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File: Kid Buu.webm (2.91 MB, 500x1080)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
/dbg/ guild: h7ygsygw
Friend code: k2f3dd3e

3.0 update
>Tournament of Power mode
>Able to delete adventures
>"Haste" feature will let you shorten the time required in Adventures and Training!
>PvP prebattle loading screen showing you the character selections of both players
>The amount of Equipment you can sell at once will increase from 20 to 50
>You can auto-select Equipment to sell
Yep I'm thinking based.
can we get the old ustr back?
File: Subarashii.webm (2.51 MB, 608x1080)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB WEBM
>Whaddya say, why don't we give it a whirl?
Dragon Ball Legends, a 3d action RPG mobile multiplayer game with all your favorite characters. Whether you're a casual collector or a hardcore grinder or just simply want a fun romp in the DB setting, you can find your fix here.

>How to get started
This is a decent guide that covers everything.

>How do I know if my characters are good?
Gamepress has (sometimes outdated) analysis on every character you can look up. I wouldn't take their tier lists as gospel however, but their teambuilding advice is generally accurate.

>What should I spend my crystals on?
Generally any banner that has a sparking guarantee is a good investment such as the All-Stars or tage specific banners. Missions that unlock characters or zenkai are also a good investment for a new player as it allows you to get stars quickly without relying on RNG. Zenkai banners should only be considered for characters you like as there's a comparable non zenkai equivalent for most. Step-ups are your best bet chance to pull LL characters but how good they are can vary.

>Last time on Dragon Ball Legends
Shallot and Giblet both gave out after their duel to the death while Zamasu and the Mastermind watch. Zahha has arrived on the scene but his intentions are unknown, Is Zahha working for the mastermind? Will Shallot finally go SSB? Can Toshi keep blueballing us until the 3rd anniversary? Find out in the next thread of Dragon Ball Legends.
Still betting on tournament of power x the strongest under the heavens tournament for anniversary

Gt folks are hyping themselves up on false hope.
And i say that as someone that liked gt
the game keeps getting worse with each update
i have no hopes anymore
the ustr cc replacement mode will probably be more grindy and boring than anything
Im unironically very interested in the new mode.
I hate pvp a lot.
me too but as always they keep dropping the ball
every time they move 2 steps forward and 10 steps back
i expect the cc you can get from it to be tied to the shitty ranking system or even worse that you need to use specific units or do some weird and annoying shit
any quitting players that has vegito? can i please have your acc
Based beggar. I don"t have that faggot nor I want him because I fucking despise him, but good luck
so what units do you have? are you quitting or did you quit?
on the last thread i posted that i was leaving legends, but i ended up doing some last ditch multis and pulled 2 beerus and finally Buu and Vegeta in one multi after the banner shafted me on release. the game just wont let me leave bros
I'm not quitting anytime soon. I just wished you luck
Don't forget you're here forever
Do you think we could get an lf krillin from sayian saga?
his legendairy finish could be the cinematic with him throwing the spirit bomb, the enemy dodging, and gohan knocking it into him and the amazing explosion afterwards
(You) can only respond to this comment if you asked for SP Super warrior units on the last inquiry some months ago
>haste feature for adventures
aka spend CC to finish adventures faster
i fucking called it
have fun with more p2w garbage
next step is obviously spending CC to bypass timegates for events
They wouldn't dare, would they?
My main team is Saiyan Saga so I would dig it
in the infamous ask for the next zenkai thing after seccond anniversary i asked for super warrior zenkais for krillin, and the two fused with kami piccolos
asked again this survey
the team needs a dang yellow and blue.

Im still mad how they got shafted compared to ginyu force.
couldnt even be bothered to make a new chiaotzu.
or a piccolo.
or a roshi.
Like cmon scamco
3.0 update video. 10 hour maintenance tomorrow so get your grind in for today.

What characters are going to be revealed? Last year we got Cheelai and Transforming Vegito but we already got a new duo unit.
>ultra rarity
i guess
>reviving goku amd hit from the shitty hit filler episodes
i guess cell can't be unique
goku has to get everything
>every tag will get a reviving unit
>i guess cell can't be unique
>goku has to get everything
you're complaining about one more unit out of 300
its another fucking goku
they could have picked someone else someone who isn't in the game
I like ultra rarity being free to get for now.
Maybe they are going to have it be like dokkan ezas?
them coming every 3 or so months is nice

