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Now that most of the hype characters are through, it’s difficult to predict what comes next. Who are you excited for?
File: gogeta bros 2.jpg (86 KB, 662x332)
86 KB
Gogeta bros...
Maybe some what if fusions from that DS game like Vegeks and Janembu.
Also a fusion of Xeno Trunks and Future Trunks.
File: 1608210054605.png (762 KB, 704x1135)
762 KB
762 KB PNG
>Casually breaks the meta while SS4 Gogetafags seethe at the end of this year
Here it is, the last thread before Legends shuts down.
>Shuts down
>Hits top grossing in Japan by scamming Gogetafags during the most competitive time of the year
Yeah, no.
File: Based Retard.png (19 KB, 955x145)
19 KB
Grab some popcorn for the inevitable meltdown in a few days, Nostradumbass's been waiting for this all year. He might be retarded but at least he's got his 15 dkkan apps to keep him busy.
I want lf piccolo to get a zenkai.
My favorite unit in the game unironically.
Give him the super warrior tag the team needs the support!
Or zenkai krillin and kamicollo (either blue or yellow)
Although krillin will probably buff 18
Give super warriors something please.
LF Spirit Bomb Krillin and Neo Tribeam Tien when
>a16 and cell zenkai banners with discounts
God Vegeta looks pretty good, fast main ability with healing alongside drawing a strike and Ki as well as getting buffed after taking hits. This Vegeta was always valued for his cover this kit certainly allows him to excel in that role.

What seems deficient is that most of his abilities seem contingent on various factors instead of being straightforward; having his health ratio be higher than the enemy in order to get the card and ki will screw you over if the opponent manages to damage the whole team with a special or an ultimate and is unlikely because of the cover change. He doesn’t get card draw until he gets hit which is inevitable but means he probably won’t get far if you switch into him mid combo. The uncancellable buffs are nice but mostly minor other than Ki recovery. He doesn’t fit into the same niche as Champa with his debuffs and sub reduction or Gogeta Blue with his uncounterable combos and ultimate, this playstyle is mainly geared towards a defensive pivot when you are trapped in a combo and need to stall for others to come in. But since this is a very old character most people will have plenty of stars on him, definitely putting his power level and damage output above the other two in most cases. The fact that it would take less crystals for him than to chase the others makes it the economical choice for a God Ki main.
Kakarot is back
I hope they move onto the EX Super Warriors next after the EX Frieza Zenkai. I just want to Wolf Fang Fist some scrubs.
Nice, I wanted to Zenkai cell to round out my androids team, this way I can save some CC.
as zenkai becomes more and more prevalent the current format isn't going to work for much longer
every single unit is designed to get a zenkai at some point which means the whole single unit zenkai banner is going to disappear and they are most likely going to change how regular banners work so that you get awakening power alongside zpower or introduce multi zenkai power banners
theres already like 20 premium zenkai units and they keep adding 1 every 2 weeks
hoping for a single zenkai banner to return when there's like 50 they could choose from is a awful format
Honestly, Legends is really mimicking another Gacha I used to play before it shut down. They dropped two units everyone was asking for then closed the stores the week after their events ended. UI and Gogeta have been the hot topic to complain about for months. It really looks like they're trying to tell us "Please whale. Bamco will shut us down if we don't make enough." I'm not going to try to be the shizo with the "THE END IS NIGH" signs, but I've been wary all month.
If it gets shut down soon, what would you say led to its downfall?
People were saying the same thing last year with the update to red stars and zenkai which was pretty laughable in hindsight. It’s just as absurd now to think back to back banners without much events in a short time spells doom when that’s par for the course with Legends. That you have gigawhales like Goresh and the like throwing 10’s of thousands for red star LFs, getting top grossing for the first time since the second anniversary. This disconnect I think comes from people who aren’t having a good time during what the game hypes up as a celebration and project that dissatisfaction on the monetization and take it as evidence that the game must be dying; despite gacha trying to extract money from you regardless whether it’s top grossing or shutting down. I’m sure Toshi has a quarterly revenue quota that he has to meet or else he would be replaced; a long term decline in profits would kill the game but it would have to be pretty severe cut in its monthly $10 million revenue before any real change would occur. If Dokkan can get away with rigging rates in its first year, Legends can survive the occasional dry spell.

Me getting shafted. In all seriousness, Toshi should’ve done the behind the scenes videos with his colleagues a lot sooner; it’s a lot easier to pretend that the people behind the game are money grubbing chinks (and they might be) when they’re completely invisible. We learned from the videos that Toshi had his game mode idea shot down and that they don’t show any favoritism in animating characters whether they’re Legends Limited or not, and they play the game too. It still doesn’t stop people from blaming Toshi when they get shafted because he’s the face of the game but it’s clear that the developers do care about making a fun game as opposed to just shilling for money.
The beginning of a new season never gets old
Soo, when are the HE units Zenkais coming? Will they also be free, like the EX Zenkais?
There is no way in hell they will release a HE Zenkai before Shallot and his upgrades are always at Anniversary, Given he still needs to unlock Blue and, I presume, a final form (Like UI, SSBE or something unique) you can expect HE Zenkais to be next year or the year after. The Shallot Zenkai will definitely be free via Story but HE units don't have events attributed to them IIRC so how they will be F2P is hard to say, unless they decided to actually make new fucking events, an exchange shop addition or some lazy missions that award HE Awakening Power.
actually at the very start of the game there were some events for hero units.
>Shallot and his upgrades are always at Anniversary
not really
god shallot came out way after the anniversary was over and blue shallot will come out within the next few story updates
Well, in that case they can restore those events (Scout Battles?) and use them as the basis for Zenkai HE units, but unless they decide to give Shallot a Zenkai this year I doubt it will be anytime soon.

From what I've looked up God Shallot came out within a month of the Anniversary, Super Saiyan 2 was released around Anniversary however, Super Saiyan 1 wasn't around Anniversary, nor was Super Saiyan 3.
>SS1 = pre-1st Anni
>SS2 = 1st Anni
>SS3 = pre-2nd Anni
>SSG = within a few weeks of 2nd Anni
With that in mind, Shallot getting SSB at this year's anniversary makes the most sense to me but given the 'pattern' it seems feasible to get Zenkai Shallot late this year, unless they throw a curveball and release SSBE Shallot or something like that instead.
It’s doubtful, extreme zenkais are free but take a lot of resources to grind. Hero zenkais would need a sizable reward to go along with it for people to bother with, as they probably won’t be relevant outside of game modes that exclude sparkings. Perhaps a few hundred crystals in the style of the legends missions for every few zenkai characters you have would be enough.
The hero ginyu event that was infamous for cucking players out of crystals before you could restrict your level. The interesting thing about the Original series events is that sparking Turles is one as well, he could be the first summonable character with a free zenkai. Hero Ginyu himself will probably just be bench for the Ginyu force team or Ginyu characters. Shallot will undoubtedly get a zenkai at some point because of how they restrict his stars, if it wasn’t important he’d already be maxed.
File: toshi.jpg (172 KB, 607x767)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
>Our threads busy that means it’s better!! So what if people have more fun shitposting than playing the game at least we’re the CHADS of /vmg/
This is your brain on Dokkan
I don't even play dokkan but the fact you instantly rushed to this defense tells a lot about the average legends player.
>That pic
They got a full refund and kept everything they summoned on the banner.
>They responded over an hour after the post was made
And besides that, how does this tell you about the 'average' Legends player? This thread has 14 IPs.
I think im drained by this game.
The ui and then gogeta broly and then the new years
and the zenkais that released
too many banners for lfs that arent really worth it compared to the normal units..
i think im going to stick to zenkais from now on.
They are a sure investement.
this whole soul medal exchange shop feels like they are going to overhaul the saibamen stages again
>pulling three rotations on one of the best banners in the game giving tons of box filling units guaranteed
>can't get one specific LR so the devs refund all the stones you spent.

