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File: 112089269.jpg (951 KB, 796x1200)
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951 KB JPG
ENTER. Apparently big news on 11/16
>+8 SP to all team on break
What level of "what the fuck do we do with the breakers?" desperation is this?
File: Spoiler Image (2.79 MB, 1928x2104)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB PNG
Akari: Joy2, Joy3, Sadness3
Misato: Superiority2
Iroha: Trouble
Yukki: Pose_04, Anger3, Sadness2, Sadness3, Sadness4
Ruka and Karen also have whole new Suit outfits, which the game calles Suite for some reason.

Akarin's and Misarin's new expressions are a bit unsettling
File: 1698929343318.png (623 KB, 813x510)
623 KB
623 KB PNG
Hisamecchi, the master of the triple mediocre styles. Meanwhile Monaka post cripple arc
Them drip feeding light with almost nothing of value(literally nothing if ignoring collab Kanade) for like a year then dropping 4 light offensive styles month to month is so silly.
They released Izusu. It was bound to happen. Her style is peak cute, but there's 0 reasons for breakers in elec. More than enough strong set-up chars. Being neither dark nor light also means her debuff from ss1 isn't even working.

Monaka is also pretty bad. Suit Karen exists. 16sp is a lot. (the enhance on her extra turn move is not relevant) She is slow due to token system. She has no utility whatsoever.

Good. I don't want an Izusu or Adel every week. I know I'd want to pull Hisame, if she'd not be completely useless.
A year has only 12 months, dummy.
>but there's 0 reasons for breakers in elec
Is there a reason for breaker in any element? I guess fire can do it because they have a free slot, but their only breaker doesn't have any special effects, so they don't want it anyway.
Dark and Light struggle a bit with setup moves. Dark's supporters have no dark ults (notably Fubuki). Light has Miya, but you need to separately buff her, or Tsukasa.. same really. 1 Crit stack is free on her I suppose, but it's immediately used, so that alone is no crit guarantee. Problem with these is, that the power isn't really that high that you necessarily want to buff them.

Fire, Ice and elec generally have either free or strong sources of setup nukes. Especially fire doesn't want a breaker, due to Izusu bringing double value. (fire def down + her new shit) Izusu + Megumiko is all you'd ever need to break.
Her name is Isuzu
Man Niina got done so dirty by Monaka only one month after her new style. Even Swimsuit Yuina didn't kill Maid Hisame this hard
I don't know why they are even spamming all these light styles so close to each other. It's like they overreacted to people on twitter and some youtubers complaining about light not getting enough stuff, and now it's just getting weird.
Who knows. It's even weirder when it has been so long since the last fire and ice style. Well at least this Monaka is interesting. Yuki being the super breaker is fine, but Niina is just unfortunate
Monaka or not, Niina was always the shitty style to balance out that banner. Like I said before, Karen exists, and Niina is also slash. So in the rare event of slash resistance to shill the current styles, Niina wouldn't be useful either.

Slash resistance is, in general, however just bad game design. You cuck pretty much all blasters, other than for elec. Especially the new generation that wants to, or in light's case, even HAS to hit weakness. If they really wanted to shill playing light, they really shouldn't have done this. Everyone is going to do elec this week. Without Hisame.
Hisame voice is just not the same bros.... im so out of it hearing her
It's still not the same, but I can tolerate this one. When I heard the second one during the Yanagi event, I thought, "What the fuck am I listening to, what is this?
>Without Hisame.
I like how when you watch the stream people in the chat (and even live audince this time) go "holy shit tsuuuueeee so broken" when literally ANY new style is introduced. Then it actually gets released and no one actually uses it.
I hate styles like Hisame where you don't know if you'll ever need them until the time comes. If they ever feel like giving out actual rewards for hell mode tower she'd be wanted on most teams. And if they ever pair triple DP gauge with SP depletion for the main story... It's the same with super breaker Yuki. Like will they ever do 100% destruction limit bosses in the main story? Who knows
>Like will they ever do 100% destruction limit bosses in the main story?
That would make the entire blaster class worthless and only breakers are allowed to be worthless, so no,
Well in that scenario you'll still need blasters to rack up destruction so all it'll do is force you to use super breakers
If they make hell mode with rewards, you don't want Hisame. You want rush styles that can go into the negative.
With the right setup, you can shit out a lot of damage turn 2 nowadays. By the time Hisame has enough SP to break, you are already taking too long. Once a normal char has that kind of SP, you should really be winning that turn already.

Also I think the minus SP thing is never going to be out of SA, and even there I believe this is probably the last time we see it like this. Something went wrong with this SA. There was -SP before, and while it wasn't inherently a super easy fight 100+35 was still very doable. I conceded this time. It's just THAT bad. The damage the boss has is so extreme, I need 3(!) defensive chars to stay against it, WITHOUT the SP degen. Hisame wouldn't help there either.

I'll do.. likely a 112+20 attempt soon. Depending on how that works, I might actually for once need to wait till next week. Kinda insane. If they wanna do this shit, where are the defensive styles? Monaka and Hisame are REALLY fucking bad in fights like this.
Also rip everyone not having the event S from the colab. It took until now, but I'm sure as fuck using her. There is so little team damage mitigation in the game, that is generally useful no matter the element.
>rush styles that go into the negatives
I mean yeah, but only X gets those and you'd presumably want both zero SP attackers and buffers. Hisame just makes the process faster at LB3, which is pretty much required for her.

This score attack is pretty tough, but it looks like it can be cheesed by triple healers and attack down orbs. Miyuki isn't required either
File: HBR_SA_11_1.jpg (509 KB, 1920x1080)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
Maid Aoi makes this one free. When I was figuring out how to deal with it, I also realized that double healer + her taunt every two turns makes the boss into a sitting duck.
BUT. The -SP is still fucking impossible, unless you add like 2 more healers. But then you deal no damage.

Still though, if you'd do it without her.. what would you do? Next best thing I can think of is Bride Ichiko instead of my Aina (slowing OD down but alas), and Ichigo for damage. It will beat it, getting the score is harder though. Provided you have the double yunyun. This fight feels rather high on the recs for a halfway comfortable time getting 400k.

As for Miyuki, she is just comfort here. Lowers the healing requirements a bit, and her passive OD generation helps in a fight where the enemy lowers your OD bar. Technically any second healer that isn't slash works though (aka no Tama).
File: bets_please.jpg (621 KB, 1899x1048)
621 KB
621 KB JPG
Place your bets.
File: Spoiler Image (167 KB, 1425x584)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
I will not do this again. https://files.catbox.moe/pkpo7r.webm
Cool fight though.
>If they wanna do this shit, where are the defensive styles?
Just wait for Seira SS3 and Vritika SS2 being attackers(defender-class).
This Hisame's +5SP LB3 passive is so retarded. It's not that it's broken, it's just dumb, it's not normal, it shouldn't be a thing.
It's dumb because it's in a sense the only required LB3 passive. Like imagine if Aoi and Monaka's token gain passive was locked at LB3 instead of LB0
what's the best way to grind justice after doing all the commisions?
Moshi moshi, what app do you guys use to translate the game if you play with no JP knowledge? I have free time right now and I kind of gave up on the idea of an english server any time soon.
there is 0 point to play without jp knowledge imo
I hope you like fishing. Or if you don't care about wasting life you can do the scrapyard
It's elementary school level Japanese. Just study that for 3 hours and you'll be good to go.
That's a lie
it's definitely on the easier side though, especially being fully voiced
Is it required though? Why exactly. If it's required then Maria's initial +5 tokens on lb3 is also required, or Adelheid ss2's 30% blast rate.
I don't think it's required whatsoever. It does allow her to burst stuff at turn 2 (with the SP orb), like the SP negative chars can do, but I'd hardly call that required.