I dont mind gokus revival unit, he will probably get a few more due to his miracilous revivals in the series.
As long as more units get them down the road.
What I do mind however, is him being defensive according to toshi.
Cell showcases that even while being glass he was very threatening.
This goku will not only be defensive, but also have buffs overtime???
this is a recipe for disaster.
It's been 3000 years
conditions for unlocking the ultra characters
>need a specific unit
>have to clear the event with that unit (for now)

this definitely sounds like they going to start releasing ultra characters for free units at first
like rising battle/legends road characters
but this can also lead into a point where they will release a ultra character for a LL unit
i can see them releasing ultra hakai beerus as premium unit down the line
Wait, I don't think I'm understanding this. Is the new Goku going to replace Namek Genkidama Goku when you get him? Or is Namek Genkidama Goku going to be just a requirement?
its a new unit that you can unlock with the existing namek goku
namek goku isn't going to change unfortunately
i do wish they would give him a zenkai already since its appropriate at this point
He’s probably going to to be required for the battle the same way SS3 was for the kid buu event.
That new goku is basically an LR and that’s a bad thing if it has rates of an LR from Dokkan because legends rates are already shit
It’s going to be like the very first LR in Dokkan
Did you watch the stream? He's f2p
>The maintenance went from saying 2:00-12:00 to 2:00-Undecided time and date
Look at them quads Bros... It will take forever
ultra units aren't going to be summonable
they not going to make their existing LL units irrelevant
if anything they going to release ultra units that require you to have a specific LL units
>need omen for the ultra master ui
>need LL beerus for ultra hakai beerus
>need LL super vegito for ultra vegito
and so on
They said it takes 3-4 months to develop new units so we probably won't see a new ULTRA for a while. To add further Toshi stated they won't be summonable 'for now'. All they are going to do is bullshit ULTRA Legends Limited units within a year or so.
as long you can get them if you own the specific character it should be fine
its not like zenkai where you need specific amounts of stars to get it
File: IMG_20210330_142613.jpg (85 KB, 1080x587)
85 KB
It's14:30 now. Just some more minutes
New update is out now
>just 100 cc clearing reward for the ToP
where are the retards who were saying the ustr cc were "moved"
where are you retards now
>minutes of icons flashing and generic attacks
It’s like I’m really playing dokkan!
And haste costs 450 cc for a 23h mission.
Are loading times shit for anyone else? It takes forever to get into a PvE battle. Battle itself runs at a smooth 60 fps as always.
yea coop taking long to load
Technically, it's 200 CC for both completing the mode and winning 20 battles. It's shitty, either way. Those CC are lost forever. And a lot of units don't even have explained abilities for ToP yet kek
Does anyone else find the Zenkai levels on the side of the character's portrait a little bit distracting (I don't know if that's the right word). I'd prefer it if it stayed like it was before the update
How do you even get a high score? I fought the first two 2 fist battles an I'm only at 900k
you probably picked one of the easier battles
the hard ones have 2 fist next to each other
I stacked all the bonus characters into one team, and because they aren’t taking heavy damage at this stage I don’t need to switch them out for awhile. I like what they were going for with the grid setup that has bonuses in certain squares but they’re not really necessary if you have stars.
>Bonus characters
That explains it. I beat the two stages without using any of them because I was too careful when selecting a powerful team
>they got rid of the soft reset exploit
>100 crystals from missions
>100 from the last boss
>100 from the season rewards if you get 14.5 mil points or more (basically just do more high difficulty battles over lower ones)
This is the guaranteed amount of crystals from playing the mode to completion. Based on your rank at the end of the season you could earn anywhere from an additional 50 to 1000 crystals. Keep in mind this just the preseason so the rewards are likely to go up in the future.

Despite being a fairly casual mode, they obviously want you checking on it every few hours or so in order to maximize the number of battles you get. This clearly intended to filter the vast majority of players that play sporadically or seldomly throughout the week. Rewarding people who play consistently isn’t a bad thing, reducing the number you can get casually may be scummy but can you blame something that asks for more effort? The old rush was easy but too easy enough to become a chore; people lament the crystals and not the mode itself and whether it was engaging.

Can a new player place 30,000 or higher to get crystals? Just getting in your your daily battles would put you ahead of the masses that forget or don’t care, your characters may suck but if you pick your battles wisely, change your formation to get the grid bonuses you may go far. The point is that the effort your putting is moving you leagues ahead of others that are apathetic enough to only do the bare minimum.

