.
Almost every 6* in the game has been used in at least one max risk CC, including every single one of the "bad" 6*s like Aak or Skadi. Apart from normal defenders, they've all got unique skillsets that allow them this ability. CC forces people to use unusual units a lot of the time as well, such as Bibeak (who I believe is vastly underrated but she's unrelated to 6* discussion).
Let me get this out of the way too, there are no actually bad 6*s, at least in global. But again, when people say Mostima is mediocre they're comparing her to her rarity class. The fact is, Mostima is the current best AoE caster in the game until Dusk comes out, but she's not going to be as splashable or easy to use as the biggest and best of the 6*s.
Argue it then.
Also on the topic of spreadsheeting I'd like to mention the only 6* who gets a ton of flak from that is Ch'en due to her DPS supposedly being lower than Cutter.
Nothing to argue. If you failed to see that fact then so be it.
Doesn't seem weak
>slightly higher than normal SP cost is normal for s3 aoes
>great damage potential
>beeg attack stat
Really the only thing is her high cost and slowness holding her back.
Please read the post again. Weakest 6*. Emphasis on number.
They kind of are unfounded, one of the benchmark tests for new ops is clearing the swarm in LS-4, the second one is soloing Patriot without mines, a boss you are meant to use some kind of defense or res debuffer with or use mines if you don't have any. Both "tests" are nonsense and prove nothing when you end up using any operator in any real stage, as real stages are designed to have different possible ways to clear them even with 4 star operators only
These comparisons are a joke on the context of real stages, just last event you needed at the bare minimum 2 damage meta operators to kill both bosses in MN-EX-8 challenge mode, despite needing 2 instead of 1 meta operator you needed 2 deployments for them anyway, needing to stall the whole time until you could redeploy them the second time
Can you really call them broken if they take over 70 seconds to kill a single boss? At that point you can get a similar clear with any other 6 star and a team of 4 stars stalling slowly dealing damage until the bosses die
All these benchmarks are biased towards those everyone already invested in (The big 5) and biased against new ops and the ones everyone already memes on as being bad, it's so bad and disingenuous the latest tier lists have been nothing but surveys on who people think is strong rather than any real data
>the only 6* who gets a ton of flak from that is Ch'en due to her DPS supposedly being lower than Cutter.
Could you elaborate further on this? Is it a bad idea to get Ch'en with the selector ticket if I already have Cutter?
I don't see how this is related to Mostima being mediocre at all or she is as powerful as other meta operator. You are the one that going off tangent.
I'm not really sure what "benchmark tests" are there man. I've never even heard of any of this shit.
Also no you didn't, people cleared MN-EX-8-CM with all 3*s plus Noir Corne. It took a long time, but it's possible. And yes, even if it takes a while to kill a boss with a 6* they're still busted as fuck for the majority of stages and facilitate clears for low rarity teams and less skilled players. Are you seriously going to claim Surtr's not unbalanced as fuck just because it takes her a long time to kill an enemy with 70 natural res and 60,000 HP?
I'm not talking about benchmark tests anon, I have no fucking clue what or who scored on benchmark tests and those sound retarded anyway when units that don't even attack half the time (i.e. Suzuran) are still considered very good due to their supporting ability.
The entire point is not using an operator properly, them performing poorly, then calling them bad because of it is just poor practice
It's a meme, don't worry about it. Cutter's theoretical DPS is higher due to it being quicker to activate.
Ch'en herself isn't among the best simply due to how bloated the guard pool is but she's still got immensely strong skills and is very easy to use on tons of teams thanks to her S2.
If you cared about meta at all then don't pick Ch'en. If you don't care then you don't even need to ask.
Look anon I'm sorry your waifu isn't the cream of the crop but her supporting ability is just ok and her damage is average when you compare her in both to other 6*s. Again, she's amazing for her archetype but it's entirely based on the fact she's a 6* which means that yes, "unit that isn't broken as fuck to the degree that future content is constantly trying to screw them over" is going to be middle of the road.
No, it's a meme used to shit on number based rankings. Ch'en's skill ranges and uses are completely different and she's a massive nuker while Cutter's a more generalist DPS often used to hit drones.
I felt like he is arguing a different thing entirely. His argument is about his waifu not being shit when other anons are talking about 6* power ranking which his waifu is unfortunately bottom tier among those.
I mean, you can like both. I bought Ch'en from the cert shop immediately despite having no apparent use for her thanks to her being hot as fuck. I even bought her new years qipao in advance.
Well yeah, that's what I was trying to communicate. His waifu's not shit but she's not going to compare well among the elite of the elite rarity units.
Then you don't care about meta which is evident when you don't ask anything about it. My point still stand.
>Other servers anni won't be happening until next January
What are they going to do if we somehow catches up in 6 months?
But I use Surtr with S3M3 and am gunning for Mudrock. I wouldn't be playing this game if I didn't like the characters though.
No need to be so hostile like that, isn't this a civilized discussion?
The point is I don't see how her supporting ability is "just ok" when she reduces the SP costs of caster operators by as much as 30% and has some of the best true crowd control in the game (Suzuran and Saria are not true crowd control, they don't stun or shift)
The only way this is "just ok" is if all you care about is damage and damage only, which seems to be the case for many
You don't care about meta doesn't mean that you can't use Surtr S3M3 anon. You like Chen. You bought it. You don't care about her power level at all. So you don't care about meta. You bought it because you like her. So how am I wrong?
But we are talking about 6* power level here and you keep getting sidetrack to another topic. Damage is kind of crowd control too actually kek. And damage obviously is the most important thing in many games.
Hostile? Mate if the "look anon I'm sorry your waifu isn't the cream of the crop" sounded hostile I'm sorry, it's supposed to be humorous.
Suzuran and Saria provide clumping. I.e. they control a crowd, ironically making it easier for Mostima to do her job. Way back at the start I said I liked her S2 thanks to the stun. The shift is weak so it's not going to do much aside from that light stoppage part you mentioned to interrupt attacks, which is neat but you have to chew through 78 seconds (assuming your time is correct, I don't measure these things) to do that when you could just use any other controller 6* to hold them back more efficiently.
Her support game is average She can hold enemies, but not much better than other ones designed for the job. She'd be amazing if it stacked the SP gain with Ptilopsis though.
If replying to your points means "getting sidetracked to another topic" then how do you exactly follow a discussion?
Damage as crowd control is ineffective as crowd control when just last event using both Silverash and Eyja failed to burst down and kill the bosses in a single rotation, forcing you to use the mines from the drones to stall them for 60 seconds to deploy them again, and then stall for even longer for them to charge their skill and deal damage until the bosses actually die this time
Having such single-minded focus on damage and damage only is a strategy that is already barely holding up nowadays
And that made Mostima better than them how? Mostima can solo these 2 bosses? You keep making irrelevance argument.
Well I mean, I wouldn't have M3'd her skill if it wasn't the most busted thing in the game. Therefore, it's both. I use operators I like, such as Absinthe, and I use operators that are meta, such as Surtr, because they are broken as fuck. It's not like I care much for an amnesiac's story that doesn't develop her character much for. But I love that little student bear holding her dad's gun, trying to get to the bottom of a mystery involving his death. I love the solid "crack" of her weapon when her skill is active, I love her depressed, sad face and dingy clothes. I love it so much I E2'd her. But I also E2'd Surtr, and that's because I love to BURN things.
Think about it yourself, why is it always about someone "soloing" something on a game clearly meant for you to build a team with different synergies using operators of different rarities?
I didn't say that you can only be on one side. I said if you care about meta don't pick Chen. If you don't care then you even need to ask about it.
>tfw anon missed your reply because you were too slow typing it up
Dang. Anyways this feels like the Passenger argument. That one where they post all those things about how if he's buffed to the nines he's capable of downing Patriot ez.
See you are talking about something else again. You don't follow conversation at all. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT WEAKEST 6*.
But I was only replying in the first place to say you could care about meta AND still get Ch'en because damn I love girls with horns and a pretty face.
Bro...why is it so hard for you to admit that your waifu are bottom tier among six stars? Wait, you are not going to accuse me of being hostile again right?
We are talking about current tier lists of who is the strongest and weakest being disingenuous when they measure solo power in a game designed around team synergies
Current tier lists are quite literally based on surveys now instead of real data, why? Because those that are always hated for being "low tier" like Aak already got core roles on max risk clears
Yeah so what are we talking about again?
Er, not to butt in here but you're talking with someone else. I'm waiting over here >>411905
Well you said "if you care at all about meta then don't pick Ch'en" so I said I care and I still picked Ch'en. I do thank you for clarifying what you meant more in a later post though.
Huh? but i agree with you. Mostima is clearly inferior to other 6*.
Ah, ok. Sorry, it's getting hard to follow the conversation then. I'll let you guys duke it out.
Well because you forgot the later my part of the original post . Remember it doesn't have to be one side only. I thought it's clear by that post.
There is hardly anything to "duke it out" when tier lists boil down to DPS spreadsheets and confirmation bias, basically the same reason everyone uses Ch'en and Skadi S2 instead of S3
Nah I'm done with him. He's doesn't want to argue about that and keep talking about something else. One operator obviously have to be more useful than another operator overall. It can't be the same. He doesn't want to admit that.
File: 1604294931040.webm (2.93 MB, 1516x852)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB WEBM
haha Meteorite goes brrr.
It wasn't.
How it is delivered is
>If you care at all about meta then don't pick Ch'en.
>If you don't care then you don't even need to ask.
This implies that the two statements are related, as they lead into each other and the first one notes exclusivity of a concept while the other dismisses it entirely. Thus, I was only responding to the first part, as the second part did not apply to me, and I rejected the exclusivity of concept noted by the first sentence. Yes I am a pedant.
alright then.
I was just saying her support capabilities are generally average and the slow zones provided by those two other ops are a form of crowd control due to clumping.
Well, it should be evident by now I'm ESL. So forgive my bad English. I don't get all these rules. I'm trying really.
That's ok, I apologize for being a pedant. Just trying to explain why I responded the way I did to it, English has a lot of bizarre ways that meaning shifts in.
And those 2 other ops have them as their S3 skill rather than passively up all the time
You fixed your auto after completing W's S3M3?
Nope, this is the same auto I used after giving up on W actually working right, now just with Meteorite S1M3.
Isn't that the same as Mostima? Her crowd control is from her skills. Her passive talent is a class specific SP regen buff that's slightly different from Ptilopsis's.
I see, makes sense. I ought to E2 Meteorite.
To be honest I never completed an auto for Anni 3. I got to 400 with a support and just left the auto at 364 kills.
She's pretty much a luxury unit for me still, so if you have W I wouldn't say she's terribly needed.
Better to run it from what I understand, though anni 4 might be better once we get it on the 3rd.
So many Mostimafags here. Was her design really that good? I thought it was pretty average. Her VA is GOD TIER though.
It's a pretty minor effect, only 15% slow. Might be crucial for some strategies but it more serves just to augment her skills.
Oh I do. Same guy from last thread when it got deleted, sorry. I wanted to put masteries on W's S2 but I'm hoarding mats in the off chance I get Mudrock. I actually picked my Meteorite up off a Senior Op tag.
Which one is that? The Kazimierz one or the Ursus one?
I E2 4 sniper BP/Platinum/W/Meteorite but I end up barely use them at all except for drone stages. Melee/caster/supporter units seems better for non drone enemy. How can I utilize them more?
Exusiai is the consistently most popular 6* unit.
Mostima is strongly related to Exusiai in design and lore. Mostima is therefore a magnet for Exu fans.
Also, she got a LOT of fanart thanks to this, which attracted new players just to see the pretty blue girl. Especially all that art of her with a blue tongue.
Feater is just too much of an upgrade over shaw and she was crucial in CC1 so lot of people built her I think.
She is still 6star and utility based so I think she will be at least ok. I was about to say "they wouldn't make a 6star totally bad" but...mh... they did last banner
File: 1605323586460.png (1.91 MB, 1920x1080)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
I still have to upgrade Ch'en and Mudrock isn't needed for any risk 18s going forward so I'm not worrying about getting her nor not, but I get why you are waiting does seem like a good plan.
I use Exu/BP on basically every stage because they tend to be cheap phys ground/air dps.
I think part of it is this is about my normal team I go into stuff blind with so I like it to be as rounded as I can and I swap out as I need different things.
Gonna laugh and cry hard when summer event will come with eyja as an important character but STILL no skill,at this point the whole situation became psychedelic to me
They do good damage against most Sarkaz enemies.
BP has arts tacked on which works well for stages with lots of mixed bulk enemies coming down a path.
Platinum is really for drones. Not much else to say, she's got decent atk and good range though.
W/Meteorite are for stages with lots of low def enemies coming in groups. They kill Sarkaz handily as well, and W's mines work really nicely on a lot of stages. Meteorite's got extremely high damage thanks to her talent/skills so really you can just slot them in wherever.
I hope we get to see more of their land soon,Victoria is fine but I want to know more about Silverash family
Man, I need to mastery my Ch'en too, damn. She's so heavily reliant on it that I feel like it should be a priority but my books are crying paper tears after all their friends got burnt to feed Surtr's S3. I thought Mudrock was in Lead Seal to hold back the golems but I only remember that really vaguely.
Ah yeah. At least on that the two boss knights spawn separately so it's possible to kill one before the other actually comes out.
For me I'm happy knowing what's coming,as a f2p my resources are limit and would be sad to waste them on some new cool 6star just to know he is totally useless and getting baited out of alter skadi/Kal'sit next banner

Also we already got in strange territories with the slight accelleration because of the half year/2 year anniversary

People thinking we are ever gonna catchup with how the game is working their events are naive
The event PV at the end of the CN livestream showed Silverash for several seconds in a snowy area so it's safe to say we might see some stuff related to them in Kjerag.
Storywise though it'd probably focus on providing detail on why they're trying so hard to blackmail, backstab, and take down the SA family.
I'm chapter 5 so far. Was Ch'en S2M3 still usefull from this point on or should i do S3M3? Which one is better anons? Only want to do one probably.
I haven't even E2'd my Ch'en yet. She's likely not even going to see mastery till the rock farm event is over. The only "needed" unit for risk 18 for the next two CCs is Surtr if I remember right.
It as a whole looks fairly easy honestly.
Ch'en's never been great but I'm doing S2M3 personally. There's way better options for what she does with S3 but S2 is generic enough that you can use it pretty much anywhere, also hits ground/air.
It's always useful and remains that way even in new CN content. S3M3's multihit seeker is crazy but does fall off against the high def enemies later.
Her character is the always liked animesque senpai superstrong and misterious that act in her own way and "play the game on a different plane then the protagonist"
Also linked to one of the most misterious faction (laterano),just to add to the fire
Ah, I see. I got her at the same time as Ifrit so she had to wait until the fire baby was promoted.
>tfw back to the rock mines for the juicebox dividends
Dammit. I wonder how the last Junkman in the stage feels.
Yeah, it certainly feels that way from what I've seen. You've got Thorns so it'll be an absolute piece of cake for you, Destreza snaps the stage over his knee when he's placed on the bottom lane and he can pretty much solo the whole bottom as far as I remember.
I thought the most mysterious faction is Abyssal?
I'm pretty much out of stuff to trust farm to 100% so it's likely going to be something like "oh god why are they all at the entrances"
I honestly haven't seen much for normal clears of Cinder so I'm just gonna kinda go in doing whatever.
For misterious I mean "we know basically nothing"
Yes,they are basically same level of mistery but what give for me the edge is that Abyssal is litterally a mistery while Laterano should be a well-known city/country but somehow we have the same level of info about those 2
Also we gonna get lot of abyssal info with the next event,with laterano still shrouded in mistery
Yeah she fits the standard "cool and collected" character type well.
Laterano's not that mysterious yet though. They're basically just the traditional church faction right now, the only mystery threads are through Mostima and her handlers. I'd say the most mysterious ones are the Elders (virtually nothing is known other than that they are legendary creatures of old and only two NPCs are among them) and the immortal underground leadership (i.e. Emperor and the other people who meet up in CoB, plus the High Priest).
Ha, yeah that's probably it. I've got them like that in mine too. I should probably redo it, I think Swire is at 200% now given how many times I've done it.
I've only seen the two unit novelty clear for Cinder.
Was just meaning Thorns breaks Anni 4 into a fine grain. I might have to borrow yours assuming we only need to clear once.
As I said,it's more about having pretty little info on them even if they tecnically are not that hidden
Also the whole mostima story seem like a pretty big deal all considered,but also no info on that
Oh I generally ran it with just Maggie and the rest being there to get trust.
I've seen the two units and a couple of the max risks?
Oh whoops that's what you meant. I'm likely going to try some kind of meme for it anyway. You only need to clear it once for the kill rewards, I'm unsure if it actually gives oru for completion or not though.
Any faction that deal with paranormal/supernatural/ghost thing?
Least info I believe would be Eartha and Dublinn, which have entire factions teased in the new trailer and the latter is referenced in Reed's profile, implying that it may be the area rising against the Victorian leadership.
Exusiai's makes mention of it actually. Mostima did not actually kill her sister, she's just getting out of the hospital after recovering and Exu is chasing Mostima to ask her.
File: 1616621205563.png (2.46 MB, 2560x1440)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB PNG
All of them? Sarkaz are the most involved with witchcraft, possession, etc. though, so probably Kazdel.
Pramanix is known to speak to an actual goddess.
Shamare is the "spooky girl" type who uses a knife wielding doll in battle.
Chapter 8 reveals something involving a type of ghost in a way.
Rosmontis's powers are due to an invisible giant only she can see.
Do Cthulhu and Deep Ones count? If yes then the Abyss Hunters.
They are basically new things,we had laterano from day 1,make sense to have few info

No,for Mostima story I talk more about the whole "suffering" part and the thing with the key and lock. The exu sister thing seem like just a simple way to create a link between the characters
Her putting on pants really accentuates how large her breasts are. I never really noticed because her thighs were so nice.
I want to see how her robot looks in the chibi more though.
File: 1618816809051.jpg (313 KB, 1440x858)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
Remember that if you like an operator and wanna spend resources on she/he even if he/she is not considered meta or strong, go for it, you will likely find stages or situation where you can deploy them and have fun with it.
The main drawback of arknights is how the CN players shaped most of the global playerbase mentality with spreadshits and "tier list", so everyone or almost some of them, will always pull with their mentality of "strong, meta, broken, powercreep". Its not a joke, you can actually see them within most of famous cn streamers, always moking off an operator during a show case if that operator isn capable of doing the same thing as someone like thorns, blaze etc.
Also take this post from someone who spent resources on Nian(s3m3) Asbestos and Eunectes(s3m3) when they were considered and are still considered "bad investment"(cuz you will likely not use their skillsets and abilities at all) .
CN players are always shitting on every new operator that isnt strong ad the Big 5, they talked shit about nian, Phantom, archetto etc and then there are others chinese players who like to build them all.
This mentality spreaded over there and this is why people will likely start a whole witch hunt when you talk about someone that isnt strong as Surtr or Thorns.
But we also have to take in account that as F2p, you cant farm many materials and lmd as whales, so leveling up and investing in a char, whoever it is aside of the star, takes quite the time and a lot of resources.
This is why many people hate to throw away resources on operators like nian or mostima or skadi only for the same reason stated above.
"why do i have to commit a lot of resources on this operator when i already have Eija as the best st/aoe caster or Thorns as the easiest guard".
As always Waifu>Meta, unless its cc.
This game did a great job letting you play whoever you want aside from their niche or individual strength.
We know even less about RIM Billiton and it's considerably more important than Laterano.
Oh Suffering? Yeah she's cute, I hope she comes back later.
Mostima's thing is her motif because she's based off a fallen angel called Mastema. Really everyone wants to just know why she has the horns.
We talk about diamond all day. Which skin is total ANTI-DIAMOND? Like it makes you lose boner instantly. Don't include boys skins obviously.
Well yeah that's why I said when I was explaining why Mostima was lower rated that it doesn't really matter how they're ranked, if you like it, use it. Ultimately that's how most players play anyway. The ones who aren't invested in the things they like just tend to stop playing, although you can like meta and non-meta all the same.
Her face looks disfigured.
KEK. The absolute state of Ceobe. Too many fungus.
Don't do drugs kids.
I usually just stick whatever's fastest out of my non-100%s in, then a few sub-200%s I want to max for the share bonus.
Yeah I can see why even with the 2-man raid of it why Nightingale would be valued. That's a lot of sleepy Sarkaz casters.
Ah I see. I want to get the kill rewards because it looks like right now people have an 1800 cap on it instead over in CN.
If you see a ranking for operator in CN good chance are they ranked them based only on CC utility.
I remember even Thorn got kinda shafted at the start because he wasn't looking particularly CC ready.
There's not much for the sub 200%s for share I care about at this point so I'm gonna finish a lot of those off just in the base.
Pretty much. I wanted to upgrade Nightingale eventually anyway so this and ch 8 are a good excuse.
Yep, it should raise the cap by 100.
The more recent one that includes Passenger seems to be more of a general ranking for use outside of CC.
Usually those are labeled from my experience.
CC ranks are bizarre and generalized rank charts tend to have them ranked separately or on an X-Y basis. Like Hellagur ranks extremely high on strategy score but extremely low on general use score, because he's crucial for hard modes with lots of restrictions due to being less affected by CC's risks and holding by himself, but in normal gameplay he's more niche in use.
Silence's safety goggles look goofy from that angle
For me it's just a few of my favorites that I've boosted up a lot but haven't had a chance to use in farmable stages for fast autos. I was going to say Absinthe as an example but I looked and she's at 200%.
She neuters the final Talulah right? I'm glad I have her.
Hooray, more weekly orundum. I should go look for a calculation on how much is possible in 3 months of doing dailies and weeklies.
What I mean is that most of the time you see people talk about operators about how good they are for high level cc
Hellagur is an excellent example because it's incredible in cc and have lot of situation/risk that help him,but for normal play he is way less useful. most of the time I could prob use so many other operators and hardly thingswould change
Is CC even relevant to make tier lists? It doesn't come around all that often and when it does a different set of ops is needed for max risk
Ah ok.
Well yeah always make sure you know what they're being ranked for.
That chart where Hellagur's ranked like that is pretty good I think, I don't have it on this computer but I think it's been posted before on this board.
The tier lists are made for each individual CC by CN players and serve as both an infographic on which ops were used the most and which ones are the most generally useful for people trying to get Risk 18.
It doesn't work for ranking the ones that appear at max risk as most are based off of clear % which is as you say, a different set of ops.
Oh fair. Some of my favorites I actually use for trust farming so it's a bit of a win-win heh.
Pretty much from what I've seen.
Yeee more weekly is great. It's not a ton but it's something.
Well CC is really the only "hard" content that upgrading particular units will make it much easier to clear the rest of the game is generally easy enough that you can do whatever you want and not have a issue.
I'd argue that upgrading more for the daily stages vs the main stage would make life easier but there's a lot of bleed over for who's good in the main stages to who's good in the dailies and just general gameplay.
Is following those tier lists useful for normal content?
I think arknight tier lists should have some sort of "what this unit is supposed to do" and then a rank based on how well they do it.
Sure,shining is not S tier togheter with the big 3,but if you want healing in a stage with ton of fisical damage and enemy with fast atk speed she may as well be there for that specific niche
and so on a lot of operators