Man, imagine being this much of a retard and playing a PVP ridden P2W fest where you battle against whales with characters you can't scratch, lmao.
File: goku kneel.jpg (149 KB, 1274x941)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Dokkan CHAD... we fucking kneel...
File: 1561399559217.png (645 KB, 551x858)
645 KB
645 KB PNG
File: 1587314202681.png (500 KB, 1356x1304)
500 KB
500 KB PNG
>Hate Kefla
>Pull 2 copies of her in one multi
File: zamasu.png (42 KB, 850x600)
42 KB
Is the God Vegeta booster pack worth it if I don't have him?
I could care less about the meta nowadays since the game is infested with powercreep. My issue with the game is they keep pumping out a shitload of banners, but barely have any worthwhile content to do anything with them.
File: -1.jpg (71 KB, 970x970)
71 KB
>I could care less about the meta nowadays since the game is infested with powercreep. My issue with the game is they keep pumping out a shitload of banners, but barely have any worthwhile content to do anything with them.
File: dyspo.jpg (43 KB, 464x835)
43 KB
Pulled the final pride trooper I needed on the last multi I planned on doing for a good while. Can't wait to run their team albeit at low stars.
I've done some thinking on recent support and what Toshi has said and I think I've concluded that the next Zenkai will most likely be Hit, or the one after the next Zenkai will be Hit.
>The Space-Time duel shop reflects their current focus which is: Movies, Fusion, LoE, God Ki, Rival Universe, Vegeta Family
>Movies has Zenkai Fury Broly
>Fusion has Zenkai Gogeta
>LoE has Zenkai EX Frieza (Although I have hopes on them getting another one soon)
>God Ki just got Zenkai Godgeta
That leaves Rival Universe and Vegeta Family, presuming they don't count the new Vegeta as support for Vegeta Family. So taking a look at Rival Universe...
>1/3rd are EX units, so we'll cut those out due to them getting overhauled events and Zenkais isn't a thing yet. Only those from reoccuring story events like Zenkai Force.
>Jiren, Danger Trio, Champa and Vados are too new to get a Zenkai
>That leaves only Hit, Kefla, Ribrianne and Kakunsa as valid Zenkai choices
>Kakunsa would never get a Zenkai before Ribrianne
>Kefla is primarily a Fusion Warrior, which already got a Zenkai so I think she can be cut out
>This leaves it and Ribrianne, the big two fighters of their individual universes
>Presuming they will go for popularity, that easily concludes in Hit being the Rival Universe Zenkai
I won't deny Ribrianne has potential for a Zenkai, as well as Kale, Caulifla and Cabba but it simply seems far more likely for a character as known, popular and old as Hit to be the Rival Universe rep for a Zenkai. He would also tie into the recent Powerful Opponent support since he has the tag and his bench ability makes it plausible to slot him on that team.
good i missed only one star to max him
File: boostunits.jpg (198 KB, 517x568)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
>almost all boost units for the kakarrot goku event have a zenkai
i hope spirit bomb goku gets one
he's one of these units that actually needs one unlike IT goku
File: mondo cool.png (289 KB, 754x414)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
If you don't use zenkais in pvp I'm just going to assume you're an avid soÿlent consumer and wear hipster glasses and do the soÿ face when you play legends.
i think we might get female fighter zenkais for valentines.
personally hoping they release multiple. And one of them be chichi.
shes gonna fucking decimate pvp from all the gokus.
File: Raditz Tree.png (289 KB, 765x517)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
How do they expect me to do this after spending 1000 energy getting him to Zenkai 7 in the first place? Let alone 2 more times for Nappa and Vegeta
I have a solution i came up with for us free to play players,
but it takes patience and taking advantage of happy weekend.
so you can start from today
do your daily missions and the like, but dont spend over 10 energy
wait for it to refil.
When you are done, you can start grinding materials
whenever your bar fills up, use skip tickets (or manually if you need the tickets, recommend giving friendship equips since it will build up over time and you need to get like a kajilion characters to friendship 5 for the cc.)
so you do ten runs of the material of your choice
you will almost always get atleast 1-2 of 2 energy things. But you also get increased drops of the materials, which is a god send for materials for zenkai units.
that way you are building up 4 valuable materials although it takes a while
(energy, souls, saving skip tickets, friendship points)
I recomend focusing on one soul at a time, start from the 7* ones because they will also give you materials for the previous one, which will save you time in the long run.
when you manage to reach the point where you have maxed out capacity it will go to your gift box
which means you can take full advantage of the recycle shop for more valuable materials like erasers, and zenkai materials.
i am currently maxed out on dual coin tickets, which allows me to buy anything i want and just claim the gifts waiting to refill them.
if they are close to expiring i buy extra z power for units like revival cell that need it.
its a similar case with souls
soon enough you will have everything maxed out
don't zenkai every single unit and start farming resources until you have like 20k of everything
>No new content in weeks
Yea it's the end
File: toshi gogeta.jpg (71 KB, 828x450)
71 KB
>Kills your game so he can get back to working on Dokkan sooner
File: Whoa! No Way!.png (268 KB, 541x877)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
This isn't random as fuck. Kind of interesting how they didn't Zenkai FP Frieza and now, seemingly, LL Frieza but they are giving a Zenkai to LL Piccolo (...when YEL Zenkai King Piccolo exists) and they gave Namek Goku a Zenkai

It seems the jump festa demo was a clue with both God Vegeta and now LF Piccolo getting zenkais. Piccolo is probably the least common LF online because of being rare and having better alternatives in DKP. Most we’re hoping for Vegito but he’s in a much better position than Piccolo was.

Regen is pretty much the main team you’re getting with Piccolo so it’s only worth pursuing if you have a good team already. Saiyan saga is outdated but the saiyan bench can allow other saiyan characters like UI or Shallot..
Why is he so based bros
This is actually a cool strategy
>lets zenkai a unit nobody has
They only care about whales.
You can technically run sayian saga with nappa piccolo and feetku.
Maybe zenkai raditz or scout geta could work
Here we go
As evidence that this method works
my energy is at 2700/9999
Skip tickets 3k/7k
And im full of co op tokens
I bought all the cc on refresh and refilled back to full lol
File: dbleg-dbzenkai.jpg (500 KB, 814x916)
500 KB
500 KB JPG
oh thats nice i guess
This bitch is the only character I don’t have soulboosted because she’s so old. It’s a good thing at least for Androids, Regen, and Girls to have a decent blue since they all have strong yellow characters that need them. Poor Kakarot is probably going to be neglected again until his inevitable zenkai, but that will probably come after the rising battles.
File: 20210116_032409.jpg (59 KB, 720x305)
59 KB
Suddenly Symmetry
70K and still no Broly
Fuck this kusoge
File: 1548825158988.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720)
96 KB
A lucklet! A tiny widdle LUCKLET! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Why do you accept zenkai Like the process of spending money on it when other games it’s normally free
zenkai is becoming more and more accessible for regular players
fuck there's even daily discounts
sure it still needs some improvements regarding the zenkai for LL units
they need to add either a way to get free LL zpower or remove the 7 star requirements for LL units since they're really hard to pull
The game is powercreeping so fast that they gave a zenkai to an LL that came out 9 months ago. Zenkai wouldn't feel so bad if the average shelf life of characters wasn't so short.
This isn’t a collector game where you’re supposed to have everything. You summon for the characters you like or that are competitive. If you don’t care for Androids or saiyans, why should you have a broken character like 18 or SS3 if you’re not willing to summon for it. Sure you can say the star requirements are egregious but that’s design of every gacha to entice you to get duped of a character even if they’re rare. As far as the p2w aspect goes, you do get enough crystals in a month to max a zenkai and likely get more than halfway done with another one provided that’s all you’re summoning for. It actually harms the gacha practice by giving you a guaranteed return on investment even if it comes at the cost of new characters, but some characters have to be good else people will just reroll forever. There are plenty of free zenkai characters that you can make a team with even if you don’t have the summonable ones. A far cry from a year ago where they were quite expensive.

Legends limited zenkai are the most controversial but also the most justifiable because of their status. They have to be good to justify whaling for them or being in every big banner. You might feel bad now if you pulled a Gohan, Goku, or Piccolo and not meet the threshold but not as bad as if you pulled them while they were irrelevant.

Piccolo got a zenkai despite his age because he was the least important LF, even SS3 or Goten see niche play because they can be used alongside Gohan or Namek Goku. DKP’s zenkai replaced him for most players and is still viable if you don’t have Piccolo but now you aren’t penalized for running the regen LF in high level pvp if you have the zenkai.
The irony is that Piccolo mainly got a stat boost as opposed to broken passives like Gohan. He’s probably the most balanced LF Zenkai yet.
We got 9 more days left, there’s still hope
File: PFT LUCKLET!.jpg (240 KB, 1150x2048)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
im just gonna say it
i believe lf piccolo zenkai is better than dkp
he just doesnt have the propper units to go alongside him like dkp has.
but with zenkai 21 i believe he might get them
not to mention vjump mentions something about "good" 21, so we might get a new unit
hopefully a majin 21 zenkai as well

android/regen meta is back on the menu
fuck son senpai
fuck sayians
and fuck god ki
vjump is just talking about the zenkai for the free a21
there's no tease for a new unit in it
So bros. Want to get into this game and ‘git gud’. Who do I roll for, Broly or Gogeta?
Whoever you like the most. Fresh accounts can get like 20k crystals from story and events so you may be able to invest in both.
>["Android #21: Good" Coming Soon!]
>Good #21 is an all-rounder with great synergy with other #21s! Her Special Arts inflicts Flash while recovering Ki, buffing DMG, & drawing a Special Move! Use it to stop enemies in their tracks and finish them off!

Coolest kamehameha so far, hopefully it’s teachable. The stun green sounds like pure cancer with guaranteed blue cards, a presumably strong ultimate as well. The synergy with 21’s is nice for running a full 21 team but Androids right now is heavily reliant on 18 and Cell; 21’s zenkai will guarantee her a spot on the team, evil 21 has aged but she’s still the main purple for Androids and regen. I think she will be red or yellow to complete a color wheel with the other 21’s; Zenkai 18 or transforming Cell are too good to replace but the Girls team can’t really say the same.
I like the idea of LL Future Gohan and him actually being one-armed with his animations...but do Future and Hybrids really need the support of an LL right now? And then the new 21 and the Zenkai 21 both support Android, don't they?

Not sure if I like them focusing on these teams right now. Cool for people who love those tags but man, I'd prefer if they focused on LoE, Vegeta Family and GT more.
powerful opponent chads...
>4 back to back step up banners with LL units in them
wtf is legends doing?
Will legendary Gohan release tomorrow? I'll reroll for him and start playing to see how the game is.
How long is the intro/tutorial? I hope it's not too long.
>you get an LF and you get an LF, how about you too get an LF
>oh and fuck you tien
can't wait for the inevitable a19 and a20 LF
File: 19 chokes goku.jpg (94 KB, 853x480)
94 KB
19 was literally the first character in the series to defeat a Super Saiyan but go ahead and keep downplaying him, Tien cuck.
Legendary Finish Future One-arm Gohan? WTF?! He died accomplishing nothing.
the amount of LFs is getting ridiculous now
especially since they're pulling out of their asses now
the only real LFs that seem to be missing are
>spirit sword trunks
>universal spirit bomb gt goku
>dragon fist ssj3 goku
>possible spirit bomb krillin against vegeta
>dual goku and frieza LF against jiren
>new namek goku spirit bomb LF since the old one is outdated
Powerful opponent is really underrated, even the niche variants are still effective even against zenkai.
File: iphone_4s_capture.png (1.15 MB, 720x1280)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
4 LF units in a row weaved in between numerous Zenkai units. Safe to say they are milking this game and it's hapless playerbase for every penny.
When is LF Appule coming?
File: The truth.jpg (53 KB, 294x365)
53 KB
>Frieza Force
>Being acknowledged
Don't make me laugh. We'll be lucky if Lineage of Evil gets any support within the next six months, despite its recent wave of support being incomplete.
i am still waiting for that transforming zarbon and a sparking dodoria
My friend and I had a conversation a couple months ago about whether future Gohan could become an LF and replied “easily”. Most believed otherwise and thought a duo Android LF was more likely, who’s laughing now plebbit.

