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File: 1603491000342.png (260 KB, 2004x1320)
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Why do people say that this combat is good?
I mean I'm glad this game runs on everything including phones but the combat feels subpar in reality to me. It's mmo level like FFXIV.

Why is this game good? I'm trying to like it because its getting so much attention but its not clicking and its not addicting me. I have to make an effort to play it.
Different people like different things, hard concept to grasp, I know, but that's life.
Because normalfags don't actually care about something being good, they just hear "open world" and eat it up. And Mihoyo sold their souls to the normalfag menace.
>gachatards actually believe this
>chinese attack squad already on the loose
its trash just like every other overhyped shit
get dunked on chink shills
File: 1582307034118.jpg (109 KB, 357x459)
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109 KB JPG
It's okay OP, you're allowed to hate popular things for legitimate reasons.
I only see people say this game has good combat in two ways.
>Its better than botw
Congrats, people who like botw hate its combat, so much of a award.
>Its better than other gachas
Again, not very impressive when most gachas don't even bother to try 3d action game to begin with. And when you do find those that are 3d action game like 3rd impact, this game's combat sucks.
I was actually railing on the combat in the review I sent in yesterday. I really like the elemental interactions, but everything is such a damage sponge that it's just a "you will be inconvenienced every fight unless you're 20 levels above" kind of game.
Hey now dont fucking compare ff14 combat to genshin. Atleast we have rotations
I really like it. Elemental thingy go woosh and I switch characters for more wooosh pretty sparkles
This. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you roll up on a group of slimes and just obliterate them after you exploit their weakness
>forcing yourself to like a game you don't like
So, are you just pretending to be retarded?
>its not clicking and its not addicting me
Then stop playing? I already take genshit as some sort of single player mmo with co op thrown in every now and then. The worst offend is that interesting movesets and skills are character gated, and even then, it's still the same shit or shit that should be included as general skills/movesets. But again, I already make my peace and probably accepted that gameplay in general won't be changed because normies are fucking lapping it up, and the only complain that is very vocal is just gating the grind
So yeah, just stop playing while you still can

Let's not forget the shills and baiter that always says this
>The combat is like DMC!
>Genshin is like BOTW with Dragon's Dogma combat!
>Genshin is like Bayonetta!
>Genshin has diablo-tier items!
>complaining about playing a game you hate
>falling for chink hype that spent most of the money on hiring people to inflate the numbers, delete negative criticism, and advertising instead of actual gameplay
Genshin combat is a complete downgrade from honkais'. I guess the people praising it never played their other games.
What? Honkai gameplay was fucking trash the last time I played it. Here swapping between 4 characters with different element combos feel so nice.
The combat system is not good and the game has many faults but even with that is quite enjoyable.
I cannot pinpoint how but have catch my attention and usually I'm not very into games these days.
How's it enjoyable?
>Why is this game good?
big thing for me is they did really well in connecting different elements of the world together (in quests/npcs/etc.) and the lore for each character is just icing on the cake

combat system is a little better than rock paper scissors and i wish it was harder desu

It sucks. I'm pretty sure it's only FOTM because of advertisement and normalfags not knowing any better.
Probably the marketing and they're probably going for guerilla marketing, too. Gameplay is good for people who haven't played many good action or open world games. Gacha folks don't know good action games and console folks don't know good open world. Basically, it's a Raid: Shadow Legends but less upfront about their marketing.
File: 1603997963502.png (298 KB, 409x455)
298 KB
298 KB PNG


