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Are there any android games with physical keyboard support? Not attachable PC keyboard or gamepad, but actual physical dial pad?
I got myself pic related, and I love it to death, but any games I try just don't recognize physical buttons.
Also if there is a way to run old Java games and use keys on them, that's welcome too.
No love for buttons
Ok nobody gives a shit, but I found out that MyBoy GBA emulator lets you bind inputs on physical keypad, and play gba games without any touchscreen interaction, meaning huge library [for free].
That means fucking Super Robot Wars games, Castlevanias, and other top tier games without any gacha or online bullshit.
Have a Ladybug ass.
no idea, you could try to download USB/BT Joy Center in order to make your controller work
Maybe I will, when I'm through GBA library, thanks.
The thing is phone doesn't recognize its physical keypad as some external device, not from what I can tell anyway.
>this confuses and enrages the zoomer.
If I could game on my feature phone, I would. Think Baldur's Gate would be aight on a Dumb Phone?
you can blame apple for making phones completely as screens, or rather everything wrong with modern phone design.
I mean it's still a functional android phone, with normal touch screen, it just has keypad attached at the bottom. I much prefer physical buttons to touch screen.

BG is an inherently PC game designed around mouse controls. Also if your dumbphone is proper java cell phone, it's probably not powerful enough to run it anyway. And if it is, I dunno how you'd play BG without a mouse.
Settled to play FE TSS.
Feels incredibly comfortable with joystick controls and A in the middle, but goddamn the screen is tiny as shit.
And sideways keyboard is a pain to use.
While I'm still in FETSS, gotta bump with MDemu and Snes9xEX+ emualtors for Genesis and Snes respectively, that both fully support keypad inputs for both in-game controls and emulators themselves.
Both have touch controls visible by default, but I'm too lazy to find where to turn them off now. In Genesis emulator they don't even cover game's screen.

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