Future Gohan already has a standalone character and a transforming variant, an LF is the only way it could go to rerelease the character; the same could be said of other characters like Super Gogeta, Gotenks, Cooler, and Trunks. Why give an LF to a character that’s mostly a footnote, because he’s iconic just like the others. This should have been apparent when Goten got his LF.

Why follow up back to back LF step ups with another. Certainly it’s because step ups are the most profitable banners considering their value for the typical player. Another reason that I’m sure accounts for the content draught is that most of the staff behind the game were probably on vacation for the past couple of weeks and are only just returning now.
File: 1553628045410.jpg (85 KB, 1280x720)
85 KB
Well, I got lucky enough to pull LL Future Gohan on the first multi. I'm not actually interested in building a Regen or Androids team so I'll leave it there and share some of my luck on this banner with anyone reading this post.
I wasted 50kcc with no Gogeta, for fuck's sake at least give me Gohan
Lfcolo is better than both lol
Zenkai his ass
You have 1k tickets and the 600 legends limited z power right?
>only 300cc for a21
they're getting really stingy with the CC
I agree its getting obnoxious
This season is going to be fun I can tell
Did anyone win the bath towels yet?
>pulled 21 first multi
time to dust off that good ol' androids team. haven't used it since transforming 21 came out in, what, 1989?
File: JacketVegeta.png (442 KB, 360x752)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
It's my second day on the game and I just managed to get my first *7+ character. All characters in the box are Lvl.5000 as well. The game's quite the grindfest, but at least it's better than Pokémon Masters in that regard.
Will just take it easy for a couple of days and try to grind these Legends Friends Special Missions on Emulator or something. I want those SSG Shallot Card Designs.
Probably doesn't mean much, but hang in there, anon. I know how it feels like to get shafted. You'll roll them eventually.
Congrats and GLHF with the team.
Maxing characters is easier with the boost to bonus xp/zeni battles and the double souls on weekends. You have to pick energy or tickets for rewards when you can but it’s quite easy to max your box and take in the soulboost missions. PvE content can be a chore sometimes but the real fun lies in PvP where you can test your teams against other players of similar skill.
Oh, I know about the Weekend stuff. Looked it up when I saw it in the Exchange Tab in-game. I'm going to Soulboost all characters I own the second the Weekend Bonus goes live.
File: 1610610915758.gif (3.1 MB, 300x320)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB GIF
Legends or Dokkan? Which is the game to play?
Dokkan. Everyone here apart from a single insane individual would agree.
>Z7 21 does more damage than anyone else
>14 Star YEL Saibaman does more damage than over 30% of all SPs in the game
>wake up
>raid half way done
The japs kamikazed this raid, sorry gaijin
>gogeta blue
>meanwhile the best unit z7 a21 get constantly disbanded by retards who can't read
The #17 raid was quite a bit of fun, but it completely interrupted my Welcome Missions grind for today. lol
How did it go, bros? Got everything you wanted?
they should just remove the health bar if they want raids to last 2 days
File: dblbox.jpg (514 KB, 800x600)
514 KB
514 KB JPG
Help me make the best PVE team. I need to clean some story events like Broly's and coop raids but I can't do it with my current team.
Which 6 ones would make the best team please?
Either make a saiyan or color team, your best characters are Majin Vegeta, Vegito Blue, Return of Cooler Goku, SSBKaioken and SS4 Goku. You can also attempt a lineage or god Ki team with what you have but you’d probably do better with color teams.

The basics behind team building is checking your party details to see which characters are affected by their z-abilities. It’s okay if not every character buffs each other, but you wasn’t the three characters you bring into battle to get the majority of z-ability bonuses. For example, if you’re trying to make a pure red team you can use characters that don’t buff each other like Bergamo, Cell, and Great Saiyaman as long as they’re supported by red boosting characters like Rildo, SS3 Goku, and SS Vegeta. For a tag team like movies you’re going to to put in as many characters that buff the tag like Tapion, the Broly’s and Yellow Gohan.

It doesn’t take much effort to succeed in PvE, as long as you’ve leveled and soulboost your characters you’ll do well. If prioritize the events that are currently up over the story, Fury Broly’s zenkai leaves in a couple of days.
File: 1570497093031.png (856 KB, 1200x675)
856 KB
856 KB PNG
Fuck nu-Broly desu
hello plebbit
nice team fren let's spar some time
File: vegeta evil bastard.jpg (42 KB, 500x355)
42 KB
LF Majin Vegeta platinum equip got announced don't know if you bros saw it.
Have you ever done chargebacks on this game? Does it work?
Charge step you mean?
Any PVPchad here?
I was at 5 medals from being able to get all PZ, I'll just take every extreme pz and take 9 out of 10 SP pz, to get stars on some ex who have interesting Z abilities at 3 stars
>Goresh putting 216k crystals for a single unit
How can one man be this based?
No money chargebacks. Like if you spend money and want it back.
I did during 2018, it worked but now i'm banned from any refund by Google, still not banned in this game but doesn't work anymore for me.
You shouldn't try that though, DBL now ban people for it so be careful.
damn. i caved and bought the 8.99 mission plan to try and get 21 for my androids team.
did the final step and the free one, no green 21.
fuck this game is shit nowadays.
>guy spends over 200k cc
>still doesn't have gohan at 14 stars
this should tell how garbage the new format is more than anything
>vegito blues equip was skipped
he ain't broken anymore
That's an insane amount of real money. Does this game have tournaments that pay out so much that this kind of investment is worthwhile?
goresh has a well paying job (according to him) and he makes good money of his youtube (according to him and other db legends youtubers with similar numbers in viewers.

He is probably writing of most his whaling as business expenses for his youtube channel.

I honestly think hes addicted at this point
Honestly, most people are addicted to shit these days. So long as whales can actually sustain their lifestyle they should be fine. I'm a bit concerned at how these expenses can encourage Legends to stagnant though, given Goresh is just one of many whales splurging on pretty shit banners without many events. If you ask me, it'd be nice if some popular whales on YouTube chose to focus on Dokkan or some other gacha game until Legends picks up the slack, just send a message to the Legends team that they need to step up the step ups. Doubt it'd change anything though, the Japanese market will run wild.
Man views are getting expensive nowadays lol. Views seem to be ~30k/video. It'd be very impressive to be able to still pull a profit with all that spending.
thats called having a gambling addiction
Gogeta and Broly are among the most popular characters despite how hard they are to pull
9 euros or dollars isn't that bad.
I spent 500 euros in this game since it released
Thought I was lucky enough to get broly, gogeta and mirai gohan with just 11k cc (3kcc for gogeta, 2kcc for broly et 6kcc for mirai gohan)

>he ain't broken anymore
They don't want to admit how much they fucked up the meta
The guy is rich and retarded

I don't think he's lying, he's fat so he's living "well" despite all the money he spend on this game (his studio seems to be crap though)
>can encourage Legends to stagnant though
They might release again a new LF for the 1000 days incoming, after 4 new LF in a row.

Japanese whales are the biggest issues, there a lot who spent like 100k crystals just to get one mirai gohan
i hope they announce a new LF tomorrow and no new events just because
Fuck off Toshi
retards should learn the hard way to not summon on every single banner and save for decent shit instead
You could save as many crystals and still get shafted, we should just have less banners and more crystals.
only the pride troopers were good additions since the powerful opponent team really needed decent units
other than that they didn't release units that were needed for their teams
>blue broly
another blue saiyan to the pile
>yellow blue gogeta
zenkai god vegeta is better and fusions still has yellow vegito which is still a very good unit lets not forget champa
>yellow gohan
hybrid didn't really need him since goten and rage trunks are still decent
>green a21
as good as she is there's still good alternatives like vados and kefla

also LF units are logistically the worst units in the game
sure their kits are nice but the way they have been handling these kinds of units have been very poorly
mainly due to the lack of LL multiZpower
pulling a LL unit feels like a punishment more than luck since you will never 14 star a single one
File: VideoStuff.png (332 KB, 586x535)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
bergammo is unironically better than dyspo in every way.
the pride troopers only work in rival universe, with the exception of jiren, who also goes in powerful opponent.

green 21 is arguably better than 16 and buu, due to her utility.
of course, without her being atleast 7* the zenkai units are better.
but the rates suck cause this game is shit, and i did a full fucking rotation with only an lfcolo dupe to my name
File: Daily Dose.png (124 KB, 1266x688)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
>Hybrids and Future buffs
Joy...so those two will probably leap a tier by the sounds of SS2 Trunks giving negative sub counts on vanish and taking hits, making Future an S tier team and Hybrids a possible Z tier then we take into account Valentines next month inevitably means Girls will get a huge buff on top of all the Android 21 shit. Regardless, I hope tonight's video isn't just showcasing SS2 Trunks and 'new characters' actually means 'new Zenkai'.

I wonder if there are any chances of them focusing on GT, Powerful Opponent, Frieza Force or some other tag in need of support by March? LoE could certainly use a Zenkai or new unit to keep up with the powercreep.
File: you've never talked.png (103 KB, 377x257)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
i hope she has an LF
File: legends.png (349 KB, 373x499)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
>yamacha has 2 sparking units now
they must really hate tien
File: 1608429142285.png (1.03 MB, 1037x915)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Hopefully the new mode isn't just glorified Rush. A competent PvE mode would do wonders for the game. Although I don't really care for Female Warriors, so unless they shock I'll be zoning out in February.
I have been waiting for Launch for over two years now and finally she arrives. She and Roshi are the only units i can go balls deep with my cc. I have now about 30K cc saved and ready
File: a6lmov1pood61.jpg (132 KB, 1334x750)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Absolutely adore the art
File: all lies.jpg (442 KB, 1270x703)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
this bullshit right here
the new mode is probably just the guild vs guild thing they announced almost a year ago
>folks bitching about yamcha and launch
i hate redditors and western dbz fans so much.

like i like gt, but shut the fuck up it had its time in the limelight.

legit only am in the reddit/discord cause i like to make memes and have nowhere to post them
Launch and Yamcha were a surprise but obvious directions to go for dragon ball saga. I hope Yamcha is super warrior at least, glad minor teams are starting to be supported.

