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Are you pulling for this collab event?

Also, we are getting the new Halloween Gowther as well... Fingers crossed they are in the same banner otherwise gg no re.
i have plenty of gems because this game is the most F2P friendly gacha ever so yes i will

sad that faggots play shit like Genshit and other overblown overhyped trash while this superior model of a gacha is ignored
I will, some high tier units in it. I just started playing this month and I'm having a blast even without having watched the anime
>sad that faggots play shit like Genshit and other overblown overhyped trash while this superior model of a gacha is ignored

Sorry I dont want to be playing a gacha all day (or leave my phone in auto repeat).
7DS could have been one of the best gachas out there, but they fuck the meta every new character in JP, you have to be playing/autoing 24 hours a day and the equipment system is shit.
That's not true tho. I only do my dailies now and I keep up with all the new content in the game.
is it impossible to derank from champion to master in ungeared?
I'm always attacking 2nd and it's nearly impossible to win, pvp has become really unfun
>bUt yOu GeT 1 uLt ChArGe
this might have been fine when the game launched, but the continuous power creep doesn't make it a good trade off for usually starting with 1 unit nearly dead (or dead in geared) and the enemy having ult
this kills my goddess liz savings
>a challenge appears!
>lvl 80 mono red team vs my lvl 60 team
what the fuck were they thinking?
got 3/6 kyo, mai, gowther, green king and I'm waiting till next week tickets to do the last multi and pick rugal
pretty good
koreans finally find put a way to make gearing system grindy but not rng bs?
>the two new angels shit on every meta team
jesuschrist the powercreep
Are you an idiot? Clearly you are when you don't see how F2P friendly this game is.

So? Netmarble is so generous I can pull for them EZ

maybe you should just git gud before you shit on this god game that you clearly know nothing about
and in one month there will be new units that counter the angels, will you be able to pull them too?
Game is generous enough. Cry more, loser.
The only issue I currently have with the game is some of the costumes costing real money only.
i got mai and kyo in 3 pulls.
ignite has been silly in the 4v4 pvp
I'm really scared for when she comes to global
>try pvp
>everyone is running the exact same team regardless of rank

well this game is shit
yay, new outdated free units soon

but seriously, they need to double the pendant drops with the pace they're dumping units
welcome to the meta
it is exacerbated by the insane amount of resources needed to build a team, which forces people to focus on a small set of characters
I hear they have some even where you get like 900 billion free rolls is the game worth playing or does that mean its dying?
>when your team tanks lv's ult thanks to kyo, rugal's passive gets triggered and you decimate the enemy team
it's just 10 free multis for two outdated units, game isn't dead yet
How does a unit become "outdated"?

Anyway I'm about to install the game.
they aren't good for pvp
Does that matter in "The Cinematic Anime RPG" though? Didnt even know it had PVP. I like it so far we'll see how it goes.
just rugal things
nope, if you aren't interested in pvp it's a great game
try out red melascula if you have her, the extra ignite stacks combos with kyo for some fun.
I have her but she's lvl 1 and I ran out of pendants after leveling kyo and rugal
there's so many teams I wanted to try in 4vs4 but I can't
git gud lol
pendant complaints were so in the past
I'm not sure how getting good would help, I'm already farming all possible pendants you can get
try making a new account, see if you can get enough pendants to keep up with the pace you're pulling units
i know she is shit bit GOD DAMN her outfits are fucking top tier waifu