The energy shit is lame but overall, I like the new mode even if it’s just a battle simulator. It took all the tediousness of the old rush but made it vastly more streamlined so you don’t need to watch the AI fight. It’s over in seconds as opposed to keeping your screen on for five minutes. Fuck yeah I’m going to take 1300 crystals from this and 2500 zenkai power from UST.
>still defending this garbage reduction of rewards
fucking bootlickers
there's some odd picks regarding who got a ToP ability
maybe they will get a zenkai
>bunny bulma
>transforming blue vegeta
>a13-15 including super 13
>fp freeza
>all first anniversary units
>yellow transforming gohan and full power bojack
thankfully neither IT goku and green bardock are on the list
>12 fucking hours
new more is DoA
>coop has a extreme stage now
oh no
Ah, there he is. That motherfucker. What a tool
Why the FUCK does it take forever to load a single match now???
they fucked with coop too
takes ages to load now
>Been waiting for the new mode ever since they announced it
>Coped with the missing CC from the ZUSTR, at least the new mode will have them
>Heard that the new mode was going to be exclusively PvE and that it had it's own energy
>Get excited and think that I will invest hours playing the crap out of that new mode when it comes out
>Fast forward to today
>The update took 2 more hours than planned, but it's fine if it's as hype as I imagined
>Update the game, do my daily, enter new mode
>Select team and get ready
>2 pseudobattles in less than 3 minutes and it's done for the day, the next energy will take five hours and the one after it will take twelve
>The promised CC aren't even there, it's yet another leaderboard-based mode, as if it was diet PvP
What are your thoughts on the new mode? To me it feels like a huge disappointment. At least the new Goku will be hard to fuck up
I do not care for it.
the new mode has potential
unfortunately the energy system for it is pure garbage
>12h for 1 energy
should be 1 every 3hours or so
there's also no proper tutorial that shows you how the mode properly works like a team making tutorial and other stuff like what do the boost panels mean
rewards are awful as well
this is how i feel like it should have been (100 from the missions, 200 from the first boss and 200 from the last boss)
they should have had also a separate equipment screen for ToP equipment rather than adding them to the regular equipments
for the future they need to add a special currency which drops from all the stages with a exchange shop you where you can get special equipment for the ToP instead of having randomly placed equipment in the rare medal shop
I’m talking in Future tense lrs used to be free in Dokkan too I’m just saying don’t be surprised if you have to summon for one year or two done the line
I just pulled LF Broly (DBS). How good is he?
He's strong, have fun with him!
I really don't want to play PvP, but that seems to be the only way to get a lot of Z-Power for Ultra Goku.
Are PvP loading times as bad as PvE loading times?
Nevermind, can't even soulboost him.
I cant fucking believe they botched this update so hard.
legitimately only good thing is discarding the fucking adventures and selling 50 equips

you get no bonus co op medals for doing the extreme co op challenge
the extreme co op challenge is absolute dogshit. And they made the new units essential, unless you have z7 ssb goku, which i unfortunately dont cause i dont run god ki.

the tournament of power mode is laughable.
They made this big deal out of it being an auto chess when its essentially a fucking slot machine. that you have to hope you have the right units.
Not to mention half the units dont even have a use here, not having any tournament of power unique abilities.

The grind for ultra goku is bleh.
I find it hilarious how they claim they want to give the pve playerbase more stuff to do and then put his z power behind top 10k on pvp.

the 1.5k cc from ustr is gone. they essentially made a worse tournament mode of dokkan
even fucking the link battle is more engaging than tournament of power mode.
the tournament of power also has exclusive fucking equips.
and they are in the same box!
this is insanely stupid.

adventures can be whaled
so guild battles are even more whale turf than ever before.
yes its only 10 adventures per day that can be skipped,
but 10 7 hour adventures done instantly, plus them slaving 1 hour adventures after?
you cant beat that.