It’s a bit odd to release Launch before Valentine’s Day, if the trend persists from last year we might see a new 18, either from the future or USS. Androids are top tier again but at this rate they may be getting primed for an LF.

The game mode sounds interesting, it could be timed challenges or an endless battle mode both of which could spice up PVE. I don’t see how they could make a campaign based mode without it feeling like Rush. Some have memed about the April Fools joke but it would be incredibly based if they did it.

SS2 Trunks getting a zenkai was a long time coming, I wouldn’t be surprised if most players have him 14 stars by now because of how common he is. Being able to reduce sub counts like Champa is huge, he might edge out Vegito Blue or Ultimate Gohan on their teams. Seems like a good investment if your team heavily relies on yellows like Rage Trunks or Future Gohan.
people are just dissatisfied with the lack of events and shit to do in the game
its really questionable how fast they pushing out new characters and barely any new content
the content is really lagging behind
fuck even the 50 stage a21 event that comes out tomorrow should have came out last week
they're also talking about a new game mode as if the guild vs guild is even out yet and that shit was announced a year ago
heres my theory
we got yamcha and launch now
we are getting a chichi zenkai in valentines
db saga now has 2 competent zenkais
2 units to back them up
and 2 more you can put bench units at.

thats a tier 1 team right there.
and they will keep supporting them further

this is another rival universe scenario, except this time i believe they will commit to it and make them busted.
its kind of amazing how this game still doesn't have zenni exchange shop where you can buy infinite amounts of energy or skip tickets from
all free characters seem like huge energy drains where to max one out you need to spend at least 3000 energy
>other than that they didn't release units that were needed for their teams
Disagree, the meta was trending towards blue purple for a while and now it’s more or less neutral with the latest banners.

Broly was a much needed Blue for movies and powerful opponent, there are alternatives but not really viable. If you don’t have zenkai LF Goku, he’s the next best character to use with Bardock.

Gogeta Blue isn’t that much better than Champa or Transforming Vegito but but fits a more offensive playstyle since you can ignore cover changes; God Vegeta cis more accessible to play by comparison but it’s not uncommon to see both.

Future Gohan is good boost to future and hybrids. Rage Trunks and Gotenks take a while to get going even with high stars whereas Gohan only gets better as the match goes on. A good yellow character with endurance is favorable for matchups against common purple picks such as UI, SS3, and Future Vegeta.

21 is arguably better than either zenkai Buu or 16, her damage and stun green card is devastating to land. She’s one of the best characters in this meta where you can reasonably expect to see Vegito Blue, Broly, or Bardock every other match.
It’s probably the case Chi-Chi gets a zenkai for Valentine’s Day, I don’t think any other characters would be iconic enough besides 18.

Even if he’s aged a bit, Youth Goku is still pretty good even if he can’t spam cards like DKP. If the dragon ball saga theme continues then we can expect more obscure characters like Grandpa Gohan or Nam; I’m hoping for colonel Blue and Cyborg Tao personally.
File: Pansad.jpg (41 KB, 542x395)
41 KB
Nobody sends friend requests anymore...
File: launch DON'T LOSE.png (205 KB, 541x356)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
he'll get his time to shine eventually. he'll probably get a YEL vegito-style card where the kikoho does stupid levels of damage
though honestly, I want a tien card from the 22nd tenkaichi budokai. shit was cool.
I dont play Legends but what did they do to Gogeta?
They released Gogeta Blue for the Christmas/New Years banner and he ended up being mediocre for the teams he works on.
I expect soon an DB lf unit, I just hope that the old fomula will be back (keeping the few improvement of the new formula such as 0.5% lf rate and bringing back the tickets with much more chance to get a LF)
Our friend list got full since the events from the first anniversary
Broly, someone who's inferior to him ended up being much stronger than him in this game.
they won't bring back the old format
the new one makes them too much money
File: 1571924784916.jpg (205 KB, 1461x818)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Are Sparking Scout Battles necessarily related to tags being supported? The past few Sparking Scout battles seem to have been accompanied with their respective tags receiving support and the upcoming Scout Battle features Hybrids, which just got Z7 SS2 Trunks, and DB Saga which just got Yamcha and Launch but LoE hasn't gotten any support since the December banner.

Would that imply next week's Zenkai will most likely be a Lineage of Evil character?
they're not
final form cooler is also there and he already has a zenkai
is there even a point of summing new units? zenkais are way better
If you're a new player you need to summon on banners.
If you're not a new player than yeah you should prioritize zenkai then only summon which buff the same tags than your choosen zenkai (if good enough).
File: Dblegendsteam.png (1014 KB, 567x993)
1014 KB
1014 KB PNG
>Finally get a meta team
>is the blast meme version of it
>it will probably be demoted back to tier 1 by the time i can finally finish grinding zenkai souls, Zpower and rerolling equips to be able to use it
i'm so tired of playing future bros
If you've got 21, Good 21 and Zenkai 21 then I'm sure you could put together a decent Girls team, especially since the upcoming Valentines banners should be heavily Girls focused.
Maybe i should save CC for it, i could see them doing a rerun the Zenkai banner for yellow 18 with an event like red Gogeta got during though christmas
It's certainly possible. I'm half-expecting them to drop Zenkai Kefla or maybe something like Zenkai Chi-Chi in February personally.
hey my dude,
its good too.
zenkai lfcolo gets a while to get going but he can hit as hard as dkp.
you have 21 and cell at acceptable stars and the f2p 21
File: 1611678267806.webm (2.84 MB, 400x240)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB WEBM
Thank you for the free Chi-Chi and Bunny Bulma, Legends. Dodged another bullet right there.
I tried to stay under 20k CC so I could buy LL Z-Power for Future Gohan in the future, but changed my mind after I pulled him a second time from the Tickets you get from adventures.
I wanted to try my luck with other Banners that had Chi-Chi and Bulma on them since they're the last characters I really wanted, but that won't be necessary since we get them for free.
Closing in on 30k CC now. Give me Bra for Valentine's Day, and we're good, Legends.
they dropped the db banner on the 1000th day even if they uploaded the units a few days ago.
we are getting 2 sparking guaranteed tickets from the "try to surpass me!"
the only banners that have sparking guaranteed tickets are lf banners and master packs.
which means we are getting an lf banner as part of the 1000 day campaign.
the summon is scheduled at sometime in february
we have 2-3 possibilities
a) they are planning to have a valentines banner ran alongside with the lf banner
b) the valentines banner will have an lf unit.
or, c) the tickets are for the valentines banner, and we might get a free to play lf unit, similar to how dokkan has f2p lrs.

an all star banner usually signals a direction the meta is gonna go towards/the legends team will focus on certain tags
we saw it with goten and trunks banner, leading to the son senpai/hybrids/vegeta senpai meta before son senpai and hybrids pulled ahead by far.
the trio de danger all star banner, leading to a step up with vados/champa, and them being featured in the ui banner
the cooler and vegeta all star banner
which lead to the great movie support given with the 2 lf units, the zenkai godgeta, the new frieza unit, etc.
and now a db all star banner.
they know the tag needs more support than 3 more units
so i have high hopes that we are either getting
>a db zenkai (chichi/bulma/bunny bulma)
or a db lf.
and they know folks wont pull for a db lf
so its a high possibility we might get a f2p db lf
as to why i was thinking it would be f2p

like how dokkan has f2p lrs

they know folks wont go hard for a db lf
since the team is generally lacking

but im confident we are getting something for dragon ball saga cause its an all star banner
and all star banners always signify major support for the team they feature
Makes sense. Only question is, what DB saga unit would be worth an LF? I'd place my money on 23rd Budokai Goku's finisher against Piccolo.
considering one armed gohan got a zenkai
heres my speculation on lf units
>kid goku legends road unit being upgraded to an lf unit somehow.
>tournament tien lf
>roshi lf (either jackie chun or mafuba)
>kid goku great ape lf
>dragon rush goku (from goku v piccolo, the one you posted could be the ledgendairy finish after he does the combo into the kamehameha)
Is there an archive anywhere of character portraits? Ideally the raw assets and animations too? Really wanna make wallpapers out of some of em
I'm not sure regarding animations but on https://legends.dbz.space/characters/ you can click on a character then under their profile's portrait there is an icon at the bottom right linking to a HD Asset album of their art.
Oh this is perfect, pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!!
File: 1601072782172.jpg (503 KB, 1200x1688)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
No problem. Have fun making your wallpapers!
They took out the energy drop from bonus battles....
Why are they so hell bent on making the game worse
>remove the literal only way to farm energy in game without adding a fucking replacement
they're retarded thats why
and its literally killing the game for good
legends had a good run but shit got way too bad in just 2 months
i don't think its going to last more than 6 months if they keep pulling this garbage
File: 1594117683197.png (338 KB, 858x486)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
>remove the literal only way to farm energy in game without adding a fucking replacement
I have never used the bonus events for energy farming and my energy went from sub-800 to over 2,400 in just two weeks. I think you're exaggerating way too much here. The only real issue is that this means bonus battles will cost a fuckton more energy to grind up for Zenkais and such, which is probably the point. They want players to expend CC on the unlockable missions that give a ton of souls so they can corner us into spending money on new banners.

Little do the retards know, I play Lineage of Evil so their little tactics will never work on me.
>I think you're exaggerating way too much here.
i am not
the fact they put out events like a21 where you need like 3k energy and then remove the only free permanent way to get energy is a dick move
sure they hand out energy but thats no fucking excuse to remove it
i only just now managed to get back to 2k energy
almost maxed out on skip tickets so i have a healthy stream of erasers coming my way
I never excused it. I am stating that we get so much energy that it doesn't matter from that viewpoint. The actual issue is that Bonus Battles no longer refunding energy means each Zenkai will now cost that much more energy than before, resulting in Zenkais draining our sacks dry and forcing the shilling of Boost missions into our psyche.