had to buy them
>use rank 3 backhand with kyo
>entire enemy team dies

netmarble is gonna nerf him aren't they?
considering that they have never nerfed any character and that their fix for broken characters is to release even more broken characters that shit on the old ones... no
the most toxic unit ever is coming next week, are you ready?
nah i'm barely master 5 in normal pvp and haven't even bothered touching geared
don't ever think of going champion in ungeared, stay in master and grind to master 1 to get more gems every week
I'm stuck in champion 5 and pvp has not been fun since then, I'm always attacking second because I don't have cosmetics maxed and lose like 80% of my matches (most times I just quit because the enemy killed a unit first turn and already has ult)
most likely just gonna stop playing soon because every pvp match is the exact same team. getting plenty of wins with a kyo melascula combo even when going second but it's just getting dull.
I wish they changed who attacks first to rock-paper-scissors or 50% chance. There's so many matches I could have won if I attacked first even using a team with lower cc.
>2 weeks
>40 posts in /vmg/
>/vg/ never survives
b-bros... w-were they r-right?
were we always a Plebbit gacha?
300 gems in: g escanor, g lillia and dreyfus
I think I'm out, I'm not sure I'll have the remaining 600 gems to finish
900 gems

got 2 LV and the guarantee Goddess Liz

i feel dirty for spending that much

time to save for king..
>try using god hawk to clear chapter 12
>reach episode 199
what the fuck is this? the second wave literally obliterates my hawk
use red gowther and just pray to rng gods that you can attack seal them
git gud my man
that shit is so easy that even f2ps can do it easy
the problem with gowther is that then the required units do little damage because they're level 60
I just wanted to bruteforce my way with god hawk

but I don't want to use pendants to level up the required trio of losers
Is it possible to good in PVP or do I need all the FOTM units?
you can get good easy in geared PvP and stomp whales
can confirm as an f2p, this shit is like the most generous in the entire gacha genre
File: q2d2ph5.png (980 KB, 541x743)
980 KB
980 KB PNG
Time to get good i guess..
bro you got Kyo, Rugal and Goddess Liz
PvP is gonna be cakewalk for a f2p god like you
All the tier lists are so different. I guess I should just run with those three?
Any anons got some tips to blow through the story so I can unlock all the goodies?
use the new hawk and bumrush it.

thats about it.
Search for Magic guild and join me. Guild leader just transferred ownership and bailed. Currently level 8 but I’d like some active people to chill with and beat up some death matches.
File: unknown.png (404 KB, 644x502)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
There goes my luck
halloween gowther, god liz, rugal/escanor/blue king
imagine using goddess liz, rushing ult first turn and losing
liz ult? oh my thank you, that will help me proc rugal's passive
still, I hate fighting her because I'm always going second since I have no cosmetics
I'd join. You still taking people
What does it matter how generous a shit game is
>a shit game is
so you're a brainlet, yikes. you are completely lacking any self awareness.
the fact you cant even find out that PvP is the zenith of the thinking man is a yikes in itself
go play whatever garbage like FGO or romance shit you shiteating chimpanzee
>t. seanig
I did the 300-600 leg and got zeldris dup, eastin, mono and lv dup
these festival banners without rates up are pretty trash, I got so much more with 600 gems in the kof banner
>stance cancel
>revive dead
>reflect damage

i thinkin we're balanced
I can live with those except the damn shield, it cocks pierce, it cocks ults, needs at least 2 attacks to take it down, it stalls
I hate it
Corrosion fucks up shield, apply it turn 1 and full pierce next turn.
aka Omega Rugal just destroys Goddess Liz ez
F2P god solution wins over p2w trash kekekekekek
>apply it turn 1
problem is with pierce I'm always second, so I apply corrosion and do nothing in my turn because that shield doesn't break
>didn't get camilla with the tickets
is there any team that stands a chance going second?
I have 100k base cc in ungeared and stuck in champion 5 with a 40-50% win rate no matter what team I try
counter goddess liz with Omega Rugal and beat their white boy ass like a mule ez
doesn't work most of the time, I need 2 pierce cards to break shield in ungeared and meanwhile they already rushed ults
with enough gear you can basically 3x pierce their whale ass to death
if you cant, then Red zel, green monns, kyo and athena in back. easy f2p team
sadly I didn't get athena and I'm waiting for red zeldris to be discounted
it will still take weeks of farming until I have enough cc to play in geared
60 more gems until I get cancer (guaranteed liz)
Trash talking other games isn't going to convince others to give your game a shot
Also Dokkan Battle is your lord and savior so your head is too high peon.
who are you?
shut up retarded bitch nobody asked you for your garbage opinions about how your p2w trash is "better"
Hoes mad lol
coward bitch is coward bitch what else is new lmao
go suck scamcos dick for that nice helping of the 10000th goku that nobody else with a brain cares about kid
imagine being a fucking manchild who shills dragonball lmao
>posting at seanigger hours
kys sdsfag
fuck off bitch
nobody cares about your pathetic life
SDSGC is going to keep winning despite how much you losers cry about it
>new escanor
jesuschrist what a beast
File: 1594704662895.jpg (102 KB, 1024x739)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Is there a difference between the Japanese version and the Global version?
the only difference is global being behind a few months in content
Why does it matter when this game is going to be the same: "lol, goyim, pull for PvP"
Don't play this gacha. This is coming from a KOFAS/MFF player.

