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File: Capture.png (758 KB, 478x941)
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758 KB PNG
AFK bread

New dim is out. Robin Hood is a weird hybrid of Rowan and Ferael. I'm very curious to see if he is as good as either of them or if he can create a new role somewhere. Also, his team +400 starting energy seems like it can definitely find a use somewhere, especially with ALyca's starting energy. It depends a lot on how their skills interact. Pair it with other heroes with starting energy like Ezio and Emelia and we might be able to funnel all 400 into a target hero like Rem.

I'm feeling somewhat hopeful for him, but I'm sure my interest will burn out before the 45 days pass for exchange.
For a quick tl;dr on Robin Hood's mechanics.

>Hero produces coins on the ground
>Each coin is worth 20 energy
>When using a skill, he picks up all the coins and gives them to allies as energy, prioritizing the heroes with low energy
>Produces 20 coins at battle start (Ult)
>Produces 1 coin per normal attack (2 coins with SI30), while also stealing 20/40 energy from that enemy each hit
>Produces 1 coin per every 20 excess energy enemy produce
>normal attacks prevent enemy from ulting for 1s
He combines energy steal with energy ramping. There's also a few small buffs/debuffs associated with stealing energy and giving coins out.
Should I really spend 330 diamonds each day speeding up rewards? (ch32)
Feels like it barely nets you anything worthwhile
That chapter is roughly around the time when the two 100d fast rewards become worth it, although it'll always get better until you max out your rewards. There's a few different ways to look at it. If you don't spend the 200 there, you'd probably use them for star-gazing, right? That means after a year of saving, you would get roughly 3 more celepo copies. In comparison, 1,460 hours of fast rewards would have net you roughly
>222.3M gold
>208K dust (4.5 RC levels)
>33.5k POE (4 furniture)
>121 purp emblems
>66 yellow emblems
>28 red emblems
>1825 ele shards
>907 ele cores
>1830 juice
>13.9k vigor (2.3 hero unlocks)
>another 52.5M gold from dura fragments
And using the gold at the store, 274.8M gold gets you about 25 extra Store refreshes, so
>+12500 dust
>+6250 POE
>+250 yEmblems
>+500 eShards
in addition to the above (all of these numbers are based on a spreadsheet I made @ stage 35-44, so fairly close to you).

Now, is it worth it? 3 celepo copies is 3 celepo copies, 4.5 RC levels and a spattering of upgrade resources have their own value. After 4 years of being committed, you could have 1 extra built celepo, or you could be 20 RC levels higher with an extra e60 and more CR heroes flushed out. It's just a matter of preference.

Another way of looking at it is as net diamond income. If after buying the time card, a shop refresh, fast travels up to 80, maybe the Store dust chest, etc. the total diamonds you gain each day (after all your guild boss chests, pvp, etc) is 300 diamonds, then using the 200d on the two fast rewards brings that down to 100d a day. It will take you 3 times longer to save up for celepos. Inversely, if your net gain with the two fast rewards is 50d, then removing those brings that up to 250d a day, which means it's 5x faster to get celepos. It's important to know how close to 0 you are when buying those fast rewards, or when buying the dust chest, or when buying the time card, etc. If you are RC rushing, the dust chests >> 100d FRs.
And just for posterity, if you instead only used those 200 diamonds on the Store dust chests, which is 1167 dust for 300 diamonds, then after one year you'd have
>284K dust (6.3 RC levels)
which doesn't seem like a huge improvement over the fast rewards in isolation like this. But in the case of RC rushing, you actually do both: getting the fast rewards and then grabbing the chests (and refreshing shop for more) on top of that, so you can end up growing 10 to 20 RC higher each year than you would have (and over your peers), successively, which scores you higher in pvp, higher in tower for tower rewards, and higher in campaign for chest rewards. This of course comes at the cost of being behind on celepo, but a combination of tower cards and extra pvp rewards can make up for a chunk of the difference.
Now that Rem and Emilia are coming to garrison should I get them both or should I do albedo+rem until Albedo is free(she is on 2nd garrison right now)?
Whichever you feel you need more in the moment. Personally, I think Emilia is more niche, so I'd work on her later.
>in the middle of ch32
>my lucretia isn't even M
I have to be the unluckiest motherfucker on planet earth
There are people from further servers that already have her A1*
File: Capture.png (665 KB, 474x1021)
665 KB
665 KB PNG
>free AShem log-in reward
Aw yess.That's basically a free 65 time cards with my luck. I may actually be able to get both ALyca and AShem as my 3rd and 4th awakened. ALyca is too good to pass up, but AShem's kit seems fantastic and the perfect powerboost for Alna-GB.
What class specific artifact should I upgrade first? Not even sure which ones are good
So long as you do the trial right (look up guides for getting max rewards), you'll have the abilities for all the class artifacts from the start, so the only thing upgrades do is give you more slots. So you can just save the class fragments until you find you need slots of a given one.
>which ones are good
They all tend to get used somewhere, but the standout ones are Barricade (saves your carry from early burst death), Windbinder (starts fight with big chunk of energy for early ult, pairs well with Rowan), and Chaos Bringer (used to be THE boss hunt artifact, mandatory choice for Saurus back before awakened stole the show).
This new hero is so fucking broken. Lilith had to disable her in boss fights, but I'd be shocked if she isn't used in every single other format. She's also designed from the ground up to be an AShem battery: constant energy drain and energy giving, her attacks do small AOE (ie, hitting target + AShem phantoms). banishing CC for strongest enemy, ramping power, makes enemies take extra magic damage - she's a hot mess of fucking everything. Also, qt.
File: Capture.jpg (2.25 MB, 2300x4423)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB JPG
File: Capture.png (1.82 MB, 949x1001)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
>750 time cards
>ascended Lyca
>ascended Shem
I've never been so lucky before in rolls. I just need a few more SG cards to get AShem to 1*, and also some time to finish opening her inn rooms. These heroes are incredible. I love their abilities. I know it hardly matters, but ALyca's pre-battle ult is wiping out enemy teams in voyages in the first second, making battles end before my team even enters the screen. It's hilarious.