They want to use this change to make us expend energy on Zenkais completely to then force us to expend CC on Boost missions so we have less on banners resulting in more people expending cash on CC.
>I am stating that we get so much energy that it doesn't matter from that viewpoint.
as it stand right now we can only energy get from the permanent things like
>15 from the daily and 25 on weekends
>weekend medals give you 30
>100 every 2 weeks from coop if actually spend your coop medals which is very unlikely since multizpower is better
>30 from platinum coins
>guild exchange shop
things like adventures and login bonuses aren't permanent same with legends roads/event character exchange shops

shit ain't nearly enough with the rate they put out these free zenkai grinds
in just 2 months we had like 3 on top of the mission grind for the rising battle vegeta (gotenks,broly,a21)

this is even worse for new players since the 4 free ex zenkais are a huge waste of energy
File: Father's Day.jpg (428 KB, 1422x912)
428 KB
428 KB JPG
You keep referring to 'permanent' sources but none of those things are actually permanent, as indicated by them deleting energy rewards from the Bonus Battles. They have handed energy out like candy for several months now from so-called 'non-permanent' sources, so there is no true distinction. Attributing such values to energy sources is nonsense since they are all vulnerable to removal with the precedent established.

They are removing sources of energy whilst releasing energy heavy events mixed with making Bonus Battles far more expensive to force us into expending CC on Boost missions.

Again, the point I'm getting at is that the Bonus Battles no longer dropping energy isn't a serious issue on its own. They hand out energy like crack and it's very easy to save up thousands of energy even with events costing so much. The issue is Bonus Battles in conjunction with Zenkai and Boost missions.

I'm not justifying anything here. I think it's an insanely poor decision on their part and I went ahead and posted a 1 star review on the Play store in the slight hope that it somehow contributes to the game changing for the better. I just think you exaggerate the value of Bonus Battle for energy farming and did not properly highlight the actual negative impact, which is the cost of Bonus Battle now being insanely high with no energy refunds and the constant Zenkai releases mandating we grind for it.

In other words, I am on your side. I'm just trying to shift the focus onto what the likely purpose for the changes are and the actual negative impact of the change, the skyrocketing costs associated with Zenkai and the blatant CC trap.
Yeah it’s pretty obvious after doing a few runs. You typically get 20-30% back from bonus battles, a net gain if you don’t spend your reserve energy. Why would they do this, as the other anon suggested it’s to coerce you into unlocking the zenkai missions but I think it’s more to do with patching zenkai souls. I farmed blue adventures for Trunks for awhile before I realized you could get a greater return by farming bonus battles and recycling them into zenkai souls; especially on weekends it’s the most cost efficient exchange in comparison to dual coins or z-medals. I don’t mind the resource costs in themselves since zenkai characters are supposed to be difficult to upgrade and discourage you from getting more zenkai characters than strictly necessary; unless you’re Goresh there’s no point having every max zenkai. Nerfing the bonus battles like using an axe instead of a scalpel to address the issue, rather than affect every player they could’ve jacked up the recycling rates or made the unlockable missions give considerably more resources to make them more tempting.

But still, even if bonus battles no longer give energy from now on the difference could be made up in other ways such as more frequent or permanent additions of choice battle or snake way, more farmable energy from events, adventures, co-op, etc. Most players underestimate how much energy they get from missions and their mission plan nor do they take more fringe ways to get energy such as the login bonus, weekend or platinum coins.

It’s a bit ironic, last year the main target of criticism was adventures requiring you to refresh the app multiple times a day; now people are playing but are held back by lack of resources that you get from adventures.
>a21 where you need like 3k energy
Those type of events should never be rushed, that we were compensated with her awakening power only confirms that.
File: file.png (1.77 MB, 640x1280)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
Picked up the game last night, how's the box looking?

What should I prioritize? I've been doing all the extra missions for each story mission I do, as frustrating as the dodge mechanic seems to be
its looking good but i dont know how much CC you used. you already got the best units on the step up banner (LF Gohan and green Android 21), right now you should try to use much of your energy on the blue android 21 event to try to get her to at least 9 stars and Zenkai 7 so you can run a girls/regen team , if you still have tons of CC left and you like Future characters then you may also continue to roll on the Future Gohan banner for green goku black, perfect revival red cell and purple future vegeta, outside of that try to do your 3 daily co-op challenges, so you can start getting zpower to limit break your green android 21 or other characters. if you are lacking power remember to soul boost your main team and dont look down on shallot, he is really useful for the story
I've used probably about 3k CC at the moment, a lot of stuff came off tickets
Thats pretty good then, i think you really should focus on getting the blue Android 21 from the event, she is actually really good outside of that here is a beginner guide it could help you to know what to do after you are done getting her to zenkai 7 https://www.chaicord.com/beginners-guides/beginners-guide-en
Not a bad start for a new player, Future Gohan and Good 21 are top tier, Transforming Gotenks and Evil 21 are fairly good, the rest are bench outside of maybe imperfect Cell. If you keep summoning on the Future Gohan step up, you will continue to get more Future characters that are important for other teams such as Androids, Regeneration, Hybrids, and Vegeta/Son Family. If you want other characters such as from GT or from Universe Survival Saga or Movies, you might want to wait for their banners to return.

> What should I prioritize
The game doesn’t open up fully until you complete Part 2 of the story, at which point you can play co-op which is one of the more rewarding modes. It’s good that your trying to clear the sub objectives in each mission because that’s a good way to earn crystals and will save you a lot of time down the road. The story is far from challenging especially since the level cap has been raised so much so you don’t really need to get more characters unless you want to.

The most important things you get from the story is Shallot’s transformations, SS3 and God in particular being especially powerful. The other is the intermediate missions that drop zpower for various saiyan characters that have zenkais, SSB being the best among them.

In addition to the story, you should try the events that are currently on rotation as they’re also easy crystals for the most part, and some such as the galactic patrol give vital resources. Co-op requires some investment in your characters and equipment or else people will disband you but it’s worth if for the dual coins you can exchange for crystals or zpower. The grindable characters like 21 or Legends Road Trunks are worth pursuing but at this point you should only be doing the daily stage.
Speaking of equipment, you get them from most game modes and can farm them from events. You generally only keep B ranks or higher, it might be hard to roll good ones but it’s just a matter of patience. To get the resources for upgrading equipment and soulboosting, you farm the bonus battles in the events but you get double drops on weekends.

Once you’ve amassed a good amount of crystals, decide how you’ll use it whether it’s chasing characters or upgrading zenkai and unlockable missions.

Once you’ve gotten a good grasp of the gameplay and characters, try out some PvP, you get rewards regardless of winning or losing. Losing sucks and you may run into a draw hacker or lag switcher, or even a gigawhale, but as you persevere you’ll get better and earn better rewards in the higher ranks.
The wars about to break out. Do your part. Give the game a 1* on your play store and demand they add more content, rework zenkais and tone down LF releases to big events only.
File: SLURPgeta.png (168 KB, 688x490)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Just to shitpost, my own thoughts are:
>Remove red stars, the limit should be 7*
>LLs should max out at 3* and balanced accordingly
>Zenkai should be rolled out in bulk for different old banners or maybe entire tags rather than one unit each week
>Zenkai banners should be removed and replaced by permanent Zenkai events for each character, requiring that character is already fully soul boosted and at 7* to unlock and begin said event
>Release more Story events. I've seen the same old Saiyan, Namek and Android saga shit constantly. Give us OG DB sagas, The Buu Saga, Dragon Ball Super's story and the story of GT as rotating story events
>Make all Legends Road events permanent
>Release more F2P units that you unlock by completing the story events such as getting Frieza Force units from clearing the Namek saga story missions
>Add in some new retarded PVP mode like Co-Op PVP. I just want to watch the world turn to salt from the lag but it could also spice things up and make the game interesting for YouTubers and friends
>Tournament mode that is automatic with big rewards for winning as well as the ability to host your own Tournaments.
Some of these ideas probably already exist or would be deemed retarded but I'm sure one or two would be a reasonably decent change.
Zenkais and red stars should not be a thing before rank 50 in PvP, also they should change rewards and give 500 CC if you finish rank 35-44 and 1k CC for being over rank 45 and another 1k for being TOP 40K on top of better rewards for the next tiers, add a way to get 600 LF Z power each month, seriously the only two zenkais that are completely broken are LF Gohan and Yellow android 18, all the other zenkai just beat you because of the massive stats between some characters and others but the same shit would happen if they removed zenaki when you face a 14 star Revival cell or any other character that has a way to get zenkai level of stats so zenkai in itself is not the issue that much but how fucking retarded stats can get against whales that have 14 star benches
also fuck Perfect Vanish
So, ignoring them adding energy drops to Let's Fight! and making Let's Fight 3 permanent...It seems like Toshi recently hinted at LoE getting a wave of Zenkais. The team he used was YEL Final Form Frieza, RED Metal Cooler and LL Frieza.
>YEL Frieza - The main draw about him is his Strike-focus, LoE Strike-damage buffing and Anti-Saiyan abilities. He essentially sounds like the LoE version of PUR SS3 Goku but Anti-Saiyan rather than Anti-Regen and due to being YEL he would be perfect for checking PUR SS3 Goku when running the Metal Coolers
>RED Metal Cooler - His abilities are actually pretty good with a heavy focus on team heals, self-heals, debuffing the enemy and card destruction but he suffers from his defense and lack of defensive abilities despite being a tank. With his stats roided up and a defense-focused unique or two he could be an insanely dangerous character
>LL Frieza - Needs no real explanation. He's a an all-rounder support type who buffs his allies greatly, can cut sub counts, debuffs the opponent and offers two excellent cards. He could effectively buff every single LoE unit in the game to high heaven with his Zenkai alone if they go down that route
All three have the potential to be very broken, so it seems inevitable that one of them will have to be broken. The only real issue is that YEL Frieza doesn't buff LoE and RED Cooler's bench ability is a single buffer but that can be made up for if they are powerful enough.
>lets ignore the devs making the game worse
no fuck that
the "solution" they gave is fucking worthless
>here have some shitty 20en eveery 24h
>here have 2-8en every 3h or more since you can rerun this stage as much you want
lets fight 3 is pointless too considering friendship is obsolete nowdays
the game will die at this rate
File: 1608416503268.png (308 KB, 609x615)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
>Awake 16 hours a day.
>3 hours for each refill equates to 5 attempts (15 hours)
>each battle costs 2 energy and has a chance of dropping 2 energy
>Energy tank only refills up to 10 energy, many you only have a positive outcome with the first 10 energy expended without the usage of CC, meaning you only get 5 attempts to get energy drops
>At worst you get no energy at all, at best you get 10 energy added to the stockpile
>This can be done upwards to 5 times a day, meaning you have a hypothetical chance of getting 50 energy a day if you schedule, stick to the schedule and get insanely lucky
>More realistically you would get instead get around 4 to 6 energy each time, equating to 20-30 energy each day with scheduling, sticking to the scheduling and not getting shafted over the course of 15 hours
>This is better than getting a consistent 20 energy a day in a minute of effort each day that contributes to daily missions
Yeah, I honestly don't see it. If you factor in that you would likely need to dedicate an entire filled tank to the dailies (which usually cost up to 10 energy when factoring in the events taking place now) you would actually get only 4 rounds of energy farming, decreasing it to 42 at best, 0 at worst and around 16-24 on average whereas now you just get 20 energy on a daily, consistent, basis which works with daily missions and daily event rewards.