I laugh every time I think about it,but at this point it's been 3 cc where I look up some strat to see the general approaches people use,try to find one with my operator but something doesn't work,and 3 TIMES I actually got risk18 but using Glaucus last moment
Tecnically speaking,for me Glaucus was S tier to win CC lol
lol no
The only times they're good for normal content is with extremely powerful enemies like the dark knight twins CM last event, in which case just use a guide if you absolutely can't do it and are wasting precious sanity on it after eating your practice plans. For general content they just tell you what makes it easier, but it's all clearable with 4* or lower.
However, they can be useful to determine which ones are worth the most rolls in the future for general use and high level use if you're hesitant on an operator you kind of like but are on the fence for, assuming a CN list and not some lame shit like the gamepress one.
I mean,most if not all the main content can be completed with 4 star or less,so I can see why they would do that. But it give some distorted conception to people that use those as a "general tier list"
They often do split them into every single subclass even if it's only one unit in that class, then rank them based on the general power of that unit within that subclass.
The thing is with that Shining example, medics are much, much more replaceable and Shining herself is mostly a crutch unit rather than a key unit. Nightingale however, is very much a key unit as her Res boost is more rare and appreciated on tons of stages, plus she has a multitude of other abilities like increasing range and throwing down phantoms.
Dang man I want Glaucus. I skipped her skin to save OP though so not immediately.
In that case wouldn't the gamepress tierlist be better than the CN high risk tierlists?
I'd like to do that but I've got uh, let's see
eh I put her in one already
I wonder if they'll ever get it to 2000 a week.
For existing units, but the use I listed GP in was for future ones to plan out, which GP does not rank, and a general CN list like that chart mentioned above where it splits scores into tactical and general.
I bought her skin because she gave me just so much,1 is ok,2 is crazy but finding myself to use her 3 time was like the thanos meme "so you failed,and where does that take you? Back to me,again"

I remember I was kinda sad when after 2 whole videos about "why flamebringer is supergood and epic" Dreamy just flushed her with "yeah,I guess she could have some strange niche during cc,maybe,I guess,I dunno who care"
File: 1619315708127.png (1.23 MB, 3500x3500)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
I honestly don't think I've seen a for CC list be touted as a general gameplay list. I do think if people are trying present them as such they should be called out on it.
Yeah Summoners being my love means trust farming is almost always with a favorite character.
Would be nice but I somewhat doubt it.
This is the recent CN one. Strategy is how much of a "solution" they can be for a stage with the line showing their max potential while versatility score is how easy the op is to use on any stage overall.
I don't know if she's gotten better but Dreamy has some really stupid opinions and a bad practice for the "proof" in their videos so I can't say I'd put stock in anything she says at all.
I love how it looks but I want too many future ones to take out my stock that far.
Flamebringer has always been known as pretty shit I think, one of the worst F2P units along with Ceylon.
Oh yeah that was the list I was mentioning. I like that one, I'm going to save it.
File: firewatch.png (1.46 MB, 2048x2048)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
This one by far just look at those hands, it's such a shame because the sprite is atcually really good.
All my summoners have 200% trust except Deepcolor, so unfortunately that's not in mine. Maybe I should actually try it with Deepcolor though, thanks for the idea.
Eh, 1800 is still pretty good. A nice clean 3 rolls instead of the 100 shy it used to be, so I'm good with it.
DAMN, she could probably high five donkey kong and match his size with that.
I think it's the best "general" one for 6*s so far. There's nothing on there I really feel myself disagreeing with for it.
Oh yeah, I tend to use them as the carry for the stage which is always fun. Deepcolor is the only summoner I haven't upgraded yet and honestly isn't looking like I will now. Trying to figure out how to duo a stage with Maggie and Mayer/Scene or whatever combo is really fun.
Yep, exactly why I'm cool with it too honestly.
>I honestly don't think I've seen a for CC list be touted as a general gameplay list.
So you never discuss Arknights with anyone and it's your first time in this thread?
>I don't know if she's gotten better but Dreamy has some really stupid opinions and a bad practice for the "proof" in their videos so I can't say I'd put stock in anything she says at all.

the most stupid thing I can see is that she/he want to pass as "I say thing how they are,not based on my preference" but then the video say otherwise.
He/she goes the extra lenght to find way to use certain operator,while some other are left with little of it for no reasons (glaucus with no suggest about how to use her,Thorn with just the minimum of basic info because "I find it boring")

I think anyway after the Genshin "impact" most youtubers care less about Arknight contents in general and it kinda show a bit
Probably hasn't been to /vg/ yet, lucky bastard.
Although to be fair on that they're probably trolling when they do that over there.
File: Pulls.png (3.16 MB, 2088x1120)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB PNG
What should I E2 after (with some hope) I pull Mudrock? Or should I just focus now on getting my units to lvl90? I'm torn because I have things like Phantom and Warfarin waiting there, but also I think it's just numbers at this point
it's a good list, I like the lines on each op too
Blemishine for the synergy with Mudrock? Sure the talent is there at elite1 but if you use her elite 2 is better for sure
I agree with this but there are some ops I find genuinely unfun to use because they suck ass so much even though I like the character. Notably Aosta. Holy fuck he's goddamn terrible, I'd rather just keep using the orphan-caring angel for my shotgun needs.
Myrtle. Cheap, huge returns, the cutest as well, wields a tablecloth.
"here at the top right section,you can find this incredible phenomenon we like to call "super-meta cluster-fuck"
As others can tout I've been here since nearly the start of this board. I honestly can't remember seeing that here but my memory is shit. Though >>412162 is wrong, I did hang out in the general for some time but left because you can't have a conversation and there's some intensely stupid opinions that hit a point where I'm pretty sure they aren't even bait anymore.
Well that's my issue that made me start to totally disregard their opinion. At least when I last looked all the numbers in their videos were done after the script was mostly finished from what I understood so everything was intensely biased.
This was like around when Flamebringer released in global too so it's not even genshin stuff.
Yep. I really like that they give a idea on the max potential of a op.
The area-low range sniper in general seem pretty meh,on paper the idea of double shotgunning enemies look cool,but the execution is a bit boring and he need to be pretty high level to be useful in his niche
I might just upgrade her if I get Maggie so I can have a full set and spam summons everywhere on a stage to make up for how bad I am at using anything that isn't Scene and her stat stick drones.
Makes it easier to calculate rolls per month too.
Executor's not bad actually, he has good damage for what he does. Aosta's just focused around a really weird gimmick that doesn't work well even in optimal positioning with 2 major buffers on him.
Honestly Kal is going to do exactly what I wanted to raise Deepcolor for but way better so I'm just going to be patient and wait for her to come to global.
Mhm, more rolls to save for future ops and to use to cry when I don't get someone.
That's another option, and she's actually lvl80 so it would only be a matter of farming chips again after Mudrock.

Is it worth it really? My bro Elysium is right there and I actually like him better over Myrtle, but I guess I can see the merit in using a double DP-battery
I guess this means there is no reason to follow any CC tier list because they are only used as bait?
Myrtle gains "Glistening" when she's E2'd, which passively heals all vanguards on the map while she's deployed. Her and a good offensive one (like your Bagpipe) can hold an entire lane by themselves. I use Vigna and her to amazing effect, and I like them both a lot.
She also works excellently with Elysium himself, as together they negate the need for DP all together effectively. Plus, with Bagpipe, Myrtle's skill becomes near-instant when given masteries (which are also cheap, as she's a 4*), allowing you to deploy monstrosities like Blaze IMMEDIATELY upon the battle starting. Myrtle is quite literally one of the best units in the entire game and many people actually take her over Elysium due to lower SP costs and the ability to sub in for a medic on some maps (notably max risk Lead Seal).
Ah yeah that's a good point. Maybe if I just have spare LMD, since my luck is dubious.
I feel you. I'd just be mad though because I have so much right now.
I have Executor E1 lv45/50 and 2bh doesn't look like he is that useful,at least not like most of other operator on the same level but maybe I just don't give him enough credits
Relying to /lore/bros.
I still haven't find the time to keep track of every operator log, so takes this information as my own persona interpretation of the game world building.
>Laterano, The High Ranks, General Bureau and the complete control of most firearms in Terra.
As some other anons already said and since its pretty much easy to understand.
The Pontifica Cohors Laterano is the representation of the Vatican and the christian religion when they were at their own peak.
Why lore bro you say "peak ", because we know the Pontifica is divided in multiple parte or bureau like they call them.
>The secret organization
Is a "secret group" led by a high rank officer in Laterano where mostima and her friend are part of it(Mostima is always on the run as both messenger and both "executor" of the org.)
>The General Bureau
This division is the one controlling every firearm in Terra and also they claim that only them are designed to keep the blueprints of every type of weapon
They regularly send people like executor to control exiles or lateranian people, if they are doing their job and also confiscate every illegal weapon they can find in terra.
This is why they are always clashing with the Siracusian mafia during some events.
Also they other job is too keep their protegés "donating" money to them.
Then to use a firearm you likely need a sort of "license" made by them or the weapon itself gonna get confiscated.
Since they are all sankta(angels) being infected will result as becoming heretic(since its medievale age mentality).
They spreaded this doctrine to Iberia too, since Iberians have inquisitors to keep off every Heretic(infected) they can find(thorns ancestors died for regular inquisitions)
Interesting. Since I have Elysium full potential I thought that Myrtle would be at most a sidegrade with heal instead of slow, but I guess it actually makes sense. Also this will help me deploy thicc sarkaz girl when I get her.
He requires niche conditions but just sticking him sideways on certain areas makes him an absolute shredder for pretty much anything in his way. He also ignores some def so he shreds a lot of bulky units too.
Aosta, well not so much. Finicky little bitch wants no blockers, slow moving enemies, low def/hp, basically crap in a can.
Yeah I have to see how much Muddy's banner is gonna kill me, at least Kal isn't limited.
Yeah I'm sitting on like 100 rolls right now for Muddy so I'm crossing my fingers there.
CC lists are only useful for that CC. If it's one of the google doc ones people have been making for global their best use is to compare the recommended ops to who you already have upgraded and take a peek at the strategies if you are stuck trying to clear it yourself to get a better idea on how to do it easily.
Keep in mind Myrtle's S2 is NOT the one you'll use most of the time as it's for specific situations, it's the S1 you'd want to mastery.
In fact, Myrtle's the reason why people want to pot4 Bagpipe. Same for Elysium, who also usually uses his S1 but uses his S2 much more than Myrtle due to the huge debuffs it provides and the shorter duration.
Yup, that's one of the first things I learned when using dp-battery operatos; use their S2 when needed, otherwise default to S1
It's also that most non-Sankta don't have the ability to use the arts required for anything larger than a pistol. Remember, these are originium guns, not gunpowder guns. Sarkaz can use them but Laterano refuses to allow them access to them officially due to their social background and typical occupations. W buys hers from a black market.
The Notarial Hall has a public front. They conduct private matters with several other cities and hold enough power to enforce their laws outside of their own country.
Sankta are difficult to infect and are not considered heretics if they are infected despite being unwanted, and Sankta are not inherently prejudicial towards infected as seen by Executor and Vermeil's relationship. Adnachiel is infected and retains all of his Laterano rights and citizenship.
I like how Passenger's potential line is miniscule too. Dude makes me laugh every time I see him or any assessment of him.
2bh I wish he had a % shred because him removing 60 fixed armor mean he doesn't really fuck over armored enemies but basically any enemy with at least 60 armor (dunno if arknight have negative armor)
Sure,he can do better then normal with enemy at around 300 armor but at that point the chance are you just may prefer someone that deal art damage
Sure with elite2 having 160 shred is actually way better
Passenger just kills me. I was hoping he would save the chain caster archetype, not be the final nail in it's coffin. Some of the fun is there's a bunch of ops that are all the "good" ones that actually have lines going down, which does make sense.
160 Def is the difference between dealing chip damage and dealing chunk damage sometimes and makes him work pretty well on medium def enemies (you don't need them to be at 0 def to blow them away). But yeah you are right in that it's more efficient to just use a caster, same for Franka in most situations unless the enemy has 70 res or more and one lacks a 6* caster.
Still, he's pretty decent if you can find a spot for him, and he's a cool dude who takes care of a savage little orphan child.
Yeah basically what I meant with the fact he need to be high level. Not many 5stars NEED elite 2 to start working well like executor
Fingers crossed here too, good luck. We're both gunning for the same demon.
I was pretty happy to see that she wasn't limited honestly. It would have sucked to gate such a colossally powerful story unit like Kal behind limited status, and I want both of the units on the banner. aaaaaaaaaah.
About the same here, a little more but not much.
Hmm, I'd say that's not totally true. Plenty of good 5*s have a key trait at E2 like Ptilopsis's upgraded skill aura, the only thing that makes her better than other AoE healers, or Lappland's 5 second silence that makes her basically able to permasilence an enemy.
File: 20210426_111448.png (164 KB, 708x689)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
>unless the enemy has 70 res or more and one lacks a 6* caster
Somehow the solution always boil down to "I deploy Surtr" lol
All 6 star snipers are exia support
yeah rip
I saw all those leaks and was laughing the whole time. I won't be laughing if I get him as a pity brake tho fuck that
ah yes, the most popular 6* even among female players, somehow beating out silverash there
Same man.
I'm waiting to see the full stats for DO/Div Skadi. I know I want Kal no matter what because she's everything that I've wanted in a summoner for a while now.
Don't forget the daily rolls. I'm tempted to wait till the last day of the banner to actually roll using my own stuff just in case.
I was just amazed at how bad he looked in the leak and honestly he only looks even worse in actual gameplay. I don't understand how they made him then released Kal and Div/DO Skadi.
File: Spoiler Image (199 KB, 708x688)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
Well that works too, yes. Pretty much anything that reduces res does.
wtf help her you lazy doctor that's your ceo
E1 ptilo still heal well and extend her multiheal range,with some nice but small aura,Lapp can still silence enemies and deal a good chunk of art damage,but Executor is only about damage and they REALLY spike hard at E2
After that sure,lot of 5stars have some good upgrade at E2,even texas 1dp saved my ass more then I wish to admit
I do it's called a bait banner
not even the kind people meme about like oh lol every banner is bait, no he was REAL bait
Which I feel is just stupid. It's going to make any banner before a limited almost a auto skip for most players because the chance of the unit there being shit while the shit on the limited are busted as fuck is too high.
I'll be happy if I don't get off banner bombarded on the banners honestly. I might get the Kal figure too, I like the little Mon3tr it comes with.
Ah shit yeah maybe I should wait to go in on the banner fully.
I want to believe they are not like that,but such a good art/VA just before the crazy anni banner look like bait
If the free 6star is more useful then him (good chance she is) the salt gonna be even worse
Well yeah, but it's not like he's utterly helpless before E2 though like Aosta is before AND after E2. His just happens to be a stat number improvement so it's more noticeable.
Texas's is underrated a lot I think. Really good talent honestly.
Yeah I didn't even think of the off banners. Hoboy.
I'm thinking of it just being a damage control measure. If I somehow get Muddy with the free rolls I can then roll on Mountain instead and still have rolls for Kal.
Well this is two for two pre-anni banners with a male unit on it so if the next anni has a male unit in the banner before it I feel like people aren't going to want to roll.
From the preview they did of her with her S3 she looks outright better than Passenger. The fact her S1 stacks charges is great, s2 looks perfect for stalling when you have to block to reset attack animations and S3 shown in the preview looks really fucking good if you combine it with nukers like W, Firewatch or Iris.
I mean,from a certain side it may be even worse because imagine if the next meta defining operator was the prebanner of another metachaning one+limited skadi.
I'm curious if they are gonna put the same order in Global,would be the easiest skip you ever saw lol
She's a crowd control pull shifter, by default she's better than a crappy chain caster with terrible everything.
Their statement regarding the infected is pretty much strange after the SoA event, since thorns stated that his own people were seen as "outsiders/heretic" by Iberians. Then since Iberia is based on Spain there were cases of inquisitions (based on the famous spanish ones) where every outsider/infected was killed or had to leave the region since their laws seems to be the same as Laterano(since they are under their rule).
We might know more during this year since there is an EE during Lowroar video where you see the Laterano symbol.
Also i used "heretic" to give more sense to their lore as a religious group, i think "impure" would sound better at this point.
I know there are some cases like Adnachiel(which still claim his rights) and Executor and Exiusai, but we dont know if every lateranian has the same "mindset" as them, since like every other city, they are really strict on the whole infected situation, being defacto the representation of the pure angels.
Instead Sarkaz as their counterpart being infected or not infected is "both a blessing and curse", which means for most of them being called "cursed" is like a compliment.
In the old world folklore, every curse was tied to some sort demon or Satan in some cases, it makes you think how they did go into every detail when they created the whole race.
The only problem I have with Texas right now is that new "minion" enemies are starting to get too much attack and she actually ger shreded in CM stage even by common folk somehow. You know something is wrong when you need to deploy your good ol' courier to not die
He doesn't even need to be meta defining or changing. Just not being hot fucking garbage would of been pretty acceptable I feel.
It's a easy skip no matter wht I feel, Passenger is garbage and Todd Howard looks decent but Rosa should be way better for your heavy sniper needs.
I'm just mad it adds a shitty pity brake to the gacha like I could be fine with it if he was just ok but come on man dont do me like this with a 6 star
Would chain caster really be op with no damage fallout per chain? dunno why the last one basically need to take no damage
I'll leave it there because I don't want to jinx it.
Same here, minus the rolling on Mountain for reasons I think we've already talked about (mainly just not wanting to spend anything on anything now that I've seen Kal and know about the other banners coming though).
I've always felt she was too fragile honestly. Her stun bomb is still great and I don't regret E2'ing mine, but damn she has no bulk. I usually just use Vigna and Myrtle though, two of my favorites.
Isn't Kal like, 8 months from now? And I guess around 6 from mountain? Isn't that enough time to hoard?
Same there man.
Yeee. Mountain is just the only 6* coming in the future I want till Kal and I have a bit of pity built up on normal banners so I'd rather blow it on the bara furry.
They wouldn't but the issue seems to be they think aoe arts damage is the most busted thing outright so they try to limit it as much as they can despite most aoe arts normal attacks being garbage.
5~ months at the earliest to about 7~ at the latest unless they shift stuff around as new events release in CN to force it onto our second anni.
Iberia's just generally horrible to people overall. Their country is a dismal, gray landscape covered in broken bones and empty rock, with buildings in disrepair and a very unhappy populace under an iron fist rule. Elysium wants to avoid going back so much that he's one of the only Iberian operators who does not change his alignment icon in the upcoming CN update (which changes most Iberians to have an Iberian icon and many Aegir to have an Aegir icon instead of a Rhodes Island one).
It's not so much that they think he's impure as much as he's an oddity that they don't know what to do with. Sankta are the opposite of Sarkaz in terms of oripathy, it is EXTREMELY rare for a Sankta to contract it so they haven't really put in policies on it.
What you're quoting for the Sarkaz is Shining's medical record, which is probably just referring to the fact that it's a blessing to be healthy (almost a miracle, since otherwise iirc Warfarin is the only other one) but a curse because literally everyone around her as a Kazdel native is infected and it'd socially ostracize her in some aspects.
Most ops have references to things in their names. Cuora for example is the genus of a highly smuggled turtle species, which alludes to how she suddenly woke up on a strange ship (RI) far from home.
Never enough. You don't actually get that many per month, assuming you can't get two of the singles from the shop due to low certs as well. I think it was only ~25 or so when I last calculated it, it's a little more now plus there's unaccounted for event tickets and such.
Ah I see.
I blew it on Surtr, which I feel happy with since it was 7 rolls. Worth it.
Just downloaded this game. Who am I rerolling for?
Oh yeah Surtr was worth. Mountain just rounds out my cornerstones if I do get Mudrock. I just like that idea more than tossing the pity away for Archetto or something.
Wait until the next banner and then go for the two debuting on it.
If you don't want to wait 4 days or so, then go on the beginner banner and try to get Silverash, Saria, Exusiai, or any 2 as a combo in one (doesn't have to be those 3).
As other anons said in both vg and the other vmg thread.
Passenger VA who is a huge idol in Japan for once didnt voice a "broken" Unit in a gacha, unironically (if you play fgo or gbf you would understand). But also when they showed him during the anniversary "happy 2nd anniversary" people tought it was to mocking off those who were mad(there were a flood of messages saying fuck you LL). No one really understood what takahiro was saying, so for those asking "He was happy that he voiced Passenger, he liked his character and background, its interested in the game and might wanna voice more ops in future".
Now back on the problem, HG didnt say anythin regarding the whole drama about Passenger that also expands to the whole chain caster and aoe caster situation.
Since the rage is baka still alive in CN, they might do something during the second year, but nothing confirmed (they only act when the thing explodes to a huge drama level. Ex chen s2 and obsidian rerun+ thorns banner).
To fix Passenger weakness is to actually rethink and rebalance the whole aoe/chain caster archetype, Passenger will likely work better if he's not a 26+ dp cost OP and his skills dont need high sp costs and have more charges like many other charge type operators(leonhardt and Bibeak).
But the whole Arts damage situation is pretty much at stake, since the surtr release, they saw that like Exiusai and SA, they had to do something to fix the damage formula(for SA and Exiusai they released more tankier enemies with high def and hp).
If they fix the whole chaincaster/aoe caster archetype before touching the whole arts damage formula, it will likely led to a situation where chain casters/aoe casters will be the new meta and phys dealers will be considered at the bottom of the barrel.
But before anythin, they still have to make stages with 3/4* operator stata in mind, so its unsure with new announcement that y2 content will be "harder" what they'll plan.
Yeah that's pretty fair, especially since you're gunning for Beans and Iris.
Thank you, anon
Elysium and Weedy not having the Iberian icon is because they have high positions in Rhodes, Elysium is the vice-captain of his squad and Weedy is the head of the bioengineering department.
File: 1591557616707.jpg (1.47 MB, 2480x3508)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
Yeah, it all hinges on how easily I get Mudrock though.
Have a cute Beans too.
Ifrit also works, although she's got odd range.
If you want to just do the standard banner I think there's Schwarz on it who's alright but only comes into her own later on due to being a high defense boss killer.
On the banner in a few days, it's an anniversary banner so they'll be giving out more rolls and it'll be easier to reroll on as far as I know. From those, Mudrock is the busted as fuck one, Rosmontis is powerful but kind of weird.
I genuinely would be fine with him if all they did was fix the shitty ass chaining pathing so it's more straightforward like Archetto's.
Rosmontis in a few days is a rare limited op you can only get from the 1.5 anniversary banner, and the banner also has Mudrock on it who is really good.
I know that for Weedy which is why I didn't mention her, but Elysium explicitly states in RB that he never wishes to return to Iberia when Thorns asks him about it.
Well we'll see.
I love the crab. I've always liked summoners that use friendly versions of enemies, I even used a Blood Eater (ball-shaped chicken thing that eats 50% of your health) in that MMO I play.
Why is CN fanbase such garbage exactly? Ok the unit is bad and it's ok to ask the devs to make him better but they always go the extra step to be stupid
Yep. It's soon either way.
I don't think we have really seen anything that looks like her crabs as a enemy yet right? I do agree otherwise though. It's part of why I liked summoner in XIV, you actually had to fight the boss normally to get to the summon, then actually beat the shit out of that summon to prove it should follow you.
every time they release a ticket where i can pick a 6 star i feel like they are aiming directly for my wallet
According to her information, those are supposed to be domesticated Metal Crabs (i.e. those early game enemies with S level res you're supposed to Shaw off a cliff). Idk why but so many games that have enemy summoners make the summons look way different from the enemy they're summoning, like there's a mini-demon in the same MMO I mentioned and it looks like deformed ice cream while the actual thing is some hulking wolf-man.
Yeah my sister told me about that. Or maybe that was blue mage idk.
Oh what the fuck, that's what they are supposed to be? Did reunion armor the fuck out of them? Because people like cutesy stuff, I'm not immune to it either so.
Nah definitely was smn,
Apparently so, she's a professional crab breeder who has a lot of them. Reunion's slugs look different from Vanilla's pet slug too, which has large green eyes while all of theirs only have thin slits in the shells and sharp spines.
Oh yeah. Mostly why they make small cute enemies like that Blood Eater I mentioned into stuff.
Some of the FF talk she does blends together for me, I apologize. I remember her going on a blue mage rant.
File: 1601281170782.webm (864 KB, 768x768)
864 KB
Huh. I guess it makes sense and I do enjoy how cute they look so it's all fine?
Oh no worries there man even my memories of it blend together because of how much is intentionally the same.
Have a fucking cool Blem animation. I'm sure some of the blembros in here will enjoy it too.
They just fkingneed to give enemies clear weakness and reduce the ability for class to damage the other type
High armor? Any art dealer or specific unit that reduce armor
Don't want melee art to be the solution? make em hit like trucks
High resist? then you go fisical damage,same for the melee thing