That said, her style isn't particularly interesting anyways. The way you play the game does not suit her. Very often you break right before you kill and as such have set up fully already. Against really hard fights like the new weekend boss it's also pointless (aside of the element), as you need to get od3 for the second team, not SP.
If it even works vs multiple DP bars I also don't know. That's technically no real break, as enemies don't skip a turn and such. But even if it does, you'd rather get rid of 1.99 bars via a setup move. (current SA this falls to Higuchi getting the field up) I'd not use Hisame LB3, even if I had her.

I can see her being relevant in the dimension fights, for optional bragging rewards, but those usually also have to be killed, so the question ends up again: are those 8 sp more value than having a style that actually increase your damage? I gave Adelheid ss2 lb3 feeling there's no way it'd not pay off. And yes, she is a hard carry for over half a year now. Hisame lb3? No way that'd have any use outside of extreme niches.
Seeing how Hisame's ult works, shouldn't super break be more like
>Super break if you break DP with this unit
>If you're retarded and failed you can use the ability again when the enemy is already broken to super break them still
instead of what they did?
I never tested it, but yes. It should work like that. If it actually doesn't, then her entire kit is stupid. Why would a breaker not nuke to.. you know.. break.
I also like how you need to hit a weakness, and the two biggest cases where she'd be useful, actually aren't weak to light. (the two strongest weekend bosses, one has no weakness period, the other only ice and dark)

But seeing how this concept hasn't been used at all since Yukki, it's likely dead until reworked. Hisame would've been one as well, but instead they tried something new, again. Might just be a phase where they try to see what sticks.
The current answer to all your break questions is probably dp def down. My Adel ss2 hit the worm for 15m damage when it had full DP, easily removing the close to 5m dp and already blasting it to a high %. I set her up to be able to nuke twice back to back, and the second hit maxed DR and was around 40m damage. Considering the second nuke probably had about >8x damage multiplier from DR on average (-> <5m base damage), it's quite insane how MUCH dp def down does for you. Instead of barely breaking, pushing out an additional 10m damage is quite nasty. Even without it, nothing would've changed for me personally though.
I had been postponing this game until I got a better grasp of the language and last week finally got to playing, only on day 12 so far but the characters and phasing are phenomenal not sure about the overall plot but dont particularly care for it on character driven games like this.
I dont give a single shit about the combat so auto works for me.
This game is pure kino.
>I dont give a single shit about the combat so auto works for me.
Eventually it will stop working, so if you don't start learning how the game works now, you'll be forced to learn it the hard way later.
Fair, I will pay some attention to it.
File: 3rwat4se5ydrutf.png (975 KB, 1824x940)
975 KB
975 KB PNG
Picrel is realistically all you'll need to know until later on.
Nitpick. New players benefit mostly from self sufficient styles. Maid Aoi isn't relevant until endgame and needs Yunyun to even be competitive. Much worse than just having any of the elemental Adels, Lolita (now with party heal) or even suit Karen.
Likewise Yunyun isn't going to be better than the other two buffers for new people. In fact, quite a lot worse.

While not really true for the whole game, I know when I was new I valued things like cooldown, and self-setup things chars had quite a lot. Nowadays I don't value cooldown, but only "unique" self set-up abilities. So even chars like MikoMegumi are easy recommendation by me for any new player.
Do you guys still do shuttle runs? It must have been over a year since I bothered, but I definitely see the difference in debuff skill levels from one style to the other and I'm wondering if it's worth it. Specifically Miya's newest ultimate feels rather weak compared to what I got from Aina before.
I haven't done it in forever. For the most part I was powering through stuff even without leveling new skills, and if it was needed (like for the new worm hard mode) then I used my saved up skill guides.
Just remember that not everything gets powered up with skill ups. So for Miya, she gains damage but her actual debuff doesn't get better. So it mostly depends on the skill and how you are using it as to how important leveling it is.
>So even chars like MikoMegumi are easy recommendation by me for any new player.
I kind of wish they would give her multi-hit on event style or some shit, so I can build a non-impressive but serviceable fire team around her and just focus on other elements.
Shuttle running takes way too much time. x5 tickets on gold hopper dungeon is much faster.
I don't like how mind eye is so artificially rare. The debuff version of it is given to everyone and their dog, but if you want the buff, then you need that one specific unit everyone have to use or the trash unit nobody uses.
I finally gave in and rolled on Muua's banner and lucksacked in 50 rolls. It makes such a huge difference, I couldn't have done the recent hard mode without it.
Oh, Hisame's effect actually procs on every gauge break. I have no plans to get it, but was still interested in how it actually works.
Fragile is pretty rare. Considering useful characters:
Aina, Miya, Ichiko, Fubuki, and Megumi with a big cave-eat (need ss2, while ss2 is useless, and ss3 has high SP cost already)

And now you realize that all but Aina are actually elemental locked. Miya is light/elec depending on the SS, Ichiko is fire, Fubuki is dark and Megumi would also be fire. Ice does not have a good fragile user (technically Kozue exists, but you'd rather take Aina)

In other words, there's only 1(!) universally useful fragile user in the game, with Aina. Not different compared to Muah. The elemental specific ones are fine and all, but they are obviously limited in use. What makes Muah so good is that she doesn't care about your element, which is ideal for a weakness buff and debuff. Playing fragile off element is so bad it's useless to do. It's not THAT good. Mind eye existed for fire already before, but for anything but fire it was an off element attacker, and even for fire you'd rather have Muah now.

There are a bunch of things rare. Fields are rare, the hit buff is ultra rare. Heck even elemental def downs and enhances are pretty rare. Usually you have exactly ONE char/style, at best two.
>In other words, there's only 1(!) universally useful fragile user in the game, with Aina.
Just because Miya SS2 or Megumi SS2 aren't the most optimal units and there's a better option doesn't mean they aren't universally useful, stop with this meta slave mentality.
Anyway, it's not about strength, it's about distribution. If we look at the first year of fragile, people got
1. Two universal styles: Megumi(fragile+def down) and Maki(fragile + blaster)
2. Two elemental leaning option: Miya(light) and Kozue(thunder)
3. F2P hobo strats options, Miya S, then Aina S. Aina S is still being used as a budget fragile unit event today

Now, mind eye. It was added in mid-November, so it will be a year in a few days. What did we get for it
1. Muua, a great universal unit.
2. Minori, who is complete trash even in fire
3. Tenshi who doesn't even count because it's a limited self buff style.
They could drop at least one more mind eye unit at this point instead of releasing light blaster into light breaker into light attacker into light attacker, you know. It doesn't have to be better than Muua, just add more variety that doesn't suck.
Wanted to write thunder/ice, her position in either is very ???, but she still needs to be mentioned. Still not even remotely as bad as Minori who basically doesn't do anything.
Do you think defenders were only added to this game because they wanted Aoi to have her own class that represents what she did in the story? Seeing them add attacker defenders one after the other, when defensive options against high damage output is the most unsolved unexplored part of the game's system, makes you think they don't have a vision for it at all.
>meta slave
Once you talk about mind eye, you talk meta. That's so far down the "essentials" list, you don't get here before you really want to start optimizing.
I get it. You want more styles with it. I just fail to see why. It's no different for so many other things. And trust me. Fields being as limited as they are when they actually are so very important (and be it to overwrite enemy fields), the hit buff, elemental enhances.. the list goes on. Why just mind eye? It's no different. I could understand if you'd ask for all these things to be more readily available, but that's unfortunately the law of gacha. Unlike fragile, which is a "basic" move, mind eye is simply considered something a step higher. For good reasons. It only triggers on skill use that hits a weakness and is more potent.