Once again, I come to the conclusion there is no actual issue with the energy farming aspect of Bonus battle. The actual issue is the rising costs of Bonus battles along with Zenkai releases.
I honestly expected this guy to get a zenkai before 21, but more blue android/regen support is nice.
Nerfing all bonus battles still seems a little excessive but the guild points exploit was absurd; even if you whaled and refreshed energy with crystals the max amount every day, the amount of active points you get from doing normal grinding is a pittance compared to how long you can do bonus battles. This was blatantly obvious during the guild showdown during New Years.

This situation is similar with what happened with the raid; Broly had too much HP last time so 17 was nerfed, most players not having a chance to play was an unintended consequence. In both cases it seems like a lose-lose situation for the developers, doing nothing draws criticism and so does patching the problem.
lets fight 3 being permanent is gonna help take the rest of the units i need to take to rank 5 for the shallot missions chrono crystals much faster.
im glad honestly.
you're forgetting the double rate on weekends
also now there's literally nothing to do in the game for endgame players
at least you had an excuse to log in every 3h to farm energy with these stages
now there's no reason to even open the app other than the dailies and adventures every 7h
File: 1553007964704.png (155 KB, 440x432)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
>you're forgetting the double rate on weekends
Even if we factor in that, it would still be less valuable for the average player than a consistent 20 energy each day.
>now there's no reason to even open the app other than the dailies and adventures every 7h
That's kind of been the major complaint regarding the game for several months now. No longer needing to energy grind just means there is less of an illusion now, when the illusion barely existed in the first place. If anything that's a good thing, now more people will realise Legends doesn't have much content and will demand more events which increases the odds of the Legends team listening by 0.000023%
raiyuden made a bizzare solution to the zenkai problem
make them free updates
one per month or per three months
folks can pay 7k cc or probably less
to update the art and animations of the unit.
what do you guys think?
personally i find it somewhat bizzare solution.

although the powercreep has been increasing rapidly these few months.
i worry the game is gonna drive people off en masse
Nerfs are a big no, it would kill legends
File: 1565572135528.png (154 KB, 266x300)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
So, I started trying out ranked properly and I came across this dude running nothing but Z7 Namek Goku, Bunny Bulma and Hercule. He wasn't really 'impossible' to fight but he ultimately won due to constantly drawing blue cards and spamming them with Goku, me being unable to really do anything to deal significant damage without being severely punished in exchange.

The dude forfeited when he was about to win so I'm not really salty, seemed more like he was just experimenting with a meme team, but it made me wonder how exactly I'm meant to deal with Namek Goku in the higher ranks. I understand Bunny Bulma gave Goku a Blue card, which is a big part of why he had one pretty much constantly, but what am I meant to do in this situation?

Is there any real counter for Angry Kamehameha spam?
>Is there any real counter for Angry Kamehameha spam?
dont be retarded
thats the number one counter to braindead Nameku
Imagine spending your crystals on zenkai 7ing anyone but ss3.
File: Super Genocide Bros.png (503 KB, 800x900)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
Oh boy, I can't wait for Zenkai RED Metal Cooler and Zenkai LL Frieza to break the game in two.
>LoE finally getting some love
>Buffs only works against saiyan
they really want androids and regen to be meta huh
You will need much less energy for 21 if you just do dailies and spent your time refilled energy on her, I still have 2.1k energy and she's almost z6 and 13 stars.
File: 1553750718916.jpg (123 KB, 883x905)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Well, Toshi did freely admit he favours those tags.
not him but you dont also need to do battle stage 3 for the souls for f2p zenkais?
if you haven't done the survey
in the event character section you should consider posting
>merge all event character specific super and rising souls as well as zenkai tickets so that you can reuse them on any event character or give a way to exchange them for other items since if you maxed out a character these items just become obsolete
They changed the expiration date on the rush banner. It’s about time as all the characters have aged to near irrelevancy but it’s one of the better ways of color older characters. Good luck getting Kakunsa.

I think the new rush banner will extend to UST 24 (Trunks and Cell) and probably end with Vegito Blue as far as LF’s go, so Namek Goku, Frieza, and Piccolo are certainly going to be obtainable. Transforming Vegito or Broly:Cheelai is feasible too but Super Masters Pack already has them.
Got a realme x3 superzoom for 260 bucks, playing dragon ball legends with 120fps is something.
>having high friendship is planned to be an advantage in the new mode
The saiyan zenkais are permanent now, letting any player who completes the intermediate missions get a zenkai character instantly. SSB and second coming Broly are the best of the bunch, with Blue Broly being decent and Goku and Scouter Vegeta as mostly valuable for their zenkai buff.

Having a 100cc worth of dailies every day might seem daunting for crystal hoarders but in the long run you get 5 zenkai characters after a hundred days at the latest. If saiyans or movies don’t interest you, then wait for your preferred zenkai becomes available.
i think ill take them on one at a time in terms of usefulness
so blue goku>green broly>blue broly>vegeta>red goku
Garlic Jr incoming
Wrong. He was number one mr. Krabs.
And a new Buuhan
File: chadaddy.jpg (920 KB, 2300x1639)
920 KB
920 KB JPG
This is a pretty good update overall, congratulations to Kid Buu chads. Personally I'm going to skip this banner with the expectation of the 1000 Days countdown culminating in something even better. The overall best things here are the Master's Pack Z update (nearly succeeding at baiting me to pull but I'll wait) and the Rising Battle PUR Buuhan.

If they're baiting us THIS hard with UIS Goku, LL Kid Buu and Master's Pack Z then I can only imagine what's coming up is something truly special.
>another LL banner with same garbage format
i guess LL banners are now massive skips
cells daily zenkai stage is bugged and you can do it repeated times
you should do it before they fix it
File: 1547913181240.jpg (67 KB, 640x478)
67 KB
Now this might be a reach but...
>Android and Cell Saga
Celebrated with the Future Gohan banner, Good A21, Zenkai 21 and Zenkai Semi-Perfect Cell
Celebrated with the Yamcha and Launch banner
>Buu Saga
Celebrated with LL Kid Buu, Angel Vegeta, Rising Battle Buuhan and probably Zenkai LL SS3 Goku

So we've celebrated everything from the original manga except for the first third of Z with the Saiyans, Namek and Frieza and we are still counting down to the 1000th Day celebration and whatever banner they intend on having for it. Take that and then consider that the new banner has a ton of LoE units, we got an LoE Zenkai and we have a hint for two more LoE Zenkais coming over the next month or two and I think it's realistically possible for the 1000th Day banner being dedicated to the Namek Saga.

We might seriously be getting first time transformation SS1 Goku and a transforming Frieza soon.
is this the celebration? hoping there is something nice coming on the 24 with the USTR update, honestly nothing could happen and i would still be happy because 18 zenkai is coming back
It's the start. There is a countdown daily bonus from yesterday to the 24th, which is when the 1000th Day celebration occurs. Who knows what they intend on doing, the USTR update is the one thing confirmed. We also know Transforming King Piccolo is coming up but I imagine he'll be released after the 24th.
review bombers be like
if 1k days is db themed im about to fucking nut
Raiyuden’s gonna freak
Fuck this game. Do 11 Fucking X10 Rolls and get no Fucking future Gohan only a fucking omega shenron which also got to FUCKING 7 StAr. Didnt even get andriod 21 fucking hate this shit ass game.
>yet another blue LL
>right after LL Broly and 21 zenkai
peak retardation
Got lucky with a ticket from farming adventures, though I have no really good team for this fucker
I can zenkai both of them lucky me
lmao i have all 3 android 21's. zenkai'd the fuck out of base 21. fucking suck it nerd
If you’re getting shafted, someone is getting blessed somewhere.
File: 1581191508652.jpg (122 KB, 1024x1000)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
So, it seems likely that LL Frieza is getting his Zenkai sometime soon but what LL unit are the Anons here hoping gets one soon? If you don't want one of them to get a Zenkai, just think of it as picking your poison. I've seen people bring up Goten, Super Vegito and SS3 Goku and the concept of LL SS3 Goku getting a Zenkai soon seems pretty reasonable given LL Kid Buu, the new YEL Vegeta and LL SS3 Goku being on the banner.

The least poisonous Zenkai would be LL Frieza I think. Yeah, Lineage is probably also getting Zenkai Metal Cooler and LL Frieza has the potential to be cancerous but it'd at least be going to a tag that was neglected for a while and hasn't been particularly meta relevant. The other options are cool but inevitably leads to buffing top tier teams.
Frieza’s probably the least toxic pick for the reasons you described, Lineage and FF/PO aren’t as meta as Son Family, Saiyans, or Fusions. Being the first zenkai character that holds a blue card would certainly lead to more meme teams thrown in the mix as well. SS3 is probably the most deserving but I’ve grown to like Full Power SS4 more, not to mention the half dozen other green saiyans.