When you have most fisical damage dealer easily deal with heavy armor enemies,you can't believe art ranged will be used a lot
Fuck, has the "metakek" "adhdknights" schizo infected this place too? No one wants to hear your shitty opinions.
Depend on what you are talking about man.
If you thinking being sad a 6* is nearly worse then the 5* of the same archetype that's already worse that all other archetype in the game is metakek then yes I guess
You are going to have to elaborate further than that dude, what you say makes no sense
Person on /akg/ who spergs out at the slightest mention of an operator being generally stronger/weaker than another, and any mention of high risk CC at all. For the record, I agree with the "use who you like sentiment," as a person who skipped Surtr and pulled for "shit" units like Eunectes and Blemishine as well as m6'ing Eunectes. There is a contingent of people (probably newfags) who can't fathom using "bad" units, but this person has the most baffling opinions on this game, mostly thinking that stacking a congo line of defenders + aoe casters is a good strategy, thinking all of JP uses this "strategy," and constantly shitting on helidrop nukes. This person just smears uninformed opinions all over the place when uncalled for.
So basically someone that want to believe the game is perfectly balanced and believe every unit can shine the same.
>a congo line of defenders + aoe casters
Could work I guess if not for all those enemies that destroy even tankier defender and most map not having only 1 way to the blue and blocking some zone to not let op to be too close
>constantly shitting on helidrop nukes
I think "elidrop nukes" (SA,surtr) and "permanent turrets" (thorn,blaze) have very different strategic thinking behind so I can see why one would hate one over the other.
Honestly if you don't own any of the big 3, stacking ground ops and medics to stall doesn't sound like a bad idea? New players can only use support for an extra operator at a time, if that operator is busy with the boss, they still have to deal with the rest of the stage somehow
>Could work I guess if not for all those enemies that destroy even tankier defender
You could use supporters for those or area control ops like Manticore and Ethan alongside a pusher
Wasn't that exactly the strategy on one of the max risk clears of one CC?
Relying on perfect tiles for aoe casters' pitiful range and on being able to gen enough dp to pay for the exoribitant costs of casters and defenders scales terribly the moment content gets a little challenging, and relying so much on static placements is how people get filtered by 5-3 cm and tr-15.
I tend to take Skyfire to every single stage because I like her and I don't remember coming across these problems
Are you sure we are talking about the same game? I don't remember the last time ranged tile range was prohibitive
and with that W is elite2 and i am once again poor
LMD well spent, what skill are you gonna M3?
Welcome to the yandere operator fanclub anon
CC beta used Magallan with Feater s1 to stall Katanas. CC 0 used Silverash to reveal and dps rockbreakers, Cliffheart s2 to group them, Feater s2 to push them back, and Manticore, Ethan, and Red to stall them. CC Pyrite sniper strat on CN used Weedy to kill Wraiths. Blade and stalled and dps'd everything with Weedy and Liskarm battery. CC cinder used Weedy s2 to interrupt grudgebearer attack animations and stall them. CC Lead Seal had a breakable block where Weedy+Feater could push elites through to make them run laps, and Weedy could also permastall the 2 mudrock colossuses with s1.
>hard content
You can "bring" anyone anywhere, but their value will be questionable.
thank you thank you. im not sure what i want to mastery. i really enjoy her claymores i think its hilarious to see them littered around everywhere
If the stage is cleared with 3 stars to get the full OP rewards, does the "value" they have really matter in the end?
By value I mean the shit they did on the stage to help you beat it. And I'd be talking about hard content that 3 stars can't clear, such as CC risk 19-20+ for the first three, and 23+ since, because they made CC easier. There's no point of discussing gameplay if we're just going to constantly be backtracking into "muh 3 stars clear content that matters, so 6*s are shit."
First of all I would recommend you to calm down, your anger seems to be getting the better of you for no good reason
Second, I was not talking about 3 star ops, I was talking about clearing a stage with 3 stars to get the first time clear and the drops from the stage, and from where the high risk comparison even came from? We were talking about normal stages
I did mastery on her S2 but it looks like they use different rng compared to other rng procs so it's kinda fucky on autos so far.
It's just swearing. There's no actual anger.
>3 stars to get the full OP rewards, does the "value" they have really matter in the end?
Yes because that doesn't help when discussing units at all. I can bring lvl 1 Tsukinogi to h7-4, doesn't change how it's an easy as fuck stage.
>where did high risk come from
I thought you were talking about value for resources and 3 star clears, but difficult content, including high risk CC, IS, and self imposed challenges (low ops, tile restrictions, deployment restrictions) are the only content that actually separates the wheat from the chaff to begin with.
Honestly at this point you are not making sense anymore or following the topic at all
From the beginning I established "when content gets hard." Bringing Skyfire to story stages is fine, I like to bring a bunch of my favorite shitters to story stages as well, but strategies such as stacking defenders and aoe casters doesn't not scale well with hard content, for example dp risks or stages like assault or arts and anvils from fungimist, or any difficult maps with dangerous enemies that actually have a lot of hp/res, where you will find relying on aoecasters (barring Ifrit) for dps biting you in the ass.
could you elaborate? im not sure what you mean. like about where they are placed? i thought she just puts them at units feet
Yeah if there's a enemy in range that will always get priority but past that it doesn't seem to use the same rng seed as others do when it comes to autos so her mines kinda end up in really wildly different places it feels.
Not him, but she will prioritize units in her range first.
In those cases you can just stall them for longer, few things can out-damage your healing on a defender as long as you have a pair of 4* or higher medics
thats interesting. i havent run an auto on anything before where im relying on her mines for dps before so i havent come across the problem but i could see thay being an issue.
File: 1610362447088.png (2.33 MB, 1920x1080)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB PNG
I have her in a auto for Anni 3 mostly for funny junk like this.
Wasn't angelina enough to stall Katans in ccbeta?
Maybe you are talking about maxrisk,I'm not totally familiar with it
File: 1599657589129.webm (2.91 MB, 1844x1038)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
Shit like this is why I keep making anni autos too, just fun to watch this shit.
At max risk Magallan's drones are a necessity, and Angelina's single target slow isn't as consistent against the two red Katanas at the end as Maggie's aoe slow, Angie slowing one and not the other could mean they misalign, Feater hits the one that pulls ahead, and then dies to the one who Angie slowed and didn't get pushed.
I specifically said dangerous enemies and hard maps, if you can take down an enemy by stalling it to death with a non dps defender and medics, and not leak, the map isn't hard, and it's exploitable as fuck.
hahah, thats exactly the kind of thing im looking forward to with the two extra units of range
how do they spawn so quickly?
That's actually why I want to get Plat upgraded. I've been finding I want that range but in a AA sniper package.
Standard bullet time trick. Pause the game, Select a op, Unpause, Move them out to be placed, Pause again, Place them then repeat from the top.
File: 7811839167.jpg (459 KB, 1749x983)
459 KB
459 KB JPG
Ignore the words "meta", "mediocre", "low tier" and anything else regarding quality. If they please you, they are a good operator. Don't let your dreams be dreams.
do you have to be on computer to do this trick? i am not sure i know how to pause while dragging someone
It's much easier on a emu but as long as your phone has a dedicated back button (doesn't have to be physical) you just have to hit that and it will pause the game while you are still dragging someone.
interesting. i will have to try that out, i didnt realize there was techniques for things like that
It's only really useful for making cool autos or when timings are super tight and you are trying to retreat as soon as they finish killing a enemy or wait till a long animation attack is almost totally done before retreating/stunning.
This would be a good example of the former to try and get units back as soon as possible:
Nigga what the fuck is wrong with your levels? Also most of the time people only mention meta is when people specifically ask about it, the people who feel the need to tell others they're playing the game wrong leveling their favorites are faggots.
Maybe it's a different species? It'd also explain why most originium slugs shown outside of combat are bright green.
Ah I see
I'd love if she actually called in the angel in the background of her art in the game.
The only non meta op I see there are Dobermann and istina 2bh
5-3 CM filters people because it requires the DPS necessary to kill the casters on at least the one side fast and many people both lack it and a Skadi support or other sufficient duelist to take down the things without getting blown up.
Istina's the best non-6* slower
Could be that the ones in combat are mad so they are red/yellow? Likely isn't something to think too hard about honestly.
Doesn't she call it in with her S3?
Probably. Not many infected creatures to go off of really, I honestly expected birds when I first started playing instead of all drones.
Looks like just wings of light but I could be wrong.
Yeah not much all in all. I'm not sure what you mean by that though, birds are drones right?
Ah nah you are right. It is just the wings of light.
I mean like actual trained flesh birds, like passenger pigeons carrying enemy intel or something, or infected hawks with droppable explosives (like bombtails without seeker explosives).
Yeah, it's weird because they went out of their way to draw some heavenly knight instead of a pegasus but it never shows.
Ah, I was making a joke. The whole birds are government spy drones shit.
For a actual response. I'm not sure if we have seen actual birds and even with that I imagine they aren't quite dumb enough or easy to train as dogs and slugs are to use as a attack?
There's plenty of stands in E2 art that never actually show up for skills so it's not too surprising I feel?
For what is worth, SilverAsh ranged attack does use a Falcon, so there is that.
ah yeah I figured there was something I wasn't picking up, sorry
There are birds in the new Ch 9 trailer and a few in the distance in some of the cutscene backgrounds I think, assuming those shapes aren't bats or something. Birds are very trainable and they're manipulating the animals using arts anyway.
It's usually if they have an animal or daemon though.
Well fuck. I dunno how I forgot about Tenzin but here we are.
No worries, it was a bad joke anyway.
....man I need to get my memory checked I am not having much work done here today at all. Are all birds as easily trained as dogs are? I know a lot are incredibly smart for that kind of stuff as for the arts manipulation, that's why I said as dumb as the slugs. I assume it must be much easier if there isn't anything terribly complicated going on in the first place to get them where you want them.
True actually. Though some do show up like Surtr's and Ifrits so I feel like it's just whatever flavor they felt like that day.
I would say probably not but again they're manipulating them using arts so I feel like that's kind of a shortcut. As CFM has shown us, originium slugs are not the most motivated of creatures, but I think since the dogs are trained for suicide recon they're probably still being manipulated by arts. A normal dog would just run.
Well aside from Ifrit's, the majority of the daemons that show up on the battlefield are interacting with the user in some way OR are fully colored and not some shadow in the back like with things like the bear in Absinthe's background, or the glowing eyed vaguely shadowed griffon in Hellagur's. In addition, they usually have less to do with representing the operator's basis creature, like how Surtr's got a giant headless Jotunn to go with her title but she's a traditional looking thin horned flame devil. Blemi's just feels like it ought to be there I think. Nothing to say it has to be, but it'd be pretty cool.
outside of Angelina slower just need to...slow,the E2 is kinda wasted for purely META reasons
Well hey, could've been before he got that.
Istina's got extremely solid single target holding with her S1 and her E2 helps it immensely due to a significant increase in her atk speed. She's a very good unit.
Not too sure what CFM is off the top of my head, but yeah the slugs just seem to be content existing. I agree with you on the dogs but I imagine with them using the crystals in their bodies to cast arts cutting down how much they need to use through some level of training the dogs might make sense?
Fair all in all. Blemis might be to try and strengthen the suggestion that she's a more traditional paladin while Nearl is more of a cleric?
Fungimist. There's a leisure event you can do where you bet on slugs in a slug race, 90% of the time they sit and do absolutely nothing.
Yeah, I think that's why they're all listed as "infected creature" because that's how they're motivated. Could be the same for birds I guess, although ground life is most susceptible.
I think Blemi's is more just to reflect her title. Nearl left the circuit so she's not associated with that any more.
Oh! Yeah. that's actually a good point just totally forgot about it.
Maybe? Unless they really expand on it there's not a whole tone to go on though I do agree that ground life is likely way more susceptible to being infected.
Well Blemi's codename is her own choice so the E2 art could be a reflection of how strong she can be? As for Nearl sure she left the circuit but she's still shining very very brightly when she wants to.
File: 0653041381.jpg (1.15 MB, 1749x1914)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
I leveled most of those before I decided to invest in lower rarity units. Nowadays I mostly use Dobermann+3* squad and then switch to the 4* from this picture if I'm not able to clear the stage. If I'm still struggling I start adding 5* and 6* if needed.
There's nothing wrong with using higher rarity units either, variety is the spice of a good squad and honestly the 3*s don't have much to choose from and lack anything beyond straight boosts usually.
Props for the E2 ceo though, assuming you didn't do it just for Chapter 8.
never said she is not,but she is not what I would E2 if I cared about meta,even without angelina :D

Very cool,I wish I had the extra resources to E2 all my 4 stars but a single star cost like 3/4 of them
It was a pretty minor event anyway.
I feel like they won't for a while because the R6S event was focused on Infected Creatures as the majority of enemies.
Blemi, I mean her arena titles and role as the family champion. Nearl's left behind her ego to follow Shining in a humanitarian role.
I think a lot of people e2 her for patriot anyway
She's what I used for a CC because I lack Ange. It didn't work in the end but she actually managed to get me up to Risk 14 from Risk 11.
Easy to forget all the lore too since it's so scattered.
Ah that's a good point, I'm fine with it anyway because Aegir event is the stuff I was super interested in.
She has just the one title which isn't a official title as far as I can tell, and she isn't the champion of anything, she couldn't even get past the preliminary rounds.
That's true, she does have that specialized survive against him and all that pure damage so a lot of guidefags had to use her (I actually just let him go the first time around and dealt with him later).
I E2'd her as one of my first and she's my highest level unit right now.
Indeed, so many items.
I'm so fucking ready for the Aegir event. I haven't looked at much for event story spoilers in most events but I'm severely tempted here.
I mean family champion in the sense of the the one who fights for her family as their representative rather than her being the "champion" of the arena as the dominating force in it. This is mostly because she's fighting for her family's noble status as Nearl's gone, although she's alright now after the event.
I know I will check out how the boss works eventually but I'm saving the story for when it actually arrives here.
Oh fair but again she didn't even get past the preliminaries so I honestly doubt she would of won back the status of her family.
I unironically considered her remembering about her "true damage",then I saw a guide saying to use her and I was like "mh...seem like the perfect reason to build her"
The "surviving a patriot shot" thing doesn't really matter too much but it's mostly lore (I guess?)
If we're talking about the low rarity units we still use I genuinely consider Noir Corne to be highly underrated.
He's not going to be surviving like Cuora or even Beagle, but he's got about 400 def, block 3, and ok HP for a measly 12 DP cost. The DP cost is the real reason to consider him though, he's the cheapest block 3 in the whole game. Actually saved my ass several times when I couldn't deploy Blaze, most notably right at the start of AF-8-CM.
I promoted her because she's goddamn adorable, and it'd feel weird to have the MC low level even though I've done exactly that in several other games. I still use her sometimes even though I've got Eyja and Ifrit, as well as my E2 Absinthe who I promoted for similar reasons.
We'll see if I've got the self-control when it happens. I really want to see what happens. Definitely looking at the boss too though.
Of course, but ironically enough the meddling in the matches that almost got her killed ended up working out for her more. Speaking of which, I wonder if we'll get to see a Nearl alt where she's going full "I'm a healer, but" on it.
If you esclude rng evasion uses,he is prob the most usable of the 2 stars. Maybe yato for some strange thing but Noir sure can come up sometimes

On arknight E2 is a big cost compared to E1 mid-high level,so I usually only E2 op that when E2ed give actually something new. She was always a good contender but I usually always had a 6star to upgrade so she was pushed back a little,even considering her skill3 wasn't looking that much usable for that cost
Thankfully I'm lazy so finding the translated story is generally too much effort for me to bother with. Oh 100% I'm super interested in seeing how it works,
I mean if Nearl hadn't been there she would of been dead outright. Honestly as much as I would love to see more DO's with them now potentially being in the gacha I'm much much less excited at the prospect of them.
Yato is commonly used as a low rarity pseudo-FRD unit to complement Gravel on some maps, in fact I'd say she's actually the most used 2*, even more than Durin/12F when factoring in evasion.
The only one I've never seen used ever is Rangers, but at least he's getting a new RIC skill later in an update along with Earthspirit.
Also speaking of low star units I finally completed my THRM-EX, I love him. Might actually try using Chiave with the trio of robots.
As for Amiya (that reply is also me) I had the kohl and the rocks and hey, caster with a cool skill kit that everyone has.
Ah yes, a new member of the brotherhood of "managing to avoid spoilers thanks to pure laziness," welcome. I do basically the same thing. In fact, even though I had the story for a Walk in the Dust given to me in a google excel sheet I was too fucking lazy to actually read it and ended up crashing the browser by accident and losing the tab while being also too lazy to go reopen it. Such is life.
I'm thinking it's a multipart boss. Looks like it, with the multiple heads.
Indeed, but she got to see her sister again, make friends with her drunk aunt, and get a job where her sister's contracted all in one fell swoop so all's well that ends well.
DO? I assume that means D-something Operator (alt) but given that it's L2D and only on limited 6*s with deploy restrictions I doubt it'll become an issue unless they start banging them out at the same rate as FEH (which they have zero reason to do, as they have an unlimited pool of new characters to release unlike FEH).
I used to use him before leveling all my 3* up, definitely very helpful.
I still use him even after that. He's got a unique role, same as the other 2*s barring Rangers.
Where Beagle would be letting something through, he's ready to drop. Where Cardigan would be just barely not ready, he's already there. Dude's a total bro too, good voice.
Rangers got some use early game when you need a sniper to destroy a couple of weak drones,but it's really the least used