I had far less luck with scroll pulls. 30 shard pulls, 8 heroic shard pulls, 12 elite cards, over 500 scrolls, over 300 GB faction scrolls, and 200 companion pulls (>2000 points) spent. I got enough Simona to M+ her, but somehow got 0 Naroko, 0 Crassio, 0 Ginneas, 0 Tamrus, 1 (ONE) Jerome, and 3 Trisheas. Yet I got Ivan from 1* to 5*, and finished off 6 other heroes to 5* that I don't care for. My time pulls more than made up for it, and I like Simona the most of them, but still, what the fuck? I still don't have my last Tamrus copy to ascend him to A, let alone the others. Not a single awakened either, and only 1 celepo (regular Ezizh).
Do you guys have any newbie guide? What I should spend my Diamonds on first?
I do have guides, but they're so old and outdated they're not worth sharing. Just ask questions if you have them.
>What I should spend my Diamonds on first?
The best place to spend diamonds early on is the discounted 10 pulls at the tavern. Also, always buy the purple soulstones from the shop for diamonds when you see them; it's an even better value than the tavern pulls but obviously not something you can dump diamonds into.
Actually, here, this is one of the old guides. You can ignore what it says about which heroes are priority because it's dated, but the advice on ascending fodder, what gear to buy at the guild store, what to buy at the store, etc. is all valid. It is still good to build around a single carry in the early game, but Daimon isn't the first pick anymore. He used to be a top-tier end game hero, so he was good all game. He's still used at end game, but there are a lot of other heroes that can carry just as well (or better) that are also used in end-game, so your choices are flexible.

Some hero recommendations in today's game for wishlist
>LB: Scarlet, Rowan, Rosaline, Ginneas, Palmer, Jerome
Scarlet is a top-tier hero used all through the game, but she can't start carrying until lvl 160 (when her ult only has a 5% chance of hitting allies). Rowan used to be the best support and today is still rock solid. Ginneas can tank, and Jerome and Palmer are top-tier buffers.

>ML: Brutus (only 1 copy), Naroko, Kren, Crassio, Anasta, Skriath
Brutus becomes invincible for several seconds the first time he takes fatal damage, making him a reliable tank even with no investment or ascensions. Naroko is a new hero that is used in end-game and in theory is an incredible early game carry. The others are used in end-game, although Skriath won't see results until he's ascended to A and gets his 3/9 furniture, which makes the "5Pull" team with Eironn.

>WD: Mishka, Raku, Tamrus, Eironn, Astar, Lyca (1 copy)
Mishka is a tank who also stuns, amazing throughout but also enables "infinite CC" teams in end-game. Eironn is used for 5Pull, he works with just E but more is better. Astar is a great healer/damager, while Raku deals damage based on max HP% whenever an enemy is CC'd.