I hate this. I hate this game i loved being turned worse and worse with each update.
What the fuck happened?
I thought the more people played and downloaded the more it would improve.
but it just keeps getting worse.
Jesus tittyfucking Christ these loading times are killing me. Fix this shit already.
Is it just me or the Frieza fake coop with EX Piccolo in the Ultra event is fucking impossible to beat? Porco dio
I had no problems with him. Took 2 runs for all missions. 14* Goku and Zenkai'd Kuririn on bench, though.
What's 14* goku
14-Star Goku. I meant to say I used 14-Star (7 red) Spirit Bomb Goku and had Zenkai'd Kuririn on the bench. Also, the rest of the team was focused on boosting Goku's stats.
File: UltraSSGoku.png (788 KB, 540x960)
788 KB
788 KB PNG
I really like the way this shit looks. Gimme more cards that display the entire art on the home screen.
this used to be a bug
i am glad they made it into a real thing
This is the reward for beating the ultra fucking hard coop
On the freezer/ex piccolo fake coop I made a 5,8mil rush twice and it didn't give me the fucking challange done,which is 5mill or more. anyone else?
Did you rush first or second? I don’t think it counts if you’re first. Piccolo never has enough dragon balls in my battle so I did it solo and got the mission.
Wait, how did you do a coop solo? Piccolo is locked on
I meant the rising rush sorry
Anons that already have Ultra Goku, what do you think of him? Does he have potential? I don't have him, but I imagine he'd be pretty useful on a Son Fampai desu~ team with the double Zenkai buff that LF Gohan and SP Namek Goku RED give, even at low stars
he's fairly decent even a 0 stars
but unfortunately by the time everyone can get him at 14 stars he will probably be outdated
File: mfw.png (568 KB, 732x552)
568 KB
568 KB PNG
>Match against Vegeta family
>Procedes to infinite combo you to hell and back
>Manage to break the combo
>Vegeta familyfag takes a diarrhea dump on its router and match becomes laggy as shit
>For some reason this doesn't mean that he won't perfect vanish every time and change members every 5 seconds
The only thing that could make fighting against Vegeta familyfags even more of a chore would be if they had those fucking "When changing cover: Rapes opponent's mother and knocks enemy back. Comboable arts: Special arts card"
>by the time everyone can get him at 14 stars he will probably be outdated
I doubt it, there’s not a lot of competition for red saiyans outside of Bardock and he’s too slow to transform in this meta.
>Not a lot of comperition for RED Saiyans
>What is Super Gogeta
>What is SSGSS Goku from the Future Trunks saga
>What is Kakarot Goku
>What is rising battle Vegeta from the new Broly movie
>What is rising battle base form Broly from the same movie
>What is Namek Goku with Zenkai Krillin buffs
There are a fuck ton of options man, come on
File: 3523512314124.png (96 KB, 384x263)
96 KB
Well they just teased Vegeta in a recent Twitter post and Zenkai Full Power Frieza would fit in with the Namek theme right now (Zenkai Krillin and UL Goku). Not so sure on Bulma or Androids 13-15 but they did do Zenkai Super 17 recently so it's plausible for more Android support.

The rest can also make sense. Super Vegito for the next LL Zenkai (Although it seemed like they hinted Zenkai LL Frieza but whatever) and Zenkai Golden Frieza goes with FP Frieza. I can picture all of them happening except for Bunny Bulma, who seems like the odd one out.
The new mode is fine. It's not particularly engaging but it's fine for getting some rewards. I do, however, fucking hate the energy limitations. When I looked at the board I figured we would do multiple per season or we would at least get up to a 'boss' per refill. I already felt concerned when I saw the energy limit but the fact we don't even get full energy each day is even worse.