I tend to E2 any 6star I get because they usually always put something on the late after E2,only 5 stars I actually E2 are lappland, Ptilo (ok,I got unironically metabaited on that one,but she does help a lot) and specter (I liked sooo much her attack animation,the extra recovery was a cool plus)
He doesn't really offer anything is why. AA snipers are already low cost and the game coughs up Jessica for free by default when you play the story, as well as Kroos who's straight up better than he is.
I E2 all my 6*s except Aak, who is Level 1 with 0% trust. Nothing wrong with the cute owl. I also promoted her for Skill Aura but the way the meeboo jumps in her chibi outfit is hilarious. I don't actually use her much though, I prefer Nightingale thanks to her Phantom cages which are one of my favorite things a healer can do. I'm ready to promote Specter but saving the LMD just in case I get a treat from the upcoming banner.
There's nothing wrong with promoting an operator for gameplay reasons.
It works so damn well. Can't be spoiled that much when you just go "eh, later" to shit.
I'm really hoping it doesn't disappoint but the bosses have stayed pretty interesting I feel.
Oh yeah good ending for sure. Too bad about the infected that we are likely going to see in the next arc though.
Diversity Operator, it's the official name of the alts. The L2D doesn't matter to me. I'm not really sure the right words to describe how I feel about them being in the gacha? I liked the idea that they could be welfare only so they ideally wouldn't outshine their originals be side-grades if they stay at the same rarity or a peek at what a 3* would be like as a 5* when they got stronger.
Indeed. Works great when combined with dogshit memory so even the stuff I do see I forget after an hour.
Yeah, they're also making fresh ones and new mechanics for each new one they make, like having a boss take less damage when attacked from a side, or the new insta-retreat that doesn't kill so it bypasses immortality skills/talents, etc.
I heard something about a "black knight" showing up and saw the knights who fought the axe knight in the trailer, but I can't remember who the black knight was assuming they don't mean Tytus.
Ah, what a weird name for it, I'll use DO as well then. I mentioned L2D purely because devs that use it ALWAYS bitch about it and it's expensive, and it takes forever to do, etc. so they limit how many they put out. Essentially it's reason why there's not going to be that many, supported by them only slowly adding it to the older ones rather than just dumping it on them.
Welfare ones seem to be considered separate things. Purgatory I'm not sure if they have the deploy restriction. As long as they don't clog it up too much I think it'll be ok, because if there's too many the deployment problem would just get irritating.
Yeah I like that they are trying to find ways around the skills that are way too easy to abuse.
Isn't the black knight someone working for Silverash now or something? I feel like the next arc will likely be showing us some glimpses of other palces.
Yep, it's a terrible name but I'd rather not use "Alter" if I can avoid it. Well it's not that all DO's will get L2D but all limited ops will get L2D, which I'm fine with. It's a good way to set them apart and they tend to be top tier waifus for people anyway.
Well there was hints that DO Skadi would be a welfare but that was very obviously dashed. They do, you can't use Lava/Purgatory at the same time anywhere, be it base or a mission. I'm just thinking it's gonna become a pain when people start referring to DO Skadi as just Skadi and people are confused on why their guard Skadi isn't amazing and haven't realized there's more than one version of them.
I think the ones that influence directional placement are the best ones.
That's what I heard, I honestly could not remember who it is when I saw it even though they're in a pic above.
I don't use "alter" either (Isn't that a Fate thing? Never played it) but alt is fine and usually I'd just see them referred to with an abbreviation in front or behind the name, like Skadi V2, or CHSkadi, same as sticking an H in front of a name to denote it's a Halloween alt in other games. I feel like the vast majority of non-welfare DOs will be limiteds. My waifu's not an AK character so I just pick my favorites, but she sure is pretty.
Something about Lava and Purgatory being that way strikes me as hilarious. Girl just changes into her superhero costume and changes out of it when she needs to go work at the power plant. I wouldn't worry about the names much. People always denote it contextually.
I don't think we know anything but general mentions of them? Maybe they show up more in a future event but who knows?
Alter is a f/go thing yes. I'm not sure if any of the VN's called anyone a alter. I'm likely going to stick with DO [Name] as it will be easier than remembering the actual titles. Man I feel bad for people that want to collect characters if they keep doing that honestly. Scene is sorta reaching Waifu status for me. Thinking of being a dork and making a phone layout centered around her since it's time to change it anyway. At least until DO Skadi the limited units were generally good but nothing amazing looking all and all.
Well DO Skadi and Skadi will be the same way, so it's likely going to produce some interesting setups I feel.
Eh, idk. Maybe I'm just forgetting.
Ah yeah well it'll probably end up being shortened to DOS or DSkadi or something then, whatever people decide. I like collecting characters but honestly given the rates here I don't mind because it's infeasible to get them all without spending at least becoming a dolphin or having divine luck. Well hey, if she's the one then congrats mate. Mine is also set as my desktop background. You should use Lens as the icon backs or folder icons, assuming it allows that level of customization.
I feel like the limiteds before DSkadi were W>Ash>Rosmontis>Nian. W's still the best AoE sniper, but Nian's just an alternative to using Hoshiguma and Ash is an alternative to using Exusiai. Rosmontis is weird.
How fast do these girls change outfits, damn. I missed Skadi after gambling a top op and I kind of regret it now even though the Exusiai token has improved her noticeably.
Nah I can't remember much off the top of my head either.
I'm pretty sure Alter is going to stick sadly. It's a less "get everyone" and more a "have all of X character". Yeah I'm gonna have to play around and get a feel if I want to do it, I know I should change it up either way. I use KLWP so it does.
I'd put Rosmontis above Ash but I agree otherwise.
Oh I can't wait to gamble top ops once I see one again with there being two people in it I don't have soon. I'm honestly unsure if you can have one resting and the other working, I doubt it honestly.
File: nihilego wp.jpg (625 KB, 800x1350)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
Well I can't control the fatetards, I'll just refuse to call her that myself. All one can do really.
Ah I see. Yeah that's annoying, FEH is like that still. I don't play that much any more but I had all the alts of Lyn and Camilla somehow despite not rolling for most of them at all except the flier Lyn. And there was 7 of each if I remember right, hopefully it doesn't get that bad here.
My phone background is a drawing my sibling made but before that it was this image.
I'm not sure how to rank the sniper ones honestly so sure I'll agree with that, mostly due to Ash having to use ammo which Rosmontis doesn't have to do. Overall W's actually kind of underrated I think, she's not centralizing but she's a big step above the others and since Nian was the only other one when she was released it's more noticeable.
The last one gave me Ifrit who is very fun so I'm pleased with that. I don't expect one for a while now though. Would be convenient to rest one and work the other.
Pretty much why I'm calling them DO's too.
Oh jesus. I hope not.
That's a nice image. I actually started organizing my images and I'm already at over 50 images of just Scene so.
My thing with Ash vs Rhosmontis is more Ash is way more limited due to needing to hit low to high ground for her nuke and the one skill getting most of the damage boost from the enemy being stunned, which is becoming much less common on bosses and units you would want to use her on. W's issue is just people don't use or need AoE snipers super often so she became more of a novelty with her S2 mines or the nuking of her S3.
My last one was actually exactly a month ago which seems to of gotten me a Hoshi dupe?
The alts situation in FEH is so bad that most new units are alts unless they're on a New Heroes banner and a group of characters sometimes have alts with no normal version (e.g. there's a Bride version of a unit, but no normal non-bride one depicting the character as it originally appeared).
There's a bunch for the other UBs as well, I used the Celesteela one for a while but it's too dark in color for low light conditions. I've got light organization here. My Arknights folder isn't organized though, it's just a subfolder of the "gacha art" folder.
Ah I see. Neither of them seem like really "must-haves" gameplay wise although I'd be rolling for Ash almost certainly regardless. W's actually done a lot of work for CC thanks to how her skills scale (basically just good % modifiers off of a high atk stat), even unbuffed she can take out a sizable chunk from a Defense Crusher even on Risk 19 in Lead Seal.
Oh, nice. What would you be missing from it?
Since the only youtube upload has fucked audio that skips part of the song/PV, if anyone wants to see the Ch 9 PV here it is
File: 1599063035373.png (2.43 MB, 2048x2048)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB PNG
Why did they make the robofucker snake so lewd
because she's a forest savage
I didn't mind discussing it with him but he didn't seem to understand that 6*s are judged differently than other operators which was irritating to circle around.
Seeing SA's skin there reminded me of how gormless he looks there. I hate it because he's so handsome in all the PVs and promotional splash art.
File: Kal'tsit Nendoroid.jpg (126 KB, 1200x675)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Anyone planning on getting this? I like the Mon3tr.
>Myrtle being added to recruitment
File: 1619487370141.jpg (203 KB, 800x600)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
That's fucking stupid. I honestly hope we never see alts that could just be skins.
I didn't even realize that was pokémon related honestly. I'm just making a big folder for art focused on character, landscape and so on and then adding "tags" to their file names so I can search through. It's the only solution I found that only needs windows so nothing should be able to muck up the sorting.
Pretty much, Ash should be better but it's more likely for her to be limited when you actually want all the hard hitting stuff vs Rosmontis who just needs something blocked to attack it for the big damage. I'm looking forward to the next CC to see how good W works for me there, hell just how much easier it may be with my roster being developed even more since the last one with some really strong units.
Currently I'm just missing Skadi and then after the 30th I will also be missing Hellagur. I also don't have Glaucus so I welcome the chance to get the cute slug even if I'm unlikely to raise her.
To be fair they're almost all vastly different units (e.g. Tome fliers vs axes, etc.) gameplaywise. They added skins later on but they cost money ($8 if you don't get them with the pass I think, and you need the pass to be able to buy them anyway) and grant extra stats. And they all are for just single units iirc, no multi-unit costumes even if they have several alts because I remember Brave Ike got a separate skin from normal Ike.
Yeah it's a Nihilego in a jar. I like the UBs and got all of them shiny in-game but I've dropped Pokemon's mainline games and haven't bothered with Gen 8. I should sort out my stuff into more subfolders because damn it's getting cluttered.
Overall that sounds right. I'd be using Exu anyway. I'm not sure how W works in Cinder. She should be decent for blowing up the crowd of sleepers as they move out, but the shieldguard might muck it up.
Ah yeah. I'd like to get Glaucus too. Would make me regret not getting her wheelbike though.
File: 1605358772366.jpg (206 KB, 800x600)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
That sounds like actual cancer man. I'm honestly glad I never got into that game.
I haven't played a pokémon game since like... the gba ones so I'm very out of the loop on what pokémon look like nowadays.
That's pretty much it yeah, I already have Exu and other options that Ash does so I'm not really concerned there. W and Rosmontis were actually used for a max risk clear of Cinder.
As much as I like the wheelbike I try to only get skins for characters I'm using (or will use) or will have as my assistant.
If you think that's bad you should see the powercreep. Makes Kal'tsit's powergap with previous units look like a joke, AND there's competitive modes that mandate certain rare limited 5*s to score better in them. Sound fun? Haha it's not. The GHBs are still good though but I no longer bother with most of the stuff in it, especially AR.
Fair enough. This one's from 4 generations after the GBA ones, it's an alien jellyfish made of flexible glass. I wouldn't recommend going back into the games anyway even though the designs are cool.
Exu was my first E2 and my first M3 so I'm not going to just abandon her even if I do get those. Very nice in Cinder, I didn't know that. Actually now that I think about it I did see the W clear max for it, never saw the Rosmontis one though.
I get the ones I don't have the self control not to get. Worked out well overall, only one I don't really care about any more is the backpacker one for Jessica.
File: 1608154808523.jpg (222 KB, 800x600)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
I saw that in PAD which is what killed my desire to play it despite it being fairly fun otherwise. Those competitive modes sound like shit hot fucking damn.
Yeah SwSh seemed to be pretty bad, don't have a switch anyway so meh.
I want to say Siege may of been my first E2 now? But I get you, though I will likely be replacing Exu with Plat once I have her raised up. W may of been in more clears but I know 25th did a max risk with both of them.
Ah that's fair. I wait to see the chibis in action, like Bags upcoming one is a easy skip for me even though it's just in the CC store.
this is the last page of this little comic just for anyone reading it
Feh's AR used to be fun too. Scoring has always been convoluted and made to fuck over f2p, but back in the day skill was a bigger factor for winning, and since AR and all pvp modes divvy rewards in a tiered basis (top 1k players being the higest tier) any skilled player could achieve it. As of last summer I was getting bored of the same thing every week, and then last fall update they just gutted the mode and added arguably the most broken unit ever, which was the of many special units who that transformed team comps and blew holes in the gamemode, meaning the only factors at high level play are spending money getting +10 pots for those limited scoring units, and luck on your defense. Feh's also consistently been jewish as fuck about withholding information from coming banners to players so they can milk them out of surprise. And powercreep is fucking absurd. Units get outdated a few months after they release because they print better and better versions of the same archetype constantly. The only saving grace of Feh was the customizability you can do for your units. Single player can be kind of fun but the main story is piss easy and there is only a new difficult map every month or so, and that still is only like a 30 minute time investment. It's just so monotonous. Kind of off topic, but god does AK look heavenly in comparison.
I've only tried a PAD clone called Crash Fever, it was ok. Good music. They are. I don't think anyone likes Resonant Battles, especially since even if you HAVE one of the score units it's only really useful if it happens to be a cav, as the point of the mode is to catch escaping thief units before they reach the end of the map. Have some fancy Harmonic Hero limited but it's too slow to reach it? Tough luck. And this isn't even scratching the surface of the clusterfuck that is AR. Sorry about ranting about this, I know this isn't a FEH thread.
I wanted to get a Switch but never got around to it. 3DS is full of stuff to play anyway.
Plat is pretty but my two AA's are BP and Exu. I used to use Jessica a lot but she let me down a lot. Stupid rich cat. W I'd wonder if she's using S2 or S3.
Yes, that's a good point too. I'm getting the Bagpipe one even though I don't have her though, since it doesn't cost OP, meaning I don't have to mull over if it's a waste. Just a few tokens.
Cute comic. I don't know what Scene says there but it seems like W said "ba---n" and Lens tipped over?
Are you talking about Seiros?
>tfw rolled one
>didn't have the heart to torture some rando by putting her on my defense team
I just left Zephiel there instead.
The amount of rolls FEH gives is nice, but you also need more anyway thanks to SI/Merging.
That sounds like nutter shit honestly.
I tried Crash Fever but it wasn't really a PAD clone to me, but no game has really hit how nice comboing felt in PAD so.
I don't play consoles enough to justify it honestly. I have way too many games on pc I should finish anyway.
I've been finding I often don't need Exu's burst and that I need the extended range but not aoe nature so Plat is perfect to fill the role.
Oh yeah I just think the chibi looks like shit so I'm not gonna bother with it. It's too bad because I like the art.
Looks like she might be saying "That got me"? Lens is playing dead, like the trick you teach a dog. Joke is kinda: W does it, Scene doesn't react and W thinks it wasn't funny but Scene is a sloth and reacts slowly.
No, talking about Reginn, I quit before Seiros. I saw what they were doing with the mode and had enough. I thought Plumeria was bad, then they drop a unit that oneshots anything in the game and gets away scott free. Skilled gameplay. I tried her out when she came out and beat literally everyone on my friendlist easily and it wasn't even funny.
Ah. Well at least everyone has Reginn.
I haven't actually done a single actual run of an AR offense since the quests that forced you to do it for summon tickets. Shit just isn't fun by any stretch.
To be honest since I never played PAD I'm just going off what other people called it.
I feel you there. I pretty much only play my 3DS when not on emulator now.
I uh, well I just like that she can kill Frost drones.
The art is pretty enough. I separate them into two categories, ones I'd like to look at as assistant when I feel like shuffling it for a bit before going back to my favorites, and ones that I like because they have cool effects in battle. Some fit both, some fit neither.
Ah, that's cute.
Uh PAD was like a bejewled clone but instead of being limited to one move you could swipe and arrange all the jewels for like 5s or something? It was very simple gameplay with a ton of depth.
I have old bloody ps2 games I need to beat so I can replay the remakes that actually have a 4th disk.
Nah it's fine, just I keep hitting "man if I had a third AA sniper or one with a range longer by one tile" so Plat is going to be upgraded there.
That's fair, skins for units I use are generally judged by the Chibi, like if the art is fantastic but the chibi ends up looking way too weird I just kinda skip it.
File: 2021_04_26_23_48_50_321.jpg (2.1 MB, 1920x1920)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB JPG
AR is really the only place where AI knowledge and calculations came into play, like pulling of pic related by knowing how units would chase, which I found fun, but the mode just kept getting easier and easier with the tier 21 pool polluted with bad players and worse defenses, and the goddamn monotony.
Ah I see. My gran used to play that a lot.
Nice. I've got an old PS2 memory card but no PS2. I've always wondered what's on that card.
I'd imagine it'd work good for that one CC daily.
Yeah I've shamelessly bought Ch'en's NY outfit just for the assistant screen, the chibi is bleh but I don't regret getting it. At the same time I bought Phantom's halloween one just because of how rad the shadow's chibi looks even though I don't have him and wouldn't use it as my assistant portrait.
Fair enough. I've always been a brainlet in regards to that and only knew how to manipulate healers.
I don't like opening up a battle and seeing Ophelia, Sonya, and some dancers.
File: 1597402152795.jpg (3.16 MB, 3008x1448)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB JPG
Oh I have all of my old consoles, even a old ass sega genesis that my cousin gave me that has some kind of issue with it.
It's the CC daily with the bonethrowers in particular that I keep wanting her for. Also for the one with all the drones too.
Ah yeah I'm not too big of a fan of the art or chibi for Ch'en's NY outfit, but that's me. Also same for Phantom, I want to say I hope he spooks me but I'd like it if here were to wait a bit.
Have a cool Firewatch too.
File: Fumi_Kanno_high_res.png (1.24 MB, 1364x1850)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
I do as well actually, including a Sega Genesis that barely works (frayed cable, got replaced but it still goes maybe 10% of the time) except with Pac-Man 2. I've never had a PS2 though, the red memory card is from a community electronics recycling bin, I plucked it out of a smashed PS2 with no insides when my dad was throwing some batteries in a decade ago.
Oh the one with the blocks? She'd probably help with the Infection Hyperplasia risk there.
I like the dress. Reminds me of this character, from a game I greatly enjoyed (except Ron, fuck that guy).
I figure one day he'll be in the shop.
I like FW's design, but I never find a good time to use her over Ambriel.
Ah rip. I have some classics for me at least I need to play through eventually on it, like all the .hack stuff.
With the blocks yeah. It's not like a actual issue as much as it's just kinda annoying to use a aoe sniper there or something else kinda weird.
Oh yeah fair, Cheongsam are always really nice. I think it just clashes too much with my metal picture of Ch'en or something? I really ought to play a actual mainline SMT title one day.
Oh he absolutely will, but I already bout out the rolls for this month so it's gonna be a while before I can actually buy anything again.
FW has a great design, really nice animations but yeah, there's not really a ton of reason to use her anymore. Ambriel does more interesting things and W has a better nuke.
Firewatch was useful recently in ex-8 for taking down the wave of drones and doing damage to other things as well. That map is very slow for the amount of enemies it has so longish cooldown skills come up often. She also solo'd the mages on blade at risk 24 and deals a fuck ton of damage to faust with her s1 since he's ranged, only useful with week 1 risks unfortunately since the fucked over the deployment limit, forcing you to use duelists/phantom to kill the mages.
I heard those are expensive. Might have to try just emulating some myself, I don't think I can afford the physical stuff I don't have now thanks to the huge price inflation on older games nowadays.
If I remember right I just used a ranged guard.
Ever since that scene where Hoshiguma's surprised that Ch'en enjoys normal human stuff in the main story I just think of Ch'en as a regular girl now. With a cool sword.
DeSu2 is a spinoff series, but yes I recommend giving it a try. Do the remake ones (Record Breaker and Overclocked) because they have extra content.
I'm hesitant on buying the rolls. I like my pile of certs, and if I have to dip into that for a 6* on the next banner all is lost allready.
Basically yeah. I used Ambriel to take out drones in RB-EX-8 CM if I remember right. FW's nukes don't reach.
Speaking of hard stages I finally did Anni 3 without support and holy fuck that crusher wave. My THRM-EX managed to just barely whittle down one crusher enough to kill it with a little putt from Weedy's cannon backwards.
Ah yeah that sounds cool, especially because the drones are so bulky. Never thought about her in Blade but now that you mention it that does make a lot of sense given his defenses and unit class.
File: 1614083220560.jpg (581 KB, 1533x1933)
581 KB
581 KB JPG
Oh fuck yeah they are, I paid more than full price for a couple of the disks but without .hack I wouldn't be talking to you right now. At least the //G.U. stuff got a remaster that's on pc which has gone on sale for piss cheap a few times already.
Mang considering I have Thorns now I could just do that. I'm really looking forward to the next CC.
Oh yeah that's fair. Her sword is cool. I don't think she's that bad of a character but eh. Is what it is.
Oh lord am I ever not going to play a spinoff for those bloody things? Maybe one day when I kill my backlog of shit I really ought to beat.
There's no 6* I can buy in the shop coming up any time soon so at worst if I get Muddy easy this becomes more rolls for Mountain/other future units.
Maybe one day I will upgrade a wide range sniper. Though to say I don't think FW is bad just less interesting nowadays.
Oh nice. The crusher wave has actually been a joke for a long time for me but yeah if you don't have intense aoe it can be pretty tricky. I hven't used Weedy in anni 3 but that does sound fun.
I must sleep though. Have a swimsuit Scene.
I played gfl and loved the story and characters and designs and lost my account last year. Is it too late to get into ark knights? I love tower based stuff, just wondering if it holds a candle to GFL?
>I love tower based stuff
Yup, you're at home. Never too late, a limited banner that is pretty good fro rerolling is coming on the 30th. Dunno much about gfl desu, I made an account to get started before the gunslinger girl collab (one of my favorite manga) and played it for a few weeks, but my account got stuck in an update.
Some /vr/ fellow sell them to you?
What daily stage was replaced anyway?
It's not a criticism of the character, I actually like that. She seemed too distant and inhuman before, it was hard to think of her as a sympathetic character and seeing that she engages in normal stuff helps that a lot. I like Ch'en, if I didn't I wouldn't have spent 180 certs hiring her.
It's a tactical RPG. Really good stuff, not too tough either.
Ah yeah that makes sense. I've still got lots I want so I'm hesitant.
I just did Ambriel because global strikes are rad and she looks cool as fuck with those giant cyan wings.
The crusher I mentioned actually fucks up my auto. I'll have to activate Estelle's skill quicker.
Any reason to save up my potion? Chapter 8 is permanent and I'm still on chapter 4 anyway.
There's going to be a sort of bonus thing where stages will have a chance to drop little boxes with random mats inside or small 10 sanity potions. Use it then.
Noice. Thanks anon.
ah yes
rocc farm time because it's the only stage where you could get a net positive from the whole crate thing and sanity potions
I heard that the first time around it also had a slightly higher rate than other stages (+3% for a total of 9%?) but idk.
Nani? Is it true anon or you're just baiting me into rock mine hell again?
I have no idea. I took it at face value when I first heard it and never looked further into it, and I only heard it about the first run of the juiceboxes.
File: 20210427_174604.jpg (1.79 MB, 4032x1960)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB JPG
Hey thread! its the guy who got the collectors set, if you recall it came with two posters. Well today i put them in a frame!
It's not hung up yet, but here's me holding it where im gonna put it
Cute click
She is very cute, i'm going to be looking at her more than the amiya pic for sure.
Nope. Got them way back in the day years after they were in print so I just wanted them regardless of the price.
I think just the slug one?
Ah my bad there. Yeah with the more recent chapters she's really been fleshed out as a character in a good way.
Yeah I'm not really missing any units that I "need" for anything anymore regardless of rarity so I can be pretty free with my cert spending.
I can agree there man.
Oh rip. I always aimed to kill them before they could get two hits on my actual defense line but I've had the nonsense to do that for some time.
Finally got off my lazy ass and finally played through chapter six and currently about halfway through chapter 7.