This is the strongest 4faction faction, most GB are good. Early on, you want Ivan, Daimon, Kalene, Silas, Oden - and the new Lady Simona might be top priority too.
>GB: Oden
To be honest, Oden is just "decent" in early game. Once he hits A and gets full investment (SI30, 9F) is when he takes off, becoming the best GB damage dealer + control + energy drainer. He completely eclipses Daimon at that point. I don't know how fast the progress is through early game these days, but you may want him on your list at the start to get him to Ascended ASAP. The game has changed too much since the days when I went through early game.
There is a more up to date version of this guide on discord, it's only really missing Jerome in LB and garrison prio changed to rem>emilia>albedo
Ah, cool. That is pretty decent, it even puts Naroko forward as a carry. I do have a few nitpicks though.
>Cons: Lucretia has fallen off is not used late game.
That's wrong. The only clear on the highest multi-fight in AFK Helper (52-4) used Lucretia for team 4.
That's a 418 lvl deficit with her still rocking.
>1 copy estrilda
The only use of that is for a single boss hunt, so if they are going that route then they should have mentioned 1 copy of Cecilia too. Cecilia gets Soren to use his charm facing the wrong way, helping new players score way higher. It was a life-saver for me in ye olde days. Just a merced ABel and E cecilia is enough for a stupidly high benchmark starting out.
>says 1 copy of Mehira before ch 31 but no mention of M Khazard to make her work
I tried charm without SI30 Khaz before. It's crap. My longest time of re-attempts on a single state was 8+5+9=22 hours of Thoran and it eventually succeeded. But my second longest time, running a solo Mehi charm (that AFK said "worked" with the investments I had), was 12 hours and it still didn't work. One loaned Khaz later and I beat that stage in under 4 retries.
>buy purple emblems in store
I might have agreed in the past, but F2P players start accumulating a huge surplus once they finish off 4faction hereos (way later down the line). And now with Treasure Scramble giving emblem chests, where it's 2x purple or 1x yellow each, getting the double purple from that is the most efficient use of those, especially if it saves you from spending gold on them in shop.
>no mention of purple dust
At the very least it deserves one line that dust is always the most limiting resource to leveling, and that that should be the priority in resource choice chests.

Beside that, it's a good beginner's guide. I'm surprised to see Naroko completely replace Kren but keep Numisu in suggested wishlist, but I can see why. She's insane.
>campaing clear
It's a whale clear, there are better f2p ones and besides the point is that campaign doesn't matter that much anymore because rewards scaling is awfu
Estrilda yeah should be replaced by Jerome completely, their full prio guide does say to get cecilia
Mehira charm works early game without khazard to an extent as long as raku oneshots everything/liberta cycles enough
I think buying purple emblems is fine until like 2 months into a game or when your gold melts too much
4 Graveborn 1 Hypo feels good, but is 2-3 or even 5 hypo party comp even viable?
Anyone here playing AFK Journey? Consensus on it?
I tried to make an account but it said that no more accounts can be created. I'm curious about it too.
Faction bonuses are increasingly inconsequential compared to hero synergies as you go, but to answer your question, not only are 5 hypo comps possible, you will eventually need a 5 hypo team for the hypo faction tower, and later still several different teams of 5 hypos for that tower. Also, in high lvl play, Maetria is the centerpiece for one of the strongest PVP teams which is 5 hypogeans:
>Maetria, C&R, Ezizh, Framton, Olgath + Spooder (the hypo beast)
File: Capture.png (426 KB, 479x605)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
We're finally getting our new annual system, and it's... Artifacts 2.0? I'm assuming Beasts (and the ability to keep adding new beasts) made them a boat load of money, so this year's system is going the same route of ever expanding. It's a bummer that it's replacing Artifacts instead of just adding power, but at the same time I'll be glad to never have to juggle artifacts around again (assuming assumptions).
They are actually abilities stolen from characters like Rowan's energy gain or Daimon's blood shield
Now every character will have an extra skill basically which will make things extremely messy but at least its class restricted so maybe it will be balanced in a way...
Nevermind, equiping the new NA attacks collection with shit stats that you get for free turned my inconsistent raku charm into a proper team
Rip artifacts, guess you don't even need to get calls/eye from event chests now
File: 1698424803989067.jpg (31 KB, 1000x1000)
31 KB
I'm finally finishing off the last of my 4f heroes, lads. All I have left now are
>LB: Ginneas
>ML: Anoki, Thali, Naroko
>WD: Solise, Respen
GB is already finished. Soon I'll be juicing all my fodder for the tree. I spent so long saving my post-5* copies to ascend them as dim bait, since dims only block their specific linked hero and not other copies of that hero. Then I found out you can't ascend a second copy past L+ and have to cart it for trying. Thus, all those spares practically finished my roster in one night.
What investment does lucretia start working at? Mine is 303 but still gets oneshot all the time
Will engraving actually help that much?
Lucretia needs a few things for her cheese to work
With this, she turns your dead teammates into stat multipliers capable of wiping out enemy teams by herself.
With this, she prevents any enemy near her from ulting, which is usually essential for finishing the fight.
>dead teammates
Kind of obvious, but the more of your team that dies, the stronger she gets. Ideally, all 4 will die. Any straggler that's hanging on is actually debuffing her.
>lastly: she needs to ult once
Her ult is what gives her the double skull bonus, thus having massive lifeleech and damage.