Is it dying?
Eh, not that anon, but at least I don't think so, this is gacha folks first encounter with an above average open world game, I'm guessing it won't go dying for a long time, since gacha folks already lapping up the abysmal resin system
Normies hasn't woken up to how grindy the game is because of its resin system and taking the new resin cap as something good, that is until they hit a grindwall. So unless mihoyo do something about the grind or resin system which I'm betting they won't change it to be more favorable to f2p player, normies would drop this game once they hit the grindwall
Okay what is this game? Like a mmo? Can you do pvp? Are the characters just moe girls?
When will the mobile version have controller support? Touch controls are horrible for this type of game.
You should have realized already chinkshills is the noisiest and the most obnoxious crowd on the internet. Remember webtoon anime adaptions? Wow, so much hype, """everyone""" talk about how GOOD they are. And then they finished airing and people immediately forget that they even existed.
Idk I just heard Lisa saying Ehe Te nandayo
File: 1.jpg (38 KB, 600x375)
38 KB
>Why is this game good?
Because it's different than your average FGO clone japanese mobage.
>thinking its any different
this shill lmao
>it's mmo level like FFXIV

at least XIV fills its own niche of GCD-based combat better than anything else, genshin impact is more like an incredibly watered down DMC/bayonetta style cuhrazy action game
I wish there was more depth
I'd say anyone who says the combat is good havent played many games with good combat. The best bit about genshin combat is elemental reactions and variety of characters but as a gatcha game characters are gated. He'll only one character has a parry.
I do enjoy the game but my taste in games suck, I play to explore and build a stack of primogems which now just means doing my dailies so I play other games in the meantime the most fun I have with 1 character is Jean, her strong attack and suc combo send enemies flying yet most of /v/ say shes the worst 5 star.
The game is "good" because it's a jack of all trades game, it has just enough to appeal to everyone in the begining but with everything it has to offer theres another game that does it better.
Dead game

Mainly because there are no content hard enough to require you to min max the combat system. There are a lot of depth that can be utilized, but there is no need to do it, because shit still dies to your left clicking everything and spamming skills on cool down.

If they add something like Memorial Arena from Honkai, or even harder abyss, then you will see people starting to autism every little attack animation to get the optimal combo in the shortest time.
I never understand why people CANT see the complexities of the genshins combat. The game doesn't explicitly favor brute force but does not stop you from going the distance with one character, a weapon, and all attack, but you won't reach as far as exploiting elemental combat. With elemental combat you have a number of combinations you can choose to use, each one with a purpose. Some combos are strictly damage while others are crowd control and others weaken for OTHER types of attacks. That easily clears all the other shit games out there. If you click the microscope up one more magnification you will see that each character employees their element differently, so now you need to choose how to employ your combos.

This however brings us to its number one weakness, you have little control over who you are going to get. In most real games you can gain the characters you want/need within the games life time. For most peoples life in genshin they will never see most of the characters they want to play. Especially on the same account. Not without spending thousands of dollars.

It has a lot of entertaining aspects and I love playing on my phone with a controller, but I will tire of it and eventually resource acquisition difficulty will cause me to quit. It is a sad end to a good game but thankfully you can play without being invested to much in the story line.
Because there are a grand total of like 20 gacha games out there that actually have gameplay and aren't afk simulators
And of those 20 only like 5 of them actually have good gameplay and one of them is from the same fucking company as genshin

like literally just try to think of any gacha games with good gameplay, the list dries up extremely quickly
Eh but genshin and mihoyo games don't have good gameplay. Basically action games that are severe dumbed down for gacha folks too lazy to play games. Honkai bosses are so slow, basically just cool looking punching bags for you to hack-n-slash at, and Genshin bosses hardly any better.
With that logic, then no gacha has good gameplay (which is actually true, though). But that does brings up "why are you here, just to suffer?" sentiments.

If we follow that, isn't it better for a game to be PvE and be dumbed down then by dumbed down and hypercompetitive like the other gacha's out there (namely Korean gachas)?
I think you're setting a very low bar on how action gameplay should be for a gacha game. It's not like all aspects of Mihoyo games are bad but their main focus is on pretty, modern graphics and not gameplay. I understand they are wonderful games praised highly by their fanbase but they shouldn't be used to set the golden standard in an area they don't excel at. It's like trying to look for storytelling in a pvp or looking for action in a vn; games aren't supposed be good at something that is not their intended purpose.

Even in the gacha category, there are some pretty good action games like Shironeko or Alice Gear. There isn't really a need to dumb down gameplay just because they're pvp, either, look at #COMPASS. Action games work pretty well on the mobile market and gacha elements are just things that can be put in without affecting the gameplay, so doesn't really matter if gacha or not.