My personal pick is Goten now that a SS Gohan is relevant, he’s still valuable for the support he provides for Gohan characters. I’m mostly a hybrids player over son family but running a true family kamehameha SS trio with Namek Goku and Future Gohan would be like a time capsule into the original son family meta before the Vegas tournament. No matter how cancerous Goten turns out to be, he’d probably be less annoying to play against than purple SS3’s strike combo into ult and faint. SS2 Gohan is still the best but his brother should get some credo for being the second LF.

I doubt it’s going to happen anytime soon because Great Saiyaman will get a zenkai first.
Kid goku lf?!
he was in the 1k days logo
Gonna try to get launch of dialies since i already have yamchad
>goten getting a zenkai
with son senpai and hybrids being busted
the meta is gonna lose its kneecaps lol

legitimately they dug their own grave zenkaing lfs so often.
Not that I'm upset over DB representation, I do feel a bit disappointed if it's another Kid Goku. The only way I'd feel hyped over him is if it were a Great Ape LF. With any luck they'll go for 23rd Budokai Goku or MAX Roshi for an LF.
one armed gohan was just the two future gohan units slammed together for his lf so i dont see why they wont give him great ape lf

I was hoping for a mafuba roshi lf tho
or 23rd budokai goku dragon rush lf.
isn't that just the kid goku logo from the reward screen?
I’m ready Toshi
After the last one, you guys should set your alarm clocks
File: Vegeta suffering.png (475 KB, 1280x720)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
if only the reward rates weren't so fucking garbage
>20 matches and not a single additional reward besides the 1 medal each time
Rip Gogeta
Angel Vegeta is fun to play with and a good substitute for youth Goku on saiyans or God Vegeta/Rage Trunks on Vegeta family, but good luck pulling him or kid buu. Hope you guys like Turles or Buutenks because it seems like they’re the only other characters on the banner.
so the new format going forward is going to be
>LL banner every month with a raid that you can use the LL unit on
>2 zenkai units
>50 stage events were turned into rising battle characters
>1 ex zenkai revamp grind
seems very meh overall
i really hope this new mode is fun otherwise i am not sure this game is gonna last long
File: 1533530216345.png (180 KB, 413x296)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
> really hope this new mode is fun otherwise i am not sure this game is gonna last long
Everyone says that every month and yet the game is still going strong. Hell, I've seen people who argue the game is 'shit' proceed to hit a dead end when trying to argue why Dokkan is better other than not having PVP.

This isn't some shitty original IP. This isn't some anime that has ended and isn't getting as much of a spotlight before. It's Dragon Ball, the most iconic and beloved anime/manga series in history. Whales will forever whale because it's motherfucking Dragon Ball, no matter what state Dokkan Battle or Legends happens to be in or how badly the playerbase is treated.
Feels like is more like Vados or Champa which is good because saiyans had shit supports, god ki players may like him but overall as future main i would much rather get supports like purple future vegeta.
I hope this new mode doesn't replace the old one, bros. Seen too many Gachas do that as a suicide maneuver.
Why you activating my ptsd jojo diamond records flashbacks
Or smash tap
>first post in over a day
>month old thread
dont bully us, the last 3 months have been really bad
I think it’s mostly at fault that unlike dokkan, that build itself a 4chan community, legends hasn’t had the years of threads pushed on /v/ for the continuous discussion
I’ll personally try to engage folks to talk here more I suppose
Post teams you want to invest in but aren’t sure you want to yet.
Been running androids since 18 dropped
I personally want to try dragon ball saga, got yamcha but no launch, and dkp is only zenkai 1, hoping he returns.
Revival dkp is making me want to pull the plug on the dragon ball saga team
I would be here with everyone, but I dropped the game months ago. My cheap2play ass couldn't keep up with all the broken Zenkais and rolling for new units I wanted.
I see there's a new LF every other week now
same anon here
personally f2p
ive managed to save 7k crystals, deciding to keep it as a back up in case a zenkai arrives that i must have right now
ill work my way up to saving 14 k crystals, this other 7k will become a reserve if i want to dip slightly deeper on any banner.
then the 6k crystals up to 20k max that you can hold i shall spend in daily stuff/meme multis for a banner i want a particular unit for/step ups
this annon my b
>Rolling for new units
First mistake. Save all you can for Zenkais, they're the poorCHAD's choice. They stay forever, bring huge stat bonuses and broken abilities. All you have to do is apply some self control and learn to save CC
It would be nice to invest more in Powerful Opponents or Rival Universes (I want Hit in particular) but I am an LoE main and need to save CC for the potential Metal Cooler and LL Frieza zenkais, since I need to pull two more copies of LL Frieza to have him at 7*. As an LoE main I'd like to bump up my (mostly) 6-7* units all the way up to 14* but there have been zero LoE-centric banners since I started playing. My best bet would be the recent Buu banner but, as I said, I need to focus my CC for pulling LL Frieza and getting Zenkai Metal Cooler.

Seriously, one good new LoE banner, LL Frieza at 7* and Zenkai Metal Cooler and I could have my LoE team done and dusted within a month to then focus on building up Powerful Opponents and Rival Universe more.
File: Bust a nut.jpg (552 KB, 1473x913)
552 KB
552 KB JPG
I hope you bitchass motherfuckers are ready for Zenkai LL Frieza now that it's practically confirmed.
Sorry, but new units kept the game interesting for me especially if it was a character I liked. Playing with brain dead boring shit like the Z7s 16,18, Gokus and SSJ2 Gohan against the same brain dead shit for PvP got old faster than even the 2nd anni Future team
EX Ginyu Force was peak Legends kino and it will never be the same again
To be fair, some Zenkais can be good. RED Metal Cooler should be a fine example of a unit that needed a Zenkai and has a relatively interesting set of abilities. Even if he's new, his general playstyle and animations are distinct enough to make his Zenkai feel both nostalgic and enjoyable. Mix that in with LoE's general synergy and gameplay being centric around each unit in the core and it's overall quite nice. The Z7 RED Cooler - Z7 LL Frieza - PUR Cooler setup will breathe new life into the tag.

Then, of course, we have the Android and Son Family Zenkais that are boring as fuck and essentially just shit out damage for tags that have unique units but those unique units are essentially ignored. That's part of why I personally severely dislike Regenoids and vastly prefer Majin-centric Regen or Powerful Opponents.
Time to dole out some vengeance.

> against the same brain dead shit for PvP got old faster than even the 2nd anni Future team
I do think this is the most demotivating factor for PvP is weathering the endless son family or blue blue purple teams especially if you’re going out of your way to mix it up. There’s still fun to be had in just outplaying people but it feels less rewarding when it comes down to “heh I got priority now I’m going to keep this combo going forever by switching characters until one of yours is dead nothing personal”
> EX Ginyu Force was peak Legends kino and it will never be the same again
>implying the ex Ginyu’s won’t get zenkais
Ginyu force meta was a good time because it was a shakeup after 2 months of fusion hell. The USS/Pride Troopers did give much needed variety but we’re overshadowed by zenkais, not that zenkais don’t serve a purpose but could you blame people for bringing out their 14 star Bardock over a 4 star Basil. It takes time for newer characters to catch up to zenkai, Good 21 might not be as common as zenkai Buu or 16 but months down the line where most players get her at red stars that will change.

Getting new characters is the appeal of gacha so it can be frustrating for a free player to be stuck with old characters while dolphins and whales can have fun with dragon ball saga or the latest LF, but that’s also a matter of time. They make new tags or characters that revive teams and then make them more common later; They made zenkais rare and expensive before making it cheap and accessible; LF’s that only came out months are already returning in current banners. The whales might be having a good time now chasing LF stars, they’re getting a worse return on investment than if they just waited until a better banner like the anniversary drops while free and newer players catch up.

What’s the new mode going to be? Will Toshi accept responsibility for the latest review bombing crusade? What new characters besides DKP is he going to tease? Find out on today’s Video and Stuff.
>auto chess
>exclusive 1k loggin unit
>new broly
>ustr revamp?
>1k crystals from hercule event
They did also say that they intend on the '1000 day celebration' to be an event until the end of March so it's possible this is just an initial list of things.
don't get your hopes up
if anything its going to be the same as the last "celebration"
where it starts off nicely but then slowly dies out due to no content
Depends on how the USTR 'tweak' is handled, how they intend on spreading CC throughout events and when exactly the Tournament of Power mode is released. I'm willing to bet they will probably post another video before the new mode is released that will cover the details more thoroughly.

One of my biggest issues with Legends is how shit the PVE is (mixed with PVP being annoying) so if the new game mode, which is meant to be a PVE counterpart to the PVP mode, is good enough it could do a great deal for the game.

I've seen content creators like Raiyuden suggesting it's possible this mode is the reason the game has been dry for a long time now and it's certainly plausible. If they can pull off the game mode and then start focusing on the general content again it could make 2021 a good year.
my hopes are on the floor man, this new mode looks weird.
hopefully it is
i wonder what the 1k unit will be
also broly and dkp all star banner perhaps? maybe.
>Tournament of Power mode
>1000 day campaign
>USTR revamp
>New Broly that buffs Powerful Opponent health
Not bad, though I will have to reserve my judgement on the new mode until it’s playable but I have to give them credit for actually making use of the map layout instead of it being fancy decoration. Turn based gameplay that occurs with no input doesn’t sound as fun as PvP but Toshi pitched it as the opposite of that.
I feel hurt. I want to spend my CC on the new Zenkai for Cooler but I've been building up a pure Broly team for a while now. Guess I'll need to just suck it up and choose the Zenkai then see if I can justify spending CC on the upcoming PO banner.
hell be back in the next step up as the unit you get shafted by dont worry
Well DRbro, I was expecting Dragon Ball Legends Reversal but it looks like we're just getting auto-arena. Not sure how I feel about this.
Auto arena was begging the ai wasn’t retarded.
Which it was. In both versions of the auto arena (turn based and the old combat)
So it was basically watching chicken fights and entertaining as fuck.