I don't think offensive defenders are bad. The problem is that breaker and attacker are dead, as they don't do anything BUT damage. Defenders able to deal damage can still protect you, but also help dealing damage when the time comes. They seem to got this idea by now and try to fix breakers. Attacker will be next. At least hopefully.
>It's no different for so many other things. And trust me. Fields being as limited as they are when they actually are so very important (and be it to overwrite enemy fields), the hit buff, elemental enhances.. the list goes on. Why just mind eye? It's no different.
It's different from them because it's universal. Elemental stuff being more rare is unavoidable simply due to how general distribution works, you need to give 5x of those for every element, it's destined to be scarce. Mind eye isn't, there's no objective reason to limit it to a single non-shit style for a whole year.
Yunyun still being the only multi-hit buff provider is also complete bullshit and they should change that, but at least we have like 8+ characters with access to some sort of multi-hit effect at this point, so it doesn't feel like a drop of water in the middle of the dessert.
Desert, lmao.
>there's no objective reason to limit it to a single non-shit style for a whole year.
I probably should reword that because Mari exists and she's a great unit. I didn't think about her in this context because her mind eye is very elusive and isn't exactly the same in the actual play to the point I don't even normally parse it, but it still counts. I guess I will change my mind after thinking about her, even if she's not a "real" mind eye buffer, Yunyun being literally the only buffer of her kind is probably worse than mind eye situation, you're right.
File: 1699677171346.jpg (239 KB, 1280x815)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
Can't figure out what #1 is. Everything else is easy enough. Pretty sure it's supposed to be _ンコウ's circuit burst. Dunno what _ンコウ can be
It's the name of the free Ruka SS you get at the beginning of the game.
Oh that's why her picture was there...
Wait, the new styles are already next week? It's going to be the 2nd anniversary soon, and I still can't get used to how often they release them.
I had to spark to get the new Monanyan so I doubt I'll be rolling on anything unless its mega OP. Please Kaki...
please tell me in the mommy event them only saying babu doesn't last the whole time
Speaking of future gachas, assets-wise, Higuchi, Ichigo, and Date have the highest chance of new styles if the assets are not for chapter 5. Megumi and Tama are almost guaranteed to get their suits for anniversary. Meanwhile the release of chapter 5 will probably bring along a new Kayamori like 4.2 did with Megumi and 3 did with Monaka. Lastly as pure speculation, I'm almost certain that there's going to be a new Aoi sometime in the next 2 months. Likely for Christmas
>Likely for Christmas
I was thinking maybe Ichigo and Sumomo will get some sisterly Christmas mini story(like WakkiBungo one) and yet another ss2&ss3 combo.
there's no point in playing this if you're an eop right
Yeah that was pretty inline with what I thought, but it being Aoi and Ruka instead. And if chapter 5 is actually coming out late next month then it would make a lot of sense too. Though I can see Christmas being Ichigo and Sumomo too. I just know that Aoi will show up soon since she's the only character in the top 10 popularity list that still doesn't have an animated style. (Megumi doesn't have one either, but her suit version will be).
Correct. The only reason to play is the story and the addiction that comes with that.
No way they are releasing chapter 5 soon if its anything close to the size of chapter 4. We'll need a long lead up of PVs too.
maybe chat gpt 4 translations would be enjoyable but that's slow pain in the ass and expensive

but if you aren't going to read the story or read it with deepl or something don't bother
File: o9cfPtq.png (536 KB, 1125x2436)
536 KB
536 KB PNG
Hey who knows. They have the roadmap ready for December. And Inori just finished her recording yesterday
>No way they are releasing chapter 5 soon if its anything close to the size of chapter 4.
It will be 8 months since 4.2 in December already, so it's not impossible at all. They probably really want to wait until the anniversary though, but December/January is a fair possibility if they don't for some reason. They are supposed to drop the new roadmap at this week's stream, so we'll know soon.
Man, this time 400k score is much more difficult without multi-attacks or mind's eye.
Lack of styles, slash resistance and now defense buff isn't helping either.
Also, is the damage-heaven.com website accurate with their calculators?
Don't choose all modifiers. It's not worth it, unless they either benefit you or don't really hinder you.
One of the easiest ways to deal with the damage in this fight is with a defender pulling aggro, which you can't even do this week if you'd choose all mods.

Wouldn't say you need anything in particular other than multi-tasking. Which simply doesn't exist much. For comfy survival you need 3 characters on defense duty which is more than usual.

Muah is still the only healer with a significant damage buff. Only maid Aoi exists as a strong offensive unit that has also strong defensive utility (keeping you alive) within elec + light, if you remove slash. YunYun is only really good with both SS in this case. Your offensive party size is so small, a simple 2x multiplier is doable by more than just her. Higuchi ss2+1 is also really good for obvious reasons.
And light is giga bricked. Even with the new Monaka (another one trick pony doing literally nothing to help you set up or survive), you'd have a hard time.

I'd call this the most restrictive SA to this date. My guess is they accidentally gave this boss solo boss damage, and forgot the double attack turns.
Have they nerfed chapter 4.2 yet?
I haven't logged in in months out of depression from being unable to beat day 14 even with the update that lets you nerf it after lossing. Why is there even a limit to the weakening? After 10 losses it still stays at, what was the limit, 3 or something like that?
I know that if I kept playing every day maybe I might even have gotten strong enough to beat it, but I had other gachas to tend to and HBR grinding is awfully time-consuming and boring.
File: Spoiler Image (88 KB, 1248x684)
88 KB
Tomorrow's gacha
They are raising the level cap again, which is how they are "nerfing" it. So, you still need to put in some work even if its just re-upping arena.
Ok, this new Sharo is absurdly broken. If you use thunder its a must have style, turning thunder resistance into thunder weakness with no turn limit.
>permanently rewriting resistance into vulnerability
Wouldn't that just mean that you would be able to play all of the content with just one strong team(2 for 2 team battles)? How do they expect to sell any gameplay non-waufufag styles when people have already reached their critical mass and have this effect? Am I not getting something?
That's how I see it too.
I guess, they'll use the weakness/resistance changing thing from the beta star battle enemy more often now.
Otherwise, you can just cheese through every enemy with thunder.
>virgin breaker useless toy gimmicks
>gigachad debuffer game breaking insanity
Well it doesn't do anything against lightning neutral enemies so you'd still be better off using a team they are weak against - especially if they keep releasing strong styles that do an extra effect or do increased damage against a type/elemental disadvantage enemy
>Well it doesn't do anything against lightning neutral enemies
When they showed her gameplay, it looked like adding vulnerability is a separate, stackable effect. So, like a permanent debuff that also enables mind eye/fragile/conditional abilities.
When I was theorizing about similar effects, I would always add like 15 restrictions and conditions to it in my mind to make it more "balanced".
They literally just played it as straight as possible and gave it to a character with 0 SP gimmick too.
If the only thing she does is enable a weakness, it's gonna be only good against no weakness enemies.. IF that works.
Against anything else you trade a buff/debuff slot for that, making you a lot weaker compared to naturally good elements. Well, provided the element is even in power.
But we don't know if that effect is exclusive or not to enemies that resist lightning. It'd make more sense if it is exclusive, but the wording is vague.
I don't know, I think it was described like a normal list of effects, not like a conditional skill.
It looks like there are two effects:
1. Remove the enemies resistance to thunder. (doesn't stack since it is binary)
2. Add a weakness to thunder (stacks twice).

