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File: 2729298338.jpg (106 KB, 1020x420)
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Does /vmg/ play Project QT? Other Nutaku games are welcome too.
Need more goddamn Energy
Yes I do.
I like that you don't have to actively play it every day to be on top of everything.
I played it as one of my first gacha games and man, it does all of the gacha things I hate.
I don't come here often, does /vmg/ love gacha? I assume that you sadly do, but I have hope.
it's one of the better gacha though. You don't have to be a whale to get 100 percent of the content. If anything it takes a lot of time. Not time actively grinding, but just patience.
I played it for a month or so. I liked it but like most games on Nutaku you can easily get the best shit by paying. Not like usual gachas where you pay for a "chance" to get the good stuff, but pay to literally have them handed to you.
Ranting aside the gameplay is fun and the girls looked nice. Wish they'd release more girls more often.
If this is one of the better gacha games, then holy shit, this genre is so much more fucked than I thought.
File: Fanny.png (93 KB, 1024x1024)
93 KB
Of course I like gacha. I don't ever pay for anything and they're always a side thing to do compared to my actual gaming.
What's the game like? Thinking about installing the Nutaku app again
i played crystal maidens for a little bit
spent a loooot of money on it
It's basically a simple puzzle game where you match similar colors to help the girls do damage.
What pissed me off and made me uninstall all Nutaku phone gaymes was:

>open game
>redirected to browser
>log in manually
>redirect back to game
>close/open another game?
>do if all fucking again and again

Kills the 'casual' gameplay. If they fixed this, by something as simple as intercepting that intent and opening it with their nutaku store and logging in automatically, I'd be willing to reinstall. I still played the browser versions sometimes.
It does exactly that with Firefox on my phone.
Yeah, talk about a mood killer.

>New notification
>"Hey stud, missing you"
>Heh niiiiiiice
>Just login on this corporate page as a friendly reminder that no one actually loves you and we just want your money

Didn't they ever heard of immersion??
Weird, while they do open up my browser app, it logs in automatically after the first time and I get almost instantly redirected back to the game
Anon just take the 3 seconds and turn off notifications.
You misunderstood me. I like the notifications! It would just be better if it worked like for this anon >>297303
Me and the other anon get to re enter all our login shit every single time, and it kills the mood.

For example, if I could casually jump into Booty Calls every time it notifies me of new moneys and collect it in a few seconds, I'd get enough money to play the game for a few minutes every once in a while and try to woo Chloe. But the login requires me a few minutes to do that, so it kills the hyper casualty of this strategy, making the game boring.
I see. Maybe try changing your default browser? You need cookies to automatically log in. If your browser automatically deletes them on closing this could be the issue.
I'm playing it atm, first gacha, pretty good. The thing I dislike most is spending tons of gems+coins evolving a girl only to see her lower her hands/weapon for the next pose
Ok, I may try this on my next phone (current has no storage left).
But still, they have zero need for going to the browser, this request should go to their app instead. If nutaku devs lurk here, pls do this.
Step Up Girls need to come back. Being gone forever is retarded.
But they came back? They repeated the Halloween and Christmas step ups.
Whoops I only started recently

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