Hopefully they take complaints into account and balance the mode and energy better.
Future UL units will be pure kino. I can already imagine UL Frieza powering up to 100% or UL UI Goku going from UIS to UI.
The only decent RED units you mentioned were Super Gogeta and Rising Battle Vegeta. The only way any of the other units would be worthwhile is if they get a Zenkai and it's very unlikely for Kakarot or Rising Battles and the Goku you mention already has a Zenkai.
If nothing else the new Hit is really damn good. Hopefully Rival Universe gets some good support in the near future. Unfortunately I don't really feel Revival Goku, he's kind of bland, although the green card is a bitch, and he has serious competition for God Ki, Son Family and Saiyan alike.
File: 1617213880220[1].jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2220)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
how's everyone else doing in the ToP?
File: IMG_20210331_202008.jpg (104 KB, 1080x382)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>Tfw didn't include a single bonus unit in the team
N-Not like this...
i fucked up and died
i also fucked up and did one 1 punch stage instead of a 2 punch stage
will probably try more
dont have all the boost units so that sucks.
Will grind equips
When the fuck are they going to fix the loading screens? i cant play PvP or coop at all
The weird thing is that it also happens on story missions, at least to me, but only the first time. When I do a rematch, it loads as quickly as it was before. I have no idea why would that be. Also, has anyone else had to download data the first time you faced or used any unit that you haven't used yet since the update? This is one of the reasons that pvp feels eternal
This extreme difficulty feels very bullshit to me.
I think it’s the first co op I have felt unable to complete.
I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.
I don’t have zenkai ssb goku cause I don’t run god ki.
And I don’t have the two new units that came out.
Am I just cucked out the 30 extra z
Power for ultra goku? Per day?
It’s definitely doable if you’re playing as Shallot who can reliably tank, the best character is the new Hit who can carry. This level of difficulty is too high for most randos so I’d try friend or guild invites instead. If you have no one reliable, my code is in the op.
File: angry kenny.gif (265 KB, 480x270)
265 KB
265 KB GIF
What's the best story stage to farm Friendship? I'm not waiting around for this goddamn daily refresh to get my Ultra Goku
Part 6 book 1 part 8, the SS3 Goku fight gives the most. Remember to get the friendship equipment and put it on everyone in the team to exponentially boost the amount you get
I unfortunately can't get any of those because I don't have rare medals. My current account is F2P after I got cucked to death by Google Play refunding shit without telling me and getting my original account banned.
you need the dupe medals not the rising metals bros
on other news is there no april fools?
i can forgive us skipping valentines, but also april fools? aw.
The dupe medals are what I meant.
Is it weird that I actually want this event?
I also wanted last years.
Or atleast to have driving piccolo and cooker vegeta released as f2p units with a wack move set like baseball yamcha for the lols.
File: 1584849052901.png (27 KB, 254x252)
27 KB
why the FUCK are loading times so fucking bad for me? it was perfectly fine before and anytime i join co-op or pvp i see the other player load in fairly quickly. i did the download all and im still at a snails pace when it comes to loading.
yea wtf is this shit
at least they know its a thing
>muh 1500 cc
Can you shut the fuck up now
no nigger.
Cause it went nowhere.
Those events you posted would have happened regardless and would have gave the same rewards cause they always give those rewards.
Go suck more corpo cuck.
This reminds me of that "You only work for 1 day every year, and I'll be damned if you take that day away because you are sick" plate that made similar gorilla nigger tier math and mental gymnastics to justify shitty practices. Also
>Reddit username on bottom left
>iPhone filename
Not only are you a bootlicking nigger, you are an Applefag and a Redditfag, too. We are in the pressence of the legendary super faggot right here
wow you still dont know how abysmal mobile game optimizations on android devices compared to iOS, i both own devices but ill be damned if i play any mobile games other than on my ipad
>when you accidently click haste all and waste 300cc instead of interrupting the adventure
why did they put it in the same place
Shallots best move for the frieza fight is the purple Vegeta galic gun with its stacking right?
>transforming goku black and vegito blue in the same team
oh yeah i remember why i hate pvp now
You do you. I used to use Super Gogeta's move a lot (The damage is described as "massive" and the Special damage bonus, even if it's just 25%, it can and will do a lot of damage with a considerable chance to faint), but now I use SP Namek Goku RED's Zenkai Super Kamehameha because it doubles the special move damage for 15 timer counts on activation (+100% every time you use it). Other easy contenders would be GRN Broly (Especially if he's Zenkai, +20% to all damage upon activation), YEL EX Bardock's Revolt pile (+75% special move damage on activation, almost as much as Goku's Super Kamehameha), or even BLU EX Evil Buu's Special (+50% damage). When you mention purple Vegeta with stacking, I assume you are refering to Future Trunks saga SSGSS Vegeta, and if you actually are, then it's not worth it, at least to me. You'd have to activate a Special move THREE times before surpassing Evil buu's bonus (Just by 10%) and FIVE (5) (V) times to be on par with Namek Goku's Super Kamehameha. You probably won't get that many Special cards on a single battle, and even if you do, it would be a waste considering all the bonuses you would be missing on, so investing on Vegeta's 20% stack is worthless when you can just get a 50-100% bonus right off the bat with those other Specials. I hope my post helped you
Correction: Evil Buu's bonus is 70% to Special damage for 10 timer counts, so it would take FOUR Special move cards for Vegeta to surpass Buu's Special by 10%. The only way I'd see Vegeta's move being useful is if you take a really long time fighting, and even then, as I said in my last post, you'd be missing on a lot of bonuses while trying to stack Vegeta's bonuses. Either way, I still recommend Goku's, Broly's and Gogeta's (And as I said earlier, ESPECIALLY Goku's) Special moves not only for their crazy damage, but because they are used from a distance and Shallot doesn't need to get close to use them, unlike Bardock's and Evil Buu's Special
This is true but you’re missing the most important part of that vegeta’s galic gun. It’s bonus is applied to your partner as well so yes it doesnt frontload the damage but Frieza has like 55 million hp so it’s not unreasonable to do 10+ supers anyway. Factoring in the partners special also getting boosted it’s gotta work out mathematically for this coop right?
Now add in how much playtime it requires to GET that CC, compared to how much it used to take. ALSO,
>Factoring in top-ranking PvP rewards for "free" currency
Jewish as fuck
I guess you do have a point. If both Shallots have Vegeta's Special it would be very crazy. I'll test out Vegeta's Special tomorrow, because I already did today's Let's fight event. For now, I'll stick to Super Kamehameha. Also, when did they remove the "Undeployable characters: Shallot" thing it had the first tw>>386524
o days?
The ultra Goku event had the shallot restriction.
File: IMG_20210402_173544.jpg (263 KB, 1080x564)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
Post Ultra Goku team ideas. This is mine. It'd work much better if I had Namek Goku SP at Zenkai VII
no way we getting dragon ball
no one cares about og dragon ball.
We gettting gt on this bitch
they are obviously saving gt for something big
the super 17 zenkai confirms it.
its definitely going to be super vs gt again
they're going to release a ultra vegito that you can get with the rising battle vegito and LL ssj4 gogeta as premium unit
obviously ultra vegito is going to outshine gogeta because we hate gogeta around here
>Obviously ultra vegito is going to outshine gogeta because we hate gogeta around here
*stares at gogeta blue in the garbage bin*
gogeta blue is legitimately underrated.
Hes a fun, and very usable unit.
His animations are great, his art is great.
If he had released during the 2nd anniversary he would have been the same place vegito was most likely imo.
still, the "legends hates gogeta" is somewhat silly,
both fusions get a lot of love,
and both fusions have had both dominant units and mediocre ones. (yel vegito and green gogeta)
I would like an ex vegito this anniversary like how we got an ex gogeta last anniversary.
on the contrary. I stand firm in my belief anniversary is going to be tournament of power vs dragon ball budokai.
unless the next step up they announce is gt related, gt has no reason to appear on the anniversary of a year where they made no appearances.
Has anyone else experienced really slow load times before battles? Offline, PVP, Co-op are all loading extremely slow for me since the 3.0 update.
I see my opponents load faster and have to wait for me to catch up, while I load 1% per second, pretty much.
any quitting anons with fusion team? can i please have it if youre not going to use it anymore?
Yeah, me too. I don't know what could be causing this. It's specially weird because when I do a rematch, the game loads just like it used to but for everything else it goes at snail's pace
its a bug see>>386063
File: 1548719512370.png (729 KB, 832x718)
729 KB
729 KB PNG
Why is everyone playing the Extreme coop mode a complete mouth breathing retard? You get people with Z7 SSB Goku just refusing to cover change you while you eat a combo of 4 strikes and an ultimate. 70%+ Link is literally free damage