It looks like #2 works even if #1 isn't relevant, but someone can test soon.
Yay I love getting screwed by rng and wasting all my resources.
If you had trouble with this score attack, you can now quickly farm the new accessories and level up your characters.
Also, they talked about the high difficulty this time and are thinking about better long-term solutions (if I understood that correctly).
The gameplay datamine isn't up yet, but iirc she's also got a thunder defense down as her normal skill. So it's not like she's just sitting there after removing the resistance, she's basically removing Kozue from the game as well.
Let's be honest, nobody used her in elec teams. It was either Miya (new) or no elec def down. 1 elemental def down isn't really enough. That's like Hisame ss1 in light/dark tier.

Gotta have to wait what weakness adds though. It could be bonkers by itself.
Now that vulnerability removal is a thing, buffs providing elements to other element/non-element styles are likely to follow soon as well.
It’s hilarious how enemy difficulty and character levels are on a see-saw
>level cap increased by 10
>style level cap is 10
>new accessories sorta gives around what 10 levels would
So they technically raised the level cap by 30. Oh boy I can't wait for chapter 5's difficulty
At least they're sensible enough this time to introduce it BEFORE the chapter.
>light gets 6 styles
>thunders gets 5 styles
>last ice and fire styles were 5 months ago
Why can't they just do a balanced distribution? Is there really anything that is hard about it?
hbr.quest is up.
Vulnerability addition is 45 ~ 60%, literally a permanent fucking debuff out of Shimoda's ass. And nobody said that but she also got fragile on her ult for some reason? And a cheap elemntal defense down normal skill. Absolutely insane value.
Wonder who they'll choose to be the holders of this ability for the other elements.
Fire: No idea, 2 fire squad debuffers already have their styles, the new ones weren't revealed yet.
Light: Tenne, I guess? She's defense down-focused, so big normal defense down instead of fragile? Or maybe they will skip her and wait for someone else. Too early for Isuzu SS3, but who knows.
Ice: Megumi suit? Maybe with big field instead of fragile? Not many candidates for now either.
Dark: This one is stacked. Aina, Fubuki, Miya SS3, Tenne again. A bloodbath. Too hard to pick one, and the others automatically become irrelevant unless they come up with something even crazier.
File: Spoiler Image (3.55 MB, 2800x1547)
3.55 MB
3.55 MB PNG
Guess who finally got proper suits. And guess who's been suspiciously absent from any suit updates.
>Interlude chapter could be the band event
Don't tell me we're getting suit Megumi and Tama next month ontop of this Sharo...
Good bye Miya. Was nice having you (or should I say, not having you)

Maria's new style is also pretty good. Fixes the issue of her old style, the slow as fuck setup.

That said, everything in the game got just flipped around. The sand worm they just recently released is now going to be possible with lb0 I guess. (offensively)

Wouldn't be surprised if it takes a while before they get released. Normal fields started on game release and ended with Iroha during the chapter 4.1 interlude.
Big fields started in April with Megumi and we are far away from finishing.
Elemental enhances started with Ichiko (june 2022), and ended with Seira (this year january)

It's gonna be a rather big change. Wonder how long it takes for the first no weakness enemy wall to come.
File: FxDM_ZeaIAEyTzd.jpg (347 KB, 1920x1080)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
They likely simply don't want to spoil them for now. There's a good chance that both of them will be retconned a little (or a lot) like Karen's style. Megumi, because it might be an unnecessary pain in the ass to adjust her animations with her jacket like that, and Tama, because it might not be cute enough for her sales team standards.
>next month
I also started thinking about this idea after seeing all the sprites already finished. Probably not though. Unless?
Some time has passed, and I feel that Sharo's new ult is even more retarded than how I felt about it after the stream. It's like some balance dude at WFS was really butthurt about super break being completely useless and people laughing at it, so he went to create an ult that will be an overwhelming success just to fix his ego.
>Oh, you don't like my new effects? Okay, how about this one
>it uhh... completely removes the resistance in just one use
>and it... adds vulnerability
>a really good chunk of vulnerability
>even on top of already existing vulnerability
>and it stacks too!
>and... it's... uhh... permanent, why follow the current debuff system
>and there's fragile too, the vulnerability effect isn't strong enough by itself, alright
>and an elemental multi-hit aoe attack
>and you can use it on 0+ SP
>and I will give her a cheap proper debuff as her normal skill too instead of some random skill most debuffers get
I swear this game has the worst featured card chance. Getting 6 SS that aren't Sharo doesn't make me feel good.
Nah, there are games that have lesser chance AND weapons&support in gacha, so you don't even get characters, just a bunch of swords and axes.
Swords and axes are more useful than A cards
Only if you're a genius axeman
How about A rarity sword and axes?
EXP for SS rank swords/axes, plus consolation currency. Games with weapons in the character gacha tend to give you some sort of currency when you pull a weapon, that can usually be used to buy more gacha pulls
>Games with weapons in the character gacha tend to give you some sort of currency when you pull a weapon, that can usually be used to buy more gacha pulls
Anon, don't project games that are more kind on the whole industry.
Am I wrong?
Sorry, I didn't play EVERY gacha.
That was my impression from experience.
Just try to install some random mid tier gacha slop from the store and see how it will treat you. The system you described or what hbr does is relatively generous. More generous games exist, sure, but there's also the Mariana trench of the actual gachatrash.
>Megumi, because it might be an unnecessary pain in the ass to adjust her animations with her jacket like that
This would be the most boring choice to do if they change it only bc it's easier
Wait, doesn't that make every team but electric useless? I mean, why even bother to roll for anything else but elec now, if you can just plow through everything with that Sharlo? if you roll only for gameplay I mean
Well, if you already have a few other perfect teams and no elec, it's easier to hope they'll give your elements the same unit soon than to try to build elec from scratch. But in general, yes, it's complete ass game design. Not only is the whole resistance manipulation insane on its own and makes elements obsolete, but they also made her a proper debuffer for some reason, so she doesn't waste a slot and actively contributes. And then you have debuffers like Ice Tenne who puts an ice def down as her ult and that's it, that's her character.
The only way I see them fixing the balance is to start introducing bosses that use gimmick mechanics to break this ability, but then what was the point of adding it?
One thing that keeps bothering me is that they keep giving 31X units that broken >0SP mechanic and pretending it's normal.
Sharo ult costs 15SP. She only needs 16 SP to stack it twice. That's crazy. She can always leave her last ult use as her last relevant action, so it doesn't matter that she goes into minus, she already did what she was supposed to. They increase SP cost to balance it, but it doesn't balance shit as long as you're stacking your abilities. Let's say the other unit gets a 12SP ult instead. They still need 24SP to stack. That's not less, that's more. Only if they get a "half cost on 2nd use" effect, will it be even remotely comparable. But a lot of units don't get that effect.
Maybe more units will start getting this mechanic and also no-attack cheap ults to compensate, but right now it feels very unfair.
Yeah, thunder is my second worst team and I've really enjoyed building my Dark and Light teams. I don't really want to abandon them so I'm hoping we get this effect for them even if the unit isn't as broken as Sharo.
(Plus I'm quartz broke after rolling for Monaka)
Anons, I need your advice.
I have a half decent electric team, but no elemental buffer or debuffer. Should I pull on Sharo and replace Aina or better save the quartz for the 2 year anniversary stuff like rate up gacha?
The thing is, I am still in need of a light and ice team, which might come in handy when hard mode chapter 4 final boss gets released.
I'd skip it, if Sharo wasn't so broken. She even gets a -18% electric resist on top of her +10% to all electric attacks (if you can pull enough dupes).
Feels like a tier negative 1 character, but who knows how they'll balance this.
The two gachas I've played before this eventually rolled out unremovable buffs and resistances.
>This would be the most boring choice to do if they change it only bc it's easier
I looked at her animations and it probably should be fine? They will just glue it to her shoulders, just like Shiki's outfit. A few frames in her SS1 ult might make you think a bit "how the hell is it still on her", but that's like whatever, not something you want to redesign a whole outfit around.
I'm not sure what you want to hear. Sharo seems to be THE character for the thunder comp right now, so it's up to you whether you want to get her and focus on thunder or not. We also can't say what will happen to it in the future, it's not like we know more than you do.
>I am still in need of a light and ice team
Ice will most likely get new styles soon, they haven't gotten anything in a while, there's also a decent chance for MeguTama suit pair to be Ice. Hard to say if any of them will be as broken as Sharo though.
Light will probably stop getting new styles soon. They already got a lot of styles since the last half-anni, WFS will probably relax a bit with them. Or maybe they won't, their decision making is often very chaotic.
They can just introduce "elemental immunity" or some shit, and "immunity" is not the same word as "resistance", so get fucked. But people will get pissed after being played like that, so why introduce an effect that requires you to dance around it in the first place.
The way I see it, Varo-type styles are necessary in keeping the game accessible to non-whales. Last year they pushed out busted general use styles in Aoi, Higuchi and YunYun. These general purpose styles are still imo the true tier 0, especially YunYun and Muua since almost every team benefits greatly from having them

