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Why did it close? Other Square Enix gacha games are doing fine
Too good for this world.
In all seriousness, it probably didn't generate as much revenue down the line around the last anniversary. Magicite farming became easier, and the numbers of players were already culled earlier when people complained about premium jobs like Mystic Sage and Mystic Knight. It's a real shame a game this fun to play on a mobile device will probably never come out again, or be successful/accessible if it does.
My only comfort is knowing that SE rereleases old titles constantly, so I'll probably be able to play this after retirement or some shit.
Reminder that his attire was censored because it was deemed too sexy.
Is this the starter job? Because I don't remember surely if it was left pic, but I'm pretty sure here in huehue it was sexier then right pic.
File: 20200622210901_1.jpg (112 KB, 768x1024)
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Actually playing the game for years I feel like it didn't have as much new content as often as other games, they must have repeated the FFVII event four or five times. Episode 2 also had a very bad start imo, playing through the story was just boring for a pretty long time. I definitely miss it now that it's gone though, I hope characters from Mobius will show up in other FF games like a wind-up Echo minion in XIV for example.
I know Wol and Echo are in Record Keeper, but god only knows the last time they got new weapons.
File: 76756757.jpg (51 KB, 1280x720)
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I liked everything but the actual game, the gacha was absolute horseshit between Supreme Cards and the gacha jobs and god it was a slog to progress in the story sometimes due to how the quests were laid out. Tales of Crestoria's doing the exact same shit to me where I like everything but the game and it just makes me wish these were proper fucking entries and not gacha games
Only thing was that combat got a little boring. Might've been more fun with the controller, but I think it needed buttons on screen to show what did what. And the fact that you only had 4 cards was, eh. Sub-jobs really helped with that, though.

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