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File: FB_IMG_1617184273235.jpg (17 KB, 719x350)
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Moonton surveys the LoL: WildRift players. looks sus ngl
I knew they were a crappy company, but i didn't know they still could steep so low than they already has
I dont see the problem, its data gold for them.
Will you let me fuck your mom so i get her data, anon? I need those data, thanks
well, I feel that Wild rift hit all other mobas in the market so hard.

I at least play Extraordinary ones, and when before playing Ranked took 10 minuts kind off, at WR release now takes like 30 minutes to find a match.

So WR information may be useful for the competition.
I enjoyed this shit, too bad there's 0 playerbase
File: imagen_2021-04-02_214340.png (1.47 MB, 1280x720)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
In best case scenario, the push of Wild rift and pokemon unite may ignite the mobile moba interest once again, and then if they put some marketing (like puting the liecence characters on the international server and ads)

That or the 2 just kill any other moba in the market.
How the fuck do i play this stupid fucking game? I try to go solo/top/baron/whatever the fuck to stay out of the way and it's sold as close to 1v1 but i get fucking killed by everything and seem to do no damage. Currently struggling as Nasus so if he's actual trash i can switch
switch to early game champs or tanks
It's funny because LoL did this to Dota.
So nasus is a late game scaling character who gets good by last hitting minions with siphon strike. That's his gig. He would be a good splitpusher (i.e. stay in a lane and use wards to give vision in the jungle, then try to avoid getting caught by more than 1 person. This is harder than it sounds but is the difference between average and good players)

Baron is something a team of 3 or more should need to kill it. Very dangerous game ender designed to punish turtling.

If you need more league advice I can link you sources.
This. Every game ends in 15 mins probably because mobile players don't expect to play a 40 min game. I expect late game champions to be buffed desu so they can be strong at 15 mins when the game is about to end.

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