Then you get the ones that just do the tap strike, and then there's people bringing 2 star ex units from 2 years ago
>playing the shitty extreme stage in the first place
>People playing the pay to win difficulty that gives no bonus whatsoever are mouth breathing retards
I wonder why
You get more z power for Ultra Goku.
the zpower is going to be in rare medal shop like the blue spirit bomb goku in the future
so lads place your bets who this zenkai is going to be .
first week of february: all star banner, trunks zenkai
second week of february : yel frieza zenkai, f2p cell zenkai.
third week of february: lf banner, f2p buuhan
last week of february: all star banner. zenkai cooler.
first week of march : ss3 goku zenkai, new from the original series event
second week of march: zenkai broly.
third week: lf banner, f2p zenkai krillin
4th week : zenkai 17

1st week of april: ultra goku, all star banner
this week?
On one hand, I'd really like to see a Transforming Gogeta BLU Zenkai because that way both non LL Gogeta and Broly will have a Zenkai. On the other hand, he'll most probably give Zenkai bonus to Vegetto blue. Although, if I go by some people's analysis, it'll probably be either LF Frieza or LF Vegetto PUR
>Full Female warrior Zenkai battle team
I hope she's not that broken. Also
>She can recieve SS3 Goku's and Saiyan saga Vegeta's Zenkai bonus
>shitlifa zenkai
massive skip
>is purple
oh hai a18
Wouldn't she be a good addition to Female Warriors? Only other purple I can't think about is A21 Evil and by then you're pretty much playing Androids.
nobody cares about female warriors
remember rising girls banners?
they sold like absolute shit and got scraped
>b-but kefshit, vados and a18
none of these units are ran on a pure girls team
Why would they give Caulifla a zenkai then? There's already a way better PUR zenkai saiyan and Hit just got released too.
she's DoA if she buffs anything other than purple+rival universe
this nigga retarded.
Girls is a pretty good team
certainly higher than rival fucking universe.
they need the purple and they will elevate even higher than before
if its that good why don't they do rising girl banners anymore?
or why don't the best female units don't buff female warriors?
because they fucking sell like shit
if they want to make shitlifa future prof then they need to make her zenkai buff purple+rival universe
otherwise nobody is going to care
they skipped this years valentines cause it fell right into the 1000 days you absolute moron
is that why launch doesn't buff girls?
>People still playing Powercreep Legends
Launch is a og dragon ball unit.
For dragon ball saga team.
Holy fucking shit the brain damage.
there's no reason why she shouldn't be able to buff both
but i guess you're that stupid and don't see the bigger picture
What other Ultra units do you guys think we're getting?
Ultra Goku looks really good and I have high hopes for future ones. Also, what are the chances we'll be able to farm z power for the next ones too?
im calling it now
>MUI goku
>full power jiren
>GoD Toppo
>Royal Blue Vegeta
oh and also
>ssj4 gogeta
>people still playing JPG Battle
>Ultra Transforming Frieza
>Ultra Final Form Cooler
>Ultra Angel Frieza
I feel as if those three are very likely. Transforming Frieza will probably be a F2P unit, Angel Frieza will come early next year and Final Form Cooler will come eventually.
I think it’s safe to say they will follow the Lrs somewhat for the free units.