But even with these styles, players were complaining about not being able to clear the story and end game content. Gazou did a poll on how players felt about hard desert dendron and over 70% said they didn't even bother trying. It's unfortunate, but not having a strong team for enemy weaknesses is the current bottleneck after 4.2 bloated DP and HP numbers

The solution would be to either keep up the post release nerf trend or to release meta welfare styles, but the former drives away discouraged players and the latter means no money. Varo is a strong and profitable solution. Last year they released key styles that would fit in every team. This year I guess the plan is to make every team viable for everything. I'm think that unlike field large they're going to push out these anti resist styles for the other elements in somewhat quick succession

There's also the very likely possibility that I'm completely wrong and they don't care about their playerbase and they just wanted to push elec as the strongest element. Kind of like how fire was pushed with Yotusha and Megumi and then there will be this long drought of elec styles until the other elements catch up. Perhaps elec will be denied field large and good ele buffer for the time being. I mean looking at which characters can get elec styles in the near future that would fit those roles, there really isn't any

But if I'm right, then the question is where to go from there. They can release element specific multipliers or the like to make the numbersfags whale. But there's already an Evil lurking nearby and its name is super break. I mean why do you think they made the first super breaker not neutral?
File: 112059292.jpg (995 KB, 796x1200)
995 KB
995 KB JPG
>Sharo is a strong and profitable solution
But is she really though? There are more fundamental issues that make Heaven Burn super unfriendly to new players.
>No friend supports
In most other gacha games that force you to have multiple parties they would at least provide the decency of letting you borrow a friend's unit that you are missing. Meanwhile in Heaven Burn player profiles are literally meaningless. Their only use is for tripfags to troll on 5ch. I get Shimoda's philosophy of wanting to keep HBR as some kind of single player VN game, but at the end of the day it's still a gacha. I'm 100% sure that players won't be opposed to PvP if friend supports were also added alongside it. I mean it'll solve two problems. Metafags will keep whaling to stay on top and new players won't get cucked(as much)
>No actual reruns
"Reruns" in this game are a complete joke. While there are no such thing as limited rate-ups, every rate-up might as well be a limited one now that the pool is so large. So what are players to do if they miss out on key styles like YunYun and Muua?
1. Pray to god that they are spooked by them
2. Spend over 70k yen to pity them from their "rerun" banner that feature like 5 other styles you don't need
3. Spend 10k yen on scam paid quartz step ups and pray you get them instead of a useless limit break
This is why Sharo is not a good solution. Because if you miss her now, you're pretty much screwed. I really don't see why HBR can't have actual rerun banners where maybe every 3-4 months after a gacha, there's a solo rate up of a style at 1.5%.
File: PV107_TsukasaTojo_02.jpg (150 KB, 667x1000)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
This one looks nice. I thought they would just go with the swimsuit when the figurine was announced for some reason.
Begone, fiend.
File: 34ws5e6ydu.jpg (120 KB, 1012x522)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
The game has been out for almost 2 years now and they still haven't done a single thing with these stats. If you're concerned about elec being able to solo everything I'm sure that somewhere down the line they'll make it so that type weaknesses apply to your styles too. So elec styles would be weak to fire attacks. Maybe the whole multi element theory will be a thing, but it won't apply to styles, but to enemies instead IE certain enemies can use multiple elements
Whew those are some really nice tights
It'll also give defenders something to do instead of stealing attackers' jobs...
Why not though? Of all the gacha games I've played, PvP is just optional content. The only one where I think it's a bit toxic is in Magia Record, but that's a whole other issue where they have nothing fun or challenging gameplay wise other than pvp.
File: HBR_SA_11_2.jpg (574 KB, 1920x1080)
574 KB
574 KB JPG
>almost any team
This is wrong. She is nowadays an elec char, who can be used for fire with Niina.
-Ice doesn't want here.
-Dark doesn't want her.
-Light doesn't really want her. I haven't played light in forever though, but I doubt the element based around suit Karen makes enough use of her.