As sad as Frostnova's death was, the confrontation between Ch'en and Wei right after was what really got me interested in the games story again.
I am one guard chip away from having enough to E2 Ch'en, I hope the game favors me today/tomorrow so I can E2 Ch'en while farming rocks, then suffer trhough getting chips to E2 Amiya, yay.
I'd stay the story picks up nicely once Frostnova is really introduced and keeps a good pace of being interesting even through ch 7.
File: 20210425_100713.png (148 KB, 717x635)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
File: 1616382803289.png (159 KB, 600x600)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
You wouldn't happen to have any pictures of just Lens laying around would you? I've realized I'm rather lacking in that but I don't really look past Pixiv.
File: 20210427_181643.png (167 KB, 830x528)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
don't got any sorry friend
File: 1605619904909.jpg (839 KB, 1000x750)
839 KB
839 KB JPG
RIP. I only have a couple sadly.
So are they what sparked your interest in this?
Oh yeah I remember discussing that before, sorry. Won't miss the slugs though.
The way the talk that other anon mentioned ends is good stuff too although I feel like Ch7 could have done with heavier focus on Patriot himself.
Yeah I'm missing ones like Saria and Angelina still.
I fixed the auto and it works well now even with W's inconsistent mines, all that needed to happen was a quicker skill activation and retreating Weedy after blowing away the last bottom enemy. Will work even better after this M1 one Estelle's S2, figured I would since it's dirt cheap and I like Estelle.
Why is the CEO always crying
Give that CEO a snack or something.
Nah .hack// has nothing to do with Arknights really. I'm honestly unsure what I saw for this game originally but I do like tower defense so I think that helped?
Nah no worries. It's pretty easy to re-tread topics by accident.
I think the end product of 8 matches Patriot super well honestly. He did a ton of legwork and was well know but lacked the ability to actually do what he should of done so he ends up being a footnote.
Ahh yeah rip, hope they come home soon for you man, both are so bloody handy.
Nice. You can see her mines being weird too eh? Ahh yeah I'm lazy with my autos and try to avoid too much juggling unless it's for super showy or Summoner clears. Estelle is cute and if you use her all the time I'd say it's worth. I know Scene has had way way more use than I honestly originally expected to get out of her.
Huh, I'm confused then. What was it about .hack that got you here then?
I agree (although honestly the conversation just made me mad, they were basically just fanning his grief after killing his daughter, no matter the reason that's not smart) but I think more of Ch'en's journey could be put in Ch.8 overall.
I got the Angelina outfit thanks to disliking her base art so I probably will get her someday (one of the most common shop 6*s) but I'm saving certs right now thanks to the future. Similarly for Saria I'll get her warden outfit in advance although I do like her base art actually. Looks cool.
They are thanks to their random placement, but aside from putting big dents in crushers they mostly are just bonus damage anyway. I use Estelle a great deal, yes. Always liked her design from the moment I started playing and having multiple AoE guards is nice. Scene for sure, I E2'd her upon getting her and she's more than paid for it. She's just shy of M3 on her S2 but I'm waiting thanks to the material cost right now.
Oh shit, my bad. Before .hack// I was watching dubbed stuff that aired on local stations but it got me into communities that exposed me to anime as a whole and that all lead me to frequenting sites like this.
Oh yeah they absolutely misread their relationship and really what kind of person Patriot was. It's a bit fun to see the whole "unwavering morals and strong as fuck" character just utterly fail because of that. I'm unaware of all that's in Ch 8 but it would be weird for there not to be plenty of Ch'en there honestly. Not like I can start reading it till like the 15th of next month or whatever.
Bonus damage is pretty much what I'm using them for right now too, if lucky on spawning they stall the crushers enough to make sure they die before they get to the defense line too.
I can agree on the design. Funny thing is I actually disliked guards for the longest time and now I'm slowly replacing people with just more guards.
Scene I mostly E2'd because cute and summoner. I did think she was strong but she's honestly surpassed my expectation.
Ah. I got here by randomly coming to some thread on /o/ out of nowhere (not an auto guy) with an Evangelion chibi as the OP image then going to /vp/ I think. Can't quite remember fully, maybe it was /v/ idk.
I was on Patriot's side with that whole conversation. Man Rhodes was being thick there, he said he didn't care but it was pretty obvious that he was in kill mode from halfway through that and his final vision before he died was hugging his daughter in a frozen wasteland of Ursus.
I haven't seen it either but it's the climax of Ch'en's story so it kind of has to have her as a focus in it really. I might just do it and waste a little sanity and potential juiceboxes.
From the runs I've watched, she hits the Crusher Leader pretty often and usually manages to get him to around 2/3rds to half health before he moves, and gets the normal crusher wave (apart from the first one on the top) to half health or less.
It's kind of inevitable considering that guards are basically the majority of melee units really. So many different archetypes and they can sub in for so many different roles short of DP-generation, specialist roles, and sponging high phys.
Same (although I love robots) but I fully expected her to be strong given the raw stats on her drones combined with skill modifiers. Basically 5 reusable FRD Duelist guards and a minor arts unit.
File: 1606603698986.webm (2.94 MB, 1844x1038)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM
Yeah I just meant in a overall meta sense .hack//(sign technically) is responsible for the domino effect of me falling down the pit that is anime. That is a really fun way to find out about Arknights though. I do the same where I look at boards I'm not normally on just to see their weird shit.
Oh 100%. I feel like some of it is understandable since the entire reunion arc takes place over like maybe a month at best or something?
I'm too short on materials for everything to give up on the lunchboxes and juiceboxes right now. Even future upgrades for me need like 1,8k rocks or something so there's no loss as a whole there for me.
Oh yeah I have Meteorite and BP doing a number on him, webm related because damn.
Pretty much, it also helps that I've gotten units that can do multiple roles upgraded like Saria and Thorns now.
Oh yeah, it's one of those you know they are good but once you actually get them in your hands you can really feel how good they are?
Oh I just meant the site in general, but yeah. Arknights I was recommended by my sibling and /vmg/ I was here since it started. Ironically enough this one ended up being the only one of the /v/ spinoffs I still frequent, /vrpg/ got Rean'd and /vst/ I hear has LC threads but I haven't checked.
I believe it's 3 months? I'd have to check. Amiya can sense emotion though so she should've known.
I want Guardmiya. I swear I'll collect my cheese cubes later.
I had to bring Shining (no Saria, so nothing else handling the upper area, therefore I can't put my Ifrit there due to Gummy not being fast enough) so Meteorite had to stay behind and W took her spot. BP is in the same position there though.
Oh yeah, I forgot melee healing.
Feels like she also gives more immediate returns than a unit like Mayer who requires more investment to properly utilize.
Oh whoops. I forget how I even found this site in the first place. Yeah I've been here near the start too, at first I was a bit sad it wasn't a containment for gachashit from /vg/ but I much prefer the slower board overall now. I don't really browse other boards that much honestly. I'm rarely current on anime anymore and there's not much for mangos/books I read that I actually want to talk about. /v/ I pretty much never frequented and I've honestly overall drawn back from a lot of online stuff just because of american politics somehow bleeding into fucking everything.
I sorta forget exactly where I got that timeline from, but it's a pretty short time either way I feel. She can but I can see her being the kind of person that understands that he's angry but thinks he's misunderstanding something which is leading to the anger.
Guardmiya is pretty nice, I'm just kinda sad that her S2 is so bad. At least her s1 is decent and makes for a halfway decent arts guard even though Surtr exists.
Oh yeah when I had Ifrit there I put Windowl facing up to heal her.
Yeeeeep. Ranged units buff when heh.
Oh 100%, one day I might try to make some meme video for Mayer as the one for Firewatch. I'd need to max her and likely Sora first though.
Reunion arc (aka what supposedly we have lived through as Doktah) is just two weeks. Amiya mentions it in chapter seven if I don't misremember
I used to post in Etrian Odyssey general but that's really it aside from the occasional visit for other random shit. Elsword general died ages ago.
I still read manga but I don't like /a/, they make everything suck. You're right on the last note but I won't comment further on that aside from saying I basically don't use any website with accounts and a public post system thanks to that. Or really look at news, offtopic threads, etc. All bad.
Well apparently it's two weeks as stated below so damn that was fast. I thought it was longer because of the SoU event seeming like that.
I'm just bummed she doesn't have an S3. The S2 doesn't seem that bad apart from the OPB on it but whatever, it's a free upgrade to my existing CEO anyway.
I lacked arts damage on my auto which I only realized when the crushers came out and BP/Weedy were the only ones that had it.
More like when the fuck are there going to be more low def enemies, poor snipers are getting eaten by casters even when it comes to drones now.
Yeah idk I'm bad at using Mayer. Post webm when you do.
Shit Rhodes is fast huh. I wonder how much faster it would have been if Ursus had handled it.
File: 1617656412379.png (1.52 MB, 1920x1080)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
I've just found generals go way too fast unless it's practically a dead game. Also higher rates of really garbage opinions.
Well with dex down my manga reading has gone down a lot so I've been focusing on novels. Pretty much yeah. Not really a conversation for here.
Yeah as >>414310 said it's short as fuck, I thought it was longer but two weeks sounds right honestly and it makes sense with Kal going "are you sure you aren't pretending to remember nothing to just fuck with me" because for what Doc has done in this time while remembering jack? Stuff like SoA take place at some point but we don't really know when. It could easily be between arcs where there is likely some downtime.
I can agree with the s3 but what can you do. S2 is bad because it's a one use per map and has worse dps than her caster s3, but yeah exactly. I can't wait for Vanguard Amiya.
Oh yeah, I mean my current auto only has minor arts damage from BP and Thorns. Majority of the damage against the crushers is coming from Meteorite.
When they figure out how to counter arts properly honestly? If they were both % based it wouldn't be that big of a deal I feel but the damage formula favors arts heavily.
I might. Likely going to be some time before I max her level wise and she's still missing one pot. Also not great at video editing so I gotta find my old adobe discs at some point.
Well Etrian Odyssey general is for a single player dungeon crawler series on DS/3DS so it was pretty dead last time I checked. But yes, too many retards on the board. I'd name the general I'm thinking of (it's not /akg/ actually) but I don't want them seeing it.
Dex going down hasn't affected me. While I used dex for all the ones I read, I am an autist who refused to make an account on it and I use a notepad document to keep track of what I'm reading.
Rhodes fucking speedran Reunion, damn. Doc has been eating trash off the floor and being found chewing on random animals he found so I think that's part of why Kal is suspicious even more so. Dude went from a general to a weird little trash goblin that Vanilla won't trust with her slugs.
Well hey it could have some uses due to it being a seeker skill, but I feel like I'd probably keep her in caster form most of the time anyway.
They get beaten mostly by W and Blaze, but Estelle kills two of them.
Never happening I feel. They've made enemies with 99 res now and it doesn't even matter because the units that are most used for arts ignore some of it usually, like Ifrit or Surtr.
I think I've just got the one pot. My only maxed non-welfare in pots is Elysium.
Oh fair. EO looks interesting so one day. I agree, I know the one general I used to frequent before Arknights was.. bad then and I can't imagine it's gotten any better now. It does feel like a issue for any place that has a high enough population though.
Oh I was bad, I made a account and didn't keep my bakaupdates account updated with what I was reading so I pretty much have to wait for it to be up again to see where I left off with shit and actually update on BU consistently.
Well it sounds like he did the whole eat ramen with boiling water before he went on ice so he's always been a weird trash goblin when it comes to food. The issue is he's still as good as directing people as he was before and honestly pre-ice doc faking amensia just to fuck with Kal is absolutely something I can see happening.
Maybe but it targets lowest hp first so it would likely kill a bunch of mooks but not touch a boss much which isn't really great.
Ah nice, Estelle fucking stronk then too.
We would need shields again that give them def/res up and just absorb all arts damage till they break, you can't get around that at all.
I've been lucky with Mayer coming home, which is great because I really like her. I might do the math to see how easy it will be to oneshot some bosses with her.
It's a great series, I highly recommend it. There are demos available on the eshop and I think they all emulate smoothly if you don't have a DS/3DS. Same problem for /v/ really though.
My trusty notepad hasn't failed me yet. It's a little janky though. Make sure to always back stuff up.
He did? Which part mentions this, I'd like to read it. Post-amnesia doc is at least a pretty good guy though, I can't imagine pre-amnesia doc tattling on Blaze like a child.
I think that's actually the point of the skill, it's supposed to clear 3 crappy incoming minions while she's blocking a boss, and then boost her atk to ludicrous levels for consistent true damage boss fighting power with something like 80 res backing her for arts-using bosses (i.e. Talulah). In practice I'm not sure how that works out though.
She's the keystone for not failing the auto is what I've learned. Better at barehanded fighting than most brawlers are.
Is that why Greytails are so common on event stages and CC now? I finally understand now.
I got Mayer as one of my very first 5*s, from a Summon tag on recruitment. I used her a lot in the early game.
I think I still have a dslite, but they have always been too tiny for my hands, will eventually look at emus. /v/ is even worse I feel. I just avoid the place.
I should but BU is super unlikely to ever go down with how long it's been maintained and the fact it doesn't link to anything. There's nothing copyright holders really can do about it.
I want to say it was somewhere in ch 7 nearish the end? I know people have made jokes about it elsewhere but it escapes me. That's still why Kal is so suspicious of post-ice doc.
I sorta doubt it works out at all overall, too much rng in one spot to get all the needed kills to get like 15-20 seconds of dps out that the caster one can just do from the start really.
Hah, poor brawlers honestly. Still nice to see she's working out for you.
I feel like we still don't see greytails that often. I know I wanted to test true damage against them to see if it wen through the shield eventually though.
Oh nice. Also doing the math it looks like Frostnova and Mephisto are already the first blockades. High Res, High Hp and you need to somehow hit the needed damage in 3 otters or less because of deploy limits.
Oh, well if you have that then you can probably try 1 and 2 for reasonable prices (3 is very expensive though as it is considered among the cream of the crop for the series and lacks a remake like 1 and 2 have). It's a series I'd recommend playing on the original hardware if possible but it works fine with kbm as well if you can't. The reason I say this is because the stylus is used to draw the map on the bottom screen. /v/, well I haven't looked at it in a week but I wouldn't say I quit it entirely. I've had good discussion there about some niche titles and older games, but it's a minefield overall.
Do they allow for exporting?
I'll have to reread that. Ch7 is a blur, I mostly remember Ch'en beating poor Hoshiguma to a pulp and then the Patriot talk later on.
Yeah definitely a niche skill for very specific situations. I feel like it's going to work for some though. The thing that makes it shit is really just the OPB on it though, I don't think it's powerful enough to have warranted that.
I really like Estelle. Her bare fists have more impact than people swinging axes and swords and can hit 3 people in one swing, I don't understand who was brave enough to bully her when she could send a whole group of people into a coma with one swing of her arm.
Hmm, I feel like they're one of the most commonly used Elite enemies, but I could be wrong. I'll have to check where they show up. I believe true damage does bypass the shield however.
Try it with Warfarin and Pram/Shamare helping.
Oh dang, that sounds neat. I will keep a eye out then. Maybe once I can browse the stores without wanting to hurt people. Fair. Godspeed when you do look.
They do, so I might just keep a weekly save or something if I get in the mood to keep track.
A lot of it's a blur for me just due to the sheer amount of stuff I read.
Yeah I agree there, if it was still a retreat or had a really long CD it wouldn't be much of a issue.
Because timid I guess? Shit who knows. A lot of people in this setting are just casually insanely strong.
I feel like I only see them in the fire tile stage? It could but it shouldn't be hard to make a shield that absorbs everything too.
Maxed Mayer with a maxed Sora, S3M3 Suzu, S3M3 Saria, S3M3 Pot 2 Ifrit, Wafarin S2M3 and 2 otters can kill normal Frostnova. Mephisto looks impossible with that combo though, he has more hp and more res so it's sitting at like 2,305 damage short of killing him? This would likely make all the bosses after them impossible to kill in this way too.
is that actually worth it? just a rock mining event then? i was saving my potions but just figured id count the ones i get from the event as a bonus.
File: 78150837.jpg (122 KB, 1200x630)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
So the /vmg/ threads are more for discussing the game, strategy, and serious talk, while the /vg/ general is more shitposty right?
i havent ever been to the vg threads and i only read through the occasional post here since around mid january but in general in my experiences vg threads are really shit posty. i used to frequent the kemono friends general and its a majority of people talking about or roleplaying the various characters or what they want to do to them. i do like seeing discussion of things here about arknights mechanics wise and lore wise and i havent noticed much if any shit posting here on vmg
dont forget shawposting
the squirrel agenda reigns supreme
File: 1599935649418.jpg (888 KB, 1528x1068)
888 KB
888 KB JPG
best posting
File: 1589600992325.webm (129 KB, 500x500)
129 KB
I'm more of a Sceneposter nowadays but Shaw is still very cute.
shaw is very cute but is she as popular outside of these threads on other websites? this is the only place i see arknights discussion other than with my friends. and if she is so popular why is she so much more popular than other characters?
File: ShawSkin.png (731 KB, 2048x2048)
731 KB
731 KB PNG
its mostly just in these threads she isnt as popular as characters such as coomcat but I think she is pretty great and cute
File: 1596977080260.png (1.93 MB, 2184x2780)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB PNG
Math for Mayer VS The World since it's gonna take up space.
Skull Shatter, Crownslayer and W are all killable with Wafarin and 3/4 Otters

Normal Frostnova can be killed with:
Wafarin, Suzuran, Saria, Ifrit, Sora and two Otters.

Wafarin, Saria, Sora, Ifrit and 3 Otters
Here Faust lives with 4,081 hp through the blast but I'm sure Ifrit will chip that out easy.

Patriot takes two rounds for both phases no matter what but needs:
Wafarin, Sora, Ifrit, 3 Otters and one mine per round.

Final Frostnova is tricky but still doable with:
Wafarin, Sora, Ifrit, Saria and 3 otters.

Talulah is sadly impossible due to having even more hp, good res still, and even more limited space for otters to be placed.