Maybe an ultra krillin for sayian saga as a f2p unit would be neat.
We are definetely getting ultra gohan
Ultra Frieza
Ultra cell.
Ultra buu (which form tho.)
Ultra vegeta (not sure if cell or buu saga)
Ultra buu saga goku.
Ultra Trunks
Ultra Vegito
Ultra gogeta
Maybe an ultra broly? Dbz
I can see an ultra goku for dragon ball saga and gt
File: Spoiler Image (2.79 MB, 750x1334)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB PNG
I’m still not convinced that Zahha will be like “We couldn’t fight, I had to make it seem like I betrayed you to get the mastermind to leave! It was so convincing, I even fooled you!
>new spoiler image
>rush 2 is now about ssb and future trunks arc
>rush 3 is girls and u6
fuck off with this garbage
stop making this unnecessary bullshit
finally you little bastard
look at the pose he does in the background
its fucking identical to the mastermind
he can also clone himself so
did bandai fix the fucking load times yet
fuck no
will they ever
Who knows, I hope so, most of my coop matches get disconnected due to the long loading. As for pvp, I kinda like that, since there's a chance the enemy will get bored and will quit, making the match grind easier
>Here are your bonus units bro!
I did it with LF Vegeta, 2 arm future Gohan and Legends Road Trunks
you can do it with any unit but the fact still remains that
>only the challenge units are boost units
>you most likely are going to have to run the same stage 2 times because the challenge units are that shit
rush 3 was awful just because all girl and u6 units are shit
this format ain't fun
i have no idea why they have to make everything in the game now obscenely difficult for no reason
>ustr is difficult
>extreme coop is difficult
>just try to surpass me is difficult
you can't even do the 50 stage events in one go anymore since the challenges include
>do with rush
>do without rushing
Is Beerus worth investing in? I got lucky with a happy weekend just now, and I'd like to know your thoughts on him
Without a zenkai he's absolute shit, and with one his at best a bench for god ki.
He’s still very good though you may want to be using Vados or transforming Goku Black depending on your playstyle, in which case he’s the best bench for them. He’s free like the other LL zenkais so unless God Ki is your main team it’s not a priority to summon. That he needs Whis for optimal support is restrictive as he’s fairly powercrept but the green cards are essential for UI or SSB zenkai.

I’ve had zenkai Beerus since he came out and he was much like Gohan in his prime; he’s not as oppressive as the other LL zenkais but the disruption he provides from card and main ability sealing may be enough to derail your opponent’s strategy, while also supporting allies. He pairs well witch Champa or Gogeta Blue, not so much God Vegeta or Kaioken.
This shit needs way more work
Like a separate equipment box
And a exchange shop with its own currency you can get from each stage
Having only 100 cc at the very end isn't a proper incentive to actually play this mode. If you don't have any boost units you aren't going to go very far and let's not forget the excessive timer recovery time, that should be reduced to 3-6 hours
They also need to add a filter to show which units have ToP abilities
also if they have boost units
they shouldn't give them points received buffs because it limits the team selection
instead they should give them battle boost
like ki recovery speed, health recovery and damage boost so that the player has to actually make a decent team instead of focusing on getting the most points every season
Would this work with Beerus as bench? (Imagine that he's at Zenkai VII). My main team is saiyan, but I want to run God ki just to change things up a bit
yes but black doesnt get the buffs until he transforms.
so folks, its shaping up to be a gt lf this time around.
what do you think it will be?
Obviously Gogeta SS4, it has to be him
Im thinking dragon fist.
now which one?
they wouldn't have used kid gokus image if it was gogeta
universal spirit bomb goku is way more likely now

New video and stuff, certainly a reveal for the next LF and some Q&A. The last few posts on Twitter have been hinting something GT related, SS4 Gogeta is number one on everyone’s mind but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a dragon fist SS4 Goku or Universal Spirit Bomb Goku. GT is just barely relevant with Super 17, an LF on the level of Broly or Kid Buu would do wonders for viability but until Syn and Baby get a zenkai there’s no reason to not use a saiyan or android/Regen team instead.