The trick lies in delaying long enough for Lucretia to ult once, while not delaying so long that she gets killed before your team does. The other trick is the order in who she kills. I forget the nuance of Lucretia's targeting and teleportation, but where she starts and who she's paired with can make the difference between 1h of retries and 99% success chance in a single attempt - even with her ulting and the team dying at the same time between the two. In my last push up the 40's, I noticed some new Lucretia comps with Morty, where he'd ult once on her before dying. Any time I copied one of those, it was an instant success, like watching a guild trial you already know works.

As for engravings, Lucretia cheese began before engraving was even a thing so it's technically not necessary, but her powerup is based on her stats, so it drastically helps reduce the RNG at higher deficits. Both e30 and e60 are qualitative leaps up in reducing RNG. From my personal experience, I tried to keep mine at e30 for as long as possible since other heroes had higher priority. It definitely worked, but it was Thoran-levels of retries. I don't regret caving in and raising her to e60, but if you don't have the cores to spare and you don't mind just spending more time retrying, you can save them.

Lastly, just copy other people's Lucretia comps for your stage, don't bother reinventing the wheel.
File: image.png (467 KB, 1108x951)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
lvl2 effects are completely broken and there is no way to even guarantee them in your run, your best bet is using two legendary totems
it's been years since i've dropped this game (back when there were only two hypogeans)
i'm just posting to see if they ever changed seirus' ult to have cool water sharks again instead of boring and generic waves
File: afkact.png (1.55 MB, 1071x744)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
3 yr old f2p account here
I don't have any questions, but I'm mirin that you're a higher in RC with 3 months less played. RC 610 here, hit 1080 days in September.
File: Capture.png (819 KB, 474x994)
819 KB
819 KB PNG
store refresh for dust + sometimes taking the 100 fast rewards
File: Capture.png (370 KB, 471x915)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
Yeah. I've changed my diamond strategy a few times, but ever since the guy that was 16 account levels behind me while 74 RC above me advised getting the dust chests at the shop, I've been getting those as well. I only really started RC rushing a couple months ago: getting both 100 fast rewards AND refreshing the shop twice every day, taking dust chests every time. Gold has become my most limiting resource now, so I keep pushing campaign for better rates but it's still falling daily.

In any case, I went from a middling combat rating in my arena to the top 3, and the #1 guy I thought was a whale might just have been a smarter f2p than me since I'm rapidly catching up to him now. Despite me doing this for a couple months now, you still show up with an even higher RC with less days, hence mirin.
How do you get a lvl 2 effect? I only see one slot that isn't attack or defence.
Miracle Worker - Adds a second Free Slot, double the base stats of the Collection and gives +100% Drop rate to Skill Level +1
Skill Level +1 Guaranteed Drop - Gives you 1 +1 Skill Level at the end of the match
Skill Level +100% Drop Rate - Increases the drop rate of the Skill Level +1 by 100%

Skill Level +1 is a mythic only stat for collections which drops in floors 8-10. You can upgrade an item from Gold -> Mythic to get Skill Level +1 at a very low chance, or reroll a Mythic into Skill Level +1.

It's a less than 5% chance to get a Skill Level +1 in your run even with both Miracle Worker and the +100% Drop Rate combined.

You need to have Miracle Worker and *two* Skill Level +1s to get +2 skill level on a collection. On top of that, you also want decent skills for the character, otherwise the item's likely still trash - so it's not only a less than 5% to get +2 Skill Level on an item, you also need to RNG it for good stats and it takes two specific legendary totems[160 Pull Pity] per attempt at a +2 Skill Level at least and there's no real progression, it's all RNG. This is why whales have been quitting.
I see. I only ran my first darkest dungeon run today, choosing no totems just to test it out. I completed floor 10 with a +1 skill, plus a few other mythics I didn't care for (Physical Pierce on my AShem relic?). It really does feel RNG heavy. Going through the totem list, even that felt RNG. I'm still not sure how I feel about this. It's cool making our own artifacts, but man, let alone knowing what you want, you can't really get what you do want.
on 80% of the artifacts skill +1 is the real gamechanger.
if you roll high tier stats with a +1, you'll still have a really good one.
just imagine +1 being equal to engraving60 and +2 being engraving100
File: 1.jpg (6 KB, 233x103)
6 KB
>I'm #1 in arena
>the former #1 with almost triple my CR lost 10 matches in a row against me
I know it's just arena, but this feels incredible.
just use ezio daemia and enjoy whales giving you free arena points.
I've been hard farming people with 1.5B more CR than me
I've used that since the ALyca trial.
>Rem, Alna, ALyca, Daemia, Ezio -rock
Without ALyca, it wasn't enough to beat my arena's top 10. With ALyca, I could beat anyone but the top 3. My latest change though is subbing Alna for AShem and now it reliably beats anyone. I don't think the #1 is a whale though. He has 50+ RC over me, but his beast is lvl 9 and his tree is similar to mine. I think he just RC rushed for longer.

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