Anyways. Little summery of what I think this update does:
-Sharo is largely a good unit for quick bursts of low-ish dp/hp encounters. Tower, prism battles and such. Maria works with her, but Sharo is the enabler. Elec is also one of the best for general aoe scenarios now. It only competes with light, which however hard requires a weakness.
I still think it's better to go with a team countering a natural weakness than with Sharo, but if there's none, she's your (current) choice.
-Level cap increase won't do much other than enable you to do higher level SA easier.
-SS level is an unknown factor. Due to it taking an entire month of 5 stack prisms to max an SS, you will never max out all your commonly used SS. Depends on if they assume you have that, or if that is a "free" bonus. For now it will enable you to do existing content like the strongest weekly bosses much easier, but in the long run? Uncertain.
-new prism will be quickly irrelevant once you have +12 or better accs times 6. Yet the exp is needed like never before. I hope they think about something.

And this SA proves my thoughts about the last one. Same damage as last one, but no double actions. They goofed the last one. Also another friendly reminder that ice (single target) is still the most broken for quick and effective big damage. The trinity of Mari ss2+1, Adel ss2 and Seira ss2 is just too good.
It’s only day 2 of Sharo’s mini event and I hate it already. I bet one of the later days will make it seem like we’re in the Virtual Insanity video.
I don't hate it, but I can't say I like it either. Wakki Bungo Christmas was really soulful and fun, this one is just boring wanking of one character's gimmick so far.
File: Aoi_gaming.png (804 KB, 938x455)
804 KB
804 KB PNG
Well score attacks are boring now
i started this game when it came out on steam and i'm still always confused about what i should be grinding. I can't imagine being a new player
Prism battles for gems to make accessories, mostly. Then when you’ve got a good set you can farm the dungeons for orbs.
When do you even have the time to be grinding anything else but events when you are a midway player
Even if I do only the max difficult for the event prism's battle, it still takes me up until the rerun event x3 goes live, which then I have to farm until the end of the month, then I got 3-4 days of nothing and the new event goes live, rinse and repeat
>1 thunder defender and 2 thunder healers
>all 3 are offensive units
Isn't it kind of hilarious?
It's not like you need everything out of a store. It doesn't disappear, and eventually you get 3x prisms.
What you can do is get the SA coins and get the important stuff with that. If it's not quite enough, do a few prisms.

As an old player (1.5 years), I think I generally have a good half month to farm whatever. Like I was already basically doing nothing for a few days when the new prism battle dropped. And I was also sitting on 99 prism tickets, 99 lifestones and had 60 lifestones and a whole bunch of prism tickets to be claimed. Prism tickets generally time out for me, as there was just no reason to use them. Bit different now, due to at the very least exp being worth it.

If you want to be REALLY efficient, you can also log in twice per day. I'm not doing that myself for a long ass time now, but I did when I was new. Though that was also due to the auto grind not lasting very long and being actually more important (exp-wise, prisms weren't actually that good). The auto-grind I only did once per week for the weekly for a long time now, due to not needing any resources. But now, even the little exp it gives is helpful, when everyone wants exp.

Anyways, there's not a lot of interesting stuff to grind with life anyways. Dungeons you do with tickets, that's enough. And it's not taking that long to get good enough accessories crafted. Gotta set some priorities.
So, how do you even introduce the next elec debuffer after this Sharo.
File: F9p-TZMW4AAgzQk.jpg (416 KB, 1819x2551)
416 KB
416 KB JPG
I haven't farmed anything since chapter 3 and don't even know where to start.
I doubt there'll be much of that anything soon, given how MUCH elec got now, but the future will likely be big elemental def downs and maybe big fragiles.
I don't think Sharo is as good as some people think. She is good at rushing, and will stay good at that for a while. But I wouldn't be surprised if she won't be meta outside of that for particularly long. Looking how the aoe def down (generic) went from ~20% to ~50%, you can imagine how the elemental versions are going to be, or a better fragile. This def down alone is better than Sharo ss1's aoe def down + elemental def down TOGETHER.

There's also still atk def down as a possible giga debuff that they could drop at any moment. That wouldn't be elemental specific though.
The playing field for debuffs is wide open, and likely what we'll see over buffs for a while. Buff-wise we still need a bunch of elemental critrate/damage buffs, mind eye and hit is still scarce as fuck and not to forget: Big fields and/or new fields. (sandstorm field being an enemy only thing so far, but who knows what we might see)

Due to Another Eden I always thought that we will get resistance affecting abilities at some point. And we'll likely also get stuff that will deal extra damage vs resistance, and bosses that kill you if you don't hit resistance. Not in a year. But the chances are good. This is just the beginning for resistance shenanigans.
Eh, besides rushing she gives weakness to bosses that have none. Like the second flat hand hard boss. One of the big reasons its so hard is because it has no weaknesses, so Sharo opening up Mind Eye and Fragile is very big.
Agree on the rest though and I think that also shows how she might become more niche if you have multiple strong elemental teams.
>I doubt there'll be much of that anything soon
Poor Kojuu is very likely to get one relatively soon, even though she has that defense down, her SS1 isn't actually thunder, so she's the only member of her entire squad who doesn't have a thunder style. There's also Megumi, but her next style will most likely not be thunder, so they have a lot more time until her SS5 to come up with something.
>so Sharo opening up Mind Eye and Fragile is very big.
Before this Sharo was added, I thought it would be interesting to have a "fake" vulnerability debuff. Something that doesn't really affect the resistance numbers, but just opens up all the vulnerability skill conditions and maybe gives a little multiplier on top.
The no weakness ones are a thing, yeah. But I was writing more about "within elec".

We'll get some other elements with this idea soon enough. For the sake of balance I hope the order is fire -> light -> dark -> ice. Maybe I'm overrating dark. I want a fucking SA weak to dark. I only know for a team 2 vs weekly bosses, dark is really good even with its scuffed as fuck supports. (Iroha, Shiki..)
With the addition of Misarin's evolution, there are now 4 offensive dark styles with self buff dark enhance, no other element has anything like that. It's as if they've taken girls rejecting Shiki advances to a gameplay meta joke level.
Can someone point me towards the name or link the bgm from the main menu? Can't find the damn name.
So far in terms of optimal teams
>Fire ST
Yurippe, Yotsuha, Muua, YunYun, Megumi, Ichiko
>Fire AOE
Minori, Yotsuha, Muua, YunYun, Megumi, Isuzu/Karen

>Ice ST
Maria, Mari, YunYun, Muua, Seira, Kozue
>Alt Ice ST
Adelhide, Mari, Muua, Kozue, Tenne, Free Slot
>Ice AOE
Sumomo, Mari, YunYun, Muua, Seira, Aina

>Elec ST
Aoi, Muua, YunYun, Sharo, (Higuchi, Tama, Byakko)
>Elec AOE
Maria, Muua, YunYun, Sharo, (Higuchi, Tama, Yuina)

>Light ST
Tenshi, Tama, YunYun, Tsukasa, Kiryu, (Kura, Hisame)
>Light AOE
Monaka, Muua, YunYun, Tsukasa, Aina, Karen

>Dark ST
Adelhide, Muua, Fubuki, Iroha, Higuchi, Free Slot
>Dark AOE
Monaka, Muua, Iroha, Aina, YunYun, (Higuchi, Shiki)

Fire has somehow fallen behind every other element with their lack of rengeki large or tokens. Similarly Light single target doesn't have either as well. If the next event is really going to be for Date and 31D, I can see the new Misato SS being the new fire DPS while Akarin will probably end up as a super breaker unless they want to try a new breaker gimmick again. Then if suits Megumi and Tama are next, they might bring field large and resist removal for ice or dark. Taking a look at characters without an alt SS that might get one soon, we're still missing an Ice Ichigo and Higuchi. The former could be the new AOE DPS and the latter a Yotsuha style buffer for Ice.
Yuri was replaced by the ult upgrade of Niina. Blast rate is more important than a little extra base damage, at least in most scenarios. You will deal more damage on your initial nuke which is basically all you should need. Especially with yunyun who amps that further.