If we do get adequate GT representation or an endgame character like SS4 Gogeta, we can expect to not see them during the anniversary outside of maybe All Stars or Legends Rising.
oh hey i was right.

strange they didnt show the other featured unit.
there will be another unit right???

toshi talking about supporting gt "one way or another" and this being recorded before the 3.0 update where you could discard adventures makes me think 17 is the first step to breathing new life into gt.
this banner with the lf ss4 goku and whatever comes with him being the next step.
maybe another gt zenkai next month?
an all star banner thats gt themed?

desu i just want gogeta to come out for folks to shut up about him coming every hype announcement
Gogetabros...I-I thought this was our big moment...
File: image0.jpg (689 KB, 1334x750)
689 KB
689 KB JPG
>toshi said to lock her and do not let her leave with buu.
First round and I got the new ssj4 and the lf majin Bejita. Damm it feels good to be a GTchad
The first round image
new banner is trash
>no freebie
>same amounts of 4.5k cc instead of 3.7k with the old ticket format
>only new sparking unit is a LL unit
i don't care how good goku is
this is a massive skip
the new gt goku is just ok lmfao.
unless you want him at 6 stars or some shit.

"We will support gt"
ONE (1) UNO character in a fucking step up.
ONE Zenkai
both better on other teams.

and people still expect gt for anniversary lmfao.
They just spit all over gt fans. fuck bandai.
i fully expect ssj4 gogeta being extremely underwhelming
they also are going to release a ultra unit thats going to overshadow it just to rub it in
they dont even need to release an ultra.
vegito will get his zenkai in anniversary.
even if it is gogeta he will already be overshadowed.
>girls still better than rival universe
anon eternally seething.
>had 5tp energy before reset
>only 2 when i log back in
oh fuck off
File: 1582172348853.png (38 KB, 1000x668)
38 KB
Who exactly is the super spic 4 Goku LF for exactly? Mexicans don't play mobile games like this they all play console fighting games.
gt tards have been obnoxious because their tag has been left to dry.
it wouldnt be as obnoxious if they havent been screaming since like a month after 2nd anniversary.
They also like to pretend people care about anything other than the monkeys form from gt.
File: zenkai 18.png (681 KB, 1024x512)
681 KB
681 KB PNG
>Kills your game.
Stupid monke
No u
File: CHADgeta2.png (206 KB, 184x461)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
>Blocks your path
Sorry monkey Gokek, but the yellow spot on Saiyans is mine.
it was such a waste he didnt turn into ss2.
we will probably get an ss2 angel vegeta, but still. he felt like he was meant to transform.
>he isn’t running ultra Goku with double rescue covers
sasuga SS4 really IS number one
>Was saving up for SS3 Goku PUR Zenkai
>Spent my savings on her booster pack and Zenkai instead, getting her to 7+ Zenkai VII
I don't even run female warrior on pvp, but she's a fucking monster when it comes to ending PUR units on events, or any other kind of unit, for that matter. She's too good
Ultra Goku one combod 18 and Super 17 can’t wait to get him to 14
We keep winning GTbros.
Hopefully it'll finally make GT somewhat viable.
Though that Bejita senpai buff makes be perturbed.
is it weird that this stuff makes me even more confident gt wont be in anniversary?

like having an lf banner right before anniversary
two zenkais
probably the next all star will be gt as well.
gt will have a fully new core.
and then the monthly lf what will it be?
if they skip it its soft confirmation we are getting two lfs for 3rd anniversary.
Kinda seems like we will get ssj4 Gogeta
Champa is my favorite character to use.
Got Hit on a daily single and wasted 5k on SSJ4 Banner to get literally 1 Dyspo and then 1 Kefla with the tickets.

I guess I'm saving for the anniversary
this raid sucks
this raid is easy af what do you mean?
certainly better than the shitfest that is extreme frieza.
>1 strike Art at 10*
How is he so bowerful
any quitting anons, can i have your account?
How do you play Tournament of Power mode properly, I just made one team and full auto whenever my 5 energy recovers
File: 1556551365876.jpg (24 KB, 288x252)
24 KB
New player maybe looking to start Legends. How many times do you need to pull a character to max them out, and does maxing them out matter that much? Seems like you need to pull a ton of dupes to max them out, plus whatever this Zenkai system is.
team of boots units
but for some whatever reason the shitty point system is weird
i have the same team as most of the top 50 and yet i get like 500k-600k less points
and yes i took the hardest route and haven't even healed
either the star system/zenkai affects the ranking or there's some cheating going on

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