Point is. Don't set your expectations using something that doesn't do well in that aspect as a baseline. Expecting all gameplay to be only as good as Honkai would definitely put you in the "just to suffer?" mood. Just expect, find and try better gameplay.
what if I hate them for illegitimate reasons
Well, you say that but it still doesn't detract from the fact that Gacha and Action RPG is just inherently flawed.

It's either the company fucks up so hard there is either:

- no reason to use the gacha to chase broken characters (AKA Post-Mana Spiral 60 Dragalia or Tenka Hyakken) The game gets considered as boring due to this (Shironeko and Alice Gears falling into this).
- you have to pull the meta characters to even remotely stand a chance (AKA King of Fighters All-stars or Dragonball Legends). Granted, there's #Compass, but most other action Gacha's tend to be inflation number simulators if any.

There exists many times when the gacha just almost destroys any meaning to even care about execution when you can just go "haha, Star Ocean Anamnesis Rush cheating goes brrrrr".

Even then, the Gacha market thrives in such a weird manner at this point that people who just put on the /r/gachagaming tinfoil hat of "well, the gameplay/gacha/etc. SOLELY determines genshin dying" are just ignorant of the market. The market does whatever it fucking pleases like how a goddamn 16-bit grinding turn-based RPG somehow beat Epic Seven in Japanese revenue despite most people in Japan does not even know what the fuck a "SaGa" is.
>Games that won't let me gacha for massive powercreep are boring
>How can this JP game from established JP company and established JP series beat my favorite no-name KR game?

Anon... I think it's time to re-evaluate. I think competitive gook gambling is ruining your mind.
Anyone playing Genshin since the start, what is your take on it right now? Still like? Hate?
Errr... Not sure if would call that complex. Sounds cool in a vacuum but I don't think it has as much to it as other RPGs or an mmo. Literally only a few skills and not much customization... but simple isn't so bad in a way (?)
And you need to read, anon. Did I sound like I was glorifying gooks?

Where'd I even start talking about "games that won't let me gacha for massive powercreeping are boring"? I only said that company fucks up and it leads to either one of those two.

Even then,

>Established JP company/series

Nice joke. SaGa isn't remotely even as popular as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest and you know it. Romancing SaGa Re;universe even succeeding was still beyond anyone's expectations.

Either way, Gacha's are gambling in the end of the day and the developers will just weigh your performance regardless of whether you want to go "but muh skill".
That's okay too, but it only makes for a fun shitpost if you pretend they're legitimate.
How does you think a game needing to be as established as FF or DQ just to be expected to beat E7 not gook glorification? SaGa still more established than a lot of things like E7 and the mobage tops the charts in JP and it's not beyond anyone's expectations unless you live in a gook cave. E7 should not even be compared to SaGa. Even r/gachagaming was all high praise and expectations of SaGa so they definitely aren't as out-of-the-loop as you. Should be comparing E7 to something doing as well as SaGa, instead, because E7 not even on the same level. Please don't make judgment based on opinions of small gook mobage cult in the west.

You basically said "no reason to chase broken characters" then "game gets boring" for you. Have no idea what "but muh skill" has to do with SaGa, there is no need for me to make any excuses for SaGa when it is doing so well and it's success shows this.
I've come to term that genshin's combat won't be changed wildly, so I just play it like an sp mmo with some co op sometimes
>how do you think a game needs to be established as FF or DQ?

do you even see Star Ocean, Wild Arms, Tales of or other gachas? They barely even do as well as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest there. Why do you think Square keeps releasing DQ or FF gacha games? Oh right, because people recognize the brand better then the above.