And if you want to find a reason why: this fucking thread could not reach 100 posts in a month. Even then, most of it was some retard shilling it to no ends.

Think on that.
and the powercreep is fucking crazy fast
now we have a new unit that counters revive... by being so powerful it can kill twice on first turn
File: 215902596.jpg (4 KB, 122x122)
4 KB
Welcome to Netmarble. Honestly, when I saw your Escanor, I just laughed.

They are so desperate that they want to cash out on Black Friday and fuck off for Christmas.

Imagine being such a punk-ass bitch of a gook company that they are afraid to fight other gacha's toe to toe on December. And rather they just cut and run during Black Friday with powercreep and collabs.

They never will change.
Is the plot of this unique or is it just retelling the anime/manga
just a retelling, but it looks better than the anime season 3
obviously retelling but they do better job then the anime ever did
this is the The One that we deserved
the absolute F2P god unit to destroy whales with

>crazy fast
maybe use your HEAD for a second retard
oh sorry you prob didnt beat story yet so maybe get out of this thread? this place is for adults who actually gives a shit about the game kid

show me your Elite PvP ranking or get the fuck out casual garbage
In theory it’s a good game considering mobile gacha but in practice it kinda ruins the fun at almost every turn whether you whale or f2p. Ez to see why it’s dead on 4chan despite being quite popular elsewhere.

It’s just a shame such a good looking game with tons of different heroes and visual aesthetics ends up being another meta slave driven gacha where 90% heroes get outdated or useless outside of tiny niche. What a fucking waste.

Super awakening punished using non meta even harder.

Then again any gacha that bothers with festival shit is inherently greedy as fuck.
>enemy has lv ult, cleanses with king and spams arthur shrug emote
>gowther survives with 1 hp
>arthur shrug back at him the rest of the fight
lmao, imagine being a cocky shit with a 1/6 lv and getting clapped
In theory it’s a good game considering mobile gacha but in practice it kinda ruins the fun at almost every turn whether you whale or f2p. Ez to see why it’s dead on 4chan despite being quite popular elsewhere.
more like 4chan is filled with retards who play too much azur lane, girls frontline, fgo, dokkan or saga
the fact that they have to make their own drama to have activity for their shit games is a sign they are due for a cleansing

>It’s just a shame such a good looking game with tons of different heroes and visual aesthetics ends up being another meta slave driven gacha where 90% heroes get outdated or useless outside of tiny niche. What a fucking waste.
if you are scared of people being outdated then you are in the wrong place
the only thing that matters is F2Ps being able to destroy whales with enough luck and resources, nothing else

>Super awakening punished using non meta even harder.
more like super awakening lets people who are smart able to destroy non super awakened meta characters with their own awakened people

>Then again any gacha that bothers with festival shit is inherently greedy as fuck.
we still beat epic seven tho and will still require more thinking power then them

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