Of course the bigger issue is these aren't exactly proper teams for any stages since the otters will be taking up most of the space to nuke. Depending on how DO Skadi's buff works it might be better to wait till she's released if it's a stronger buff than Sora or if it's additive with Sora's buff.
I am simple doctor
I see five-tile lane, I Ifrit
whos come cat?
File: file.png (209 KB, 692x430)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
oh, i didnt realize she was popular. i guess i can see why it, it looks like she has breasts on the larger size compared to the cast so im sure that helps guarantee her popularity, plus people love cats
Is there a beginner guide so I can learn the ropes? I just finished chapter 1 and pulled Bagpipe and SilverAsh, is that good enough to start?
File: qqngfkhgny.jpg (627 KB, 1680x1561)
627 KB
627 KB JPG
gg no re
As the other guy said, both are quite good with Silverash often being a solution for harder stages.
There's not really much of a beginners guide as far as I'm aware since the game tends to give you decent tutorials for the mechanics as they are introduced.
We do have a limited banner starting on the 30th if you want to try your luck there if you really want the limited operator.
Otherwise I think the main advice is work on your base first because it provides you with most of your lmd and exp cards. Secondaryish advice is to try and avoid spreading your levels around too thin. The 3*s are all sufficient for a lot of the early content and are very cheap to raise while 6*s generally need to be E2 at least to be useful and some need mastery ontop of that.
I initially started the game because of COOM. but nowadays I never COOM or even think about COOM anymore when playing this game. What went wrong with me anons?
came for the coom stayed for the gameplay/characters/stories
File: 1607769499694.png (1.33 MB, 2048x2048)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
The coom is very low-key compared to other gachas, and is only egregious in some of the swimsuit skins. Coom doesn't really factor into the overall aesthetic of the game, but it isn't absent.
More like what went right. Coom is bad. You fought coom and you won.
It's available online cart-only for reasonable prices. I'm not going out to buy games either right now but I was lucky enough to have gotten it years ago before the price boom for DS games. It's ok I have filters for the board.
I basically just mow down all my titles then don't read from the list for a few months.
It's a blur mostly because I don't remember which scene goes to which stage.
Speaking of that it never seemed as though she actually had any connection to Gavial.
Greytails actually have really shitty stats outside of their immense shield (something like 4000 HP, less than a normal Junkman), so they only seem memorable in CC stages, but Greytail Leaders I've seen pop up in some of the side story ones before.
Debuff his res. Pramanix and Shamare should be able to do it without denting him too much beforehand.
Blaze, Siege is old hat
Oom-shit aside I do still find the art for this game very attractive, especially Bagpipe.
Never understood people who wank off to in-game art though, it's pretty but even swimsuit stuff in more fanservice focused gacha is still just nice to look at.
I don't find that it's good to ever say one thing's good for discussion and the other's only for shitposting.
/vmg/ is for slower sustained discussion however, due to slower speed. /akg/ is EXTREMELY fast and it's difficult to have a proper conversation even if there's zero real shitposting going on simply because of how quick it is. And when people are shitposting, like trying to convince people Passenger is really the most OP operator ever released, then it's even faster because people are rushing to tell the poster he's a retard.
There's been plenty of shitposting in /vmg/ threads so don't go under the mistaken impression it doesn't exist, but there's less of it simply because the board receives an absolutely miniscule amount of traffic and this results in both having less people around to shitpost as well as a less attractive place to do it thanks to fewer people being there to reply to it in the first place.
On the contrary, I'd say it's still highly present, but not as overtly explicit as ones targeted for it so it built a reputation of avoiding it.
Now calculate it for Talulah on the other stage she appears.
>Passenger is really the most OP operator ever released
Efficiency wise it's very worth it given the sheer amount of rocks required (especially for Amiya's E2, which is mandatory and requires 10 purple rocks if I remember right), but if you're not interested in that then it's just a nice bonus to have.
Some dude built up this big post of calculations theorycrafting how Passenger laden with buffs upon buffs upon buffs could nuke Talulah and tries to pass it off as Passenger being good. Idk if he's still posting it over there, I haven't gone back since the datamine shit.
Shaw's pretty popular, people were asking for her to get an outfit for a long time before the free one was announced. She's free and has a memorable design and voice so naturally she got fans.
This is the reference from amiya forma guardia, for those lorebros asking, since vg was already shitposting.
The Maria Nearl event was really good to Ifrit in that regard.
File: 1593360017998.png (467 KB, 1024x1024)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
It has all the standard miniskirts and cleavage windows of most anime character design, but unless you're a sheltered christian grandma that stuff barely even stands out anymore. Sure Weedy has a skirt window, but with the rest of her outfit, it feels closer to that far end of high fashion I don't understand than it does to Azur Lane
It's not in everything, but I'd consider it still there for tons of operators like Skadi's inner thigh windows or Meteorite's pointy boob pockets, or Croissant's general outfit, or Schwarz, or Cliffheart, or Catapult, etc. Although to be fair, none of them are on the level that you mentioned at the end there. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though, it's nice to look at. People complain about it too much nowadays, and AK delivers a nice combo of it while still keeping the tacticool aesthetic there with it. Makes for an overall better look.
I haven't seen her info yet, what is this referring to?
File: 1596316713884.png (276 KB, 1024x1024)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
I honestly really like the melding of JRPG/anime character design with gun-less tacticool operator stuff. It lends to some tastefully fashionable designs like Frostleaf while still allowing for both forms of Mudrock to not adversely stick out.
Well yeah, the game has a great look. Mudrock is sexy but I don't know what people expect someone to wear under a heavy hot insulated suit that resembles a furnace worker's outfit.
Amiya replicates the sword and memories from the sarkaz lord Kollam.
Since originally, the fan traslation used Kolum, the official translation use Kollam which is a direct translation of the chinese(which also seems to refer to that city).
Like Koschei (Fan translation) became Kauschey which is also how russians pronounce his name in the first place.
Ah that makes sense, thanks.
I thought Koschei and Kashchey were both considered ok though? I've seen it referred to as Koschei in a great deal of academic sites talking about the folklore of Koschei the Deathless and they always say "or Koshchey" or something.
File: 1602142858080.png (3.17 MB, 1920x1080)
3.17 MB
3.17 MB PNG
Even without getting into practicality, it just kinda visually clicks with everything else. My only issue with Mudrock's design is they made her Average_Asian_Woman_Height and yes I know "she fills the suit with arts" but I still think that's a dumb copout and am mad she isn't at least Saria-sized.
Yeah they use different names but both namings are fine.
She's pretty cute. To be honest I love her design both in and out of the suit although it's nice she keeps it on in combat.
Female sarkaz in general aren't terribly tall except for Shining. The tall race is Oni.
I see, thanks. What about Acajutla -> Acahualla?
I know, it just peeves me to have
>big hammer
>big suit
>big horn
>big personality
>big "personality"
>big words
>vague warrior-philosopher feeling vocal performance
>genuinely really compelling and imposing antagonist in ToW

>163cm/5'4" tall
Had to check out the wiki but
Acahualla means "(the) land overgrown with weeds" in Nahuatl.
Is the ancient language used by aztecs.
Btw Sargon=South America
File: 1606155477231.png (30 KB, 202x217)
30 KB
I've only just noticed now that Chen's SP recovery talent is not only offensive recovery but also defensive recovery.
That's about middle of the road I think. Consider that the tallest 3 are only just above 6 ft tall and the tallest female (Hoshiguma) is the only one above 6 ft tall (with Shining coming in a distant second at 5.7 ft tall).
Ah ok.
What's Kazdel then? Germany?
Yeah it's basically for skills that require being hit or hitting something manually to grant them some form of passive SP generation.
>from discord
Known Nation/Faction List (Incomplete):

Aegir/Ægir = Unknown
Bolivar = South America (Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile)
Federal Democratic of Columbia = USA
Higashi (東) = Japan
Kjerag = Norway-Tibet / Switzerland-Tibet
Kazdel = ??? (Sarkaz country)
Kazimierz = Poland
Laterano = Vatican/Papal States
Leithanien = Austria-Hungary
Lungmen = Hong Kong
Minos = Greece
Rim Billiton = Australia (refers to BHP Billiton, an Anglo-Australian multinational mining company)
Samir = Sweden/Finland
Sargon = South America(Mexico,Brazil, Venezuela)
Siesta(?) = Hawaii
Siracusa = Italy/Sicily
Ursus Empire = Imperial Russia
Victoria = UK
Vouivre = French word for 'Wyvern', doesn't seem to be France though, might be Belgium.
Yen (炎) = China
I've seen people say that Kazdel is a mashup of Germany and some slav stuff.
Doing 10 rolls on the next banner, then saving everything for the anniversary thingma
Nothing confirmed but from the looks of the official map of Terra since Kazdel is near Siracusa its likely its based on Germany. Even if they alternate between latin names and german ones
Isn't the next banner the anniversary one? Or do you just mean the standard with Thorns on it?
yeah the one with thorns
Was Nothing a better version of Jaye?
No. From what I've heard he's worse despite having higher atk.
His kit works around not "attacking regularly" so that his next attacks have higher damage but also it has random effects based on activation.
He's fun to listen since Suwabe is based, but this archetype cant work without a dp printer always active
Doesn't have the insane survivability or soloing power that Jaye has, he cannot solo bosses in the same way that Jaye does either.
He basically gains a randomized buff as coded by the color of his weapon when using his skill, which has led some to call him the gacha operator. Unfortunately he lacks the healing ability of Jaye and the random nature of his skill can leave you high and dry when you need one specific ability. The first skill is just a weird passive heal but it makes him stop blocking while healing so it's limited in use, especially because it's an auto activate skill.
Probably better to wait a little or just go to the guaranteed if you get it before hitting 10 (since after that it's normal rate).
yeah i'll only do it till i get guaranteed
Nice. I will keep it in mind at least.
I sometimes do that, though I often keep up with some stuff as it comes out.
That too. Kinda a pain.
Doesn't sound like they came from the same tribe honestly.
I posted more math >>414562 there. He's killable but Pramanix is bad nowadays and Shamare only works on defense.
Uh do you mean the inferno stage or what? I'm only really going off what I can tell is where you can fight her.
Mr. Nothing does 30% more dps than Jaye while throwing away the self healing, so no he's pretty bad.
If you want you can also go to the 3DS remakes, which have a story mode and classic, with classic being the norm for the series (you make your own party and set out vs a preset story one). The originals do have a lot of jank sometimes.
I do that for a few series.
It seemed that way, but Estelle is listed as being connected in some way to Gavial and usually it's not just "these characters share a race he's a line" in that.
Ah yeah Ifrit'll do it.
I have no 3DS so I shall see. Plenty of other shit to play honestly.
Oh I didn't even think of checking the relationship chart, I just looked at her profile and didn't really see anything indicating she knew Gavial.
I'm going to wait to see what the stats and how DO Skadi work though, there's a good chance it would be easier to wait for her if her attack boost skill is like Sora's but stacks with it or with her pet thing out stacks with that.
Well they emulate ok. Might be able to find a 2DS still somewhere, although they're getting eaten quick.
Yeah she has a relationship line, it's weird. Does Gavial even mention her? The last person I saw mention her was Blaze I think, and not in the GCG event.
If you can do Mephisto with Ifrit already I think it's fine. Talulah's not going to get axed no matter what Skadi2's got in her kit, her raw HP is too high.
Oh I forgot 2DS are a thing, I might. Still other shit to do first either way.
I don't believe she does, so I'm unsure there honestly.
Well that's still requires to wait for him to actually start moving but if DO Skadi can replace Ifrit in these areas it would be a lot more flexible for how to clear them.
Just finished Chapter 7.