>you stated it above

You do know the entire reason why Tenka Hyakken or other gacha's that I mentioned doesn't even make revenue is because of the reason stated above.

even Star Ocean Anamnesis is the same right now due to how the Order system broke the game so badly the developers can't do anything to get out of the Order cheese meta

>even /r/gachagaming was all high praise and expectations

... do you even read that place? if anything, that place devolved to "muh auto battle mode". the fact you dont even realize how many shitters shit on SaGa like no tomorrow like that msj shitter (who somehow ends up being hated in war of the visions) is laughable

even then, the fact you dont even realize most of /r/gachagaming is still full of e7 shills makes me laugh. every thread about e7 is "its the best!" when its the same shithole PvP gook rotation of:

- release new meta
- release packages to bait retarded whales
- make it more available later
- repeat

>There is no need for me to make any excuses for SaGa when it is doing so well and it's success shows this.

there is obviously one reason why SaGa did well. 2019 christmas season was when a lot of gacha's fucking dropped the ball in their events while RomaSaGa blasted way beyond expectations. Day 1 JP Romasaga was a fucking disaster and you know it (the goddamn weekly missions back then was "???")

get your head out of your ass, i fucking hate gooks for fucking ruining gacha's but im not as retarded as you to think the japanese are angels when square enix releases FFXVI while other IP's eat shit
>do you even see Star Ocean, Wild Arms, Tales of or other gachas? They barely even do as well as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest there.
>Needs to be an angel and on FF or DQ level to be better than E7

You're the only one bringing up FF, DQ and angel... Seriously no one who isn't a gook worshipper would bring that up when comparing to E7 because E7 has no reason to compared anywhere near FF or DQ level.

>Picks game that's doing poorly
Picks the element you didn't like
Calls that element bad

Facts are a bit selective and you have no reasoning there. Plenty of games work without selling powercreep.

> r/gachagaming tells me SaGa bad, E7 good

The ones who dislike SaGa on there are very limited compared to the ones who like SaGa. E7 gets as much hate as there is praise whenever it's brought up by its dedicated fans on there. I think you're filtering out a lot of comments you don't like or just haven't seen the site enough.
Let me start off with something:

>Why did you bring up E7?

Because remember all those times people were ecstatic about E7 coming to Japan? This includes even /vg/ back then when /vmg/ wasn't a thing. Remember all those "we'll get an anime and beat FGO!"

And then a 16-bit boi just walks in and slaps the shit out of E7 going "hah, nice try". It was SUCH a great comedy back then seeing people get insanely angry because of RSRS's success in /e7g/ (I know because I browsed /jp/'s /mbgg/ back then and saw so many shitters being butthurt over SaGa).

And I bring up FF/DQ also because of how Square Enix is still pretty shit on trying to keep anything up that isn't FF/DQ in their schedule.

>Facts are a bit selective and you have no reasoning there. Plenty of games work without selling powercreep.

I mean, sure, FGO and such. But then people start moving the flagpost into "FGO doesn't deserve its success" and we start running into that godawful circlejerk of just "here is MY list of stuff I want in a gacha and if it doesn't have that then it's dead!"

>I think you're filtering out a lot of comments you don't like or just haven't seen the site enough.


>E7 fanbase must be ecstatic all the haters moved on to bashing genshin lmao.

>The game gives me everything I want from a gacha game. Decent story, lore and character, great art & animations, good gacha system, big updates every 2 or 3 weeks, and more.. The only (big) downside is the grind & gear system.

Sir...? It took me only 3 minutes. Even then, surprised we are talking about this in a Genshin place when you know how much circlejerk there is as prevalent as /vg/.
Continued but...

> The ones who dislike SaGa on there are very limited compared to the ones who like SaGa


>the grinding made me quit because of the other main games. If only they added a skip button i would keep up with the content.

>Even with the goodies, the gameplay didn't attract me... maybe too much oldschool for my taste.

Compared to... how many upvotes Epic Seven gets, gee I wonder. The people who likes SaGa is nearly the same as people who shit on it any chance they get. It was the same in /mbgg/ with /vg/ flamebait and it's the same here.

/r/gachagaming is just peak /r/epicseven-but-we-dont-want-to-admit-we-are-addicted. Even then, don't get me started on how they oh-so-love to shit on Seven Deadly Sins yet it is considered as "F2P god game" in that place too.

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