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There’s a specific gacha I’ve lost almost all interest in but I can’t bring myself to quit because of the time and money I’ve spent on it before, what should I do
Is it street fighter duel? Same i’d sell my account if if anyone wanted it
Duh, that's how gacha grabs you by the ass. It manipulates you emotionally first by lust, enticing you with hot anime characters. Then it shows how easy it is to play and how quickly you progress through initial parts and has you hooked as you want to see more of it. Eventually it annoys you with grind - you either pay up or bear with it, and the more you commit the harder it is to let go, bit by bit it turns into a big investment. These mixed feelings disorient and mess with your head.
But once you quit, you quickly forget what the game was even about, that's how hollow they are.
pathetic addict
What gacha is it?
Uninstall and forget about it. Filter threads about it because community banter and circlejerking might make you pick the game up again.

Alternatively don't play for 6 months, reinstall and realize your "future proof" limited card is worthless now and your account has no value and lose interest.
Sell your account
Fire Emblem Heroes. Played since year 1 (around 6 months after launch) and got the FEH Pass when it was introduced
Grab a hammer and smash your pc and phone/tablet, there you are free
>But once you quit, you quickly forget what the game was even about, that's how hollow they are.
I still remember SinoAlice two years (I think) after I deleted it because the gacha rolls were actual garbage
You should have seen the writing on the wall even since then, I played it day one and stopped playing regularly at the end of year 2 and stopped entirely around 3 or 4. It's honestly a simple solution, one day you'll just have enough whether it be boredom or rage or whatever and just uninstall it rinses and repeats a couple of times until you just finally move on. That's how it went for me personally with other gatchas though I never forked over too much cash, so I still have a sliver of self-respect.
here's a tip that i used before:
prepare a game that you sorely miss
i went with all the gta titles, and some nintendo switch games
uninstalled the gachashit
then start playing the games i miss from start
that way, i no longer felt the need to play gachashit and focused my attention on the games i always loved

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