Goddammit Amiya, you couldn't just let the old man die in peace.
Well a 3DS is good too, the 3D effects are neat but not super important thanks to a lot of it taking place on the bottom screen.
Weird. Estelle's doesn't either?
Try it on CM.
Yeah, I still only have a old DS Lite so.
Nope. Just that despite her anxiety she still have the same kind of warrior spirit as Gavial.
CM doesn't make him move any faster and would actually make it likely impossible to Mayer to nuke him because of the hp increase.
>on his deathbed, thinking of his daughter
>Bunny that just killed him and half his men walks up and starts giving him a brain massage
>suddenly remembers the stories he was told as a little baby wendigo hundreds upon hundreds of years ago
>this is it, the fucking evil demon king of legend that was prophecied to exterminate the last of his race
>the prophecy is true even though he's the last one to know it
>too late to do anything apart from try one last time to kill her as the originium seeps into a small tear in his heart's tissue, killing him
Stupid bunny
File: char_131_flameb_1.png (196 KB, 1024x1024)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
I am forgotten....
as he should be, ugly and weak
At least he has his fangirls that raise him so they can flex their maxed out flamebringer in high level content he otherwise doesn't contribute much in
Well just as some advice there then if you don't want to use Citra, if you do somehow manage to find EO3 for less than a fortune then buy it, it's a great game and one of the best RPGs on the DS.
I hope they expand upon it later, I like Estelle and was disappointed that she didn't factor into the croc event at all.
Yeah I was meaning when Skadi2 comes, try and see if her boost can allow you to nuke him.
Will do.
I'd like to see more about all the ops that we don't see much of honestly.
Oh, I can likely tell just once she's out on CN. I know people will test the stuff I'm wondering about.
Also moving the Kal'tsit talk here to avoid pissing people off more.
Kal herself has 490 atk, 255 def, 0 res and 2033 Hp.
Monst3r has 1402 atk, 405 def, 5433 hp, 0 res and 3 block.
With S3 up he does have 1215 def but that's still only for 20 seconds.
I also recommend Rocket Slime if you're buying DS games, it hasn't gone up in price at all and it's great.
Well yeah, Estelle's just one of my favorites. Hope she gets an outfit soon.
We'll see then.
Yeah good idea, although I'm not deleting my stuff because I hate anons acting like wannabe janitors for discussion that isn't even against the board topic.
She has good HP at least. Probably to save her as if she gets targeted by something like a Zealot (those drunk guys with the hammers). Huh, my bad then. Still, those are some good stats and 400 def should let him live long enough to get that skill up.
I hope everyone gets at least one outfit eventually honestly. There's been quite a few for the lower rarity units that look great.
Eh, I don't think they were wrong but I get you.
She's got about 400 more than the other 6* medics but I think it's to counter her terrible hps. It's gonna be a question of if Kal is the only one that can heal him or not, if yes then I doubt we will see much of them in CC as a whole just because of how easy it is for the heavier units to chew through that level of a hp pool. Don't forget that he has to be in Kal's range to charge the skills and when he dies/retreats she gets set to 0/max sp too.
I agree with that. I'd love to see an outfit for Robin too and one for all the 2*s.
They were technically right, but the thread was mostly for gossiping anyway so meh.
I think atk debuffs in CC mainly cripple medics anyway but she'll probably be core for a max risk clear of Spectrum thanks to it most likely featuring the Sarkaz Knight twins that will have bulk to the nines, plus the map will likely favor having a redeployable unit like that thanks to the hammer knight. Every CC is different in needs so a powerful unit like her will weasel her way in somehow is what I think.
The "balance" changes they did for her do seem reasonable overall though.
Oh man I'd love to see a Robin skin too. I'd actually like to see DO's of all the 2*s though. See how strong they actually can be yknow?
P.much, but I do that shit too so I try to respect it when others do it to me.
Oh I'm sure we will see them one way or another, but if they are vulnerable to stunning I won't be surprised if we see a overall repeat of how lead seal went for it's max risk. I still don't care if she's good for CC or not though, she's everything I wanted in a 3 block summoner full stop. So she's going to get raised if I get her and likely M9'd too.
Oh absolutely. Honestly she could of been a hell of a lot worse with S3 not decaying, being attack scale or being easier to buff as a whole.
>hansamu/nice design
>nakayuu voicing him
Buff when
Never. Between what they did with lower rarity Brawlers when Mountain came and Passenger it doesn't look like they will ever actually buff/fix units to make them competitive with others that do similar things.
Would be nice to have effects on the landmines too. Imagine 6* Rangers.
I usually try to ignore it unless it's completely off topic for the board. In that case it was unique though because the whole thread was barely on topic to begin with, had easy segue's into fully offtopic stuff, and had been previously axed for very obvious reasons. Doesn't really matter now though, discussion continued here so I'm happy. Good end.
I'm going to assume there's a risk centered around them like with Lead Seal's colossus + boss risks where you can choose which status affliction they'll be immune to. I don't go past Risk 18 so she'll be an absolute monster for me regardless, and I love the Mon3tr's design so much I will probably be buying the nendo of it.
It's a good way to keep her as powerful as she was in the beta without making her an unstoppable menace.
Oh yeah. Honestly I feel like most ops would be better off with 18op skins but I understand why a bunch don't actually change skill effects. God that would be cool. I'd fucking love a higher rarity lizard dude overall, Rangers and 12F both look super cool.
Well there is the possibility they don't show up at all despite that being weird as fuck. I could actually see them fucking with people by having one of the risks being you only have to deal with one of the two but it gets the death buff from the start.
Oh 100%. I still want to see her fully in action but I have high hopes.
Some ops wouldn't really benefit much from it due to lack of existing visuals. Like Vigna for example, I'm not sure what they'd add other than a spear glow color change, but I'm getting that rock band outfit regardless to go with the swimsuit.
Only animal-head dudes I'd roll for right there. I really like Rangers and had him as my assistant for quite a while actually. Got a great voice too. Unfortunately unlike 12F he's not really useful for anything, but I'm glad he's getting a RIC skill later.
Hmm, that is possible. I think the icon is the Plastic Knight's head so he'll be there, but as for the Sarkaz I'm not sure. If they do that though I wonder what will be the default pick for people. Hammer seems like the obvious choice because his attacks will not change much (basically it'll go from one hit kill to faster one hit kill) but the archer's will scale more dangerously with CC risks even if Nightingale's deployed.
I don't think she'll disappoint. I'm eagerly awaiting the updates for both the global and CN versions in the upcoming days.
Oh very true, but some like Texas's upcoming skin would look way better if the sword rain was red.
Oh absolutely. We have to wait and see either way I feel since waifus sell so well.
Yeah that's why I'm thinking it could go any way. Hammer would be the default by far I feel, easier to debuff and the heavy attack is really the scary one so you ought to be able to stall with Mudrock.
Oh there's no way for her to disappoint me now regardless. Well other than failing to roll her really?
i actually elite 2d amiya early on because i like to take care of the mascot characters because i feel like a lot of people brush them off and it makes me feel bad. i didnt realize they are in such high demand though. i just wasnt sure if theres a good way to make use of the event or if its just a free time with bonus extra stamina.
Ah yeah. I'll just pretend they're glowing too much for it to show. Would have also liked if Shaw's water blast was tuned more to look like a zap from her ghostbusting gear.
Well I'm part of the crowd encouraging that so guilty as charged, but I do genuinely like him. I'd also accept an operator with an arthropod head (e.g. a lobster-man, like in SaGa).
Basically yeah, and I didn't even remember Mudrock, she'd be great holding him back especially, and she has anti-Sarkaz built in too. As long as people are careful with deployment he should be manageable when she's solo holding him. Funny how it changes, the original maps they appeared in had the archer as the easy one and the hammer as the tough one.
Well hey, good luck. I'm going to be going all in on that one too.
>i actually elite 2d amiya early on because i like to take care of the mascot characters because i feel like a lot of people brush them off and it makes me feel bad
We are brothers now. I've done the same thing in pretty much every game. I even do that in singleplayer non-mobile games.
Regardless, rocks are in extremely high demand, you need them for a ton of upgrades and crafting materials, which is why people refer to that stage as the rock mines, thanks to only costing 6 sanity for a yellow grade material you need hundreds of.
File: 1606432623334.png (2.03 MB, 1920x1080)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG
The outfit looks good enough that I'm getting it regardless.
I get the reason why so I don't really bother complaining about it. I've been more of the waifu person in other games anyway, I can't say I'd like lobsterheadman though.
Well we didn't have Mudrock for the event so I don't blame you. The catch with the archer is he hits two targets and is easy to isolate where he can't actually do much on those stages. Going to be much harder if the stage is cramped.
Gonna have to see how I fare over the next banner honestly, I'm not super worried because she's not limited anyway.
Also E2'd Ch'en so all I have left for this batch is mastery on her and then I can start my next batch, so I'm pretty excited there!
File: Boston.jpg (25 KB, 334x482)
25 KB
It looks good but I'm mulling it over, I have her other outfit (to match the Exusiai one) and mostly use her for the TP.
Hey don't knock Boston he's a good lad. Really though I'd just like to see more unconventional creatures, something that's only really satisfied by Manticore and the Aegir units.
He also doesn't one hit kill everything even with his nuke skill like the hammer man does. Cardigan can survive it even on CM. In CC though it'd be murder.
Same here. Good luck there too.
Enjoy your quickdrop nuker mate, she's fun.
Oh yeah I skipped the box one since I didn't like it, though I do use her all the time now.
He's even scarier seeing him now. That's fair though. I'd be up for more odd creature units too.
That's why I figure if you had to deal with just one the hammer would be easier, only one target and a long animation that's fairly easy to stun.
Hah, it's gonna be a few weeks before I can do much mastery on her sadly but at least the E2 is out of the way. I might start planning the new ops I want to work on once we know the official name for the new crystal mats.
I got it pretty much just because it matches with her partner, who I use all the time and bought the outfit of simply because we're never getting the KFC one while this looks decently similar.
Don't worry he's a good guy. I'd like to see more of Manticore's race.
Same here, stalling is easier with single target in high difficulty modes (part of why the sleepers are so dangerous too).
Oh yeah forgot it had to be M3. Well hey, probably not urgent anyway and she still has that SP charge skill for on-hit recover skills.
That's fair. I honestly don't look at them in the base much so.
Manticore is hella cute but I can't see more of her race looking terribly different from her overall honestly.
Sleep is still a kinda bad status effect just because you can't do anything through it.
Oh none of these upgrades are urgent really. I just want to get them done in order really. I already finished everything I needed to make the next couple of ccs smooth sailing so I'm feeling good as a whole.
At the time I did use her quite a bit, notably in Anni 2 to halt the Hateful Avengers so Exusiai and Blaze could kill them before they reached her. Now I use Myrtle and Vigna instead, who I both like more overall.
Could look drastically different, especially given how much variety there is in the other races.
Meant the sleepy sarkaz casters, sorry.
Ah I see, makes sense. I'm just putting a hold on all but the cheapest ones thanks to the upcoming banner over here.
Yeee I've changed my vangaurds around a lot. I generally take her if I need a 2 block but I'm wondering if I can't cut even Bag out and just use Myrtle, dunno.
True but there's not many ways to really make a human manticore without making them too horrible to look at I feel.
Oh I utterly misread that anyway, well part of what makes them toughish is they have decent aspd and hit two targets at once instead of a aoe around one target.
I haven't prefarmed anything but gel so it really doesn't make a difference at this point. I don't need mudrock for anything up coming either.
I usually don't need a block-2 vanguard to sub in, but Texas is my only E2 one alongside Siege so it's usually just whoever works better. Texas for arts and early stage stunning, Siege for not dying.
Make them messy. Manticore herself is only really keeping the tail anyway, so alternatives probably have different things than the bat wings on the head or possibly not even the same kind of tail. Manticores vary greatly in myth and could look pretty different here too. Some had wings, some had projectible venom spines on the tail instead of a scorpion tail, some just had a pointed stinger on a thin segmented rat-like tail.
It's fair enough, I just forgot the status effect existed. But yeah I was mostly getting at the multitarget arts, same reason why 5-3 CM is so asinine.
Yeah especially since you've got NG for Talulah already. I feel like I should've farmed more gel (got just under 50 total right now) but I'm happy with my manganese stack. Fuck manganese.
Fair. I tend to just need them on CC stages I feel?
Oh really? I've honestly seen very little variance in how a manticore looks aside from very superficial stuff like the tail difference you say.
Yeah, fair. It helps that you can pick when you deal with them too so you can be ready to just burst them, or in the case of the one DM map I didn't expect them and they got blasted right out of the gate, but it still worked out.
Ye exactly, though Talulah has to wait a couple of weeks anyway. Each to their own really, I know I need the gel and in the long term it was going to be more annoying to farm so I did it there.
Yeah Siege served fine in Blade for protecting Weedy from the Sicilians that spawn at the beginning. Needed her instead because Texas is too fragile and lacks the sustained offense of Siege's S2.
I mention the tails more than variants like the Mantyger (tusks/horns/monkey feet) mostly because the game version uses the tail as her prominent distinguishing feature.
I recall having to do the Gravel poke shuffle with them but yeah they weren't too bad. The Demolitionist Leaders on DM-MO-1 were far scarier even though arts mulched them.
Oh yeah the rocks. Forgot that, sorry. I figure gel's going to be farmable later so I was satisfied with 50, same for the alloys which I've got about the same amount of. Ignored Polyester because it's in so many future events.
I did the full meme thing so I actually used Bag there which worked out pretty good.
Ah fair. Though have we actually gotten two characters of the same type of mythical creature yet? I know Archetto and Hellagur are effectively the same thing but what they are based off of are distinct enough irl to have separate pages.
Rocks for da-.. er... weeks....... Gel is farmable right now just at like double the cost that we had during the event and I don't think ch 8 makes it better at all.
The Liskarm one?
Vampires, gnomes, dragons, kirin (Fumizuki is a Kirin apparently, not a Lung I guess), pegasus, oni, technically whatever the "spirit race" that Nian and Dusk are supposed to be.
Rocks for seconds. Eh maybe in a later event. I don't get very many new operators.
Yep. Worked pretty good but stupidly tight. I can't say I want to do that kind of thing again.
Shit memory strikes again! I think Nian/Dusk are some more orginalish race for the setting though? They seem mostly dragon based though.
I need a shittone of rocks so it's all good either way.
I am also hunting for more solo images of Lens but man there isn't much of them and it makes me feel sad.
I tried the Liskarm one but I'm too shit at timing the cannon so it nets her the brawlers. Was fun when it partially worked though.
Nah I had to look it up too don't worry. Nian herself is based on a draconic, child-eating monster called the Nian Beast that's associated with the Chinese New Year, Dusk idk. Apparently it's implied that they're not physical beings is why I mentioned that though.
I just ate all my rocks E2ing Absinthe during the MN event. I need some of those.
I unfortunately do not have those. I remember seeing one of someone riding Lens on a drawthread though. I'll post them if I find some.
I found just because of levels I didn't have a ton wiggle room overall. But yeah when I didn't fuck up it was rather fun.
Oh I didn't know Nian was based off something like that, neat. I feel like it's implied they are possibly demi-gods or something, At the worst they likely don't have a lifespan I feel.
I ate about half the rocks total I had over the last few upgrades and I need a ton more for future stuff too, it never ends.
No worries, it's honestly hard to find solo Lens pictures and a lot of the CN image places needing a account to really browse doesn't help.
My Liskarm's not E2 so it was even less. I ended up doing the Cuora stall for the avengers then the double Eyja blowup on Faust.
Yeah that's why she debuted for the first CNY. Aak and Hung are supposed to be the thematic "lion dogs" that go with it as part of the new year's northern lion dance (Aak being a feline and Hung being a perro). They're effectively immortal from what I gather, something like a thought being or spirit. Confusing stuff.
I used a bunch on masteries as well. Don't remember for what though.
Make an account using Protonmail. I have one I use for Pixiv and Nijie.
Hey if it worked.
Man I dunno how I didn't connect the dots with those two there shit. Oh interesting, well as more of her family gets added maybe we will learn more about em.
I don't remember exactly either, just that they got gobbled the hell up.
It looks a tiny bit more convoluted than how easy it is for pixiv honestly.
The Gravel rhythm was comfy. Made the stage relaxing somehow.
I didn't get it either until someone explained it to me so no worries, beforehand I was still baffled as to why the cute tummy girl was flanked by two male furries. I did know about the Nian Beast though. Assuming the game lasts 12 years (which would be nice).
I wonder how many I need. Shit I should look up future rock requirements.
Use Windscribe.
I get how that happens honestly. I know in XIV when I raided I'd count like it was a dance (mostly because it was).
Just feels a bit too obvious to miss. Would be cool if the game somehow lasts that long and considering how long some gachas have lasted we might get halfway there if they don't do anything too stupid.
Rocks are eternal, I keep track to a extent but I generally farm them last.
It's not so much that as much as having to navigate multiple websites in CN to make a account. At least pixiv realized that having a english interface would be a good idea.
Ah yeah. For this it was the nice regularity. In my mind raids are lightning speed "oh fuck" fests thanks to Elsword.
I'd like if it at least lasted long enough to get a console title or official PC release so if the game does die off I still have the spinoff game to come back to. But eh, such is life.
I use them to check off the last little bit of sanity before I close it.
I see. Translate the page with something like DeepL or even GT and click the account part. I did that for Nijie, which has no english on it. Unless it's like some crazy Korean stuff that wants an SSN to register then it should be fine. What's the site?
Yeee. In XIV raids have zero randomness, shit happens at the same time and %s so once you know what's going to happen the only "randomness" is how dumb your team-mates have decided to be that day.
Eh, I dunno how I feel about that honestly. I enjoyed fate/ but as more and more spinoffs happened I just stepped away from the franchise as a whole because it mutated into something that didn't make sense with how the originals worked to me.
Oh I tend to just check and see if I will be over when I wake up and if I'm not going to be I don't worry about how much sanity I have left really. Don't forget that maint is gonna be 6 hours though.
It's mostly just effort. It's too many rings I'm willing to jump through. Even just the couple okay enough pictures of Lens should be good enough I feel, at the worst I just use some more background-y stuff to swap from.
It's not random per se, but in Els they have mechanics based on where someone is standing or something, and other factors like killing passive spawns fast enough, etc. For example, to break phase 2 of the Dark Observer's shield, you need to bait it into attacking itself. It's easier to do solo.
I never got into Fate. Still I wasn't meaning "change a VN into whatever the hell FGO is" I was just meaning a light console version like what Battle Cats gets. Or a decent RPG spinoff. No fightan games.
When's maint?
I just realized this is for those icon backgrounds. Use the in-game unit icon, it's clean and works nicely.
Well that happens in xiv too, but again it's 100% consistent and happens at the same time. But yeah fair.
F/GO was more the final nail in the coffin for me, there's been a shitload of spinoffs before including 4 console games before F/GO was a thing. Even .hack// has a bunch of spinoffs I don't like.
In about 33 hours from now? Gamepress has a countdown going.
Er, phone background but cutting Lens's sprite and animations if I could figure out how to do that and potentially make my own simple animations could be really fun.
This one's on the opposite plane (side view rather than top view) so groups mess it up more easily.
Ah I see. I don't really keep up with Fate but that reminds me vaguely of Pokemon, the new games lost me. What I meant by Battle Cats above though is console titles that are literally the phone title minus the microtransactions and stuff, Battle Cats has two console versions (one for 3DS, one for Switch) that you buy once and get the whole thing, although it does not receive the updates the mobile one gets. It also had a trial PC version, dunno what happened to that. I'd like to explore Terra here though, the worldbuilding is genuinely interesting enough that I would welcome a traditional RPG of Arknights in some way as well.
Whew I thought I was going to have to panic-open the game. Thanks.
Well hey if you can do that more power to you and it sounds fun, but I just meant the clear version of the white icon representing her summons on the battlefield. It's already transparent and it's smooth and rectangular.
Oh that could be fun but I dunno. When I see "spinoff" i honestly don't see "a quality product".
Oh yeah no more like a ahead warning since you have to bank for that extra 60 sanity you normally likely wouldn't be dealing with.
Oh I get you. I dunno there? I'm still sorting images and trying to see which ones I want to use before I really get going on exactly how I want the layout to look with icons and shit.
Well with MegaTen the spinoffs are often excellent. This one though basically is just an offline way to play it even if the phone game ends service, mostly the same game but with extra stuff like co-op added. Even retains the gacha but gives a ton of rolls every day and does not have any sort of mtx.
I've got to go empty it now I think, should be at about 112 or so out of 130.
Post it when you begin WIP and when it's done.
The spinoffs have really become their own franchise at this point but good point there. Ah fair, but honestly Arknights doesn't have anything that would make it worthwhile as a standalone game yet honestly.
Oh dang, I try to clear it out fairly often if I'm around.
I will likely just link it here when I post it in /w/. I have a general idea on what I want to do but nothing super solid yet.
Goes for the Rocket Slime game I mentioned earlier, it's a spinoff of Dragon Quest. Great game though. I think AK could work as a standalone once they expand the story some more, and could include the event content as accessible stages. Battle Cats has an ungodly amount of stages and I never finished even half of them before my phone with it died. Still, if that wouldn't work I'd still like to explore Terra.
I sometimes end up wasting a bit due to my fucked sleep schedule. I need chips I think, I'll go get those.
Ah I see. I'll be watching for it.
Sure but that's still not a ton of content honestly. I can see them doing more tv shows or shorts before doing a actual spinoff game. They seem to have some idea on what kind of story they want to tell.
Thankfully my sleep has been pretty steady but not wanting to have to clean dog piss daily and being the only person that can stop that is some great motivation.
Yeah AK is too young for that right now. Battle Cats has been going for many years now and they built that content up over a long time. I would like more animations but they're all pretty short.
I know that feel. They do it anyway though, can't seem to keep it on the mat.
If I don't get Murdock tomorrow i don't want to live anymore. Might as well sudoku myself.
File: 1603429981164.jpg (47 KB, 850x558)
47 KB
Too young and some content like CC only works because you have a limited set of operators you can actually use in it due to when it arrived. There's always the side comics too but I dunno exactly how "cannon" they are.
He's old so he can only hold it for oh so long, he's also just used to being able to be let out at any time so I can't really blame him much.
Mudrock ain't tommorow mate, I'm sorry to say but you are already dead.
She's permanent and appears on multiple banners dude.
CC could work in the same way that 4* stages work in BC, which restricts deployable units based on numerous conditions. I don't know if any of those are official or not, all the ones I've seen are fanmade and thus not canon.
These are puppies. Our poor old girls passed away a few years ago though so I know the feeling.
Cool Stagrock though.
True, you could just limit it to ops released before they came out but I dunno how well it would work in a singeplayer game type. There are some that are official, I think the comic anthology? I'm not 100% either way really.
Ah yeah, this guy is like 14? I promised I would take care of him so I'm taking care of him. I will miss him when he passes but I have learned without a shadow of a doubt I am not cut out for dogs.
Stagrock is really cool.
I've been seeing the "starter" tag practically every time I refresh, has it been oddly common for you as of late too?
Mudrock should be the limited while Rosmonis the non limited one just like W banner. Former enemy= limited. Rhodes long time member = non limited. It really rustled my jimmies anons.
Just be thankful they didn't get greedy and make Kal'tsit limited
I don't care about Kal. I want my dancing Skadi.
Works great in Battle Cats, although it's a rather different game despite also being a tower defense title.
Oh? I might be thinking of the wrong thing then, sorry. Either way it was only on dex so I can't check.
Yeah ours were a little older when they passed. We like dogs but damn it's annoying when you can't take them out on a walk.
Her mask always reminded me of that. Or a rhino but mostly the bug thanks to her roundness.
Why yes I have. Seems like I get a lot less 4* combos after they added Spot/Popukar although last night I got 3 in a row. Tons of times I just throw up a full no-tag batch because I don't have the good combos. Used to be able to clear the permits and the tickets every month without summoning but I can't this time and missed a single last time.
As a general rule the stronger unit is the limited one on Anniversary and half-anniversary banners. For CNY ones they're equal. Alignment has nothing to do with it, they just don't want to lock people out of the busted as fuck units as well as giving themselves more banner bait for standards later.
When is Global half anni?
Ah fair, maybe once there's enough content to support it.
Pretty much, I know it didn't look terribly official from my memories of it so.
Once I saw that image I couldn't unsee muddy as a bug.
Okay so I'm not crazy then. I hope it gets better after the 30th because seeing all four boxes have starter tags is suffering.
June 29th I believe? At least that's when Nian came out if my memory is right.
Excuse me, meant the stronger unit is the non-limited one.
Two days. Time-wise in a few months I think.
Essentially that's how they did it there.
They started with the first campaign. You play it 3 times, with each one changing the prize you get at the end and the enemies that appear along the way. Then there's the second campaign, ditto for that but with a powerful new enemy type (aliens) as the central focus. Then they went to Stories of Legend, which is an extremely long mode of very difficult stages featuring everything from every single story boss in one stage buffed to have 1000% stats (less hard than it sounds) to puzzle stages.
After that, they added 4* difficulty to it, which adds restrictions to the stages. This was also implemented in the third story campaign and the mode that comes after stories of legend.
Yeah I remember reading about Meteorite, Ifrit, and someone else sharing a dorm and baking cookies or something, that's about it.
I can't now either. But it's a cool bug so it's fine.
I've also seen the Robot tag more now that I've completed THRM-EX. Overall though, I definitely am getting less green certs total. Used to have 400 surplus at the end of the month.
400 surplus after buying all tier 2 material+ HH?
Ah yeah that sounds pretty good and doable as a whole.
Yeah that one I'm pretty sure was one in the anthology that's official.
It is. Now I'm really wondering if W was based of a cockroach.
I've had therm-ex done for a while and I feel like I haven't seen the robot tag in some time too honestly. The green certs I don't really track hard as I only tend to buy out tier 1 and the rolls + permits from T2.
So i have Thorns, Lappland and Arene. I've already got Lapp and Arene to max level e1, whereas throrns isn't e1 yet. What should i do? They all do mostly the same thing right? SA outclasses them all, but i dont have him
Thorns. SA doesn't outclass him in the slightest.
Oh? i thought SA was just god tier
Different roles. SA is a drop, nuke and retreat while Thorns you place and he can often solo a lane because he has good damage and self healing not tied to a skill.
If you have Blaze imagine her damage, but single target, range of a AA sniper and % self healing when not attacking.
After getting the permits and the HH tickets, plus a small amount of the mats sometimes.
Yeah I feel like it just needs some time to grow.
Ah I thought that was fanmade. Neat, I should read the rest.
I don't think she was but it'd be neat. From what I remember she was a slightly altered design from some other game the devs had worked on but didn't have the time to implement her in.
I saw a couple recently. Would be nice if there was a new robot. I do the same for T2 green cert shop, but this month I'll be missing a ticket again.
Thorns is so good literally god like. I don't get him the last time after spending all my Orundum but i don't know if I should pull on his next banner or not. I have all the 5 stars there. What do anon?
SA nukes whole crowds then fucks off for a bit and Thorns stays on the field basically forever but only hits one thing at a time. Thorns is bulkier to fit this role, while SA doesn't care about his bulk so he has it focused more into his attacks.
I think I read the entire thing and it wasn't super interesting to me so I haven't really bothered reading more.
Well she has the antennas so. She was to some extent I think? She fit right in with the unit lowlight did art for in GFL.
I hope we see more robots honestly, I don't really use them but they are neat. RIP on the ticket man.
He's very good but not actually needed for anything. Personally I'd skip the banner because the only good unit on it is Thorns while you have the limited banner that has Mudrock who fills the same lane soloer role but is actually used in CC all the time now.
I see, so the only ranged guards that are worthless are like, frostleaf and ayerscarpe right?
Is it weird that i just leave SA on the field instead of redploying him? From what i read everyone else are playing him as a redeployment unit.
I read two parts then forgot to read the rest. It was cute though.
Maybe she was, idk. I never really saw it until people pointed it out, the chunky horns always drew my eye more. Does resemble the roach-girl from that old anime though.
I used THRM-EX multiple times on Anni-3. It's so long his deployment time basically doesn't matter, so he's essentially a really big quickdrop nuke debuffer. Chiave would help but I didn't want to bring him.
I want Thorns in shop so badly...
Sort of? Ayerscarpe isn't very good but he's better than Frostleaf, and there's also Midnight (who has arts so I guess he's alright).
Nothing weird about that. I retreat him but he has block-2 and good normal stats as a guard.
Yes, and Lappland is slowly getting there due to more things being immune to silence which is her main use really.
If all you are using him for is his S3 it's faster to retreat him than leave him there to charge.
Yeah I do remember it being cute.
I think there's some art of who she's based onish or something and it's pretty obvious when you see that.
I've used Therm-ex a few times and he is nice for that but I'm not sure if his weaking stacks with others so he's kinda not super worth.
Gonna be some time there honestly, it's already weird he's on a standard banner this fast.
I tend to leave 3*s out of good/bad talks because they are really just the basic units that you ideally move on from no matter what.
I'll have to look that up sometime.
Mainly brought him because he works well on a map like that to eliminate stragglers and he ignores deployment limit, meaning I don't have to retreat someone to slam him down on them. Also has ridiculous bulk for some reason so he sponges the Bombtails handily if you don't have Nightingale. Overall just an enjoyable unit.
Oh fair. I don't end up doing stuff like that because I've had intense dps for some time so I just bruteforce the fuck out of maps. I really like how bombastic he is, I can see if he had a person version he would have a crazy pompadour.
This is sorta why I'd like to upgrade more 4*s eventually, they are good to get through everything but need more thinking and creative strategies at times, though I'd rather just have more summoners too because I really like trying to beat a stage with them if I can.
Is it still a long time until Eyja in cert shop? I heard Blaze is gonna be in it soon?
Eyja was in the shop like six months ago at this point man. We are due to see Blaze soon because in two months it will of been a year since her debut banner.
Is it an unwritten rule that it needs to be 1 year before shop?
I don't believe it's ever been said anywhere but I'm pretty sure even CN generally follows that trend?
I do that too but Anni-3 isn't really a Surtr-friendly map, and Eyja would have forced me to retreat either Gummy or Weedy.
I like the "luminous heat core" he has on the top that Mayer installed for him. Very likeable fellow, the robot part enhances it a lot though because he loves to nuke himself.
Should do Deepcolor. She's weak but she's the only non-robot summoner.
Is it true that Anni 4 is easier than 3? I don't even have a stable anni 3 auto yet and usually went with anni 2.
Oh not even Surtr, before it was Ifrit really pounding stuff and currently it's Meteorite.
Oh yeah I love that part of his modifications. It really does.
Deepcolor really doesn't do anything I want anymore honestly. I do want to upgrade her but I can't see myself ever using her at all at this point.
Depends on what you can handle. It's all the enemies from the Maria Nearl event again but on a big map. I only just established a stable auto for 3 this week.
I tried to use Ifrit but she was out of healing range so it was a no-go there.
It's always nice that Mayer has time to install a self-destruct function on any robot she tinkers with.
Well same but she'd go well with a theme team. Sometimes those are fun, like the military team I put together for the Gavial event.
File: 1613000708002.jpg (295 KB, 848x1200)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
Ah yeah, I had to use a aoe healer point up at the front ranged tile to keep her alive.
Even the mini-meebo for her pot increase has a self-destruct button, it's super cute.
Oh yeah, I can't really see myself doing something like that honestly. But it does seem fun.
I gotta sleep though, so have a cute Scene.
I didn't want to sacrifice my AoE sniper tile so I just stuck Shining behind them all.
I hope she didn't stick one on the service meeboo she gave Ptilopsis.
Gives a reason to use other operators too, like I'd never actually used Andreana before that. Mostly exists for funny pictures though.
Is 1-7 really that much better than chapter 4 for Rock? Like how much better is it than chapter 4? If it's negligible I'm going to chapter 4 instead. I'm seriously losing my sanity both in game and rl playing this stage over and over again.
What's so special about chapter 4 in particular that you want to play it so badly?
I mean the chapter 4 stage for Rock. I don't remember the exact stage you see...
File: bullying.png (122 KB, 449x442)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
Which operator embodies this image the most
ask /vg/
I just posted it because the character's silhouette reminded me of Mudrock's.
ok, well i'd say asbestos, because she's grumpy and that character looks grumpy
good choice
Ah fair, Ifrit at the time was better than anything else I could put there.
We both know she absolutely did.
Yeah I still sorta want to upgrade people I can actually see myself using at least somewhat regularly.
Yes. farming rock from 4-6 will cost nearly double the sanity compared to just farming it from 1-7. You cannot escape 1-7. We all will never escape 1-7.
File: 1607359588004m.jpg (67 KB, 724x1024)
67 KB
So is she gonna be the only caster worth using now since it looks like amyia gets better after the class change
Eyja, Ceobe and Ifrit are all worth using. Dusk may have uses due to her S3 and does seem fine if you want a normal aoe caster.
Iris has her S2 nuke and the whole attack charge nonsense that lets her oneshot Patriot too.
im glad im not the only one that does that. happy to hear we are the same on that. thank you for the event advice. i will enjoy not needing to get more rocks for a while then
i love asbestos we share a birthday! shes my only elite 2 defender
a marriage system would never really work in arknights most of the girls from what I get aren't into the doctor so there would only be a few choices
That just means you'd need a dating + marriage system.
It wouldn't work because Amiya would muscle in
I remember when I did it for the first time I used Shirayuki.
Poor owl, I hope the bread doesn't hit it.
If the stage is easy like that croc one in the pic the team usually doesn't matter much as long as you have at least one big card to kill the miniboss enemies (i.e. the Tiakaw Braves).
Enjoy your cute CEO and your rock stock anon.
I wish I could remember what my original clear actually looked like. That was some of the fun I had with the old events coming back, I got to see the teams I used for those stages.
Pretty sure the button is on the bottom so she's gonna be fine.
Gonna be honest, that entire stage and most of that event was a joke. I'm fucking amazed at how piss easy it was. It is a fair point but I'd still rather work on something that will be a decent general addition to my roster, yknow?
Mine was largely the same aside from different blockers in the same spots plus BP as a support instead of on the main team.
Well it is carrying her bag, and it's a less sturdy model than the battle ones, plus it jumps around a lot. But she wouldn't put that on there for what's basically a care robot right?
The last EX CM battle against the junkbot was pretty rough although it was the only dangerous enemy in the stage (and to be honest, it's entirely because of the bird).
Oh yeah I get that I was just meaning that it's probably possible to just 3* it with no sweat so even level 1 units might work. I know I've used Level 1 Ethan before just fine to kill ice spiders.
Yeah true. Putting everything as far forward as possible is the easiest way to do the map really.
Mayer put a self destruct on a mini version and modified THERM-EX not only to explode but to be happy about it. She absolutely would.
What got me there was actually forgetting about the stun, which just resulted in "stall it till it's the last thing alive and reposition" which really isn't super hard.
Oh my bad I took that the wrong way. I do have all the 3*s maxed so I sometimes play around with them.
Yeah, especially since everything just likes to sit there for a while all in a clump. Main reason why I elected to use W over Ifrit there, also kills some of the drones before they run over the main blockade.
This is why her funding requests get denied.
The croc stage was perfect for that mostly because of how amusing it is to watch them gun the things down without worrying due to how crappy their stats are (what a weird gimmick).
Yeah I used Ifrit because I didn't have enough dps to deal with the crusher's otherwise as they were really the issue for me early on,
It might also have to do with her expanding her space without permission and most of the meebos not actually in working order.
Well the crocs whole gimmic was being blocked makes them stronger, but before that they are pretty pathetically weak.
I got lucky and somehow had enough phys to break through despite lacking arts on it due to forgetting about them. In hindsight it would have been easier with Eyja.
Well yeah because she keeps blowing them up, she likes explosions too much.
Yeah that's what I meant. In practice it only ended up making the Braves the ones that actually did any work. I was surprised when one of the casters killed something because they usually just died before they got blocked.
That's sorta why Ifrit was so key there, she added arts damage and def down so others could get more damage done. Sadly I didn't have Eyja at that point.
It didn't read like it was because she kept blowing them up but that's a good point. I wonder if she would approve of using a car to control a giant robot.
Ah whoops, misunderstood again. Braves were rarely scare honestly, even physical units didn't have much issue chewing through them, you just needed to make sure it got blocked by a actual dps unit if you did let it get blocked.
File: file.png (78 KB, 420x368)
78 KB
CEO, you're supposed to lick it
I was planning to but Gummy doesn't have enough healing to stop Ifrit from being killed by a ballista.
Would be nice if there was a Rhine Lab event to explore that further. Saria and Ptilopsis have already received events with them as prominent characters though so it's not happening, especially with how minor the Rhine Lab part of their background seems to be to their characters other than establishing them as academics.
I usually either just killed them before they got blocked or used Hellagur.
Yee, as I said I had to have a aoe healer pointing up to keep Ifrit alive there. No good aoe sniper at that point so giving up the spot there wasn't a issue.
Well with Rhine Lab being the second fiddle when it comes to oripathy research I wouldn't be surprised if we saw more focus on them, plus whatever the fuck Maggie is investigating in the frozen north is likely going to end up being related to the sea monsters.
I usually did too, or they got blocked and killed by Thorns.
Isn't Shirayuki good? Anyway though I see what you mean but at the time my only leveled AoE healer was stuck at the bottom keeping BP/Jessica alive.
I feel like they'll be something of a footnote in future stories. Maggie's frozen north studies will most likely result in something related to the nightmarish monsters that Patriot and the Emperor's Blades put down ages ago, the frozen ones that grow stronger the more people think about them that were sealed in the blade's masks.
Hellagur happened to deal with them handily because they only usually came one at a time.
Yeah she is. That's fair. I did aoe top st bottom? I think some of it there was Ifrit was going to do more than Shira so focusing on her was a better plan?
Maybe? We did get that one npc that was made out to sound fairly important in Maggies story at a point so I feel like just leaving them where they are now is gonna be weird. It's not something that needs to be done rightaway but eventually I feel.
Oh nice. I'm hoping I can get the old man from top op once we get that but you really haven't had many uses for him so I dunno if I will see much either.
She probably did. Maybe I'll try it out again when it refreshes, I enjoyed making an auto for it.
With all the set up they're doing in trailers and lore I can't imagine they'd do much else, they've already got the giant supermonsters in the background ready for them to use now.
I barely use him and when I do he often does things Melantha could have done. When he is useful he's very good at it and can hold an entire side of the map by himself sometimes, but it's usually better to just use the deployment slot on Vigna.
I'm going to play more with anni 4 if it gives oru for running it. Anni autos are a ton of fun though yeah.
Yeep. All we can really do is wait I feel.
Yeah that's pretty much what I figured. I still think the rules of nature grandpa is cool, and that new skin oh boy.
Isn't it just a normal stage other than the fact it rotates out?
The red slash effect is neat. He reminds me a little too much of Koschey though in that thanks to the outfit and face angle.
File: 1603995372960.png (661 KB, 1920x1080)
661 KB
661 KB PNG
I know it has the kill rewards the other annis do but I'm honestly unsure past that. I've looked at what gamepress has for it a few times and I'm still unsure so I'm just gonna see how it works on the 3rd.
Oh absolutely. It's one of those skins where I'm going to have to see if I actually get him and raise him before he rolls around as I don't think buying it if I don't have him will be worth.
I also started mastery on Ch'en. h y p e.
Well I guess we'll see when it comes out. Either way, new big stage and Surtr's going to be eating the knights.
I have him but I'm still not sure. Looks good but I'm not sure it's worth the OP when so many outfits are coming out.
Nice. Reminds me of how many instances of Ch'en and Surtr in the same image there are. Maybe it's because of the red and blue horned girl dynamic.
Yep. I actually didn't even think of bringing Surtr to it. Guess I'm gonna have a bunch of stuff to try eh.
Yeah that's sorta my thing. It looks really good but there's so many other skins and I'm really unsure if I will use him that much anyway.
Actually I don't think I've seen a on of Ch'en and Surtr in the same image. They do have a nice overall contrast going and both do have nice horns.
Don't forget the server is going down in 7 hours and won't be up till a bit under 13 hours from now so make sure your base is gonna last till then soon.
I'm just bringing her for the bosses really.
We'll see how much event OP accumulates by then.
I've seen a ton. I haven't saved any but I guess maybe someone's commissioning a lot, idk.
Thanks for the heads up I'll refresh my factories and posts.
I might leave her and see if I can handle the bosses without her first.
Yep. I know a bunch of it is about to flow out with W and Taxes's skins.
Ah guess I'm just blind.
Yep I just made sure mine are all going to last long enough. Can't wait to spend all my time in the rock mines, at least this time I'm not going to sit on all the pots still the last second and be stuck in the mines for way way too long.
Is trust gained per mission based off of enemies killed?
It's 1 trust point per sanity spent. 10,070 trust points is 100% and 25,570 is 200% trust.
So i just need to have them in squad to gain that, right?
Yep. They don't have to ever be deployed.
Radical. Doing the LMD and Red voucher runs while having shit operators in squad is super easy for me
How much trust do you get from the base?
I think it's quite a bit, especially if you have them as your base assistants.
File: 1603324520979.png (989 KB, 1920x1080)
989 KB
989 KB PNG
I haven't run lmd since like the third week of the game and the red vouchers I haven't run in forever but I do it if there's a mission for it.
Workers get 100 trust, control center assistant gets 500 and the other four in the same spot get 125. Pic related being the assistant slots.
File: 1601514224118.png (1.42 MB, 900x1200)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
Twelve hours left
I can't wait to wait for the last day to actually spend my own rolls!
File: 1598224822478.png (3.8 MB, 1181x1181)
3.8 MB
3.8 MB PNG
I'm planning to roll until Mudrock comes home or I run out of rocks. Then it's all saving for angery lynx wife.
File: 1615608885080.png (286 KB, 768x768)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
Yeah I want to ideally get Muddy in as few rolls as possible. I want to save for Kelsey but I want to ideally get Mountain and Frost in between too.
File: 1610261805065.png (3.22 MB, 1920x1080)
3.22 MB
3.22 MB PNG
I did a few "why not" rolls while saving for W, and never got her in the end. I'm not repeating that mistake.
File: 1615865609648.png (1.8 MB, 2500x1500)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
Yeah I have a bit of pity built up on normal banners which is why I'm thinking of trying my luck on Mountain's banner. At least Kelsey isn't limited.
I don't have April so I'll be lacking in stun items and woodchoppers probably. So I'll have to have Surtr at least kill one, so I can destroy him before the second one spawns and gets a buff. I don't really have any other concentrated arts burst damage units other than her and Eyja.
Same here. On the fence about Texas but it does look good.
You aren't, you're probably not looking on the same places or for even remotely the same tags on the art as I have so no worries. It just pops up and I noticed several of them while I was browsing the new gallery.
I might just say fuck the rocks for a bit so I can see the new story. Depends on what's going on around then I guess.
whats wrong with aosta
He's just really crappy. Poor man's gimmick makes him harder to use than any other sniper and he struggles with killing things, he's largely inferior to Executor.
I mean if you like him then go on and use him but even a max level E2 one isn't going to be contributing a whole lot. Even under buffs. I think he gets an alright factory skill though?
>he's largely inferior to Executor.
Well, all i needed to hear, considering i already have Exec
There's probably a good stage to use him on, idk. But being restricted to only performing properly on unblocked enemies limits him a lot.
I feel like there'd need to be a stage where you could have like, s3 suzuran down, and some kind of weedy/shaw pusher to shove them back into his effective userange
You'd also need Warfarin to buff him.
Oh boy
how long will patching the server up take??
wtf!? i just saw their twitter announcement about amiya when i was checking to see when maintenance is over. im only on chapter 5 of the story thats so far to unlock that upgrade. sorry anon i told id rock farm...
It's not that far actually, and you'd normally want to do her E2 for Chapter 7 anyway to battle the boss there using her S3 and story damage survive bit.
6 hours total, so about 4 from now?
File: fffuuuuuuuu.jpg (107 KB, 310x319)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
So, I have to roll for the new skadi, even if I already have her?
Yes, new unit. There's some shit about a costume coupon if you have the original's outfit though, idk.
Maggie! That's fair honestly. I'm only going to fuck around with it because you can do it for free really.
Texas's looks great. But it is your OP.
Ahh fair.
Nah I'm sticking with the rocks.
Aosta is just there for trust, he's never being upgraded.
Ah yeah I could definitely use your Maggie to blow up the drones, forgot about that. I still have the game open to watch my sanity go up but I can't touch anything or it'll boot me out so I can't check if she's up with the melee or ranged drones on the friend screen.
The issue I have is less with that and more just matching autism that it won't go as well with Exusiai's if I equip it.
I have to check what needs the rocks out of the things I'm looking at, but probably a good idea to just rock on.
I figured given he's next to Whislash and Conviction while a certain newly obtained Red is in the top spot. Was more directed towards him eating your guaranteed 5* on a banner though.
I'm pretty sure I have Thorns/Surtr as my supports right now so can change back to Maggie later I feel.
Hey if you like her matching Exu more sticking with that is fine too.
Well don't forget you also get the boxes with other shit in them too while you are farming for rocks. I'm betting on those to get the rest of the loxic I need for Ch'ens mastery.
Haha, I didn't even think about that honestly. It is what it is I feel, you can't always win when it comes to the 5* guarantee and it's not like I'm missing many of them now anyway.
Thorns would work too, he absolutely eats Anni-4.
Maybe I'll get it just in case Exu gets a second one in the future?
Oh yeah those. I still have some unopened from the last time, they always give me gray mats for some reason. Or more rocks. Feels like Charlie Brown.
Well yeah he was on rateup. I put in maybe 3 in an attempt to get a defender but decided to stop.
Yeah I might just swap Surtr for Maggie then you can try to play around with both.
Well Exu's already gotten two skins so I dunno, she might but it could be a while there. It's not like it won't return too honestly.
Oh man I generally have decent luck with those boxes.
Yeah I rolled for Blemi for no good reason so I have pity there.
Also you should update your game, it's a double update with one giving you a heavy or light choice for space.
Thanks mate. Dunno if the rest of your friend list might want a Surtr though for the bosses.
Only one of those counts I feel, given how the other is a region-exclusive collab one. Damn cats stealing all the outfits.
Apparently they don't all have gray mats so it's probably not that bad. This is from last time if I remember right. Or maybe it was the NY one.
The good reason is she's pretty.
Thanks. I think it won't really matter spacewise, it's on an external storage device.
File: 1599861003869.jpg (514 KB, 1580x1259)
514 KB
514 KB JPG
Eh, I'm sure they have someone that has a Surtr on their list if they don't have one themselves. Supports only super matter for CC I feel anyway.
True but it does sorta feel like they are trying to get skins to people that don't already have one right now.
This looks like the last time I opened a bunch but yeah fuck if I remember exactly which they were.
She is but I doubt I would use her.
Oh I know, just a bigger download is all.
Ah I see, ok then.
Yeah like Blaze, going to get that too. Some dupes though like Courier.
That's a CC end gift box (the ones with the logo on top), those are the ones with only blues in them. Pic related.
She stalls ok in CC from what I can see, the healing's a bonus. Would be pretty good in Lead Seal but Weedy with just her basic S1 already handles the golems in the permastall department.
Oh yeah I set it to download right now from the play store, it's updating in the background, thanks.
Yee, I'm not super fond of her concert skin though so it's likely gonna be a skip for me.
Oh, welp!
Yeah, p.much. It's still pity for Mountain so eh.
There's that then I think two more when you actually go to launch the game.
I haven't seen the chibi but I feel like it's going to be good. Hard to fuck up a girl wielding a giant chainsaw on a stick.
Good luck with your lunchboxes and the rockem sockem furry.
Well hey, 1/3 done.
It's pretty neon-y from what I remember? Not really my thing in the end.
Going to have to see how Muddy's banner treats me first honestly.
1/3rd indeed. I just like having it done so I can jump into the rock mine rightaway even though it's still like two hours away.
Fits Blaze at least. I actually didn't like Blaze at first thanks to the story but she grew on me with the doc tattling on her to Amiya who scolded her like a kid. So probably going to get it, since it also matches Vigna, who is a must-have no matter what the outfit looks like.
Well fingers crossed. I have an unsettling feeling.
It kicked me out when it finished updating so I'm at 2/3 right now.
Fair yeah. I can't say I ever disliked Blaze but I do get you.
Fingers crossed indeed, I'm waiting till the last day either way so I can hopefully use as few of my own rolls as I can.
oh rib.
I like her a lot now. Just didn't like how she didn't bother asking Amiya about Greythroat until way later on.
I might do that. I just got over 100k and I am not eager to waste it all on one unit.
Well now it's done and I don't have to wait, plus my sanity wasn't full anyway, so it worked out fine. Just no Absinthe to look at.
Ah yeah, but they all developed nicely enough by the end of the chapter.
Yeah I don't have a ton of rolls, maybe 90ish so if I can get Muddy from a free roll I will be ecstatic.
Yeah my sanity won't be full either when the server is up which is fine. Poor Absinthe.
Indeed. She also has a good dynamic with the doc.
That's pretty good, most people don't seem to even have 10.
Sad bear only gets sadder. I wonder why she wasn't given a Cyrillic subtitle to her name like the others, her name is Zoya so it's not like she's different in that regard.
Yeah seeing their interactions was nice.
I'm generally lucky on most banners or have a set stopping point where I stop no matter what so I always keep rolls going forward.
I hope one day the sad bears can be less sad. Hum, I dunno there honestly?
I picked the dialogue options to get her in hot shit with Amiya while making the doc sound like a spoiled brat whining to his caretaker (which effectively he is, the doc is a weird trash goblin that's dragged around by Amiya).
I just don't roll at all unless it's a special case.
She's making friends with people even though she's still not talking to the cannibal bears. Always struck me as odd since they added Poca/Rosa at the same time and she has both.
I can't really remember what I picked there, but yeah he's a trash goblin and we love him for it.
I roll if there's something I want but it's pretty much just debut banners now that I may roll on.
Well I feel like it's gonna be some time before they all really can talk to each other a ton, if they ever do. Maybe because she was a welfare unit? I really dunno on the choice there.
I believe the dialogue option is something like "Amiyaaa she ripped my jacket!" when she's on a call with Blaze while she's carrying him on her back.
I go to guarantee if there's something important and decent looking but if there's a landmine on the way there I stop.
She's pretty sociable actually, and most of RI is pretty friendly so they get along, contrary to her profile. She's just not going to trust the student union because while she doesn't know it exactly, the truth is that Zima herself was the one who accidentally caused Zoya's father to be burned to death.
Oh that's great.
Mmm there's so few just 5*s I want at this point I'd be fine with going over a bit to try and get them.
Oh huh, well that's good to know at least. Yeah the whole bears arc is just.... unfun times.
Yeah the sarcophagus did a number on him. I'm sure everyone likes him better this way though.
I want uh let's see
Shamare? Idk a lot of stuff is coming to the recruitment pool.
I was more invested in that than most of the side story events at least. Connected stories tend to be that way over singles like with RB or SoA.
I'm kinda hoping the twist is gonna be it actually didn't do anything to his memory at all.
Yeah Shamare is nice to have, I don't think she's coming to recruit soon though?
Oh yeah it was by far the best side story event for that reason.
Hahaha fucking imagine.
>Nah I was just fucking with you, by the way W you have a nice ass haha fuck you
Yeah that's why I picked her. I can't think of a ton of ones in the current gacha I'm going for. In the future Kafka looks good and Iris is nice but I will likely be ignoring those.
Only one with group-connected stuff too, and had more to do with the story related to the banner unit and free unit at the time as well which was nice.
I mean, he got Kelsy to trust him enough to command her on the field, if after that he just goes "Sike I REMEMBER EVERYTHING" it would be fucking amazing.
Fair. Kafka is on Mountains so I might get her there and I'm likely going to do singles till I get Iris on Archettos.
Yeah it really was just a great combo all around.
>It was just a prank bro
I'm not risking even touching Mountain's and I want to save for Kal/Skadi2 so probably ez skip for Archetto.
Speaking of which Archetto's is the next sidestory one right?
Considering the implications of some stuff in the Infected PV pre-ice doc playing a long game wouldn't surprise me. It's not even the first time I've had a story where the mc getting amnesia was actually all part of The Plan™.
I want to save at least 100~ rolls for Kelsy so I will just have to see how bad this banner hits me.
It should be the next side story one yeah. It's looking like CC isn't going to be the next event after this for us too so who knows what the hell they are doing.
Reminds me of that "I've been pretending to be retarded for 7 years" picture.
Same here. But it is a year or at least several months away so if I don't get wiped too bad it's possible here.
It is? Shouldn't it be Cinder?
I don't think I've seen that, but yeah general idea.
Depends on if they speed us up or slow us down to hit the mark, they might get enough stuff to shuffle it backwards too. There's no way to know 100% so I'm going to still likely go for people I want.
I just meant it should be the next side story event as a whole. It could be Cinder still if they announce it today but realisticly they would of announced it sometime last week with the standard "CC Soon" announcement on twitter. They might do CoB re-run, then CC.
>keep getting initialization failed
give me a free for this
It's one of the first images from searching it I think From an old anime called Orguss 02.
Ah that's true. Well fug maybe there's less time than I thought, I better save harder, less moments of weakness like those 3 wasted rolls on Blemi's banner.
I wouldn't mind the CoB rerun. I was too weak at the time to finish all the EX stages so I'm missing the scene with Lappland in my records.
Oh shit, THAT image, yeah I know it.
That's the fun basically yeah. There's only so much you can do so eh.
I wouldn't mind a CoB rerun either. Gives more time to sit on stuff and build up after this banner will kill me. Speaking of that, did the first 11 free rolls and just got Whisperain as the only new op so funtimes.
yostar please... let me in, my base rotations...
What the heck is memory fragment in Whisperain base ability?
File: 1604766762131.png (1.6 MB, 1920x1080)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
What about all the rocks you could be getting bro?
Ah yeah I figured. I had to look it up because I thought it said 20 years or something.
Eh, the gacha part of a gacha is very tense for me.
Does CoB have anything farmable? I can't remember, I didn't even get the last Bison token. I assume that it's busy right now because I'm getting an error like the other two anons over there but I already refreshed my base and use my sanity so I'll wait.
>play store update
>slow internet
Welp. blew through about 80 rolls, and managed to snag Rosmontis, but Mudrock still eludes me. I'll wait until near the end of the event before I decide to commit all my OP to trying to get her.