Anyways, fire in general is in a weird spot. Too many overlaps. Ichiko wants to ideally make use of her ss1 ult, but it overlaps with Yotsuha. You really want Isuzu, but she overlaps with Megumi. Without Ichiko's ss1 ult, your given team won't survive. Even WITH it it's unlikely vs the higher damage enemies. So what do you do then?
Fire needs 7-8 party slots right now. And there's unfortunately nothing that will easily fix this.

If you then also care about a reasonable set up speed, it's even worse. If you ditch Megumi, then Isuzu needs OD3 for her entire package. Without Aina. Yotsuha is pretty easy to ditch, as Ichiko's abilities are rather cheap and she can likely do all you want her to do, and Niina doesn't need to self set up, so she can use crit orbs.
Still, if you need a second sustain, you are fucked. The absurd reliance on yunyun is a big problem for a non elec team.

So Niina, Yunyun, Ichiko, Muua are the 4 you basically don't want to touch. Isuzu vs Megumi. Can't stay comfy when the battle is hard. At this point I'd give Isuzu the win here, because your biggest problem isn't the HP part, as all the setup possible on Niina will likely take care of it, but the DP are your natural enemy. For most content it should handily win that way, even without od3.
But yeah, no Yotsuha I'm afraid.

side note: Ice doesn't use Kozue or Tenne. It's Seira and Isuzu. Much better, for survival (Seira's def buff and possible healing) and in general to help Mari break, so Adel can destroy.
As for aoe, elec will likely take care via Sharo for a while when it's not suit Karen (light). No need for Monaka btw.
I see everyone on JP side and here assuming that suit Megumi & Tama will be either ice or dark, but them being no-element is also an option, isn't it?
You really can't count anything out.
Of the 31A SS styles released so far...
Welfare Ruka, OG Yuki, none, OG Karen, OG Megumi, OG Tama
OG Ruka, Yukata Yuki, OG Tsukasa/Swimsuit Tsukasa, Red-Riding-Hood Karen, Miko Megumi, Magical-Girl Tama
Suit Ruka, Suit Yuki, none, none, none, Air-Style Tama
Gothic Ruka, SUPER-BREAKER Yuki, Suit Tsukasa, Suit Karen, One-Night Megumi, Swimsuit Tama

With the suits being the same attribute and Megumi and Tama both not having dark or ice, it makes sense to assume that they'd be one or the other. Also
I've seen people claim that the new YunYun was going to do something like typeless field and other cope like we'd get typeless resist removal after this Sharo. Imo I don't think we're going to get any typeless support anytime soon. It seems counter-productive to introduce typeless hate in chaper 4.2 and then immediately go back on it so soon. I think they'll probably do something with typeless once style weaknesses and resistances are introduced, but really who knows.
Assuming it's a debuffer only thing, Megumi is the easiest choice for them to introduce an ice resist cancel if they want to give this new mechanic to every element quickly and not stall it for a long time like big field.
>It seems counter-productive to introduce typeless hate in chaper 4.2 and then immediately go back on it so soon.
While I personally don't expect any physical support any time soon, "you get fucked unless you give us your money and get a style that unfucks it" sounds exactly like something they would do.
>sandstorm field being an enemy only thing so far, but who knows what we might see
I'm actually interested if they want to bring the poison mechanic to playable characters. I know they have it in another eden, and some enemies already have poison or stuff like this sandstorm "poison" field, but I'm not sure how it would work with the current gameplay loop.
This probably doesn't mean anything, but the only score attack they haven't repeated yet from last year was the one from Kozue's event. Meaning eventually there will be an ice style mid month rate up. Not next month though, since all event stories and interludes have new score attacks enemies.
Is there hope for a rerun of the Angel Beats event during the 2nd anniversary?
File: 11.png (592 KB, 895x449)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
I think the only Key collab that makes sense for the game now is Angel Beats so I won't be surprised if they do Angel Beats part 2 for 2nd anni. The AB characters are also still technically in game and they would probably want to fill out the AB team roster for a full 6. Maybe they'll make the AB stories permanent too
They still need to cover more GDM songs anyway
File: GAFFR2RaIAAL0zF.jpg (112 KB, 1280x720)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Guess Akari and Misato are going to be the Christmas styles this year. I thought they would finally give fire support, but now light and ice are equally likely
Misato being actually usable now is a good thing for ice teams. Looks like it can replace ice Sumomo, if there is no physical resistance.
>super break
>+8 SP on break
>3 Aina ults on break
What's next?
I actually thought about pulling for her out of sympathy, but then they started teasing Megumi & Tama suits, and now I have to skip, it's a bait gacha.
150 overdrive is kinda crazy though. That's almost like saying get 2 free turns and 12 SP on break. Misato is underwhelming when she just has 120 rengeki over Sumomo and loses out against thunder Maria, but I can see some uses for Date
It depends on people's preferences, of course, but personally I'd never hurt my chances of getting Megumi and Tama over a gameplay style, so it's really unfortunate timing for her. Especially when at least Megumi could also be gameplay. Not sure about Tama, you would think one of the most popular characters in the game would be meta, but her styles are very hit or miss. Anyway, I think this gacha should last until the next stream, so people can always just last day roll if they don't like what they see there.
In addition to the rengeki, she gets a 4 sp self ice-buff, too. That might come in handy, combined with her 5 sp large skill damage buff. Though it seems like a better idea to hold on to quartz right now. The free gachas are coming up, so one might get lucky with those.
I was 100% sure that MeguTama would be ice, but seeing that 31D are also going ice and Aina is getting an ice S style, I'm wondering if they're dark actually. Dark is the element that desperately needs some good supports the most anyway.
File: Spoiler Image (1.41 MB, 932x2010)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
New expressions:
Irene: Sadness, Sadness2
Karerin Pajama: Neutral2, Superiority
Megumi Pajama: Joy2
Minori: Joy3
Muua: Neutral2
Yotsuha: can now blush

There's something not right with these sisters. Also one new song and the usual new assets are now in the mega.
I feel like the new styles can be best described as unrealistic.

When and how do you break? Usually in/after OD. So getting OD on break isn't really that interesting. Unlike Aina, Akari also doesn't provide debuffs. Aina is good because you can rush OD1 and then apply fragile. On top of that, bad base damage. If she had the damage of her base style, you could argue the breaking is easy enough, but like this?

Then there's Misato. Aoe ice isn't really good, as ice has 0 aoe blaster. You need to cope with Adel ss1 ult. Now with elec being able to be forced as a weakness, it's debatable if you'd ever play ice, when elec aoe is legitimately good and has Sharo now.