This mode seems as you have much more control over things...

I hope they give hero/old ex and sp units some use in this mode.
>retards disappointed at the new broly
>meanwhile everyone who was hyped when they announced green broly years ago thinking that its this guy finally get what they wanted
>implying Purple Broly will not get a zenkai
enjoy your full broly team
Bulma is actually pretty good but alas I’m 600 days shy from collecting her so the perfect meme hero team will have to wait.
So the 1,000 day celebration started, you get fucking kid Bulma, but only if you logged 1,000 days into the game. Kid Bulma. Seriously. I'm at 604 days, meaning I'll get her by April 2022 if I don't miss a day. Great, hyped!

Also USTR is "upgraded", now doesn't give CC anymore, medal rewards are nerfed, doesn't give fragments anymore, doesn't give tickets anymore, gotta buy the tickets and there's only 15 per refresh compared to 18 before, USTR banner includes only zenkai'd sparking characters at 0.020% rates (which will be outdated in 3 months at the rate they're pumping those out), zenkai souls are harder to buy than before because of the new currency and the fights are now way harder than they should be, just to piss you off.

Also they're re-running the SSJ Goku (meta coola movie) Coop so no new content or CC to be earned. No new banners yet, but they've added a step up CC banner in the cash shop. Yes, CC in the cash shop now gets a banner.

Hope you enjoy Dragon Ball Legends!
File: 1613962325942.jpg (43 KB, 720x720)
43 KB
>So the 1,000 day celebration started, you get fucking kid Bulma, but only if you logged 1,000 days into the game. Kid Bulma. Seriously. I'm at 604 days, meaning I'll get her by April 2022 if I don't miss a day. Great, hyped!
So, what did you want the 1000 Day unit to be? You already seem salty about being 396 days shy off unlocking her.
>Also USTR is "upgraded"
What do you mean by 'medal rewards are nerfed'? The old Rush gave 65,500 Medals. The new Rush gives the same amount and you can even exchange one Zenkai medal for 5,000 additional Rush Medals. You get 25 Zenkai Medals per two weeks, so that's an extra 125,000 Medals if you don't need any of the Zenkais.

Medal fragments only cost 90 Medals a pop and I don't even know what the hell you mean by 'Zenkai souls are harder to buy'. They literally use the exact same currency which you get the exact same amount from, the only difference is that you can get 125,000 more if you convert Zenkai Medals. And I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure the ability to buy up to 125 Slot Removers a week is a new benefit.

The only real criticisms you made is USTR being more annoying and less tickets. The '0.02%' rates is for only the LL units, the rest of the SPs are 0.5% each.
>Hope you enjoy Dragon Ball Legends!
Really, thanks. I hope you enjoy Dokkan Battle back in your general!
How do you even complete the zenkai space time rush? When you run out of Vegeta family characters, you're shit out of luck on completing the challenges. And the fact that every bonus tag is the same in all battles per rush is shit, too. In the last one, at least they changed tags per battle. Whot thought this shit was good?
Look up floating. It breaks PVE and makes everything a breeze.
new ustr is just pure garbage
>no more cc
>every enemy has passive input reading bitch ai
>less rush medals
>rush medals are now obsolete too
>less rush medals
Where is this misconception coming from? Old and New Rush both gave 65,500 Medals. You don't spend any of the Rush Medals on Zenkai powers anymore, giving you more to spend and you can exchange 1 Zenkai Medal for 5,000 Rush Medals each, when you get 25 Zenkai Medals per reset.
>rush medals are now obsolete too
How? Equipment Slots, Erasers, Zenkai Souls, Equips, Awakened Equip Memories and Fragments are all insanely useful.
you have to now buy the shitty tickets and awakening upgrading items
instead of you know having that shit as drops
so yes you get much less rush medals
oh and the fact that you can't even exchange them for zenkai rush medals was also a garbage decision
so everyone who has like +500k just got fucked over
File: imperfection.jpg (113 KB, 1080x1072)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
>you have to now buy the shitty tickets and awakening upgrading items
If they are 'shitty' then why even get them? To add further, if you felt the need to purchase the tickets but also get all of the other Rush Medals then just buy more with Zenkai Medals.
>instead of you know having that shit as drops
The awakening items were always in the store and you can get a fuckton more than before with the Zenkai Medal conversions.
>so yes you get much less rush medals
Fucking no. You can get up to 120,000 Medals per reset if you don't give a shit about Zenkai.
>oh and the fact that you can't even exchange them for zenkai rush medals was also a garbage decision
Oh so now you need more Zenkai Rush Medals even though you said Rush Medals were obsolete? Interesting.
>so everyone who has like +500k just got fucked over
If you had 500k+ Rush Medals you likely already purchased all of the Awakening power from before the reset (which we knew about for multiple weeks). The next LL Zenkai that would have been there won't be for another month, most likely. If you didn't intend on buying the Awakening power then stop whining.

If your anxiety is about expending Zenkai Medals then just...spend the Zenkai medals and then start using them for Rush Medal exchanges. This is Budgeting 101. You just need half a brain cell to get more bang for your buck here.
you are completely missing the point
before the update you could use the rush medals to buy awakening power
now they added a new shitty currency which you can't even buy for old rush medals
25 zenkai medals aren't nearly enough to justify the new bullshit difficulty
not that anon
i didnt get the zenkai lf power cause i didnt have them so there really was no point
i dont mind the change, and i like that i can get the other zenkais for free. and not have to worry about managing my rush medals for them (since they are seperate currencies.)
but the 500 cc taken away from the mode hurt the motivation a lot. imo.
I dont really care if they are moving them to other events

they already cheapened out with zenkai broly cc the zenkai 21 cc and now buuhan cc, each one giving less than the 1k cc that was expected from their events.

Now they moved out the 500 cc from ustr to another event, probably the new mode,
but we dont have access to the new mode yet
so they essentially took the 500 cc until the new mode arrives.

thats cheap as fuck.
-player currently at 688 days
File: h2vutzgmuc041.jpg (749 KB, 960x987)
749 KB
749 KB JPG
as a f2p player that just likes to collect the characters, this was quite painful
File: 1502143051_pepeintokyo.gif (1.87 MB, 750x750)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB GIF
Another update, another F2P PvE feature completely butchered for the profit of PvP/zenkai. Feels damn good to be a Legends players.
im so depressed.
i can never find the right gasha game for me ever since the one i played died 2 years ago
Surely the new PvE mode will save us and give all the CC they have been taking away from us during the last months
Why are players that like the Girls team always being punished?
>team has nothing going for it for a year and a half
>starts getting sporadic releases of new units, most of them being crap meant to buff other teams
>finally gets a good F2P unit in BLU 21
>she is ran once and didn't come back for a year
>literally one summonable Zenkai that also took a relatively long time to return
>gets a wave of new units but they're all impossible to pull EXs
>finally gets some good SPs and they're featured on dogshit banners
>another good F2P unit is locked behind fucking logins
This is complete bullshit and the most I've felt insulted by this game. They could've made it any fucking character like Goku or something but they chose Bulma and you can't convince me it was for any reason other than to further spite Female Warriors mains.
girls sell poorly
also db isn't a waifufag series
Why couldn't they keep the old system with tickets dropping from the challenges? Not to mention the new rushes are a pain in the fucking ass, new players will be barely able to complete the first one when green Launch one shots 7 stars Zamasu with a special move.
The zenkai souls and the updated banner are nice but they had to fuck everything else up for absolutely no reason.

Playing Dragonball for the waifus is peak onions tranny cringe.
Don't forget how Launch doesn't buff females, conveniently.
>you get fucking kid Bulma, but only if you logged 1,000 days into the game. Kid Bulma.
I’m sure they chose a relatively minor character like story mode Bulma so they could get away with the 1000 day log in requirement. If it was something genuinely hype like a zenkai or LF to the Namek Spirit Bomb Goku and it was locked behind log ins people would be pissed. Bulma’s just a novelty character.
>How do you even complete the zenkai space time rush? When you run out of Vegeta family characters, you're shit out of luck on completing the challenges.
How to play USTR:
1. Choose your characters with color countering in mind, ignoring conditions
2. Play normally and either close the app every time something doesn’t go your way to restore progress or keep chucking characters until you almost win.
3. Quit and bring the required characters to land the final blow.
The mode becomes much simpler if you don’t try to complete everything in one go like everywhere else.
You could only zenkai awakening power for legends limited characters before, now you can just zenkai power for normal summonable characters which is what everyone wanted. The difficult AI isn’t as big of a deal as you think it is since time isn’t an issue in USTR, you can just stay ahead of them by only reacting to their attacks.
>so they essentially took the 500 cc until the new mode arrives.
They literally just moved them to the 1000 coin exchange shop.
You aren’t affected outside of the rush tickets but they’re essentially glorified masters pack.
>they literally just moved them to the 1000 coin exchange shop
are you genuienely retarded my dude
its 1k cc we would have gotten anyway cause its a 1k day celebration
no the cc was not moved to the hercule event either. its also a special occation for 1k days
try again.
where did the 500 cc go ? wheres the event they moved them to
the game mode coming in spring?
if the try to surpass me event doesnt come with 500 cc extra, or any other event for that matter
until the reset period for the ustr event, then its 500cc lost.

why cant we have both? i dont know, apparently bandai set a limit to the amount of f2p cc given
stop defending the garbage change
its literally worse

old rush
>easy enough difficulty that a new player can even do 3 stages
>upgrading items
>65500 rush medals

new rush
>only can be done if you have a huge box
>65500 rush medals
>25 zenkai medals

there's literally no incentive for anyone even finish the new mode because the rewards are so shit
you even can do daily zenkai summons for these characters so there's no point in spending 2h every 2 weeks throwing fodder characters at these shit bosses with the worst ai in the game
nobody would have complained if they kept the old stages and added these new ones on top of them as rush 6-8

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