Also snagged Reed, but not sure if she's good or not.
please.. my operators are so fatigued and i wont have enough open dorm slots...
Well Rosmontis is limited so at least there's that.
Reed is mediocre. She can crack some high def units a bit thanks to her ability but it's not actually that good for a DP-Kill Vanguard to have and her offense is otherwise pretty modest, meaning Vigna's usually better in almost all cases. Very pretty though and she's going to be important in Chapter 9 probably.
I'm not like... up to date with most memes, especially if they are twitch related so my mind didn't go to that one first honestly.
It can be, but it's one of those where I try my best to learn to accept I will get them if I do and if I don't, welp that's just how shit goes.
It was a token farming event so no the re-run won't have much of anything. Yeah I'm buring my sanity in rocks right now.
Reed isn't very good no. She will perform worse than Vigna and Bag is so much better than every other on kill vanguard it might be better to just wait till you get her.
Did you not make sure they would last till the server opens at the least? I know the shortest time I had on my base ops when I went to bed was like 14~ hours or so.
File: 20210430_123729.jpg (586 KB, 2160x2160)
586 KB
586 KB JPG
I don't use twitch at all because it's fucking poison, so I didn't know it was associated with it. I just see it on the site here in response to stupid posts sometimes.
It's an evil that has to exist I guess but I would like the shiny new units sometimes. But it also gave me Surtr so everything's under her thumb now anyway, so that's nice.
Dang. I guess I'll just complete it then. I should be about 45 or so away from cap sanity.
Glad I didn't save some sanity before the 6 hour update.
No I don't think it was, just that a lot of stuff from there bleeds out and it just confuses me.
Mm I can agree, but there's so many I already own that I want to work on so it doesn't super bother me I guess.
Pretty much. I was one sanity shy from capping so I actually had to run 1-7 once before I did everything else and now I'm eating through my sanity while being amazing I haven't even gotten one box while I've gotten a few sanity pots.
File: Spoiler Image (1.83 MB, 1920x1080)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
Well looks like I'm going to have to blow everything on the banner to get Muddy. The curse fucking continues.
pls Grani.
Ah I see, sorry. Yeah I don't use that.
I got Whisperain and my first Cutter so that's something to work on. Cutter in particular, who I like the art of.
I'm going through it and haven't gotten anything either.
>Mudrock E2 needs chapter 8 mats
Welp. Is she still good on E1?
The S2 exists so yes.
File: file.png (1008 KB, 1024x576)
1008 KB
1008 KB PNG
19 pulls. Should I get Rosmon too?
Yeah I fell prey to the gamble and got the limited first... again... so this banner is gonna consume everything.
I've gotten four mini sanity pots and that's it so far.
I'm going to put a few more in when I'm done with my sanity bar.
Nothing still as of yet, 4 more runs.
I still need the rocks anyway so it's worth I feel. I am going to figure out who I want to upgrade once I'm done rolling though I feel. Just having Rosemary is kinda changing what I want to do now so joy.
Finished the bar, got a full lunch on the last two runs (one juice, one box).
Pretty much why I don't plan around what I want from the pool. I got burned with Nian that way, had all the defender items ready, then Hellagur.
Oh nice.
Well I didn't prefarm that much for people, more I just wasn't expecting to get the cat but now it looks like it's gonna keep being the non-limited that gives me a headache to get.
File: Spoiler Image (1.49 MB, 1600x900)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
well uh
Don't be mad but this did take me over 50 rolls
File: Spoiler Image (1.93 MB, 1920x1080)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB PNG
Oh don't worry. 40 rolls in and the game is giving me it's own reasons to be mad.
But legit Congrats man.
Well she is limited at least. I'll have to hope I get her off a free roll because I resolved to get one focus unit then halt.