I'm relieved to have a good old mediocre banner. And I still stand by my word that ice doesn't need anything. Don't choose the slash res option and that's another free SA killed in ~7 turns. Gotta admit though, it's funny how they tried really hard to sell the two new styles with this SA. Was it ever THIS blatant? The slash resist was obvious, every time there's a new ice (or dark) style and respective single target SAs, we'll see that due to Adel. But the OD thing? Heh.
It's such an odd choice to release AoE attacker and ST breaker in the same batch. Regardless of their viability, strength or whatever, why wouldn't you want them to have synergy as a set?
So did Yuki end up with the worst neo-breaker effect? None of them are that amazing, but hers is so fucking ass to use. You need to ult twice, you need the specific element, you need the vulnerability, you need another class to actually fill the extra DR, assuming they don't just kill the enemy before they even get there. Is there some unexplained secret hatred for her among the development team?
>Especially when at least Megumi could also be gameplay.
Thinking about it, she should just get the new resistance effect.
Every element needs to get one as soon as possible. It's one thing to delay big fields, those are nice, but not necessary. But "oh yeah, this element can remove resistance and the others can't" is just unfair. It should be an option on every element, even if you don't care about it.
Event story was pretty boring. But I hope we get more content featuring Mikoto in future.
Every element has its strengths and weaknesses. So I see no issue with it staying with elec for a while.
Wouldn't be surprised if some get this ST only, too.

What is fair, right? Mari ss2+1 is giga busted for ice, while the "equivalent" for fire would be Tsukasa? Megumi can also be used, but isn't an enhancer, and also clashes with Isuzu.
Dark's fielder doesn't even HAVE an ss2, or an alternative.
Then the elemental enhancers. Ice has a good one with Seira, who can also offer heals and such. Fire clashes two chars (again, the typical fire issue), while light and dark suck ass, and Tama (elec) is probably no longer used now.

Regardless of res removal, it's all over the place. Which isn't inherently a bad thing. Would be boring if you would swap elements and it's all the same anyways.
>Every element has its strengths and weaknesses. So I see no issue with it staying with elec for a while.
Resistance removal is not a simple "strength", it's a paradigm shift, something that breaks the entire framework of the current gameplay. "This element can play all content ignoring resistances, always has access to fragile/mind eye and also has a massive advantage in no-vulnerability battles and the rest have to follow the normal rules" is not the same as "this element has stronger buffers and that one doesn't", it's a huge balancing issue. It might have been different if it was a much weaker effect and not a permanent fucking debuff with a massive vulnerability increase too, but they went from zero to retard on the very first introduced unit.
>Would be boring if you would swap elements and it's all the same anyways.
You think about it before you add resistance removal, by the time you do it's too late and you have to compensate in the other mechanics instead of going back and stopping halfway through and leaving a single element elephant in the room.
Don't get me wrong, it's a powerful tool. But it's not to the point you stop playing other elements. The only one I'd not play is likely fire, but fire is something I haven't played in forever to begin with.
Weaknesses are more and more often 150% too, so the the debuff isn't quite the same. Free bonus damage is however also ALWAYS appreciated. So if we'd ever get to the point of every element having this, you'd end up still playing on element. In theory. In practice, if you give this Adel, anything ST will die to her requiring them to make SA bosses 10 times as tanky.
New Tama is actually such a mystery to me when I'm trying to predict her abilities. Healers don't follow any patterns, they don't have any generic presets, she could be anything.
1. Basic defensive ult, +% HP or some defender's effects
2. Generic buffer like mind-eye Muua
3. Elemental buffer like her thunder version
4. Weird utility shit like her light version
5. Big field healer simply because they can do that
6. Some new special healer mechanic
7. Healer(attacker), possibly combined with anything already listed

Megumi looks simple as a brick in comparison, unless they finally want to try to incorporate her psychic powers into the gameplay somehow, which is something I obviously can't predict. It's basically just
1. Elemental debuffer, possibly with resistance gimmick, but the normal one is just as likely
2. Non-elemental debuffer like Isuzu SS2
3. Rare utility debuffer like Aina
>Irene: Sadness, Sadness2
If I've learned anything from expression predictions, it's that any character who gets sad or crying ones are bound to get an event soon. A tower strengthening too this month will all but confirm it. Though I wish they'll strengthen Megumi and Tama too.
Irene has the potential to be absurdly busted. Both with a tower upgrade, and with a new style.

That said, there are other chars that need it much more. And so far no non elemental ult char was ever made elemental, so I actually doubt any non elemental ss1 will ever get a substantial upgrade. I'd honestly like for non elemental to have a reason to exist. The current event boss is actually kinda nice as a throwback to that. But you still miss out on a whopping 150% ice weakness if you use Irene.
>A tower strengthening too this month will all but confirm it. Though I wish they'll strengthen Megumi and Tama too.
I would be surprised if they don't strengthen Megumi and Tama (or at least Tama, since she seems to get the focus), considering they are trying to make the whole thing a happening event.
>unless they finally want to try to incorporate her psychic powers into the gameplay
I still think they'll give Megumi a special snowflake class as the story progresses, much like how the Fate franchise does it. Such as Savior (SVR) or Psychic (PSY).
It shouldn't be surprising as 31X are expected to have an event soon. YunYun, Sharo and Maria have already received their new styles, and Carol already had an event before. However, there are still unused 31B assets too.
>Irene has the potential to be absurdly busted.
The most amusing thing to me is that she has their broken squad passive, so her ult is essentially free. However, since she is a breaker, they might ruin it by focusing on some silly on-break quirk or even the legendary SUPER BREAK™ rather than her raw power.
Knowing that Ruka and Tama might get all the elements next year already, I started thinking about the alt element repeats.
The first is how the alt element distribution works with styles that don't actually belong to the element. For example magical girl Tama and swimsuit Tsukasa are "fire", but their ults aren't actually fire, it's fire because they have a fire normal attack.So do they take these styles into account when choosing their future elements, or can they get a new fire style at any time?
Then you have styles that technically belong to the element, but don't actually do what they're supposed to. Like light Megumi or ice Kozue. They both have ults of the element, but they aren't actually elemental debuffers. So, for example, if you get a 2nd light Megumi with a light debuff, or a 2nd ice Kozue with an ice debuff + ice field, does that actually interfere with the original styles? It's not like it power creeps them because they never filled that role in the first place.
In case of Ruka, if her first light style is AoE and then she gets the second one, which is ST, shouldn't that be okay too?
Or maybe they will just introduce ult transfer for the oldest alts, maybe limited within the element, instead of thinking about anything?
The only thing defining the element of a style is if any of its abilities deals that element's damage. Nothing else matters.
There are curious cases like Fubuki, which technically is a dark style (dark def down), but isn't because she does have zero dark damage. Thus she is generic slash.

But I doubt any of this matters. They just do whatever. If they feel like it, even swap the class like with Mari.
>But I doubt any of this matters. They just do whatever. If they feel like it, even swap the class like with Mari.
It depends, if they are too fast to repeat an element without justification, people will get angry. Let's say, the next Sharo is also a thunder debuffer that replaces/side-grades the recently released one, the community will fucking riot. But if they do the Kozue thing I mentioned, I don't think anyone would care. Class swapping is a good point though, they can and probably will do a lot of class swaps when the characters reach their element limit.
I was wondering why I could use point care twice during the SA then realized that the Healer skill restriction actually applies to orb skills too. Though It would've been interesting if you can get an extra orb skill use if you have the skill at 100% and have the orb equipped too

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